Saturn in Libra- important event in the markets.

With Saturn ingress to Libra I decided to open my blog. It was just an idea when I got up with in the morning, but after checking my map, it's clear why now: Transiting Saturn sextiles my natal Saturn exactly today. With the Moon in Aries it's a good time to start. So here we go:
I've been running my web site http://www.astroworld.co.il/ for quite a long time now, but I do not feel you, dear readers. This blog will be out there to have your ideas, feed backs and thoughts.
Dow: stopped at a dangerous spot, almost broke the trend line since March 6. If things will not get better, we shall see this index at a correction level of 9330-9340

S&P: same story here, watch for a change in trend on November 13.
Gold: is at a cross road now, stopped exactly at the midpoint between the last high to the last low. If it'll not fell from this low, than we shall see it at 1200 and even more in the following weeks.

Be cautious, and keep your stops close.