April fools New Moon

New Moon in Aries

There are too many planets in Aries... 6 planets, and I did not count different Arabic parts, fixed stars, and astroids. Only looking at the planets we can see that there is no balance and more! in a fiery sign! in Aries! this young warrior, who cares for nothing, just to satisfiy personal needs, NOW! We can add to this stellium Mars+Uranus at 0 Aries point, to receive a more scary picture. The only one to balance is Saturn... So we shall hope for the best. Sometimes NOT knowing is better.

During the week end I saw a very good movie, with Robert de Niro: Limitless! Go see it it
G R E A T !!
I went back to my last years' April article. I wrote then about Goldman sachs, I wonder where are they now?

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April 4, 2011 Monday

Today we have a 4/4/4 day! the Number four is ruled by Uranus.( some say by the North Node)  What will it bring?? Well, we know that Uranus is at 1.19 degrees Aries, still conjunct Mars. As I read some other postings, poeple are waiting for "something" to happen... But usually it happens after the conjunction is done and over. Also, not everyone is affected by This conjunction, only if they project a bad angle to your natal planents. I heared on the news Obama is running for the second time. Hmmm... Will he be re-elected?? We will have to check his map.

Market is already starting here. Meanwhile it is supported by Venus at 1329.66 - and by Pluto at 1327.5.  Targets: 1334 - 1335.9 - 1343.20

South Africa: JSE : is now trading at 15 Pisces, right?? So it is supported by Jupiter and the Sun. Target is at Mercury and the North Node... this is a hint to my Students... :)

Nifty: I wrote in the past: " Above 5448 double your posostions... " quite a ride since then. Now it trades at 5928!! Support is at 5925. I know this is very tight, but better than loose what you have accompished till now.

TA25: after closing: we closed at 1332.33, which is a border number. Why border? Because support now is at 1330, and resistance at 1333.83. Let's hope the support at 1327.5 will hold.

S&P: trades now at 1328. Support at 1325.71 - resistance at 1332.65. Watch out for a change at 14:38.

Good trading!

5 April 2011 Tuesday

We are under the effect of Mars and Uranus in Aries. The Moon left Aries in favor Taurus. In this sign it feels great. Durnig the day it will make a trine to Pluto and a sextile to Venus. All those angles are positive, so we can still have a positive day, inspite of the weakness of the Us markets yesterday.

The support for the S&P was exact. This should be our stop for long position. However, if the S&P will not go above 1333.75, there will be a correction.
We receive mixed messages from the East, except Australia, S. Korea & Singapore, all the indices are red.
The Gold trades now at 1438.41 Our stop should be at 1428.
The Oil is at 108.20. Stops moved to 108. - maximum to 107.70.

My stock, PSTI - rallied yesterday by 14%... :)

TA25: Support at 1325.71- 1322.8 - 1320.7 Look for a change in trend at 10:40 and again at 15:56.
After closing: today's bottom was at 1325.39 ... oj,, I missed it by 0.32 :(

WMA group members: I opened a new file " April graphs" in the Files section. Pls. check for today's updates.

Ivory Cost is in the news... why?? Mars just is about to cross... Look at Damocles- an asteroid that is on the capital:

Mr. Presidnet's natal map: Laurent Gbagbo, born on May 31, 1945, at the age of 65, ( added up=11) ruled by Uranus, the revolutionist, has a revolution to deal with. His foreign minister already asked for help in the UN. In the chart below we can see transiting Jupiter, the fighter for freedom, will soon conjunct his natal Mars, and Venus. Then Mars will interfere. The fights will be bloody, and will last... Mercury in Retro does not help. Fight can go on till end of April, then negotiation will come, and fights again.  Here situation will not calm down so quickly as in the other Arab countries.

And, I cannot close this day without remembering some of past most famous people, born today: Spencer Tracy, Bette Davis, Gregory Peck and  the writer Arthur Hailey.

I suppose you know these guys  Enjoy :)

6 April, 2011 Wednesday.

Is here anyone who can interpret dreams?? I would like to ask you about my creepy dream...

Today we have a double Mercury ruled day. That means, lol.... do not beleive your eyes... Market will swing a lot. But if we check the sky we can see why. Sun conjuncts Jupiter, a very favorable position for trade. So make the most of it! 

TA25: fight for 1336.5, will Saturn let it happen??>>> It's 11:22 Saturn is still blocking the way up... WIll it go up between 12:46 - 1:50?? >>> We shall see :)
Target achieved! TA25 went up to 1337, but closed below the Sun. .... This is problematic for tomorrow.

:)  :)  :) 

April 7, 2011, Thursday.

My computer virus is back, so I write from my laptop. My technician is furious, he says I click on some mails that spread the virus.... Mea culpa. But how can one know??
Today Jupiter and Venus are in charge. Two benefactors. This is when I start to worry. Too much good is also not good. But do they really bring good influence? Venus is Pisces feels good, and Jupiter in Aries brings more fire into the fire... so yes, I guess, it can be another try for a new high. The question is, will it go above 1337?? Our index and the S&P are the same...

will be back later.

14;24 did you feel it??????? The Moon just entered Gemini... Look for lot of nervousness, because first it will make an angle to Uranus and Neptune, then to Mars and Pluto. So watch out! :)
Yesterday our index made a high at 1337, exact Sun-Jupiter conjunction. Today it failed to go up, in spite of the higher highs for 90 minutes, at mid day. But after the Moon entered Gemini, the decline was swift and deep. we closed at 1317.69 

Unfortunately another quake hit Japan, almost at the same place as before... How terrible!

April 10, 2011 Sunday.

Yesterday I saw a fantastic film about the life of Yves Saint Laurent. It filled me with deep appreciation, but also made me sad. He was a genius, ( Sun-Uranus/ Jupiter- Neptune) we can see it in his chart, but born in depression (Saturn- Moon), lived in depression, and died so too, in spite of everything he had and created.He knew alcohol and drugs ( went to the extreems, ( Jupiter- Neptune). But his life was dedicated to creation, the fashion - we can see 5 plantes in his 6th house of work, with Pluto ( totalitarity - he used to made thousands of sketches till he created a dress) and Venus ( fashion)  there...Finnally he died of brain cancer ( which was there, in the natal chart, among other angles ( Sun- Uranus)  How sad! It is a film you must see. One can learn a lot from him. Can a person be soooo " different" and find joy in his being? Why are big artists either crazy or suffering from depression? What makes them roll?
Born on Aug 1, 1936 in Algir:

Today is Sunday, and we are almost at the opening of the market here. Can we expect an "up " day?? Hmmm, markets in the US fell and the futures are red. So a further correction is on it's way. how deep? 1310- 1309- 1307.35 - 1306.88 - 1303.38 - these are the steps down or support lines.

April 11, 2011, Monday.

Today the two luminaries are in charge. By coincidence, or not, they square each other ( 15:05). Look up to the sky, you will see a half Moon. A square is always an energetic angle. Can we expect some new highs?? I think the market will open with a gap, then, during the day the Moon will square Jupiter, Mercury, and trine Venus. That would be a time for a high. So as I see it now, before the opening, an up-trend till 1:49, and then a decline. 
TA25: Support at 1327 - targets: 1337.6 - 1338.5 - 1341.

Before the opening: Us markets:  

S&P: In the WMA group I gave target: 1336.81 - well, I was wrong by 0.56... Support is now at 1321.70. although the futures are green, it might change after the opening. There are no announcements today, but most of the world closed in light red, all waiting for the US to open.
Dow: Support at 12310.

April 12, 2011  Tuesday

Today the Moon and Mars are in charge. The Moon just entered Leo. From there is will send disharmonic angles to Neptune during the week. It will trine Uranus, Mars today, and tomorrow Mercury, Jupiter and the Sun. ( watch biomed shares) These angles should mark a bottom. Yesterday we say the effect of Mars, the markets fell. Click on this link to see the future angles.  
While we were sleeping Japan was rocking again... I cannot imagine how can people live under such a terror from mother Earth!

With my Moon in Gemini I am learning something every day. And I have a very good friend, Mrs. Diana Rosenberg, who is an expert in the Fixed stars. Her book will be out soon, so you shuld get in the line to buy it! Diana posted a mail in one of the groups I am following, about the worst point in Aries, the 9-10 degree.

She writes: " With all the talk of Aries and fires, I thought you might like to know that tropical 11-13 Aries (Lahiri sidereal 17-20 Pisces) is the highest-scoring fire area of all! On April 30 - May 1 the Moon will cnj Venus there, both opposing Saturn, so let's see what happens - I'm very concerned about Fukushima. It's also a major assassination area - Mu Cephei is a red star in the King's head!
"Mu Cephei "Garnet Star" in King’s head 9AR42

Immediatly I ran my database, and I have found several leaders that have planets at this placement, thus in danger! One of them is Nicolas Sarcozy!! His Mars is at 9 Aries.

SO I am REALLY worried of what might happen to him..... transiting Mars will be conjunct his natal Mars on Apr. 14.

TA25:  support at : 1321.75 - 1320.2.Falling from here it will be difficult to climb back up...
It might fall to 1317.

S&P: broke our support, now it trades at 1312.25 -  so the Sun supports the index. Below this line we have Jupiter at 1307.80
Oil: I think we saw the last high for a while... Support now is at 107, target 110, but then down again, to 104...

April 13, 2011 Wednesday....

Mercury in retro, I had no phone or internet till now. What a bummer!
Now I see out market trades at 1334.37, this is the third time it tries to climb above 1337, which was the last high. Today we opened with a gap - up, nice try till now, but not enough. So I would be on the fence now. I never try to catch exact bottoms or tops... Have so many mails to read, sorry, will be back later.

In waiting for the market to decide, look at this cute film:

Remember my share? PSTI?? BIG NEWS!!! it will rocket now...yesterday it gave an opportunity to buy it cheap, at 2.95- target now: 3.6 - 4.3


April 14, 2011 Thursday.

The market over here is very slow, no decision. Ta25 is now at 1329.26, which means, 9 Sag.; so it is supported by Pluto, at 1327.5 The volume is low, tomorrow we have no trade because of Friday, then Sunday, usually we have trade, but due to Passover it will also be a slow day. So I do not see any major moves in the coming days.
The Moon moved into Virgo, thus is in oposition to Neptune, and Bio-shares correct. Later today it will oppose Chiron, and trine Pluto.
I have to cook for the Passover eve, nothing much to do in the markets anyway.

We hear news about Mr.Mubarak, that he got two heart attacks under interrogation, that he is in jail, and the people want revenge. Let's look at his chart:

Numerologically he is in his 3rd year, 7th month and 3rd day today. The planets in charge are Jupiter and Neptune. In the chart above we can see his natal chart, the directed and transits. Jupiter, in the directed is exactly on his Pluto, ruler of his house of sickness. Jupiter in transit is in Aries, on his natal Jupiter. Transiting Sun is on his Venus, ruler of Natal chart, and the most difficult is transiting Mars in Aries, which will conjunct his natal Jupiter and Venus in a couple of days, which can be fatal for him. Natal Neptune is at 28 Leo, and the Moon ( the people) in the directed chart is 150 degrees - bad - from it. Moon in the 8th house of death, they want to see him punished.

Pity we don't have a birth hour, I could be more specific.
Uranus returns are very difficult. And he is under that now.
Does anybody have the birth data of his sons?? Both are in jail now.
                                                     *   *   *
Another topic is the Royal Wedding: Haven't these children consulted an astrologer??? Not a very good timing!
Prince William is in his 3rd personnal year, 4th month, and will be on the 29th in his 2 day.
Kate Middleton is in her 5th personal, 9th month, and 5th day.
NOT a good timing! Sorry, but I had to say it.
Prince WIlliam's combined maps: In his Natal map we see Sun/Moon conjunction in Cancer. This shows his great attachment to his mother. Now, directed Uranus is 180 degrees to his Sun, on his Asc. Transiting Uranus will be at 2nd degree Aries, so it squares his Sun. A formidable era, with lots of surprises. The Moon will be in Aries too, besides 5 other planets there. What a stellium! For marriage we should look at his 7th house, which opens in Gemini. It's ruler, Mercury is at 8 Gem, and transiting Pluto! sends a bad angle of 150 degrees to it.

  Kate's :

Here is their combined birth maps on the wedding day: 29 April 2011. The date adds up to 1, which is ruled by Leo- the king. Indeed on this day the Sun will be in Taurus, good for the prince, but, Venus, representing the bride is weak in Aries. Also the moon will be void of course. here too we get a bad day...

We shall keep our fingers crossed for this nice young couple.

April 17, 2011

So my week was as follows: first my car broke down, then my computer got several viruses again, and the thermostat was gone, so the computer disconnected itself all the time. Since I could not follow the markets, I just sold out, no need to be under pressure, when I cannot control the things. Anyways, due to passover, there are only two days to trade till the expiry, and as I sent to WMA members my triggers and stops, I am now a watcher only. Then, my son's computer broke down, and it is still in the lab., so he conquerred my seat and table, to do his homework. More than one sign, that I should take a rest, don't you think so? my son studies at the Tel Aviv Uni. - film producing. wants to be the next Spielberg... And, not because he is my son, he is talented... He is also on holidays, we all are, till after the passover, so we are watching movies together. The last one was "Clockwork Orange", by Stanley Kubrick. I remember I saw this movie 30 years ago, but I could not finish watching it, it was so cruel. Now I did finish it, because he kept explaining photography angles, tricks, stuff they leared at the university. Then-, of course, I checked Kubrick's astro map, to understand the man better. Then, yesterday I saw another film, about the life of Howard Hughes,, with Decaprio and I have now his map too. Always, when I see a movie, I check the maps of people. 
Holidays are all about eating. So I had to cook too. promise, I shall come back as a man in next life. :) .....

What about the markets? It seems that the previous highs are difficult to conquer, so it will either go sideways, or down. 

Trade well, and for those who celebrate today, happy Passover! :) 

April 19, 2011 Tuesday.

If you go to the left side of this blog, you will find a google search window for this blog ( below the Yahoo group icon). Search for Jupiter-Saturn opposition, and you will find everything written about this angle in the past. Looking at the Heliocentric chart of the sky, this angle is done and over, and we saw the impact on the markets yesterday.... This angle, the 180 degrees between Saturn and Jupiter helped somehow to keep the balance. Imagine an opposition as two kids who play pulling the rope, each at different directions. So were Saturn and Jupiter. But now, with Saturn letting it go, Jupiter ran off, victoriously- or not . The problem is, that Jupiter's dark side, or it's negative side can be very very eccentric. Who was Jupiter in the Mythology?? The Greeks made him "King of kings, ruler on heaven and earth. The Romans named him king of the gods, after the overthrow of Saturn.... Yes, in those times even the Gods, went on war. What interests us is this perspective for the markets.
Another search is needed in the blog, to get to my point. Search for 19 degrees. It is a most important number. Today is the 19th, a planet's position on this degree will mark a change. I have found a most interesting page on the net explaining this phenomena. Countries that lay on this degree; and now I am getting to my point. Today, April 19, is a change in trend = Mars crosses Uranus in the declination chart, this happened before on June 9, 2010- which was a major bottom in the Dow. I would look for a change in trend for the Dow again on April 24, 27-28.
The following graph is the Dow in the last two months. April 6's high was higher than Feb 18's.
It is interesting to see, that 610 trading units before, April 18,2011 - on April 23 2009, the Dow

made a low, and went up till May 8,09.
Did I mix you up now?? Well.... it is easy. If it breaks yesterday's low, go short, if not, long...

Happy trading!

April 20, 2011 Wednesday

Not only under Mercury's effects, but also the last day to trade before the options expiry. It will be a very hectic day. The other to rule is the Sun, and it is in the last degree of Aries, in less than 5 hours it'll pass to Taurus, bringing a CIT hour. As I wrote for the group members, we saw a bottom yesterday, due to Moon in Scorpio. It's show time again :))

TA25 trades now at 1336.76, which is 16 Sag. Target: 1339.75, 1348.9, 1350.  Support: 1334, 1333.31, 1332.65 - falling below this, only at 1325.30.

April 21, 2011 Thursday.

We have three planets in  new signs, so we got this outburst of positivity... Hmmm. Sun in Taurus, Neptune in Pisces, Venus in Aries. Fire in Earth, water in water, Venus in detriment. Sun in sextile to Neptune. Illusions. Things SEEM swell, but are they really?? I would be very careful. Use trailing stops, take every penny you gain.
In the heliocentric map Earth just entered Scorpio...it is conjunct by sign with Mercury, I am suspicious something has been boiling behind the curtains, which will explode in our faces, shouting : S u r p r i z e!!!

I forgot to say " Happy birthday" to the Pope, who turned 84 on the 16th. Better later than never, right??
And another issue: the biggest Oil -spill happened last year, this time of the year, and BP is in the news again. Bp- Oil ring explosion on April 20, 2010, with today's transit. We have transiting Saturn in Libra- in 150 bad angle- to Natal Mercury , which represents, in the chart, the "others' money/

And, happy birthday the the Queen! She is 85 today, and in good health. Long live the Queen! :)

The markets, as I sent to my WMA members, are rallying, Are you not a member yet?? 

Ta 25: trades now at 1343.5 It broke out the last top, so now the support is at 1338, target, as I wrote yesterday: 1350 -1352.25 - 1357.4

There are some people who are called " top hunters" or "bottom fishers". They try to be "wiser than the Pope"- as the proverb says, and find the exact time and level of a top for shorts, or of a bottom for longs. I am not among them. But to do this, one has to follow the Moon. I made a small list of the coming angles of the Moon, so besides hundreds of other important angles these must be followed too.

April 22 is Good Friday, no trade abroad, so today it's the last day of trade till Monday, next week.
On the 25th, we will have: Jupiter,Mars, Mercury,Venus, Uranus, Lilith, and the Part of Fortune conjunct by sign, in Aries. Saturn in opposition to all of them. Incredible... I don't think I saw such a map lately. I ask you, what do you think??? what will it bring?

Happy days....

PS. Check this out... see how small we are

April 23, 2011 Saturday

We are under the influence of severe teacher, Saturn, so here is a page that teaches us about important people in history.Click on the painting, you will get a wikipedia page with explanation, it's fun...

Another game I played now, is testing your brain. this is fun too...

April 25, 2011 Monday

We are celebrating the last day of Passover, so there is no trade, but in the US the markets will open soon. The far east traded, I see India went up, South Korea, Malaysia and Turkey too. The country that rallied most since the fall of Oct 15, 2007, is Turkey. I don't know their secret... what is so good with their economy, why did they rally as they did, but with facts we can not argue.

Let's see what is "in plan" till the end of the month?

As per this map we can see the angles that will effect the markets. Venus will square Pluto, we should pay attention to money and banks. Are there any Fed announcements till April 30? They will not be favorable. Then Venus will conjunct Saturn, a trigger for the grains. Watch wheat for instance, it jumped with a gap up... This conjunction will reverse it. Then we have the Royal wedding, and Mars goes hand in hand with Jupiter. Fire in fire... But, luckily, it's on a week end so there is no trade.
Looking at the Moon, it is in the last quarter, in Aquarius, making a square to the Sun. I don't know if you are aware of the Lunar mansions. There are 28 of them. The ancient Chinese astronomers devided the sky ecliptic into four regions, each for a special animal.They are the "Azure Dragon" on the east, the "Black Tortoise" on the north, the "White Tiger" on the west and the "Vermilion Bird" on the South. Each region has 7 mansions. These mansions are latitudes the Moon crosses in it's 28 day trip around the Earth. The renaissance astrologers developped it and here is a great link . The Hindus used this as well. It is interesting to see where will the Moon be till the end of the month, and the meanings of these places.

Following these pages we learn about the meanings of the placements of the Moon of some famous people in the news as: President of Algir, President of Yemen: Moon in the 17th mansion; meaning "He that is born in this mansion will do evil deeds, he and those close to him. Mrs.Merkel with the Moon in the 15th mansion : He born with the Moon in this mansion will be well mannered. Mr. Assad has his Moon in Purva Bhadrapada. Queen Elisabeth II has her Moon in Asalesha . Obama and Putin share the same Moon placement:Kritikka. and so on and on....

April 26,2011 Tuesday

We are back in business, after resting eating and eating again... The markets made a high, on April 21, by the way, it's the S&P 100 birthday today. First traded this day in 1973 in Chicago,Ill. , S&P 500 was born on April 21, 1982., but some use March 4, 1957, so there are a few dates...Anyways, if we take April 21, it made a top right on it's birthday, on the solar return. Why we celebrate birthdays? Do you know?? Because transiting Sun is so hot that makes us weak, weepy and vulnerable, so by partying we get together and "forget" the burden.... For stocks and shares it marks a top or bottom, till it get's adjusted and till the Sun moves on, so it's a momentarily drop or pull back. If other planets back it, then a further rise will come after the Sun leaves.
Today we are under the rulership of Mars and Neptune. Mars in Aries, getting closer to Jupiter, and Neptune at 0.32 Pisces, soon the Moon will conjuct it.
TA25 : before the opening: closed at 1341.89, supported by Jupiter, falling from here next support is 1338.5, 1333, 1327.43... we should look for a change in trend at 10:29-12.42, & 16:00.

About Us markets later...

The WMA members got great triggers yesterday, I hope you took them...

April 27,2011 Wednesday

As I write these lines Moon is exact conjunction with Neptune, in Pisces. Mercury is direct again, Sun squares Pluto so in the geo map no obstacles. In the Helio chart the Earth is in a disharmonic degree with Mars, and Venus will conjunct Neptune on the eve of the 29th... Too many bells ring for the 29th....but, market -wise it's a weekend..
There is much talk about TEVA - a leading Israeli share. When it goes down the market goes up, and vice versa. In the last days it got downgraded, actually, exactly on Mr.Horowits' (the founder) birthday, what a "present" ...So only looking at Teva, we can assume the markets here will go up. I whish it was this simple however..

The gas pipe from Egypt got blown up again, so I figure gas stocks will rocket here, does not matter that they are still a fiction, and no gas is actually pouring from them, but mysteriously - or not - they reached a bottom... One of the most manipulated share is Razio-no.394015. It bottomed at 42.6, with this as a firm stop, it can go to 53-54.
 Ta25 : before the opening: 1330 - one of my stops from yesterday. the next support is still at 1327. Target: 1341.41- be ready for a CIT at 14:55 ( (GMT +3)
S&P: nice trade since yesterday. Now we shall move our stops to 1341. TArget: 1349-1354.8

Target reached!  

Wheat behaved as expected....

Hello, My M a y Market forecast is ready and available. Pls. click on the link or at the left side of the blog. 
E n j o y  

April 29, 2011

Watching the Royal Wedding?? Isn't it out of a fairy tale??? I am really moved!
The FTSE seems "happy" next target above 6300

Here is a beautiful song for Kate...

May 1, 2011

We have to say goodby to April, a month which will never return. April brought the uprisings. what will May bring?? Well, you can read it in my forecast. ....
May 1st is the Labor Day in the communist, and I think in most countries. I remember, as a child we had to march with a happy smile on our faces, shouting hurrahhh to the Party. I was born in a socialist country, so, you don't want to know how it felt.... There are lots of events in May, click on the date, you can read... Oh, and May is symbolised by the Lilly of the Valley, a perfect little flower.

Today it's a double Sun-day. Our market made signs of a small rally, but it quickly turned, and now we are red again.

TA25: is supported by Jupiter and Mars, at 1312, but falling below this, there is a stop only at 1301.

Good trading!

May 2, 2011 Monday

So busy with the news... On the other hand, how come NOONE in the net for see it? Hah... it's easy now, to explain how we can see his death. But can we really follow every leader or every event? it is impossible.
Earlier, in this blog I posted a quotation from Diana Rosenberg : " With all the talk of Aries and fires, I thought you might like to know that tropical 11-13 Aries (Lahiri sidereal 17-20 Pisces) is the highest-scoring fire area of all! On April 30 - May 1 the Moon will cnj Venus there, both opposing Saturn, so let's see what happens - I'm very concerned about Fukushima. It's also a major assassination area - Mu Cephei is a red star in the King's head! "Mu Cephei "Garnet Star" in King’s head 9AR42"

I checked Osama's chart, he has no planets at 9 Aries. So who knows?
This is Osama Bin Laden's chart. There are many signs for death in the chart, but , in my eyes, they have no value now, after it happened.

This is a combined map of Osama inside/ Obama outside - see how many bad angles from Obama to Bin Laden's chart... He was out there for him. Timing? perfect... under a fading Moon. Announcement? After Mercury turned Direct. Obama bought his next presidency.

The death of Hitler was announced on May 1, Fox news tells me, so Bin Laden's. I couldn't help it but put their charts together: It's interesting to see the correlation between the two. Was this a reincarnation?? Who can say?

So why are the markets declining?
Oh, yes, it is a minor set back, to warm the engines for the next "leg up"

May 3rd, 2011 Tuesday

This day is ruled by Mars ( in Aries) and Jupiter, also in Aries. yesterday, Sun-Saturn 150 made it's point and effect, but a correction was expected and we got it... How deep, now is the question... We shall discuss it - well, I shall write about it - because nobody writes me back :(,  in my next article. Every New Moon I start a new one.

Here is one of the charts that I upload in the WMA group: VIX daily

Thanks for accompanying me till now, hope to see you in our next journey... In New Moon in Taurus.


  1. Hi, If you like PSTI you would love ELTP

  2. Insider Transaction: $ELTP.OB Sale at $0.14 per share of 200000 shares by Beneficial Owner (10% or more) Trellus Management Company, Llc on 2011-04-12.
    Insider Transaction: $ELTP.OB Sale at $0.07 per share of 187100 shares by Beneficial Owner (10% or more) Trellus Management Company, Llc on 2011-04-06.
    why do they sell??

  3. G. good point. I can't say what to do here. There is heavy accumulation of the stock though. Could be an inversion for the sheeple to sell so others can buy. GL

  4. gabbi,

    Good morning from america. i know we have time difference. just wanted to wish you
    very Happy Passover ! ! !


  5. Hello Gabriella

    I wish you all the luck with the IT, car and other problems, that these problems may be over soon. I know what I'm talking about because I had a lot of similar time consuming problems last year, all bad luck seemed to be bundled into one (rather long lasting) time period. But this period wil pass, although it can take a while.
    Indeed, sometimes it is a sign to take a break. Most likely better times will be ahead.
    Cheers, S. from Belgium

  6. Thank you, S. from Belgium.
    Surely better times ahead :)

  7. Hello Vickv,

    Thanks, it was a great evening, hope you had a good time too...

  8. Gabbi, Good morning from America, this is VICKV as you know i visit your blog to read what will transpire in our daily lives stars wise. as i told before also i am senior citizen not an investor who likes to read your blog religiously as there is so much truth to it.
    do you remember writing MRS. DIANA ROSENBERG telling dates April30 to May1st. Bin Laden was killed , thank god this planet has gotten rid of one Evil, did she mean this????

  9. Hello Vickv, how are you? I did not post anything today, because I am so tide up with these news... I sent DIana a mail, asking her who did she mean, but I think she spoke " in general" about a king's head. I am watching several Kings, but I did not think of Osama, you see astrologers are so clever after....It is easy to see in Bin Laden's map that it would be a crutial day,now that it is done, but would anyone foresee it, or more , publish it? Not me.. I keep my death dates to myself. It's more a riddle than something certain. So now Bin Laden is killed, but what about his followers? what about Khaled Mashal, etc?? There are so many at the target. One thing is for sure, Obama got his new presidency now... See what one little letter (B/S) CAN make the difference??

  10. astrologers predict the things that happened


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