Chiron in Pisces

New Moon in Cancer

We open this month not only with a Solar eclipse, but also when Chiron enters Pisces!
Chiron was in Pisces in the following years:

17.04.1812 - 25.07.1812
7.02.1813 - 9.04.1820
8.10.1820 - 8.02.1821
27.03.1861 - 19.08.1861
22.01.1862 - 4.06.1868
1.08.1868 - 23.03.1869
 7.11.1869 - 13.01.1870
21.03.1910 - 29.08.1910
16.01.1911 - 31.03.1918
27.03.1960 - 19.08.1960
22.01.1961 - 1.04.1968
19.10.1968 - 30.01.1969
21.04.2010 - 20.07.2010
09.02.2011 - 18.02.2018

Chiron, the wounded healer brought the Cuban crisis, WWI. What will it bring this time??

Then another disturbing angle is the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction we have now. The enthusiastic Jupiter met sudden and unpredictable Uranus between:

21.02.1817 - 7.05.1817
26.09.1817 - 20.12.1817
26.01.1914 - 16.04.1914 WWI
29.08.1914 - 14.11.1914
19.10.1968 - 8.09.1969
23.04.2010 - 31.07.2010
Another disturbing square is between Saturn-Pluto.

7.07.2010 - 29.09.2010
27.04.2011 - 6.07.2011

So with this said, I can go to the beach find some peace there. I am worried.

OK, I am back, pulled myself together, visited my parents, had some icecream, watching Germany- Uruguay play ...
Let's see how will the markets look Monday at the opening? Sun in Cancer, Moon in Leo ! ahaa !! Lot's of energy, you guys remember Friday rally, when the S&P closed 1077, which equals 27 Pisces. The problem is, 1080 there is a resistance from Uranus, 1083 from Jupiter.
On the support side there is Neptune, at 1047... hmmm; So either the index " jumps" over 1183, or else...


July 11,2010 Sunday is ruled by the Sun. If I add up the date I get 3, which is ruled by Jupiter.
Jupiter is at 3 Aries, exactly squaring Pluto from Cap. There are many theories about the trends of the markets. Most importat changes will occur not only because of the eclipse and all the other angles I mentioned above, but the Moon is Perigee too( closest to Earth), on the 13th. at 13 Leo.

July 13, 2010- Thuesday or Mardi in French, therefore ruled by Mars. The trade opens with Mercury which brings volatility into the markets. There are some Fed announcements today, not very bright, so we might see a top today, and fall from there.  Today is 61 days from the May 13 low, this should mean a small turn. Today also the moon is perigee, the closest to Earth. The last low was July 1, at 1010- 1089 is conjunct this level on the wheel. If above that, than: target is 1096, square the March 667 low.

Good trading!

July 15,2010 Thursday, day of Jupiter, added up we got 7, Neptune again. Many Fed. announcements today, before the opening. I think we saw the last high yesterday, and today's target can be at 10259, where Saturn-Uranus opposition can block further lows.

Regarding the S&P , same scenario, Saturn- Uranus is there at 1081.

July 16,2010  I updated my monthly newsletter.

July 17, 2010  Shabath or Saturday, ruled by Saturn.

Yesterday someone spiked the baloon, and all the air came out... Something like this happened in the markets. If we look back, the last high in the Dow was July 13, at 10408, which equals to 328, while Neptune at 22:45 minutes that day, was at 328! On the same day we had Pluto-Venus exact trine, and Venus-Jupiter 150 degrees angle. So all this positions marked a top. Check out what I wrote on that day.
After that came 2 days of boredome, which ended with Dojis. Jupiter being at 0 degrees declination too, brought the fall yesterday.
Now we are at 10098, which equals to 18 Aries. By the time the market opens on the 19th, the Moon will be in Scorpio, meaning, we should watch our backs... there is a plot going on behind the curtains. The price will be supported by Jupiter-Uranus conjunction, at 10083-10080, or Saturn- Uranus opposition at 10020. In the Helio chart, there is an Earth- Uranus sextile, at 10078. soooo, this is the range more or less.

Technically next support areas are: 10013-9919-9815. it's interesting this 15 min graph, because the DI ( in red) is below the DMI- as if showing that the downtrend is over. But both the RSi, and the Macd show an ongoing weakness.

The S&P stopped at 1063, which is equal to 13 Pisces. Now the planet to hold the markets is Neptune, at 1047. the resistance lies with Jupiter at 1072- & Uranus at 1077.
July 25 will be 90 days from April 26th top- a turn is expected then.

Good tradin' :)

July 19,2010 - Day of the Moon, which is in Scorpio today. By the time market opens it will make several positive angles, with the Sun too, so it might push up the market for the day.
We, here in Israel have no market on the 20th, due to Tu be Av- which is a mourning " festival" remembering the distruction of the Big Temple. So we shall be in a vacuum, till Wednesday.
I am travellin to the Dead Sea with some guests today, but I prepared the wheel of the S&P for you guys, who will trade.
Take care!

July 20,2010- today there is no trade in Israel, due to a most religious holiday, the Tisha be'Av, the distruction of the Temple. Yesterday I was not here, because I took my guests to the Dead Sea, where we enjoyed the water in 47 Celsius heat..Oh boy oh boy!! no cold water to cool oneself, but my daughter brought us a buckle of ice, so we drank a lot of icy water. Dead Sea is cool, you should come and see, and dip in it, but not in July, better between October- December or 15 March- 15 June. Then the air you breath won't burn you : )
So I got in very late, just to find a message on my computer that my " skype was hacked, now I cannot use it, had to sign in under a new name.
Yesterday, I see now, the S&P closed at 1071.25, and the Dow 10154.43 nothing much happened. Today Jupiter turned stationary before entering its retro phaze. Resistance is at 1079; support at 1048.

July 21, 2010- positive announcements pushed the markets up yesterday, we are to see if this momentum will last.
S&P resistance at 1082, support 1048. The last high was at 1099- 90 degrees from there :1073. If the positive sentiment continues, than, 1098-1106

*** Obama speaks! Will he turn the market? Targets on graph

July 22, 2010= 5 ruled by Mercury, hmmm but Thursday is ruled by Jupiter ( comes from French: Jeudi ). Jupiter is stationary these days, and it sure messed up the markets here, we all waited for a big drop, instead it went up, 17 points.

Yesterday, I traded the S&P during the speach with calls, then I turned with Mr. Bernanke, to puts, and it was a good day, after all.
Today positive European announcements pushed the premarket up, but now, negative Us announcements might pull them down. Fed talks at the beginning of the day, so stay on the fence.!
Support today at 1056, resistance at 1070. Above that : 1131-1154.
Dow support at 10008, resistance at 10380, above that a W pattern could come, which I doubt, due to negative sentiment in the US markets.

July 23,2010= 6 ruled by Venus, today is Friday, day of Venus. Venus today is trining the price, at 1094! Coincidence? It also squares Neptune, and trines Uranus. Sun already entered Leo, and the Moon is in Capricorn. Mars, the energizer squares Earth, and Mercury entered Scorpio in Helio chart. There are many planetary changes today, and exact degrees, which show a change in trend. I am uploading here the 5 min graph of the S&P. The support line is at 1071.

Good trading !

July 26,2010, Monday, ruled by the Moon, which is in Aquarius. Mars-Saturn conjunct, and they oppose Jupiter-Uranus, both in retro. This is the fifth, and last opposition between Saturn-Uranus, untill now it always marked a top.
Price is at 1102 which equals to 25 Aries. The index has a few barriers in the upway: first there is 1107- Mars-Neptune, then: Saturn-Uranus opposition is at 1110.41 and Jupiter- Pluto 1113.4
Downwards Jupiter-Pluto square at 1083.4

Last top was 1111.89 which is 1.89 Tau. 

Good trading!

Look at the wheel I posted on July 19, for next levels. If S&P will continues to go up, we shall see it at 1118, which is conjunct 964, and next 1126-1131.

July 27,2010 - Mardi in French, therefore ruled by Mars. TA25 closed yesterday at 1117.35, which equals to 7 Tau. Next levels, with all the positive influence we got from the US, are: 1121.9- 1124 - (previous high) 1129.7-1136-1140.

US markets later ...

I write my articles at th end of the month, forecasting one and a half month ahead. I send it to Holland, where it is published among Merridian, and other highly estimated colleagues views in "Market Timing Digest". In my last article I wrote: "Looks as a positive week, from July 21- till July 28." So why on earth I went short last Friday??? I should read my own work sometimes!!!! Ufff. On July 15, I posted there a graph showing the eventual trend to turn and go up to 10400 and more... (Dow). Sometimes we should look at things from a distance, we see clearer.

So the S&P rallied yesterday too, and closed at it's daily high:1115.01, which equals to 5 taurus. Basing itself on Jupiter, which is at 1113, on Mercury-Mars-Saturn- opposition Uranus is at 1110. It is only a few cents away from Kronos at 1115.81!!
Form here new highs are on the horizon, at 1118-1129.

Looking at the Helio chart, price trined Saturn, and Pluto. Price also squared Earth. Everybody is talking about catastrophes, declines... but the indexes did not hear about it. What is it that pushes the markets up and up?? This is what I ment a few days ago, to "float" with the market, because even the best of us can be wrong.

Tip of the day:

To trade efficiently, put your stops below the fourth last candle, and go with the market.

July 28,2010, Day of Mercury, added up= 20, Moon & Pluto on action.

If you put your stops as I explained in the graph above, at 1109, you could catch a ride to 1120.22, which was the last top. Then boredom.... Now I want to show you what we can learn from the bollinger bands. Look at the squares, after each tightening of the curve, a big rally arrives. At the same time we should look at the RSI, with the arrows, it should be in the same direction as the index. If it is not, it's called negative divergeance and it shows a change in trend before it happens. Look at the red arrow in the RSI, although the index went up, the RSI is getting lower.
Tip of the day: Do NOT trade untill 1120 is not broken with large volume to the upside, or it falls below 1110.

Today Mercury is in opposition Neptune and Moon, sign for a small chaos. I wonder what will bring the "Beige Book" announcement at 2 PM NY time??

And some spices for the end: today Hugo Chavez is 56 years old. See how directed planets sextile most of his natal planets, and Pluto will be in opposition from Cap. In addition,  transiting Uranus from H8 sends angles to his MC. He should look out for karmic changes in his life.

Good trading!

July 29, 2010 Thursday- ruled by Jupiter, added up the date we get a 3, which is also ruled by Jupiter= high volatility, also options expiry.

TA^25 is moving sideways, boring days. yesterday the index closed at 1120, which equals to 10 Taurus.
Now it is blocked above by the Nodes at 1121. Support line is with PLuto at 1113, or on Mercury at 1111. Breaking either side will give a signal.

S&P today opened at its high, 1115, and since then it;s falling. Next targets on the graph.

July 30, 2010 Friday, ruled by Venus, added up we get 4, ruled by Uranus.

It's a quiet day Friday... shops close at 3, and till Sunday everything is closed. So I had time to play with the XL trader, something I bought lately.
I whish to share with you it's possibilities- for the Gold.

I also found that the Gold hits a bottom or a top each 173 days. Could not figure yet out, why. ANy thoughts?? Study the picture, it's interesting...

Good trading!

July 31, 2010 Saturday. No trade. The world is resting. People spend 10-18 hours on the computer.
By the time trade starts, Mars will enter Scorpio, in the helio chart. 15 years ago, when it was also there, the market went up. This could be a big surprize, since everybody is waiting for a drop...What do you think?? How will August enfold?

Aug 2, 2010 Monday. Day Ruled by the Moon- and Uranus. Where are both? at 0 declination. While the index S&P and TA^25 is below. Only a jump above all this cluster can make the markets go up... Will it?? Yes, it seems so, even for 1 or two days. Mind you, Helio Mars is in Scorpio! I made this graph by hand... so bear with me!

Aug 3, 2010
The day is ruled by Mars and Mercury. Mars is in Libra, fire in air, we breath fire, it's so hot here! Mercury in Virgo, it is at home,sign it rules, feels great! Sun in Leo squares the Moon in Taurus.- bad sign. Venus at 176 degrees lines up with Saturn and Mars, and all these guys send a 180* or are in opposition to Jupitr-Uranus both in retro in Aries. The big problem comes from Pluto, which squares these five planets, and forms the famous cardinal square all astrologers talk about. Times for big changes, specially for people whose planets in the natal chart are between 0-5 degrees. ( Queen Elisabeth, Sarkozy, The Pope, Biden, Dalai Lama, Mrs. Pelosi, Mrs. Sotomayor, Mr. Obama, Imad Murnia, Haled Mash'al, Mr. Putin, etc)  

S&P closed yesterday at 1125.86, and made a top at 1127.30 this level means 25- 27 Tau. Price squares Neptune, and trined Venus in Virgo. Falling from here what can support ? Give me answers... I need to feel I am not talking to myself, pls.

The Dow closed at 10674, which equals to 24 Scorpio. So it was blocked by Venus sextile at 25 Virgo, and by Neptune at 28 Aqua.  Only going above 10678 with a large volume will send it higher!
Several fed announcements today before the opening...

If we look at the wheel,( scroll up to July 19) we can find July 1 bottom- 1010 -  in the right corner-180 degrees from there is 1129- so this is or was a short term target. Yesterday it failed to reach it, today it can fell back to 1118-1116, and then try again.
Aug 3 is 540 days away from Feb 9,2009. There are many CIT dates this month, showing a high volatility. So look out for the 6th, 10th, 16th, 21st,28th.

Good trading!

Market in Tel aviv just closed, and here is something we might learn to use it for the S&P which is due to open. Market here opened at 1142- went up to 1146.52- which made a bad, 150 angle to Pluto. News of gunshots at the northern border turned the market down at this point and it closed at 1134.13. Now there are no gunshots in NY, but price can "meet" Pluto in the same way, and make it fall..The closing price is equal to 26 Tau- which trined Venus again..

Aug 4, 2010, day ruled by the Moon and Venus.

Where are they? in Taurus and Virgo. The moon is in the last degrees of Taurus, and we should remember that the "Pleiades" are there, a bad constallations of fixed stars. After Taurus the  Moon enters Gemini, ( at 12:55 NY time) and the merry -go-round begins.

I add here a graph of today, each candle 3 minutes, targets: 1122 -1125.44- 1127.30
Breaking the low of yesterday, 1118, will go further down to 1113. As you see it trades in a channel.
So, be careful.

Tip of the day: put your stop at 1119 for long, 1123 for short.

Aug 5, 2010

Day of Jupiter, and Neptune. Jupiter is today in retro, in Aries, Neptune also in retro, in Aquarius, conjunct Chiron. In my monthly letter I mentioned that this conjunction can bring remedy to the sea and it's inhabitants, and indeed BP found a way to fix the biggest ecological disaster that mankind could do. It is interesting also, that in the last days there are many deep sea news, about thousands of creatures that we did not know existed till now! There are 36 degrees between the two planets.(6x6,4x9) also important.

The Moon today is in Gemini, in a sextile to the Sun, square to Mercury. What a volatility before us!

Yesterday the markets went up, but not enough to say, OK, bulls are back. Not untill 1132 is broken. Possible range for today 1128-1131- here price will trine Venus +Saturn. Conjunction of these two symbolize also a change, since it happens rarely, once a year. And to the downside: 1122-1118-1107.

Tip of the day: Do not rush to trade today. Wait and see.

  *  *  * Read my August forecast..*  *  * .

August 6, 2010  Day of Venus and Saturn. How interesting! The are conjunct in the sky now.

The S&P closed yesterday at 1125.76, after four days trying to conquer 1131.23, and fail. Here is a graph of 15 minutes. I use the " fathers" .... there were only 3 in the Bible... and I added possible range for today.
Lots of fed. announcements before opening. Moon is still in Gemini, so high volatility.

Good trading and happy week end   :)

August 8, 2010

Ruled by the Sun, in Leo, and by the Sun too, in Numerology, so we are in for a hot and active day. With the Moon in Cancer, in the last phaze before new moon. You out there do not trade, but have a cozy brunch, and those who have airconditioning put it up to max. and do not leave the house. The less fortunate can only go to the beach, lake or shower... Have you read the news in Russia? thousands of people dieing of heat and fires. " The Moscow skyline of the Kremlin and St. Basil's Cathedral vanished Friday as a blanket of thick, noxious smoke shrouded the metropolis, leaving many of the city's 10 million residents with sore throats and burning eyes. The acrid smoke, from thousands of square miles of wildfires, drove carbon monoxide levels in Moscow five times higher than what is considered safe, the Russian Health Ministry said." And what about Pakistan ?? Flood and deaths too. But why all these disasters?? As I wrote before, Jupiter+Uranus+Sun in fire signs, and Mars+Saturn in Air signs - plus the declinations, plus the cardinal positions, with Pluto, who brings new laws and world order in Capricorn, all these contribute to the disasters.
Here in Tel Aviv the markets are up. New highs are reached every hour. As if in haste. Thursday we closed at 1149, now we are at 1155. Helio sun is there, I wonder if it stops. My target for today is 1157.30.
I tell you this, because TA25 and the S&P move in the same range. So, tomorrow it's your turn.

Have a good day!

Aug 9, 2010 Monday

Day ruled by the Moon and Moon too... strange, in the last days the numerology fits with astrology. Have you noticed? By the time you wake up the Moon will be in Leo, again fire sign. 4 planets in fire, four in air. Heat goes on, fire in Russia, how terrible! more than 700 people die D A I L Y ! because of the heat, fire and intoxicated air. Is this what Uranus bring us, well thanks, issue understood, you can stop now!

The market here is up, we reached 1165, next and final ( ??? )  step 1171- maybe tomorrow.

The S&P closed at 1121.51. Since Friday the Nodes arrived exactly to this point. So now they form a resistance line. 1121 equals to 11 Tau. 

Price sextiles the nodes. next targets to the upside: 1123-1126.
Falling from 1109 - correction is at the door step at 1101- 1083 - 1069/

Tomorrow new article, for the New moon in Leo, with surprise :)

Be good!


  1. are we topped ..1096-1097 !!?? INTC will decide today after bell (I think)


  2. Stopped at 1081 !!! Great Gaby


  3. What is next ? Just go up ? When is your 964 call going to come true ? I am waiting with lots of cash for 964 !


  4. Anyone remembers GS- and my calls? well, I just sold them,- bought at 0.60 - almost washed out, but today's jump- which I expected- brought back the smile... sold them after all at 1.25 :)

  5. Oct 13 1994 venus retrograde started. (from scorpio) s&p is NOT lowest on this date but it is within 2 points of lowest on Nov 23 1994 when retrograde ended.

    Oct 10 2002 venus retrograde started. (from scropio) s&p intraday low 768.63. I think it never looked back after this.

    March 6 2009 venus retrograde started. you all know low of this date.

    Oct 8 2010 venus retrograde will start (from scorpio) (every 8 yrs venus retrograde from same sign) - Yash low 2010!! If star power is correct then first 1131 and for sure 1220 should not exceed before this date. This may be 4 yr low too. This may be same reason why 1st term 2nd year of P is producing low near election.

    Many cycle man like andre g, jim curry had low towards october. I don't know if they changed now or not. Tony C used to say low will come in July or October and of course now he is saying low is mostly done in July.

  6. Hi Yash,
    You could made a point here, regarding Venus; since it represents the banks, it might bring changes in trend. I shall mark Oct 8 in my calendar.
    I only look one month ahead, and trade the coming days, than make long term forecasts. Maybe I should.. but I'd rather trade...

  7. hallo, I'm a new entry...
    Sorry, but I don't talked about a turning point for s&p on july the 20th, and now you talk about 25th fo july...I'm a little bit confused

  8. You also sayd- if I well remember- that the coming week is going to be positivie...isn't it?

  9. Hello novellino,

    The market is very nervous, all in all is negative, but here or there positive days can come too. In my site I publish a monthly newsletter, here, I update it almost daily, for the day-traders.
    Surely it's only my opinion,everyone can post his/hers.

  10. EURO/USD is tanking, so as of now all indicators are bearish. IBM/TXN all reported earnings and they are all bad. I'm watching this astro projections with technical buy signals. I think one needs to use both of these tools and use it to complement each other. I wonder what you see for the future of Apple computer, in terms of earnings.

  11. Also, I'd ride a negative trend until the full moon is over and we go into New moon territory. BY the 25th, the full moon should happen.

  12. July 21,
    Someone asked me about IBM, oh boy, what a bore! it trades in a straignt channel since Sept. 2009, range between 115-131. Breaking one of the margins, will bring it to 146 or 102.
    TXN : range 22-27.32- same here, very boreing since July 2009, breaking 27.32, will bring it to 32.32. Falling below 22.72, will fall to 17.72.

  13. After all, the S&P fell to 1066, which is 50% correction in today's range. this level equals to 16 Pisces, and only Neptune can hold up the market at 1048.

  14. Hi Gabriella, I feel it's time to take a clear position here, not a time for "if this" and "else that" any more. The explosive part of the decline may be directly ahead.

  15. Hi Alex,
    I'm all in for the explosion downside!! but for the meantime it is vegetating. I feel blocking oneself in a "clear position" can cause heavy losses. One should flow with the markets. Even Jupiter is stationary, so what do you expect of little human beings?

  16. Hi Gabri, soi you're short? And what about the "old" resistance (1070) with higer targets 1131/1154? How may you be short with resustance broken?

  17. Hi Gabri. I have two questions. I see on the Swiss Ephemeris Venus at 13 degrees, 53. Can you tell me how you calculate to arrive at your resistance level? Also, since April 23rd was the last closing high, and Thursday was 90 days with price squaring at 1097, did we have price/time square already on Thursday? Thanks so much- love your blog, and thanks for you hard work.


  18. Hi Mia,

    Venus is now at 14 Virgo. If you start counting from Aries (30)+Tau(30)+++, you arrive to 14.20 virgo, which makes 164.33; in order to adjust it to the price level we should add the wheel 360. So 360+360+210(trine)164= 1094

    And yes, price and time met, as you said.
    Good observation!

  19. Novellino, I have answered to Alex, that we should "flow" with the market. that's why I gave targets to the up and down. I did not say I was short!

  20. Mia, I just realised, that you are mistaken.
    The last high was on April 26, at 1219.80- 90 days from there takes us to July 25th.
    Another interesting day was yesterday, since it was the 21st day from July 1 low, at 1010.90
    If you want to be very diligent, you can search for important days for turn in trend, like these are 610( fibonacci no.) days between 21 Nov. 2008 till July 24, 2010. :)

  21. What about jupitor starting retro today?


  22. Yes, indeed, it is turning today...Last time it turned was on June 15 2009.June 11,2009 was a top and the index fell till July 8.

  23. G I thought you said, from 23rd to 28, we'd have a positive week? Do you see jupiter turning retro and full moon taking this market down from here?

  24. Target 1081, as I see it now

  25. Big mistake! I should have waited for one or two days after the full moon...

  26. Right. I was saying wait till July 26 at least. Arch Crwaford has doom and gloom forcast for Monday!

  27. do you see any possbility of increased tention between with Iran in near future astrologicall?


  28. Gabri, I wanted to say thank you very much for your help on Friday, and then my system went down. Best to you next week! :-)


  29. P.S. it looks like Monday is a Mars day, is that correct? Thanks again.


  30. Hello Mia, yes, it is a Mars day, numerologically, and a Moon day astrologically. We should make a synthesis between the two; but Monday there is no angle between them, Mars will reign, being more powerful.

  31. Hi Gabri,
    may I ask you what do you think about Arch Crawford theory? Thanks

  32. what theory? If you ask me about him being short with a huge stop, then... what can I say? Everybody knows how deep his/hers pocket is. I dare say, he did not invest his own... but I don't know. If you ask me about his apocalipse forecast about doom day, ect, yes, that is a possibility, I wrote about it too in the beginning of the year, I even posted a graph here in this blog, showing 2 scenarios. Maybe I did not express myself so dramaticly.

  33. may you post a link to your forecats, please

  34. hmmm, I wrote that article last year, and is available for paying clients.
    You can sign up at the left under" online services".

  35. Hi Gabi. Are you using Vedic astrology to arrive at the correct planet for the day of the week? If so, would tomorrow be a Sun (numerology) + Jupiter (Vedic) day? I see they are trine also? Thanks!


  36. Hello Mia,
    Unfortunatly, I know nothing about Vedic astrology, besides making a sidereal map and see how everything changes...
    I use numerology to add up the numbers for instance today is July =7 , 29= 2+9=11/2 and so on, today we get a Jupiter day numerologically,
    2+9+7+2+0+1+0=21/ 3
    and also a jupiter day astrologically, since Thursday is ruled by Jupiter,mind my French: Jeudi.

  37. Gab,

    We should see market trending higher from here, until it's tests 1030 o 1050 range, or until the new moon is over. Once the new moon for august is complete, then we might fade the rally, so by Mid august ( after 2 more weeks), we should be seeing some sharp sell offs. For now every major indicators are pointing up. Monday and Tuesday got quite a few economic news.

  38. Hey, if you ment 1130-1150 chapeau to you! (you typed 1030. Indeed the markets roared yesterday, not on fundamentals, which are bad, but on Mars in Scorpio. But as it went up , it can fall, because of Scorpio character. Aug 5 should be a major CIT.

  39. Falling from here what can support ? Give me answers... I need to feel I am not talking to myself, pls.

    Dear Gabi i can assure u .. u r never talking to your self .. there r pepole from 50 countries enjoying your vibrant words besides u r so above the rest that any one would feel humble to venture anything to match u but for the record u siad it .... 1118

  40. Hey, this is really sweet! Thanks... many years ago all this was chinese to me too... but I wrote and asked, and learned, and I got where I got.
    Bill Meridian's books are a great help for a vigillant student.

  41. Gabi is the ship that guides us through the stormy seas. The accuracy of here forecasting is unmatched. I reccomend that some of people reading this look around the site at other areas. The chart reading that she provides here is just the tip of the iceburg. She provides services that are personalized that increased my wealth tenfold.

  42. Hey there S,

    thanks to you too! so kind of you :)

  43. Every New Moon I start a new article... Meet you there, post your thoughts!


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