Gemini New Moon

June 14 New Moon in Gemini

New moon tells us about the month to come. WHich colour will it ware? what will be about?
We know gemini is in for talks and more talks. Let us try to use our skills for positive sentences, positive thinking. Do not waste energy on negativeness. Speak only if you have something good to say. A lunar month is only 28 days, shall we try?Today is a good day, symbol is a panther.

This week opens in the Geocentric map with Venus in Leo. Venus, represents the banks, in a fiery ruling sign of Leo, will bring some new energy to the banks, and to the markets. Specially in the next few days, when it'll trine Jupiter, at 1 deg. Aries. This trine will end June 20.

June 19 Sun squares Saturn, with exact degree. June 22 Sun squares Uranus, Hmmm. I would be very careful here, could mark a sudden fall. June 23, Sun squares Jupiter, June 24 Mercury squares Saturn. June 25 Mercury square Uranus. So I would say, the third week of June will be very nasty.

The S&P made a low on May 25, at 1040.78 Look for a change in trend on June 17, 22.. Target: 1129.65 But first it'll have to climb above 1108 ( Saturn)

I see many of you visiting here and only two or three comment on anything.

Don't be shy! I do not bite.

June 14

     I draw a graph of possible target during the coming week.

   This could have been an M pattern too, only if the second high would not have been higher...
So here we are on our way up!

June 24, 2010

Today's Dow before the opening:


June 26,2010

Last month I made a table of important world leaders, who have planets at low degrees in their maps, thus getting a "blow" from Uranus, or Neptune, now transiting and affecting.

The first to go was Mr. Rudd, PM of Australia. what a pity!

In this map we can see all arrows pointing at his natal Neptune, ruler of his MC.

June 26. About GS:

Intraday graph : 

June 26- forecast for the 4th week of June as we can see on the wheel.

June 28,2010

I am sitting all morning, for the last 5 hours and wait for a trade. Only now it occured to me to check the sky! Well of course!! Sun in fixed cancer, Moon in stubborn capricorn, how can anything move? Even the winds stopped. There were some very peculiar RAINS! in the last two days, this is unheardable for the last 50 years, there were no rains in the end of June! The athmosphere is changin' no doubt. But back to the trade. By the time the markets open in the US the Moon will already be in Aquarius, but... till July 1 send a bad aspect to the Sun, So be careful! Of course there are more things to check than the Moon, like fed announcements, which you can see under " Links" .

S&P found support at 1070, if this proves to be strong, next targets: 1094.
The Dow if stays above 10165, then 10228- 10260
GS: support at 139 - target 143.
Good trading!

June 29,2010 = 2 Ruled by the Moon and Pluto. it is the 480 day from 6 March.09 low.
Yesterday the markets broke below the trendline, BUT did not break the last low of June 28, 1071! If this level won't break today, or, 1067, the last low of June 25, there is still hope to go up, and send you all home with a smile to welcome 4th of July. Targets to the downside: 1067.82-1060- 1052 . If big brother will surprize us all, then  1083.60

The Dow: The lows of 10104-10084 were not yet broken, and the RSI shows somewhat positive behaviour. Targets to the upside: 10267. If the lows break, RUUUN. or better: go short to 10012.
It's fun to trade the American markets, they behave as swiss watch. 10084 was the exact fibo correction of the move between June 8- 21. exactly 13 days of trading. Next 13 days will be on July 2, so wait for a change then too. Somehow I have a feeling... in spite of all the black clouds, the Sun is shining somewhere.

Be Good :)

22:00 I just came back from my jogging to see the markets ! OMG! Here are two possible scenarios :


June 30,2010: TA 25 Israeli index: a I see it. It should find a bottom at 1064, which is 180 deg. form last high. So.. we shall see.

Today's low: 1062.25 ! Now it's time to see if we fall lower=  to 1057, or we shall start a correction

July 1,2010 at 10:25 TA 25 found a bottom at 1048! Exactly on Saturn-Neptune !
If I were to check the resistance line for the Dow it would be at 9748....and 1018 for the S&P. July 2 is a CIT day, due to 242 days from Nov 2,2009 low.
Our market is still going, so this is not the finals.

July 2, 2010= 12//3 Ruled by Jupiter.

Yesterday the Snoopy bottomed at 1010.91 at 11:07 am. Since there are only 67 days from the last top-Apr.26- and I cannot think of any importance of the no. 67, I still think the downtrend is not over yet, even if today there will be some rebound. So let's see who is in favour for a rally? S&P closed yesterday at 1027.37, which equals to 7 Aquarius. 1025 is a support from Saturn- in the helio chart, but 1030-1033 is a resistance from Mars in Geo chart.
So, I would go long only if it jumps over with great volume above 1033. Any Fed announcements today? Oh, yes... well, It is more likely to hit another bottom today after all.

July 5, 2010 : Read my new forecast for July-August

July 7, 2010= 17/8 Saturn ruled day. Saturn is at 29 Virgo. Today is also a CIT day, since it is the 152 days since Feb 5 low. The markets all over the world correct the last 3-4 days rally, in which the US did not take place due to Independence day. Now we all wait to see if the US will pick up this rally, and show some up movements, or will move lower.
S&P last low on July 1= 1010, should keep and we could see a target at 1059.
Dow low 9616.93; target above 10000.

Crude inventories today at 10:30, besides that it's a quiet day.

Good trading!

July 8, 2010

After reaching my targets, I am afraid today we shall see some correction. The Moon is now in Gemini, the trades will be short and very volatile. A bad angle between Moon-Pluto will increase the negativity. If the S&P does not go above 1062, it'll fell to 1045. So be very careful! In the Dow, 10060 target. otherwise 9905-9858.

July 10,2010

Another month passed. At the beginning of this article I wrote the New Moon in Gemini will bring a lot of volatility. Let's see: June 14 the close was at 10191. July 9 close 10198. In the S&P 1089.63- now 1077.16 (closing prices). What do we learn from it? Gemini will bring us back to the beginning. First it will rock, then it will roll, but at the end it leaves us where we started. Indecision is Gemini's middle name. I always laugh and use the proverb: do not agree with me, I already changed my mind! this is the motto of Gemini.
But, we had a great month of football, for the first time in my life I even watched it... :)
Yesterday we saw the markets rally. I tend to believe it is the last one for July. Tomorrow's eclipse will bring it's turn. It always does.
The Dow stopped at 10198, which equals to 28 Cancer. Saturn-Neptune blocked the move above it.  Same with the S&P.
I thank all who follow this blog, I whish more would write... I shall start a new article for the upcoming New Moon, this time in the fixed sign of Cancer.
Happy week end :)