February Aquarian New Moon

 February 3 – March 4, 2011

What do we know about Aquarius? The sign is the last one of the air signs; air is all about mind and thinking. It takes the 11th house of the wheel, the house of friends and large companies. It stands for revolutions, and spiritual achievements. It is ruled by Saturn, by ancient astrology and by Uranus as per modern astrology. If you are born at the beginning of the sign, you might be more Capricornian, ruled by Saturn, but those born at the middle of the sign are the true Aquarians. Somewhat detached from the world, look into " higher causes" and less are interested in day to day or more personal involvements.

Is this just a coincidence that the Egyptian uprising is happening under this New Moon? I don't think so.. there is a reason for all. Something we might not understand right away, but will, later.
Mr. Mubarak's Solar retrun chart shows us a perfect square between the New Moon and his Sun. Nothing happens " just by chance"....

So what's going on in the sky right now? We have four planets in Aquarius – Sun/Mars/Moon joined Neptune, the planet of dreams and illusions, but also the planet of religions. Could this uprising turn to a Muslim revival? We will know it in 2012, looking back. We understand issues only after it is done and looking back. Never, while it is forming. We have the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction, still, even if they are 4 degrees apart. We have four planets at the last degrees of the signs, symbolizing the death of the old and – after ingressing the new signs – the birth of the new. No matter where I check, I receive the same answer. We are living historical times.

The markets seem to "like"it. Still bullish. People or events born in Aquarius, Leo, Taurus and Scorpio will be effected by this New Moon.

TA25: closed yesterday at 1300. Receiving a support from the US markets it will continue to go up today. Asia is partly up. The Gold made a low yesterday at 1327, exactly my target. Dax made a low ( future) at 7168.5, if it'll not fall below this level, then targets are 7227- previous high, and more. Euro-Yen: support at 112.18, target 113.95. Crude oil: support 90, target 92.

Good trading!

This it today's picture for the local market.

Check out Helio chart: we have Mars- Earth opposition- which is the conjunction in the Geo chart. they are at 1304 - they block TA25. Support at 1290 with Uranus, 1288 Neptune, 1285 Mercury.

People from 80 countries follow this blog, which makes me very happy. Here is the chart of South Africa. If it will not run above the previous high, it will dive by 1263 points below the last low! So be careful!!

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February 6, 2011, Sunday

Sunday is ruled by the Sun, which still moves together with Mars, approaching "Damocles" astroid. No need to explain what it stands for, I hope... I mentioned it in my article on Nov.9,2009.  The other planet affecting us today will be Jupiter. Mercury makes a sextile ( positive) angle to it today, so I guess we shall see a positive opening in TA25. On the other hand Venus sends a square. Hmmm, which one will overrule the other??

We had a nice rally today, here is the graph. As I wrote a few days ago, TA25 will go to 1317. we are there now.

February 7, 2011 Monday

Asia opens before us, so the first thing to see how is their markets? today all of them are up. AXJO: trades with an open gap-up, but with a lowering volume, in Korea they have a sell off, but only below 2069.73 it would turn bearish, India ( BSESN) is building a double bottom, Hang Seng opened high, but now they are also selling, here too, only below 23447 would turn bearish, Japan, made a double top, it will continue to rally. China is building a double bottom. It will bring the bears out only below 12535- 12310. Shanghai is getting close to a turning point.

What can we expect today? At this moment 8:06; we have a Moon-Jupiter conjunction in Aries. I will look for a change in trend today at 11:51, 14:04 (local time). Today the Moon is farthest from Earth. Our market closed at 1319.44, now Chiron, Uranus, Venus is blocking the way up, but Neptune is supportive. So, it will have to jump over 1325.32 - in order to go to 1332. there will meet Saturn. Time - wise today it's 182 - gann day- from Aug.9, 2010 top. Below Neptune, to the downside, support lies only at 1308.

Gold: made a top on Feb.4 at 1356.65, now this is the immediate target. Price met Pluto exactly, it will be difficult to go above. Support:1343, 1338.26.

Oil - gas shares went up a little yesterday, because of the crisis in Egypt. I sold what I had, right in time... I think biomed shares have more potential now.

Good trading!

Gold future: if it breaks the Pluto resistance at 1356.65, next target 1385.

Crude Oil: is trapped between : 84.95- 92.65

Silver: trades in a channel. target: 29.74, I think it will  go sideways, or down, due to the Apogee Moon. breaking 28.646, will fall to 27.54. be careful here!
I was wrong here! it is running up, resistance at previous highs of Jan. 18, Jan 11.

S&P: support at 1305.75

PSTI - I wrote about: 

JSE: S.Africa Price met Jupiter and fell

TA25: closed at 1323- thus here too price trined Jupiter.

Very important issue in the sky: the Sun is separating from Mars. This means a lot in the political situation. If the Sun represents the King, Prime Minister, President, and Mars, the army, then as the Sun separates from Mars, Mr. Mubarak is separating from the army. This can have a double meaning, maybe the army will turn against him, or will make a coup, time will tell.
And we have had quite a lesson with Saturn turning retro...whom can we rely on, or not.

February 8, 2011, Tuesday.

It is very interesting to know, that on this day, in 1952, Elisabeth the II was proclaimed Queen of United Kingdom.
We shall check her map later, but now market starts...

Here it is: 1952: proclaimed Queen with transiting Sun/Jupiter on Natal Venus, ruler of Libra, House 10. There was a prenatal Solar eclipse at 0 Capricorn, on Jan 1952. Her Natal Sun trines (120deg) this point. On the day of proclamation the North Node sextiled this point.

Today, 2011: she reigns 59 years, the North node is back, on 1.27 Capricorn. The difficulty comes from transiting Uranus, as we call it, Uranus return, once in 84 years only this can happen; bringing major changes in one's life. Furthermore directed Saturn is on Natal Jupiter/Mars, and also transiting Saturn, now in retro will send 150 degrees to her Natal Venus, ruler of House 10. With all this, I think after her birthday, after she will celebrate 60 years on throne due to illness, ( Saturn) she will step down.

                               *     *       *

FTSE: made a top at 6036. Now it is at 6019, building a double top. If it will fail to go above the previous high, the fall will be to 5864, there is a supportive trendline  from Nov. 29th low. This will not mean bearish trend, only a correction. The trend would turn bearish only below 5553.5, which is a third correction from July 4th low.


Uranus return: there are very few world leaders that have passed their Uranus return, or are passing now:
The Pope, JosepRatzinger; born 16 April 1927,
Husni Mubarak born 4 May, 1928
Fidel Castro, born: 13 Aug. 1926
Shimon Peres, born: 2 August 1923,
Our chief rabbi: Ovadia Josef, born: 23 Sept 1920

Actress Zsazsa Gabor, born: 6 Feb 1917
Kirk Douglas, born 9 Dec. 1916

Sorry if I forgot someone....


A day ruled by Mars and Mercury, both in Aquarius, will be sextiled by the Moon. It could be an "up day" if Saturn would not be in opposition.

Here market is at 1325.12 there is a major resistance at 1325.35 by Pluto.
After market: out of the first 100 shares 47 declined, 53 went up. we closed at 1321.85=
1 Sag; below most of the planets. Price is still trapped between planets.

Dax: Builds a double top... with 2008! daily chart.
The same can be seen in the 5 minutes graph: failing to go above 7325, will fell, targets on the graph.

No wonder the Gold is running up, so is the VIX...(index of fear)  :)

February 9, 2011 Wednesday

A Mercurian day, and Venus rules too. Mercury is at 19 degree declination. A bad placement...Furthermore Mars is at 19 degree in Aquarius. Damocles at this degree too... So with Moon in Aries we get a powerful down day, or at least a beginning of a turn.

East is correcting by 0.5%- 2%.
Bernanke is speaking today, so it's a good time to be " on the fence".

For my visitors from Singapore: STI:

it trades now at 3146- there is a resistance from Uranus at 3148.3.

After closing: TA25 at 1313.18= 23 Scorpio. Now our index is almost below all the planets. If it will fall below 1307, next steps down: 1301, 1297- 1291.
Members! Pls. check your mail.

February 10, 2011 Thursday

Good morning, slept well??
Let's see what's happening today?
In the sky, nothing much, besides the Moon moving to Taurus. It will square later today Mercury, which can bring a gap- down, and then Mars, Sun and Neptune. all have negative effect.
Jupiter is moving into a square with Pluto, here too negativity.
In the Helio chart we have an interesting opposition, between Jupiter ( freedom) -Saturn. ( clinging to the known, the well built structure) this opposition symbolizes the world issues now in the Middle East.
This is quite a rare placement for these two, since they are slow- moving planets. They were in opposition in: 1911, 1930, 1951, 1970, 1990, and now. Just for the sport, you can check what happened in history during these years....

I see the East is down, almost every index, except Australia, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and China.
Yesterday the US markets closed lower after Mt. Bernanke's speach.
Gold has reached my target, now it is trading side-way. there is a support at 1357.90. However, falling from here, it can recheck 1355-1352.

TA25 closed at 1313.18 = 23 Scorpio, only Mars is supportive. at 1309. I wonder if it can hold up the market.

Two interesting shares to watch: HDST.TA ( Hadasit Bio) and a new bio med share that starts today to trade: under the name " redhill"  it's no. 1122381

Bye for now

I received a mail from a friend - reader of this blog, and he drew my attention to my mail, posted on Nov. 4,2010 giving February 8 as a turning day. Well, first of all I thank you, dear, for following this blog, and being attentive.  He also asked : Low not until April 13,11? I am not sure
what you meant. will check the S&p and be back.

Here is my article from Nov.2010- three months back I gave target for the Dow, for instance 12200 and above... back then it was at 11000.

Ok, here it is the Gann wheel I uploaded on Nov. 4,2010 with more insignts:

PSTI: 5 min. graph: made a double bottom today, at 1020, and ran up to 1100. target: 1240-1250.

Someone to look at his map: is Mr.Berlusconi. He is 74 years old, and he is being sued now for all kind of love-affairs. His map is ruled by Mercury- having a Virgo Ascendant. Pluto & Saturn are conjunct. These affairs can cost him a lot of money, Pluto shows us, being the ruler of his second house of money, and Saturn from Libra and in retro " irons" this place. His problems will not go away so quickly. These problems can cause his "chair" since Mercury rules his 10th house of career too. As I pointed out in my article about Egypt, Mubarak, and the rest of the leaders, he too is under the effect of Jupiter/Uranus transits. They trine his Pluto, signifying a culmination in his career, and down from here. Furthermore transiting Pluto squares his Sun. His adversaries ( Neptune) will use the current situation to destroy him ( Neptune trine prenatal Eclipse) There are many more bad effects in his chart.

But let us see the Italian stock market: The first is a daily- long range graph, with supports and resistances, the other intraday..

After closing: reached my first target, but still there is an open gap till 1288.

Have a very good week end. :)

Saturday, Feb 12,2011

" Must read articles" : Looking beyond the Sun: The Planet Nibiru




http://www.halexandria.org/- a lifetime reading here....


February 13, 2011 Sunday

Good morning, and wellcome to my visitor from the 82nd country! For the new-comers, you should know, that I post every New Moon, then I continue the same article, so you should always scroll down, to see the date's post. Since the day is built on the previous days, I have to do it this way. For those who whish to receive weekly personnal analysis, you should sign up for my services..

Today we are under the effect of the Sun. It is in Aquarius. The Moon, from Gemini will trine it, and Mars, Neptune too, today and tomorrow. Trines can mean tops or botttoms. We shall see. We open in half an hour, have to prepare... see you soon.
Middle East markets are trading. All are up, except Jordan and Tunisia. Egypt is still closed.

TA25: closed at 1302.38, support at 1291.34/
Resistance 1305, 1307,1312.25,1314.17,1318.22
I expect a turn in trend at 10:08, 12:53,3:38 pm.

Good trading!

After closing: Before the opening I posted here above possible resistances. Today our index run up to 1317.23 and closed at 1308.

Have a nice evening.

February 14, 2011

Yesterday we had a double Sun day, today we have a double Moon day. What can we learn from the Moon? As I write these lines it enters Cancer. From here is will make all possible bad angles to all planets. This should bring a fall, but maybe there are other planets that over rule it, and markets will continue to go up?? The East is up, the Middle East markets are up- well except Tunisia, Egypt- no trade- Jordan too, Saudia too. It seems, that in countries that people worry for a new uprising people withdraw their money. Iran is on its way to turn hell loose.
Today is Valentine day, day of love, hmmm, not much love around these days....WHo was Valentine? A quick search in Google taught me, that he was a priest-martyr who refused to convert to roman pagan religion. Read more here:

But, let us concentrate on the markets:

TA25: closed yesterday at 1308=18 Scorpio. Saturn supports the market at 1306. Falling from here, it will be a nice short.

S&P: made a low on February 11, now target at 1334.31

Dax: made a new high, at 7401, support should be at 7357, target 7455.

Silver: Support at 29.68. for long, but there is a resistance at 30.20, so careful here!! falling from 29.8, lower levels: 29.28- 27.92

HEY, let's listen to the Gipsy Kings one of my favorits! They have great songs, search for more,...

February 15, 2011 Tuesday.

Yesterday Saturn did support the market, and after all we closed at 1315.38. Today' s range : 1310-1313-1320.15 - 1325.

Today the Moon is in Cancer, a sign that it rules. From there it sends 150 degree (bad) angles to Mercury, Mars, Sun and Naptune. Markets should fall. But, as I wrote yesterday, other planets have their infuences as well, and we should always make a synthesis with all of them. There is a square forming between Jupiter-Pluto. Untill a strong effect will not come, the markets will go sideways. Not every day is a trading day....

S&P today- before the opening:

If you are a member in the WMA- group, pls. check your mail....

This is what happened today in the world:

Crude oil:  if 85.15 keeps , than :

Bye now...

February 16, 2011 Wednesday

I woke up in the night, that someone is knocking on my window... I was a little bit weird, since I live on the 7th floor.... Then I realized it was ice-rain... Yes, it is cold here, and rainy, and so is the market... slipping down. How down??
TA25 closed at 1315- at 25 Scorpio. It is still trapped between the planets. It will be easy to break the support of Mercury, which is weak. and difficult to go above the Sun, Neptune and Uranus. Range of trade for today: 1317-- 1304.

One of the signs of manipulation is Sun conjunct Neptune. This conjuction also confused me today morning, when I thought markets will slipp . They didn't. What happened, is, that the " players" made an outragious high opening, and now.... the market is slipping. TA25 trades now at 1318.54, tried 3 times to go above 1320 ( Uranus) in vein. But we still have more than 4 fours to trade... so all is open.

PSTI: made a low at 962- and recovered nicely, it is trading now at 1025. Target 1105.

After closing:

 The US markets opened, no news here... up up up...

February 17, 2011 Thursday.

There is a Jupiter- Saturn oppositition today in the Helio chart, this and other calculations should mark a CIT. day. 

TA25:  made a high yesterday at 1338.29, now, after the positive day yesterday from the US markets, it can go up to 1348.- which will be a new historical high.

But' let's see step by step: at 1335 it sextiles Venus, 1336.8 it bumps into Saturn. If it will go above these leveles, then, next targets are: 1341.9 - 1345.46 - 1348.27. At this level there are multiple obstacles, I doubt it will run above it.  Support at: - 1332- 1325,- 1319.

Time wise: I would be very careful at :11:02 - 11:58, a change in trend... There is a possibility to a positive closing.

Welcome to my visitors from Malaysia: here is their index: KLSE

A few words about another declining leader: Gaddafi: Since I do not have the time of birth , I make a solar chart, with the Sun on the Asc. It is very interesting to see that in his natal chart he has five planets in Gemini. This means, that transiting Pluto from Capricorn will trigger each, and will bring it's consequesces. He is ruling since September 1, 1969. The outer chart is the transit for that day. See How Neptune, ruler of his carreer makes a positive angle to his natal Neptune. Furthermore, transiting Pluto squares Mercury, which is his charts' ruler. And last, transiting Venus squared natal Venus at exact angle.

What is happening nowadays?? Transiting Neptune reached 28 Aquarius, and from there triggers natal Neptune! same planets at move, but now in a negative way. Furthermore, Uranus, the planet of revolutions is in his 10th house of career, and from there it squares natal Jupiter, the ruler of this house. One can not stand up and fight the effects of Uranus. It is final. Will Gaddafi disappear as Mubarak?? What I can say is, since he is in his 7th personal year, which tends to bring sickness, the future is not glorious.

February 18, 2011 Friday

Today Mr.Bernanke speaks at 13:00 NY time. The 21st is market holiday - due to President's day. So we will be in a vacuum till 23rd. Soooo many things can happen during these 5 days!

Summer is back here, off to the beach, I have to clear my head, and breath in some sun.
Be good :)

February 19, 2011  Saturday
I spent a beautifaul day with a friend in Old Jaffa, only 20 min. drive from where I live... . Here are some pictures. So many tourists, restaurants, smells and variety of human colours, good weather, made my day.... I wanted to share with you...

I hope you are enjoyed your week end as well....

February 20, 2011 Sunday

Hello, It is a Sun - day, but the Sun is hiding somewhere, and desert winds filled my house with dust. I must have forgotten an open window ...

The market here started positivly, but now it is declining.  Seems we will hit 1327, there Pluto might block the fall.
As of yesterday the Sun ingressed Pisces, and soon Mercury and Mars will follow. This means a major turn in trend. We have several Gann days this week too, so be prepared for a change. How deep??? Pls. sign up for weekly/ monthly analysis, and you will know...

February 21,11 Monday.

Yesterday we had a sloppy day, until the afternoon with a very low volume, then it turned and closed in green. Market is going sideways. Today, we are under the effect of the Moon, which is conjunct Saturn in Libra, and Neptune, which is conjunct Mars in Aquarius. The Moon and Neptune form a trine by sign.- which is a very minor positive placement. Besides that we have a 30 deg. angle between Uranus- Mars/Neptune which is also minor aspect, but due to the planets involved can bring a sudden and harsh effect. I see East is declining, except Japan and China. By the way, the uprisings from Africa reached China as well... The Middle east stockmarkets are sliding down also.

Here are some interesting planetary placements for today: I wrote above that we have a Neptune-Mars-Mercury conjunction in the sky. They rise above Mauritania, Morocco, Spain and France. Then Look at Uranus, planet of revolution, is right on Libya. While the city of Benghazi, which was " freed" by the revolutionists, is under Jupiter.

At the other side of the world same planets are seen - on the MC:

Uranus on Cuba...

A remarcable rally in the Silver! It is trading now at 33.113. Support at 31.34, and will go further up. A few months from now it can run up to 39-47.

Gold: ( future) should go above 1403 - 1429 - to continue the rally.. Untill then we should be careful here, work with tight stops. Falling from 1392, will fall more..

TA25: before the opening: resistance at 1337-1339-1341. Falling from 1336 can drop to 1327. 

February 22,2011 Tuesday

We are under a Mars- Saturn effect today. Mars pours lot of energy and anger, Saturn tries to balance it.
I was very sorry to hear about the Earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand last night. But, as I wrote in my February forecast, more earthquakes to come... Mars-Neptune- Mercury conjunction, and other planetary placements cause these. Since they are in Pisces, tzunamis will follow. I whish I was clever enough to know where!!!

About the markets:

TA25 opened with a low, at 1315.65 with a gap down, Support is at 1305-1302.33
Gold went up yesterday, as expected, to 1403 - 1410- top, and reversed. All markets are correcting now, except Lebanon... hmmm, and the Crude oil

Political situation has nothing to do with it! It's Mars ( energy) conjunction Neptune ( Oil)


Wellcome to my Belgian visitors! Here is your index:

Dow: before opening: While there was no trade in the Us, the Dow made a low at 12232. If you are a member in WMA group, you received the triggers and stops, so you should still be hanging in there.. Now, it's 4 PM, it is trading at 12298. The support line runs at 12290. Falling from here it will recheck 12232,- 12142 - 11200. If it will not climb above 12376, the top of Feb 21, it will be a first sign for short.

February 23,11 Wednesday.

Today we are under the effect of Mercury and Mars. They are conjunct in Pisces! Both entered this sign and they bring a deep turn in trend. The Moon in Scorpio. We have 5 planets in water signs. Four planets are in Pisces, the sign of religion, but also of art and expression. Jupiter, the symbol of freedom is in Aries, in a fire sign, and we can see the consequences of what is happening down here, on Earth, when up there the planets are in these placements. Pisces is the sign of oil, and we see the prices roaring.

TA25 closed yesterday at 1314, found a minor support on Helio-Mercury, but today we shall see it much lower. Support is at 1306 - 1303 - 1302- 1296- 1288. 
Most of the planets are blocking the way up. So prepare for a slide.
I will expect a minor correction between: 12.00- 12:54.
Gold: ( future) trades now at 1400.95- support 1395, target 1406 - 1410 - 1417.
Silver:(future) made a bottom at 32.41 - which is our stop now. targets: 33 - 33.35 - 34.2. Falling below 32.4 - can go to 31.8
Crude ( future) is now at 95.98 - 95 is our stop target: 98.15- previous top. Falling from 95, will trade at 94.25 - 93.5- 91.95

Good trading!

February 24,11 Thursday

Options' expiry day today... high volatility. Under the influence of the Sun, and Jupiter, they are 30 degrees apart, this is a minor angle' not very important. But, Jupiter/Pluto square is still influencing the markets, and the political situation. Now uprisings in Greece as well, grad missile fell on one of our towns...

This morning only China and Sri Lanca are positive, all the other markets are correcting.

 Gold: reached my targets yesterday. Now we can move our stops to 1407, target 1415- 1438
SIlver: We shall move our stop to 33.1; target: 33.9- 34.15
Crude: stop at: 99 - target : 101.2 - 105.7
S&P: made a bottom at 1297- if this bottom is broken, then next stop: 1287
TA25: We made a high at 1336 on January 18, today we are at 1281.48. It should stay above 1282, if it wants to correct, otherwise we shall see th eindex at 1266 - 1250 .
You can post your comments here below... I would be glad to read your inputs.

Good trading!

February 25, 11 Friday.

Friday is a short day over here, shops close early, at 2-3 pm, people are getting ready to rest... So there is a lot of work... haha. So here are a few words:
The eyes are on the Oil: it made a high at 103.3 on Feb24th, and now it is correcting. I am talking about the future 1 hour graph. There is a trendline at 96.6, but falling from here, it'll go to 93.5 - 92. - 90.50. Mind you, there is an open gap till 85.95... so it'll be nice if it closed it. So if you are short, put the stop at 99.6 - breaking 96.6 - there will be a nice ride. Good news from Libya will back this short. Although our small and miserable life down here has nothing to do with it...
All in all, I think the markets will correct and go up - I mean the indexes, so, be careful, if you are short.

Happy trading, good week end, take care..

February 27, 2011, Sunday 

US markets corrected, and here we open high, with a gap- up, at 1295.8- which is high, but not high enough... Index should go above 1298- 1300... but, we shall see. There are some resistances at 1298 - 1300, but above this the road is clear... till 1306 - 1319...

After closing: TA25 ran up to 1295.58 and closed at 1294.27 - this is important for the US markets, because there too I would expect a high opening, and a high closing.
TA25: stop at: 1288. It is imperative to stay above 1295. then we shall see it at 1306-1319-1322.
Tomorrow, Monday, there are major changes in the sky which will back positive movements.

S&P: closed on 1319.97 - targets: 1325- 1333.
Dow: cosed at: 12130. Stop should be at : 12000- target: 12180 - 12280.
Gold: last top at: 1385.8 - stop should be at 1384.3 - falling from here next stops are at: 1382-1380. Running up above the last top will bring it to 1390.

What about some politics? Libya is in the headlines... still, noone remembers Mubarak, who faded away, together with Tunisia's leader... what was his name...( Ben Ali...) ??
Pluto, the planet of deep changes ruler of the house of life and death, the 8th house, is on the MC. Jupiter is on the Ascendant.- Jupiter will bring culmination in this area of the world in the coming two days.

Have a nice evening.

February 28, 2011 Monday

Today is the last day of February... As expected, the markets in the East are going up. At this moment we have a square between the Moon to Saturn. Will this square make the markets that open in the next hour open low? Hmmm.
We shall see.
What do we have today in the sky? Four planets in Pisces, three planets and the North Node in Capricorn, Jupiter in Aries, and Saturn balancing it in opposition - by sign - in Libra. There is a " fight" between Jupiter in fire sign- that pushed the markets up - between Mars, the energizer, in water.. Which one will win?

I posted a poll, - will we have a new rally? Pls. vote! It's at the left side of the blog.

After closing: not a trading day- our index stayed cautiously flat. This is what happens when the planets are more or less in balance.

March 1, 2011 Tuesday

Good bye February, welcome March! What will this month bring? The major issue is Uranus entering Aries, together with the Lilith. Uranus, the planet of revolutions, Lilith, the dark side of the Moon, which brings out the negative in us, in Aries, and in the Decan of Aries, can bring only more uprisings, and fights. Saturn will move merely 2.09 degrees still in retro, Jupiter already in Aries, will move 8 degrees, thus will enter the Decan of the Sun in Aries. Jupiter enlarges everything in touches. In the decan of the Sun it touches leaders, kings. Jupiter is still opposite Saturn, so the uprisings and fights will be pin pointed against more leaders. These will spread to other countries as well. Did I mention China, yet?  Lilith will be in Aries till January 2012... so be prepared. Mars will move 24 degrees in Pisces. On it's way it will oppose Saturn, the lonely king/ leader. Some eminent leader is in high danger! We shall hear about it by mid March. Venus, during this coming month will move to Aquarius, later to Pisces. This is a topic for a whole article. Markets wise it is a positive sign. Venus rules the banks. so We should check some charts of the bigger banks to see its effect.

Today we are under the influence of Mars and Saturn... OK
Market starts, more later...

For my visitors from SA: here is your index JSE: breaking out and above the red line will mean a nice long till the former top.

S&P: after reaching my target of 1333, and even more ( last top at 1336.25) it is correcting now, and it trades at 1322. Any bad news I am not aware of?? It is imperative to stay above 1319! Or else it is going to 1314.5 - 1309.4....

VIX: Parallel to the index we shall watch the Vix - the index of "fear"... It made a high at 22.8, and fell to 18.9. Now it can go up to 20.8, and fall again.

March 2, 2011 Wednesday.

Thank you Mr. Bernanke, for the short in the S&P,and the rally in the oil... 

 I posted under links - my March forecast.... you are welcome to read it...

Last week I posted in the net, that I am looking for someone to build an IPHONE application for my blog. Somebody is willing now, for $600. What do you think??

March 3, 2011

I asked a question here, nobody answered. Nice. I am alone here, no friends, no one who cares.

March 4, 2011 Friday

S&P today:

March 6, 2011

Every new Moon I start a new article. Then I add to it every day.. well almost.. Pls. go to my new article, New Moon in Pisces...

Thank you for being here, so you on the new page :)


  1. Hi Gabriella, I love your blog, thank you. Do you think the Sagittarius moon coming later today is going to burn even more?

  2. Good question! Usually in Sag. the Moon should pour positive powers, but since the Sun-Mercury-Mars are in Pisces, the Moon will square all of them, so, yes, possibility of more lows...

  3. Hi Gabriella,
    No i dont think you are alone, there are many people reading your blog, maybe they just dont have the answer. I have been asking around and it seems like $600 is not a bad price. I havent met someone yet who can create an app for apple but i cant imagine that it is something that can be done cheaply. Hope you are well and doing well on the market :)

  4. Hi Gabriella,
    No, you are not alone. You have my best wishes & blessings, as always. I believe other members think likewise too. As I do not have an iphone, I'm not able to comment, let alone advise you.


  5. thank you Lee, and Anonymous... I shall search further, if it is worth while at all. I went to the beach....all the best and thanks.


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