Goldman Sachs Group.Inc (GS)

With the full Moon, Mercury slowing down, and entering for the next three weeks it's retrograde phase, the long awaited turn in trend also knocked on the door. In my last article, the spring equinox, I wrote, that with Venus ingressing Aries, we shall see a new bank related scandal, and so we did, it's GS's turn now to shake the markets. Let's analyze it's incorporation chart, the first trade chart and the technical graphs:

Goldman Sachs was incorporated on 21 July 1998." 1. The name of the Corporation is The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. The date of filing of its original certificate of incorporation with the Secretary of State of the State of Delaware was July 21, 1998".

This chart gives us a Sun at 28 Cancer, Moon at 3 Cancer, conjunct Venus, Chiron, in Sco... Mercury, ruler of the map at 24 Leo. I draw the transits for yesterday, NY time, there we can see transiting Uranus conjunct Natal Jupiter, (first sign for a shock) transiting Saturn in sextile with natal Sun, another sigh for a halt in the rally and transiting Pluto opposite natal Moon, the final blow. If we whish to see how can the map show the fraud, just look at Neptune  in the 5th house of gambling conjunct part of fortune in Capricorn, which I assume makes it be in it's fall. Furthermore, transiting Mercury in stationary retro, in Taurus, was a sign that something "fishy" would happen, just as I wrote it would.

First trade chart: May 4, 1999, trade starts at 9:30, in NY.

in this chart we get a Sun at 13 Taurus, Moon 26 Sag., Asc. 10 Cancer. Second house in Leo, 8th house in Aquarius. The previous solar eclipse was a 27 Aquarius. Ruler of the MC, signifying the managers or the board, is Mars, in retro, in Scorpio, receiving 150 ( bad angle) from the part of treachery.

First trade chart with transits April 16, 2010

Transiting Asc. on Venus. Venus represents all banks. transiting Mercury conjunct Sun ( sign for minor change) Transiting Mars, remember? represents the board, is in opposition to Neptune, another sign for a major change, with something " unclear and scandalous" going on. Jupiter conjunct the MC, also shows a stop in trend. South Node to the Sun, Saturn to Venus, all these placement of the transits, show a stop, and major problems.

In the technical graph, which you all can read, we can see that it made a high on Oct 14, 09, and on April 16, 10. there are 184 days difference between the two dates, and... surprise or not? The last high was at 185. There is a negative divergence in the MACD. the stock went up since March 10, but not so the MACD. therefore what last happened was written on the wall for those who know and follow these signs.
The next 184 day period will be on Oct 17, 2010! So mark this date down for a change in trend.

I am curious to see what happened in the sky at the two tops? Oct 14,2009: In the transit chart Mars, Uranus, Neptune, Venus are all at the end of signs, in difficult interactions with each other, and with the Moon of GS. the maximum price was 192.75 on this day. this level equals to 12. Libra: the exact position of
Zeus (Uranian planet)in the heliocentric chart.
The next top was on April 16, 2010 at 186.41, meaning: 6 Libra. Kronos squares in helio chart this point now. In the geocentric chart Pluto squares from 5.25- this top. transiting Sun is conjunct Pandora, in Aries, on the MC.

It takes a lot of work to follow all these planets and placements, but, at the end it is rewarding!

April 19. rebound

April 26

April 28

April 29

May 6:  Look at the map of today relative to GS. Gs closed at 148. The price is at 28 Leo, which is 30 deg apart from Saturn, meaning the resistance line is 178. The price is also opposite Neptune, 150 Uranus, and 180 to Moon ( with a wider orb), The support line is with Mars, at 138. Who will win?? With a positive back wind it can run up to 178, till Saturn. Then we shall see...

The graph shows weakness: The volume is down, while the share tried to go up. The close is lower than yesterday. The candle is a doji, if I am not mistaken here... 

Today Mr. Bernanke speaks, so I would not be in the market during that time! Mars squares Sun today. And if you look at the sky and see half Moon, it means the moon squares the Sun, and there is a lot of energy that day. Try to avoid conflicts, do not quarrel, stay calm. Do not make decisions, it's not the proper time. After the square is over more calm and positive days to come....Happy birthday to George Clooney and Tony Blair!

May 7. There is a positive angle between Venus-Mars today. will it help to keep up the markets?

May 8

When a king is sick, the economy of the country suffers.

"In May 2010 a benign tumour was removed from King Juan Carlos’ lung in an operation carried out in the Clínico Hospital in Barcelona on Saturday 8 May. The 72 year old Monarch is expected to be allowed home in three or four days, and able to renew full physical activity in a fortnight. The operation came as a result of the King’s latest annual check-up, and doctors say the procedure went well and Juan Carlos will not need any further follow-up treatment. At a press convention the operating team said that the 17-19mm tumour which had been removed under a general anaesthetic from the correct lung contained no malignant cells. ‘This is good news’, said doctor Laureano Molins, who had directed the operation." (Wikipedia)

Map of Juan Carlos:

So many bad angles, I don't know where to start...
As we all know Spain is one of the " P.I.I.G.S."