Goldman Sachs Group.Inc (GS)

With the full Moon, Mercury slowing down, and entering for the next three weeks it's retrograde phase, the long awaited turn in trend also knocked on the door. In my last article, the spring equinox, I wrote, that with Venus ingressing Aries, we shall see a new bank related scandal, and so we did, it's GS's turn now to shake the markets. Let's analyze it's incorporation chart, the first trade chart and the technical graphs:

Goldman Sachs was incorporated on 21 July 1998." 1. The name of the Corporation is The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. The date of filing of its original certificate of incorporation with the Secretary of State of the State of Delaware was July 21, 1998".

This chart gives us a Sun at 28 Cancer, Moon at 3 Cancer, conjunct Venus, Chiron, in Sco... Mercury, ruler of the map at 24 Leo. I draw the transits for yesterday, NY time, there we can see transiting Uranus conjunct Natal Jupiter, (first sign for a shock) transiting Saturn in sextile with natal Sun, another sigh for a halt in the rally and transiting Pluto opposite natal Moon, the final blow. If we whish to see how can the map show the fraud, just look at Neptune  in the 5th house of gambling conjunct part of fortune in Capricorn, which I assume makes it be in it's fall. Furthermore, transiting Mercury in stationary retro, in Taurus, was a sign that something "fishy" would happen, just as I wrote it would.

First trade chart: May 4, 1999, trade starts at 9:30, in NY.

in this chart we get a Sun at 13 Taurus, Moon 26 Sag., Asc. 10 Cancer. Second house in Leo, 8th house in Aquarius. The previous solar eclipse was a 27 Aquarius. Ruler of the MC, signifying the managers or the board, is Mars, in retro, in Scorpio, receiving 150 ( bad angle) from the part of treachery.

First trade chart with transits April 16, 2010

Transiting Asc. on Venus. Venus represents all banks. transiting Mercury conjunct Sun ( sign for minor change) Transiting Mars, remember? represents the board, is in opposition to Neptune, another sign for a major change, with something " unclear and scandalous" going on. Jupiter conjunct the MC, also shows a stop in trend. South Node to the Sun, Saturn to Venus, all these placement of the transits, show a stop, and major problems.

In the technical graph, which you all can read, we can see that it made a high on Oct 14, 09, and on April 16, 10. there are 184 days difference between the two dates, and... surprise or not? The last high was at 185. There is a negative divergence in the MACD. the stock went up since March 10, but not so the MACD. therefore what last happened was written on the wall for those who know and follow these signs.
The next 184 day period will be on Oct 17, 2010! So mark this date down for a change in trend.

I am curious to see what happened in the sky at the two tops? Oct 14,2009: In the transit chart Mars, Uranus, Neptune, Venus are all at the end of signs, in difficult interactions with each other, and with the Moon of GS. the maximum price was 192.75 on this day. this level equals to 12. Libra: the exact position of
Zeus (Uranian planet)in the heliocentric chart.
The next top was on April 16, 2010 at 186.41, meaning: 6 Libra. Kronos squares in helio chart this point now. In the geocentric chart Pluto squares from 5.25- this top. transiting Sun is conjunct Pandora, in Aries, on the MC.

It takes a lot of work to follow all these planets and placements, but, at the end it is rewarding!

April 19. rebound

April 26

April 28

April 29

May 6:  Look at the map of today relative to GS. Gs closed at 148. The price is at 28 Leo, which is 30 deg apart from Saturn, meaning the resistance line is 178. The price is also opposite Neptune, 150 Uranus, and 180 to Moon ( with a wider orb), The support line is with Mars, at 138. Who will win?? With a positive back wind it can run up to 178, till Saturn. Then we shall see...

The graph shows weakness: The volume is down, while the share tried to go up. The close is lower than yesterday. The candle is a doji, if I am not mistaken here... 

Today Mr. Bernanke speaks, so I would not be in the market during that time! Mars squares Sun today. And if you look at the sky and see half Moon, it means the moon squares the Sun, and there is a lot of energy that day. Try to avoid conflicts, do not quarrel, stay calm. Do not make decisions, it's not the proper time. After the square is over more calm and positive days to come....Happy birthday to George Clooney and Tony Blair!

May 7. There is a positive angle between Venus-Mars today. will it help to keep up the markets?

May 8

When a king is sick, the economy of the country suffers.

"In May 2010 a benign tumour was removed from King Juan Carlos’ lung in an operation carried out in the ClĂ­nico Hospital in Barcelona on Saturday 8 May. The 72 year old Monarch is expected to be allowed home in three or four days, and able to renew full physical activity in a fortnight. The operation came as a result of the King’s latest annual check-up, and doctors say the procedure went well and Juan Carlos will not need any further follow-up treatment. At a press convention the operating team said that the 17-19mm tumour which had been removed under a general anaesthetic from the correct lung contained no malignant cells. ‘This is good news’, said doctor Laureano Molins, who had directed the operation." (Wikipedia)

Map of Juan Carlos:

So many bad angles, I don't know where to start...
As we all know Spain is one of the " P.I.I.G.S."


  1. Good analysis..

    By the By look price of 16th,April,2010,low and high price..why GS stopped at these particular prices..
    186.41 :days high
    155.55 :Days low
    106.70 :closing price
    184.27 :previous close

    something interesting
    The keys :9, Mars & Pluto

    keep posting

  2. Oct 17 2010 can be low of 2010 with 90 (17 week) 9 months and 4 yr cycle lows. All imporant US mid term election low. And many bears may get burned after this with great year end santa rally!


  3. Goldman Sachs Target 200$ to 24 June


  4. why you guys sign under anonymus? what r u afraid of?

  5. how did u make tha calculations? I think even if it'll correct to 170, target is 135

  6. The Dow is building a W pattern, with a bottom at 10978. If it does not fell below that, target can be: 11061-11154

  7. I am geeting way ahead of curve but here are my numbers. Large ABC rally from march low.
    A 666-1260 around Aug
    B 1260-963 around Nov - 50% drop of A
    C 963-1326 around spring 2011 - 0.62 of A

    top of C to mark 78% of entire drop.

    All numbers and timelines are approximate with some +/-

    Also I get errors while logging in so I post using anonymous but I am not hiding my name.


  8. I am also expecting spx 1200 bounce which is similar to dow 11154 and then down to sox 1165 or so. Then up for new high above 1213 in May.


  9. It's independence day here, lots of fireworks. I just came back, to find the Dow "listening" aas it did go up..
    GS is at 164.33 I wonder if it"ll go above 170??

  10. GS closed at 160.70, meaning 10 Virgo, thus trining Mercury. see chart above. next step is 170.72

  11. April 20. The Sun entered taurus, it is at 1200 now. check out the S&P, it is around this level.
    Today there is a bad aspect between the SUn and Saturn, which is at 1199- so this is a very very narrow channel...

    I opened a fan's page on facebook, you can click on it at the left, above the " current Moon position, and become a fan.

  12. April 23. saturn-Uranus opposition gets tighter, at 1999, Jupiter closing up to them. If the index keeps above this level, next levels 1210-1223.

  13. April 25.
    Hi all, how is your week end?
    I updated GS graph with support and resistance lines. Inspite of the markets rally and break out, this one did not recover. It is one of the richest banks, I cannot explain why. all I can say is, that if it breaks down from 154.29, it'll check the bottom of 136.29. Financially this would be a disaster.

  14. Hi Gaby,

    Hope all is going well for you! I wrote the following for another blog this weekend and thought you might like to see it.

    SPX bottomed at 666.

    The market topped 66.6 trading days (67 days) later on June 11th.

    The market bottomed on July 8th. 134 trading days (67 x 2) later it topped on Jan 19th.

    Market bottomed on Feb 5th. If my calculations are correct the 67th trading day from this bottom is May 13th. The 90th calendar day falls on May 6th, but the 13th is still within the 90-99 day window.

    It would be ineresting if the market were to top around the .618 retracement price (1228.74) of the decline and this wave were to match the first wave in time.

    Mercury stationed & went retrograde on the 18th. We are experiencing and will continue to experience many false signals. It goes direct on May 11th.

    I will be looking for the market to begin setting up the 1220 area this week.....

    Remember, this is the 121st month since the March 2000 high. Counting up 10 points per month from "zero" equals 1210 this month. (121 x 10 = 1210) As long as the rallys keep touching this time angle at 1210 I do not think the market will have a dramatic sell off.

    The above time angle will be at 1220 in May. Also, this is the 60th week from the 666.79 bottom. The 2x1 angle moving up 20 points per week from zero on that date is at 1200 this coming week. (60 x 20 = 1200). This angle will be at 1220 the following week. Two very powerful time angles on the monthly and weekly charts are about to become very important at 1220 in in a couple weeks.

  15. April 26,

    I uploaded a daily graph of GS. there is an interesting point here: last low was 148.27. If Gs does not fall below this level, it will mean that the head and shoulders pattern comes into action, and in this case, it'll rocket to 321!! Surely not in a few days, but in a year or so... So keep your eyes open, this might be the jackpot.

  16. left shoulder was formed at 148.27 at last drop itself so by that measure it should have keep climbing up and not come down from 185 or so. is there need for re-test left shoulder again?

  17. Hi Mark, So glad you posted.. My target for the S&P was 1220, and it got there all right. The big fall today is due to the full moon, which always signals for a change in trend. Today is also the 9x9=81 day from last low, Feb 5. Nines and sevens are important in the Gann theory.
    Actually I went short today on the QQQQ, but closed position, mabe tomorrow there will be a rebound. Fibanacci retreatment is at 1152,1131.. So I think May 5, the date you mentioned and May 17 will be correction days.

    Regarding GS- I was watching the TV the whole evening, the ex CEO's were on the stand, what can I tell you?? the share did not crash after all. I went short there too. The low of 148.88 still holds... Are there miracles in the 21st century?? Will the share survive? Or the bad news from Europe will make it fade away?

  18. so you are not expecting new high in may?


  19. The age of 81 years was very important to the ancient Egyptians. After this age they believed one of three things happened. One died, went senile (0-9 again), or became a respected person of wisdom.

    There is a Grand Trine Friday in Helio (Mercury, Venus, & Jupiter).

  20. New highs? where? in GS?

  21. Apr.28
    I uploaded a minutes graph on GS. Explanations on it.
    I tried to find the birth data of Daniel Sparks,but everything related to him is blocked on the net. Hmmmmm...Why??

  22. Does anyone know how can I add music to my blog?

  23. There are some days that are a waiste of time. Today was one of them.

  24. Good morning,

    I uploaded the GS daily graph.Yesterday it went up from 154.69 to 157.65. 3 points with a tricky volume. Looking at the hour graph, it made a W pattern. Is the scandal behind it? If it goes above yesterday's high, it'll climb to 164, and life will go on as if nothing happened. Our memory is very short... Enough to find another hole to fall into in order to forget this one.:)

  25. Apr. 29

    read my new forecast for May-June at my site.
    For the lazy here is the link:

  26. GS broke again today!


  27. Yes, and I was there to collect my puts hahaaa

  28. For the meanwhile it found a support at 147, but 135 should come..
    I expect SPY to fall t0 115+-
    QQQQ - bought Put May 49... just in case.
    Be careful, this is not a recommendation!

  29. May 5 should be nearest bottom I think. Then rise towards May 20.


  30. May 1.

    Those who were short on the markets got a fat reward yesterday.

    GS Hit a bottom at 143.30, and at end of the trade made a V. Is this to signal a turn? The share is still under MA50, and far below MA200, however, the oscillators show a small recovery. The area in grey shows after the closing trades, and who trades after close?? Are those from the far east, who wake up 3 or 4 hours later? or is it insiders adjustments.. Anyone can answer me here?? Anyway, I am still short on this one, with a stop at 147, and I am waiting to reach 140-135.

    Again' I whish to remind you all, this is not a recommendation, you are on your own, any decision you take it's yours..
    Be careful!

    Monday the Moon will be in Cap. conjunct the SN., but in trine to Sun. Mars squares Sun, and sends 150 deg to Moon. Jupiter Saturn opposition tightens, Jupiter-Uranus conj. as well. These placements show that the downtrend is not over yet.

  31. Wellcome to my new friend Theodore :)
    I shall be happy to have your inputs.

  32. May 3

    In the past I gave your this site:

    Will Mr. Buffett save GS, Toyota, and the world?

  33. GS: I am stil short on it. Uranus-Saturn opposition blocks the way up for the meanwhile. Mind you, this opposition ends soon, you know when if you read my May-June forecast, and then things will change. My targets: 146-143-139-135. Tomorrow is it's birthday. Happy birthdays GS!

  34. May 5, 2010= 4 under the rulership of Uranus!Today Uranus square Hades, & opposition Saturn.

    S&P Made a double bottom yesterday, now I expect it to recover to: 1172-1174. If above, then even 1183-1191. But the bull is still here..
    Lower levels are expected after this correction to 1173-1167-1150.

    GS: intraday targets: 152.23, which was reached yesterday, if it goes above that: 154.31-156.7
    Do not be fooled by these corrections, here too, I expect a fall.

    Dow: Closed at 10927, which equals 7 Leo. Mars is at 14 Leo(10934). It should go above Mars line to continue it's correction. As the S&P made a double bottom yesterday, expected corrections: 10961-10968-10975- at this point there is a cluster, I doubt it'll climb above it.

    Happy tradin'

  35. Nasdaq: Price square Jupiter! 4-5 point up before blocked again

  36. May 6 at 13:30 NY time Speach of Bernanke. I would take first row on the fence...

  37. I think after 1158 bottom now its going to try to do double top at 1220 or so by May 20.

    Don't you think so?


  38. 21:32 S&P fell from Saturn Line, which was at 1168.95, the Dow should not have fallen below 10858.36. Only if it bouces back we can say that an uptrend is forming.

  39. OK... it bounced back, so tomorrow it'll be a very very volatile day. Fasten your seat belts !

  40. May 6.

    New views above with map and chart.

  41. Yash, as to your question regarding S&P, I just saw, that after adjustments after all it closed U N D E R Saturn line!= 1168. So now we shall see a new leg down. 1154- 1152- or, 1138-1134.

  42. May 7.

    GS reached my target, fell to 139, I closed my puts and on the spot bought calls. It was a V pattern, never mind fraud, or computer collapses, it just reached Mars.

  43. May 7. 15:50 Moon Chiron conjunction. Chiron, is the wounded healer..:)

  44. Anyone can explain what is "Nonfarm payrolls"? extremly good outcome, while unemployment went up.

  45. nonfarm payroll means all jobs in pvt sector, govt sector etc etc. every jobs not related to agriculture. Adding nonfarm jobs is nothing to do with unemployement rate. its totally seperate calculation. it is based on survey that determines how many people that are looking for job are without job. The important thing here is phrase 'looking for job'. when more jobs open/advertised, there is tendacy that more people who were not looking for job, now starts looking for job. that means more people come into pool that is looking for job. so unemployement number goes up. in short term when economy shows signs of recovery, unemployement is going to go up above 10% easily unless we start adding million jobs per month. jobs added last month are peanuts but that gives hopes to millions to start looking for job now. hope this explains your question.

  46. May 8,

    Juan Carlos- update above.

  47. May 9
    Our market opened with a huge gap down, due to Moon conjunction to Uranus and opposition Pluto.
    I always look for a positive sign or placement of a planet that can help. The positive planets are the Sun( in some cases) Venus and Jupiter. Sun is in Taurus, in Mercury's decanate, means volatility. Venus in Gemini, same... Jupiter in Pisces- brings the fog, and the new outburst of the Iceland vulcano..
    Tel Aviv's fall today stopped at Jupiter, so Let's see if it will help other markets as well?
    The Dow support now lies at 10375-10350.
    S&P's support is at 1109-5.
    Nasdaq's support at 2249.

  48. May 10
    Market opened with a huge jump.
    Support lines: Dow: 10775-resistance: 11192
    Nasdaq: 2369.16- resistance 2423
    S&P: support at 1150 resistance 1183
    Good trading!

  49. Today the market opened with Moon is Taurus, conjunct a stationary Mercury. Hesitation, lacj of energy... towards 8 pm things will look better.

  50. What should we expect tomorrow??
    at 15:10 GMT +3 time Mercury starts to move foreward, Moon is getting closer to the Sun, preparing to open the new month in Taurus. These two placements show a change in trend. So be carefullllll!!

  51. when you say change in trend. what is current trend. becuase some day current trend is down and some say current trend is up. so i always get confused with senetence change in trend.


  52. 666 was the SPX bottom.

    March 6 to June 11 = 67 trading days
    July 8 to Jan 19 = 134 trading days (2 x 67)
    May 13 is 67 trading days from the Feb 5th low

  53. Hi Yash

    WHen I talk about change in trend we have to check which planet is turning. Today it's Mercury, the quickest and more nervous planet, which turns 3 times a year, so I talk about short term change, meaning, daily graphs. In case of Saturn, I would think of weekly change. OK?

    Since I use "ZET", there is a message every day that I open it. Today's message goes like this: Satan day! symbol is a Hydra. Moon VOC 14.5; 12:28- 14.5 13:18. Moon will conjunct today Pandora, in Taurus, at 17*, are we to hear now bank-linked fraud?

  54. May 13

    Sorry Mark, But I get from July 8 to Jan 19 139 trading days. and not 134. Gann always used CALENDAR DAYS, because the stars to not stop their movement on weekends.Jan 19 was the last high =195 cal.days/ 2= 97= 26 April
    So next turn,or importand date should be June 13;(half of 97 days) Next new moon, with Mercury in Gemini. Now that will be a merry go round period!

  55. In the Short term mark May 18.

  56. May 13,

    with the new moon I started a new thread, discussing David Cameron.


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