New Moon in Leo hand-in-hand with Part of Fortune

                                              17 Leo 25

For NYthe New Moon falls in the 5th house of children, romance anf gambling... The Lion is a leader, someone who counts... but gambling?? can you imagine a leader to gamble??? Ahh, no....

We will have 28 days to figure out what this means, what kind of fortune is in front of us, and for whom? This is Tel Aviv time, and the new moon occured at 6:30 am, putting the Sun and Moon in the 12th house of secrets.... Shhhhh! The part of Fortune is in the first house! how lucky!

" My emblem is the Lion, and I breathe
The breath of Libyan deserts o'er the land;
My sickle as a saber I unsheathe,
And bent before me the pale harvests stand. "
                                      Longfellow, "Poet's Calendar" for July.

What an actual poem! We do breathe fire, and look how the corn crashed…which is weird.

What will the new super-moon bring? The Moon is perigee (closest to Earth) so it is called super moon. Between August 10 to August 14 there are no planets in water signs which is cardinal for expressing our feelings. So they might be stuck, and misinterpreted. Then on the 20th Mercury turns retro, bringing more misunderstandings, and delays.

This is the S&P 60 min graph

 It made double top, second lower than on June 21, RSI weakening, MACD negative divergeance. Only the DMI is positive. Today, Aug 10 is a Gann and Fibo day. So most likely we shall see lower prices.

Something interesting I wanted to share with you: see how Sun line is a support in the S&P for the time being. Falling below 1118, will turn it to a resistance.

Yesterday I promised you a surprise... Well here it is: You can sign up to the "Hot Trades Club", and trade with me, for only $72 a month. I shall give tips for stocks that break out, or down, buy or sell with stop loss. It'll be fun! So click on the link, register, fill out the form, and let's start.

Have a good lunar month :)

August 12, 2010

" So most likely we shall see lower prices." I wrote above... and the markets just did so. Yesterday was a major CIT day.
Tel Aviv closed at 1150, now Venus and the Nodes are support at 1145.18. Below that it can rely on Saturn at 1141.96 or Uranus at 1140.


The question is, was this just a correction of the last rally from July 29, then it'll stop and turn, or it is the first bell to the scenario I wrote about on June 29??

But, since today is ruled by Jupiter, and Mercury, we are in for a
Any thoughts?
The S&P found a support on a Gann line from June 8, at 1088. Falling from here targets are: 1086, 1084, 1077,1057, which was July 20th low.

Good trading!!

1077=Target reached, will it go further down?

Aug 15, 2010

Such a boring day, I could hear the grass grow...The trade started with a gap up, disregarding all the obstacles of the planets, and then stayed in one line as a dead man's monitor . Very low volume, no news.

But, with all this brave jump at the opening, we got a lower high than Thursdays', so for those in short there is a point....
Will the S&P open also with a gap up? Tomorrow the Moon will square the Sun upon the opening, which is a negative sign. Also if we look at the graph attached, the scenario of 2-6 August returned.
Target: 1045

Be good :)

Aug. 16, 2010 Ruled by the Moon and Mars. As predicted, the S&P fell at the opening. But, recovered. and, I am not happy ... target was not reached... yet.

I am patient...

Tip of the day: go short with stop at 1084.50

Good trading !!

Aug.18, 2010 - Day ruled by Mercury and the Moon. Mercury is turning retrograde soon, but before that it is stationary. When a planet is stationary is more powerful than when in move. So we can expect surprises, sudden movements. The Moon in Sagittarius brings more power and enthusiasm and action. Tomorrow, on the 19th will trine the Sun, and this will mean a positive opening over here. By the time trade opens in the US, this angle will diminish.

On the 16th I gave you a trade- go short, with stop loss, etc. I hope you did well..

Today we got a top at 1090, and a bottom (till now) at 1086. following the planets the range today will be 1082-1092.

The Gold bottomed at 1218, and went up to 1221. Now it can correct to 1220.50, but next targets  are: 1221, 1223-1225. In my monthly article I gave 1242 as target.- on the way to above  1300.

Trade carefully.

Aug 19, 2010

Double Jupiter day. Should we look for a double top? But first let's see what happened yesterday.

It tried to make a double top, but did not go above the last one, so now it can form an
 M pattern, and surprise all the longists. Looking at the planetarium, the index closed at 8 Aries.( green arrow) Venus+Mars conjunction is a resistance line at 1092, and Jupiter-Uranus conjunction is a support at 1082-1079.
Go long only if the index goes above 1100.20

The TA25 closed yesterday at 26 Gemini, now, Jupiter-Uranus conjunction is a resistance line at 1172-1173. At this hour there is a trine between the Moon- Sun, which gave a positive opening to the index. This angle will not be there when US markets open.

The Gold read my blog, and is acting accordingly....

For those who are dying to comment on my posts, but do not know where, here it is. Press the comments line, and a window will open, there you can add your thoughts.

Market opened and as I wrote yesterday, it broke down, even below my target, : 1079. Neptune is at 1077.35, it was a support till now. Breaking below Neptune, will go to 1074-1070-1068.

Aug 20, 2010

We got our M pattern , haven't we??

The index bottomed yesterday at 1070.66, which equals to 20 Pisces. By falling it broke the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction, and now they are as a seal, a resistance line, later it run up to 1079.59. which is also below Uranus, marked with the red arrow. Closed 1075.63 ( added up it is also an Uranian number) Are we in for a BIGGY?? Too much Uranus... hmmm

Today, Aug 20, its a Venus+ Uranus day. And the price stopped below Uranus yesterday! There are no coincidences... :-)
My colleague, Jace, asked a lot of questions about Venus, what will it bring? what will happen? Did he mean that Venus is  in exact conjunction with Mars, doubling it's power? Did he mean that Venus at the opening will be in exact square with the Moon in Capricorn? Did he mean, that Venus is in exact square with the Nodes?? or at midpoint?? Or maybe that Venus is conjunct Zeus and Mars and parralel to  Chiron, Lillith, ect?? What what ??

Today is 91 days from May 21 low of 1055

Yesterday William Gates sold a lot of shares... hmmm I wonder why? No Fed announcements today. But Sunday, Aug. 22, will be a fibo day, so we might see some people abandon, sell, or go short before the close. Read my June article , the post of the 28th, with the possible scenarios I gave there...

I shall not be here today, so be careful! Tight stops.
All the best and have a nice weekend.

P.S. This is MSFT graph with the planetary lines. By selling, it dropped below Saturn line.


23. Aug 2010, Monday.

Ruled by Moon and Neptune. Major CIT day today! Either you take a tranquilizer or you do not trade.  

The S&P opened high. 1073.36, and now it's 1080.69, this means that it jumped above Neptune, and this ( exactly 1077.21) is a support line for the time being. Uranus backs up at 1079.71. Resistance at 1082-83. So now the index is trapped. We shall see which way it'll break.
In helio chart there are major changes. The moon in Aquarius, but tomorrow it'll be V.O.C. I would close positions today, what ever they might be...

Good trading!

25 Aug, 2010 Wednesday.

Today's rulers are Mercury, which is retro in Virgo, bringing a LOT of nervousness and anxiety into the markets; and Mars, which is still conjunct Venus in Libra, and both close to Spica, which is a positive star, not like Scheat, that is close to Uranus, and is there to stay for a while, suggesting air plane disasters.

S&P closed at 1051.83, meaning it is trapped inbetween Moon-Neptune. Surely the Moon will move till the market opens over there, and the resistance lines at: 1052.88,-1953.35.  Support is at 1047.15- 1036

Helio chart for the S&P:

Support line from Mars at 1037, or below that at 1016-1011.

Timewise: Aug 26 will be one year from 2009, Aug 26 low.
Tomorrow, we here in Tel aviv, have options expiry, after that I expect a big drop.
At 15:41 big movement down, Sun exactly trined the Asc, Jupiter squared, a fall of 4 points!

We should be aware of the exact angles the the planets make to the Asc, MC and each other...

Yesterday we had a full moon ( in Pisces). Good time to end things. Full moons are time for change. OR can aggravate the trend we had TILL the full Moon. The change is never on the exact day, but a few days 1-2 days later. I think we are due to a few negative days, at least till
Sept 1st. Watch for a major turn on Sept 9!

Here is a very interesting graph of the world indexes. We can wee that India and Israel are before corrections, while all the world- in blue- formed  H&S pattern. Japan and China are below. It will be interesting to watch the wakening giant, China !

For my dutch visitors here is the AEX: Support line with Jupiter helio line, below that targets are 304,301.

Good trading!

Aug 26, 2010

Jupiter and the Sun are" in charge" today. Both are fire signs rulers, and bring a lot of energy into the markets. I would say, "a correction day"- in our small world of trading.
The Moon is still in Pisces, getting closer to Uranus and Jupiter, so there might be a gap-up at the opening.

TA25 closed yesterday at 1127.07! Miracle! Mercury is at 1127.66! So it was stopped by Mercury. Today, next 30 minutes will be hectic, since it is expiry day, and IMHO it will open with a gap up, and cool down only at noon. The range of trade today is inbetween 1127- 1136.
If it breaks below 1127, than: support at 1113.45-1109.61

After expiry: we did have a positive expiry, with a gap-up as I said before the opening, at 1135.34, this is 8.27 points above yeasterday's close. 1135.34 equals to 25.56 taurus, and this is the exact midpiont between Jupier- Vulcanus. After this I do expect a continuation of the downward road.

The rest later...

OK.. It's "Later" now, so let's see what happened yesterday in the US markets.
The Dow made a low at 9937.98, which is more than 61.8% fibo correction from July 1- Aug 6! it also broke the pschychological support of 10thousand and this is worrying!  9937 equals to 7.98 Scorpio, this time Posseidon, (the Uranian planet) supported it, it's only a momentary support.
Support now at 9932- 9929-9927.
After making a low, it went up and closed at 10060.06, which equals to 10 Pisces. And we can see on today's astro picture, that Mars and Venus are at 17-18 LIbra, meaning, they are a resistance line at 10067.66-10068.63. Above that, in the Helio chart the resistance is at 10075.96- 10078.31.
This is the Geo chart:

For the technicians:

Positive divergeance in the stocastic.. in the 90 min graph, could whisper an intraday correction.

The S&P bottomed yesterday at 1039.83 and tried to close the gap, but failed. I guess there will be a new try today.
1039 equals to 17 Aqua. Here too Mercury and Mars blocked the down road, just as in TA 25.
Support line now is at 1033.78-1026.55 Resistance 1060.66- 1061-1062.

Now here is, for my German readers, the DAX, with Helio angles, and Fibo calculations. Look how the index is stuck between Fibo 2.618 retracement counting from Feb.10 bottom, and Jupiter line with the yellow arrow. The green arrow points to the Helio Venus line, which, from support turned into a resistance.

Good trading!
PS. the Gold reached my target of 1242 ! Good girl!

Aug 27, 2010 Friday.

Today Venus and the Moon are ruling. I mentioned in my July monthly letter, that Venus is under it's "warrior" shield, not a "pretty and loving godess" anymore. Read about Venus here.
Since we are interested in the effects of the planets on the markets, I shall continue. Venus is in Libra now, and will be, till September 9. Mark this date for a change in trend. Venus is the ruler of Libra, so she's at home, at " leisure" So we cannot expect much of the landlady, usually. But what happens when the warrior, the blood thirst Mars- husband enters her house? She feels uneasy. Two controversial energies have met. We can add to this couple, the noisy and restless Mercury, the nervous child, and we get a "troubled" family.

The Moon just lined up with Jupiter and Uranus in Aries, in a fire sign. Libra is an air sign, which lights up fire, and you want a quiet trade??? No way! not under these circumstances....

SO what happened yesterday? I wrote there is a strong resistance at 1060-61-62, and the market failed to go above it. Do you remember the " 3  fathers" pattern? (Check it out under Aug.6)

Inspite of the fall at 14:45, the index did not go below Aug 25th low. Therefore, if today this low, 1039.83 will not be broken, it'll continue to go up. But will it??
S&P closed at 1047.22, which equals to 27 Aquarius. What do we meet there?? Neptune!!!!
Neptune is sextile to the Center of Galaxy, and I would not argue with that!! So that is a very firm support. On the other hand, if this point is broken, wawawawaaa!!! What can I say?? all goes down the drain, just as somebody wrote in the " comments"

Will be back later.

Later:  I can continue now, we are still before the opening, and draw your attention to the point the Dow closed yesterday... 9986! Again under 10 thousand, psychological level! But not ONLY!! 9987 is the Galactic Center! So, although futures show a positive opening, It will be really difficult to climb above this level. Which planet can help? The Moon in Aries? no! it is V.O.C. Mars in Libra? It is in detriment, weak. Positive Fed announcements? Where is Neptune? the " the cloud- spreader?" it is trine Appollon. From here the index can get an "infusion" to further "calm" the investors. Opening above 9993 the index will jump over and above the black hole. In this case target is at 10023- 10079.
Falling below 9971, the last low, target: 9949, 9920 and lower.

Good trading!

Saturday, Shabbath, no trade today, just a peep back, what happened?

The Dow Opened with a huge gap -up, so it jumped over the black hole. Then it checked my lower target.. 9937. At the end of the day it rallied and closed at 10152. And it can continue to climb to 10218-10258-10330.
But if we look at the 1 minute graph, we see negative divergeance. Although the index went up, the RSI is on a "down-road". The support line turned into a resistance. Do not be fooled by this rally. My target for the coming days: 9438.

Off to the beach :) 
Happy week-end!

August 29, 2010

Sunday, ruled by the Sun and Uranus.
The Sabian oracle says:

Sun's Position at 10:05:10 AM is 05°Vi51'


You may find that the situation keeps returning to the same place and not progressing. But each time you return to the same point, you have had the opportunity of looking at all the other possibilities, you must make a decision: do you want to keep going around and around? Ever repeating circles of activity. If negative - repeating the same mistakes OR bouncing around from one thing to another.
Today the market in Tel Aviv opened with a Gap up, which , during Moon hours should be closed. ( From 1139.74- to 1150.28) My targets for the coming days: 1155- 1159-1161.
Good trading!

August 30, 2010

Happy birthday to Warren Buffett, and Cameron Diez!

Yesterday we opened with a gap-up, and I wrote that the rest of the day will be closing that gap. But it did not close completly.

In the evening news we saw lots of excitement! New signs of oil were found, new dreams, new weil of Neptune. So it is unlikely that this gap will close today, on the contrary, we are headed up. 

Today is Monday, so we are under the rulership of the Moon, and Mercury. Another sign for a rally: Moon- Sun trine. Moon at 7 Taurus, Sun at 6 Virgo. Both earth signs, and the oil is in the earth, isn't it? Mercury is in retro, getting closer to the Sun, and Mercury brings news. I wonder what will happen when Mercury turns direct! They'll say, oh sorry, it was a mistake, it's not really oil, it evaporated, or it's just gas... go figure!! But, untill then, it's a great opportunity to make some rounds.

There was a big switch yesterday politically. I saw the demonstrations in Washington. Here is the combined maps of Obama and Glenn Beck. I shall not go into a detailed analisys, but just look how the Suns, representing the persona, who you are, stand in 180 deg*  opposition! Mercury, in charge of speach, is in exact opposition, (red arrow). The president is a very good orator, so someone, who is not less than him, "beats" him on his own groud? 
Beck has Sun-Mars conjunction, both are inconjunct (150 deg - sick degree) to Obama's Mars. This represents a problem wich is not going away so quickly. 

Numerologically Obama's birthdate adds up to 29/11 - ruled by Uranus, and here is his intention for change. If only if, he sticks to the Aquarian resonances. Beck IS an Aquarian, having his Sun, Mercury, Mars and Saturn in Aquarius, but his data added up, gives us Mercury, and that signifies: talktalktalk, which is his weapon.

Why yesterday? Transiting Pluto at 150 degrees to Obama's Sun brings a lot of trouble, a need to change from inside. Pluto must distroy in order to build. It is there to stay for a long long time. We can add to this the cardinal square in the sky, between Saturn- Uranus Pluto. All point to times for change. The US. was born with Pluto in Capricorn, and now it returned to this sign, to make new changes...  Big changes ahead for the US.

Our market is vegetating.. Did not go above yesterday's high, nor did it close the gap;
waiting for Uncle Sam to open. What should we expect there?

Dow closed at 10150.65, ( 10 Gemini) with a huge marabuzu. The futures point up. But in the sky, Venus entered Aquarius, so a change is due.

If I look at the wheel, 10358 was a low on Aug.27, and 10538 a high- both a corner level. Now it can go up to 10618- and fell to 10458.  

Uranus is at 10200, Neptune at 10197, Pluto at 10202.. So as you see there is a great resistance there.
Do we have any Fed. announcements? Oh, yes, Personal income and PCE.  What ever they stand for.... if positive, we shall see the Dow at the targets mentioned.

S&P closed at 1064.61; target at 1075.

After the opening: the Dow is at 10131.50, which equals to 21 Taurus. The up-way is blocked by Venus, and Neptune, at 10137. Support at 10111-10113.9.

The S&P: Also blocked by Venus at 1066, Mars at 1063. a weak index will not go above these limits. Support at 1047.

Good trading!

31 Aug 2010

Today is Thuesday, and is ruled by Mercury, and Venus. Mercury is in retro, in Virgo, applying to the Sun. When a planet is less than 8.30 degrees from the Sun it is called combust. In this case it looses it's strengh and is debiliated. Therefore we cannot expect anything from Mercury in the coming days. Venus? It is still conjunct Mars, but in the Helio chart it ingressed Aquarius yesterday, and we saw the BIG turn in trend.

Yesterday I tried to upload a picture at 9 pm, but I failed. Here it is now:

TA 25 opened with a gap down,( 1127 ) now we are at 1129, and almost all the planets block the way up. Expected targets: 1132, but then again down to 1125. Breaking that: 1111.

The S&P had a negative day, but it did not break the lows of Aug 25, 27. Neptune supported it, at 1047. Below Neptune there is Venus at 1043, Mars at 1040, Mercury, but we cannot take it in considaration, and Saturn at 1024. Fibonacci count also gives 1024. :)

Be Good!

 Hello September....bye bye August ...
 September 1, 2010

"Try to remember the kind of September
When life was slow and oh so mellow
Try to remember the kind of September
When grass was green and grain so yellow
Try to remember the kind of September
When you were a young and a callow fellow
Try to remember and if you remember
Then follow--follow, oh-oh."

- Try to Remember, Lyrics by Tom Jones and Harvey Schmidt

Our market is up 1.09% as I write these lines now. I write this because TA25 moves similar to S&P. Based on this only, we can expect a positive day today, if no negative FED. announcements; there are minor announcements today. 1054-1056 resistance line.

Good trading!

Sept. 1 - Market opened with a gap-up - too much up! 1066-1067 resistance, than it'll close the gap!
Be very careful!

Sept 2, 2010

Thursday, ruled by Jupiter and Mercury. Both are retro.

The markets roared yesterday. This is a challenge to back check and see why... Anybody??? Or I am in the dark here! As Al Pacino, one of my favourite actors says in " Scent of a woman"

S&P closed at 1080, which is 0 Aries. Next target: 1104-1133.

This is the daily graph of the S&P. and the 0 line is at the top. Counting 85 days we get to Aug.25, at the right side, and Dec 21 09, at the left side. Last year, in yellow, it " vegetated. If it copies the same scenarion, then we have a same " vegetating " period for a month.

Good trading!

Sept 3, 2010  Friday

Today we have a double Venus day! :)

Attention attention!!! Today is the 377 Fibonacci TRADING and not calendar! day from March 9,09 low! Therefore I expect a turn in trend, although all the patterns show positiveness, and more rally, there must be a turn today, as it happened before. count from any high or low 377 trading days and see for yourselves! It is only a coincidence that Monday is labour day- holiday, and people would like to cash in rather than wait and see what'll happen next week... It is not a coincidence, that Sept. 3 are market highs historically, as I learned from my friend Bill Meridian. So put on your extra glasses today, and be very careful!

The Dow closed yesterday at 10350.10. This level equals to 0 Capricorn. Price squared Jupiter at 0 Aries. and Saturn at 4 Libra, as you can see with the red arrows. It also stopped below  10352.81 Pluto. 

S&P closed at 1090.1 = 0 Taurus; thus forming a trine to the a/m planets. Isn't it interesting, that both stopped at exact points?? Only this can ring the alarm bell.

Off to yoga... I'll be back later.

I see the futures are dark green, and my yesterday target was reached, in the S&P 1103.75
Dow future strong resistance at 10600.

Saturday again!! All these passed days will never return again... Have you thought of that?

Yesterday we saw the market reach my target 1104, correct, and make another attempt to close high. So we are now at 1104.58, which equals to 24 Aries, thus the price is locked between  Venus-Mars in 23-26 Libra.
Will it break loose??

We shall see that Wednesday, on the 8th. which is a MAJOR CIT day.

Off to the beach Happy week end!

Sept 5, 2010

Sunday. It's a trading day at this part of the world. TA 25 opened with a gap-up , now we are at 1173.88, higher than the last high... I expect higher highs, more rally in the coming days, with the help of the Moon, entering Leo, and New moon is soon here. The oil shares rally. Meanwhile lot of gas was found, not sure about the oil... It's under the Neptunian veil..

My target for today 1174.63, there price meets Saturn, or 1180- squares Nov 23,2008 low.

Good trading!

Sept 6, 2010

Monday. Today we are ruled by the Moon and Mars. They are in square by sign. The Moon is 27 days old. Tomorrow it'll "die" and start anew.
Yesterday TA 25 closed at 1175.61. Even higher than my target. With the Moon in Leo it was expected. But soon the Moon will end this cycle, and we will have 4 holidays, with no trade ( 8-9-10-11th of Sept.) to figure out what will come next. So meanwhile we are at 5 Cancer, Mercury is at 1178, the Nodes at 1180, the Sun at 1183. For support we have Jupiter at 1170 and Uranus at 1169- a firm bottom.

Gold hit the " wall"

Sept 7, 2010

Here is my September article.

We shall close in about 45 minutes, but I wanted to show you what is " full gas in neutral"

We will have holidays till the 12th, next Sunday. I sold almost all my portfolio, will start a new in the new year after the New Moon.  Basically I am still short on the markets.

What about the US markets? As you probably read already my September article ( under Links) I think the US can still try to go up, being one of the weakest markets world wide. It corrected only 2/3 from the great fall in 2007, while all the other markets did well. 

I shall be away for the holidays! 
Take care and be good :) 

 Happy 5771 !!!


  1. 19.8

    S&P made a bottom on Neptune, at 1075.76;
    Go long with a stickt stop at 1075.73.

    Good luck! :)

  2. today is the last day to trade Aug 21 options...

  3. hmm september will be bad chinese yin metal is present fire and metal press stocks down


  4. Hello WIllem,
    Is this chinese astrology?? could you elaborate pls?? what do you mean??

  5. Mercury Retro is a great cycle to trade precious metals and their stocks/options. Hello Mercury!

    P. S. Happy Birthday to your Mom!

  6. hi gabi, find it difficult to follow because your page starts with distant past, then goes to present, then back to distant past.
    Unfortunately i don't follow gann, so your analysis is difficult for me,would therefore appreciate it more if explanations and sentences are more structured and clear (eg. statements rather than questions)
    i'm being critical but i like your site nevertheless, the info you give is very useful.

  7. Hi

    Thanks for the input..
    I do not see why you think the page starts with distant past??
    I start a new article every new moon, and I continue almost daily. The last article started Aug 8, with the New Moon in Leo.
    Distant past you can read under " Archive"
    To understand Gann took me a few years, I studied, read everything I could, also it is based on astrology, and there is no way I could start even to explain it here... But, maybe you whish to sign up for a course?

  8. Hello, Gabriella
    SPX market has closed for 45 minutes, and many will say we had a "major" reversal up today.
    You were very accurate today, having stated 1036 and/or 1037 for possible lows ( Future low spU 1037, cash, spX low 1040)
    Do you 'still' anticipate another few days of lower values to Sept 1?
    Appreciate your blog

  9. Excellent charts Gabriella! I especially like your Helio chart today. Is it my imagination, or is price circling the drain, about to get flushed out the bottom? Gold and Silver are doing well, as is their custom with Mercury Retro. Nice to be on the right side of a trade, especially during all this confusion.

  10. Thank you, thank you... Yes, it definetly helps to be at the right side of the market... But, no, I had no such ideas as flushing anything down... I do hope the markets will stand the winds of the time.

  11. Thank you for a very insightful analysis. Hope you are right!

  12. Hi,
    Target 9438 in the next 2-4 days or by next week? Would appreciate a time target as well, if that is possible!

  13. HI Lee,

    No, the target is not for the newxt few days, but a further target- in months.

  14. Thanks Gabriella. Much appreciated.

  15. I bought NICE. Take a look. With a tight stop at 26.00 it could be a good trade. Target: 29.00

  16. I sold today Nice... With gain.

  17. Target 9438 - what about this one .. I know you said in months but I guess it should happen before mid term elections or we will have reasoable rally after elections anyway .. I had Oct 8 Venus retro date for this target but then how that goes with your last picture of vegatation for 1 month?

  18. Hi Gabriella,

    for what it's worth, I also see today (03SEP) as a potential turn date. As you know i watch certain time periods, and they all converge on this weekend for the Dow:

    25MAY low + 102 days = 04SEP
    21JUN top + 74 days = 03SEP
    06JUL low + 61 days = 05SEP
    20JUL low + 47 days = 04SEP

    We're still up quite a bit on the day, but should we close down, this will look very negative on the chart, similar to 21JUN.

    Keep up the good work!

    Thanks & regards,


  19. Hello Alex

    Thanks for your input. Yesterday the markets made an extra effort to close at the upside, maybe to give folks a positive holiday feeling. Go figure!
    My Wheel shows majot turns for this coming week too, if I count the weeks from March 09 low. But with Neptune around we are due to more fog and mystery... Neptune-Venus trine and parallel, Jupiter -Uranus too, Uranus-Saturn Parallel, Jup-Sat more above.

  20. Sep 8 you say major CIT. Its new moon too. Last new moon was top. Do you think this will be same or it will break loose up on Sep 8 ?


  21. Next week we have 2 squares on the north node-
    Saturn on 28th & the Sun on Oct1 to 3rd.
    Ive seen big market declines at those times
    Add in Sun 0 Saturn for good measure
    Anyone else got that on the radar?


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