Pisces New Moon

New Moon in Pisces  March 4 – April 4, 2011

The "Oracle says" Oracle Degree: 02°Li00' - 02°Li59'

This pictures a sudden, new beginning. Hard to believe at first, but eventually it will dawn on you that things are different in the light of a new day. Take heart, realize that the darkness is abating, and gradually let go of what went before. New perspectives and new realizations. If negative - holding on to the past despite all evidence and reason to move on. Refusing to believe that things are getting better."

One can write a whole book about Pisces. It has many levels. In my courses I speak about it as the last sign of the wheel, as ruler of the 12th house, as the highest among the water signs, as an ending, as ruled by Neptune, and ruler of no. 7, it's gifts and fouls… and many other criteria..

This new moon we have besides the Moon, Mars, Sun, Mercury and Uranus in this water sign… Think of them as guests who come to visit. How will they feel in this "lake"? Fiery Mars in water??? Hates to be here…

Talkative Mercury? Noone can talk when mouth filled with water… The Sun?? well the Sun rules all the planets and signs, so in Pisces it will send its' light on the religious – transcendent part of Pisces. Will light up the muse and the creative mind of artists. Uranus in Pisces can bring religious revolutions, or medical breakthroughs. Think of Pisces as a well. Either it draws you to it's dark deepness to drown you, or gives you it's deepest and sweetest, nourishing water.
Market wise I would check shares that were " born" in Pisces. This month's transiting planets will make them rally. We can do it in the WMA group if interested…

You can read my March article about the markets.

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March 7, 2011 Monday.

Today: we are under the ruler ship of the Sun and Uranus.

After closing: The low of March 2, was not broken.

It's Monday, so the first to look at will be the Moon. It makes three important angles: first, it is conjunct Jupiter in Aries, then it is square Pluto and opposite Saturn. This opposition is very important, because it means a stop. Stop in falling , stop in killing. Jupiter, the ruler of the 9th house of " my life philosophy" how do I think, what do I dream about, is stopped by Saturn, which says, ok, let's be reasonable. The thing is, Moon is moving fast, so this might be only there while it lasts. It is opportunity one might not want to miss. It will take a while till another planet will oppose " sensible" Saturn... So, why wait? Hopp on the train now.
When a client comes to me for advice, or reading, I start the meeting saying that our astro map is a picture of opportunities. It will be depending on us if we take them. What I can help with, is bringing those opportunities to the surface, and say when it is the TIME to DO.

The other planet to look at today is Mercury. It is conjunct Uranus, Soon will leave Pisces, and enter Aries. That too will be a day for a turn. The members in the WMA group receive these triggers monthly.

The Oil : seems that price bumped into the Sun, and stopped the rally. ( Sun at 106.40)

March 9, 2011 Wednesday

I have spent my last two days in the hospital, where I had to send my father again. Those who read my blog probably recall that I hospitalised him in November last year..He is still there, God knows for how long.... So happy International Women day to all you ladies out there, hope you had a better day than me.

I was not by the computer, since I could not connect to the internet in the hospital, inspite that I took my laptop with me, to stay in touch with the world while waiting long hours for check ups and stuff... So what happened?

S&P: is moving as expected in the triangle. Eventually it should decide which way to turn... The time for that is not ripe yet.

Dow: the same: went sideways. for the brave ones among you, can go long with stop at 11900, but the cautious ones, wait till 12380 is takes, only then enter.

Gold : has a support at 1421. Falling from there next down target: 1410. But in the hour graph it made a double bottom, so it can just go sideways, even rise to 1430. So we will have an eye on this one later.

Silver: did not let down its buyers, quite a rally, to 36.725. Now I would go short here with a stop at the top.

Crude Oil: Long above 105.75; short below 103.20

TA 25:

For the last 5 days it went sideways too, nothing new to say. Long as long as it trades above 1250. TA index should open above 1269 in order to rally.

What can we expect today? We are under the effect of Mercury and Neptune. Oh... long time we did not bump into you, Neptune! these two are in semi sextile, not an important angle. 


March 10, 2011 Thursday

Just a few words, as I have to be off to the hospital... I see markets went sideways. It is a " wait and see" period. With the Moon in Taurus, where it is exalted, terribly lazy, feeling good and cozy, has no needs to do anything... So we shall wait with it.

Today we are under the effect of Jupiter and Saturn- well there you are!! this opposition keeps the balance and puts the markets on hold.

Be good! :)

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March 11, 2011 Friday

The good news is, that I took my father home from the hospital, no more fever, the antibiotics did it. The bad news is, that he did not recognize anybody. Not me, not my mom, not the house he lived in for the last 40 years. I hope it will come back to him...

But on the other side of the world people suffer great losses, and while the rest of the world slept, people in Japan had a 8.8. earthquake. Now a tsunami is on it's way. If you read my last article,( on Feb.22,11)  I wrote that tsunamis are expected.... and more quakes. How sorry I am that I do not know enought to see W H E R E??

While I was away yesterday the markets broke the resistance lines. The poll for March 11 - will show that today will be a low. We can mark March 11, as a crisis day, a turning point in every level. What caused it?
In the 5:46 earthquake chart in Japan we have the Moon 150 deg, to N.Node, the North Node is on the Galactic Center, Uranus squares the nodes, Mercury conjunct Uranus and Lilith, Mars, Jupiter at Perihelion. In the Heliocentric chart there is an exact Mercury-150-Saturn. etc.... I do not want to bore those who don't understand astrology.

S&P can go to 1260. The moment it broke out from the triangle you went short, I suppose...??!!

Dow: same here- now we are short, with target at 11710.
Gold: Went up first to 1430, as I wrote it will, then dropped to 1403. Up again to 1416.8 and now it is trading at 1414.6 We can go long here, with a stop at 1410. breaking it, it can fall to 1408 - 1402.8- 1393.6 - 1390.
Silver: if you went short yesterday, as I wrote, you made quite well! We are still short, with a stop at 35.45.
Crude oil: my short trigger worked yesterday at 10 o'clock. Stop now at 104.3 Target: 100

A day to remember will be March 19! We will have a Super Moon- full Moon- in Virgo - at 28*48" degrees. The Moon will be perigee ( closest to earth ). Only every 19 years we have a similar extraordinary full Moon. As we know the Moon triggers tsunamis, maybe more quakes to come. Besides that we will have lots of powerful angles between planets.

Japan earthquake map:
I thought I should upload the map of this horrible quake, for history and follow up. There are many major angles in play.

First we have the Moon on Pleiades, the weeping sisters, at 0 Gemini. How methaphoric.... Then we can see the Moon formed an exact square to Chiron. Uranus, the bringer of the swift unexpected made a square to Hades. This, as it's name reveals, is the underworld. Then, Kronos made an exact trine trine to King of the Ocean, Posseidon, and Mars in Pisces. ( fire on the sea). These trans-neptunian planets move very very slow, no wonder they say a story in Japan, that every thousand year this town, Sendai, where the earthquake happened, is distroyed.

Uranus- Hades square happend in

1.01.1900  - 17.12.1900
6.05.1901  - 28.10.1901
27.09.1954 - 17.01.1955

1.08.1955  - 8.09.1958
9.03.1959  - 13.07.1959
24.03.2008 - 11.08.2008
2.02.2009  - 30.04.2012
30.07.2012 - 4.03.2013
21.10.2013 - 6.01.2014

Japan earthquake factbox: Entire Japan coast shifted 2.4 metres, earth axis moves ten inches

March 12, 2011 Saturday.

I woke up today to more terrible news: a family of five was slaughtered while sleeping in one of our settlements, in Itamar. The 12 year old daughter who came home later found her parents and 3 brothers and sisters killed in bed.

Atom Leak Alarm in Japan:

Uranus-Mercury-Lilith conjunct in Pisces, Moon on Aldebran fixed star... more disasters

Naoto Kan - Japan Prime Minister born on Oct 10, 1946 in Ube City, Japan. Has transiting Saturn on his Sun, bringing very difficult times. Transiting Pluto 150 "sick degree" to his natal Saturn, in the Solar map 10th house, and the distructive Uranus-Mercury-Lilith three-some is on his Moon. It will take a very long time till this tradegy will be healed, because of the slow- moving planets involved.

March 14, 2011 Monday.

Have you read the book "Atlas shrugged"? This book came to my mind now. I am very very sad because of this Japanese disaster. More sad, because there are more to come, and I don't know where!!!! I am member of various groups debating about astrology and politics, numerology, and everywhere the topic is the same. Are we looking at the birth of the 2012 Mayan end of the times? I wrote an article about the Mayan predictions about two years ago, then and now, I think, that there will be a major shift for mankind, in thought, thinking, travel, different medical breakthrus, and seeing four dimentions even, but certainly NOT the end. Some say, that what is happening now in Japan is similar to Atlantis, that sank. I pray it will not happen again. Japan is an island, nowhere to run.
I found an interesting thing: starting with Chile earthquake, back in 2010, ( our memory is sooo small) , Tunisia uprising, then Lybia, now Japan are all at 35 N latitude line on the globe. This line is super vulnerable. I do not know why. But if you put your finger on the globe, and follow it, on the other side it is Los Angeles and San Francisco...Around these cities there are dormant vulcanos. But what can we do against vulcanos, quakes and other disasters?

As I wrote today to the WMA members, in a time like this one is too much frustruated to take the right decisions to trade. I gave some triggers, decide what to do with it.

TA25 opened light green. After the massacre of the family, the settlements were given green light to build. 100 houses for each child killed.

March 15, 2011 Tuesday

The Nikkey is falling, and so the other Asian markets. Members of WMA group received their trigger long ago for this short position. I wrote then , if falls from 9400, will go to 8700, and today it trades at 8660. I see during the night it made a bottom though, at 7690. Now, this is our stop for those who beleive in rebounds. Falling from here, next targets: 7100, 4500.

Today we are under the effect of Mars, and the Sun. It will be a nervous day, with high volatility.
My mind is not really in trading now, if you have questions, pls. drop me a comment, here below.

I checked future events and here they are:
Future degrees to watch:

1) 11 Gem.03 = 1 June 11 Sol eclipse deg.
2 ) 9 Cancer 12 = 1. July 11 " "
3 ) 2 Sag.37 = 25 Nov 11 " "
A ) 24 Sag.22 Lunar eclipse deg= 15.June 11
B ) 18 Gem.08 " " 10 dec. 11
Relevant days:

1) Jupiter sextiles it today, 15.3.11, Saturn will square it on 15 May 11,& 15.July 11.
3) Uranus will trine it between 17 April 11- 7.May 11. & we will have a cluster of 5 planets in Aries also

A) 23 April 11 North node on 24 Sag./ May 4,11 Mars+ Jup trine 24 Aries// 11 May add Mercury & Venus too./ Sun will be contra parallel Pluto// Pluto turns retro 9. April//

Mark these days in the calendar.
As I wrote yesterday, the 35 N. latitude line on the globe is extremely vulnerable. I am afraid some major quake will occur at the Americas, on this line. Soon. I don't know if it is OK for me to post this, I do not want to encourage panic, but you people, who read this blog, should prepare.

The Japanese disaster made us forget the Lybian uprising and vast killing. How cynical life is! In one side of the globe people rush to help ancient enemies ( US - Japan) on the other, people kill their own ( Lybia, Barhain, etc). And who has time for the suffering animals??

Gaddafi seems to keep going. He will stay. It is not his time yet. His Sun is at 15Gem.46, Rigel, the royal star is on it. About Rigel: Influences: According to Ptolemy the bright stars with the exception of Betelgeuze and Bellatrix are like Jupiter and Saturn. It is said to give a strong and dignified nature, self-confidence, inconstancy, arrogance, violence, impiety, prosperity in trade and particularly by voyages or abroad, but danger of treachery and poison. It was thought by the Romans to be very harmful to cattle and productive of storms. By the Kabalists it is associated with the Hebrew letter Aleph and the 1st Tarot Trump "The Juggler." [Robson*, p.55.]
In transits , the South Node is conjunct his natal Jupiter, which is on Menkalinan fixed star- bringing distruction. Which will overrule the other? Rigel, or Menkalinan? Turning date for the ruler of Lybia will be: 29.3.11, 2. April.

TA25: market started, falling by 2%.Support at 1225.

At 11:00 Israel stops for 5 minutes- for the sake of Gilad Shalit, the kidnapped soldier- for 5 years!!! Noone knows where he is.

March 16,2011 Wednesday

A terrible possibility, that the Sendai earthquake was man-made. here is the link I got today morning. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=860Zu0LMNYc&feature=related

Gaddafi on the other side of the globe threatens France... Iran is sending weapons to Gaza, and the sun is still shining.

The markets made a low yesterday, now, with Mercury-Jupiter conjunction we shall see a rebounce. If you look at the S&P we got an M pattern. last bottom was at 1250.75, now it trades at 1276. there is a strong stop at 1250, it can recover now and go to previous tops. I am so disgusted of this you tube, I cannot think.
As I write these lines there was another aftershock in Japan. 6 degrees.
Dow: made a low at 11600, this is our stop now for long.
Gold: low at 1380, till now, I don't think this is the last low. The oscillators turned down, this low can break, and find support at lower prices.

Let's sing " Kumbaya"

Have a good day!

March 17, 2011 Thursday.

Today we are under the effect of Jupiter, in Aries, and Venus in Aquarius. With the Moon in Leo sending 150 degrees to the Sun, I can don't have any good news for today. The only smile is produced by Gadaffi's words... He says now Sarcozy is "mentally unbalanced"....

Here, in Israel, we are preparing for Purim. It will occur on this perigee full Moon, Saturday night. The Bible teaches us, about victory on our enemies.... Back then, in the 6th Century BC, it was Persia, today, the same... how nothing changes. In Hebrew we say: generations come & go, nothing new under the Sun" ( free translation).

"What has been will be again,
what has been done will be done again;
there is nothing new under the sun."

The markets bottomed yesterday, with a new bottom. Although they bounced, I do not think it is the last.

March 18, 2011 Friday.

If I look back in history what happened on this day, there is plenty to read. Since it's a week end, I thought you might want to read about it too.  On this day Rimsky Korsakov was born, you might know this piece he wrote... and Edward Cayce, oh, I whish I had one percent of their genius!!

Let's see what is wrong in the world today? Nato is about to attack Lybia. well, only about to... Gadaffi proclaimed a cease - fire., postponing events. But new fights are triggered as Mars moves, in Bahrain, Saudia, Iran, Yemen. Today we have a Mercury-Saturn opposition. Saturn will cool Mercury's volatility. On the 30th Mercury will turn Retro.

We do not have trade today, but the world does.
Vix: made a low on March 4, at 19.50, yesterday a high at 25.95. Now it trades 24.05. Support now is at 22.7 for long. falling below that, would mean that the Japanese overcame the leak, and business is as usual. Unfortunately, I don't think this is the situation. The leak is still there, the problem is not solved. So the Vix can correct to 22.70, only to run up again to previous high and more.

S&P trades now at 1279.5. Support at 1274.6. Target; 1289, 1291.7
Dow: is at 11820, target at 12100.
Gold: stop should be at 1415, target: 1426.

Have a nice week end.
March 20,11 Sunday

We celebrate Purim holiday, no trade today.

During the week end I worked on some charts. I mentioned above how the 35 N line is vulnerable. Here is the map of the Earth highlighted with the vulnerable places.

First Emperor chart for Japan:

This chart gives us a Gemini rising, and its ruler, Mercury, is on a destructive fixed star, Scheat. ( I wrote about this star in a previous chart) Mars in the chart is on another difficult star, Menkalinan., Pluto on Markab. The Sun is at 16 Karmic-( bad) degree conjunct Pluto! Ajajajaaa... This shows the country has a Karmic trasformation on and on.The map has 4 planets in Aquarius, Sun, Mercury, Jupiter- which show their technological advantage, and maybe, their pschychological detachment ( Jup in Aqua) but also with Pluto there, it is a placement of profound changes maybe, in the new age of Aquarius... I am just guessing now, you will not find anything like this anywhere. The Killing point Anareta is right on Mercury. So many bad points in this map! Then there is Jup- Uranus square, Saturn- Uranus trine, at 7 degree! right under Pluto transit of today!  
Look today's Pluto transit at 7 degrees Capricorn, triggers their Moon at 10, Saturn at 7, Uranus at 7, Neptune at 9, Lilith at 7, Apollon at 8, Posseidon at 5, Point of Death at 9, Pandora at 6 degrees. And this, only if I take a 2 degrees orb!  
Then, looking at Uranus transit at 0 Aries, triggers their Venus, Jupiter, Vertex and Part of fortune.Transiting Neptune triggers their Hades at 28 Sag. and Zeus at 27 Libra There not one single point in this birth chart that has not been affected by these slow planets' transits.
There is a point in the chart, that is called the Fire Zone, well, today, Jupiter is right on it! 12 Aries.

Interesting to see the next chart of Japan, also 11 February 1889, the Meiji constitution. This chart has az Aquarius rising, putting Saturn and Uranus in charge.(rulers of asc). Numerologically this date: 11.2.1889= 11+2+35=48/12=3  gives them the energies of Aquarius, Cancer, Jupiter. In this chart Mercury, Jupiter& Pluto are triggered by transiting Uranus, Neptune by tr.Neptune. One does not have to be an astrologer to see the connection, when major powers affect natal points a change for good or bad must occur.
This chart goes back 122 years.

The bomb on Hiroshima was dropped on August 6, 1945. See in this chart Pluto conjunct Sun, just as in the first emperor chart! Karma is on stage again.

About Libya... I can't stop thinking, that when there were long wars in Africa one tribe massacring the other, no one interfered... Now, when there is this uprising in Libya, the whole world goes against Gaddafi. Don't understand me wrong! I am not for Gaddafi! But what do we really know, about this country, sticked together by 12 or so tribes?? Or is it their oil that sent Denmark! Norway.... to fight against Libya! what have they in common with them?? What do they care about that bedouin, who lives in his tent in Libya? The invasion started- as far as I heard, at 14:45 pm. on 19 March 2011. Numerology first: gives us the powers of the Sun, which was at that time at 28 Pisc.34, Jupiter at the Fire Zone degree, 12 Aries, on Dheneb, and Uranus, at 0 point Aries, a major cardinal turning point. Added up, we receive 8 out of 26. * is ruled by Saturn, and this rules Saturday, when all this began. 
In this chart, drawn for the date, the Sun is on Uranus, so there is somewhere a surprise effect, which will last, because of Saturn. The good point is, that it started on a full moon, so I expect it to end by the New Moon. Remember, I wrote above, that March 29, and beginning of April is critical for Gaddafi? We shall see.

In this map above drawn for Libya's independence, on December 24, 1951, we can see they have a Saturn return! And Tr. Uranus ( hidden enemies H12)  trines natal Sun, bringing chaos to government ( Sun on Mc) But, we could have foreseen this, just searching for Pluto! a while ago, it sent angles to natal Moon - Jupiter at 5 degrees.

We have a holiday today, so you will excuse me now, getting out of this chair, and house.
Be good.

PS. WMA members visit "Pictures" find the new album I uploaded many charts of Tsunamis, for future research.

21 March, 2011

Spring equinox is here, and finds the world in chaos. Today we are under the effect of the Moon, which is in Libra, conjunct Saturn, and the Sun, which, entered Aries. We have now four planets in Aries. This sign is this "baby" of the wheel, always first, always needs to fill immediately its' impulses. It's the first fire sign, which is "switched on  easily, bursts into life with a need to conquer something... anything.. but as quick- tempered as it might be at the beginnings, so it fades away quickly. People in this sign ( more those born in the middle of the sign) need to have an ever- going- goal, something to interest them, otherwise they tend to fall in depression, and turn their fire against themselves. It must be very difficult for a wife of a real Aries to satisfy him on the long run. Their ugly side is, that when they turn their backs and leave, you can drop dead, you don't exist anymore. They wipe out the past, as if it never happened; searching for new targets to conquer. The Aries born during the beginning of the sign carry much of the Pisces- energy, and those born at the end of the sign have Taurus in them already. But all this is very complex, because we always should make a synthesis with all the points in a map, and if you saw those uploaded for Japan and Libya, you can see how many points are there to check...

Saturn has a positive role now a days, being in opposition to these four planets in Aries, it somehow balances and cools their over enthusiasm.

I always check the Helio chart as well, since it does not have retrograde planets, and gives a fine picture: 

With so many planets in a fire sign, the markets: will go up. Use trailing stops to avoid surprises.

March 22, 2011

Today morning I had to take my Mazda to the garage, apparently it has an oil leak...The guy told me it can take from 300 to 5000 shekels to repair it. Ufffff.... :(

Meanwhile I see the markets behave as expected, by going up. So not much to add there. Any news from Libya? nothing dramatic there.... We completely forgot about Mr. Mubarak. how is he, what is he doing, where is he?? As Mars moves, with it the uprisings. Now it's Syria's time. It's not about democracy any more, it's Sunnis- verse Shias, I don't even know how to write it. Asad is neither, he is Alawi.
Go figure....  why on Earth are there so many religions? But, let's swim in the known waters... in the sky, there, the planets show us clearly where and why.

The Sabian Oracle tells us: Oracle Degree: 07°Cp00' - 07°Cp59'


You may feel a sense of uncomplicated contentment at this time. Even though there are a number of social rules to obey, that doesn't bother you. This is a time for sharing good feelings and happiness with all who enter your sphere of operations. Being at one with everything. If negative - idle chatter. A smug superiority and a feeling that one has it all.
Today, Tuesday, we are under the effect of Mars, which is still in water Pisces. Fire in water, no power. Oh God...What will it bring when in Aries? The other planet ruling today is the Moon, which is in Scorpio. Hmmmmmm. watch out of this placement. It often makes a top/ bottom and turn. It will trine Mars at 23.3. on 9:42 am.

God smiled at me today, I did not have to pay at all for the car... It was a minor thing... How nice to close the day :)

March 23, 2011

My WMA group members received triggers yesterday for several indices. If you are not a member yet, you should sign up, pay the yearly fee, and enjoy....

Today we are under the effect of Mercury and Jupiter, both in Aries. Both are opposite Saturn, so their energy is somewhat weakened. 

In the Helio chart Mercury just entered Aries, thus trining Uranus. This aspect can overrule other, minor aspects. 

TA25: closed at 1296.64, whichis 6 Scorpio. Price closed below Pluto ( 7 Cap) but above the Sun and Uranus. So there is a support now at 1292- 1290. and a resistance at 1297.43. If you wander how do I make these calculations, you are welcome to take my course, and learn. In this course I teach about the numbers, planets, the astro- wheel, and how everything is connected. I do my calculations with the help of excell, no need to "invest" in sophisticated softwares.  It took me many years to understand and use this system of mine, which is not really mine, it is out there.. one has to grab it only. So today our market is in a tight channel. We shall see if the Sun-Uranus conjunction will be strong enough to support, or not.
S&P: support ( Sun- Uranus) 1292.27- 1290.64.
Dow: support: 12014.78- 12012.99-12007 ( these are planetary placements calculations).
Gold is now at 1428.8: support: 1424-1423-1417.

Be good :)

10:17 am our cousins are not behaving... Again a rain of missiles fell on our southern towns.

15:20 Bomb explodes in a bus stop in Jerusalem , 31 wounded. Ugly times.

After closing: TA25 fell after the bomb,  to 1284.04 This means it fell below the double support I mentioned in the morning. With or without the bomb this top was expected, I wrote yesterday, that with Moon in Scorpio we will have a top and turn. The graph I am uploading below, is one of the graphs my paying customers receive weekly, with triggers.

I had to look at Israel's chart for today: Saturn is at 14 degrees Libra, sends 150 angle to the NN. in Taurus, and Tr. Venus is opposite natal Mars. I think till the week end things will get worse.

The maps below are of Israel, Hamas and today's transit. In yellow we can see all the planets in Israel's chart in Leo, in the second chart, all the Hamas planets in Sagittarius, and in the transit chart all the planets that are now, and soon more, will be in Aries. If I was not living here, I would think there is a possibility of making peace...all the angles are in trine! Am I dreaming?

My daughter is in 4th year of medicine. She was in the operation room in the hospital, helping out, where the wounded were. She just called me, she is shocked of what she saw. One cannot be tough enough.

Elisabeth Taylor died in Los Angeles. She was 79. May her soul rest in peace.

See how transiting Pluto triggered her Sun, and Mercury- at 7 degrees Pisces. Transiting Saturn - to Natal Jupiter, transiting Jupiter to natal Moon. (150 degrees) transiting Mercury to natal Pluto ( 90 deg) etc. With such a planetary transits she had no chance.
We shall remember her fondly.

March 24, 2011 Thusday

A day ruled by Jupiter and Mercury. Both will be trined by the Moon. It might be a good day.

In the Helio centric chart we can see a 150 bad degree and a square, which can cause a further minor correction today.

I'll be back later...

March 25, 2011 Friday

Yesterday there was a new earthquake of 6.8-7 Richter, in Myanmar, Burma.

Watch Mercury sending an exact angle to Saturn, and Hades, to Sun & Moon. It is important to see the planets declinations- on the same line in green and again in blue. Maybe if we could study all these quakes we could forecast them in the future! 

March 26, 2011, Saturday.

A spent a wonderful day by the beach. Had a big ice cream, and enjoyed the music. Achhhh.... Good day. - with Santana

Today, we had a Moon / Pluto conjunction. Pretty ugly pair when together. The world is in turmoil, since Uranus entered Aries, following Jupiter, and other planetary placements. Don't you wonder what they do to you? How these influence you?? Even the dolphins are influenced, 10 of them were seen today close to the shores of Tel Aviv. I have never heared of dolphins here... and I live in this country for 38 years...!! Wellcome Flipper..:). 

March 27, 2011 Sunday

How are the planets greeting us today? We are under the effect of the Sun, His majesty is in the fire sign of Aries. It departed from unpredictable Uranus, which is still on the cardinal point 0 Aries, making a mess in the world. Now the Sun in the next seven days will get closer and closer to Jupiter, which has it's own faults, with its' extravagance makes everything bigger than it is. Tomorrow the Sun will square Pluto, a bad aspect, but only for one day. The other planet we should look at today is Neptune. It is in the last degree of Aquarius, sending positive angles to the Nodes. The Moon, today is in Capricorn, separating from Pluto, but will be in square with all the planets that are in Aries. So we will have a powerful day.- market wise.
Helio chart: Venus/Pluto conjunction = money met money.... up up up....

TA25: closed at 1280. Support will be at 1273, resistance: 1283.55, 1285.37,1289.74.

Market will start soon, I'll be back later.

Market opened with a huge gap-up, now next levels: support: 1295.81, 1296.26. Resistance 1303.61, 1305.5, 1307.55.
After closing: Our market closed at 1305.7... just as expected- see my quote of this morning.

To receive personal triggers for your portfolio, pls. e-mail me.: gabymitt@zahav.net.il

                      *   *   *

Bashar al- Assad: born with a Pisces Moon, fits more to be an optometrist, as he wanted to, than a tyrant.... But fate had different plans for him. Bashar al-Assad was never meant to rule. He studied medicine in Britain, receiving a degree in ophthalmology, and headed the Syrian Computer Society.

He switched his focus to military science, however, after the death in a 1994 car accident of his older brother, Bassel, who had been groomed to follow his father into the presidency. The death meant Bashar al-Assad was the next heir to power.
When the elder al-Assad died in June 2000, it took only hours for the Syrian parliament to vote to amend the country's constitution to allow Bashar al-Assad to become president. The parliament lowered the age of eligibility of the president from 40 to 34, allowing the then-37-year-old son to take over. Bashar is on throne since June 2000. Meanwhile he married Asama, a beauty and clever banker, (worked in JP Morgan) and they have 3 sons. I had to look up Asama's map, when I heared that she packed up the kids and left Syria during the week end.

With lack of hour of birth I make a sunrise chart. Looking at her inner self, her 4th house ruler, Pluto, is at 7 Libra, now squared by transiting Pluto,at 7 Capricorn. Pluto comes to distroy known patterns in order to build a new one. Looking at her 7th house, which opens in Aquarius, the ruler, Uranus in the natal chart is at 28 Libra, trined by Neptune at the end of Aquarius, bringing chaos, and dissolving the known. 
With the help of numerology we know she is in her 4th year, ruled by Uranus, the revolutionist. It is no surprise that she had to fled Syria.

Bashar al-Assad: born 11 Sept, 1965 ( what a coincidence! 9.11) - he is ruled by Mercury, which is in 4 degrees Virgo, trined by transiting Pluto... Chaos, distruction, and a new world. With or without Assad. He is 45 years old, added up we receive 9= ruled by Mars, the planet of wars. Assad has a very interestig map. 4 planets in Virgo, 4 in Pisces, 180 degrees opposition. His Jupiter is at the MC, in Gemini, conjuncted by transiting South Node, which is also a bad placement for his career and reign. Ruler of the 8th house, the house of life and death is Mars, which is very strong, being in Scorpio, but it is squared by Jupiter in  Leo, from the 11th house, in the directed chart, also a troublesome placement.
The more I look at his chart, the more I think it is the end of his rulership.

Canada also shakes, with the fall of their PM, Mr. Steven Harper.

Mr.Harper's career is in Aquarius, and the ruler, Saturn is at 6 degrees Capricorn. transiting Pluto is conjunct now, so the change and turn in his life.

2011 Vote of non-confidenceThe Conservative Party's government was defeated in a no-confidence vote on March 25, 2011.The no-confidence motion was carried, with 156 in favor of the motion, and 145 against.

March 28, 2011, Monday

We had a quiet night.... incredible....What about the day? Today the Moon and Saturn lead. The Moon is at 27 Capricorn, Saturn still in retro in Libra, nothing new here... But while we were sleeping Venus entered Pisces. Time to love, unconditionally. Venus feels great in Pisces till April 21, when it will ingress Aries, thus joining other 4 planets and the Lilith, already in this fiery sign. So I would say, till April the world should have a "time out" for rest and love. Hmmmm... is this really what is happening?? Hardly. Venus is ruled by Neptune, and this spreads illusions and confusions, dissolving the known. We might not see the things right, or apprehend as they really are. Venus, market-wise - rules the banks, so I would not be surprised if a big banking issue will be exposed in this coming month.


Someone wrote in another group, that since the New Zealand quake happened on a date that adds up to 9, and also the Sendai quake, the next one should be on April 1,2011 = 9 , or 10th, 19, or 28th all add up to 9. AND it would be in Kenia, thus forming a perfect triangle, which will reach ME! too. Well, this is silly.
Here is the map: by no means is this an equal angled triangle... And, I have a list of more than 55 quakes, only 3 happened on a date that adds up to 9. So this is completly silly.

But, what is real, is that when mars will enter Aries, on April 1-2, it will line up with other planets there, and THAT will be really bad. Then in April we have several bad days, full of energy, and explosives... But, we shall go on, and on, and on...
By the way, WMA members, pls. check your mails :)
All the best , adios.

March 29, 2011 Tuesday.

On this day Beethoven at age 24, ( 1795) debuts as pianist in Vienna. Also on this day Beethoven dies ( 1827). He is my favorite among all composers ever....

The markets are slightly correcting today, after the big gap two days ago. I wrote that a correction will come... nothing to fear, just a correction.
TA25: trades now at 1307.78.  Support at 1304.46. Resistance: 1314.21

Nifty: Support 5770, target: 5842

March 30,2011 Wednesday.

Targets given one or two days ago were reached, now we shall see what will today bring?? With Mercury stationary, and tomorrow in retro, we will have a correction phase. Will it be deep? For how many days?? Please read my posts in the group.

March 31,2011 Thursday.

At last, Mercury is retro! while it was just preparing, my car was 3 times in the garage... I don't know if it's because of Mercury, or the age...of the car. I will have to surprise myself with a new car. What do you say??

The markets are up, WMA members received their triggers.

Take care.

 Ok, I completed my April forecast. I included astrology, and technical analysis. For those who want to be the first to know how to procede, pls. click on the link above, at the left side, follow the clicks, and enjoy...

Off to visit my parents... if they still remember me :))


Friday, April 1, 2011 16:35 a light earthquake as I write these lines. ...Again at 17:00....

April 3, 2011, Sunday -

Mercury retro and I got a virus in my computer. It popps up as an antivirus program, that sends you to buy this program, while in fact this program itself is the virus. Then it runs your computer , and tells you that you files are infected, you cannot procede, etc. What you should do, have a technician come and remove the virus, do not buy this program, becasue it won't help.

I will have to switch to my laptop, I cannot work now on the PC.

We have a new moon today, in Aries, so as usual, I shall start a new article.
Thank you for being here, follow me to the next page...


  1. Hi Gabriella, I meant to respond to your weekend frustrations of Denmark and Norway going to Libya, but it got lost before finished yesterday.
    You are probably more at ease now, but anyway I will give it a go trying to explain:

    This is the first time ever all political parties in the danish parliament agreed on such an act, from outermost left- to rightwing. I even find myself agreeing on a military act for the first time in my life, go figure...
    I was certainly among the 75% of the population against it, when former prime minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen sent us to Aghanistan.

    But this is quite different. The afghanistans never asked for our help. The libyans pleaded for help to provide a no-fly zone, before Gaddafi killed them. The uprisings have been extensively covered in the medias, and we watched those pleadings get more and more desperate.

    And that is another complete difference from any other conflict/war I remember.
    These uprisings come from the root of society. This is not about oil, this is not a powerful political leader wanting it for obscure reasons, this is the real thing, this is the people itself working up the nerve and courage to protest about a whole life of suppression!

    And yes, I do believe the danish people care about other people fighting for freedom, even if they live in a tent:)

    On a more practical note, the time is ripe for success, if you seize the moment. This does not seem to be a hopeless, mere statement going on forever witout completing anything positive.

    Denmark pushed for international help, and I believe it came in the last moment. I saw an astrologer note it would have been better waiting for the fullmoon. But as I have understood it even waiting 24 hours would have given Gaddafi the chance to waist hundreds of thousands of lives in Benghazi.

    Even if only my personal thoughts, I hope this can help give you a better understanding...

    All the best/Pia

  2. Dear Pia,

    thank you for your comment. What I wanted to underline in my words, that the world did not help Africa, but does the arab uprisings. And, I do not want to put into words what this can bring...when they will change their skin.

    Warm regards,

  3. Hi again,

    I am worried too, especially because of the lack of education in these countries. We need to support the young people,who know more about the world.
    Certainly many bad things can happen. Idealism can be dangerous, and we may end up feeling, once again, like "Die dumme dänen", as the germans sometimes call us:)
    However, change is never easy, and we cannot expect 40+ years of dictatorship to end smoothly and peacefully.
    Whenever there is a pull, there will be a counterpull, you can´t make omelette without breaking an egg etc...:)

    All the best to you again/Pia

  4. Gabbi,
    i know that Arabs always fight with each other and also with the neighbors who want to live in peace. i believe it is because of poverty,poor education and NO jobs or NO economy. but at the same time world can't witness by a tyrant who has done nothing but suppress its own people for more than 40 yrs and pocketed all the money for his and his children's good rather than helping the country and its people. how can we see that massacre happening and not do anything.

  5. Hello Vidkv,

    You are correct. you also said the majic word- " for more than 40 years" .... why did the world had to wait so long to interfere??
    Again, I am not FOR Gadaffi, I am for all those who did not receive any help from the world, because they had no oil. Gaddafi is richer than the top 10 in Forbes magazine together... Where do you think his money will go? let's hope to the people...

  6. Well, that was exactly my point and what I tried to explain - in the past 4o years the libyan people has not revolted.
    We cannot eliminate all the leaders, we don´t like around the world. Too dangerous to let personal likings of powerful leaders be the guideline.
    Like in personal relationships we cannot change the other person. But we can support a person, who himself wants to change.
    That is the whole difference between this military engagement and all others that come to mind, as far as I see it...

  7. Hey, you posted one liner for Nifty on 29th Mar. Read quite a few of your articles. Quite interesting.

    Thanks for bringing all that to the world.


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