New Moon in Sagittarius 2012

 Between December 13 to January 11, 2013

This new moon has a major importance. The Sun and Moon are in the fire sign of Sagittarius, and the Moon is closest to Earth, perigee. Therefore we shall feel its impact deeper and harder than usual. The New Moon is on 21.39 degrees in Sag.; and we remember, that the last Solar eclipse was on 21.56 degrees of Scorpio, therefore this New Moon makes 30^ angle, - minor positive - to the eclipse. Other planets that will affect are Saturn- Pluto sextile, also a positive position. Saturn represents the past, and is the ruler of the government, it is in Scorpio, and Pluto ruler of money, life and death, rebirth, is in Capricorn. Uranus will turn Direct during this month, at 4.36 degrees- exactly today, 13th December. Uranus is in Aries, after 84 years that was here before; it will be here till May 18, 2018. Uranus brought the "Arab Spring"... well, it's procedure, it takes time till things will calm down. But Uranus also brings technical and technological breakthroughs. I heard on the radio the other day, that this year more than 2 million patents were written in the world! Can you imagine? So many? We are living in quickly changing times. New worlds will be found, what we thought impossible or does not exist, we shall find that they do, we were just blind.

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Market starts, will be back.

December 14,2012 Friday

Yesterday we got a fall in the US markets, but the East is up and correcting. So the US might correct too today. The problem is, the levels the S&P fell to... the End of the Year rally is waving bye bye...

With Uranus stationary, the affect of the New Moon, Perigee in the fire sign of Sagittarius, a new horrible massacre happened in Newton, Connecticut  Adam Peter Lanza, 20 year old boy killed his mother- firing at her face, than grabbed 3 or 4 guns - from his mother collection, broke in the Elementary School , he himself spent his early years, and killed 27 people, out of which 20 children! mostly girls, by firing multiple bullets in each and every one of them. 
I was waiting for the data to appear till I write something, now I see the connection. But, before that! could ANYONE on this Earth fore see such a horrible thing to happen again??? Do you remember Jason Holmes? the batman shooting? ( Born Dec 13,1987 )? or the Virginia Tech. massacre? (16 April 2007)? 

Let's see what do they have in common? 
First of all , the Shooting in Newton happened on Dec 14, 2012. Adding up the date we get 13. This is the "Death" card in the Tarot. the Date adds up to 4. 4 is ruled by Uranus, and on this day Uranus was stationary. 
Adam Peter Lanza : Born April 22, 1992 = has 4.4.3= 2 He was 20 years old, committed suicide, and he was in his 4th personal year. 
See the other dates, they have 4 too. 
There are many issues in this chart, but I want to underline the fact that he has 6 planets around 20-22 degrees, and the Solar eclipse was at 22 Scorpio, and 8 planets or other points around 5 degrees, which were hit by the last Lunar eclipse.

A picture taken before the killing: Is he telling us something?? 

Of course, I am NOT saying that everyone that has 4 in his date will turn out a criminal or mass murderer... We always need more than 7 triggers for anything to happen. But 4 will always show a person or an event, that it  SEEMS calm and introvert to the outsiders, it shows a person living in a "box" or in an inner prison, until a day, that this is triggered and he will surprise everyone by doing, saying something that no one would have expected. This is why it is very important to study the meanings of the numbers. 

Sandy Hook Elementary School was built in 1956 . I don't have the exact date, but if it opened in early April, then too Uranus was stationary before turning direct.
Let us also remember the YOD between Jupiter- Saturn-PLuto! The Yod, or the Finger of God, - it's head- Jupiter, is weak and fall in Gemini, in the 5th house of children, conjunct the Lilith, and the South Node. Saturn and Uranus are at 8 degrees- degree of death, (House 8). 
Remember the 4?? Mercury and Uranus are 120 degrees on the 4th degree of a sign.
The Moon is conjunct Pluto- another difficult placement. 
The MC is at 22^ = adds up to 4 - in Scorpio, the sign of death.
The Sun was conjunct or parallel by declination with Mars. 
Pluto is on the destructive fixed star FACIES.

So, as you can see there are a lot of signs for a disaster.
Could anyone point out this particular school for the event to take place? I doubt...
Maybe the name? 
The schools' name is Sandy- same as the Hurricane. Death all over. 
The full name: Sandy Hook adds up to 13= and we are back to the Death Card. 
This "something new" that the Sun can bring, is reconsidering who can keep weapon and why.

To this I can add the incorporation date of Newton was on Oct 11,1711- which also adds up to 13/4! 
On the day of the killing it was 301.18 years old. Add up the numbers! =13. 

We see the same in the astrology chart now: the fight between the old and new.

Another devastating event happened at the same time in China. I do not have data, but there not guns, but knife was used to injure 22 people, I think. -There, everybody survived.

Let their souls rest in peace....

December 16, 2012 Sunday.

On this day 242 years ago Beethoven, my favorite above all - was born. Listen to one of his masterpieces: the Moonlight Sonata

Our market is closing now. Lost 0.93%. 1219.46

I am opening an Astro-Numerology course. I shall teach Numerology, numbers, that are the basics for everything, then Astrology, and we shall analyze maps. Would you like to sign up? The course will be 15 meetings, thru Skype. Pls. contact me for further details. 

December 17, 2012 Monday

Today we are ruled by Neptune and the Moon. It is rare to have Neptune as a significator. And what is rare, is significant, we should pay attention to. Today Venus will square Neptune. Venus rules the banks, Neptune brings illusions or disinformation. Immediately I am checking Fed. announcements today, are there any important announcements? And, indeed, Draghi speaks at 4:30 my time.- it is US opening time. I wrote to subscribers that I think the markets will open negatively.... we shall see. Then others speak, what will they say?
The Moon will leave the positive sextile it was till now to the Sun, and it is in Aquarius today. Remember? In this sign it forms a top or a bottom for the S&P.
17.12.2012  8:46:20 19°37'12"Aqr Semi-square Uranus
17.12.2012 15:14:27 23°22'29"Aqr Semi-sextile Mars
17.12.2012 16:00:05 23°48'50"Aqr Semi-square Pluto
17.12.2012 20:11:26 26°13'27"Aqr Sextile Sun

Mars and Jupiter are contraparallel. Two powerful energies pushing in two directions. Hmmm.
There is a YOD between Jupiter-Psyche-Pluto. More madness to come??

TA25: closed at 1211.65- 
S&P: trades now at 1421- it should go above 1424- in order to have some positive days. 

December 18, 2012 Tuesday

Yesterday we saw a brave rise in the S&P. I wrote my subscribers to have their stop at 1408- and now we can raise it 1413. Nifty and JKSE , Silver, all behaved well. Let me see what do we have for today? 

It is a day ruled by Mars and Saturn! Mars is pushing with all it's power upwards, ( 24 Cap ) - while Saturn is blocking.( at 8 Scorpio). There is a sextile between Saturn and Pluto. This means, that They form a support at 1418...I don't think anyone would like such a low stop loss for the S&P.... 
I wrote a while ago about JPMorgan: It just made a double top- 43.51; same as in Oct.2012 .Oscillators are high, more space to go up .
Apple: If you listened to my You Tube recording- about Apple a few months ago, you got out in time. The question is now, how deep it will fall until it will start rallying again?? I have more you tube presentations under GMAMA.

December 19,2012 Wednesday.

This day we are ruled by Mercury and Mars. Mercury is still in Sagittarius, weak.Mars is in Capricorn - it's strongest position in the wheel. It will leave and enter Aquarius on Dec. 26th. 
Mars is in Cap. this time of the year every 2 years. see what Timing Solution gives us - what happens to the S&P - every time Mars is in this sign?

The Efficiency test shows us, that if we go long 50 days before Mars enters Capricorn- until more than 100 days, we can catch a great long! 
Of course, there are other planets to consider! and we should never decide on one single thing.

The Moon already passed to Pisces. Saturn-60-Pluto is still there, And we have a new angle today Venus 120^ to Uranus.- at 4:38 degrees.
This graph shows us what happened to the S&P when this angle occurred in the past?

In the Heliocentric chart Venus will enter Scorpio. The first angle to make will be a conjunction to Mercury, and later a trine to Neptune. 
All these positions can make a stop and turn in the markets. Not a major turn, just a correction, I am still waiting for some kind of rally. Maybe even a long squeeze?? towards the end of the year. 

Market is opening soon, I should check my positions... 
Oh... I forgot , yesterday Brad Pitt turned 49! SO HAPPY Birthday beautiful! Isn't he one of the handsomest, and most talented people we know?? 

Sometimes the small angles make the most difference! There is a 72^ angle between Vesta-Uranus. For TA25: this means a block or a stop at 1219.95. Let me see how will it behave?? 

Apple: Playing with the cubes: we get days to watch for a change in trend- see graph !

December 21, 2012 Friday.

It is the winter solstice day today... We are having heavy rains, even snow in the Northern part of the country. The Hermon mountain sky side was closed because of snow storms. Yes, we do have skying here in Israel, I know you only see camels wondering around here....LOL. 

So we are still here, and the world has not stopped spinning. ( Not that I thought it will)  Welcome to this new day, to this new life. What will you change, now that the opportunity has been given? 

I would like to share with you something I wrote to Silver subscribers: In my report sent to subscribers I wrote in October 21:

"We remember that the midpoint in the monthly chart is 29.27, so hopefully it will not cross that level!"

The low till now is 29.66- so if it stays above 29.27- there might be a correction upwards. We need a few days for this to verify.

On Nov. 10th I sent them the attached graph: and I wrote: The Silver closed at 34.14 after the November 5th low, at 30.62, then it turned and is trying to go up now. So this is what I think will happen: it will make a new high to 32.88- 33.40, and then dive again to 28.5 -28

On Nov 28th we did get a high, actually higher than expected, and now it bottomed at 29.66, which. I dont'; think is the last bottom. Remember 29.27! falling below it it will break the monthly pivot, and that will mark a further fall.


December 22, 2012 

Looking back to forecasts given in the past: JKSE- Jakarta index: I wrote: 

change in trend Dec 13, we had a top on the 12th, and a fall since the 13th.

Gold: 2 or 3 weeks back I wrote that on December 22 a change in trend should occur- here is the graph then and now: 

December 24,2012 Monday 

To all my readers, who celebrate Christmas: Merry Christmas! May you find all the presents you wished for, under the tree! :) . May you fulfill all your good wishes in the year to come.
To all the other readers, Happy holidays, and Happy new Year! Happy Baktun :) :) :) / If you don't know what this means... Google it. 

Today we are under the effect of the Moon and Mercury. A volatile day, with Moon in Taurus and Mercury is Sagittarius, in 150^ angle. The Sun moved into Capricorn, 2 days ago, and in 7 days it will conjunct Pluto. Wawww... that will be a powerful day. Meanwhile Mars will enter Aquarius. We should not forget the YOD- Finger of God- that it formed in the sky between Jupiter-Saturn Pluto. The three of them being at 8 degrees, form a stable support. Well, this has to be calculated... 
On the 28th we will have a Full Moon- on the Capricorn/Cancer axis. This position will mark a major turn. 
December 24-25 the banks in Europe and US are closed. Bank holiday. :)
Enjoy... :)

December 25,2012 Tuesday.

We have trade as usual. So our market opened with a gap-up and I think it will close 0. - just an intra day hick up- If you understand what I mean.
During the night the Moon entered Gemini. By the time market opens in the US it will be at 15 Gemini, and will make a lot of aspects to different planets. Be ready for a nervous day.
The Sun will be on "Kaus Australis" a fortunate fixed star. This positiveness, and the energy will pump the market up. At the same time Mars will enter Aquarius.... more energy.
I am ready... are you? LOL ...

December 26,2012 Wednesday

Welcome back to the trading ground..

Today we are ruled by Mercury-. which is in Sagittarius. The first angle it will make to the North Node.

The other planet ruling today is Neptune! Hoppaaa... Long time no seen. Neptune is at 0 Pisces, and Mars, that just entered Aquarius is at 30^ to it. Mars- fire - in Aqua- air - will bring some new energy on the grounds. Besides these positions, we have the Sun-Uranus square, the Saturn-Pluto sextile, and the Jupiter-Sat-Pl. YOD. 
Where is the Moon?? at 11^ Gemini. So all in all, bottom line, we are in for a volatile day. 

Mars enters Aquarius every 2 years: see how it effected the S&P in the past: 

The East opened positive. Nikkey makes new highs. However, 10255 , the former high is still to be conquered. Now it is at 10230. 28-28 is a major CIT date. Watch Jan 22 for a turn in 
trend.Later, Feb.15th. 
Ten days ago I sent to my subscribers: targeting: 

Today we are here: 

Axjo: support 4556, target: 4853- CIT on Feb 15th. But, watch out, its 144 -turning day- today, from June 4th low. 
HSI: same, Dec 27th CIT date, it topped at 22684 on the 19th. Since the last 3 days it is declining. Falling below 22423- will be a short. 

Lately I came across the So-Jok... Check this out! it is really interesting. 

DAX: The Dax is in a dangerous position. Topped at 7694- the low was 7598.25. Now i trades at 7649.75.Falling below 7598 it will go to 7584;7551; 7505.

Moon angles to watch for intra day traders: 

26.12.2012 11:08:54 12°43'52"Gem Opposition Venus
26.12.2012 15:58:29 15°06'23"Gem Biquintile Saturn

There is still Bank holiday in Europe , so it is another dull day! 

----- Syria: On Dec 5 I wrote that the 13th will be bad news for him: On that day his mother got a nervous breakdown, and left Syria - not sure where- maybe the Emirates? where she was hospitalized. 

----Well come to my reader from Malta!! :) At the left you have the counting of the flags- the visiting countries. it says 96- it is not accurate, since 2 or 3 months ago, a clicked something, and it deleted this gadget- It showed 145 countries!!!! :( . Since then the counting started from 0. But I am very happy most of the visitors from all over the world returned. I do hope you will write also something. Participate, tell us what you think? about anything... 

All the markets that bottomed on June 4th, will have a CIT date on December 31st. But, it's a Bank holiday again, so the last day to decide to stay with the portfolio or sell, is December 28th! - The next day the banks will open is only Jan 2, when Mercury will already be in Capricorn, and the Moon will square Jupiter from Virgo. I would say a negative opening.

The elections are coming up here in Israel. Jan 22,2013, for the 19th Knesset. 19 adds up to 1, so I checked what happened when the 10th Knesset was elected. Back then Begin was elected, and one year later he had to resign, and Izhak Shamir took over.
Retirement from public life

Begin himself retired from politics in August 1983 and handed over the reins of the office of Prime Minister to his old friend-in-arms Yitzhak Shamir, who had been the leader of the Lehi resistance to the British. Begin had become deeply disappointed by the war in Lebanon because he had hoped to establish peace with Bashir Gemayel, who was assassinated. Instead, there were mounting Israeli casualties. The death of his wife Aliza in Israel while he was away on an official visit to Washington DC, added to his own mounting depression. After his wife's death, Begin would rarely leave his apartment, and then usually to visit her grave-site to say the traditional Kaddish prayer for the departed. His seclusion was watched over by his children ..."
The map of Jan 22,2013 Election: Difficult dates to watch : 30.1/ 18.2 / 23.2 / 

December 27,2012 Thursday
Yesterday, it you looked up to the sky in the evening, you could have seen the Moon almost full, conjunct Jupiter, shining very bright. I took some pictures, but they did not come out as it was..

Today the Moon already left behind Jupiter, it is now in opposition to Mercury.- Maybe in the parts of the world that it is still dark you can see it. What else is going on up there??? The Sun is getting closer and closer every day to Pluto- so for the next 6-7 days it will be very Plutonian... Not the best place for it, specially not for the New Years. By lining up with Pluto it will "join" the Uranus-Pluto square; another unfavorable angle. It will also make another very bad angle to Jupiter. - in 2-3 days... What can I tell you ?? I would not stay in the market during these days, more so, since there is a bank holiday till the 2nd.

In spite of the fall I am expecting, there is always something that goes up- so check your portfolio...

 December 28, 2012 Friday.
100 years ago, on this day Galileo discovered Neptune. Reason to celebrate.... LOL.
Today we have a perfect Full Moon, on Capricorn/Cancer axis. It is an important full moon, because it's only 1 degree away from the last Lunar eclipse point, and it happens in Cardinal/ strong signs. The Moon phases often cause a turn in trend. Of course, the Full Moon occurs when the Moon is 180 degrees to the Sun. After that degree comes again the bad 150^, and the good 120^. When the 150 will happen it will be a bank holiday, the 120^ will be on Jan 2, at around noon my time, gmt +2; so we shall see... again, we must always look at all the planets to decide to go long or short. As I wrote above, there is no rush to place your bets, wait till Jan. 5-8 to see where is the market heading...

December 29, 2012 Saturday.

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December 30, 2012 Sunday.

The Sun and Pluto are now conjunt in Capricorn. Both are 150^ to Jupiter, which is 150^to Saturn.
We have trade today. All are waiting for a further fall. But this Mars-Uranus sextile.... hmmmm....
Will wait till 10- 10:15 to watch what will they do. The Moon is VOC. so no rush.

Do you know what happened on this day in history?

December 30th 1861 US, banks stops payments in gold

December 31, 2012 Monday-

 Last day for the Fiscal Cliff decision. 

The day is ruled by the Moon, which is 150^ to the Sun, waxing.- But in LEO! Obama is a LEO. The date adds up to 12; the card of the HANGED MAN. LOL.... Sorry, folks, but this is so Kafka-style. This card shows us an "upside down" situation. No matter how you look at it, you will see the problem in a different way that it really is. A VERY bad day for decisions. 
Guess what??? The Moon is Void of course- till January 1.13- 19:35 my time! another sign for a time not to hurry and decide on anything; because by the time this VOC Moon will disappear, everything will glitter in a different light. 
S&P: future 30 min. graph: with the VOC Moon. 

Barack Obama's chart with today's transits: The Moon is EXACTLY on his Natal Sun.- Now ones can say, but the Moon moves quickly.. True, but See Pluto+Sun in Capricorn? they are sending 150^ to his Sun, also Saturn is in square- from Scorpio. Saturn and Pluto are here to stay. Pluto is the ruler of his career, Saturn the ruler of his self. So his career is in question, not to say in danger.  Using numerology, he is in his 9th year of endings, and today in his 3rd personal month, 7 personal day. all in all point to very difficult times for him. Furthermore transiting Mars, trines his Moon. If this chart would be the chart of a share I would say- it reached a peak, and will decline. In a person's chart, since Mars is in the 12th house of death and hidden enemies, some people behind the curtain are acting against him. Cruel people (Mars in Aqua). 

I am looking at the US chart with today's transits: after all, the Fiscal decision will influence the country... The country's money is ruled by Saturn in this chart- with Sag. rising.Look! today Mercury entered Capricorn, the sign of restriction. It makes a sextile to Neptune- we don't know what is going on behind the curtains, but soon it will square Uranus! (1.3.13) and then bummm... it will be too late to act. 

This is how the S&P behaved in the past when Mercury entered Cap. and squared Uranus:

And what happened to Poor Hillary?? I read she was hospitalized yesterday night. Her map shows it.: In her natal chart Mercury- that is the ruler of the mind , of our way of thinking, of the brain, is in Retro in Scorpio. The last Solar eclipse hit her Mercury, and since then she is weak, she fell, she was finally hospitalized. But this did not happen overnight! Saturn, entering Scorpio thus arrived to her Sun. It was the beginning of her fall. Her 6th house of health is ruled by Mars, and Mars rules the head. Mars is squaring her Sun; 

If you are still here, and not partying, thank you for being here, and hope to see you tomorrow

January 1, 2013 

On December 19th I wrote:  I am still waiting for some kind of rally. Maybe even a long squeeze?? towards the end of the year. 
We got it, haven't we??? The S&P rallied from 1388 to 1426.08! If you were next to the monitors, it could have been a nice finale! :) 

Different ways to see it: 

TA25: we have trade today. Our market bottomed at 1165 on Dec.27th. Now we are at 1205.40 Targets: 1209.30- 1211-1220-1225. What happened on Dec 27th that the market turned? There was a 150^ between Venus -HJupiter. So we should watch January 16th, when they will be in opposition. 
After closing:

January 2nd, 2013 Wednesday

Today we are under a Mercurian effect. Where is it? 2 Capricorn. Capricorn is the sign of the government, and the cold and restrictive house of Saturn. I don't think it is a coincidence that the decision about the Fiscal issue was taken now. Our market rallied. Will the US markets "follow" us?
Or by the time they open the energy is over?

January 3rd, 2013 Thursday

The US markets rallied yesterday. The S&P was stopped by Mars- Vesta position, at 1262.50

Yesterday I bought shorts on our index. I think today and tomorrow will be a rough correction. Mercury-Uranus is on the stage.
Today we are ruled by Jupiter and Mars. Surprise!!! They are in trine, or 120 Degrees at 7. Gemini. This means 1207 for TA25, 1447 for the S&P.


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January 6, 2013 Sunday

We have a lot , but I mean a LOT of rain! Meanwhile it's cool.... Let's hope it will stay - cool. This week we will also have snow in Jerusalem, and winds 100km/hour. This can be dangerous if one is driving... In the same time, my aunt writes me, that in Milano, Italy was 24 + Celsius yesterday... Weather got crazy.... haha, it's us, that should have heat, and Italy snow...

Today is 7 years that Arik Sharon is in coma. Born on 28.2.1928, at the age of 77 he fell ill, when transiting Uranus conjuncted his Sun. Uranus is electricity...
This made me check my database, who are the people with planets in the early degrees of Aries, that will get the Uranus effect.  Well, what can I tell you?? it's a huge research. 

OK. what else? We have 3 planets in the cold and sober sign of Capricorn: Sun, Mercury, Pluto.  Uranus is at 4 Aries51,  Jupiter at 7Gemini 19 in Retro, Saturn at 9 Sco.56. They form a wide YOD. 

Do you see almost all the planets at 7-9 degrees? they form a stubborn and strong support/ resistance to the market. 
TA25: gapped up at the opening. It is now at 1219.88 - the top was 1221.36. Next resistance is at 1224.60, but now there are 2 open gaps... Oho.,,, I am waiting for that fall for sure. Support at 1216. falling from there, it will fill the gap. 

January 7,2013 Monday.

The shrieking wind woke me today at 5:30. It was still early, only a few cars out. The wind was blowing at 120km/hour... Heavy rains. If it goes on... and it will, the Kinereth or as it is called in the Bible the Sea of Galilee will rise after many years of drought. In the nature it is great, less on the high ways... No beach today, that's sure...:) 
So let me see what is going on up there? 
We are ruled by the Moon and Mercury today. AHaaaa... do you see?? I don't. :) No, seriously... I don't see what make the winds. Carolyn Egan, a weather-astrologer might have the answer for this. Anyways, market wise: the Moon is in Scorpio, just left behind Saturn. Today it will sextile the Sun, that might be a rainbow in the mid day, I mean some correction, otherwise I don't see any positive angle up there. Do you? 
In the Helio  chart we got a dis harmonic angle between Ceres-Venus-trading the grains?? Look out! 
TA25: trades now at 1211.62; this means that there is a support at 1209-1210.50 falling below these lines, it will go to 1207-1204-1201. & lower. 

Moon's angles: (gmt+2)

7.01.2013 13:31:04 17°20'03"Sco Sextile Sun

 8.01.2013  1:31:57 24°34'08"Sco Semi-square Pluto
 8.01.2013  5:12:18 26°47'45"Sco Semi-square Mercury
 8.01.2013  8:37:20 28°52'28"Sco Semi-sextile Venus
 8.01.2013 10:28:08  0°00'00"Sgr <<<
 8.01.2013 12:34:02  1°16'53"Sgr Square Neptune
 8.01.2013 16:08:09  3°27'54"Sgr Semi-square Sun
 8.01.2013 18:29:12  4°54'24"Sgr Trine Uranus
 8.01.2013 22:05:09  7°07'07"Sgr Opposition Jupiter

January 8,2013 Tuesday.

As I said, rain is nice, but today the main highway was flooded, and the police closed it. No one can drive thru it, and so Tel Aviv is an island now. 
Look at today's map: We have a three-some in cold and restrictive Capricorn, to which Venus will join tomorrow at 6:30 am my time;(gmt+2). The mutual reception between Saturn in Scorpio- to Pluto in Capricorn is the reason for the flood, which was triggered by Moon in Scorpio. 

The Most important angle is Mars-Saturn 90^. 

The Moon has moved to Sag. today. 

On January 6th, I wrote that I am waiting for the fall, in our index, well, here we are, it trades now at 1204.. 

S&P: as I see it now; 1 hour graph: 

DAX: Daiyly chart; see support and resistance levels in blue. 

Personal natal chart readings. 

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TA25: 10 minutes before closing; hit 1201.87 - Neptune caught it... :) ... for the time being. OK. Closed 1203.97. Tomorrow I think the decline will be harsh and deep. 
We shall see... said the blind. LOL.. 
The rain is still falling. 

January 9,2013 Wednesday

With the Moon leaving Scorpio and entering Sagittarius, the rain stopped. It is now snowing in Jerusalem and in the North. :) 

January 10,2013 Thursday

No rain this morning, but it is cooooooold. Snow in Jerusalem and in the high parts of the country. In Italy it is still +20 Celsius... - as per my aunts' mails - I cannot comprehend it.
We still have 4 planets in Capricorn- cold. The Moon will join them today. Mars in Aquarius -cold winds. Yesterday my car was rocking while I was driving... :) . 
Moon's angles for the day: 

10.01.2013  3:12:40 25°11'28"Sgr Semi-square Saturn
10.01.2013  5:56:16 26°53'39"Sgr Semi-square Mars
10.01.2013 10:54:20  0°00'00"Cap <<
10.01.2013 13:03:02  1°20'31"Cap Sextile Neptune
10.01.2013 13:31:16  1°38'11"Cap Conjunction Venus
10.01.2013 18:49:15  4°57'11"Cap Square Uranus- sudden move.
10.01.2013 22:03:39  6°58'52"Cap Quincunx Jupiter

Our index closed at 1210 yesterday, there it squared Saturn, and was shown the steps down way. 
S&P: closed at 1461. On Tuesday I wrote to subscribers: 
Our stop for SHORT is 1462- Target: 1446-1440.- On the same day, it fell to 1451. Now, I would be "on the fence". It is trading side wise, killing the Theta. 
DAX: Made a bottom on Dec.28th, at 7602.89 - and since then a new high. Nut there is an open gap to 7675! so watch it!

13:03 TA25
January 13, 2013 Sunday.

I fall on sleep " on guard"... The New Moon passed, and I did not realize it! 
Usually I start a new article on each New Moon. new Moon happens, when the Moon is conjunct the Sun. This happened on the 11th, so now I say good bye to you. Please follow me to the new article : New Moon in Capricorn. 

Thank You for being here. 


November 16, 2012 - continuation

I don't know what happened, with the rockets fired on Tel Aviv yesterday, my blog got an
 "error"  I cannot continue the New Moon article I started yesterday... So let me see if this way it works. 

Ok, I see it does. I wonder what happened on the other page, I cannot upload there anything new. 

So I had a quiet night, no more sirens in Tel Aviv area, unfortunately, I cannot say the same about the southern towns..... population is in shelter there, no schools. 

What do you think?? How long will this last? 

Mars is just about to enter Capricorn. Ruler of Cap., Saturn is in Scorpio, at 4 degrees, in 150^ angle to Uranus. this position will linger there for the whole month. 

I went short on Silver yesterday, but with no internet connection, I saw just this morning, that the robots killed me during the night... Well.... do no trade on "May Day". 

We have 28 degrees today, I think I shall go to the beach, as long as I can... 
Keep well!
2:20 pm : Another 2 rockets fell in Tel Aviv- no harm done. 550 rockets on Israel since all
Paradox: Israel is supplying electricity, oil, and fuel to the Gaza strip. While these use it to bomb us. How crazy is that??

November 17, 2012 Saturday

There is a shift in energy today, Mars entered Capricorn. It should quiet things down, and bring some kind of "order and understanding"... Well we shall see. I am well, thank you for all the mail and phone calls from all over the world!

I ran my database to see whose map got eclipsed. And, as the Bible says: "Seek and thou shall find"... I found that back in 1988, Nov. 15th the Palestinian state was declared in Alger. This event took place under a VOC Moon, with the Sun at 22 Sco. Well, this chart got hit by the eclipse!

It is very peculiar that the Palestine state' Sun is E X A C T L Y  in opposition to Israel's Sun.
What do oppositions teach us?? the problem can be solved only if parts meet in the middle.

Here is an interesting explanation of what will happen on Dec. 21,12
 Mayan explanation of what will happen on 21st December 2012

I completed my news letters, if you would like to know what is expected next week in the markets, you are welcome to sign up.

I met a very good astrologer today, Ed Tamplin. He writes about the organization " The Muslim Brothers.".
This organization was outlawed by Mubaraq, the ex Egypt president, but after his fall, they are in power, even if only behind the curtains. Look at their chart: They have an Uranus return.! As you know, Uranus makes a roundtrip around the wheel each 84-85 years.

I wonder what change it will bring to these guys. You know, it is written in the Bible " The wolf will live with the lamb, the leopard will lie down with the goat, the calf and the lion and the yearling together; and a little child will lead them."
Uranus is in Retro now, but wait till it will go Direct! Major changes will come. What kind?? I have no idea... My imagination is not so wild. But everything can happen...

OK. it's 22:40 now, there are talks about cease fire. I wrote above, or in the former article, that this "Operation" should end with Mars ingress to Capricorn. 

Good night. 

18 November, 2012 Sunday.

A quiet night. Cease fire talks are still going on. Let me see what will this day bring?
The date adds up to 16, which added up again gives us a 7. In the cards no. 16 is the card of the Falling Tower. A bad card. 7 is ruled by Neptune, of the South Node- by the Vedic system, bad too. Astrologically it is ruled by the Sun. So, where is it today?

The Sun is conjunct the North Node in Scorpio, which is a strong and good position. Venus is in trine - good angle ( blue arrow) - to the South Node - which is a bad point. But these two will end soon. What will stay for the whole month is the 150^ between Saturn- Uranus.( green arrow) Saturn wants to keep the past as it was, Uranus wants to bring change. Which one will win? next we can see the sextile between Mars- Neptune.( yellow arrow) Mars is there for war, Neptune for religion, idials. Mars is strongest in Capricorn, it can help with the cease fire talks, and put some sense into the situation. The problem is, that Neptune will stay in Pisces longer than Mars in Capricorn, so its affect will just pop up again.

Probably you say, ok but what about the markets?? That is why you are here, right? So these powerful positions will bring a minor change in trend.

 21;55 pm : 5th day of war. I lost count of the missiles fired on Israel. Much more than 900 that's for sure. Most of them were shot down, thanks God, and the army. Here in Tel Aviv I got 5 times the alarm buzzing me out of my quiet balance. No falls. the internet is still workng. I am watching the war on TV. Our Southern towns get most of the hits. People stay in shelters. I am getting LOT of mails, calls and sms from people that know me or don't encouraging and praying. It really moves me to tears.
I thought we will have a cease fire with Mars entering capricorn... There are still a few more hours for this to happen. If not.... we are in to a long scenario. I do hope to get up tomorrow to news that during the night they agreed on something,.
Lunar eclipse is coming... and it hits many important maps.

Good night.

November 19,2012 Monday.

We are under the effect of the Moon and Saturn today. Situation calmed down somehow.. we had only 34 rockets so far - it's 10:16 am.

Markets are climbing.

November 20,2012 Tuesday

IT's a very hectic day ! Mercury is on a very unfortunate fixed star. 

On TV now: The Druse villages in the north, are inviting all the southerns to come and stay free of charge. We are living history... 
Cease fire talks are on. A few days back I uploaded the chart of the Muslim Brothers. It seems they will be the partner in the future to talk with. Morsi is the leader of this party. Morsi is keeping - for the time being- the peace treaty signed with Saadat. It seems we will have a few years of silence... Until it will be broken again. 

When will this war end? I uploaded this chart on Nov 15th: There were many triggers in this chart: 1) the Solar Eclipse 180^ to Israel's Sun, 2) Mercury in Retro, in SAG.- bringing a lot of enthusiasm, and hope, to DO something. Foreign explanation was good. (Merc. in SAG). 3) Mars on the Galactic Center, "reviving something ancient"- and cathalitic. in SAG. too... 4) Mars on Israel's Jupiter. Mars representing the army- on a critical and destructive degree. and so on so on...  
Was is happening now?? 7 days later: The Moon moved on, from Sagittarius to 27^ Aquarius. The Moon squares the Nodes- an energetic position, a turning point for the markets. 
Mercury, which is still retro, is at 22^ Sco, a very bad position. Mercury will turn Direct on Nov. 26th. On that day the Sun will trine exactly Uranus, fire to fire. It might be a very difficult date. And not only difficult, also surprising. - As I write, a rocket fell in Bethlehem.- On Nov 26th Venus, the ruler of the Arab world, will line up with Saturn, in Scorpio. Saturn is the star of the Jews. In Scorpio it represents the talks, order and sanity, at a certain percent, behind the curtains. But it can also signify that higher powers, and the interests that are in play here, all hidden and shusshed up.  On this day Mars, that already left Sag.; and is now In Capricorn, lines up, or conjuncts Pluto. And this conjunction is there for a few days.... Bad bad bad... 

On the other hand: transit Mars+Pluto in Capricorn is exactly in the midpoint of the Hamas election chart , in Jan 25th 2006! As we know, Pluto comes to destroy and later to rebuild.

The Market here ran up from 1167 to 1213 so far. 
S&P: bottom was at 1342 - now at 1382.
Dow: 12467 now at 127477.
Tomorrow is the last day before Thanksgiving. - On the 22nd no trade. ( thanks to Tom)

November 21, 2012 Wednesday

No news. Fighting is still going on. But less, I must say. The markets are positive, the East is up. I found an interesting site- about how does the market behave during and after Thanksgiving: read here:

I am tired of the news. Going to the beach.

Well, I did not go to the beach after all, I was too pissed off. Meanwhile you probably heard there was a terror attack in a bus in Tel Aviv. I immediately searched for my son, who takes the bus sometimes... Moments till the answers flow back from whattsup can be endless. But no one I know was on that bus, so I can analyse the situation astrologically. 

November 22, 2012 Thursday

A cease fire was signed yesterday - in the last minute that Venus was in Libra. 1500 rockets were fired on Israel during these 8 days. Since last night more than 12 rockets fell on Israel. The schools are still closed in the South. 

The markets rallied yesterday, as I wrote to my subscribers, that before Thanksgiving it will. 
Our market trades now at 1215.54 The S&P broke above an important barrier- at 1387- now it trades at 1392.38- the next target- I gave. DAX topped till now at 7012.60. - a new high after Nov 13th. 
I am writing my next week' forecast. So take care.. 

November 26,2012 Monday

Life returned to normal. In our area. Not in the sky. Mars is still out of bound, Mercury is still Retro, Jupiter is still weak and Retro in Gemini, and we have difficult pairs. Venus is conjunct Saturn in Scorpio, Mars - Pluto in Capricorn, soon we will have a Lunar eclipse. So the sky is disturbed. Where will it manifest on Earth? I am not so clever to foresee it. Maybe one of my readers knows. - so speak up, say what you think.

Here is the map of the world, with the planets I mentioned.

Note Brazil with the Venus-Saturn line, also Australia- same line on the Dsc.- We all heard the News on Egypt, see Saturn crossing it now.

Markets opened, the East is up. I completed my forecast for this week, I have the world indices, gold, silver, etc... so I have a complete picture of what is happening in each and every country.
TA25: Closed yesterday at 1227.17- nice up move since the last 4-5 days. There is a weak support at 1226,10 and an open space to run up to 1230 - 1234-1236-1238. Let's see how it enfolds.

S&P: is now- the future - at 1401.53; Support at 1938 - 1392 - and a space to go up to: 1410 - 1414-1416. Is there power to rally? Hellloooo- end of the year is close!!! Decide... :)

The day is ruled by the Moon. We use the Moon for intra-day calculations. The Moon's position can reveal a lot about the direction of the market.
Curious to know more??? Sign up to the "Financial astrology course"....

market starts, have to prepare, be well...

Ehud Barak is announcing his stepping down and leaving politics. 26.11.2012: 11:05 am

Here is his Natal chart, Directed and transit. ( I am not sure this is his hour of birth). When Pluto is around Natal Moon there are major shifts in life. Pluto arrived and is now in his 9th house. tr. Jupiter is conjunct natal Jupiter, ruler of his 9th house. Jupiter is in retro, on his natal Jupiter, but also in the midpoint of the Nodes. He is a very strong Taurus character, having Mars, Uranus and Saturn in this stubborn Earth sign. Ruler of Taurus,
Since Jupiter and Mercury are in retro, I am not sure this is the last time he will fill a political role. In the past he left, and made several "come-backs."

But' let me see what is this Mars-Pluto conjunction does to the markets: here is the historical chart of the Dow: and with the help of Timing Solution, we can see what happened most of the times when this angle acted: 60.9% down.

November 27, 2012 Tuesday.

This day, and tomorrow have major importance, they will mark a major turn  in the market. So many action up there in the sky, they must make a difference. today we are ruled by Mars and Neptune. Note that Neptune comes up very rarely... Mars is conjunct Pluto, as I already wrote about this yesterday, Neptune is at 0 Pisces. We go on and check the other planets' placements, in Geo and Helio too. 
Using ZET you can make the following graph, and have a more visual picture of the angles: 
these are the Heliocentric positions of the planets, together with ingresses, and the VOC moon.

Moon's angles today and tomorrow: (gmt+2) 

27.11.2012  2:57:03 18°10'17"Tau Opposition Mercury
27.11.2012  6:06:21 19°43'39"Tau Semi-square Uranus
28.11.2012  2:58:18  0°00'00"Gem &lt;&lt;&lt;
28.11.2012  3:51:55  0°26'22"Gem Square Neptune
28.11.2012  7:23:11  2°10'15"Gem Biquintile Pluto
28.11.2012  7:59:31  2°28'07"Gem Biquintile Mars
28.11.2012 12:33:11  4°42'38"Gem Sextile Uranus
28.11.2012 15:53:46  6°21'14"Gem Quincunx Saturn
28.11.2012 16:45:55  6°46'52"Gem Opposition Sun
28.11.2012 19:37:28  8°11'12"Gem Quincunx Pluto
28.11.2012 19:48:29  8°16'36"Gem Quincunx Venus
28.11.2012 21:02:40  8°53'04"Gem Quincunx Mars

TA25: trades now at 1229. Mars ... remember it is the ruler of the day? in Helio chart is exactly in opposition to the price. Will it go above? Targets to the upside: 1232 - 1233.4 - 1235.45.-1237.15

APPLE: Is the share going to 400?? From the low of Jan 21, 2009 - to the top of Sept 12, 2012 1330 days passed. the Low was 78.16 - top 701.86 =623.7 points. Now it trades at 590. 
Next resistance is at 613.38- 624.33- 
Support at 530. 
Watch for Feb. 25,2013 for a change in trend. 

November 28,2012 Wednesday.

Look at this picture:

Isn't it beautiful?? The bright point in the middle is the Sun, Venus-Saturn-Mercury are lining up- and on the other side we have Mars-Pluto.

This is how it looks in a regular astrological map: We have now a stellium at 6 degrees in water, which' if triggered, can turn the markets down. More so, since Moon left Taurus, and is now in the volatile Gemini. Mars-Pluto conjunction is a very very powerful one, on FACIES- as I already wrote about in the past days. Moon next to Jupiter -which is in retro and weak- is bad too. Let's hope for "No news today".

Yesterday I attended a concert of a brilliant master of the Guitar, Tommy Emanuel. Oh boy!!! Look him up in the You tube! Something I never heard before.

SO where are the markets while I was sleeping?

November 29, 2012 Thursday 

Days pass too quickly... Or I am too busy??!! Its week end again. Jupiter rules today together with Mars. Jupiter is still in Gemini and retro. Here is the path of Jupiter for the next years, mark these days for a CIT: 

You can receive this graph in ZET. And for all the other planets as well. 
The Moon is VOC- today till 11.30.12 -15:55! Anything done today can change tomorrow. 

In my newsletter sent to subscribers on Nov 24,  I wrote: The S&P closed at 1409.15- after a low on Nov. 16th. Mind you, on Nov 17th Mars entered Capricorn, and brought the turn in trend.
Since then we have 7 calendar days, and 5 trading days.- The Fibonacci days always give us a signal if the time is up or not. The next station is at 8 days from the low, then 13 days. 13 days from the low will fall on Nov 29th, so we will watch that day.

We are now at that day... and what did we got till now, since Sept 14th top? 

To be ready for a new rally, it should run up at least to 1434.
So be careful with long positions! 

EUR-USD: I wrote to subscribersI was waiting for the target 1.2660. and the last low on Nov 13th  was 1.2666...Now we are LONG with a stop at 1.2900 
Till now we got a top at 1.3010!!! :) 

Subscribe today, to get forecasts before everyone else... 

Gold: The weekly graph shows us that it trades above MA200- this is at 1665- so as long as it trades above this level , it is LONG. Of course, if you cannot afford such a huge stop loss, you should check the intra day chart. 

Market starts, ... bye for now.
We are living the extremes! Today we have Helio Mercury 120 to Uranus: see the HUGE GAP

TA25: made a high at 1239.24 on Oct 3, another one at 1238.97 on Nov 27th, 55 days between the two dates. It is now at 1232.56. This means a resistance at 1233.45- 1237.55 - 1239. It would take a GAPPING up above all these barriers in order to get a rally. It seems more a fall from here. SO keep tight stops. 

December 1, 2012 Saturday 

Took place the First Astrology Conference in Tel Aviv. I was asked to give 30 minutes about Financial Astrology. It was great!!! Here are some pictures: 

I had to make it very tight, since the topic is so vast.... and I had only half an hour. But I made it, and it was thrilling... More so, when I realized  that the Lunar eclipse trined exactly!!! my Chiron in the third house, intercepted by Mercury and the Sun- a placement, which gave me all my life the fear of speech in front of an audience... But now, with the help of La Luna, I crossed the Rubicon. Hello World!!!! I am ready to lecture. LOL.

The other incredible thing that happened at the SAME time, while I was lecturing, a film, that I acted in, back in 1980!!!!!!! was on TV. If YOU CAN EXPLAIN THIS !!! LET ME KNOW... lol 

So, we are in December now... We say good bye to November, we shall never meet again. 

What did November bring on mankind? Sandy, war, and more disasters. Click this link- there were more happenings, many of them- did not make the front page...  
The stone of December is the turquoise, it is very sensitive to Sun- so one should not wear it at the beach! 

What has December in it's purse? The Sun is in Sagittarius, Mercury will join it on the 11th, Venus on the 16th, Mars will enter Aquarius on the 26th, Uranus will turn Direct on the 13th, all swell till now, only Saturn will still be on a critical degree, 8-9 Scorpio. 
Mercury will trigger the eclipse point on the 4th, Venus on the 10th, Mars on the 16th, and it is not over with these dates, there are more, and what the trader should do, choose the important ones. 

December 3, 2012 Monday

We are ruled by the Moon today. It just entered Leo. Since we have a lot of planets at the beginning of different signs, it will be a very busy day.
Moon angles gmt+2

3.12.2012  3:56:58  0°00'00"Leo &lt;&lt;&lt;
 3.12.2012  4:55:35  0°29'43"Leo Quincunx Neptune
 3.12.2012 13:06:36  4°39'26"Leo Trine Uranus
 3.12.2012 17:30:19  6°54'08"Leo Square Saturn
 3.12.2012 20:19:38  8°20'49"Leo Quincunx Pluto

TA25: trades now at 1233- there are many obstacles to the upside. It would take a gap - up in order to rally. Let's see how will it develop. Resistance: 1234.80- 1237, 1238.33, 1241.55- at this point it will hit Sun-Jupiter line. 



Dax future : the top was at 7477- it should run above it for a new rally... so I am watching.. Meanwhile the East! which was rallying till now- is correcting.
Dax made a new high, 7487...
S&P future is now at 1422.52 - so far so good, But look out! The Sun is getting close to a destructive fixed star! We might get a top and fall. Check out Mercury's position... students' what did we learn about that??

TA25: closed on the same level where it opened.. waiting for the gonggg.

have to go, take care!

December 4, 2012 Tuesday 

 I hope you took my advice and closed your long positions yesterday!!!
It is absolutely fantastic how the planets showed the direction ... well... it's all in my newsletter. 
The VIX is at 16.17, - there is a slight resistance at 18- after that 27!. - around March 2013. 
S&P - spot- falling below 1406- will correct more.!

Today planets position: See the Moon with a lot of energetic angles. which direction will it push the markets??? 

This is a MUST READ! 
December 5,2012 Wednesday

Today we are ruled by Mercury and Uranus. Ohooo... let me see if there are any announcements today?! not really, except some reports from Australia and New Zealand. Do you see something?? What do you think? will the S&P reach 1535 this month?

These are the angles working today on the S&P: I used Natal and transit planets as well

The index closed yesterday at 1409.34.Support at 1405.90, targets up: 1410.50-1414.55-1418.4 etc.
TA25: closed 1225.31 yesterday. This was a MAJOR support. today it opened +0.82% up...:) the East is up. Are we witnessing a Long squeeze?
I am writing next week's forecasts, and I see that the 13th of November will be a major difficult day:
1) Uranus turned Direct in Aries
2) Moon Perigee and enters Sag.
3) New Moon
4) Sat- 60 Pluto
5) Venus conj. South Node
6) Uranus 72 Vesta
7) Merc in fire Sag.

The Syrian uprising started on March 15th 2011- Uranus then was Direct at 0^.
639 days from the beginning till the 13th. (the date adds up to : 4+3+5=12= Hanged Man Tarot card.- meaning: no matter how we look at the picture, we see it upside down.

Bash'ar Assad: with transits: natal Venus is under fire from transiting south Node . Transiting new moon in mid point to Sun-Saturn (signifying government)

Of course these angles will hit all the markets, see how the Dow acted in the past:

December 6, 2012 Thursday

What's new today? we are under the effect of Jupiter and Mercury. Jupiter is still in Retro in Gemini, the Moon will square it in 4 minutes- as I write now. The Moon will square the Sun as well later today, at 15:45 my time. Mercury is in Scorpio... so besides the Moon's angles nothing much happens that I can tell you about.
Of course, there are other dimensions that we should look at.

Let me see where are the markets now: Nifty trades now at 5858. I sent mail to subscribers yesterday, to move their stop to 5890. - If they did, they grabbed all the gain of the last few days.

December 7,2012 Friday 

Today it's the turn of Venus to show us the path. Let us see what does it teach us? Venus is at 18.52 degrees Scorpio, it is Direct, swift, free from combustion, but in Detriment. Meaning, Venus hates to be in Scorpio, or, if you wish , it will show its negative side. And this one has many.  If you use ZET, by clicking on the planet, you can get a lot of info. But we are here to  see it works for the markets. Venus is the significator of the banks. Until it is in Scorpio some now orders might be brought upon us, which are prepared now, in the dark back ground of Scorpio, and when it'll pass to Sag. (Dec 16) we will know about it. 
See how the Nifty - for instance - was triggered by Venus's angles. 

Friday afternoon there are so beautiful songs in the radio, it's a joy... While listening I just looked at the markets. Oh,gee... If you are in Gold, it's impossible to trade it! what a wipe out!


If it will not run above the trend line- a crash is coming

Dax :

December 9, 2012 Sunday 

The sky is getting grey, and full with controversial energies. Sun at 17 Sag. Uranus 4 Aries
both in fire. On the other hand Mercury, Venus, Saturn and the Nodes are in the water sign of Scorpio. 
Our market is slowly crawling up. But, it's Sunday. the volume is low. Not a day to trade. 
Closed at : 1234.58

To do that, we need a GAP UP... will it come? 

December 10,2012 Monday
Waiting for Godo... this was the name of a play. Godo was someone or something that all were waiting for. All kinds of theories were born around him/her/it... People were arguing who, what, when, but it did not turn up. This is what is happening now in the market. Analysts say this and that, theories are frown into the air, but the market is stubborn. It is not breaking up nor down, it is consolidating, and during a time like this the Theta is burnt- I mean time - and shares and options lose value.
Moon's angles for today:

10.12.2012 12:21:09  7°36'21"Sco Conjunction Saturn
10.12.2012 13:55:36  8°34'13"Sco Sextile Pluto
10.12.2012 16:42:25 10°16'38"Sco Quincunx Jupiter
10.12.2012 17:15:36 10°37'03"Sco Biquintile Uranus
Based on this, I think the US market will open down. It is at 1413.34 now..
December 11,2012 Tuesday

Today we have a major shift in energies in the sky. Mercury ingress to Sagittarius makes a difference. Even if for only a day or two. Why so short? Other issues are in line- behind the corner.
I sent mails to subscribers early morning with today's thoughts.
The East is up, I see, the S&P also trades a little bit higher than yesterday; 1418.12 now.

I always write, look at the banks, see where are they pushing the markets. Dow Banks made a high at 67.07 -  Yesterday was also 134 trading days from the June 4. 135 is an angle in the astrology wheel, therefore important. stop for long: 65.80

I analysed Goldman Sachs in the past here it is again:

If you go to :www.finviz.com- and search groups, you will find this:

You can see how did each sector behave in the last day, month, year. It might be easier to choose in which to invest.

See the Moon's angle to Pluto- and market turns !
11.12.2012 14:10:40 23°36'17"Sco Semi-square Pluto
11.12.2012 15:08:00 24°12'11"Sco Conjunction Venus

Now the Moon is VOC! Black Moon!! till! bad time for decisions.

News about Mali. If you have no idea where it is... here is a link. PM arrested. Note the Moon- Mode position. There we go... fight between the military and the Islamists.

OK. back to civilization: look at PSTI- I think it's a good one to take it long- till Jan. the 10th. Running above 3.71- target 4.71.

December 12,2012 - Once in a history date! 12.12.12.

Many women hope to give birth today, or get married. What is in this day? The date adds up to 3+3+3=9
3 is ruled by Jupiter planet that rules Sagittarius, but now it is in Gemini. where it is weak and retrograde. Jupiter in Sagittarius would make a person love, need and fight for freedom. In Gemini this most important trait is weakened.  Jupiter today is on Aldebran, an unfortunate fixed star. See what ZET writes: 

Jupiter is also conjunct Lilith, another unfortunate position. 

the date adds up to 9,  number ruled by Mars. 
So taking all these in consideration the date isn't such a fantastic day, after all- to be born on. Children born today will have to find a balance between Jupiter and  Mars. (Overacting, extravagance, and a fighter's attitude. 
To this we can add the Sun, Moon and Mercury's position, all in Sag.- they add more fire to the scene. These children will have a power of persuading the surrounding of what ever they feel right. 

Ok, that said, let me see where are the markets? 

S&P: nice rally, but a final obstacle should be broken in order to convince me that the End of the Year Rally is not dead. 
Gold: we saw some up move, but in the last 3 days it is consolidating. Trades below MA26; it is weak. 

To subscribe to my weekly newsletter, pls. click at the left- on paypal, you will have to enter my e-mail: gabymitt@gmail. com.

Market starts, just a sec...
Moon's angles for today: 

12.12.2012  0:21:35  0°00'00"Sgr <<<
12.12.2012  1:21:16  0°37'36"Sgr Square Neptune
12.12.2012  2:20:41  1°15'04"Sgr Conjunction Mercury
12.12.2012  7:03:08  4°13'23"Sgr Semi-square Mars
12.12.2012  7:40:18  4°36'53"Sgr Trine Uranus
12.12.2012 12:43:05  7°48'27"Sgr Semi-sextile Saturn
12.12.2012 14:01:47  8°38'18"Sgr Semi-sextile Pluto
12.12.2012 16:12:09 10°00'55"Sgr Opposition Jupiter

December 13, 2012 Thursday.

This day has a major importance concerning everything. Mundane events, markets, personal decisions. There are multiple triggers in the sky, that will be fired. First, we have a New Moon in Sagittarius.... Oh, and this reminds me that I have to start a new article. So before that, let us see what did this New Moon bring us? We had the last New Moon in Capricorn, and Venus entered Scorpio.
The political situation in the Middle East is worsening, Israel's image is at a low point- how paradoxical this can be??!! - well, with Venus in Scorpio, and all the other planets that were in Scorpio this is what happens. Luckily the planets move and with them the " feelings" down here. During this month we got a long consolidation in all the markets, which ended with Mercury ingress to Sag. Mercury was the messenger of the Gods. It is the fore runner of the other planets, bringing the news. So we got higher highs. We will have to see if this will last.
Follow me to the next article, let's see what is coming in the next 28 days?