New Moon in Sagittarius 2010

New Moon in Sagittarius: Dec 5- Jan 4, 2011

Sagittarius is the last and third fire sign, after Aries and Leo. While Aries is busy with himself, Leo with management, Sagittarius is all about ideals and philosophy. People born in this sign, ruled by Jupiter, tend to be optimistic. They look into the future; tend to disregard the day's issues, relying on fate, that all will be OK... eventually. They are like cats that always fall on the ground with no harm, have 7 lives. The "catch" is in the over optimism... in the "no boundaries". Luckily, at this time of the year, we have multiple planets in Capricorn that balance this fiery Moon.

This is today's map with the 4th of January, next new moon's transit. what will change in these days? Mars will ingress Capricorn, it is very strong in this sign, will push the markets up. Mercury will turn retro and direct again, returning to Sag. from Cap. Venus will travel 23 degrees... Will the markets move by 23 degrees? this is something to watch! Mars will move 22 degrees. Jupiter 3 degrees, and all the bigger planets will barely move.

TA25 closed yesterday at a new high, but not higher than the last historical high. Today we are ruled by the Moon and Jupiter. The two planets are in square. The Moon is approaching Mars. These two placements whisper .... attention!!

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Be good!

S&P today: made a high at 1223.75, bumped into Jupiter, and corrects now. The index is between 1217-1227. breaking one level will show us the trend.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

TA25 made a low on the exact point of Mercury -Pluto conjunction, on the second! turned and ran up. We had a very nervous day, due to Mercury. High at 1284.66, or 24 Libra. Bumped into Jupiter with 150 degrees and fell.

What is ahead of us today? the rulers of the day are Mars and Uranus. wawawa!!! what a powerful couple! Mars is at the last degrees of Sag.; squaring Uranus. this square can show us a top and reversal from here. They are at but we should look at other planets too before we decide our steps. We will have a Moon-Mercury conjunction, too.

We went up to 1290.91= 0 Scorpio; and fell. here is our new top and turn.

Back later

Today we made a new high, at 1297, closed at 1295= 5 Scorpio. Price made several angles to Pluto and Jupiter, but the most important is the triangle at 9 degrees between Mars-Venus-Saturn, and the index is below it.

What about tomorrow?
With the rains the correction will come too. Falling from 1295, we shall see the index at 1286-1275. All these levels calculated with the planets position.

The S&P opened with a gap-up, made a high at 1235= 5 Libra, and fell. Same story here too, we can look at the map above, squared Pluto, 180 degrees to Jupiter, could not go above, and fell.
Support at 1229.44, 1226.67, 1224.08, and oy wey, 1215.09.

Just for the record, I went short today....

Have a good evening.

December 12, 2010  Wednesday

The issue of yesterday was Julian Paul Assange. Born 3 July, 1971, Townsville, Queensland, Australia. Some say 2.05, some 5:30 am, I think it is safer to make a rising chart, putting the Sun on the Asc. so or so, he has his Saturn on the Pleiades,making an 150 deg. to the Moon, showing us a problem first with his mother then with women in his life. Moon in Scorpio, in fall too. He is 39 years old, and there are 39 degrees between his Sat- to Sun...In the Solar chart, with Sun on Asc. Sat. will be the ruler of the 7th&8th house, opposite Jup+Nep. Neptune rules his month (7) and there are 39.36 degrees between Neptune 180 oppisition to Natal Sun, another sign for trouble at this age. Venus in Gem. will show us a person who has multiple relationships with younger women, none serious. Directed Venus sends a sextile to Saturn and square to Moon at this age; again women related troubles. Career? Chiron in Aries in his H10, 90 deg. to Sun, 180 deg. to Uranus, trouble, trouble again, effected by transiting Saturn (180)and squaring Directed Saturn, gives me the answer, that his career will be effected by women (Saturn ruler of H7) .
He was born on a Satruday, a day ruled by Satrun, even here we have the first sign for a karmic life; in his case Saturn rules his H7, house of open enemies...

There was a Solar eclipse on Feb 25, 1971, on 6 deg. Pisces, and surprize !!! Dir. Pluto is now in his 5th house on 6 Sco. trining the eclipse degree. Dir. Venus on 4 Leo, Dir. Jup 6 deg. Cap., again women, open enemies and H7.
What happened to the markets yesterday? In my monthly letter, one of my targets for the Dow was 11450. Well, the future run up yesterday to 11447. Nice... the S&P reached 1235.05, the Gold 1430.85.

What should we expect of today: we are under the double effect of Mercury. It is at 5 deg. Sco. this is what my software has to say about this degree:


You may feel that there is a difficult and mysterious time to come and you need to prepare. This marks a time to make these preparations and create the safeguards before continuing into the unknown. You are on an important journey, one of destiny, but you won't know for a while what this journey is leading to. See this as an opportunity for further growth. Preparation. If negative - fear of the unknown. Being afraid to make a move."
If I want to interpret this to the markets, I could say, that Mercury is making fun of us all. The markets should rally, no?? and instead, what happens? it falls... Now we are afraid to make a move... our trades go in different direction. But, again when we trade we should check other planets too, not to mention the Helio chart, which has a major influence. 
S&P: for today : 1219.69-1212-1204-1196.66- using math. With the planets: it closed at 23 Leo, therefore below Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune, which form now a very strong resistance. Further lows to check planet-wise: Saturn is the only one that can hold up a deeper fall, at 1215.16.

December 9, 2010 Thursday.  

The rulers of today are: Jupiter and Venus. Jupiter is square in the helio chart with Pluto, at 1295.56 for TA25, 11375 for the DOW, 1235 for the S&P.
The Moon is in Aquarius now, and Mars squares Saturn at 1270- which is a firm support. Or at 1300 which is a resistance.

Market starts, will be back later

Markets closed, made high at 1300.65... what else can I add? Yesterday TA25 fell, then went up to close the gap, today it opened with a gap-up, then down to close to gap. nothing much to do. I kept my shorts for next week.

The S&P: made a high at the opening, 1234.71, so unless it goes above 1235.05, the previous high, or we are in for a correction. Will follow....
Price is below Venus and Pluto which form a resistance now at 1234-1235

December 12, 2010 Sunday,

Todays' " actors" are the Sun and Mars. The Sun squares Jupiter ( at 1316 for TA25) and later this week Uranus, and trines Eris. One of my colleagues in a Yahoo group pointed out the importance of Eris, which I did not take in consideration till now. I try to keep the things simple; there are thousands of points to follow, and we can get lost in this milliard of celestral bodies. However, this week, these angles will bring a lot of energy to the markets, so trade-wise it's a long, with small corrections.

Furthermore, Pluto, Mars and Mercury are all hand in hand in Capricorn; another sign for a strong move. They form a support at 1293.27.
So, for TA25 this is the range for today. 1293-1316.
For the Dow: 11375 support, 11434 resistance.
For the S&P: 1226 support, 1262.81 resistance.

Good trading! :)

After the close: We went up to 1303, and then the whole day down. There were two trades to make. Today's low did not break the previous, so it was wise to close positions. I was not among them...
There are so many negative angles in the coming days, that I stood behind my short position. I expect 1286 -1284 - 1277 first, then we shall see.

There is such a storm outside, I do not dare get into my car to drive to yoga... So, have a quiet evening, be good , Bye...

December 13, 2010

Yesterday we had a huge storm, no electricity, heating or internet. I lit candles... haha... and went to sleep early. I was thinking, if we had this storm just one week before, there would not have been a fire. If if if...

With Mercury, Mars in Capricorn we got the heavy winds, and with Venus in Scorpio, Moon, Jupiter Uranus, the rains. You can say, well, Jupiter+Uranus is in Pisces (water) for a year now... yeah yeah.. so it's the Moon that added the extra flavor.
If you look up the sky you will see an exact half Moon today. ALWAYS when you see the Moon like this, remember, it makes a square to the Sun! it is a day to avoid quarrels.It is a negative angle, so it can bring drops in the markets. (With the help from other planets). Synthesis is the most important thing in astrology.  

Today we are ruled by the Moon and the Sun. Trade range: 1286.69-1294.66 (TA25)

Let's see how uncle Sam opens today... Also we have today a declination change, Mercury passing the Sun's.

We had a rally today in our market, the low being at 1292.98, the index made a high at 1304.42, closed 1303.88. Hmmmm... was it the effect of the declination? I have not mentioned the Point & Figure graph.. in this graph, there is no debate if we are long or is crystal clear... we are running up.

The problem with the P&F graph is, that it would signal a "sell" only after 3 zeros...So actually the index would have to drop to below 1270. Surely we can make intraday charts too... I just wanted to show you this chart possibility, which is widely used in the US.
Here is the S&P since March 6,09 low in the daily chart,

and intraday: the index would have to fall below 1233.12 to give a sell signal.

December 14, 2010

Yesterday, under the influence of the declination chart, I sold some of my short position, and bought calls. If I was right, we shall see today. But with this position, I don't care which way the market goes, I am protected.
Today we are under the effect of Mars and Jupiter. Two powerful planets. Mars is conjunct Pluto and Mercury, Jupiter conjunct Uranus and the Moon. But not for long, because the Moon is at 29.45 Pisces already, going to Aries, and oh, boy it'll bring two harsh days there. It'll square the node, Mercury, Pluto & Mars today, so I think a correction is on it's way. The Sun, from 22 Sag. is getting closer to the Galactic center, and during the next 2-4 days will square the planets in Pisces. Another reason for a correction.

Market wise: TA25 : support at: 1300.21, to 1282.06, resistance: 1310-1325.

Good trading!

After closing: we made a low at 1297.44, a high at 1307.48 - a new high today, at 15:57. Then with the Moon hour we fall to1304.89. The index was supported by Jupiter, which is at 1296. Another positive day...

US opened with a positive blurr, 1246.85 was yesterday's resistance, we shall watch if it goes above it or not.

After closing hours: What a perfect Doji in the S&P! After all the positive announcements it tried again for 1246.85, but there was not enough power, and it fell to 1237.55 .. Hmmmm I wrote on the P&F graph we need 1233 and lower if we want a bearish trend, probably someone up there is reading this blog and is making fun of me ?? Haha.. Anyways, now we have a perfect M pattern, with a target at 1230.50.

December 15, 2010 Wednesday

Today we are under the rulership of Mercury and Jupiter. Mercury is in retro, and coming closer to the Sun. Being under the Sun's beams (less then17 deg. from the Sun) weakens a planet. Imagine you are at the beach, and the Sun gives you a nice tan. But if you put your hand in a microwave, it would hurt... So it is with the Sun. Too close is bad. The Sun sends several squares to Jupiter and Uranus. These squares can mark a top or a bottom. In 4 days the Sun will be conjunct the GC. The 18th is an important day, there are many CITs, but , it's a Saturday... So the effect will be at the closing on Friday, or on Sunday for us, and Monday for the rest of the world.
TA25: closed yesterday at 1304.48 = 14 Sco.80- there Saturn blocked the way. There is a strong suppport at 1300. falling below that: 1295-1294. Targets to the upper side: 1311.50 -1313 - 1318. All these levels are calculated based on the planets positions.
S&P:  This is what I ment yesterday, in my P&F graph:

Extra care today... Lots of announcements before the opening!!

Thursday, Decemebr 16, 2010

First of all, I would like to welcome my visitors from China!! The SSEA made a bottom on Sept 20, & Nov 30, it seems to me as if it was forming a head and shoulders pattern, which could push it down to 2400, unless it runs up above 3200, the last high on 11.11.10. falling below 2793, will definetly show the pattern coming true...

Today we are under the effect of Jupiter and Uranus. The are almost conjunct in Pisces. The both receive a square from the Sun, I have pointed out yesterday. The Moon is in Aries, at 30 degrees to the pair, and 60 to Neptune. Hmmmm, Neptune again! the illusioner.. I would NOT be surprised if todays' announcements would be "fit" to what wants to beleive it's true...

S&P made a low yesterday, but not low enough to send the bears out from the woods. It should fall below 1230 for that! I uploaded here the 3 minutes graph- to show you again how the "three fathers' pattern" works! it made 3 tops and fell... 1235.58 last close, which equals with 5 Virgo, thus price trined Mars and Pluto. Next levels: 1236.28, or 1234.76.Breaking one of these levels will show us the way. Since we have a strong resistance at Jupiter+Uranus, I don't think it'll fall below 1226.71.

TA25: closed yesterday at 1297.61= 7 Sco. there is a resistance at 1299.31. Falling from 1296-94-92, will base it on 1286.71.

14:11 The lowest it made till now was:1301.83- high 1306.12. Staying above 1305- will get a strong support from Saturn and go up.

Good trading!

S&P after the opening made 1233.15 low- my exact target- advised on Dec 13th on the P&F graph! Nice.... :)

After the index checked the bottom, and did not go below it, made a rush to the top. But here we have a case... Look at the 60 min. graph. It was three times at 1246.77- second lower, now it'll be the third time. Unless it goes above this level it'll go to 1250. But I am afraid the Lunar eclipse will make it turn again.
Go long with a stop at 1240. Take profit at 1246.50. Go short if it does not go above. Good luck!

Friday, December 17,2010 

With the Moon in Taurus we will have a relaxed day, trying to maintain the achieved levels. The Moon will trine Pluto & Mars today, signaling for a top, and later will make an ugly degree to Venus and Saturn, which will make the markets close lower.
The S&P is now at 1243, which equals with 13 Virgo, so Saturn is blocking the way at 1245.83. let me see the Helio chart...there Mars is blocking at 1245.18. For those who trade the corn, wheat and soya, there is an important turn today, due to Mercury-Saturn trine. Although, March wheat should go above 7.55 - to reach 8.11! 

S&P : Support at 1240.33-1236.33-1235.
If by some miracle it'll go above Mars, then again target is around 1250.

Have a good day!

December 19, 2010, Sunday

Good morning,

how are we this morning? I must share with you, that I read a very interesting book someone uploaded in one of the Yahoo groups, I am member in. I thought you might be interested to read it as well, so I put a link under "Links". The author, R.Buchanan, was a professor and a spiritualist, wrote the book "Periodicity". In this book he explains the importance of no. 7, how it effects our lives, how can we predict with it's help. God created the world in six days and on the seventh he rested, says the Bible. So the writer "slices up" our lives per periods of days: there is the Sunday period, the Monday period, each of 7 years longitude, until we get to the " Friday period, or no. 6, which is more evil than good. And this is interesting, because no. 6 is the 6th house in astrology, representing routine, everyday life, co-workers, and health issues. God "got tired" on this day, so he rested on the next. In Israel work stops on Friday 1:00 pm, and no one works till Sunday, which is the first trade day, as you, who read my blog long enough, know it already. The no. 7, in Numerology is ruled by Neptune, ruler of Pisces. And what do they like most? to be left alone, in their peace and meditation. Sabbath, the Hebrew word for Saturday means "strike" God did not work anymore, he rested, he striked, if you whish... So why is this interesting now, why did this book come so handy now?? Neptune is in Septile to Pluto! Here we have two different energies. Neptune is all about peace, and nice ideals, illusions, faith, trust, but Pluto, hmmm quite the reversal, Pluto brings destruction, and USES those who have or give faith or trust. Pluto will put Neptune against the wall to face itself, and analyze and do not run away into the clouds of illusionary " it'll be OK"... Pluto will bring destruction for those who are in for easy gains. In times when people stretch their debt or credit because of an unrealistic expectations. Clever marketing is targeted towards the idealistic, romantic, "want to believe" people. It is sad this angle comes now, when people spend more than they can- because of Christmas shopping, the decline in the markets will come after the holidays, and it'll be deep. It is not by chance that most suicides occur around the holidays, either because of people's loneliness,( Neptune) or because of monetary problems.(Pluto) Not to mention terror attacks under the veil of "faith".

In the markets, we got a Doji, both in the Dow and in the S&P. The corn and wheat made a nice move, as expected. Tomorrow we will have a Lunar eclipse, here is the picture from Nasa where it can be seen:

It will be the first Lunar Eclipse to occur on the day of the Winter Solstice, since 1638 - says Wikipedia.

In a chart made for Tel Aviv, the eclipse will fall in the 5th house, putting the accent on everything the house stands for: amusements, children, artistic matters and g a m b l i n g !
In a chart made for New York, the eclipse occurs at 3:12, on 29th degree Gemini, on the cusp of the 9th house, but still in the 8th. The 8th House rules others' money, it's the house of Scorpio, it's planet is Pluto, the house of distruction and death. Difficult placement for the coming two weeks- moneywise. If this is not enough, the Moon will be conjunct the South Node, a very negative position.

Today the market opens with the Moon in Gemini, which will bring nervous trades, harsh ups and downs...

Happy trading!

So take extra care !

Dec. 20, 2010 Monday

Today is an important CIT day for our index, I worked on this chart in the morning, to show you what I see:

I put in here all the planets' positions Geo centric and Helio centric calculations, for today. We can see price is supported by Helio Mars, then Saturn, Venus, at 1304, but Earth Helio Mercury Jupiter oppose it at 1312,1313,1315. Untill here it took some work, but it was easy. The difficult part comes to see what will happen? Which planet will push, which will stop? and  w h e n ?? Any thoughts???? I am alone here again!!

After market: our index run up to 1316.32 - and closed at 1314.74. Now we are at 24.73 Scorpio, meaning, - for tomorrow, - there is a possibility to make another 4-5 points. Support on Mars, at 1307.5. Tomorrow is the winter solstice, and as Gann taught, a change in trend.  
S&P: would do good if it went above 1240, then it would base on Saturn, and continue the rally.

December 21, 2010, Tuesday

The markets "behaved" and we are again supported by Saturn. Everybody is waiting for a change in trend, but this comes usually after the effect - in this case, the Lunar effect. The next turn for the indexes will be on the 23rd, not because of Christmas, the planets are not aware of our habits or holidays, but because of the declination chart. By the way, this chart was sent to my group members, indicating turns for the next couple of months. You are not a member yet??

Today we are under the double effect of Mars, which is still in Capricorn and very strong. The Moon is at the final degrees of Gemini, more volatility, and Mercury, the other little planet we would look at for a clue on the markets, is under the Sun's beams and in retrograde motion, leaves us empty handed... haha...

TA25 : closed yesterday at 1314.73- thus  Mercury, Moon, Uranus, Jupiter and Neptune all form a resistance at 1316-1317. Only a " gap- up" opening will ensure a further rally. Support on Saturn: 1306.

S&P:  is based now on Saturn, as I requested yesterday, 1247.08 - here price trined Mars, and stopped; only a little bit more effort, to go above 1247.60, then next targets, are 12 points higher. 

Good trading! 

December 22, 2010 Wednesday

Under Sun/ Mercury influence, with Sun entering Capricorn, thus signaling the winter solstice, the question now is, will we rally on, or is it time for the winter sleep? But if the bears sleep in the winter how can they appear??? :)
The S&P rallied yesterday, as requested, and reached a new high, 1255.82. Here price made 180 degrees to Jupiter, looked above it, saw there are more obstacles, Uranus at 1256.77, Neptune at 1256.47, and turned. Close:1254.66 This move was, in my opinion, the 5th Elliott. The closing candle in the 90 min graph, is another sign for a top. Here is a hypotetic graph I drew just now, with my thoughts for the coming days. 

TA25: closed at 1314.40, there are too many obstacles for another rally. I am waiting for it to correct to 1308.11- 1306.25 - 1304.67

Happy trading! 

To all my readers Merry Christmas and Happy New year !!!!

December 26,2010 Sunday

Today we got the correction I wrote four lines above, and the index checked 1301.93. Then we got a huge " short squeeze" and rallied up to 1309.84.  Closed at 1307.44 , which means the index is backed by Saturn, but we would need a gap-up tomorrow to reach 1320. Then I shall be very satisfied.

Have a nice afternoon, off to yoga. :)

December 27, 2010, Monday

Today we are ruled by the Moon, which is at 23 deg. Virgo. It will send different angles to Jupiter, Neptune and Uranus during the day, and the effects will be swift are deep. It'll be a difficult day to trade. Watch it between 12-12:30 am !!! The other planet that will have it's impact is Venus, at 19 degree Scorpio, sending a small, 30 deg. angle to Mercury. Mercury is still in retro. It'll straighten out on the 30th , which we shall remember as a turning date. Mars will soon form a square to Saturn, which will mark a top or a bottom.
No financial announcements today.
good trading, more in the group....

December 28, 2010 Tuesday.

we got a nice recovery yesterday in the S&P, at 1255 price squared the low of 666, and even went higher. Now I expect it to go to 1267- 1279. Let's see if it will. CLose was at 1257.54, which equals 27 Virgo, and that means that the index is supported by Jupiter-Uranus pair at 1256.
Did you know that Neptune was found by Galileo today? This has double meaning, because we live in an illusionary period, Neptune dominates... I mean, all this rally isn't it illusionary?
Today we are under the spell of Mars, and surprise!! Neptune!! The Moon squares the Sun, look up at the sky, see a half moon? it means it squares the Sun. Not a tranquille day...
TA25 closed yesterday at 1302.98, fell quite a lot during the day, but it was blocked by several planets at 1300. Thurday we have option expiry, I trade January now, and I think 1320 is on it's way.
Gold: group members got a nice trigger yesterday, hope you took it :)

Good trading!

December 29,2010 Wednesday

With the Moon separating from Saturn we shall see some "action" today. I mean positive action. Moon is getting closer to Venus, will trine Neptune, Jupiter and Uranus. So swift and positive. But, tomorrow it's options expiry, and manipulations levels are at the peak. ( Moon-Neptune)
Yesterday Gold reached 1406.58. A messege to the members sent in Yahoo group was never delivered, there must be something wrong in yahoo.!!

Today we are under the effect of Mercury, which is slowing down, preparing to turn and go direct tomorrow, and of Saturn. Now check out this site: about the Saturnian storm. Mars squares Saturn today, so no wonder there are storms. 

TA25 closed yesterday at 1305.61 it is still "trapped " inbetween the planets. There are lots of resistances, and support only at 1295. But, looking at different charts, I think the gap-up will fool today everyone. We shall see. 
Asia is up... so ..positivity is in the air. :)

Good trading! 

This is a truly unbelievable day!
From 1305 in the morning, we ran up to 1322.56! Didn't I tell you I am waiting for 1320??? ha! I am h a p p y.. not because of the money, but because with my patience and learning, I saw the comings... at 1322.56 the index bumped into the Nodes, and turned.
It just went up an up, the options made between 400 to 800 %, the calls, I mean. The pessimists were wiped out today. Wawww what a day!

After closing: TA25 closed at 1330.80. !! 25 points up. New historical high! 

 December 30, 2010 Thursday.

We are under the spell of Jupiter and Mars today, a very energetic day for the markets. Not only because it's options expiry, but I wonder what will you folks do, after the big bang of the expiry? will you trade on, leave your money, and see what'll happen, or you will cash in, and prepare for the New Year's party? I know what I would do.... Today the Sun is on Facies, a fixed star in the Archer's Nebulae, which can bring sudden falls and injuries, so mark your steps. You would not want to celebrate the New year in the hospital... The Moon in Libra, is approaching the Sun, so for the next couple of days it can bring more ups, but be ready for the 4th of january, when we will have a Solar eclipse, at 13 Capricorn...this can bring extraordinary events. It will affect those who were born in Capricorn, of course, Cancer, Aries and Libra. It will affect those who have planets in their natal chart at 12-14 Capricorn. But you should do a reading to find out if it'll effect you.

In the new year I shall concentrate more on the private mails to members, so if you have not yet signed up, it's time.
Have a good day !

December 31, 2010 Friday.

What a timing! the year ends with the week.
Last day to trade for you, we are done here for the year. We saw a spectaculous finale, new high one day before the options expiry, while the expiry itself was quiet. You, overseas still have a chance today, under the rulership of the small benefactor, Venus, and Mars, the warrior, the energizer, to close your positions. No financial announcements today, so you are safe on that side.
S&P: closed yesterday with a "shooting star" and since the beginning of December it goes up with lower volume every day, today is 144 days from Aug.8 high, so all these are signs for a correction.

What's behind the corner?

Pluto's placement today, till the 19th of January: here is the degree's meaning:

Chosen Degree: 05°Cp00' - 05°Cp59'


You may feel that there is a difficult and mysterious time to come and you need to prepare. This marks a time to make these preparations and create the safeguards before continuing into the unknown. You are on an important journey, one of destiny, but you won't know for a while what this journey is leading to. See this as an opportunity for further growth. Preparation. If negative - fear of the unknown. Being afraid to make a move."
Why is this important? Mercury, on it's way towards Pluto, will be at this degree. And Mercury stands for volatility in the markets.
I am preparing next year's forecast. Which shares or sectors will be important... what will come with the gold and oil. How will Uranus ingress to Aries affect the markets? Will the upcoming solar eclipse mess up the lives of some of us?
So, with this said, I whish you a very happy New Year. May all your whishes come true.... hmmm be careful what you whish for. I would go for health. If we are healthy we can do everything. It is the most important thing. So be healthy, wealthy and happy.
See you next year. 

2 0 1 1

Good morning!

Have you every played with the thought, why we celebrate the New Year on January 1? A little search and I learned something new today... Which I think will interest you too.

It all goes back to Julius Caesar, to 153 BC. He created the Julian Calendar, and decided that the new year will be celebrated on January 1. Until then the celebrations were held, as the ancient Babylonians taught, on the first moon of the Vernal Equinox; so between 2000 BC. to 153 BC the new year was celebrated around Dec.21, then Caesar created the Julian Calendar and everything changed. But the specific year that it started was in 46 BC, when Caesar returned to Rome and, according to Plutarch, called in the best philosophers and mathematicians of his time to solve the problem of the calendar. Eventually, it was decided to establish a calendar that would be a combination between the old Roman months, the fixed length of the Egyptian calendar, and the 365¼ days of the Greek astronomy. According to Macrobius, Caesar was assisted by Marcus Flavius. This calendar was in use till 1582, till the fall of the Roman Empire, then, Pope Gregory XIII, promulgated the Gregorian calendar, that is in use until today. But this calendar was adopted by countries at different times. The British empire in 1752, last in Greece only in 1924.

I wonder how they managed?? Say they made a meeting, let's meet on Wednesday, 24 August, then the Englander arrived on time, but the Greek came one week earlier- or later.. I could not figure out... hahah... This is a curiosity that should ring a bell, because when we study history, for instance, the date that is written there is not 100% sure is the date we understand it now.

But, are you sober enough for my blubbering here?? hehhee...Have a hangover? Drink black,Turkish coffee.

Let us remember what happened in 2010! Do you remember the earthquake in Haiti in Jan.12, followed by the longest annular solar eclipse in Jan.15, ? the earthquake in Chile on Feb 27, triggering the tsunami, ? the fire in Uganda... don't ask where is that!, the sinking of S.Korean ship? do you remember the death of the polish PM by aircrash, in April 10th, the earthquake in China, April 13, the Vulcanic ash from the unpronauncable, Eyjafjallajökull, Iceland vulcano?
What about the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico? in April 20th? Do you remember the card game we used to play when children to build a tower out of cards? It reminds me of the EU. This tower's first card was pulled out at Greece on April 27, to be followed by Portugal, Italy, Spain, and who knows... soon Ireland, Belgium maybe. Some of you might not even heard of the riots between Kyrgyzstan and Uzbeks - these countries belonged to the Soviet Union in the past, where God did not exist, but in the modern times God came back, and so the riots between religions. Hundreds died in these riots, but the strong Russian censor took care that it would not make headlines. Not so with Wilikeaks! also started this year, pulling out the safety carpet under many. And who cares about the heavy rains in Pakistan, July 29? How about the bird-flu?
How many of you have heard of the fantastic technological, or maybe 4th dimension finding of the antimatter? This is a great breakthru for humanity, I am not sure what it'll bring...

What can I tell you? Looking back, I see destruction- natural and human too.

I hope this year will bring a better one.

The markets: here is a graph the shows which countries rallied most since the crash.


These graphs give us a clue for future investments.

January 2, 2011 Sunday.

Today we have 4 planets and the part of fortune in Capricorn. Saturn squares all of them by sign. Jupiter+Uranus conjunction in Pisces. A conjunction between two outer planets does not happen every day, These two were side by side in 1997, 1982, 1968, 1954. For those who like research, it would be interesting to check what happened then? Another important angle is the 30 degrees between Neptune to this pair. This one is rare as well. Venus trines the pair. The Moon is conjunct Mercury. Bottom line? Some positivity is still there. 
Our market opens soon, I'll be back. 
January 3, 2010 

Yesterday our market reached an important top, 1334.36 this might be a top for the time being! This level corresponds to 14 Sag. in blue arrow, so it is below Saturn! Again Saturn forms a resistance ! On opening above 1327 would push it further up, but today we have important announcements regarding new gas and oil findings - taxes! and the market is on hold. I do not know when the press conference will be so we will have a highly hectic trade today. I would stay out of the market if I were you! For me, I am trading both sides, calls and puts, so I'm good.

Today we are under the spell of the Moon, which will enter Capricorn by the time market opens here, and join the rest of the planets already there. Now, 5 planets in Capricorn, can bring an earthquake! The only hope for a rally is Venus- Jupiter/Uranus trine. The other planet that will infuence us today is Neptune, King of the Ocean and of OiL..... Neptune is 30 degrees away from Jupiter/Uranus pair. I very much beleive there is oil here, which will pop up starting 2011- 2013. Will it bring prosperity and peace? Let's pray.

9:25 The press conference will be only after the closing... so another day in the vacuum! Is it a coincidence that tomorrow we have a new moon, and a solar eclipse?

After market: TA25 reached 1339.93. Another historical high. Will it continue to rally?That is the question. 
The press conference we were waiting for came out " parve" meaning, they met each other at the middle. No dramas.
S&P : On December 12, I gave target 1262. Today we are at 1272. I think there are 4-5 points more to go up, and that's it for the time being. 1272 means 12 Libra, Here price squares the Sun, and falls. Saturn is at 1276, will be a resistance.

Good trading!

January 4, 2011 Tuesday

Today is a great day! New Moon in Capricorn, Partial Solar eclipse, at 13 Capricorn, The Sun and Moon 180 to Sirius. It is a perfect day for a top and fall. Tuesday is ruled by Mars, and the date also by Mars. So we are full of energy, good or bad we shall see in a year's time. Why? Because Solar eclipses affect us the whole year.
Market starts soon, good luck!

Premartket games: TA25 went up to 1344.68 which equals 24 Sag. there it trined Venus and fell.
Today, Tel Aviv time at 11:00 exactly the solar eclipse occurs.

After market: TA25 closed at 1333.25, which equals to 13 Sag. Now there are a few planets that will not let the index go higher... for the time being. The members received today at noon exact trigger for the Gold.

As I wrote in the morning, today is a perfect day for a top and turn.

*** One of my colleagues in one of the groups posted that Sun Opposing Sirius in the last 19 years the market went down 5 times and went up 14 times. So I guess we can add 2011 to the down effects.Tomorrow I shall start a new article, it's a New Moon again, so see you at: "New Moon in Capricorn 2011" .