Extraordinary times.... New year, 5771, New Moon, new cycles.

New moon at 15 Virgo. Special day, not only because of the new moon, which signifies a new cycle, but becasue of the New Year. For my guests from far away parts of the world, by clicking on the word, you can read about it, about the customs, and origin.

Why we live extraordinary times? Look at Pluto in Capricorn! It was there when the US was "born" 280 years ago, never since!! Look at Neptune! On April 5, 2011 it'll enter Pisces! It was there only in 1847!
Look at Uranus! Entering  Aries on March 12, 2011.... It was here in 1927, 83 years ago!
These " outer" planets bring changes for all of us, effect the masses, our way of thinking, our way of communicating. Uranus will bring new discoveries ( hi-tech), Neptune more feelings ( oil ), but Pluto is here to shake, distroy and rebuild. These planets move sloooowly, nowhere to hide, until the change is made. Pluto will stay in Capricorn for the next 14 years, Neptune 15, and Uranus another 9 years!!! So let's take a deep breath and thank for the priviledge of change and second chance.

Mind you.... I shall still be here in 14 years, to ask you what kind'a change have you done ...  :)

If you ask me, OK.. what have you done... I've signed up to Yoga and Pilates.

And to return to our daily business, I gave a turn in trend for the 8th of September for the US markets.

At 14:00 it's the Fed. Beige book! Stay on the fence half an hour before and after!!!

The Dow: Support at 9596. But to fell so deep, situation must really be bad.

Looking at the 15 min. graph, I see yesterday the " 3 fathers" pattern hold up the market, and it went up. So there is still a possibility to go to 10738- price, that will square the April 26, 2010 high.

S&P : I am not so happy with the Snoopy, it showed weakness, made a double bottom, but did not correct as the Dow. Closed at 1091.82. However, the Nodes blocked twice the fall yesterday, but will they be there in need today? Pluto is there at 1082. only.

How about the Gold? It continued to rally to 1260, only 4 points from the highest high. At 1265 there is a big resistance. I doubt it'll go above at the first try.

I am very happy to have visitors from 54 countries! The last one to popp in was someone from Trinidad-Tobago :) Here is their exchange: Falling from the red arrow will be really bad news.

Good trading!

September 9,2010, Thursday

Yesterday we got my famous " 3 fathers" pattern... Do not search for it on the net... it's a name I gave. :)  The Dow failed to go above the last highs, as you can see in the graph.
Today market will open with a trine to the Moon and Saturn, which can show a high for the day.
Only going above 10451 I would consider going long. A support from the planets is there at 10367, 10355. A fibo correction at 10258-10198.

But today there are several fed announcements. Good results will push the index to 10475-10589-10700.

Good Luck.

Sept 10, 2010 Friday

Today the trade will be ruled by Venus and Uranus. They are 150 degrees apart. I was very sad to read about Michael Douglas's throat cancer. Venus rules the throat, Uranus brings cancer... Bad day for him today. I pray he will be cured.... His chart shows the illness, which grew silently in his body for the last 2-3 years... It's terrible how the rich, beautiful and famous suddenly are like all the rest.

But, back to our chase after easy money, the Dow went sideways yesterday, after it made an important high, in the intraday chart, which whispered a further uptrend. With Mars still in Scorpio-in the Helio chart- this is expected. So new highs ahead, at 10610.

S&P: Target: 1125.

Gold: falling from 1247- target 1216.

Work with tight stops, good luck.

September 13, 2010

Monday, ruled by the Moon and Neptune. They are in square today. A few months ago I wrote in my outlook " Dow high and turn" now I have no idea why I wrote it, so I will have to be more specific when I forecast myself anything. Anyway, if I wrote it, it has something behind it, so we should watch it!

TA25 went up yesterday, and then was busy closing the opening gap. Closed at 1176.93, which means 6 cancer. Now there are many obstacles to go above this level, however, the cycle is not finished yet. So an up at the first part of the day, and down, waiting for the US to wake up in the closing.

A question to my Egyptian readers: I am searhing Gamal Mubarak's birth data... Anyone has it??
Be back later.

September 14, 2010

Thuesday, ruled by Mars and Saturn. Mars is weak in the last degree of Libra, and Saturn is strong in Libra. The Moon righ now is in Sag., soon will square the Sun. All these angles tell us that there is a lot of weakness in the market.

Dow: 10565.38- yesterday's high. this equals to 5 Leo. Look how many planets are there at 5 degree of any sign! This is a resistance now.

Support at 10490.

S&P : is now at 1121.38, which equals to 12 Taurus. Going above 1124, it can run up to 1131.

Good trading!

September 15, 2010

I would like to draw you attention to the heliocentric chart of September 21. It is a rare one!

This is what I wrote a few days ago in one of the forums in my Yahoo groups:

"But this day, not only will have all the conjunctions between Earth-Jup-Uranus-they all square Hades

At the same time ( 14:23- 2:23pm) Mercury 180 Cupido
                                                   Pluto 180 - Kronos
                                                   Mars 120 Vulcanus
                                                   Mars 90 Neptune
                                                   Appollon 60 Center of Galaxy & Neptune too
                                                  Admatos 60 Vulcanos
                                                  Mercury 0 Pandora ( I always use it)

We have 10 planets and 8 transNeptunians= 18 out of this 6 are in the Jupiter decanate in the Helio chart

In the Geo more... and the Sun is at 0 declination"

Study this chart, tell me what you think!

                                                 * ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~*

Today we are in a mercurian day, and also Mars has it's impact. Mars today ingresses Scorpio, this should mark a change. More energy is poured to the trade.
Mars was in Scorpio between:

17.10.1991  - 29.11.1991

28.09.1993  - 9.11.1993
8.09.1995  - 20.10.1995
15.08.1997  - 28.09.1997
27.01.1999  - 5.05.1999
6.07.1999  - 2.09.1999

24.12.2000  - 14.02.2001
2.12.2002  - 17.01.2003
12.11.2004  - 25.12.2004
24.10.2006  - 6.12.2006
5.10.2008  - 16.11.2008
15.09.2010  - 28.10.2010
24.08.2012  - 7.10.2012

You should check with your index, how did it behave?? I will be happy to get your inputs!

TA 25

Our last high was at 1185, which is 150 degrees - bad angle to high of 1242. Support at 1178-1170. Resistance 1192.

Will be back later with the US markets.

Dow: Made high at 10578, ( 18 Leo ) a strong support/ resistance is there from Saturn and Jupiter at 10564. Falling from there: a correction would be at 10429.

The S&P made a low just now at 1114.63, this equals to 4 Taurus. Therefore Pluto is supporting at 1112.78, but Venus is inconjunct at 1114.75 ( bad angle)

The Index tried to go above 1127 twice, and failed, if no success the third time, then target: 1107

Good trading!

September 16, 2010

Thursday, ruled by Jupiter and the Sun. Jupiter is in Pisces and the Sun in Virgo. They are contraparallel. The Moon today is in Capricorn, sextile Venus at the moment, but not when the US markets will open... So for us,here in Tel Aviv, there will be a lot of nervousness at the opening,we might have a small up movement, but this will not hold for the rest of the day. Just one hour after the opening, the selling will start. There is a strong resistance at 1179 from the Nodes, 1182.55 - 1185.4 from other planets. This is the maximum it can go up. To the downside, we have a support at 1177.2-1174.50-1167.4

The Dow closed ar 10548, which equals to 18 cancer. I am very much surprised to see that it was VESTA, the keeper of the sacred fire, at that exact point yesterday. Will it hold the markets today too? There is a support at 10535-10528; a resistance at 10558.83
Yesterday I gave target to 10429, it did not fell that low, now 10482 is a support. Falling below this, target: 10416.

S&P: failed again yesterday... the high was only at 1126.57. Nothing new to add here...

Have a good day! 

September 17, 2010

Friday, ruled by Venus and the Moon. Venus is at 6 Scorpio, this is what the " Oracle" says about this degree: DEEP-SEA DIVERS

You may find a need to get deep below the surface to find out what's going on. It is down within the unconscious and within the intuitive wisdom that you must search for solutions. Breath meditations. Plunging in. Studying unconscious energies will uncover wonders. If negative - pretending to be plumbing the depths, but just for show. Escapism.
Dow: made a high yesterday at 10603- there it was blocked by Ceres, which trined the price at 10604. I should watch these little astroids more closely in the future!! Finally it closed at 10594.83, which is right below Mercury and exactly on Pluto. So Pluto hold up yesterday!

Today there will be another attempt to make a new high, and the targets will be : 10618,10648,10679,10698.
Sept 17, is 144 days from April 26th high! It should ring a bell!!!
Happy trading, off to yoga :)
20 Sept, 2010, after Yom Kippur fast.  
Ten days after the New Year comes Yom Kippur, the day when parent to child, tutor to pupil say " I am sorry" and open a new page, forgiving and letting the evil energies out of the body.  Because being angry with someone, or not talking to a brother/sister for years, only brings sickness to the body and to the spirit. So on this day each and every one of us have the power of giving forgiveness and being forgiven.
In the market there is a saying," sell on New years' buy on Yom Kippur" ... well, I checked four years back, and I found, that the uptrend just went on till mid October. ... In the last years. Will we live the same scenario again?
The strongest index to recover was that of Turkey, followed by India's Nifty, and Israel. In the same time the worst indexes were Japan and China. It beats me, why this is as it is, after all the same planets effect the whole globe!!!!! Anyone???

What happened in the Mexican Gulf with BP, all that oil waiste during Jupiter -Pluto square, brought out the oil or gas... we still don't know!!! in Israel! which brought eophoria into the hearts of many, and some made millions in days. Look at this share:

all this movement in one day!
By the way, this square will repeat itself on February 23, 2011!

But to return to our business, the US is somewhere in the middle, in the first pic. so it can still go on and make new highs.

Jupiter and Saturn are changing places in the declination table, Saturn turns into negative declination, Jupiter into positive. Will this "change of guard" mean new highs?? Well not exactly, because there are about 20-30 other things I am watching, and they have their weight, but becasue these heavy planets are important, I thought to meantion it.
Anyways, I am long on the US markets, but, we'll talk about this next week.

Have a good week end...  now that you are forgiven..    :)

19 September, 2010

Sunday, it's a market day here as you probably know already, after one year that I 've been posting. Today is ruled by the Sun and Uranus.

The Sun is in Virgo, Uranus in Pisces, in retro, in opposition! This is an important angle, does not happen every week...Besides that' the Sun is contraparrallel to Uranus, Jupiter and Saturn A N D  squares the center of Galaxy.
TA25 closed at 1174.95, this equals to 4 Cancer. On the above picture of the sky we find a support on Pluto, at 1172 and Mars too, but many resistances if you look at all the other planets.
See the technical graph : with targets on it.

Will the " hot trades" in the oil shares push up the markets today too?? We shall see.

Oh... Yes , they did!! Look what happened today: now we are on the way to 1202

Interesting share to look at : Orct.

see you tomorrow...

September 20, 2010

I thought I should go one step further, and show you, why shares break out... Look at ORCT, it's a share that is traded in the US, and in Israel too. We should check the " birthday" of the share, when was it traded for the first time? The date of ORCT is Sept 27, 1996, traded in NY, here is the chart with the transits of the day it stopped falling: Sept 3, 2010.

What can we learn from the chart? Ascendant in Scorpio, Sun at 4 LIbra, Desc. in Taurus. On September 3, Saturn made an exact conjunction to Natal Sun, ( in green) stopped further fall. We should remember that Saturn is the " regulator" it's the grandpa' who comes to teach us a lesson, and to stop falls in shares... But Saturn alone is not enough. No planet alone is enough for anything... So we should search other elements as well, and then we see transiting JUPITER, the big Benefactor, at exact angle to the ruler of the ascendant, Pluto ( in yellow). Next step, the ruler of the descendent, is Venus, the little benefactor, and in transit it is in exact sextile with Natal Venus. Finnally, even the Moon came to help, it is in opposition to natal Jupiter. So all these signs and placements push us to rush and buy this share. At first for a buck or two, just to be sure, but later, we can trust our judgement, and ride together. See graph for those who all this was chinese....
By the way, right click on my blog, you can translate it to any language you wish... Not always the best translation I have seen, but, better than nothing.

Any decisions in financial markets are solely the responsibility of the reader, and neither the author nor the publishers assume any responsibility at all for those individual decision


Now there is another interesting thing one of my readers drew my attention to: Yesterday I posted the change of the planets declination-wise. But look at this picture! ALL THE PLANETS will be in NEGATIVE declination between October 6, 2010 till Feb.5, 2011
 Probably you will ask, OK, so what does this mean?? To understand the future we should look back to the past, there must be a pattern somewhere... So I found this :
Same thing happened in 1995! Now we can go to Wikipedia, just think how lucky we are to live in an era, when on a click of the mouse we can learn anything we whish, we know all that happens in the world... Hmmm on the second thought, is it really that good? Can someone who lives in the quietness of a London suburb have an opinion on what is going on here, or in China? Can anyone judge a situation untill he actually lives it?? Can we trust the media to bring us non-oppinial pictures?? Everything is "instant" now. People have no patience. Want to have it now. But life is an ever enfolding slow procedure. I remember how we waited for the post-man to bring the letters...
But back to our Uranus ruled present, we go to wiki and check what occurred between Sept 1995 to Feb 1996?
While you read, market starts over here, so I'll be back later....

Before the opening:

The Dow reached my target of last week ( Sept 17), at 10650, which equals 1 Libra. Since we are still in an uptrend, I expect new highs, my other targets should be reached....

For my Japanese visitors I would like to show your index, the Nikkey, looks in the planetary picture. It broke out the JUPITER line, and it is below Saturn.

My September 17 targets achieved, new targets: 10816.

Good trading!

September 21,2010

Due to Sukkot ( Feast of Tabernacles) we had options expiry today. TA25 rocketed up up in the sky, disregarding all obstacles, planets, asteroids and shortists' prayers. It is Jupiter Closest to Earth sympthom, I guess.... so we hit 1229, and now we have an enormous gap that has to be closed... in 3 days or so. But, we have no trade due to the holiday, till next week!! Sept 26- 29 only half day trading due to Sukkot.  

Do you remember the picture of the share I uploaded 2 days ago? the one that rocketed and people made millions?? ( Not me :) ) Now they are closed, and under investigation, together with two other companies.

Today we are under the effect of Mars and Venus. But the most important effect is Jupiter closest to Earth, this will continue to push up the markets.
In my September article I wrote, I would consider the Dow to be bullish above 10720! This happened yesterday, when it hit 10774, and closed! 10754.. So we are now in the arena again, and left behind the bears to prepare for the winter sleep.

Inspite of the fact that the Dow is now in the bulls area, there are many CIT dates this week, so a major correction could come, unexpectedly !High possibility  on Sept 26!!!  Use your stops, and be carefull!

S&P : I wrote here in the blog on Sept. 2, " Next targets: 1104-1133. This too was achied yesterday, I hope you made a lot of money :)  Next target now at 1175.

Happy trading!

Special announcement! On September 22, with Mercury in Virgo I opened my Google Financial Astrology group ( W M A )  for premium members. To sign up to this group just click on the window at the left hand side below my profile picture. In this group we shall take more steps further and deeper in the market analysis. Also, I shall be able to answer personal questions, regarding your portfolio, or personal matters. 
I'll be happy to see you there as members.

September 24, 2010

Friday under the ruler ship of Venus, and Mars. Both planets are in Scorpio, 3 degrees apart.
Children born today will have to deal with this contraversal placement. Venus is weak, or debilitated in Scorpio and Mars rules the sign. So it rules Venus in this case. Venus is in the 9th degree, which is a Marsian degree, so it almost looses it's character at this point. Venus rules the banks in the financial astrology, so this placement might be a message for future banking problems. Will we witness some big fraud again? Venus is conjunct Posseidon, the Uranian planet that equals Neptune and squares Pandora!
Mars trines the Nodes and Kronos, at 6* Scorpio.
The Moon is waning, in Aries; the Sun is applying to a square with Pluto.
All these angles signify a rough movement today.

Dow closed at 10662.42 (after making a high at 10761.87 - 10833.40) meaning 12 Scorpio. So it is above the Venus/ Mars conjunction. Will they hold?? My target given in the group was achieved.

S&P closed at 1124.83 - (high 1148.59) which equals to 14 Taurus. Unfortunatly the index did not go above the January 19 high.... 


More in the group...

For Chawla and other Indian visitors here is the Nifty with planetary infuences:

Happy trading !

Saturday, looking back...

Dow: Just as expected, the Dow made new highs. The trend is still up, nothing new to add here. A change should come on the 26th, but I just realised it's a Sunday, so there is no trade at the other side of the ocean. We do have trade only half a day, due to Tabernacle holidays. So the CIT is postponed to the 28th.

TA25: will open with the Moon in Taurus, opposing Venus-Mars pair. We closed at 1227.19, which means 27 Leo. Neptune forms a support at 1226, Uranus at 1222. The way up is still open to 1229.- 1236-1242. My only concern is the Bolinger band, the index is way out of it, and it will have to fell back, and close some gaps. 

S&P : Closed at 1148.67, the question is when will it hit 1200? Any thoughts?

September 26, 2010

Sunday. Just a little update on TA25. It reached my first target: 1236! Price blocked by Saturn.

Congrats for those who were long.  Tomorrow the sentiment will continue to be positive. Due to shortened trade hours because of the holiday, we shall close before the US markets open. I expect higher highs.
Thuesday it'll be a different music.

September 27, 2010 Monday

Today Mars enters Sagittarius, fire sign. When we thought all this rally was over and done with, Mars stepps in, bringing more energy. This summer has been quite unbeleivable...
TA25 closed yesterday at 1231.01, after trying the 1237 high, with no success. Saturn blocked the way. Today there will be a new try. Resistance is at : 1234- 1242-1237.61 -1245.

Support: 1228.91-1228.66- 1227.5- 1204.

More details about the East in the group, for members. You can be one too, click on WMA Google group, below my picture OR on WMA Yahoo group - under the Links.

Happy trading!

September 28, 2010

Thuesday, ruled by Mars and Uranus. Mars is in Scorpio, very strong, since it rules it, and Uranus is in Pisces in retro, 28 degrees. The meaning of this degree is: 


You may find that you need to break the situation down into its simpler components in order to see the full picture. This will lead to a great understanding of the relationship between the whole and the many parts. Just be careful not to over-analyse, thereby losing the joy that's inherent. Taking a single vision and turning it into many individual streams. Spectrum analysis. If negative - locked in to a set of parameters.
The Moon at this moment entered Gemini, so this picture gives us a very volatile and full of energy and surprises day!  The market will start with a deep down gap, and it should recover, lightly, by the end of the day. The problem is, that due to holidays we have only a half day trade.... Shortists will celebrate tomorrow.
TA25 closed yesterday at 1225, which equals to 25 Leo. Now support is at 1220, 1211, 1207.
Resistance at 1226-1227-1232. 
Good trading!
I'll be back later with the US markets... If you are a member, more goodies there :)
To join my Google group please click on the link below my picture, or on Yahoo Group below " Links" It is only 55$ a year....

September 29, 2010 

As I wrote a few days back, I have opened a Yahoo group too, which is similar to the Google group. I got a message from Google, that as of Nov 1, it will not be possible to upload pictures, so I will have to switch everybody to the Yahoo group, which is much friendlier and I can edit my articles there, post pictures, graphs and links, which I cannot do in Google. If they will " behave" surely I will stay in Google and continue with the Yahoo too. I write the same article in both. it's just the editing thing that bothers me. But we shall see in a month. I thought you should know about this. 

So yesterday we had a correction and rebouncing. but do not be fooled! I still think a deeper correction is on it's way.

I'll be back later.. We have no trade till Sunday, so off to the beach.

September 30, 2010

Thursday, ruled by Jupiter and Venus.

Jupiter is in retro and Venus is in Scorpio. Both "benefactors" are weak. Jupiter, because in retro, Venus is debiliated in Scorpio. The Moon today is in Gemini, in a very bad acpect with most of the planets.
So today I expect more downside trades.

Dow: closed at 10835, this is 5 Taurus. Today Saturn will block the way up at 10837. But There is the other couple: Jupiter+Uranus at 10828... Breaking one of these levels will be a sign for the future trend. Besides astrology, if we check fibo days, today it'll be the 5th day that Dow went sideway.  A healthy correction will be welcomed. Falling below 10740, it'll go to 10690-10640-10580.

Good trading!

October 1, 2010

"Listen! the wind is rising,
and the air is wild with leaves,
We have had our summer evenings,
now for October eves!"
- Humbert Wolfe

Another month passed, and the markets are still up. It seems to me, that October is the month of festivals! As if people would like to "feel alive" before turning in for the winter sleep.
Looking back on September, what did it bring? This was the month that fooled all forecasts...:)
Many waited for a huge correction, but the correction did not read those forecasts, and refused to come. In my forecasts back in July, August, I gave targets to the upside. Today, October first, and we are in the position as on August 2 till 10. Then too, the markets went sideways, waiting for the gong....I like to play with the mirror picture of the indeces. Look at the Dow:

Taking a closer look, and with the help of the calculator, we can calculate the expected target for the coming days:
The difference betwen the top -bottom between Aug- July - was 1124 points. Adding these points to September low, we get 11061.
October 3rd is a major CIT date, since it is 930 days (720+210) from March 17,08. and other dates...

Good trading!

October 3,

You are welcome to read my October forecast under Links ... and also here

October 3, 2010

Sunday, ruled by the Sun and Neptune. It will be an interesting day, since today is the 5th birthday of Oct 3, 2005 Annular solar eclipse, at 10 Libra at the time, and today Saturn is conjunct that degree! This can slow down  a rally, added to the square between Jupiter to the Center of Galaxy.

TA25 closed at 1225, which puts it at 25 Leo.  Now the index is below most major planets, which can be difficult to cross, even with Mars in Scorpio. Resistance at :1226-1228-1229.
Support at 1212.

An intraday turn should be at 1:30 pm.

Good luck :)

October 4, 2010

First, I would like to share with you, that I saw " Wall street" with Michael Douglas yesterday. It's a "must see" film for those who trade, but be careful do not take husbands or wife with you if they are not traders... We were about 14 people in the cinema, and one could see all were deep in the market. The film tells us about the subprime crises, and about the market " Jaws" .

Yesterday our market went down, as expected, but then recovered, see graph and reasons:

The markets in the East are going up, except for Japan, those who subscribed to my group can check my forecast... Now we are 36 minutes from opening, and people are waiting for the Dax. How will it behave?? What I see with my tools, is that the DAX closed at 1 cancer, and price is now blocked by Pluto.  Support at 6181, 6154, 6142, 6124.
Major turn for the DAX Oct 8.

Today, Monday is ruled by the Moon, still in Leo,  and by Saturn at 8 Libra.
TA25 closed at 1 Virgo, also blocked by Pluto, and 30 deg. from Mercury, which entered Libra today.
Resistance at : 1232.89, 1237.11, 1238.14, 1242.92, ( previous high, Venus line) 1243,11.
Support : 1228-1226.22-1213.11-1208.14

Watch for a change in trend at 10:33 to 11:32, and 12:31-1:30

Good trading!

October 5, 2010

Good morning to you all. Today we are under a double Mars effect. Mars is Scorpio, which speeds up and is leaving Venus. In the Helio chart Mercury squares Mars, so I suspect a gap later at the opening.
Other news? Moon left Leo in favor of Virgo, and it'll sextile the south Node. Jupiter still squares the Center of Galaxy and Mercury is at 0 declination, on it's way to go " under" .

TA 25: found support yesterday at 1221.19, and there was am attempt to close the gap at the opening. Without success. It closed at 1222.90, which equals 22 Leo.
Resistance for today: is at 1226.60-1228.
Support still at 1213-1208.

Dow closed yesterday at 10751.27, means 11 Aquarius. Price trined the Sun.Do we see a H&S pattern in the 60 min graph?
resistance at 10766, 10798.
Support: 10748, 10743.

S&P: Closed yesterday at 1137.03 , which equals to 27 Taurus. Interesting to see that the Nifty too is exactly at this point as I write these lines.
So both indices are in between Jupiter-Uranus.
Support by  Neptune at: 1136, and 1123 by Mars
Resistance 1138 at Uranus.

Major CIT day: Oct 12, 14.

Good trading!!

Check out: under " Links" above at the left I added a site " This day in history"

For members: Pls. click on " Calendar" ; also new updates on the markets....

Have you heard of the "Baskerville Dogs Pattern? " becaue we are in the middle of it!

“Baskervilles’ dog” pattern: cancellation of the “head and shoulders” figure In “Fundamentals of stock exchange trade”, A. Elder has explained the origin of the pattern title. In the famous detective story, Sherlock Holmes noticed that at the time of crime the dog didn’t bark – i.e., the dog new the murderer. Hence, it was purely family affair. Thus, the enigma was solved.

Analogously, the absence of any action serves as the signal (the absence of the “bark” to be expected!). When the market refuses to “bark” in response to a quite clear signal, one gets “Baskervilles’ dog” pattern: the market, refusing to reverse, keeps on rushing upwards.

exactly the same is happening in the US indices. While people were shorting deeply, the markets refuse to go down,

Good night :)

October 6, 2010

Wednesday, ruled by Mercury, and the Sun. Volatility and power. Do we have a reversal today?
The moon is Perigee, closest to Earth today, this too will bring lots of volatility into the markets.
You should visit this " today in history " site I have added above, it's really interesting stuff. I am sure you do not know, that :

.... October 6th 1866 1st train robbery in US (Reno Brothers take $13,000)

well, today we have a different kind of robbery, big time, the robbery of the bears....

TA25 closed yesterday at 1236.43, 6 Virgo . At this place it trined the North Node. Apparently should be a top. But with the back winds from uncle Sam, it'll continue to go up.
Next resistance: 1237.91, 1242.5, 1245.5, 1257, 1259, 1264.68
Support at: 1234.65, 1232.91, 1228,1226

Our last top was at 1242. going above that, we shall see the index at 1373.

S&P made a high at 1162.76, or 22 Gemini. Those who signed up got my exact forecast...
Now it is at 1160.57

Resistance at 1166.19, 1172.9
Support at 1154, 1150.

The Dow made high at 10966, has one too many obstacles to go up.

More in the group.

Happy trading  :)

October 7, 2010

Happy birthday to Mr. Putin. Born today in 1952, 58 years old.  With Sun, Mercury, Saturn Neptune in Libra difficult times ahead, when Saturn will conjunct them this year!  He has Sun Saturn conjunction in the natal chart, gives him his severe attitude. All these planets are in his 12th house, makes him secretive, more so with Sun-Neptune conjunction. We can never know what to expect of him. Today he has a Venus return, Transiting Venus conjuncts Natal Venus in Scorpio. But the most difficult angle he has now, and is ongoing till December is Pluto-Moon 150 degrees. Numerologically he steps in his 2nd year, he should go thru a major check -up.

But to the market....Today we are ruled by Jupiter and Moon. Nice, since we have a new moon today in Libra

TA25 corrected yesterday and fell from 1242.18 to 1227.2 (close) , RSI & MACD negative.
1227 is 27 Leo, therefore, the price is in-between Jupiter, at 1226 and Uranus at 1228. Only by an upside gap it'll "escape" this impisonment. Are we to have this gap? Maybe.. .  since Mercury is conjunct Moon and squares the Nodes. but the square to the Nodes is a very negative position. Checking Europe and the East are all negative.

Today's targets: up 1233-1237-1242
Down: 1218,1209.
Since it is the last day of trading here ( Friday-Sat no trade), a major turn in trend at : 3:25 pm.

Will be back with the rest of the world. ....

After closing this is what actually happened:

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Have a nice week end.

October 7, 2010

It's the last day of this month, and I shall start a new article, as I do each New Moon. But first, I would like to look back, see what did we have this month, which passed so quickly.... Do you have the same feeling, as me?? I feel somehow the time passes quicker then once.... 
so this month we had all the holidays, thanks God no war broke out, the markets continued to go up, stepping on many's toes. I think in these last days we saw a very cruel short squeeze. All the markets made highs, the gold too, only the dollar is weakening.
Today when I switched on my computer, the outlook sent out a message: today major turn in TA25, since it is 2584 days from sept 11, 2003 low.  But there is no trade today, due to Friday, and something extraordinary happened here today, it  rained! We never have rain this early..... 
So now I am listening to my favorite radio programm, outside is cool and nice, and I shall turn the page to write the new article.... see you there.