About Me

Me at a Financial Astrology conference

I started to write my Financial astrology blog in 2009. Many are following, reading and trading with me. Quite a few took my Financial Astrology Course, and today are either successful traders in big companies or teachers. Others chose to buy my app. and receive market alerts.
At first it was a way to freely express my thoughts and views. Being born in Transylvania, Romania, one got suspicious by saying "good morning". This platform lets me think out loud being my own censor. Not everything must be said.
After landing in Israel, in 1973, I got to the right books and teachers. Later, I specialized in Financial Astrology. I have been a Numerologist and Astrologer since I live in the free world.
My aim is to follow world events and the markets and explain how we see everything in the stars. How can we foresee events coming? And of course, the main goal is to earn money.
I hope you enjoy the reading and learn something every day, as I do.

 Gabriella                                                                                                             Gabymitt@gmail.com

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