Jupiter-Pluto sextile

Jan.29 marked a bottom in the S&P. 88 days passed between Nov.2 and Jan.29. We should always be aware of time differences between past lows or bottoms. Time, as numbers, wisper a possible turn. 90 days, + - one or two days will show a change in trend. So after hitting 1072, the index ran up to 1104.64. The question now is, will it go up further, or Venus-Saturn angle will make it check out the last bottom again?
The Dow also:

I added the support lines that different planets form.
What do you think? will it go up or down ?
I use a very good site where one can receive an overall picture of the market: http://www.finviz.com/map.ashx

Market opened with a gap, 10150 is a fibo correction. Below this, it'll recheck the Feb 2 low.


The Dow, as we can see in the attached graph, fall below Feb. 2 bottom. Now it moves in a channel, with a possibility to correct to 10080. will it go above that??

It first will have to pass Neptune at 10045... then we shall see.

Feb 10.

This graph is the spot's price. We are vitnessing a correction these days, since Venus ingressed Pisces in helio; but Venus is much too weak to hold, so on the long run, we are still in a downtrend. Do not be fooled. For those trading intraday, could go long, to 10074. If you go to my site, I uploaded a table with planetary lines. These lines mark support or resistance. Read the article about Dow in February.
Good luck!

Feb.14 - tomorrow there is no trade in the US. due to President's day.

Feb. 16 - a spectacular rise today in all the indexes.... But be careful! February 18 Mercury ingress Capricorn, Sun to Virgo. A change is in the air. obviously when one market falls the other rises. Look at the Gold, it's on its way to make a W patern.

Feb.17 graph

Feb 5 is a low, since then the index made three bottoms, every one higher than the former. Feb 16, this "vegetating" position broke after "Presidents day" seeing that the East is in a rally, Germany bails out Greece, everything is good.
But, Jash, what really happened was a conjunction between Moon-Uranus, and Sun -Neptune, and Venus - Jupiter. So, to your question, here is the answer. multiple conjunctions can raise the markets. Add to this the New moon, which fooled us all till now, and you have a rally.
Now Saturn-Pluto act as a support line at 1083. Only if the index will fall below this level it'll fall further down.
Tomorrow, February 18 Mercury ingress Capricorn, I expect a change. Correction levels: 1086-1081-1076.

The graph below shows us in the 15 minute graph, that the index reached a double top - this is the March future- at 1110.75 and 1110.48.

Now the resistance line is at 1110.48 the support at 1104.6. Breaking either one, will show the direction. Let's see what do the stars tell us? Looking at the Helio chart, we see a separating Venus-Uranus conjunction. Venus is at- adjusted to the index- 1107, Uranus at 1106. The index is, as I write these lines, at 1106.98. which means, 27 Aries. A correction to the down-side can bring us to 1097.
On the other way, to go further up it has to go above 1110.75 with a large volume. Target: 1132

Good luck :)

Feb 24: Hanging man in 15 min.graph. marks a top for the time being at 1112.23. By the aspects forming in the sky, the markets in the US will open with a gap down.

Feb 25.2010:  The Index bottomed Feb.23, at 1090, now it's again on it's way up. Support yellow channel, above that: target 1118.

Feb. 26

Between 5 to 19 Feb there are 14 days. When we count the days to look for a certain change we should seek the multiples of 7. The world was created in seven days, so this number has a major significance in the stock market too.
March 4 will be 7x3= 21 days from the low, so we should check that day with our spectacles on.
On Feb.25 the index fall to the long awaited 1084.22, and rebound to 1107.13, while we were sleeping. If it'll go above, target:1113.70, but if it'll fail to climb, then correction  to 1094.40

Good trading.