Christmas rally under Mars in retro

Previous dates Mars was in retro:
May 11,- July 19,2001; S&P lost 147 points
July 29- Sept 27,2003;  S&P gained 96 points
Oct 23- Dec 10,2005;   S&P gained 100 points
Nov 15- Jan 30,2008;    S&P lost 140 points
Dec 21- March 9,2009;  ??                 ??
It's obvious we cannot rely on only one planet when we whish to analyze the markets' direction.

Everybody is waiting for the "Christmas rally". Is it here?? The markets bottomed on Dec.18, stopped by Saturn, in case of the Dow, at 10264. As you can see in the graph attached, my target is now 10662. During the next days the moon is getting closer to Jupiter-Neptune and Uranus, planets that usually push the markets up, when in harmonic angle.

S&P target 1127:

We will have to see how the east will open tomorrow.
China looks really bad, since it has fallen with a Gap. Now the support is at 2900.
Australia is at the edge.Should climb above 4930 in order to meet the rally.

With the Nikkey there could be two scenarios: 1) it'll behave as in the green circles, double bottom and go up, in this case my target is 11865- 12130,or 2) it can build a head and shoulders pattern, by falling to the low of Nov 27, and completing the pattern, and then the target would be: 7333.For the meanwhile the oscillators show that the 1 scenario is more likely.

My target for the Gold was 1297, but it got only to 1226. In the weekly graph we can see that it corrected, and fell to 1096, but it is still in the positive area, above the MA13, RSI at 68,Macd at it's 2 leg. My target now is:1400-1425

Good luck to all, and Merry Christmas!

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