New Moon in Taurus with the UK elections


We did not discuss The UK elections, and I think we should look at the chart of David Cameron.
Born in London, 9th October, 1966. Many astrologers commented on his chart, so I will look into the peculiar things.
Libra ascendant, the ruler, Venus applying to the Sun, in a masculine sign. The Moon is out of bound, meaning his feelings are somehow questionable. Furthermore, he has a few planets hooked up, or in junction. Uranus with Pluto, Neptune with South Node, Saturn with Chiron, Moon with Jupiter. Uranus, being the ruler of the 5th house conjunct to Pluto can show his first born, Ivan's death at age 6. His second child is signified by Mars, which has no angles, only a 150 to Saturn, and to different asteroids, like Pandora, which is almost conjunct,  to his Sun. I think when Saturn will make a conjunction to it, the box of Pandora will fly open and reveal.... hmmm.. . what do you think?? Anything to do with a secret love affair from the same side?
Pandora in Libra, Uranus conjunct Pluto, Venus, ruler of the 8th in opposition to Vertex. Damocles, another asteroid, is in his house of pleasures, ( 5) at 14 Aquarius. In 3 years Mars, ruler of H7, will trine this point . So we shall see.
He comes from a wealthy family, and he has North Node in the 8th, the money of others... But this placement also shows a need to deal with financial problems, and UK is one of the hushed -up places regarding investments... So he will have to deal with money, banks, investments.
There are two asteroids I read about lately, that are related to money, and are elevated in fraud' charts, they are: Midas and Utopia. In his map these two are: Midas at 4 Gemini, Utopia at 1 Aquarius. Both of them will receive an angle when Uranus and Jupiter will soon be at 1-4 Aries. So look out David!! More unexpected problems to come, regarding money and investments.

He was chosen PM, so we should look at his 10th house, which is in Cancer, it's ruler, the Moon is conjunct Jupiter. He was born for this. But will he be happy? The Moon is square to Chiron, to Amor, which means by  Demetra George: "capacity of spiritual or platonic love and compassion." But the Moon sends a quincunx to Eros, (capacity for vitality and passion). To remind you, 150 deg. is a sick degree. There is also an opposition to Damocles, no need to explain this one, I hope... and to Utopia. So we are back again to the beginning.

The next graph is that of declinations. It is important to make for everyone this sort of graph just to see where are the planets out of bound?

We should check above or below 23"34 degrees declinations. What we have here is the Part of Fortune going wild off it's boundaries between Oct 1976- Feb 1983, July 89- Jan 94, Feb 2008- Sep 2013, Nov 2016-March 2021. So we shall see him around till Sept 2013 at least.
In the negative side the POF went wild: Nov 92-98, Nov 2001-May 2007, it's the Moon OOB, and starting March 2016, it's Venus, the ruler that goes wild!
Looking at his transit chart, Uranus will trine his Jupiter already in mid-May, from the house 7, of open enemies.
He is in his first year numerologically, so, this is a turning point in his career, as we saw.
Good luck Mr. Cameron!

Nicholas William Peter "Nick" Clegg- Liberal Party Deputy, in coalition with Conservative Party under PM Mr. Cameron. Elected on May 11, 2010.

Born 7 January 1967. Since there is no time of birth, I tried to find it, by using Huber method, therefore the chart placed hereunder is after my calculations.

Many talk about the synastry chart between these two men, and how they fit, as if they were a couple. Well, using numerology, I can assure you that they are very different people. But let' see:

Numerologically he has two sevens in his birth date, which is ruled by Neptune. Neptune is on his IC, showing his idealistic believes, it symbolizes it symbolizes God, and as Max Heindel writes: " Neptune strong in the figure gives a very vivid imagination and an artistic nature, poetic, musical or literary, a fondness of ease, comfort and beautiful surroundings. The person is easily swayed by the emotions, and when Neptune is afflicted may become subject to trances, fainting, hysteria, or psychic storms. There is a love of travel, preferably by water.
When Neptune is weak by sign or afflicted it also inclines to drink or drugs, it robs the person of ambition and makes him an indolent loafer or cheat, thoroughly dishonest, or if the horoscope is otherwise good he may become the prey of other people who will rob or defraud him. People with an afflicted Neptune should particularly avoid dealings with large corporations or they may be subjected to swindles of the most fantastic nature."
He too has planets in conjunction, Pluto-Uranus, Saturn-Chiron, Sun-Mercury-Vertex.
The sum of his birth date is 31/4. this Number is ruled by Uranus. His Uranus is conjunct to Pluto and POF in Virgo. Both are retrograde and in the second house of money. Clegg was born with Uranus-Saturn opposition, same is on today.

The interesting part is in the placement of his asteroids. His Neptune, is surrounded by many asteroids: Pandora at 26 Sco, Hidalgo at 18 Sco, Toro at 21 Sco. Mrs. Demetra George says about Hidalgo at page 187: the capacity for self assertion in defense of principles." and about Toro: " Capacity to use control power."
I just wonder how can he use them under the rays of Neptune??
Wikipedia: " In 2002, Nick Clegg, MEP, accused Gordon Brown of encouraging "condescension" towards Germany. In an article, Clegg wrote that "all nations have a cross to bear, and none more so than Germany with its memories of Nazism. But the British cross is more insidious still. A misplaced sense of superiority, sustained by delusions of grandeur and a tenacious obsession with the last war, is much harder to shake off"
I am not here to judge, just to observe, but what would he do if his children would blow up in a bus?
The asteroid Diana is in 9 Aquarius, conjunct Damocles. Diana speaks about the capacity for survival and self protection.... but in Aquarius?? nice  philosophy...

Is the saying : the right people emerge in the right time... TRUE?
Are these two the right people against the rising Moslem threat? How will the growing idealistic west deal with the " idealistic" and growing Moslem world? The wake- up and realization will be very painful...

His declination chart shows his POF out of bound in the green circles. The Moon too is OOB, and this year it brought it's reward. But look at the years 2012-2017 what a cluster!

I do whish these two gentlemen superiority and success!


May 13

Do we remember GS? At first I went short, then long, now Iam short again.  Watch the channel.
Breaking down from 144 will crash below 100.

May 17, 2010 adds up to =16 one of the Karmic (difficult) numbers.
Let's see how will the markets behave?

Sun on Algol today, very bad position; Vivian Robson says: Violent death, or extreeme sickness, it's the head of the Medusa, the Demon head, or the Lilith by the Hebrews, brings misfortune, violence, decapitation, hanging, it is the most evil star in heavens."
We have 6 planets at the end of signs. They are  tired, and ready to rest. They are also in angle to the Galactic center, which, like a "black hole" wants to swallow them. Who can help? Venus? It is in Gemini, too young to take the world's troubles on her beautiful shoulders. Jupiter?? Is cosy at home, in Pisces... Looking at the Helio chart, more trouble there, Mercury conjunct Pluto!
So, I hope our shorts will bring their harvest.

Dow closed at: 10620, only 4 points above Jupiter, and 1-2 points above Satun-Uranus. If it breaks this support, then : 10500- 10400- MA 200 is at 10235, falling from there... wawww !!9984.
Let us remember, that the Dow went up 420 days! so ... proportions!!

S&P closed at 1135.68, the MA 200 is at 1104. If it breaks this support, then 1056-1048

GS : is stalling for the last 7 days. While other stocks fell, this one did not move. The last trading day it made a Doji. The volume is low and getting lower day by day. So this is a tricky situation.
If it breaks 141.50, then it'll continue to fall, but if it stays above this level, then it can run up to 152.

Good trading!

May 23

graph here, thoughts below

May 30

In my monthly artlicle I wrote about Uranus entering Aries, that we all know. On July 11, 1927, there was a major earthquake at the Dead Sea area. Map here:

July 11, 1927= 37/1
3 is the number of Jupiter, 7 Neptune, and Sun is 1. We see in the map 150 degree angle between Jup-Neptune, and Sun in cancer, a fixed sign. On that day Saturn in Sag conj, Moon, also in 150 deg. to Sun, and  many planets coupled up, as we can see in the circles. Is this a " deja vu"? Will history repeat?

July 11 this year we have a solar eclipse on 19 cancer. 11.7.2010 add up to 21/3, so we have Sun-Moon -Jupiter to watch.
Map of this date:

There are various bad angles: from Pluto, and man... can't he rock us all!? There is also a separating opposition from Saturn- Uranus, but Saturn is in an earth sign; and Venus also in earth sign, sends 150 deg. to Uranus & Jupiter.
So, there might be a hot summer....

May 31. It seems the hot summer is already here.

June 4, Pls. read my comment about the graph scrolldown to comments to this date

This is what happened in reality.... The Gap was there all right, but down. But look at the oscillators in May and now: the average of the RSI is in positive area, the stocastic is ready to turn up at 0 level. So if the S&P will not break 1070, this is a turning point!

The S&P on the Wheel with next target.

June 11. Following picture is self explanatory

June 12

The Sun is hiding outside, so I found myself again by the computer figuring out the mysteries of the planets, and I 've found some interesting things, herebelow explained.

This is the S&P minute graph of yesterday. with highs and lows with the hours on it

wait till you see this one here!!!

Take your time and study the  W H E E L :)