New Moon in Cancer, 2016

Between July 4 - August 2016
Monthly chart

July 24 2016 Sunday 

today we enter the "Three weeks" period, which, in Hebrew is called "Bein ha meizarim". This period in the past brought a fall, or a negative consolidation. These weeks are time of danger... well read the article, it is better than what I can explain. One is not supposed to go the the beach even, it is so dangerous.. 
Ok, I made some research, and from 1998 here are the trends during these 3 weeks: 
Years when the S&P returned to the same place as it was: 1998,2000, 2001, 2005, 2008, 2012. 

Years when the index fell: 1999, 2003, 2004, 2007,2010, 2011,2013,2014,

Years of rally: 2002, 2006,2009, 2015.

This YEAR? 

I hear on CNN there is a huge sand fire in Los Angeles... Sun in Leo.. Fire in fire, brings more disasters.Moon in Aries, adds to it. 
And there is no air! I hope people will be OK, we will not read of suffocations, or dead.. 

July 23, 2016 Saturday

Yesterday another deadly attack, this time in Munich, Germany. I got the first news at 7:24 pm, so the chart is made for that time: The Sun was at 0°11 Leo, Fire in fire, joining Mercury and Venus, already there. The Moon was in Pisces,- pointing to a lunatic also conjunct Neptune, and the asteroid Psyche conjunct the Sun, speaks for itself. Mars-uranus 150° is still there, and Saturn still on Antares, malefic fixed star.. I highlighted some other celestial points. 


Saturn leaves Antares only on September 13th. Oyoyoyoy!!!! Happened before in Feb -Dec. 1986- 
You see, Tom?? nowhere to hide. 

Timothy MIchael Kaine, born 28 feb 1958 - I rectified his chart to 7 am... now I just got his birth hour 7.59- which does not change what I have found! 

Thimothy Michael Kaine

11 6 22 / = 39/ 12/ 3

Nominated at the age of 58, born in 1958

He is in his 1st year, 8th month, 3rd day.

Date: 26.2.1958= 2621958- omit the dots – important event at the age of 26,62,21,19,95:?,58 – added up, life path 6

No time of birth, so I made a solar chart, with the Sun on the Asc. 7 Pisces26

Transit Pluto is right on his Mars, in Cap- so he should have the MC in Capricorn…

Transit Uranus makes 120° to natal Saturn, so yes, MC should be in Capricorn, thus the hour of birth is 7:54 am

Although he has very good numbers, do you think he will really be VP?

I mean will Hillary win?

This post I sent today to a Numerology group I am in, now we got his time of birth... So the MC, which is critical to his nomination, is still in Capricorn.... 

Yesterday, at 8:15 pm in NY. he was nominated... see how lucky positions in his chart.. but is it enough?? transit Saturn is nowhere... Saturn crowns kings.. Not this time. 
I find myself preoccupied with Erdugan, the whole day... I cannot understand how the Turkish people doesn't see the danger they are in! And I found something extraordinary! 
While Erdugan's Sun is at 7 Pisces, who else you think has it ~ as a mirror~ at 7 Virgo?? Nasrallah! They both share a difficult Neptune transit till the end of February 2017... And it does not stop there! both have Mars-Jupiter opposition, and Moon in Sag- making them magallomans, and striving for power no matter what.. 

July 22, 2016 Friday

Did I write "optimism?" Someone up there was just waiting for me to write this, to turn the markets...You see, Tom?? Tom is a veteran reader, and he posted that I see only darkness... Now there you are.. Once you lose your grip or attention, you had it! But, those who have my application, had all the tools to know what to do... So I hope you were not caught with your pants down. 
So, let's see what happened yesterday, that reversed the trades?
S&P topped at 2175.56 at 21:15 my time. at that time. 2175.56 is EXACTLY  the Pluto line. and at time, both Mercury and Venus sent a disharmonic angle to Pluto and Neptune.

These angles will dissolve till tomorrow... and Monday will bring a new situation. Will it continue to down? or up?? that is the question.. 
Sign up for the weekly forecasts.. 

One of my readers asked me if we are having a 2008 " deja vu"?? Then the Lehman brothers crashed.
I wish I had their first trade date... I will have to look...In any case, in 2008, the S&P fell by 48-50 %. A similar fall would push the index to 1100. But do we have the same planetary positions, as back then ?? Mind you, 2008, was also an election year, so this or any other fundamental positive event, did not spare the trade... It is all about the planets... 
So here is a chart of May 2008 and now- see where were the planets then, and where are they now? 

The Lehman brothers was founded in 1850. Filed for bankruptcy on Sept 15, 2008- lasted 58 years.. maybe someone has the exact date they started to trade... ?? I could not find it. In any case, Pluto made a trine from the birth to the end. 

July 21, 2016 Thursday 

Optimism took over the markets, and we are seeing new highs.. Although markets were a little "blushing" 2 days ago, all is again green. The VIX fell to July 2014 low.. 
I wrote yesterday, that Moon in Aquarius makes new highs in the S&P, obviously, not only.. the whole world is green. But is it only the Moon? Surely not.. We must have some positivity, some energy from the other planets. And we got: Mercury-Venus conjunction in Leo. 
Now, both send a disharmonic angle to Neptune, and soon to Pluto. 11 and 15 degrees will be important.. On the other hand, Mars-Uranus 150° at 25° , also Chiron, is still there... Jupiter is approaching, at 20°. 
On these positions are my calculations based. 

Believe me, I hate to write about bad things... But, with Mars leaving Scorpio, and entering Sag.- the wars that were behind the curtains, in the background, or just in preparation, will surface... Here is a list of ongoing wars in the world... 
The red color is for Mars OOB; the blue for Mars in Sag. and the green for planets in retro. On Aug 18th we will have a lunar eclipse, and on Sept 1, a Solar eclipse. A lot to look forward to.. 

July 20, 2016 Wednesday

Today we are under Martian affect. Also Mercury is working in the background... 
Here is the declination chart of Mars- pointing to be OOB as of August 9 till Oct 30th. 

Mars gets OOB every 2 years.. It was in Oct 2014- till Nov 20th, the max OOB period was in 2001, when almost the whole year it was crazy... For example, the S&P started to fall in Sept. 2000, but under the Mars OOB, from a bottom at at 1090-ran up to 1315, on 5/2001, and then fell again to 944, till 9/2001. OF COURSE , WE HAVE TO CHECK THE OTHER PLANETS AS WELL! 
Example: Dax with Mars OOB: 

Something about my app... people asked me, to leave alerts of the last days in the list, so they can follow and compare. I did as they asked. But now I see, that there were 156 people who searched and look at the app, in Itunes and Google, but didn't download it.. Why should they? They can just look it up, and see everything, without buying it.. If 25$ is too much for you, traders... then what can I say?? 
So I am removing past alerts. Sorry. If you have my app, you can copy it to your computer, and make your follow ups, or tests.. 
Another event we should look at, was the nomination of Donald Trump. It happened under a Void of course Moon, bad timing.. 
here is his natal chart with the nomination time: His MC is ruled by Venus, which is on the Pleiades.. 
Look, how many aspects hit Venus yesterday. Although the Sun was conjunct, Uranus squared it, and Mars was in trine. More surprises to come... Nothing is stable  and sure... With the Moon in opposition too. 

Volatile times.. 
It is difficult to trade even, so if you are not glued to the screen, better close positions. 
I got different times from different readers, or astrologers, about when Trump was nominated.. One of the times is 19:14 gmt-4 Cleveland time- Well, this puts the Asc. on 2 Cap-and the Moon is still VOC. and in exact opposition - Full Moon- to the Sun...an opposition is just like Gemini... once it takes one side, then another.. Volatility.. I already said..  

All of a sudden, Rudy Giuliani comes out from behind the curtains... The first thing that struck me, was that his Venus , ruler of the MC, is on the Pleiades, exactly as The Donald has it... !! Isn't' that incredible?? He's also a Gemini... LOL... what is happening here America?? Everybody is afraid of the possible leaders, because they are unpredictable, as a Gemini, or a Scorpio like Hillary can be 

July 19, 2016 Tuesday 

As the Sun gets closer to the last degrees of Cancer, some " blush" in the markets.. I sent alerts yesterday for all the world.. so you know what to do.. 

July 18, 2016 Monday

Today is ruled by the Moon and Neptune. The Moon entered Capricorn, for the next 2 days, and will sextile Neptune. 
Under the difficult aspects we have in the sky, the killing goes on.. Now it was in Baton Rouge, revenge on former killings... The killer, Gavin Long was under his Solar return... like the other killers... He was also 29, so under Saturn return as well... 

The situation in Turkey is not over, and everyone who travels there, in spite of the extreme low fees in the hotels, puts his life in danger. I would skip this direction this summer.. 
Erdugan is crowning himself as "Caesar".or Sultan.. a dream he is having for a long time... and now, after the "fake" coup, as I hear... He made his own coup, to get more power, and build his route to dictatorship... is clear. Transit Neptune on his Sun tells us this. Does Neptune have the same effect for all who have this transit? Certainly not... Others take up playing the violin... LOL... But, no seriously.. The events are insane. And it is not over. 

So where are the planets today? The Republican convention will open at 1:00 pm in Cleveland, Ohio... 
There is a jungle of aspects in the sky... We still have the ones I counted yesterday. Only the Moon is not so optimistic as it was yesterday.... It is in Capricorn. 

July 17,2016 Sunday

We are ruled by the Sun and Venus today. The Sun is at 25 degrees Cancer, exactly in trine with Mars.
The Sun today is on Procyon, an unfortunate fixed star in the sign of Cancer. 

"Procyon (10 Alpha Canis Minoris  m 0.38)
Keywords: Violence, sudden success then disaster, occult, politics, dissipation
Effect: Unfortunate
Character: Mars/ Mercury"
I wonder how will this position affect the events in Turkey? 
The Moon is in Sag. it was in Sagittarius also yesterday, brings a lot of enthusiasm, and optimism, but, as everything moves, the Moon will move to Capricorn, and the situation is not over yet...In Capricorn the Moon will be under a Saturnian effect, and will conjunct Pluto, the ruthless. I don't want to hear or read in the news, that all surrendered people will be executed..Please! 
Further more, Mercury conjunct Venus today, in Leo. This brings a lot of power to people born in this sign. For the markets, today it is positive. 
Mars is still 150° to Uranus- still bad. and worse is Saturn on Antares.

Mrs. Angela Merkel celebrates today her 62 birthday. She is not immune of the Mars-Uranus transit either.. Her Uranus, being at 23° is " bombarded" by transit Uranus between 5-11/2016 and 3-5/2017; it I take a very tight orb... Life changing events towards the end of December 2016.
Happy birthday! Mrs. Merkel. !!!
Let's make a little research: You are probably aware now of the malefic Fixed stars. I wrote about Saturn on Antares, that , with other bad planetary positions, triggered the Nice massacre, the Turkish coup, and many more unknown personal catastrophes, that did not make front page. 
Will there be other planets that will trigger more disasters? 
The Sun is in Cancer, and will cross over to Leo on the 20th. In Leo there are many bad degrees, so watch 5-7 Leo, 8, Leo, 20-27 Leo. 
Mercury and Venus are now in Leo, they will add to this, later they will pass to Virgo,there, watch 9 degree, 15-23, 27.
Mars is now in Scorpio, will enter Sag.  there watch 2-9, 12-16, 18-21, 24-27, 28-30 Degrees. 
Jupiter now is in Virgo, will cross over to Libra.- Virgo has one of the most venomous stars, Alkaid, 27 deg. 
Saturn in in Sag. here we have 12°, 18-21° to watch out from. 
Uranus turns retro, and will touch 21°Aries=bad.
Neptune& Pluto make no bad positions... 
But, we are not over... These are only the conjunctions! we still have the oppositions to count,and many more many more issues... so fasten seat belts, and KEEP SAFE! 


July 16, 2016 Saturday

Where were you yesterday, when the hell broke out in Turkey, this time? under a military coup? That failed... ??!! 
I wrote a few days ago, that all those men returning from the EURO games will light a war.. somewhere in the world.. and here we have it, first in Nice, then in Turkey.. who know where else is next? 
We are facing a long hot summer...
I have to write my weekly reports, so I will not get into details. 

Stay safe. 
Curiosity conquered me.. Here is Erdogan's chart with close and long future: 

The most important position is transit Neptune conjunct his stellium in Pisces. The uprising can be seen in yellow- and it was Jupiter, that saved him this time. But not for long.. I don't see him PM a year from now... Using a special system... we can see many things.. 


July 15, 2016 Friday 

I read the horrible events in Nice! The time of the event that I could track is 21.26 pm... This time gives us: The Sun at 22 Cancer. As I learned from Nicola Stojanovits astrologer, the 22 degree is a "kill or get killed" degree...  Next, we have the Moon conjunct Mars in killer Scorpio, and in trine to the Sun. More: I wrote about Saturn on Antares- a very bad fixed star.. 

But, more fantastic is Mars' position in the sky: It is ON NICE ! 

As it turns out, it was a colossal security failure..How was a truck allowed to drive on the promenade? How could he load it with explosives? how and how......The driver was a local 31 year old man. 
What can I say??? It is horrible... and the summer just started. 
May they rest in peace. 

Do you pay attention? How many victims Mars-Uranus 150° takes?? 
maybe we should also pay attention to the degrees these planets are, and be attentive for future events. We have a Sun-Mars trine; A Sun-Uranus square; Point of Death is at 0 Aries, in opposition to Juno ( young people)... 

Sun at 22 degrees, MOON AT 23; MARS AT 24, URANUS 24, CHIRON AT 25... 
Uranus stays at 24 degrees till Sept 4th, because it turns retro on July 28th, goes back to 20° till End December, and will return to 24 degrees on April 6-25/2017; Dec 1/17 to Feb 3. 2018. 
SInce this horror happened under the Mars-Uranus 150°- here are the dates, when these two formed an angle: 

 3.12.2015  - 19.12.2015  
 4.02.2016   -  8.02.2016 
15.03.2016   - 23.03.2016  
 2.05.2016   -  8.05.2016  
15.06.2016   - 27.06.2016  
 6.07.2016   - 19.07.2016  

I will not publish future aspects in order not to inspire anyone... I cannot know who is reading this blog.. Of course, we can learn from past events, and we must add the positive planets, that can help avoiding horrors. 
here is a list of terror attacks in France... WOW! I was not aware they had this many. 

Some write on FB, that the attack occurred around 10:30 pm- that would put the Ascendant on 22 Aquarius, 150° to the Sun! 

Now, adding the attack time to France natal chart, as per Champion, 

We can see transit Uranus in YOD ! to natal Uranus, and natal Moon+Mars conjunction.. More terror to hit the people. - from home-H4. 

MARKETS continue to be green- with a small corrections in India and the UK...

CAC: long term look L topped at 5270 ~ 456 days ago... It did not rise or topped since April 2015! It has been weak, not like the S^P, DOW, or even FTSE!! my last alert, as you can see, was to put the stop at 4100- and go long, Now it is at 4385- and rising.. target 4415. For a rally, it should go above 4610.

I am very worried about the Upcoming Rio-Brazil Olympics.. They are held between Aug 5-22, 2016, under very disturbing planetary positions. Not only will Mars-Uranus angle be there, but looking at the fixed stars, they add to the danger. 
See, Saturn is on Antares now, and the Moon was in opposition Algol, another dark , dangerous fixed star, I wrote about many times in the past.. ~ during the Nice attack. 

I took a shower to calm down... and a proverb came into my mind, as I stood below the cold water." Don't judge the other till you are not in his shoes" ... For how long Europe told Israel to "love your neighbor... make peace" Now I want to see France...how will they cope, after 1 attack. We are under constant attack for Y E A R S !!!! And they come to teach us?? Telling us we are an apartheid country?? 
I also think the media should shot up.. The more you speak and debate about it, the more you are putting ideas in some people's heads.... Once upon a time, when there was no internet, we did not KNOW what is going on, things did not go VIRAL as they say it nowadays... 

Now back to RIO: Here are the upcoming aspects in August. The Olympics will take place under the ZIKA shadow, but not only... 
The most remarkable bad  position is the Jupiter 150° Uranus! this happened before only in 1 Nov 2015 and June 2005, Oct 2014, July 31, 2002, and before in the years..1989- 1991 . 
Besides this aspect, there are more, I shall write about them in August..  
The Olympics open under a SAG. Mars, fire in fire.. and no air element.. Saturn will be again on Antares. Saturn 135- bad to uranus- 
The olympics end under a Mars 135- Uranus position-~ bad.. 

Several "bothering" issues in the USA.... Loretta Lynch- solar chart- with transits- is she another "victim" of the Mars-Uranus 150^? 

Also, the Director of the FBI, James Comey 's Sun has been attacked by transit Mars and Uranus- remember 22 degrees, I wrote above ?? Born on Dec. 14th, 1960, transit Sun inconjunct =150 to natal Sun, and transit Mars- Uranus.. very bad times.. 
Looking even deeper... there is a major threat- from uranus, also from the Directed chart. 

I wonder if they ever consult an astrologer... All kings did in history!!! 

This stands also for Mr Trump... We saw how all Gemini politicians resigned in the UK.. Now not only he is a Gemini, but he want to have Mike Pence, as his right hand? another Gemini? How long will they last?? Not that the current Vice president could make any moves... 

Here is their synastry map: Mike Pence inner wheel , Donald Trump outer. both Geminis, and clash... Uranus on the SUN. 

I just got the Nice killer's data: Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel Born in Sousse Tunisia, on Jan 3, 1985.- This is a Solar chart: by now, you are an expert of my arrows.. you can see the multiple affects at the same time on his SAturn-South Node- ... 

Numerology: His name and date add up to 1. Born on 3st, an extremist.. ruled by Jupiter which played a major role in triggering the event- being at the Saturn -Moon midpoint. Furthermore, the transit planets added to the affect. 

July 14, 2016 Thursday

The date adds up to 21, it is a most important turning day today. I would say, a " quantum jump".
In the sky the Sun is at 22 Cancer, the Moon at 15 Scorpio, Mercury just entered Leo- good for some, bad for the rest, Venus at 2 Leo, Mars at 24 Scorpio, Jupiter at 19 Virgo, and Saturn at 10 Sag.30, on Antares.- bad fixed star. It was here only in 1986!!!
Then we have a YOD, or" Finger of God" between Uranus-Vesta-Mars, very rare! and several hard midpoints. Uranus at Ve/PL, Mars at Su/Chiron, etc.. And again, there is no air element... 
Markets reached most of the targets I posted in the app... so in a good scenario it will consolidate, in a worst, it will correct.. But, that is why stops are for. ... to be used, at the given levels. 
On these planetary positions are my calculations based, and now to the app... 

We remember this day, July 14, as the Bastille day. It is the 195th day of the year. 

Today, as Mr Netanyahu landed from abroad, was taken to questioning by the police... waiting for updates, on what grounds... Any connection to Mimran's arrest?
Actually, we astrologers, were expecting "something" to happen, due to the hard transit of uranus in opposition to his stellium 

Mistake!! it is not Netanyahu questioned, but his assistant. Nevertheless, the questioning is about the big boss. 

Nifty: Stop was 8518.30- this is a very important price level. Once it ran above it, we were stopped out, and went long. 


the "black sheep" of the new UK government, is Mr Boris Johnson. Is it  the "hair" that makes an eccentric behaviour?? He reminds us of... who?? 
He is in his 8th year, very powerful and a good timing to be nominated foreign minister.. 

He has 4 planets in Gemini, the Sun on Betelgeuse, not a favorable position. The time of birth is from astro.com, I am not sure it is right.. However, transit Neptune in opposition to Pluto- made a dream come true... We wish him success... we... I wish him .. LOL.. Started to speak in royal plural?? LOL... 

July 13, 2016 Wednesday

I really hope you have my application, and you could make max. gains yesterday!! 
The day opens with the Moon in Scorpio.It is a different symphony... the Moon is bad in this sign.
We still have the Mars 150° Uranus aspect, and the Sun is approaching them, from Cancer. This, in 3 days, it wil be exact trine to Mars and square Pluto- a culmination point. 
The other two planets to watch is the Saturn square Neptune at 10-11° and Jupiter- Pluto pairin trine 120°, still even if Jupiter is separating from Pluto. 

In the Heliocentric chart Mars enters Capricorn! this happens once in 2 years. Would you like to know how this will affect the different indices, or Gold? sign up now for the forecasts.. 

Who will blink first ? 

Bernie Sanders stepped down...It is suspicious, for me, that this happened one day before Mars entered Capricorn ( Helio) a sign where it is strong and squared his natal Uranus, .. What were his motives?? Health? Money? Anyone??? Uranus rules his 4th house... the home, the people around you.. his own party.. it is also interesting, that natal Mercury trines Uranus, Mercury represents in his case, the "partners and knows enemies" and what was yesterday exactly at the midpoint ?? Venus! AT 0°Leo! but, after reading Ebertine rules about this MP, it resolves nothing, so I will not bore you. What I do see, is bad times at the age of 75.5... So If I look at his 6th house of health, Uranus is right in opposition Venus, so I think he gave up because of health problems... We will see, what will be published. 

David Cameron, stepping down speech after 2256 days as PM! - now you tell me, if astrologer is not involved in the timing ?? The Moon is the ruler of his career, and transit Moon is e x a c t l y trining his natal Moon. This can happen only once in 28 days.  Transit Mars is exactly 120° to natal Saturn, and Uranus is 30°. so we can say, that he is a victim of Mars-Uranus bad aspect. 
I listened to the speech, and I am thrilled with the good humor, knowledge and royalty David Cameron handled it.. What is he going to do now ?? 
It is 5.30 pm, the markets are on hold... it is the Beige book today, later in the night, so I guess till then no news.. 


July 12, 2016 Tuesday

it is a day ruled by Mars, and Venus. Mars is at 24° scorpio, still sending a bad angle to uranus, and we see the ongoing killings, accidents all over the world... Venus moves today to Leo. 
And we can add to these positions, the Sun is now on Castor, an unfortunate fixed star, in Cancer. 

As I wrote a few days ago~ 7/3~ , Theresa May was elected PM instead of David Cameron. I wish her success! 

Because of the Egyptian foreign minister's visit to Israel, I just looked at Mr. Sisi's chart// WOW!!! He is in major danger! 
His date adds up to 49/4 ruled by Uranus, and directed Sun is exactly in opposition, the whole year! 
And it goes on, Directed Uranus is in sextile to natal Uranus, Pluto squares it, Neptune is 150° to it... more: DMars to Mars.. 
In the transit chart, a more closer future was can see transit Uranus Squaring natal Uranus, and 150° to the SUn, Mars conjunct the Sun! Jupiter on the Moon!!! Pluto 120 to the Moon! very bad planetary positions! 

This is the time, when I really hope I am dead wrong! 
Now, with the football games over, millions of men return home loaded with adrenalin. I hope this will not turn into a war somewhere in the world.. 
The markets are rallying.. And it will go on, for a few more days. of course, each market with its own dynamic.. 

Here are the effective planetary positions for the DAX for today and tomorrow: 

This is what I do for each index that I analyse... Then, I make my calculations, and post in the application the stops and targets. 
The Dax now trades at 9960- Stop should be at 9947/- targeting 9997.

July 11, 2016 Monday 

In the mundane astrology, one should look at the spring ingress chart, ~ the Sun at 0°Aries, to know what is ahead for the year, and then to narrow down the event, to the Summer ingress, or June 20th, when the Sun is at 0° Cancer. I uploaded a few days ago, the summer ingress for Paris and for Berlin.. It does not look good..
Paris: there is a Jupiter-Neptune opposition on the 1-7 houses axis.- and Uranus-Juno opposition 2-8 house axis. While Mars rules on the MC- MC represents the government, and Mars is inconjunct, or 150° to Uranus- sudden and unforeseen violent events.. 

BERLIN: Here we get a Pisces rising, with Neptune on the aAsc- and in opposition to Jupiter. Jupiter stand for ideals, and enlarges everything it touches. In Virgo it is bad... Together with this, We have a Mercury-Saturn opposition- home is depressed by government.. .
And now I read Mr. Armstrong's report on the violent street demonstrations in Berlin. 

So how about Washington? what angles did it get on the summer ingress? The Ascendant is at 3.39 Sag. Saturn is the first planet we "meet" in the first house. saturn stands for blacks, for racial issues, for discipline, hardship etc.. It is in opposition to Mercury, ruler of the 7th house of the " partners and known enemies"/ Jupiter, the ruler of the chart is in the 10th house in opposition Neptune. this opposition, in these signs occurred only back in Oct.1, 1861 till Feb 13, 1862.. Now those who know American history are welcome to research, what happened in between those dates. 
Last, but not least, We have Mars in retro, at 23° "hiding" in the 12th house of secrets, previous lives, karma..
All these angles point to a very  " long and hot summer"... Mars will teach a lesson as of August 11th...

For the outcome of the elections, by the way, I would look at the autumn ingress, on Sept 20th . 
Yesterday I watched the football game, but I went to sleep after Ronaldo got injured. it is fantastic ~ again~ how we can see that in his chart. Transit Mars - accidents, injuries, fals cuts, was exactly on his natal Saturn = bones.Also, asteroid Hygeia squared his point of age. But, nevertheless, Portugal is the champion!. 

July 10, 2016 Sunday 

It is a day ruled by the Sun and Saturn. The Sun is sextile Jupiter- good for our market, that will open in 3 hours. The SUn is at Mars-Neptune midpoint, Ebertin teaches us about this:" Lack of willpower, weakness of will discontent, a weak physique,little vitality, danger of infection..." . 
Saturn is at 10°41 Sag.still squaring Neptune- the whole month... 
La Luna will move today on, to Libra.
Our market opens under a positive arbitrage, pointing to 1418, planets are blocking at 1420.60- 1422-1426... 

Back later... 
posted several graphs on FB.. 

It is rather incredible the chart and the message it has, of Alton Sterling,( R.I.P).  killed in Baton Rouge, LA, on July 5th at 0:38 . Born on 14 June 1979, on a Thursday.-a day ruled by Jupiter. the date adds up to 37- meaning, something crucial will happen at this age. He was killed. He too, like Micah, Johnson, had his birthday close to the day he died. It is the Solar return, that brings disasters.. Nut, in his case, not only- See the Mars in transit- exactly in opposition natal Mars, Jupiter, the planet that rules the day of birth is conjunct Pandora, and Natal Uranus, at 17 degrees, is at the Jup- Pluto midpoint- all at 17 degrees. Here we see, the sudden, and unforeseen event in his life. 

Philandro Castille was killed on July 6th, 10 days before his 33rd birthday. again, we have the Solar return... Born on July 16th, 1983, his date adds up to 9, ruled by Mars, and transit Mars was 120° to his Sun... This is Mars the ripper. Uranus, that brings sudden and unforeseen events, was on his MC, squaring the SUn. and in opposition to natal Saturn and Pluto. 

Our market closed at 1431.80.- after a gap up, above the obstacles I wrote in the morning.. 

July 8, 2016 Friday

There are no planets today in Air element.. 

In my blog, on May 14th, I wrote about the planets' positions in the different elements. Then we did not have Earth, now we lack air. 
Here is the graph I uploaded then... I wrote about the extreme heat we had.. The blue stands for air element.. 
Lack of air brings lack of mental capacities, judgment... market wise, don't click on haste on buy or sell... count till 10 first. In life... think it over, sleep on it, as we say.. 

I read about the very sad news in Dallas Texas, more killings... 
Just a quick look at the sky- and we can see Pluto crossing! In opposition to the Sun, Mercury and Psyche.. 

8:00 pm 

Here is the chart of the Dallas shooter: He was 25 years old, and 4 days/ He had his Solar return... In his natal chart he has Sun-Uranus opposition, he just snapped...Transit Mars on his Vertex, pushed him do something crazy and irrevocable. His date adds up to 11, he was born to "make a difference"..... 

By the way, I also have Sun-Uranus opposition, but from different signs, and my birth date also adds up to 11... what "change" I brought to humanity? future will tell.... On the second thought, probably, Saturn on my Ascendant makes me very responsible. 
I remember, when I was a child, I drank from a glass, that was solely of the father of my neighbour.. I did not know their " laws"... when they saw me drinking from that glass, they shouted at me, wowww what have you done??? I must have been 4 or 5 years old. I got so upset, that I smashed the glass on the floor, and that broke to millions of small pieces. Then I stood there astonished of what I have done... Since then I have never done anything "forbidden".  But here too it was a Sun-Uranus "snap". 

July 7, 2016 Thursday

Yesterday, at 17:31 pm, gmt+3, the US markets turned up. In the sky, Mercury was conjunct the Sun, thus the change. I sent alert...Also, the Moon was 150 to Neptune, and at the middle of Leo, which, I wrote many times in the past, brings a top or a high for the S&P. 
In the helio chart, earth conjuncted Pluto on a fortunate fixed star.

Watch today 12:21 am gmt+3, for a new CIT. 

I shall be away today, till the afternoon, visiting my mom... be good.. 

It's 10:27 pm... believe me, you don't want to know what a day a had..... 

July 6, 2016 Wednesday

Today we have a major "flipp" in the energies... it is the card of Death.- signaling end and rebirth. It is a turning day for the Nifty, and KLSE. 
The Moon moved on, it is now in Leo, and gaining in light. 
Important angles in the sky: 
Earth        120 Node           6.07.2016  2:19
Mercury     120 Neptune        6.07.2016  9:01
Sun           60 Node            6.07.2016  2:19
Sun          120 S.Node       6.07.2016  2:19
Mercury    60 Node           6.07.2016 16:51
Mercury  120 S.Node       6.07.2016 16:51

Venus     120 Mars           6.07.2016 22:17

On these positions are my calculations based... 

It's 6:30 am, will be back later.. 

After 5 hours of work, sending alerts to the whole world, my computer shot down, and all was lost.
So I cannot post the list of alerts in the app. today. I hope you wrote down the ones relevant for you... 

So Hillary got acquitted by the FBI..Looking at her map: her most important planet is Jupiter. In the natal chart, it is at 1 Sag. transit Mars will conjunct it on August 3rd... Let's see what happens on this date mars rules her 6th house of co-workers, also of health and rutin life.. it will not be a routine week, that is for sure!. Transit Neptune and South Node will also be in a bad position to her natal Neptune, and MORE disturbing aspects...


Thank You for following me to this new article... Let's see what brings this New Moon to the world? 
Inner wheel, today, we can see, that we have 7 planets in water... The so called "personal planets, Sun, Moon, Mercury, and Venus are in Cancer. This brings a lot of tears and emotions, that erupt in the family... Divorces, fights, trying to break out the "iron hug" on Cancer. To this, we can add Mars in Scorpio, that triples these feelings, adding to them a lot of envy, deceit, vengeance, and all the dark side of Scorpio..watch your money! and, the final straw comes with Neptune, in Pisces, which sends a veil of fog on your eyes, and you will not see events coming.. 
Under this  " optimistic" umbrella, we can start our summer trade. 
Anything joyful happening soon, to shake us up and straighten out? let's look at Venus and Jupiter...nope.. no help from that front either.. 
But, I read in the news, that the spacecraft Juno ( somebody knows astrology up there in Nasa) Juno was Jupiter's wife in the greek mythology... entered Jupiter's orbit, and will " follow him for ever. Watch the "wife" following AND watching her husband... LOL... 

I Hebrew, every week, there is a "parasha" that is read in the Bible... This week's is the Korach chapter. It is interesting, that this chapter talks about envy and vengeance... 

Last month, my article was read by more than 6000 people... Not one! clicked like or share. 

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today we are ruled by Jupiter and Mars. Jupiter is still trine Pluto, and Mars is still 150° to Uranus. So, no news here... let's go on looking, until we find what makes the markets kick..
Ahhh... the Sun is on Sirius- one of the most important fixed stars that we have..
ZET: about Sirius:  Sirius (9 Alpha Canis Majoris  m -1.46)
the Dog Star, the Sun of the Sun, the central Sun of our Galaxy
Keywords: Ambition, pride, emotionality, fame, leadership, wealth, fires, drought, danger through impetuosity
Effect: Fortunate
Character: Jupiter/ Mars

Children born on this date, will be very lucky to have the Sun on Sirius... also after the New Moon, a very good placement for the Moon, till 6 days after the New Moon- good period..
Make sure, you give your child a name that is longer than 4 letters! and are in harmony with the date! This is an extremely complex issue... cannot go into it here.. But, you are welcome to sign up for a natal chart reading.. and see if your name is in harmony with your date of birth, and what can you do about it?