Spring equinox

Spring is at the door, so I thought we can open a new thread….

Sun enters Aries at this very moment that I write these lines. A new cycle starts right now. The stellium we had just a few days ago, in Pisces, is now in Aries. Mercury in Aries feels much better than in Pisces earlier, and it'll bring new enthusiasm, new energy into the markets. If I thought we saw the last top for a while, here it fades away… Sun and Mercury joins Venus in Aries, and Venus is weak. I expect more bank-related troubles. Mars the warrier, in Leo, brings it's full power. Mars-Sun trine will be over till the markets open on Monday, so who knows? Jupiter is playing royal in Pisces, and brings its unbelievable strength. It is in a sextile with the North Node which will be exact on March 30.

Monday will open with Sun-Saturn parallel, which can mean a status-quo, some strength at the level of 10740. This level can mark a support line. On the other side, the Moon will be in Gemini, causing a volatile market. But what will push the market further up to 10840-10857, is the Mars-Saturn sextile & Mars-Sun trine, Moon-Venus sextile. Sun and Saturn are both at a cardinal point. The last 3 years March was strong, and the Dow rallied, so it might just continue to go further up. The oscillators are all very high, but even if we will see a correction, the Dow went above the long range resistance line. Only if the Dow will fall below 10400 it'll turn and fall.
From February 5 low 42 days passed. The multiple of no. 7 is very important! 42 days passed since the last low, therefore the 19th of March was a turning point.( Besides other reasons).  

Good trading!

March 22: read my new article about the Health vote.

March 24:  In the 60 minutes graph we can see that the Dow went above Jan.19 high, the 10730. Now this level behind us, next target: 11000 11170. The support line at 10835.
The Mars-Saturn sextile line is at 10891.36, breaking that one, will meet 10905 ( Jupiter Nodes) and 10917.5 Neptune.
Next full moon as on March 29, same day the moon will meet Saturn. Another turn in trend.

The S&P, on the other hand, stabilized itself on the Pluto line, which runs at  1175.36. There is a strong resistance line formed by Pluto-Saturn. So only if the index fells below Pluto, it'll go lower. I think it'll follow the Dow, and go up :1185.45-1197.

Good tradin' ! :)

March 26 - summer clock in action as of today 2 AM.
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It's 13:10 now, and it's rainin heavily. We say God is crying. 

March 27 : April-May forecast published for world markets and Gold.

April 13.

If you read my April forecast, my targets were reached both in the indexes and in the Gold. 
I still beleive the S&P will reach my target of 1220, inspite of the lower volume in the last days.
The steps are: 1205-1211.1215.
For the Dow: 11155.

Good tradin' :) 

April 16.

In my article about the Dow I wrote: " Since March 6, 2009 low 55 weeks passed. 55 is a Fibonacci number, a sign for a change in trend. March 31 will be a perfect date for a change, since it is 90 degrees on the Gann wheel from 3.6.2009. Perfect target: 11154. - which is 90 degrees from March 6 low. But the index still has to accomplish the 11296 level at least, I mentioned December last year "

today the Dow reached this level e x a c t l y ....:)