New Moon in Scorpio 2010

New Moon in Scorpio Nov 6- Dec 5

If you want something good to last long, do it on a new moon, or during the first week after the New Moon. For instance open a business on the new moon, or get married. One should NOT fell sick on a new moon, as happened with my father, on a day like this. Specially when the Moon is in Scorpio, the sign of the 8th house of death, the bad things will also last long. The mothers of two of my girlfriends got a stroke yesterday, under the new moon in Scorpio too.... Scorpio is THE sign of survival. But should one survive in a coma???

I was not by the computer for two days, sorry folks. First I got a troyan in my PC, next this... The computer is ok now, so we can have a quick glance at the markets:

Today: Nov 11, 2010 Tuesday.
We are ruled by Mars, and Neptune. The planets that rule the head and blood, and all the fluids in our body, also illusions. Mars is at 8 degree (again a Saturnian degree, of the 8th house) in 150 degree position from the South Node, a very negative placement. Neptune is in Aquarius 25 degree. 25= 2+5=7 a Neptunian ruled number. This degree makes Neptune even stronger. The Moon is now in Sagittarius, which makes thing happen suddenly, and in a jupiterian way...  Venus, the small benefactor, is in Libra, a sign it rules, but it is in retro, and thus changing signs it made the markets turn yesterday, when it ingressed Libra. New Moons are also a sign for a change. A major change brings Mercury entering Sagittarius; in the Geocentric chart, air in fire... In Heliocentric chart Mercury just entered Capricorn. Bad placement. Another reason for a down-side turn!!

 So what happened yesterday?

The Dow closed at 11406, which equals to 6 SAG. Thus it is under Mars, which is at 11408. But above Kronos, an Uranian planet which corresponds to Saturn, so it is on a strong support line. It made a very small correction yesterday, but not enough to talk about a bear return.
The index is in between 11433-11463, breaking either way will show us the next step. 11150 is only the middle of the Bollinger band, so falling that down will still not mean that the bears are back.

The S&P:
Made a high at 1224.57, which is a higher high than in April, so I expect it to go further up. 1128 is my target on the short run.

Read my November forecast under "Links" or at my site...

Will be back later,  have a great day.

For those that joined me on "TSEM" it made a high at 1.69. Yesterday it corrected, which can deepen to 1.51, only to up to 1.95. On announcement days we should NOT be in any share, so if you knew this, you did not loose half of what u gained previously.

After the opening: S&P is in my favorite pattern: in 10 minutes graph, tried 3 times to cross 1228, untill now unsuccessfully. The indicators vary. in green - positive, in purple, negative.

Go long only if 1228 is behind us, with a big volume.

Good trading!

TA25 : see today's 15 min. graph... here too my 3 father's pattern. My next target is on the graph.

Astrologically, the price 1268.36 equals 8 Virgo, and Mars is at 8 Sag.; thus price squared Mars, and was blocked.

You are welcome to post your comments...

November 10, 2010 Wednesday.

Today we are under the effect of Mercury and Venus. Hmmm .... two small personal planets. Some interesting insights from my "Oracle" about the Sun's placement today, at 17*Sco.44'
Sun's Position at 8:13:40 AM is 17°Sc44'


Fruitful success is now behind you and it is the dramatic preparation for change that has resulted from the fruits of your labour that is surrounding you now. It is harvest time or just after harvest time and all is good. Take a deep breath and infuse yourself with nature's gifts. Rewards of plenty.
If negative - being too late for the harvest."

Please observe, that Mercury is at the midpoint between Venus and Pluto. Between two distructive points, because Venus is in retro and Pluto.... is Pluto. For those who might be interested in signing up to my astro-numerology class related to the markets, this is the opportunity! to understand deeply the meanings of the planets, the angles they make, etc.
Well, after Mercury ingressing yesterday Capricorn in the Heliocentric chart, we saw what happened. We will have more triggers this month, like November 11 is 300 degrees from January 15, 2010 solar eclipse that occurred at 25 degrees Capricorn, November 17 is 144 degrees from June 26, 2010 Lunar eclipse, and November 23 is 150 degrees from the same eclipse, at 4 Capricorn. Mark these dates in your calendar. They will bring a CIT.

S&P : what we see here is only a correction. It'll have to fall below 1193 in order to see the shadow of a bear.

I'll continue later...

November 11,2010 Thursday.

Good morning

Did yo know, that today, 101 years ago started to build Pearl Harbour? What a day to choose! 11.11.1909.. I wonder if they knew what happened years later they would still start building it? a very powerful day, in scorpio, ruler of the 8th house of death, 1909- two times 9, which is ruled by Mars, God of war.... It was written in the date.....

Today we are under the infuence of Jupiter and Neptune. Both are at the end of a sign, and they form a support for the Dow at 11343-11307, for the S&P: 1203- 1197; for the Gold at: 1403-1408.

TA25 closed yesterday at :1261.30, which equals to 1 Virgo, as we can see in the chart. Price is under Mercury, Pluto and the Nodes. it'll be difficult to climb above them. Bad angle between Mercury and the Node will push the market further down. Resistance at 1263.42, - 1263.63(Pluto) Support is with Venus at 1258.83, but Venus is weak, it might not help, below that, 1256.91, 1255.90. - 1242.62. Since we are at our weekend, I would be very careful after 15:53.

Good trading.

This is what happened today:

Three fathers pattern will never let us down...

Have a good evening :)

November 13, 2010 Saturday.

I added a major important site under "Links" titled " First trade dates". Under this link you can find any commodity, forex or index with it's first trade that traded, and also the source it came from.

Yesterday the markets continued to go down, as expected. Pls. sign up for the Yahoo group if you whish to receive deeper analysis, or to my monthly or weekly services.

Have a nice week end.

November 14, 2010 Sunday

Today we are under the double effect of the Sun. Astrologically as well as numerologically.
The Sun is at 21 Scorpio. It is parallel Pluto, but besides that it makes no angle to any planet.
Strange... The Moon will be void of course between 8:33- 12:24. This means, that one should not take any action between these hours, becasue the outcome will be different as expected. The Moon is at the last degrees of Aquarius, leaning a conjunction with Neptune.

TA25 closed at 1240.52, this equals to 10 Virgo. So we find the index below most of the planets. The only one that is support is Pluto at 1233.  Saturn and Mars form a resistance at 1242, 1242.93.
Watch 1:13-2:06 pm for a small, minor upside trade.
and a fall between : 3-3:52 pm.

Have a good day.

This is what happened today: made a low at 12:50, at1221.04, went up as expected till15:00 to 1226.68. Fell to 218.59 which is a bottom now, and closed with a rally, at 1228. So the hours "worked" today. ... Those who followed the hours I gave yesterday, could gain at least 300 shekels per option.

Good evening....

November 15, 2010

Monday, we are under the double influence of the Moon today, only because of this, I expect a volatile day. Let's check other factors. Today the Moon is in Pisces, during the day will trine the Sun, which is  a positive angle, but it can mean an intraday high. Mercury, the planet in charge for the trade is getting closer to Mars, both in Sag. and parallel to Pluto. When they will be in exact conjunction I will expect a minor turn in trend. When I write a turn in trend, I mean: if the market fell, it'll go up, and vice versa. it all depends on which planets are making the effect, and in which timeframe we are working. One, who is in long, and is looking at a weekly chart, this turn will mean nothing to him, as to one who is intraday trader, or scalper, it is huge.
Venus is preparing to turn direct on the 18th so it is slowing down, as when we drive a car, and we get to a corner, we have to slow down, same here, a few days before a planet turns it slows down, stops, turns, moves slowly, and then speeds up. When a planet is stationary is strongest. Today Venus is still in retro, but in slow motion, weak. AND it sends a harmful angle to Jupiter/ Uranus pair in Pisces from Libra. From Venus we can learn that the down trend will continue. 
There are tens if not hundreds of other things that I check daily to come up with a trading plan.

TA25 closed yesterday at 1228.80= 28 Leo. Now it is supported by the weak Venus, Uranus, Neptune, Jupiter and the Sun, but Pluto is resistance at 1235. Would it stay above yesterday's low, and go above Pluto, it can make a new try to 1234.91-1239.25-1243, but here price will bump into Mars-Saturn sextile, which, in my opinion, will block further up trend; for the time being.
I would go light long till 11:28, and short between 12:21-1:13. pm

S&P: closed at 29 Cancer- 1199.19, so if I look for a support, I would take Mars-Saturn sextile, at 1183. the same planets form a resistance at 1213.

Good trading :)


TSEM: remember? I was trading the option, the share made a double bottom, 1.26 and 1.34, and a double top at 1.66- 1.69. All the signs show that the correction is behind us, and the share will try for a new high: 1.51- 1.64 - 1.75.  Falling below 1.69 will mess up all my theory.
Be careful.

November 16,2010 Tuesday

We are under the effect of Mars and Jupiter today. Jupiter is slowing down as I explained about Venus yesterday, preparing to go direct on Nov. 18. The Moon conjuncts Jupitr today during the first half of the day, later it turns Void till midnight. Because of this conjunction I expect a positive day today. I do not think we shall see a lower low than yesterday.

Have a good day!

November 17, 2010 Wednesday.

Good morning, today we are under the effect of Mercury, this small nervous planet of trade. Mercury, in the Geo map is close to Mars, in Sag, therefore it'll get the marsian energy, Lots of "anger", in the fire sign of Sagittarius, that make everything bigger than it is. Mercury today is on "Rastaban" the fixes star which is " Impulsive, unfortunate, and has the character of Saturn/Mars/Jupiter.
The other planet that will influence us will be Uranus. Uranus is peregrine, close to Earth, and slow in motion, therefore very strong.
The Moon today moved to Aries, a fire sign, and is sextile to Pluto. So as we can see, we.... who understand astrology.... all the signs show a powerful and negative day.

Here is a chart of yesterday happenings, and with today thoughts with hours for a change in trend. I even went further, and made up a future hypothetic graph for today, and as always, this is not a trading advise...

Today: Ta25 closed at 1245,26 which corresponds to 15 Virgo, falling below 1243,1242, will bring it to 1232- 1225-1223.50. These levels are still higher than the low of Nov 14, 1218. Breaking this level, we shall find ourselves at 1180.
On the other hand, if it'll make new highs, above 1281, (see how the numbers changed places? 18-81??) we will run up to 1320.

Either way there are good trades to make.

This is what happened today:

Good trading!

Back later

S&P : it is of major importance that the index climbs above 1180. Otherwise, if it fells below 1174, it'll go to 1165. at 1177 it is at 7 Cancer, and a resistance is waiting at 1182, 1184.

November 18,2010 Thursday

Well well well.... what a rally! the S&P above 1187! we are on the way to new highs.
Today we are under the effect of Jupiter, and Mercury. Both planets pump the markets up. Jupiter is turning direct, as I wrote in my monthly letter, it brings a turn, Mercury on Mars brings the energy. The Moon in Aries, and multiple other positive angles are the recepee for a new rally.

I went long yesterday. More details for Yahoo group members... Sign up, it's never too late :)

Back later....

The S&P made a low Nov 16, at 1173 and another one at 1175.87. There is a big resistance at 1193 - 1186. I see it opened with a gap up, so it'll "behave" as ours... see graph below:

If it stayes above 1193, then next targets: 1200-1207.

Gold : support at 1325, resistance at:1399

Good evening :)

November 19, 2010 Friday

We are under the double effect of Venus today. Venus is in Libra, at 27 degrees. It is rising before the Sun, therefore it is called "Lucifer".

This is what Mrs. Elizabeth Hazel from "astrology ncgr" group writes about Lucifer Venus: Lucifer means "light bringer." The whole idea of Satan came from Shaitan, an early Mesopotamian god, and I'm not sure exactly how Shaitan got grafted onto Lucifer. Lucifer the angel fell from grace when he objected to God controlling everything. If he's a light-bringing, then he has something in common with Prometheus.
Lots of angels fell with Lucifer, and it is said that the angels who fell to earth became elementals - earth spirits, faeries, sylphs, dryads, sprites, gnomes, trolls, and the like. They can return to heaven by doing good deed and helping humans, or can become mischievous and eventually evil by hurting them.
If Venus IS Lucifer, then her heralding of the morning light may awaken the wee folk. "

So the most effective planet today is Venus, with these superlatives we found out about it, but not only this, today Venus will make a harmful angle to Uranus, which can undo what was done yesterday in the markets.
Any other bad influences? Let's see.
Mercury is still conjunct Mars, so the energy is there. Saturn will conjunct Zeus today, which will double its power. We look to the Moon for intraday trading, and it is Void of Course till 10:04, so not effecting the markets. By the time it opens, the Moon will already be in Taurus, where it is elevated, feels good and strong. The "Moon events" that I send to members are very important to follow, to see exactly at what time the Moon send angles to planets, which are triggers for intraday market. Today the Moon will trine Pluto at 19:32, so watch this time for a change in trend. There are many more important angles in the sky, as Sun trine Uranus, Sun 30 degrees to the Galactic center, etc.
How can we trade this?

Let's take the S&P: I wrote yesterday that above 1180 my target is 1200. I see the close was at 1196.67, so it was a good trade yesterday. Now I go the astro map of today to check which planet stopped the rally? The index ran up to 1200! 3 times again my beloved pattern! and fell.

For today we have a support at Jupiter, at 1193.49, and a resistance at 1196.78 with Uranus.
Breaking either way will show us the next move.

trade well, do not loose what u earned yesterday...

off to yoga.


Happy birthdays: to Larry King, Ted Turner, Kelvin Klein, Meg Ryan, Judy Foster, were all born on this day, with Indira Ghandi.

November 21, 2010, Sunday


We have trade today, as you know already. We are ruled by the Sun and by Saturn today.
The Sun is at the end of Scorpio, parallel Pluto, and 45 degrees from Saturn. This placement for the Sun is a minor negative place, because of Saturn, that depresses everything it touches. Saturn on the other hand, is at 13Lib39, parallel Jupiter; this one giving it a more positive outlook, so these two planets leave me in void, cannot decide anything relying on them, We will have to look to the other planets to get a clue about today's trade.
"Search and thou shall find" says the Bible, and indeed, looking at the Heliocentric chart we can see Mars ingress Capricorn, where it is elevated, very strong. It'll be Mars that will pump up the markets in the coming days, till some other effect will overrule it.

If you click on the "date" today, you can read what happened in history this day. One of them was : 1905 – Albert Einstein's paper, Does the Inertia of a Body Depend Upon Its Energy Content?, is published in the journal "Annalen der Physik". This paper reveals the relationship between energy and mass. This leads to the mass–energy equivalence formula E = mc². This is extremly interesting, because there was on TV yesterday, that scientists found a way to produce anti-matter. read here for more:

With Uranus entering Aries we will witness fenominal discoveries.

Ta 25: closed at 1265.11which equals to 5 Libra. First resistance is Saturn (with a positive flavor because of Jupiter, remember? I wrote above? at 1273, if passing this or jumping over with a gap-up, next resistance at 1277.5 ( Mars-Mercury conjunction). Pluto+Node conjunction is a solid support at 1263.
Possible rally today between 1:13-2:05, then a small correction, waiting for tomorrow's opening between 2:57- 3:49. These hours don't always work, so just follow the trend.

Have a good one :)

November 22,2010 Monday

Today we are ruled by the Moon, Which switched to Gemini during the night. The Moon in Gemini is all about volatility, nervousness, huge ups and downs, fake breakouts, shake-outs and squeezes. The other planet to watch today is Mars. Moon-Mars will oppose each other on Nov.23, at 7:21 am, this time will mark a top and a turn. Another bad angle is evolving between Venus-Uranus, 150 degrees. Last time they were in such a degree was on July 11, nothing major happened then, only on 14th, when Jupiter squared Pluto.
Today the Sun will leave Scorpio, and enter Sagittarius, at 10:14, major impact in the markets.
As I see it now, today we shall have a positive day up, till noon, then a correction, and waiting for uncle Sam...
Any announcements today? Only from Europe, consumer confidence, not a major one. We heared about Ireland applying for international loan, and this is not new. Any CIT days today?
Yes, we have S&P: 144 days from July 1.

TA25 closed yesterday at: 1275.98; 15 Libra. Next resistance is at 1278.25, 1279.22, 1283.51, 1285.95, 1286.75, 1293.95. Quite a ride, if it openes with a gap-up. Support on Saturn, 1273.75. B U T !! falling from Saturn, oy wey... 1259.88

back later....

November 23, 2010,  Tuesday

This is what happened yesterday: We opened with a gap-up but closed below Saturn, which is bad... 

Today we are ruled by Mars and the Sun. Both are in fire. Mars in Sag. and the Sun too.
TA25 closed yesterday at 8 Libra, which means it fell below Saturn, and now only Pluto, is there to hold the markets at 1263.95. Below Pluto the Sun at 1260. Let's hope it'll hold.

these are the levels and times for today:

Good trading!

November 24, 2010 ; Wednesday

Yesterday was a bad day for me. My mind was off with the hospitalized father, had to leave the screen at mid day, disregarded my own signals given to you, Members... and the outcome was a great loss, more then what I have earned the day before. I always tell my students, " do not trade if your mind is somewhere else, if you are sick, have a head ache, or a hangover" it'll be a bad day. It is OK not to trade every day!!! So today, if I can get some peace, it'll be to mend yesterday's damages.

Today Mercury rules the markets, and I was born on Wednesday, so this is positive. Mercury is at 21Sag.49, in detriment; almost opposite mine. A planet will be weak or in detriment, when in opposing sign that it rules. The other planet in charge of the day is the sum of the date: the Moon. The Moon at the moment entered Cancer,(good) where it rules, and is in exact conjunction with the South Node. (bad). It will be in opposition with Pluto (bad), at 10:06 am. The first angle it'll make will be a square to Saturn, (bad).

TA25 closed yesterday, after breaking all the supports, at 24 Virgo, All the planets in red are resistance, and the ones in green support.

here it is in numbers:
Support: 1253.54, 1251.82, 1249.69, 1243.94
Resistance: 1256.24, 1258.22, 1264.

Today's low: 1249.88; high 1264.28. We closed at 1262.02, which equals to 2 Libra. The only obstacle to the up side is Pluto at 1264. Tomorrow we have options' expiry.... Keep your fingers crossed for me.

S&P: is trading now at 1198. It is imperative to stay above 1196. Next targets: 1200, 1206.71,1213. We have a short week because of the Thanksgiving tomorrow. People will leave early today and the markets will be let to the robots. Tomorrow only a few hours of trade... who can think of shares after such a huge meal? So untill next Monday the world is " on it's own..."

Happy Thanksgiving!

November 25, 2010 Thursday.

Jupiter has double effect today, not only it rules the day, if we add up the date, we also get it as a ruler.

What can we expect of it? Jupiter turned direct a few days ago, it is in Pisces, a sign that it rules, so it is strong. It is only 3 degrees apart Uranus, and exact square with Mercury, This square is very powerful. To understand what it can cause today, we have to check what happened in the past when this angle occurred?

2.11.2005 - 25.11.2005
15.12.2005 - 22.12.2005
25.05.2006 - 29.05.2006
13.12.2006 - 19.12.2006
19.05.2007 - 24.05.2007
8.12.2007- 14.12.2007
16.05.2008 - 7.06.2008

1.07.2008 - 9.07.2008
3.12.2008 - 8.12.2008 = up  

30.06.2009 - 4.07.2009 = down
28.11.2009 - 4.12.2009 = down

24.06.2010 - 28.06.2010 = down
25.11.2010- 2.12.2010  = down !!! 
18.12.2010 0:00- 25.12.2010
Astrology is all about research.. I checked 4 years back, and we can see that the S&P went down 3 times, and up once. How will it behave this time? Other angles between different planets have to support this theory, we cannot rely only on one element.

The intraday chart shows us the weakness. Although we had a nice rally yesterday, it did not go above 1200. we had 2 tops, lower than the former, the Stocastic is already at 100, maximum, the RSI is also weak, so a correction to 1191, is on it's way.
TA25 is at 2 Libra. Price sextiles the Sun, which is at 2 Sag.; is at the midpoint of the Nodes. Resistance is Pluto at 1264, above that we have Saturn at 1274, Mars at 1280.46, Mercury at 1283.18. We remember that there is a square between Mercury-Jupiter, so with all the best whishes and prayers, it'll stop here.... for the time being.

Here is what really happened: We did go up at the opening, but then down the whole day, although we closed green, the Puts payed more that the calls.

November 26, 2010, Friday

Venus and Uranus are in charge of today. Venus is in the last degrees of Libra, in square with the Moon, which is now in the fire sing of Leo. Venus is 150 degrees to Uranus, which is a bad angle. In a person's map 150 angles show deseases, or weak points, for the markets, it's the same, weakness in the markets.... So this angle underlines the Mercury-Jupiter square we were talking about yesterday; for the worst.
I hope, those who celebrate Thanksgiving cashed out before leaving for the evening meal. They might find a thinner portfolio when they"ll be back.

More in the group...
Take care, have a nice week end.

November 28, 2010, Sunday.


How was your week-end?? While in Europe is snowing, here in Tel Aviv it's warm and nice. The beaches are full, it's still above 28 degrees, the sea is 25 degrees, the perfect place to spend a day!

Today we are under the influence of the Sun, which is now in Sag.; and Venus. Venus is at the last degree of Libra.

take a look at the Helio chart today, there is an exact square between Mars-Jupiter! They block the market at 1264.....

For time trigger watch for a change at: 9:49, 1:14-2:05 pm. (up) 2:57-3:48 down.

good trading!!

End of the day: b o r i n g  day! we closed at the same spot as we opened: 1262.18. Nothing new to add here...

Off to yoga. Be well.

November 29, 2010 Monday

In my monthly letter I wrote "Nov 28: Mercury conjunct the Center of Galaxy, more UFO in the news" well, what is Wikileaks if not a UFO? Wikileak to come to the open under Mercury(ruler of the 3rd house, sign of Gemini of small-big? gossip, news, press) and the Center of Galaxy, that shows us something deep, coming from another world, out of a black hole... Mercury in Sag. is in detriment, usually shows it's worst side. It is also quick, so things will fade away. And, I don't really think we learned something new what we deep down did not know already. Sagittarius is the sign that maximizes everything, putting a grandiose aura around everything, because Jupiter rules it, and it is in charge of higher communication, internet, cables, etc. so there you are, a little bit of this and that and we have an international mess, which will last till Mercury is in Sag, and be forgotten as it ingresses Capricorn.  We should watch the people behind it... I fear, what I should not put into words.

Today we are under the rulership of the Moon, which is in Virgo, and Neptune. The main angle to watch today is the Mars- Jupiter square. Regarding TA25, they are a support at 1253.44.
For the Dow they are resistance at 11093.44, - 11123.44/// For the S&P they block it at 1193.71.

The East is up, Nikkey by 0.89%, the Koreas closed with a Doji, so I expect, at least at the opening a positive leg up, later... we shall see. 

Good trading! 

Today we did go up as expected, but then the whole day were busy to close the gap. All in all, the market went up 0.08%.

The S&P: It is imperative that it stays above 1176.91!! 

Good trading, work with tight stops.

November 30,2010 Tuesday

Mercury in Sagittarius brought scandals all over the world. Here too, but not relevant to the markets. What we got yesterday in the US markets was the opposite that we had here. We went up with a gap, and closed it during the day, there it opened with a gap down, and closed it towards the closing. As if signaling that the last bottom was tested, now, we can go up. In my monthly article I wrote that Mercury-Jupiter square will push the markets down till Nov.30th, so today it should be the last day of weakness. Is my philosophy back up by the planetary positions? Let's check the sky: Indeed, Venus ingresses Scorpio today, here we have a reason for a change. In the helio chart we have Mars/Pluto conjunction. these two build a tough support line at 5 Cap.

yesterday's S&P:

Today we are under the effect of Mars, and Saturn. Two controversial planets. Mars pours energy into the markets, Saturn cools it down.

TA25 closed at 3 Libra, now price squares Pluto at 1264. If we open with a gap up like yesterday, there is the first sign for a later rally today. Targets: 1260-1274.

3:48.. almost closing. Once 1260 broke, we got to 1250. more down I think before the closing.

S&P future made low at 1174. If it'll not open above that level and go up up up, this will be a very bitter ending for November. If you read at the beginning of this article, I did not know where will November take us.. well here we are at the end of the month. We were at 1227 on the 5th, now today's low was 1174.14 If the markets are to go up in December, it M U S T stay above this level. Anyways,if you were short since the new moon, you made lots of pennies... 53 points down. woww!!!

Group members got targets etc... Are you not yet a member?? Bad choice. 

Good trading!

S&P closed at 1180.55. Now I can replace the questionmark for this year, with a down arrow.
We say good bye to November, thank it for all that it brought, and look into December.

December 2010.
"December is the twelfth and final month of the Gregorian calendar and the first month of winter. It derives it's name from the Latin word decem, meaning ten, as December was the tenth month of the oldest Roman calendar. The Latin name is derived from Decima, the middle Goddess of the Three Fates who personifies the present."

- Daily Lore: December

The S&P rallied the last two years during December. Will we have the same rally this year?
December 1, 2010 Wednesday

We are under the effect of Mercury and  Neptune today.
Mercury ingressed Capricorn while we were sleeping. All the big scandals will be buried now, after Mercury left Sagittarius. It will be buried deep down in the earth sign of Capricorn. With this, all the fire of Mercury will also fade away. Market-wise a quieter time. But, Mars, as we can see with the blue arrow and the red ones, is still alive and kicking from Sagittarius, sending lots of energy to Jupiter and Uranus. Soon Mars will too ingress Capricorn, where it is exalted, very strong. No wonder the markets go up during December, with Mars in such a good placement. To this we can add Venus in Scorpio, which is strong for shares, not so in a person's chart. But astrology is all about synthesis, what fits to one does not to another. We have to pin point the main issues and effects.

The S&P made a final low yesterday, and by staying above 1174, as I implored it, there is a chance for the rally. Only if it'll make another effort and climb above 1186.86. In this case it'll base itself on Venus helio line, and then the road is open to 1199. WOuld it fail to go up, the next support line is with the Sun line at 1159.49.
In the picture attached we can see Mars-Venus Helio line blocking the index for the time being.

TA25 closed yesterday at 1246.45= 16 Virgo, basing itself on Saturn and 180 degrees from Mercury. Staying above 1244.30 will mark a bottom, and up to: 1257.85 - 1259.26 -1264.95

For my Russian readers: RTX : Based itself on Earth Helio line, next target: 2234 -2247. Sign up for the Yahoo group, more details there :)

Good trading!

December 2010 forecast - under "Links" too.

December 2, 2010, Thursday

We are ruled by Jupiter and Saturn today. Jupiter turned direct a few days ago, Saturn, at 14 Libra.
TA25 can be blocked at 1264, becasue of Saturn, but we should check other planets as well.

Back later

For my visitors from Switzerland, here is the SSMI:

This afternoon brought the most terrible fire disaster in the country's history. 40 people died stuck in a bus in a fire close to Haifa. The fire started about 11:00, started at 3 places at the same time.... 45 injured... How terrible!!
In the map we can see Mars in Sagittarius, dry, swift and hot, sends distructive angle to Uranus, and Neptune. The last month's draught put on fire the Carmel Mountain forests. Moon in the last degrees of LIbra, air sign. People were caught up in the fire that came with the winds from all over. Venus in Scorpio tells us about a possibility of sabotage.... Sun on Antares, a fixed martial star that brings unpredictable events. Sun at the 9th degree. (9 is ruled by Mars). Mars on the Galactic Center!.Mars on Sargas and Aculeus fixed stars of Scorpio.
Aculeus is the "Achilles point" in the chart.

Mercury ( air, wind) in the dry sign of Capricorn, that brought the high winds, and spreads the fire more and more.

The only positive thing is that the new Moon is on the 5th, I hope till then the fire will fade out.

What a terrible Hanukkah!

December 3, 2010

The fire is still alive, 15000 people evacuated from their homes, the Carmel mountain burnt to ashes. Rescue planes " are on their way" .... we are 20 hours from when the fire started. I wonder how far we are from the world, that the planes are still on their way?
Checking Israel's map and two other disastrous fires I found on the net, I found stunning coincidences.

Israel was founded on 14th May 1948, regarding the hour there are some who make the chart for 16:00 hours, then receiving a Libra ascendant, and other who use the 16:38 hour, when Ben Gurion announced the founding of the state; thus we receive a Scorpio rising. Since Scorpio is the sign of the survival, and the ruler of the 8th house of death, I find it more fit to use it for Israel, since the state was built by people who came back from the death camps.
We know that eclipses have huge effects. On May 9, just 5 days before, there was a Total Solar eclipse, at 18.22 Taurus, this degree will always be a vulnerable degree for the state.

Here is the map of Israel with the fire on 2 July 1995.In the map of Israel, we have Mars at 28 degrees Leo. This placement is the one that will be triggered again and again. Mars, ruler of the 6th house of the army and police in a mundane chart, is a fire planet, in a fiery sign. On this day, Mars was at 19 Virgo, so 120 degrees from the historical eclipse degree, triggers a disaster. In 1995 transiting Moon was on Mars; transiting Uranus from the last degree of Capricorn with 150 degrees to natal Mars.

The fire on 13 October , 1999

On this date, we had transiting Sun at 19.37 Libra, again 1 degree orb from the Eclipse degree. Mars, fire in fire, in Sag. on Natal Jupiter and Center of Galaxy. Transiting Saturn at 15.33 Taurus, just 3 degrees from historical eclipse degree, transiting Moon in fiery sign of Sag., 180 degrees from Natal Venus, ruler of the 7th house of " open enemies.

The fire on Dec 2, 2010, the most terrible one in our history, 15000 people evacuated from their homes, the " little Switzerland" as this part of the Carmel mountain is called, burnt to ashes, 40 people dead, many more injured. these people were prison guards when their bus was engulfed by flames while they rushed to evacuate a detention facility.
In this map too, transiting Saturn is on 14 degrees Libra, again triggering the eclipse degree, by 150 degree angle. Transiting Moon was on the "Killing planet Anareta". Venus, the little benefactor, debilitated in Scorpio, 1 degree, sending 150 degrees angle to Natal Venus, ruler of "open enemies". Again arson?? Transiting Mars on 25 degree of the fiery sign on Sagittarius, and on Natal Jupiter, and the Galactic Center in the natal chart. And finally, transiting Jupiter and Uranus in Square to Natal Uranus, which by all means brings sudden, unpredictable disasters. We can add to this the square between Mars-Uranus in the sky too.

How Terrible!  


The S&P future made a high at 1223.25= 23 Leo; thus hitting Jupiter, at 23.52 Pisces. If it goes above Jupiter, next obstacle will be at 1226.01- 1226.45- 1226.68. Difficult levels.

The Dow future is at this moment at 11346= 6 Libra. Previous high was at 11425, this should be the next target.

Have a better day!

December 4, 2010, Saturday, 30,000 dunams blackened, 3 million trees destroyed. The fire is still alive. We are facing a new kind of war, when one does not need bombs, only one match. Now it is no doubt that is is a "man made" disaster. Fire starts suddenly in different places. The rest is done by the wind. 
Israel thanks the world for the huge help!!

The US markets rallied yesterday too. The S&P reached my targets, went up to 1225.57, but it did not go over the last top. Jupiter helio line stopped the rally.
The Dow reached 11388, but Mercury helio line at 11394 stopped it.
The Gold made new highs, as expected. 1415= 5 Pisces. here it made a sextile to Pluto, and fell. there is a square between Jupiter-Pluto in the helio chart, which contributes to everyhthing we are witnessing, markets wise and fire wise too.

I hope by the 5-6th new Moon it'll be over.

Have a good day.

December 5, 2010 Sunday

With the fire still on, we are looking into this weeek. Will this disaster effect the markets? Let's see where the planets are today?
Sun at 13 degrees of Sag. The Moon will be in Sag. too for the next two days. Today we will have a New Moon in Sagittarius, and I shall start a new article, as I usually do with the New Moon. Why always on a new moon? Because it brings a new cycle. Mars is still in Sag. but is leaving now the conjunction with the GC.; and the effect of the square with Uranus is weakening too. Besides the two Luminaries we have Mercury, Pluto and the North Node in Capricorn, these planets, together with Mars, after ingressing Capricorn, will give a new push to the markets.

TA25:  closed at 1 Virgo, all the planets in Cap. form a resistance. Therefore it'll have to "jump above them, 1265, to continue the rally. Support 1259.4-1257.93.- 1256.13-1253.96-1244.93

End of the day: we did have a "Gap-up" and a new high at 1281.


With the dawn, on December 6, the fire is out and gone; as I expected, and wrote, on the day the fire started. Rains started too. I am starting a new article, for the New Moon in Sagittarius. Let it bring new hopes and optimism.
Thank you for being here :)


  1. Lee Zee Ming11/10/10, 8:18 AM

    Any particular significance regarding Venus & Jupiter turning direct on 18th Nov?

  2. Hello Lee,

    Yes, this has a MAJOR significance, it'll mark a turn in the markets. Read my monthly letter, under "links" .

    Have a good day :)

  3. If I read November article correctly I think you are expecting some kind of top from Nov 15 to Nov 18 (or even Nov 20) and then some correction lasting to Nov 30 (or even Dec 4). And then again upwards end of year.

    AM I correct?


  4. Venus turns direct on November 18 in the square with Pluto. On this date is Birthday of the United States, and a possible reversal of the trends of the stock.

    The Magicus Othelma
    WOW !

  5. Hey Magicus.. Where did that come from? 18 November? I have no such data for the US birthday... ??!!

    Venus here is in quadrature with the natal Pluto of the United States

    The Magicus Othelma

  7. SO? you mean Venus squares Natal Pluto? Also Natal Mercury... this happens every year more or less, so what is new? and why birthday?? A change for stocks? Maybe Venus ingrees Gemini in Helio is a sign as well?

  8. I said at the time:
    11/12/10 8:50 PM
    Venus turns direct on November 18 in the square with Pluto. On this date is Birthday of the United States, and a possible reversal of the trends of the stock.
    The Magicus Othelma

    I am the absolute master of magic Othelma stars, the sky show me the way ..... who are you?

  9. Gaby,

    You have great pick on dates. You had written "We shall expect a change in trend on Nov. 10, 18,26, Dec 6" .... Nov 10 it turned down, nov 18 it turned up.

    I am not sure if you expect Nov 26 again turn down for second leg down and then Dec 6 turn up after completing correction?

    I always had this issue with your writing as you mention change in trend but you don't write which way turn. May be you don't want to be so specific.

    Uranus goes direct on Dec 5 or so. It started retro on July 5 which was also major low. So may be Dec 5 also becomes major low and change trend on Dec 6 as per your above statement.


  10. Hello Jash,

    thanks for the compliment. When I write change in trend, I mean, (90%) of the time, it'll go in different direction then before the date. This is not always working. For instance if it is consolidating for a week it is difficult to foresee which way it"ll turn. There are many negative announcements and situations in the world, but in spite of that the markets are rallying...
    Your thesis is possible. We should go up till Nov 26, then correction, and up again till thanks giving. We don't want folks to be sad around the table, right?

  11. In December 2010, a big correction is possible But in the coming year from January 2011 to May 2011, market shall have bullish trend.

    The Magicus Othelma
    the son of the stars

  12. Thank you, Magicus... How do we trade the bullish trend now, for Jan-May 2011? Should one buy calls for April? There is a time factor that advices us not to, yet. I think...

  13. to Gabriella
    I think you have to buy on weakness and then accumulate until the end of December. I usually buy on declines and sell on rises

    Thus spoke the magician, hat the stars protect you!!

    The Magicus Othelma

  14. Thus spoke Zarathustra... ha?? Nice :)

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