New Moon in Capricorn January 4- February 3, 2011

This New Moon is a special one. Not only we had a partial solar eclipse, but we have four planets lined up in Capricorn, with the North Node. The Moon is accompanied by Mars, which is very strong in this sign, and will try to pump the markets up. All in all the markets are strong, and even if we shall see a small correction in the coming days, I do not expect a major disaster.

What is ahead of us this lunar month? Mercury will conjunct the Sun, and run ahead to 28 degrees Capricorn. Venus is now in Scorpio, where it is weak, but soon it'll ingress Sagittarius, traveling 31 degrees. Mars will pass from Capricorn to Aquarius, Jupiter will ingress Aries, this is a major turn! The outer and slower planets will barely move. Saturn will turn retro, thus giving a second chance to Libras.
I shall comment on each and every one of these changes.
Last two years during the Capricorn New Moon the S&P fell.
Let's trade wisely, and make money... We deserve it. :) .

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January 5, 2011 Wednesday

Happy Birthday to Huan Carlos, King of Spain! Born today, 73 years ago. Yesterday Solar eclipse affected him a lot. But what bothers me, is the transit of Uranus on his Directed Sun, and Natal Saturn. Uranus shakes and changes whatever it touches, so since we look at a king to see the country's welfare, major changes to come upon Spain this year! Natal Venus, that signifies in this map the rulers, receives Pluto, by transit ( with red arrow) and boy, Pluto comes to distroy and rebuild everything it touches.

Today we are under the effect of Mercury and the Sun. Mercury is squaring Jupiter/Uranus pair. This square should speed up any movement in the market. I say "should" because we always have to consider the whole picture not only one aspect. We have the Sun squaring Saturn, and as we already know, Saturn is a "tranquilizer" as if saying to Mercury, "not so fast, little boy! I am deciding here." The Moon is in Capricorn, this too will make a quiet day. In trading concept : markets will go sideways, consolidate, even try a lite correction after yesterday's fall.

Ta25 closed yesterday at 1333.25, which equals to 13 Sag. This level placed it below the Sun, so it'll be difficult to go higher today. I shall wait for a change in trend - intraday- 11:50- 12:40, but I'm afraid we shall see lower levels later in the day. Support 1325.
1:30 pm. we broke the resistance, I expect 1219- 1217.

S&P: 1270.2 = 10 Libra, so There is a resistance at 1276.83, support at 1265.44.
 Before opening: the S&P future made a low at 1256. Unless it climbs above 1257.30, it'll fall to 1252-1251. So an opening with a gap down is possible.

Good trading!

January 6, 2011, Thursday

I could not log in the morning, had no internet. I am so nervous, it's better if I am not by the computer today. only a few words for the opening:

Today we are ruled by Jupiter and the Moon. Everything looks great for the moment, but soon the Sun will square Saturn, and will chill the markets.

TA25 is on it's way to 1342.42- there is the first resistance from Mars, it it'll pass the previous top:1339. I am writing these lines at 10:34, it seems we saw today's high.

S&P: is at a turning point, since 182 trading days passed from Nov 29 low, and it made a Doji yesterday.  I would be very careful there! Two important Fed announcements before the opening.

Have a good day!

S&P before closing; it made a huge gap, which will be closed sooner or later.

Good night.

January 7, 2011 Friday

Today we are under the rule of Venus and Jupiter. In the helio chart Venus is at 29 degrees of Leo, meaning, it'll soon pass to Virgo. How soon, at 22:14 my time, (GMT+2) Venus in Virgo is weak. Venus represents the banks. So this is s sign for all of us, to watch it, if we are in long positions.  Not only this ingress will make a change, but the bad angles it'll send to several planets as well. Mercury will square Pluto, and is getting closer to Saturn. Jupiter on the other hand is squaring Pluto. So we have here a situation, in which I would be very careful, no matter how positive different announcements are.

It is so warm and nice outside, I have to go to the beach, but will be back later.

for the meanwhile here is the chart of the Silver future - study it!

S&P after closing:

On January 3 I wrote, that the index will go to 1276, there will meet Saturn and fall. So this is exactly what happened! Today it made a high at 1276.83, and fell to1261.70, one of my targets, Now next move will be a lower low: 1251.70

Have a nice weekend!

January 9, 2011 Sunday

Terrible killing in Tucson, Arizona on January 8, at 10:00 shocked the US. Dem. Congress woman, Gabriella Giffords shot at head, but survived- so far - but 6 others did not.

Gabriella Giffords survived due to several positive ( green arrows) angles with exact and tight orb to the natal chart.

We shall keep our fingers crossed for her to stay alive, and the others to recover. And to the people of America, who are under shock right now. Difficult times ahead. Jupiter/Uranus conjunction triggers many disasters. Together with Mars (strong)  and Pluto in Capricorn, anti governmental issues are triggered. 

The shooter, a 22 year old, who was born with a partial lunar eclipse, on a new Moon, with Uranus+ Saturn+ Neptune conjunction. On his Natal Sun is the North node, and the Lilith. very bad! so he has a bunch of planets in tight connection in the natal chart, which , in direction will trigger and kill. He probably had been abused in childhood- by father ( Saturn-Uranus conj. ) but this is not an excuse. Mars- Mercury opposition in natal map is the sign for later killing in life. Surely, not everybody who has this opposition will turn out to be a killer! We must always make our synthesis with other planets.

Today we are under the effect of the Sun & Mercury. Our market jumped at the opening, and now we are in the red zone. It seems the correction period started.

Have a better day!

January 10, 2011 Monday

Good morning,

What do you think? have we seen the last tops for a while? is the rally over? Asia is down, except for the Nikkey, Euro/Dollar unless runs above 1.3260, we will find it at 1.1630 in four -five months... The Gold is up, target now at 1406...I bet you did not know that on Jan.10, 1920 the Silver reached record $1.37 an ounce!!... where is it today? $29.37... Did grandpa invest in Silver??

Today we are under the spell of the Moon and Venus. While we were sleeping the Moon reached Jupiter/Uranus pair in Pisces, and Venus ingressed in Sag.

Will we open with a Gap-down?? where our supports? You are welcome to add your thoughts!

Today there is " Coming of age" day in Japan, does this mean no trade?? Also there are several monetary announcements at 9:30, from EU, then from Canada, New Zealand, but not from the US, so I guess a quiet day ahead of us.

TA25 closed yesterday at 1333, so now it is blocked by most planets. Pluto is a support at 1325, Venus at 1322. But falling below that, I will have to recalculate. We might see a nice try to go up between 11-12:00 am, but again down after 12:42.

Good trading!

After closing:

Our eyes are on the Dax though, because of Portugal's and other countries' debt. Will Germany come to rescue this time too?


More in the group...

January 11, 2011 Tuesday.

Asia is up! Gold is up, Silver found a support, it is the day when shortists will be trapped. Today we are influenced by Mars and Neptune. Mars sextiles Jupiter/Uranus pair, which is positive for the markets. The Moon moved to Aries, a fire sign that also moves us forward, but the catch is under Mercury-Neptune sextile. So prepare for a day up.

TA 25 closed on a critical point, 1322, now it is supported by Venus, so maybe there will try to go up, as I mentioned yesterday, but be careful around 10:09- 11:00 am!

I closed my short Puts, and sold my calls, 

back later...

After closing: TA 25 "behaved" as expected. It went up.

Now what?? Any ideas??

I would not be very enthusiastic about going long... I just checked tomorrow's planets' positions, and there are some negative aspects, so... watch it! It seems this month is very difficult to trade, one day down one day up. My advice: close your positions every day.
Look what is happening right now in the S&P- " 3 fathers pattern" a fall is on it's way!

So I think this is how TA25 will look in the following days:

Good night!

January 12, 2011 Wednesday

Wawww what a day! Our index tried to conquer the previous highs, but closed low, at 1337.09. Now we have a quadriple top. 1337 equals to 17 Sag. Price made an exact sextile to Saturn. Due to the US rally, it seems tomorrow is another day in green. or not????

Good night, sleep well.

January 13, 2011

For my visitors from Singapore here is their index, with support and resistance.

Breaking Support 1, will reach Support 2, or it'll continue the rally above the last top. ( 3313 ) 

Today we are under the spell of Jupiter and Mars. Both are very strong. Not only in the 29 degrees of the sign, but in sextile with each other. However, we, in our index have a " not a day to trade" .  Yesterday's high was not conquerred, it is the last day of the week to trade, so people might cash in before closing.

S&P (future) is now at 22 Libra, thus price is square the Sun. Have we seen the last top for the days to come?? Support is on Saturn, at 1277. So the index, like ours is quite trapped. What should happen in order to move it? either way? Think as if you were playing billiard. We shoot the balls, and they scatter on the table. for such an impact we should wait from the planets, to move the markets either up or down. I know I am fed up with ours, since Jan 3 is going side - ways, making 5-10 points.... It is impossible to trade.

January 15, 2011

Tomorrow, Sunday, we open with Moon in Gemini; and with Mars in Aquarius. Both will bring a lot of nerves into the markets. The world is waiting for a "break" which refuses to appear.
What do you think?? what will happen this week? Monday there is no trade in the US, due to Martin Luther day. So we are in a vacuum, waiting. Then there are the earnings of the companies like IBM, AAPL, etc. .

So, I am waiting for your views on next week's direction..

Have a nice evening.

January 16, 2011

Today we are under the effect of the Sun and Jupiter. The Sun is in Capricorn, coming into a sextile( positive) angle with Jupiter and Uranus in Pisces. Then Mars entered Aquarius during the night and with Moon in Gemini we will have a very nervous and volatile day.
There are two possibilities. We open with a gap-up and linger the whole day, with another leg up around noon, 1:36 pm- 2:28 pm, then a down correction at 3:19 pm, OR, we open with a gap-down, and a try to go up at noon, and down again before closing. There are only a few resistances to the upside at : 1337.13- 1339.4 - 1345.84. All the planets back the index. meaning, all form a support line. In order to fall, the index should open with a gap- down below 1317.38. Only this way will the puts see some confort all the way down to 1301.30.

Have a good day!  I'll be back later....

This is what happened today: we did have a gap-up, and a new high in January, and also a new low. Another impossible day. Closed at 1338.22, just 0.18% up.

Going to Yoga...

January 17, 2011 Monday

Good morning, slept well? had coffee??  

Today is a special day. Well, every day is, isn't it?? But today Venus meets Pluto by declination. We shall see what will this mean in a few days. Market wise it must be a powerful day, since Venus rules the banks, and Pluto rules the 8th house of "other's money... so " money makes the wolrd go round..." song popps up in my ears.

What else will we have today?? a... but before I forgot, happy birthday to Michele Obama! Numerologically she is in her 4th year, which, ruled by Uranus, will bring many ups and downs, this we can see in her chart too. Vertex will conjunct exactly her Pluto in a year, it is already only 1 degree orb distance from it, and vertex tells us: look out what you are dreaming about, they might come true, and then you will wake up, and see that this was NOT what you really wanted. Her vertex is in the 9th house- that has to do with law, foreign countries, freedom, our philosophy. There are more signs for a change, all the planets in the squares show that, but we are here for the markets... so I shall stop here.

Today we are under the ruler ship of the Moon and Uranus. The Moon is in Gemini, in an ugly degree to the Sun, and soon to Mars too, also coming to a conjunction to the South Node. Bad bad bad. Uranus, still at 27 Pisces. But what is interesting is the sextile that the Sun sends to Uranus and in three days to Jupiter. These are positive angles, those from the Moon negative. So how will the market behave? Let's see what is the East doing?? Most of them are down, except for Japan, Malaysia and the Philippines.. So are we seeing here a reversal? too early to know. My members in WMA group received yesterday a thorough analysis.

Market starts in 5', I'll be back.
Be good!

Gold ( future) : if breaks 1352 then target at : 1327.

January 18, 2011

As Uranus is getting closer to Aries, there is no dull day.
Read this: "Climate change? The sun rose in Ilulissat, Greenland, two days early on Tuesday, ending a month-and-a-half of winter darkness. One theory is that melting ice caps have lowered the horizon allowing the sun to shine through earlier.
The sun over Greenland has risen two days early, baffling scientists and sparking fears that Arctic icecaps are melting faster than previously thought. Experts say the sun should have risen over the Arctic nation’s most westerly town, Ilulissat, yesterday, ending a month-and-a-half of winter darkness. But, for the first time in history light began creeping over the horizon at around 1 p.m. on Tuesday -- 48 hours ahead of the usual date of 13 January.
The mysterious sunrise has confused scientists, although it is believed the most likely explanation is that it is down to the lower height of melting icecaps allowing the sun’s light to penetrate through earlier. Thomas Posch, of the Institute for Astronomy of the University of Vienna, said that a local change of the horizon was ‘by far the most >obvious explanation’. He said as the ice sinks, so to does the horizon, creating the illusion that the sun has risen early. This theory, based on the gradual decline of Greenland’s ice sheet, is backed by recent climate studies."

The other side of the world, Australia is sinking in water, only we here in Israel have draught and have water restriction.

Today is Tuesday, and we are under the double rulership of Mercury. And where is it ?? Conjunct Pluto! This is a bad position for today's markets, bad for those who are long.

Market opens, I'll be back later.

If TA25 falls below 1331.33, under Saturn in the Helio chart, it will find support at 1328.- and as I said a few days before, it must fall below 1317.45 in order to go short. For the time being it is trapped in between the planets, that is why we are going sideways. resistance at 1341.83.

PSTI - made a huge move yesterday, now my next target there is 3.16-3.71-3.89 $. But be careful, it is a very volatile stock. Support at 2.4 . Sell if falls below!
12:59 company announcement... something is coming ohhhhhh whaaaat???
here it is:

Good trading!

1:55 markets are running up. TA25 ; we reached 1345.35 - now next resistance is at 1347.84 - 1349.22 - 1351.84 - 1356.02.

Dax: is building a double top in the 15 min chart, resistance at 7164.
S&P ( future) resistance 1296-97.

W h a t    a   d a y !!!

hooooo ya.  PSTI - went up after the announcement to 1384. = $3.90 now it closed at 1200= 3.35$ .. we shall see what they'll do oversees. My target: 1700 over here.

I am following two other shares that trade in the US too: ( Ultrashape) ULSP.TA,( Braiswave)  BRIN.TA. all biomed. We should pay more attention to biomed. With Uranus entering Aries there will be new break thrus in medicine.

bye now...

Oh before I go... We all heard about the tragic disease of Apple founder, Steve Jobs. Here is his map, and the reaction

His natal Jupiter/Uranus is in conjunction, and now, that Jupiter / Uranus are conjunct in the sky the illness was triggered. But we need more angles to show just the same, and his directed Sun is conjunct his Mars, already since two and a half years, in H8. transiting Pluto is in exact orb to his Sun, and Pluto brings disasters. Saturn, will soon turn retro, so the illness was and is lingering, and takes a long long time. It is a shame such a genious has to go thru this! I hope he'll make it. However, the markets just waited for news like this to go short on AAPLE.
Not me... I do not trade abroad.

Ok have to go, bye

January 19, 2011 Wednesday.

Yesterday I upgraded my mobile to Blackburry... Now I am learning how to work with it... Why do I have to complicate my life with new gadgets?? God knows... But, I have my Moon in Gemini, master of communication, and Mercury and Sun in Aquarius, an air sign that likes newbees ( being ruled by Uranus planet of inventions), so I guess, I have to live up to their expectations... And yes, my planets have not moved or changed because of this " new" trend everybody is talking about. If you have not heared, they say there is a new sign, Ophiuchus, and the other thing, that if you were born under Leo, now you are in fact Cancer, well, that is not so either... It's all about different astrological calculations. If we make a map as per the Vedic astrology, then yes, but as per modern astrology you are still a Leo...
Today in the news : Pakistan earthquake. I mention it because it was strong, 7.2 Deg...And today we have a Full Moon in Cancer. Markets tend to correct, or change their trend 1 or two days after full moon.

Wednesday is ruled by Mercury, and Mercury is all about volatility. But it is in Capricorn, as if someone sticked a rock to his shoes... It has no power, so we have to look for another planet to trigger the market. Like Mars in Aquarius...
TA25 closed yesterday at 1339.52, which puts it above most of the planets. I was waiting for a trigger, but again, there is still a resistance at 1342.96. - and a support at 1336.40

S&P: closed at 1295.02, which puts it right under! Pluto at 1295.96... So, if it does not roar above this planet, we will see the correction on it's way.

After closing: we got a new high today, at 1346.2= 26 Scorpio. Uranus is at 1347.5. This is or was my target, th efinal one for the time being. Do you remember the positive angles the Sun sent to Jupiter and Uranus? well, they are over. 

As market starts in the US the moon will make exact opposition to the Sun, thus signaling the full Moon, and the beginning of the downtrend. But, do not hurry to get into shorts, because tomorrow the Moon will be in Leo, and in this major fire sign it'll get new energies.
Now the S&P future trades at 1290.25= 0 Scorpio. Sun squares now this place, so, be careful we might see a top.

Have a good evening.

January 20, 2011

It's Thursday again, last day to trade for this week. Jupiter and Venus day, the two benefactors in the sky.

Jupiter is at 1289.56 regarding the S&P, Venus is at 1301.36, so both planets block the up side. Another thing: the Solar eclipse on Jan 4,11 was on 13 Cap, and Venus today is at 13 degrees Sag, so another negative perspective for the day. But, I would not go 100% short yet, only if this index falls below 1278, Jan.6 top, and would double my short if it falls below 1262.63, Jan. 7 low.
Announcements today: before and after opening, so look out at 8:30, and NY time.

TA25 closed yesterday at 1340.31, which is 20 Sagittarius, now is supported by Saturn, at 1337.2, and blocked by Uranus at 1347.5.

PSTI: made a high at 1385, and yesterday it corrected to 1110. Target: 1308, 1484.
There are other biomed share to follow, we can do this privately.

Gold ( spot): breaking 1360, target: 1315.
Silver (future) : broke a long term support line, from Aug 25. Support at 27.949, below that 26.3 Look out for a change in trend on Jan 23, it's 180 days from July 28 low. & Jan 29 too.
Goldman Sachs: GS, is one of the major shares to follow

Have a good day!

Friday, 21 January 2011

Today morning I wrote quite a long post, but before sending, the internet fell, so now I have to re write it. 
Among many happenings in the sky the most important is the Sun passing to Aquarius. In 4 days it'll meet  Mars there, and Jupiter will enter Aries, which will be a MAJOR issue, since it was there only 12 years before. It will also be my birthday, so you should prepare the champaigne, and we shall celebrate on- line :)

S&P: found support on 1267, and now - premarket- it is at 1283. target 1287.52. ( Uranus)
Gold: (future) is now at: 1339.86 - broke strong support at 1345, target now - as I wrote to members... You are not a memeber yeat, in WMA group?? Too bad.

Happy trading, and have a nice week end :)

January 23, 11 Sunday

I dreamt that all my computers, phones were robbed. What will this day bring? Usually the opposit happens...

This morning the Sun is already in Aquarius, and the Moon in Virgo. 150 degrees between them, a disharmonic angle. it should bring a fall at the opening. But here in TA25 we are still "trapped" in between planets, since January the 3rd we are between 1322-1346. Until one of these borders are not broken nothing much to do.

I found this interesting site: nothing is impossible anymore!

Market starts, let's see ...

Awfull day... to recompensate myself off to the hairdresser...:)  Now I am good as new.

For my Dutch visitors here are some thoughts about AEX: First top made on April 12, then 26th, 2010 and January 20th, 2011. Last high was higher than the previous two, a good chance it'll go above 364.41. Price equals 4 Aries, so it was stopped by Pluto, at 365; on the other hand Jupiter is a support at 360. Fibonacci levels are at: 349.60, 345, 340.36. We shall turn bearish here only if it falls below 325.

See you.....

January 24, 2011 Monday

Good morning,

Today there are several issues in the sky. The Moon moved to Libra, approaching Saturn, which will have a "cooling" effect, but in the same time it makes a trine to the Sun which is a positive angle. Then it makes a disharmonic angle to Jupiter... you see how many little things one should watch?
There are no economic releases today.

TA25 closed yesterday at 1336= 16 Sag. There is a sextile between Saturn-Venus at 17 degree. They block the price. Bit there is a support at 1334.24 - 1331.56 - 1329.81.. it'll be difficult to fall, and difficult to advance. I don't beleive I am writing the same and the same day after day...

Back later...
Mercury will enter Sagittarius on January 25, at 3:07 ( gmt +2) - another reason for the markets to go up.

After closing: Oh boy! what a day! I was crying that nothing happens.. well it did happen today!
you in the US should be careful.. The day started with a gap up- to wipe out Shortists, then a fall to 1326 ! to wipe out Longists. Today the index made 14 points! which can indicate a very volatile week. But, no wonder, it's expiry week, and as I mentioned earlier, tomorrow Mercury enters Sagittarius, bringing action. In a volatile market it is very difficult to trade. You should put your targets and stops, and cash in, do not wait for big hits.

S&P:  support today at: 1281-1278, targets: 1287-1290.

January 25, 11 Tuesday

Today we are under the rulership of Mars and the Sun. They are in conjunction. Jupiter just entered Aries. The Moon is conjunct Saturn.
TA25 closed yesterday at 1328= 8 Sag. It is supported by Pluto at 1326, the Sun at 1325. On the otherhand to the upside, we can find Mercury at 1335, Saturn at 1337, Venus at 1338. So this is our " playground " for the day.

S&P went up yesterday, as I wrote, does not seem it needs a rest.

Have a good day! I know I will...

OH... Remember PSTI? Went up 18%  :)

January 26, 2011 Wednesday,

Well, we had a rather big move the last two days, the majic channel of 1322-1346- broke. See the graph below: every 9 days a bottom. 26.1.11 is another low? I already wrote several times, that the index should fall below 1317 in order to go to 1300.

The plantes back up this fall, Earth-Pluto in 150 degree, disharmonic angle. If you search the news, you will probably find something negative, to have the fundamental explanation too.

Have a great day.

I had lesson this morning, so now I am done teaching, what's going on?? I see our index decided to play " hide and seek" with me... It is back into the channel again, made a high at 1333! It is trading at 1330 as I write these lines now, it's 12:22 pm. Soon it will start to fall. First targets: 1328.60, 1327. Tomorrow we have options expiry. I think it will be between 1330-1324.

Do you remember PSTI? well, it made my month... definitely... research helps... Now It went up to 1557 - I would be carefull today, since in the astro-map we have a trine between transiting Moon to natal Moon, which can be a top.

January 27, 11 Thursday.

Good morning, coffee?? I take it with one sugar, thank you.

It seems January will win the competition - which month stayed in the channel longest?? January!!! We are back again, after a close at 1329. Today we have expiry, just in one hour, and then I guess a turn will take place. I have to show you what I do each and every morning: I make this picture built on the Gann wheel, I count the placmenets of the planets, with the price. it makes trade visual : this situation was all month long: price blocked in between planets. So how could it break out of the channel it was built? The numbers in pink are tops and bottoms. So you can see, that price - TA25 - is supported by Mars, Earth, the Sun, Pluto, and is blocked from running up by Heliocentric Mars, Saturn, Venus, etc.

There must be a celestial event to "dig a hole" in this blockage - either way.

What will we have today? Since we are under the effect of Jupiter and Mercury, we shall check first these two. Jupiter is in Aries, and will be, for the coming months, it is strong. Mercury is in Capricorn, - a weak placement. so no news here. Then, we should check the Sun and Moon: they square by sign. This can be a negative issue, but there are much more things to check, and that is what I teach... how to combine everything.

TA25 closed yesterday at 9 Sag. and you saw on the pic. above it's boundaries.
Dow closed at 11985, this is a critical point. If it'll continue to go up next targets at : 12040-12095-12132-12150-12205.  Dates to watch: Feb.1, 7,10.

S&P closed at 1296.63, which equals to 16 Scorpio. Which planets block it, and support it??

Good day!

* I added an intersting site, under "Links" - Middle East Stock markets - You might find interesting info. there, like Egypt is falling by 10% today, due to political situation...
The date of birth of modern Egypt is : 18 June 1953. They have a "Saturn return" right now, Saturn being in the 7th house of "enemies I know" or partners. Only looking at Saturn we can understand the difficult times that are ahead in Egypt. How long will it take?? June 2011, till Saturn is retrograde. Only at the beginning of July things will calm down there. Look how the Sun, that represents the governement in a country's map, is " attacked " by transiting Neptune and Uranus. Are we seeing now a beginning of an uprising? Uranus is in charge of that! Mr. Mubarak is represented by Jupiter, ruler of House 10, and this planet too is in " check-mate" from Mars the warrior and destructive Pluto. No wonder their market is falling.

In Mr Mubarak's chart the stress is there too, in too many angles. The problems will be culminating between 19 February - 13 March.

 *  *  *  *

Dax: Made a high at 7170, now it is trading only a few points below. But if it will not go above this level, I would be very careful if you over there are long on this index.! Failing to go above, target: 6883.

January 28,11 Friday

Will the Egyptian uprising stay in borders?? I doubt... I just checked the area's map with the last Solar eclipse. We can see that all the Arab world will be effected, and the epidemic of uprising is spreading:

Today it's double Venus day. Where is it? at 22 Sagittarius. Market wise it means: 1282 for the S&P, 1312 for the Gold, 2752 for Nadaq, 11992 for the Dow....

January 30, 11  Sunday

How are you?? How was you week end?? Here most of the time the TV is on, watching the news in Egypt, then to get out of this turmoil I went to the movie and saw two films these two days, the first, "The black Swan", the other " The King's speach" both very good.
Today we are under the effect of of the Sun and Saturn. The Sun is in Aquarius, Saturn in Libra. Both in an air sign. Both can be very cruel. Saturn is in retrograde motion, and will be till June 11, going back 7 degrees. Everyone who has planets between 10-17 degrees in any sign, will be effected by this movement.
I have to say: Happy birthday to King Abdullah II, King of Jordan - today, and oh boy.... is his map triggered big time!! Transiting Saturn will hit his Venus, Jupiter and Neptune, and it is right conjunct his directed Uranus. Being a fellow Aquarian like myself, I do hope he will manage during this turbulent time he will go thru till 2012.

Our market starts soon. It closed at 1332- which means 12 Sag. it is still in the channel, so nothing much to  say.
Premarket : broke all supports! we are at 1290.07... how wise of me to buy puts last week!

After closing: 1282.56- every shortist' dream.... 40! points fall.... Will we rebounce tomorrow?
That is the question...

Here is the 90 Min. graph- with some targets for tomorrow:

Good night.

January 31, 11 Monday

Yesterday I sat here from seven in the morning till almost nine in the evening. I wrote a huge article about the Middle East... Sorry, it's in hebrew.. People here complain why I never write anything in hebrew, so I did. I took different countries' maps, and leaders maps and analysed them... What can I tell you?? Uranus ingress to Aries in heliocentric map brings the uprisings. Uranus was in Aries in 1843, 1927. Nothing remains as it was, a new world is coming, and before it'll be good, it'll be very bad. The muslim world will rule, as they see it right. Europe is already half muslim... Anyways, market opens, so lets look what is ahead today?

We are under the rulership of the Moon and Mars. The Moon in in Capricorn today and it is moving towards Mars, in Aquarius. It will conjunct it on Feb.3. Till then we might have a correction to 1317. 

S&P: before opening:

I uploaded the 90 min.graph, in order to see the last leg-up since November 26. The index made a high at 1302, and corrected. this was expected, after two months of rally. Will it continue to fall? The oscillators are showing "oversold", and the index did not fall below January 20th low. So there could be a try to go up.
Looking at the future's graph, I see it made a low at 1267.23= 7 Virgo. Pluto is at 6 Capricorn, therefore the index found support on Pluto (the trine). I would go long - very speculative! - with a strict stop at 1267.

February 1, 2011 Tuesday

Today we are under the effect of Mars, and Neptune. It's been a while since we met Neptune !
Mars-Sun conjunction will be a resistance today at 1302, - above that, 1317 Saturn. Neptune is support at 1287.

Back later....

In today's newpaper somebody filmed a possible " UFO" above Jerusalem... Just a curiosity..

Our index fell to 1278.59, and tried to go up, but after a double top it faild to go above 1295. As if waiting....

The Dow: made a high above 12072, now it will trade between 12072- 11800. Falling below this level can fall to 11540. but till the index is not below 10900, there is no bear trend, just a correction of the second Elliott wave from November 29.

The S&P:

News: The masses achieved their goal. Mr.Mubarak announced that he will not run for presidency. There will be elections. The question is who will take the lead?? One possibility is Omar Suleiman ; born July 2, 1936 is an Egyptian politician and military figure who was appointed Vice President of Egypt on 29 January 2011. Previously, he was Minister without Portfolio and Director of the Egyptian General Intelligence Directorate (EGID), the national intelligence agency, from 1993 to 2011. In his role as Director of EGID, the British Daily Telegraph dubbed him as "one of the world's most powerful spy chiefs". Foreign Policy magazine ranked him the Middle East's most powerful intelligence chief
The other ,Muhamad El Baradei. Mohamed Mustafa ElBaradei ; born June 17, 1942 is an Egyptian law scholar and politician. He was the Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), an inter-governmental organization under the auspices of the United Nations, from December 1997 to November 2009. ElBaradei and the IAEA were jointly awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2005. ElBaradei is also a key figure in the 2011 Egyptian protests. 

Will Egypt have free elections? Hard to say...

February 2, 2011 Wednesday.

It's a Mercurian day astrologically, and Saturnian numerologically. Mercury is in the last degrees of Capricorn, Saturn in retro, in Libra. The Moon entered Aquarius, and soon will join the Sun-Mars conjunction. We had a positive day in the US markets. The S&P made a new high, but folks,! this is false break out! you should be careful! Money is being pulled out of the index since January 3. The Dow made a triple top, next target:12260. Gold: made a bottom at 1308.62, this should be our stop in a long position. if Gold goes above 1348, target is 1366. In the future's chart - 15 minutes chart it made a triple top, now it is correcting. targets: 1335.1- 1333.45.- breaking this level it'll go to 1327.
Dax: on the way to 7250.
TA25: closed 1289.71 , support at 1284, targets... well everything is possible...

Ok, market opened at 1306, which equals to 16 Scorpio. It jumped above all resistances. Now Sun-Mars is support at 1303, Saturn resistance 1307.86....But here too, like in Australia, who can stop the cyclone?

Have a good day!

The New Moon occures in New York at 21:30 this evening.

February 3, 4:30 am (GMT+2) - New Moon on 13 Aquarius 53 minutes.-

February 3, 2011 Thursday - ruled by Jupiter. Historical times.

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