Saturn in Libra- important event in the markets.

With Saturn ingress to Libra I decided to open my blog. It was just an idea when I got up with in the morning, but after checking my map, it's clear why now: Transiting Saturn sextiles my natal Saturn exactly today. With the Moon in Aries it's a good time to start. So here we go:
I've been running my web site for quite a long time now, but I do not feel you, dear readers. This blog will be out there to have your ideas, feed backs and thoughts.
Dow: stopped at a dangerous spot, almost broke the trend line since March 6. If things will not get better, we shall see this index at a correction level of 9330-9340

S&P: same story here, watch for a change in trend on November 13.
Gold: is at a cross road now, stopped exactly at the midpoint between the last high to the last low. If it'll not fell from this low, than we shall see it at 1200 and even more in the following weeks.

Be cautious, and keep your stops close.


  1. thanks for this blog. i am regular on your website too. i am still trying to solve puzzel when we are going to get decent 15% drop. I was thinking current top of 1101 in s&p is intermediate top and 15% correciton from there. but it seems from your update you expect one more rally now? do you expect above it?

  2. Hello Gabby!

    Congrats to the opening!


  3. Hello Yash,w e l l c o m e !!!
    I am just learning how to manage the blog, so pls. bear with me... I hope I fixed it now, and comments will be seen.
    About the market, have you read my article in my site about the dow and other indexes??
    yes, I am still waiting for the 10350, in the Dow, or 1070-1084 in the S%P. Watch out for a change in trend next week.

  4. Thanks Gaby. so it seems you are expecting higher high on dow but not on s&p as s&p had 1101 high. in that case s&p won't make 50%

  5. Hi Yash,
    The Dow reached a top now at 10044, now it is correcting. next target 10115.

  6. Hi Gaby,

    I am loving your blog .. so accurate .. how much pull back you are expecting and when is target of 10115 ?

  7. Made a bottom now at 9956. If it'll climbe above last top: 10044, then 10115 soon. If not, then it can fall back to 9904-9900. Support line at 9870.

  8. Thanks for quick reply. I am holding my click on inverse etf! ... if it does not go above 10044 do you expect it will come back up again in near future. Seems to me it will roll over for big correction if not gone above 10044 and gone to 9900 level.

  9. The S&P is trapped between 1098-1068. Today's rally is with a very pure volume. Keep your stops close!

  10. I meant " very low volume " :)


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