New Moon in Libra, the Scales 2010

Libra.... There is something peculiar about this sign! 11 signs out of 12 are either animals or personalized. Only Libra is a tool, an object. If we think of the astrological wheel, that starts with the Ram, Aries, in the first house, opposite the Ram is Libra, 180 degrees. So Libra gets the 7th house, the house of marriage and partnerships, or any joint ventures of any kind. It describes how the querrent interacts with people, friends or adversaries. But if Libra is in charge, and the Scales is an object, it has no instincts as an animal or feelings as a person. Therefore house 7 turns to be " correct" after it passes the gates of cold judgment. Therefore, we fall in love in the fire sign of Leo, represented in the fifth house, and then wake up married in Libra, this air sign, all thoughts, (why did I get married to him?) criticism,(who is this person?), cold judgments ( no flowers in the weekend??? ahaaa... I'll show you... ). This is a mystery I am trying to figure out for a long time.

Numerologically the Libra gets the no. 6. the number of Venus. Having one 6 in the birth date is ok, it shows service to others, empathy, the need to give, and help. But multiple 6 brings one to the "out-for me- syndrome"  this syndrome makes a person an accountant. What did I do for you, and what did I get in return?? When this comes up, mixed with criticism, love dies instantly.

The negative side of the Libras is, that in trying to serve everyone, they forget about themselves. The decisions they take are on their account, against what they really want, just to keep up the harmony... which is sometimes false.

In tarot Libra is featured by the King of swords, sitting on the throne, with gloves (Venus) on his hands, but with a sword. And when Libras had enough, when they do not want to keep up the smiles, this sword lands hard and unexpected, shocking all around, because they have not expected such an outburst. Once the sword is down, there is no turning back. You are wiped out, dead.

Famous Libras: Himmler, born Oct 7, 1900, Desmond Tutu, born same day, 1991, Gandhi, Oct 2, 1869, from our times: Berlusconi; born Sept 29, 1936, Nataniahu, born Oct 21, 1949, Hussein Musawi, ex- president of Iran, born Sept 29, 1941; Julia Gillard new Australian PM born 29 Sept 1961; Putin... but I already wrote about him.

Libras get along well with other air signs, as Geminis and Aquarians. Usually do not get along with the next sign, Scorpio. But surely we have to check the whole chart for that, not only the Sun's placement.

So now lets see what can we expect of this new moon in the markets.
Till the next new moon we will have a few interesting angles in the sky. Mark these days for turns, or CIT.  

The most important is Venus turning retro,then it'll turn back to direct on Nov 19, . so again a turn in trend is expected. On this day it'll conjunct Mars again. November 4 Neptune will be stationary. Major turn in trend when Mars enters Sag. on Oct 28. 

More important is the angles in the Helio chart. Here we do not have retros, the planets just move on forward, no regrets, no corrections. Today! Jupiter enters Aries, Oct 19 Mercury visits Scorpio, Oct 26 Venus arrives home, to Taurus.

The Dow made another effort, and it burst out of it's vegetating position, but at 11038 met Venus helio line, and fell. Look!!!  a curiosity: 11032.17 adds up to 15= 1+5=6 here you are again Libra, Venus number. More in the group.  

I understand Monday no trade because of Columbus day? So have a nice weekend, rest, read, see you back next week.

October 10,2010 Sunday

Market just closed here. Very dull day. It seems that with last remaining energy it crawled up, and we closed at 1235.53 , 5 Virgo. Although small change, but in the hour graph is important, since it crossed a resistance line, and tomorrow it'll continue to go up. Possible top: 1244.45

Be good, I'm off to yoga.

PS> have you noticed the date? first and last time in history! 10/10/10  :)

October 11, 2010

Today morning my outlook popped out a message I wrote to myself sometime in the past: " top then down" ....
Monday, ruled by the moon, and Venus. The moon is in Sagittarius, Venus in Scorpio, retro.

Yesterday TA25 closed at 1235.53, = 5 Virgo, today this degree makes different angles to some planets. By these angles we can see todays' top and bottom.  Would you like to know more? at what time will the top come?? Sign up to the group...

Today we have important angles in the helio sky:  Venus 180 to Saturn, Mercury to Mars, Mars to Venus Neptune to Hades, all point to a sharp top, then down.

Good trading!

After the close: this is what happened today:

October 12, 2010

Tuesday is ruled by Mars and Neptune. Mars is still is Scorpio, at 18 degrees, which is a distructive degree. Neptune is in Aquarius, parallel to the Sun. Several resistances tomorrow: with Venus as 1243, Mars 1247. Support lines are at 1227- 1228.8, 1234.

Happy trading

Good morning everyone, had a good night sleep?

Today is Tuesday, we have the Moon in Sagittarius, sextile the Sun, which is good, but what comes after sextile? (60deg)? Sqaure!! which is bad... and it'll square the Sun till the 15th . Mercury, in charge of the volatility and trade, is combust and peregrine, so close to the Sun it is burnt out, which is the second bad sign.  Uranus sqaures the Center of Galaxy, third, Pluto is getting in exact conjuntion to the Node. Shall I continue? More negative angles in the Helio chart. Are we in for a correction?

For my french visitors, here is the CAC:
Stocastic weak, DMI shows indecision. Correction in the coming days possible till : 3509 if falls below 3738.

Good trading!

October 13, 2010

Wednesday, we are ruled by Mercury and Saturn. Mercury is in between Sun and Saturn, the worst position it can be. The Moon just entered Capricorn, soon will join Pluto. If a week or two we had " odd couples" , planets doubling up in signs, now we have triples. Sun+Merc+Sat in Libra, Moon+Pluto+North Node in Cap. Only Neptune is alone, can do whatever it wants, a singleton, a bachelor... and bachelors have great times, no? Neptune sends out more fog, and it is not aware of the real situation, more so when in retro. So the ball goes on, the markets go up, new highs every day. Many indices made a V pattern since the fall of 2008; except the Dow, S&P, Nikkey, SSEA, Russia.
What can we do? Just follow the markets. Be the friend of the trend. Mind you, I would not stay for overnight, we never know what might happen in the morning... Be ready for surprises.

TA25 closed yesterday at 1238= 8 Virgo, In the Helio chart it squared exactly Mars. This shoul mark a temporary top. But, with the positive backwind from uncle Sam, next levels: 1244.56-1257.66

Good day ....

TA25 made new high at 1257.94 - all times high! there it bumped into Uranus.
Dow : expected levels: 11260-11400- in the lung run, but for today : 11140- 11175 -11203.

October 14, 2010

Thursday, ruled by Jupiter and Mars. Just what we want for a finale for the weekend.... ( over here ) Jupiter is in retro, 25Pisc.32. and Mars at 20Sco06. They square each other.
Today is 6 years of a solar eclipse we had at 21 Libra.. Too many signs for a turn in trend.

TA 25 closed yesterday at 1255.52- next levels to conquer : 1256-1257-1263-1271.
Since it is a weekend here, and people tend to cash in, possible correction to 1250-1248-1242.5
Watch for a turn in trend between: 10:32-11:30, and 15:18-16:16.

What actually happened is here:

Targets as well as time worked!!

See u later


October 15, 2010

Under " LINKS" at the left side of this blog I added a very interesting site, named" Tracking the World", check it out....

Friday is ruled by Venus and the Sun. Venus is in retro, at 11082 (it can serve at a support line for the Dow), the Sun is still in LIbra, at 11092.

The Dow closed yesterday at 11095, so it is above these two planets. They support it. Since the Dow closed at 11095- the price sextiled Jupiter, which is good. Which planet could block the further uptrend? Neptune is at 11096.05- Uranus at 11097.68, Jupiter at 11095,40; Pluto at 11103.04. The Nodes play a great part in the markets, they blocked the DAX - as I mentioned it in the posts of the group haven't signed up yet?.... hmmmmm  pity ...  Now the Node is at 11105.97, so watch out for these levels today. If the index rockets again, and passes these levels, we shall see new highs. With Moon in Aquarius it is possible...

 Here is the Dow position for today :

Trade well, we have no trade today and tomorrow, 35 degrees outside, the only place to be is???.... the beach !! :))

But before I go, here is a riddle: I see I have a visitor from Switzerland! Wellcome !!!! Anyone: Zurich made a high today at 6458.59- to what degree equals this number? Which planets block or suppport the index???
I expect some answers till I'll be back.....

October 16, 2010 Saturday

Just a short note, answering my riddle: 6458 equals 8 Pisces. At the moment we have two planets in Pisces: Jupiter, at 25degrees,= 6475 translated to the index's level, and Uranus at 27 degrees= 6477. So these two planets block the uptrend. Neptune at 6446 is a support line.
October 16, is a major CIT DAY! being 1080 DAYS  from Nov, 1, 2007 high. but there is no trade....

Tomorrow, Sunday is a trading day over here, so TA25 closed at 1256.98 which equals to 176.98 in the astro wheel, 26 virgo. Thus the price found itself in between Jupiter and Uranus again. Support at 1255.22 - resistance at 1257.62 We turn to a "mobilizer", for Mars, or Mercury. Both of them are under 1256, so they also form a support line. Mercury actually conjuncts the Sun at the opening, it is "Cazimi" meaning 0*17' from the Sun=  very strong!
The Moon will conjunct Neptune and square Mars later tomorrow. Bottom line, the index will go sideways, but later will try new highs. Go long if index stays above 1258- with target 1264.71- 1270-1276.7, hold your horses if index falls below 1255.22. Go short below 1235.

we have still 35 degrees here, so off to the beach... take care, bye.

October 17, 2010 after closing

an extremly boring day... this is what we had today: 1 minute graph.

My internet got disconnected today maybe a dozen times... I had to log in, reset everything... Mercury is not even in retro!! Just conjunct the Sun. Communication is terrible.  I had an ugly day today.


After Yoga now, you should try it!! ... What do you think will happen tomorrow in the US markets? well.... I am used to answer my own questions, since NOONE would raise a finger! :( 
Do we have any announcements? Any thoughts? Wishes? dreams?

Oct 18, 2010 Monday

A new week ahead of us. Those who signed up to my groups, received yesterday a weekly forecast. Today we are under the rulership of the Moon, and Uranus!! wawa!! the Moon entered Pisces, sextiled earlier today Pluto, now it is on it's way to conjunct Jupiter and Uranus.  Uranus is at 27Pisc.34. Before opening the Dow and S&P went up with Dax hand in hand. Dax, the forerunner, made new high, as expected. My target for it 6575.

Dow: if you look closely on the graph I uploaded yesterday, you can see future higher targets.

October 20, 2010

Wednesday, ruled by Mercury and Venus. Mercury is at the last degree of Libra, powerless, Venus is debiliated in Scorpio and retro. The Moon is in Pisces, inbetween Jupiter and Pluto, sending a 150 (bad) angle to the Sun.  What picture do we receive here for today? I would say rather weak...

TA 25 is at this moment at 1252.04- a try to go up. this level equals to 22 Virgo. Resistance is at 1255,1256.50-1257.50-1259. Too many planets block the way up. Which one is supporting?? 1240 - Saturn and Venus.

Culminating hour for today is between 11:28-12:24, if by then the index will not run up, then we shall see a fall at noon : 1:21-2:17. pm. 

back later...

A graph about the Euro-Dollar... more in the group.

Have a good day...:))

October 21,2010

Hi Guys,  slept well?? I have to tell you, that since I am doing yoga, I sleep excellent! you really should get out of your chairs and go yoga!

So what do we have today? It's a Thursday, a g a i n... time flies, hmmm??  We are under the rulership of Jupiter and Venus. The are both in retro, in water signs. Mars makes a trine to Jupiter, and a square to Neptune, the Moon is in fire sign Aries, Mercury is peregrine, swift and diect. We remember that all planets are in minus declination. So far positive and long. How about the helio chart? The Earth trines the Center of Galaxy, Venus soon will be conjunct. hmmmmmmmm (on the 24th, to be exact...) and Jupiter ingressed Aries- fire sign. Well... no wonder the markets are up. Jupiter was at this place in Dec.3, 1998- Nov. 1999. Everyone... check your index what happened back then?? Maybe together we can learn something?! Everything is based on research, research !!!

Do you know what happened today in history?? Go to the link at the left side!! Columbus discovered America!!!! 1492. Magellan arrives at Tierra Del Fuego.
And last but not least, Happy birthday to Mr. Netanyahu.

Market opens, so I shall continue later.

TA25 made a high today at 1262.22, and now, it is at 1261.11- exact Jupiter Heliocentric position. It will "vegetate" at this point. I see a change in trend  after 3:13pm today. will it be the last try for a new high?? We shall see... Targets if going above 1261- 1268.41, 1272.78, 1284.84.

 Dow : 30 Minutes graph. made high 3 times at 11155 - 11158 -11152... with the help of astrology, I just found out, that it hit 3 times Jupiter- Uranus conjunction in Pisces, and fell. Those who read this blog are familiar with the " 3 fathers" pattern I gave to this situations. There were 3 fathers in the bible: Abraham, Izhak, and Jacob. If the index did not succeed 3 times, the 4th time it either goes above with a huge volume, or falls with a huge volume. Don't forget we are heading to the full moon, another sign for turn, besides many others...

This is what happened :

Ahhh, and by the way, TA25 reached my target, at 1272.25

October 22,2010

Thanks God, it's Friday... no trade here, but I will give you my thoughts about the Dow.
Friday, as you know already, is ruled by Venus, the lady in blue, why? because she is in Scorpio... hahah... along with Venus, Saturn, achhh, bad, bad bad. But, not quite! Saturn is in Libra, the home of Venus, and it feels gooood there, it is exalted. Where is Saturn regarding the Dow? at 11140.37, so it forms a support for the Dow, and a resistance at 11170.37. Venus is at  11139.27, as a support line and at 11199.27 as a resistance line.
What can we learn from the moon's position? By the time the market opens it'll be at 23 Aries, a fire sign, getting ready to face in 180 deg. the Sun.
Dow closed today at 16 Pisces, so in the picture below you can see, that the uptrend is blocked by Jupiter and Uranus. Also the downtrend is sealed by Neptune. How sealed??? Hmmmm..

Why is tomorrow a major importance day?  Octobr 22, is 150 days from May 25, 2010 .... it's 780 days from Sept 2 , 2008... just some fibonacci numbers.

Watch for a positive hour between 1:34- 2:29 PM and a fall between 3:23-5:12 PM.
(NY time)  Targets: 11292-11360-11395. 
Good trading, good night, have a nice week end.

October 22, 2010

Good morning,

I see during the night some people were looking for a clue about Goldman Sachs GS.
Here is the graph, with my input

Saturday, Oct 23, 2010

I woke up really early today, something in the air is changing, no more the heat wave we had last week, it seems we will be able to switch off the aircondition as of today...:) .
A few thoughts for the coming week: today we have a full moon, in Libra/ Aries. This alone can signify a change in short term. But since Mars is still in Scorpio, I would not go 100% short. Markets will vegetate, (consolidate, go side ways) and wait for the next leg- up. Next important angle between Mars- Neptune could pour some new energies into the markets.

The Dow closed at 11132.56, equals 2.56 Pisces, and shocky- shocking it made a trine to Mercury and the Node... AND it stayed " jailed" in between Neptune- Jupiter, as I said yesterday. 

By the time the markets open on Monday we shall have a new scenario: Moon will be in Gemini, but with 150 degrees to the Sun, (in yellow) Sun had already ingressed to Sco. ( in red) AND Merc/ Venus conjunct in Sco. Now here is the research side of the analysis... When we bump into a conjunction, ingress, eclipse, etc. we should check what did it cause before? there was a Mercury - Venus conjunction on April 6,2010. these are fast moving planets, so the effect is in accordance. That day the S&P for instance made a red candle. nothing terrible, just one down day. If we find a conjunction between slow planets like Neptune- Uranus, or Nep-PL, than the impact is longer and deeper.
Another way to search for turns in trend are the fibonacchi days count. Oct. 25 is 182 days from April 26 top, Oct. 30 is 121 days from July 1 low.

October 24, 2010

Good morning,

Sunday.  Today we are again under the rulership of the Sun and Saturn.
Major change in the sky, with Sun's ingress to Scorpio. We have now 6 planets in water signs, Pluto and the Moon in earth signs, and  Saturn, Neptune in air. No fire, no passion, no enthusiasm. But, we do have a Mars-Uranus trine, at 1287 - for TA 25, 11127 for the Dow, 1167 for the S&P , 1317 for the Gold. These levels are support lines now.

Fort those who trade TA25, we shall have an " up hour between 1:19-2:15 pm, and a " down hour towards the closing, starting 3:10pm.
TA25 closed last week at 1272.26, or 12 LIbra. Here is the pic.

After the opening I shall post some intraday levels, we shall see if they work...
Have a good day, and weekend for those who rest.

here are the intraday levels to watch : 1275.15 - 1275.6 - 1276.05 -1276.96 to yhe upside, 1274,02 - 1273.8 - 1273.35 - 1273.12 -1272.9 to the downside. runnung above 1276.06 we shall recalculate.

This is what happened yesterday:

October 25,2010


I wrote last week: Another way to search for turns in trend are the fibonacchi days count. Oct. 25 is 182 days from April 26 top, Oct. 30 is 121 days from July 1 low.

US markets : We are waiting for Bernanke's speach at 14:30... meanwhile the dollar is going south, resistance lines for the Dow: 11139 - 11213 ( prev. high) / support line at: 11066 - 10993 - 10918.
I am never trading when Mr. B' speaks.....

today's targets for the Dow: possible correction: 11230- 11213 - 11196, but then new highs at: 11248 - 11265 - 11300- 11317.5.

Good trading!

October 26,2010 Tuesday, the day of Mars and Jupiter.

Good morning all, how are you? Here the Sun is shining, we will have again above 30 degrees today... and with the heat the markets go up.

TA25 closed yesterday at 1275.11= 15 Libra. Since Saturn is at 10, it supports the index. On the other hand Mars forms a resistance, at 1275.46

Today is 56 days from Aug 31 low.  Watch for a change in trend on Oct 29, and Nov 4 !
Today I expect a lazy opening, as if scraching it's head where to go? Do we have more fuel to go up? or should we just wait and see what happens?? 1279 is an important level, I would be very careful if we hit that number. Note that on 90 min. graph we got 2 parabolic points above, signaling for a correction. But we shall go short only if TA25 fells below1251.
Important thing to remember that Venus enters Taurus today in heliocentric graph. Venus rules Taurus, it is " at home" and lazy.

Gold: made high at 1348, now next level can be 1353.

Good trading :)

TA25 is   n e g a t i v e ! 0.83% down... next support is at 1264.8 - 1262 - 1261.5 - 1258.9 - 1257.7

DAX made a high yesterday with a Doji, now there too corrections.

Before the opening:

Dow: closed yesterday at 11164= 4 Aries. price squared the nodes, but it found support on Pluto. But, will it be stong enough to keep up the market?? The Moon is waning, Mercury is combust, Mars at the last degrees of Scorpio, not much power left. expected targets for the dow today: 11161- 11110-11056.

Correction to the upside: 3:20-4:14 pm. 

Good trading!  

October 27,2010

Look at the Dow, and my forecast yesterday! it stopped on 11161, ad went sideways... and it is going that since October 20th.
Today it's Wednesday, and Mercury with Uranus rules. Both are weak, because if their placements. The Moon will square Uranus today, and those who signed up, received my alerts.
Dow: closed at 11169= 9 Aries, therefore it is still supported by Pluto- Sun sextile, but also pressed down by Mercury- Saturn. Will it be another dull day??

TA end of the day....

US MARKETS OPENED ! S&P   B E L O W  Saturn!! bad bad bad ( for bulls) -- unless it climbs above 1180 - we can stay calm... otherwise it's good to buy some puts. Work with very tight stops! high volatility due to Moon's position.

Good luck :)

October 28, 2010

Thursday, ruled by Jupiter and Mercury. We could not request a better pair for options expiry.
But, as usual, I am not going to fall in the trap of "guessing what the expiry will be, since TA25 can be "moved" with no money almost... By the way, I am not in position.

What signs do we have todayin the sky:  The most important is Mars ingress to Sagittarius. fire into fire.. first sign for a new energy.

Back later

TA25 options expired at 1262 - many, many... were wiped out. People waited for 1290 and above... rather anemic expiry, if we look at yesterday's close, only 4 points lower. Targets for today: 1265.76-1269.37 - 1271.37 ( major resistance)  - 1274.73 - 1276.97.

So far so good, TA25 is now at  1273.14... but should we stay in position for overnight? What is ahead of us for Sunday?? 31, Oct.? The Moon will be in Leo, in square to the Sun, inspite of that, if today the index stayed above 1271.50, we can expect further rally, till 1284, 1286.
But... watch out, it is also a CIT DAY.

And.. Happy birthday to Julia Roberts, (43) Bill Gates,(55) Ahmadinajad ( 54)
Sorry Julia, Bill.... :)

S&P after the opening: hmmmm, everything looks great, so why do I have an uneasy feeling?? Watch for 1156 if it fails to rally above 1196.20 

October 29, 2010

Friday, Is a double Venus day. Venus is in Sco, in retro, slow, and combust the Sun. Venus is one of the benefactors, but it is so burnt out by the Sun, that it has no power whatsoever.

Dow closed at 11114, wich corresponds to 14 Aquarius, thus it is below all the strong planets. Only Saturn, at 11111 can help... But can the "old man " alone stand up against all the group?? Doubts are screping into my heart...:)  the bear was out just for a second two days ago, now it feels more confident.
Targets: 11134 -11106-11077-11049-10992-10964-10935.

Good trading  :)

Good morning everyone,

Sunday, 31, October , 2010

Today we are ruled by the Sun and Saturn. Today we celebrate the FIRST birthday of this blog.
Yes, it's been one year since I write, and I had a good idea to make a book out of it. What do you think??

So where are the stars today? The Sun in Scorpio, in trine with the NN. The Moon still in Leo, squaring Mercury. Venus in Sco. sends a sextile to Pluto, Mars in Sag. semi sextile Venus. Saturn at 11 LIbra, holding up the markets. Jup-Uranus-Nep, far from all the others.
In the heliocentric chart we have a quincunx between Earth - Saturn... hmmm bad angle. Now here is the small reasearch that we can do. Let's check when did this angle happened before, and what did it cause?
 8.04.2000 0:00 (GMT) - 9.04.2000 0:00 (GMT)

12.06.2000 0:00 (GMT) - 13.06.2000 0:00 (GMT)
23.04.2001 0:00 (GMT) - 24.04.2001 0:00 (GMT)
27.06.2001 0:00 (GMT) - 28.06.2001 0:00 (GMT)
7.05.2002 0:00 (GMT) - 9.05.2002 0:00 (GMT)
12.07.2002 0:00 (GMT) - 13.07.2002 0:00 (GMT)
22.05.2003 0:00 (GMT) - 24.05.2003 0:00 (GMT)
27.07.2003 0:00 (GMT) - 28.07.2003 0:00 (GMT)
5.06.2004 0:00 (GMT) - 7.06.2004 0:00 (GMT)
10.08.2004 0:00 (GMT) - 11.08.2004 0:00 (GMT)
20.06.2005 0:00 (GMT) - 22.06.2005 0:00 (GMT)
25.08.2005 0:00 (GMT) - 26.08.2005 0:00 (GMT)
5.07.2006 0:00 (GMT) - 6.07.2006 0:00 (GMT)
8.09.2006 0:00 (GMT) - 9.09.2006 0:00 (GMT)
20.07.2007 0:00 (GMT) - 21.07.2007 0:00 (GMT)
23.09.2007 0:00 (GMT) - 24.09.2007 0:00 (GMT)
2.08.2008 0:00 (GMT) - 3.08.2008 0:00 (GMT)
5.10.2008 0:00 (GMT) - 6.10.2008 0:00 (GMT)
16.08.2009 0:00 (GMT) - 17.08.2009 0:00 (GMT)
19.10.2009 0:00 (GMT) - 20.10.2009 0:00 (GMT)
30.08.2010 0:00 (GMT) - 31.08.2010 0:00 (GMT)
1.11.2010 0:00 (GMT) - 2.11.2010 0:00 (GMT)
12.09.2011 0:00 (GMT) - 13.09.2011 0:00 (GMT)
13.11.2011 0:00 (GMT) - 14.11.2011 0:00 (GMT)
23.09.2012 0:00 (GMT) - 25.09.2012 0:00 (GMT)
25.11.2012 0:00 (GMT) - 26.11.2012 0:00 (GMT)
6.10.2013 0:00 (GMT) - 7.10.2013 0:00 (GMT)
7.12.2013 0:00 (GMT) - 8.12.2013 0:00 (GMT)

Everybody should  check it in his index...

Market starts over here, be back later

TA today's targets: TA closed below Saturn, so it is now a "resistance line" therefore, if it fails to go above 1271.38, we shall see it making a correction. what planet is there to hold the market? Venus, at 1264.11. But Venus is weak, and in detriment in Scorpio, and in retro... so we should look further. Below Venus we can find Mars at 1262.19....
Targets to the upside: if a miracle happens...: 1271.37-1273.61 - 1274..73 ( difficult to cross) but if it does, then : 1275.85, 1276.97(again difficult) . For time: although the time does not always work, watch for a rise between: 1:16-2:11 pm.

Good luck :)

See what happened today: it is almost boring to witness day after day the same pattern....
Close again around Saturn, at 1273.98...a sign for more up?? 1284 behind the corner. 

Off to Yoga, be good !!!

November 1, 2010

Bye bye October, welcome November... what are we to expect from this coming month in the markets? Let's go back in history to see what happened, maybe the past will give us a clue about the future.
Let's take the Dow:  Nov 09, =up, Nov 08, down most of the month, 2007 down, 2006 up, 2005 up, 2004 up, 2003, partially down, 2002, only 1 week down, 2001 up, 2000 down. So in the last 10 years 5 times up 5 times down... Not much clue there is it?? Like the Libra.. haha... But if we take the theory that a pattern returns every 5 or 10 years, then too we are in a void, since 2005 was an up year, and 2000 a down. So we will have to go day be day, as I did till now, and see what the stars wisper.

TA25 closed yesterday at 1273.98, which put it right on the lap of Saturn.. Now the planet holds it up and keeps it comfortable...The first resistance is with Mercury at 1278. Above that a great gap is open up to 1284-1287.  Will it be Mercury that will block a new rally?? Hard to beleive.
In the helio chart we have today a nice Mercury- Saturn sextile , but both send 150 degree to Earth. Maybe this angle will mark an end to the rally.

Before the Opening: The dow closed last week at 11118, which equals to 18 Aquarius. Price made a square, a 90 deg. angle to Mercury. Now it must go above Neptune, at 11125,  11154, JUpiter, 11187 Uranus to go further up.

The S&P: closed at 1183, = 13 Cancer. Price made a square to Saturn. Will it hold?? Further steps up: 1188 -1194- 1199-1203.37. Look out for a trap! today we have Pluto- Node conjunction. Pluto signifies money, but the nodes are for manupilation... ( thanks for this insite from my friend Eswar) .

November 2, 2010

Tuesday, elections' day, Mars day, Neptune day, the Day of the Dead. If you click on the date today, you will be amazed how many things happened in history on this day...

Market wise we shall look at Mars. It is at 3 Sag, makes a minor angle to Pluto, but a bad angle to the South Node. It is a bad sign if I think of the elections due today in the US., and also a signifies a fall in the markets. Venus, is in sextile to Pluto, which could be a good angle only if Venus was not debilitated, weak, in retro and in Scorpio. Pluto is conjunct the Node, which , as I wrote yesterday is bad for the markets. Neptune is the other star which rules the day, funny, how hazy Neptune popped out exactly on this day of elections. For those who know tarot cards, it is equivalent to 7 cups.... or the Moon in the major arcana. well.. what can I tell u? We saw the markets stall last night. in the S&P we got 3 Doji's, meaning a Tri Star. they show a bearish, moderate reversal trend. in the Dow we got a huge doji, but they " managed" to close above Oct. 29th 11125 we got a level at 25 Aquarius, surprise, surprise!! what do we have there?? Neptune!!! :)  So we move in circles... 

Have a good day. 

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S&P tonight: opened with a gap up, at 1194.53= 24 Cancer. and corrected to 1189.85. Now the only planets to block furth uptrend is Uranus at 1197.13 ; Above that Pluto is waiting at 1203.37.. ... For those who subscribe to my group turning times for intraday was given, something I am making a research on, lately. Most of them worked..:)).

This is what happened today...does this pattern ring a bell?

Good night.

November 3, 2010

today, 198 years ago, Napoleon's armies were defeted at Vyazma... is history back? Although a different kind of army, but we saw a kind  of defeat yesterday...How will this infuence the markets from now on? or anyway the markets are crying for a turn, no matter what, or on whom the Sun is shining? A turn is due. It's in the air.

As I write these lines at 9:00 am, the Moon entered Libra. Scroll up to the beginning of this article, read about the characteristics of Libra, remember the tarot card, the king with the sword... Libras are harmoniuos people, until they have had enough, and shout, or do something dramatic.  The Moon will conjunct Saturn tomorrow at 2:30 am ( gmt+2) so it's impact we will feel tomorrow. Tomorrow is a major turning day too.

TA25 today: resistance at: 1281.31, 1283.9, 1285.91, 1287.11, 1292.4, 1294.3
Support : 1273.58 Zeus or 1271.73 on Saturn.
I would expect a leg up between:11:27-12:21 am, but down again 1:15-2:10 pm, with a lot of brutal energy towards the closing.

Usually I do not load a share's map, but you must see TOWER (TSEM) today!!! Unbelievable how it reacts to the planetary transits !

First of all we would check the Sun, Moon and Asc. of a share. Sun at 20 Cap, receives a nice (blue) 60 degrees angle from Mercury, meaning lots of positive volatility. Mars at 10 Sco. transiting Sun is exactly on Mars. (in green) Moon, just to check the masses feeling towards the share, sends an exact 120 degree angle to natal Jupiter. Transiting Mars, ruler of Asc, is also favorable towards Natal Neptune. Neptune stands for the 12th house ruler, something is going on behind the curtains....
I bought the option of this share... :)  Will definitely hold it till the favorable angles last.

This share trades in Israel and in the US too. See something peculiar: it made a high on 3/3/10 and a low on 9/9/10 - difference 190 days... Not a trading advice.. but next targets as I see it, 1.48875, 1.565, 1.6412, 1.7175 - here it'll bump into a corrective position, would it continue to go up, it'll reach 1.87, 2.175.
Time wise: We shall look for a change in trend on Nov. 19, and Jan. 5,11.
Earnings call: Nov 11!!!
My option expires in 54 days, so now I am a Ninja...

TA25 made a low at 1262 - exactly when we had a sextile between Moon-Mars at 15:18, and Mars is at 1262  :) Nice no??

We do not trade when Mr. B' speaks... Markets go wild. Wait at least 30 minutes after the speech.

November 4, 2010

Today we will be under the effect of Jupiter and Mars. They are in square by sign. The Moon is conjunct Saturn. These two aspects are not so pink. The Sun is on Becrux a fixed star, this star is also called the Star of Bethlehem.  If you are interested in the fixed stars, you must buy the books of Mrs. Diana Rosenberg, my dear friend I met at the UAC in 2008, and Deborah Houlding's books. All their books are masterpieces. Today there will be good angles too in the sky, between Mercury- Jupiter & Uranus, a trine, which can "pump" the markets up again.

Good trading!

Some thoughts about the S&P far future dates and levels:

Have a nice weekend.. here we have above 27 celsius... it seems the summer is back.

November 7, 2010

Sunday. Rulers of the day: Sun and Jupiter. Hmmm, we had a new moon yesterday, so please click on my new article;... 
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  1. Remember my target to 1199 SP500

    Magicus Othelma

  2. S&P hit today 1196... almost your target :)
    Chapeau !!

  3. thank you for my 1199 forecast. Now I do not think it will drop a lot.
    I believe that on November 3 will suffice. for me the trend is still a long BULL

    Magicus Othelma


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