New Moon in Taurus

The Taurus New Moon May 3- June 2
After we witnessed the Moon in Aries effects, that brought the uprisings, new era, fresh enthusiasm, as always happens with Aries, he "got the point" and now he is leaving, letting someone else, more " down to earth" to finish what he started. No one is better than Taurus, to clean up after the hurricane of Aries. It is the first Earth sign; it is practical, slow, and stable. Taurus is ruled by Venus, which is identified with love, love of everything that shines: nice houses, jewels, good food, best wine and perfumes. Venus is the lord of the rose. It is the ruler of architecture. So after the ruin of Aries, here is the perfect planet and sign to rebuild, a better world. Where is Taurus in your natal chart? There is your dream of stability, harmony and finances.

Taurus countries: Cyprus, Ireland, Switzerland, Capri and, Rhodes (islands).
People affected by this new Moon: Georgiou Papandreou, PM Greece, and Hosni Mubarak- ex Egypt president, Bernard Madoff, remember him?? Has his Uranus at 13 Taurus.

How about the markets?? Well, this is much more complicated… Till Venus is in Aries it is weak, so I would not expect a rally.

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TA25: our market bottomed at 1273.66- and at this point it was supported by Saturn. 

I think Saturn will block falls in different markets: let's look where is it for the S&P. It trades at the moment at 1353- which means : 3 Cap. Saturn is at 1361 but also at 1331- so it is a support or resistance at those levels. If we look the technicals: fibo correction would be at 1332, so this corresponds with Saturn's support. We shall expect a change on May 6, and 18th

 May 4, 2011 Wednesday

Today it's Mercury's day, and Uranus's. How interesting! in the Helio chart they are in square. I shall expect a gap-up.

S&P:daily picture: in order to continue it's rally it must stay above 1342.5

TA25: trades at 1276, which means it is above Saturn! Major support thus at 1272. If it stays above it, a new uptrend is unfolding.

What's new in the world?? Happy - as it can be in prison - birthday to Mr. Mubarak, he is 83 today... The net is full of Osama. Now I read his birth date varies between 1955-57. So nothing is certain. Even his actual being... Some say he is a "made up" figure. Go figure... LOL. we are under the heavy clouds of Neptune. Higher goals are in the back ground.
As I write we are getting a huge GAP-UP !!

TA25: made a nice "come-back" from 1273.66 low to 1292.98 - is seems - leg B is forming.- Next targets: 1300-1309-1318.- This move will wipe out those who went short. Depending on your nerves and pocket you can wait for the C leg down, or just sell now.
Tomorrow the index will continue to go up, I shall expect a small turn at 11:30.

Eur/USD: we are long here, with a target till 1.514, but till then we have to go over th elast top, then 1.4980 - 1.5060. We shall close our positions if the pair falls below 1.4890

May 5,2011 Thursday

The day added up gives us 5.5.4=14/5 so we have a triple 5 day, and the fifth day of the week. what is five standing for? In numerology is a time for change, it represents the 5th, the little finger. In astrology is the house of children, ruled by Leo. But 5 is ruled by Mercury, which often leads us by our nose. Mercury today is at 18-19 Aries, a bad degree. The other ruler for today is Jupiter,  also in Aries. The Moon, will sextile both, so I expect a positively volatile day.

The more I read stuff on th enet, the more confused I am. Read for yourselves: - by this news paper Bin Laden has been dead since 2001. Nothing is real now, or can be trusted, just the flowers I myself planted, and send me their scent.

After the closing: TA25 closed at 1277.24 ; equals 17 Libra, thus on Venus.Tomorrow we do not have trade, neither on Saturday, and on the 8th we shall open during a Venus hour, but right after that a further decline will come. 

Using the Mercurian energies of today, and the great benefactor Jupiter, I launched my site today in a good hour.
Here is the link:
Pls. let me know what you think...

Cheers :)

May 6, 2011 Friday

Today we have a double Venus day. In the Geo chart it is at 18 Aries, left behind by Mercury, which is already at 19^.
It seems that the US indices are building the -b- wave. We got a top on May 1, in the S&P at 1365- 5 fibo days correction, till 1325 - 40 points. If this bottom will not break, than a minor correction can come, till 1345- 1350.
Oil: WMA members got their ride of life here!! It trades now at 98!! wowwww....
Silver: same here...
Wheat: .

If you wish wo receive triggers& targets, pls. do not hesitate to mail me.

May 9, 2011

It's a Moon/Mars day today, and they are in square.

By the time the market starts in the US, the Moon will be in Leo, bringing new energy. As I wrote a few days back, we are under the B wave, a correction phase. If you went long on the Wheat, for instance, you made your buck or two.(739 bottom-now 777.5!!) Actually all markets made a bottom, and turned; except the Vix.
Let's look more closely at the Wheat.
Ticker symbol is W
Exchange: CBOT (Chicago board of trade)
Trading hours: 10:30-2:15 EST.
Contract months: Mar,May, Jul,Sept,Dec.
One tick: 0.25$ - ($12.50/contract.)
This means if it goes up by 0.25$- you gain $12.5
Since I gave the last trigger it made about $38, our "harvest"= $1900.

Today it's Memorial day here, tomorrow Independence day, so we have no trade; but overseas trade is on.

Gold: technically it can go to the levels in the graph, but the astro picture is different. What is this picture?? Become a member, and find out.

Silver bottomed at 32.98- $17 correction! what is the next step?

Oil: we went short at 110. - $15-16 gain!!

Happy trading.

The triggers I gave for the Wheat were exact today, it met my targets exactly!
I am happy.

Good night.

PS. Special thanks for my colleague, Gary Caton, who wrote an article about the Morning Star planets, in Mountain Astrologer. He pointed out, that there are 4 planets now that are rising before the Sun, and line up in the early sky, if you get up early enough, you might get a glimpse of them. Mercury, Venus, Mars and Jupiter are all morning stars now, a placement they were only in 1966. So it is a very rare stellium.
Now we can go to sleep..

May 14, 2011 Saturday.

In some misterious way posts written since May 9 till today vanished. Hmmm... who is playing with my blog? I am not good enough technically to check it. 

Today, 63 years ago Israel is declared to be an independent state. Immediately after the declaration It is attacked by the neighboring Arab states, triggering the 1948 independence war. It is the first among many to come till today. Let's hope none will follow. There are many variations for Israel's map. Libra rising or Scorpio? I use the Scorpio rising, since it represents death and revival, and the state was built by people who came back from the ashes of the concentration camps; thus giving 1:05 Sco. rising.

Today morning it was raining, to my delight! It is a rare thing to have rain at this time of the year! It brought fresh air and my flowers, recently planted, were happy. How about you? Are you happy today? 

Here is again the graph I uploaded for the S&P, and it's not here:
The vertical lines are for different fibo time frames. The index should stay above April tops in order to continue the rally. next targets: 1342- 1347- 1350.

May 15, 2011 Sunday

I woke up today with the thought that I have to point out for new moms over the world, that the children born today- or in these days- have the privilege to be born under a very rare constellation in the sky, when Mercury-Venus-Mars and Jupiter are morning stars. Also, today the Moon is perigee, and in the helio chart Earth conjuncts Pluto by declination. Furthermore, Saturn at 11 Libra in retro trines the Solar eclipse degree to be in June 1. So, just to turn back to the born today babies, they will be clever, outspoken, ready to act and brave. Certainly a special generation.
Some interesting people born today: L.Frank Baum, the writer of "Wizard of OZ" he said: "Hearts will never be practical until they can be made unbreakable". Emily Dickinson, James Mason and Frank Sinatra.
Oh... and let's not forget the Eurovision... Azerbaijan won.
Here is a link of what happened in history on this day, also famous people who were born on this day. To tell you the truth, I have not heard of most of them. How about you? Someone once said, " you live as long as you are remembered". So Beethoven is still among us. There were some people in history, like him, who should have not died.
Ok, market starts, let's get back to business!

TA25: trades now at 1288. last low on Thursday was 1284. It will be very difficult to go above 1289, here Mercury and Venus block it. and at 1285.5 Jupiter supports the index. Which way will it go, it is trapped inbetween. Below Jupiter we have 1283,-1278-1271. 
11:35 we got the low of 1271 :) now it will try to go up.Next resistance: 1278- 1280-1283.50

Just yesterday I wrote about 14.5- independence day and the war in 1948. here we are today, firing again in the north border. Some people try to cross our border from Syria, and now there are more dead and more wounded....Never ending story.... ufffffffffffffff. Syrians try to pass our border.
At our northern border there is a surrealistic situation. A druze village, called Majdal Shams- has been divided in two, and there is a hill, that is called the shouting hill, what people do, is, they call their relatives from the other side of the border, and "talk".

The market here broke the last support, now it trades below Saturn, which is very negative, since Saturn was the "last straw" to hold the market. Now, next support is with Pluto at 1267, 1263, 1260.
 After closing: market bottomed at 1264.94 but recovered and closed at 1277.74

May 16, 2011 Monday

I woke up today to a sunny day. The rain is gone, it's warm already... A friend sent me this, for a morning smile: 
Today we have black moon, meaning anything happens today will not last. We are ruled by the Moon, which is in Scorpio now. Remember I gave you the pattern one or two articles ago, that when Moon is in Scorpio it marks a bottom or a top!? In the early hours it made an opposition to Mars, which also adds to this rule.  

Have to prepare for the trade, see you later....
For my visitors from Australia:


TA25: Opens with optimism... 5 point up from yesterday's close. Resistance at 1283.5, 1285.9, 1288.9
TA25:  15 minutes to close. What have we learned from this day? Not every day is a trading day! Very low volume, I fall asleep.
Today we will have a full Moon. Good time to clear up the table, finish annoying issues ( visit the dentist for instance) and have a hair cut.


May 17, 2011 Tuesday.

As of today the Moon is in waning position, getting smaller and smaller, till the next New Moon. It makes a 150 deg. angle to the South Node, bad for trade.  Today we are under the influence of Mars and Saturn. Mars is in a bad angle to Saturn. Venus is conjunct Mercury, which is good, but the Mars-Saturn angle is more powerful. How about the Helio sky? There we have Mars conjunct Jupiter, at 20 degrees Aries. The trade will move around this degree.
Let's see: TA25: is now at 1288= meaning 28 Libra, meaning, that Mars- Jupiter form a support at 1280. Surely, who trades options, knows that this level is far too down to allow oneselves the luxury to trade it... It is very subjective, what you trade, and how deep your pocket is. 

Market starts, I'll be back later. 

Oh, one more thing: Uranus is on a fixed star called: Deneb Kaitos, it is known for: laziness, self distruction, illness, loss, it's effect is unfortunate, it is a Saturnian star. I would watch out being in long position!
Happy days are back! Do you remember my stock? PSTI? It is rallying 14%!! wawww. you can make a buvk or two if you are in!! Right now I am celebrating! Not because I am gaining some cents, but because I was w a i t i n g  for this day for a new high. And it came, big time!! But, since this is a biomed share we should be carefull!
Is it just coincidence that exactly now, with Uranus in the 3rd degree (Jupiterian degree) the first Solar plain flies 480 km, from Switzerland to Brussels? great news for the modern world, less for those who sell oil.

And another article about the next planet we can destroy, only 20 light years away, in our neighborhood, was found by scientists. 

May 18, 2011 Wednesday

The day is ruled by Mercury and Mars. It will be a powerful day for trading. Extra attention will be needed, high volatility. We should also concentrate on the upcoming Solar and Lunar eclipses, which already affect us. The Partial solar eclipse June 1 -  will occur on 11 degrees Gemini, Saturn's placement at the moment, the lunar eclipse will be on June 15, at 24 Sag. The Nodes are right on this point now. Would you like to know how will they "work" for you?? Why not make a reading??
Markets: S&P bottomed yesterday at 1315.80. Now it is supported by the Nodes. Assuming this bottom will hold, next targets: 1317, 1320- 1322-1325-1327. 
TA25: closed yesterday at 1288.51, it is supported by Jupiter at 1286. Targets: 1290-1293-1295-1300-1313.

Science news: if you want to know how long you will live ( does not take in consideration if you are run down by a train), it's only 400 UK pounds.... But should we know?

 HSI: Bottomed at 22768, on May 17, which is 38 trading days from th eprevious low. Th eoscillatiors are negative, nevertheless a correction should come to 23400-500 at least.

There is a new name all over the media, Dominique Gaston Andre Strauss Kahn. Born 25 April 1949- arrested on May 14, 2011 in New York. Numerologically he is a Saturnian personality, and his name belongs to Luna. His Moon in his natal chart is on 3 Aries, located in the 9th house of law. His Sun is on 4 degrees Taurus, Ascendant 0Leo 26. The house of open enemies opens on Aquarius... hmmm I wonder who is his Aquarian open enemy?? But the major issue lies on his Uranus and Saturn. Look at the map below. The inner circle is his natal, the second is the directed chart, the third his transits for the time of the arrest. May 14, on a Saturday, a day ruled by Saturn! See how his Uranus in transit is right on his Moon, sudden happenings, in his 9th house- he was abroad, and the law(Jupiter) directed- right on both. Then see how directed Uranus is at 29 degrees Leo, right on his Saturn, his most elevated star. Many more conjunctions and bad angles. Looking at his age, he is 62 and Juno is at this degree in his map, causing troubles.

OK, again, all this was in the news, and we can only learn how his life enfolds from his natal map, it was all there..It is there that he will fall from high, suddenly, as if fate waited around the corner. It does not mean that what is said about him is true.  Uranus brings unprecedented, unforeseen karmic changes in life. How will he cope with it?? Being so Saturnian, he belongs to the group of people who break and do not bend.

May 19, 2011 Thursday.

It's Jupiter day again. Jupiter rules the 9th house of laws, ideas, ceremonies. It's middle name is freedom. It is now on 26 Aries, being the ruler of Sagittarius, a fire sign, in another fire sign, you can imagine what powers it has. It also trines the Galactic Center.

The other ruler for the day is the Sun. It is now at 28 Taurus, only 2 days apart from the Pleiades, a bad fixed star. Important angles today: Mercury/Venus conjunction in Taurus on the unfortunate star of Sharatan. The Moon in Sag. now, but tomorrow it will trine (good aspect) all the planets in Taurus. Market wise we shall see higher levels.

May 20, 2011 Friday.

Important turning point today in the sky. Mercury (communications) will conjunct Mars (wars) in less than 19 hours, exactly at 4:02 on May 21.  Aftr that Mercury will be a morning star compared to Mars, which means, a lot of trouble because of words that were "released" from this hole below the nose. But, Mercury is a salamander, it changes its face according to the planet it accompanies. The next important date is June 13, when Mercury will conjunct Sun and Saturn will be stationary- direct.
Another day to mark in the calendar is 24 May, Venus will rise before Mars, sending a disharmonic angle to Saturn. I would watch the grains on that day!
S&P: made a high yesterday at 1345. at this point price made a trine to Jupiter, and stopped advancing. The planets are there to show us the way.... Up or down?? Support now is on the Nodes, at 1343.5 or falling maybe Saturn will block it at 1330. Right now Moon conjuncts Pluto, look out for a gap.

From time to time I look at Obama's chart. Today, this year, there is a curious placement of Mars, on the midpoint between his two rulers: Saturn and Uranus.Mars rules his 3rd-communication- and 10th carreer house. The picture will turn sober as of August 23, when transiting saturn will conjunct his directed Uranus, in the 8th house. By the cards this year he is under the influence of the "Stricken Tower".

For those who are not familiar with the tarot cards, this is how it looks:

The card is ruled by Mars - same as in the astro-chart, it's a symbol for a "wake -up" call. Brings unforeseen, sudden changes. Sometimes it represents Aquarius, the sign ruled by Uranus, the revolutionist, that brings these lightening sort of changes. The Pope also is in his "Tower " year. This year lasts till one's birthday. The Tower is the 16th card in the major arcana. 
I checked others, what card- year are they in; here is a small list :
Card no 6: The Lovers: Mrs. Merkel and Mr. Sarkozy,Mr. Bernanke.
Card no 7: The Chariot: Mr. Geitner, Putin, Ardugan,
Card no 8: The Strenght: Mrs. Bligh,Tony Blair, King of Jordan, Abu Mazen, Nasrallah, Gaddafi,
Card no 9: Hermit : Mr. Peres
Card no 10: the Wheel: Mr.Nathaniahu
card no 11: The Justice: Mr. Cameron, Mr. Ho
Card no 12: The Hanged Man: Mr. von Rampuy, Assad, Achmadinajad, Dominique Strauss Kahn, Hillary.
Card no. 13: The Death: Bin Laden, Mr.Madvenev,
Card no. 14: Temperance: Mr.Omar Suliman, Mr. Barak, Mr. Berlusconi, Mr. Chavez
Card no 15: The Devil: Mr. Castro, Mr. Saleh,
Card no 17: The Queen
It is important to check each and every one of these world leaders' date, to see when will the card change. For instance after Temperance comes the Devil.... What all these mean... well in another blog...:)
May 22, 2011, Sunday
We are still alive and kicking after the ridiculous "new end of the world expectations for yesterday..." I can  never understand people who spread bad news, or give stage and repeat these nonsenses. Why make people ancious, fearful? Whom does this serve??
The day is ruled by the Sun, which ingressed to Gemini while I was sleeping... Volatility and nervousness... The Moon is in Aquarius right now, the market opens, so they form a positive angle. But, as I wrote to my clients, the market is blocked by most of the planets, and this single angle is not enough for a new ride.
TA25: If the 1283.40 is broken, we can think of shorts.
After closing: we are now at 1273.97 - 10 points down, great short!  
5 min graph
: )

Tomorrow is another day.... how will it go? Hint: today we broke most of the supports. The next one is at 1270.8 - 1268.9 - 1267 -1266- 1263.65. Tomorrow we shall have a Pluto-Venus Square, which might stop to fall. We shall see....

May 23, 2011, Monday.

Our last support was also broken, we are now trading at 1259.39 - next support :1257.45- 1252- 1250.75.
After closing: low of today: 1255.29, closed at 1262.84. Nobody believed it will fall so deep. But once the support of Saturn broke....

Members, Pls. check your mails, sent several triggers.

May 24, 2011 Tuesday

This day is ruled by Mars and Venus. They are conjunct in the Geocentric chart, running to catch Mercury, in Taurus. The Sun left behind the Pleiades, the Weeping Sisters, we saw what it can bring, when in conjuntion! ( Joplin tornado that claimed 119 dead. May they rest in peace.) More disasters to come on June 6, 9, 15, 21.The Moon is in Aquarius today. During the trading hours it will line up with Neptune, till 12:30 am. will be in sextile with Jupiter, but a stronger bad angle formed during the night between Venus and Saturn, so we will have to watch carefully our long- if any ? - positions. By the time the US markets open the Moon will be conjunct Neptune, in Pisces, in square to the Sun.- negative placement. Bottom line: after the big fall yesterday we can get a small recovery, in TA25,but not so abroad. 
The Dow made a low yesterday at 12310, resistance is at 12470. We will go long above this level, or short below 12310.
S&P: Long above 13120, with tight stop at 1310, or short below 1310.
Gold: we are long here, will move our stops to 1515. Double our position above 1520. and use trailing stops.  

TA25: closed yesterday at 1262.84. It is supported at 1260. A positive wave can push it up to 1266-67, even to 1275. Breaking the support next level down: 1258 - 1253 - 1250 - 1245.
Share to watch : Ampl.

Happy trading!

On this day we can remember people born today:
Julius Caesar, Cromwell,Queen Victoria just to mention a few...Then, in 1856 Pottawatomie Massacre took place in Kansas.... and to remind us that the whole life is a stage, and we are the actors in it, as Shakespeare said, Tivoli Theater opens in London, famous Nurmi runs world record 3000 m ( 8:25.4)1926, 1933 Shostakovitch Preludes premieres in Moscow.
After closing: TA25 closed at 1250.76, after  low at 1246.32. Almost my lowest target. Since the US market is falling, next steps down are: 1244-1241-1237.

May 25, 2011 Wednesday 

One day before options' expiry, with or without the planets it produces a wild day, Which planets affect us today?? Haha!! It's a double Mercury day today, so there you are , we are in harmony! 
Where is this little devil today? On 14Taurus. Mercury is swift and free from the Sun's beems, it will make a lot of mess today. ..

On May 20 I wrote that Venus sends a disharmonic angle to Satrun, I would watch the grains. Here is what you could have earned, if you took this trigger: 

For my Dutch visitors: interesting pattern is forming! AEX

After closing: TA25 fell below all supports, and it closed at 1224.17. Massive sell off during th elast hour. I think next level is at 1211. Tomorrow options' expiry. It will be lower than today's close. In my humble opinion...
Meanwhile the US markets crawl upwards. It is important to wach the VIX. Now it trades at 17.90, falling below 16.35 will mean life is good, and problems are behind us. Hmmmm... Be careful! 

S&P falling from the channel: 1317.50- will correct to 1315.22 - 1313.61.

May 26, 2011 Thursday

Yesterday the S&P visited my blog, and "behaved" as expected... :) Now we can use this low, 1315, for a stop, and go long.( target 1324-37) Important announcements today before opening.

How about "up there"? We have a sun^60 Uranus today. The dates before the Sun made an angle to Uranus was on March 21,Jan 18. Both days the S&P went up. and later continued to rally. 
Today it's a jupiterian day, but also Saturn is there in the background. Jupiter would like to rally, but Saturn is cautious. Why not learn from them?
Ta25: broke March 15th low, it looks weak and vulnerable. Will it recover? Support for today: 1221.2 - 1215.6 - 1210.60
Sun--Uranus positive angle made it's effect! High expiry, open gap, next up targets: 1240.30 - 1246.

May 28, 2011. Saturday.

On June 1st we will have a Solar eclipse (partial). This eclipse will be on 67N08-46E08. " The eclipse begins at sunrise in Siberia and northern China where the penumbral shadow first touches Earth at 19:25:18 UT. Two hours later, greatest eclipse occurs at 21:16:11 UT. At that time, an eclipse of magnitude 0.601 will be visible from the Arctic coast of western Siberia as the midnight Sun skirts the northern horizon. Although most of Alaska and northern Canada will witness the partial eclipse, the southern limit of the penumbra falls along a curve from south of Fairbanks to central New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. Reykjavik, Iceland receives a 0.462 magnitude eclipse just before sunset. Northern most Norway, Sweden and Finland also get a midnight Sun eclipse with the event hanging above the northern horizon. The partial eclipse ends at 23:06:56 UT when the penumbra leaves Earth just north of Newfoundland in the Atlantic Ocean. Eclipse times and local circumstances for major cities in North America, Europe and Asia are given in Table 2. The Sun's altitude, azimuth, the eclipse magnitude and obscuration are given at the instant of maximum eclipse. This is the 68th eclipse of Saros 118. The family began with a group of 8 partial eclipses from the years 803 to 929. The Saros ends with a small partial eclipse in 2083. " Nasa.

What does this mean?? The Northern Hemisphere will be mainly affected. Countries or people with 11 Gemini rising, or planets on this degree will have the impact of the eclipse, according to the issues the planets represent in their personal charts, or which house they occupy.
I ran my database, and here are some findings: Germany: 23.5.1949 12:00 Bonn. Moon- people, feelings, body, is at 11 Aries. The eclipse will affect the Moon ( the people)  for more than 6 months. This eclipse is in the 6th house of health- in Germany's chart, so I suppose some kind of health problems will bring emergency. The eclipse occurs on Germany's Venus, ruler of the 9th house of laws, foreign policy, and of the 3rd house of neighbors.  The eclipse is in the second decan of Gemini, ruled by Venus, so monetary problems, with new laws are coming.

To learn more about eclipses, I highly recommend Bill Meridian: "The predictive power of eclipses". it's a must have book.

Gilad Shalit: born 28 August 1986 - 3:50am- the eclipse will be in his 5th house, exactly on his Moon! This is a very powerful conjunction. But I don't know if powerful enough to release him. In the Tarot years list I uploaded on May 20th, he is in his Hermit year, till his birth day, then he will be under the effect of the Wheel. The Wheel brings turns in fate. So if we look for freedom, I would check the 9th house, of Sag.- both Jupiter and the natal chart ruler, in his case Mars. At the beginning of September 2011 transiting Saturn squares natal Mars, ruler of his freedom; same time transiting Mars makes 180^ to Natal Mars and a good angle to his Jupiter.
He was kidnapped on 25.June 2006, a date that adds up to 3- Jupiter- freedom. In his natal chart Jupiter is in retro.
Will the Palestinian state proclamation be involved with his release? He will be 25 years old, more than 5 years since kidnapped, even the Red Cross was not allowed to see him! His Mercury is at 25 degrees- shows an important event in life. There is hope :)

Others affected by the eclipse: Thailand, Israel, Poland, Mr. Gul, Mr. Hu, Kim jong II, Gilad Shalit, our kidnapped soldier since 5 years! , Mrs. Livni, Assange, Elbaradei, The Pope, Mr. Bak, Lula- PM Brazil, Erdugan, Prince William, Princess Beatrice, Gaddafi.
Well?? start working! check how will they be affected....

May 29, 2011 Sunday.

Woke up today to a rainy morning. Fresh air, good start for today. What will this day bring?
TA25: found support on Pluto and Uranus, now it's premarket, it trades at 1254. There is a resistance at 1258.6, and a support at 1237- 1233.

I wrote yesterday, that Germany will be affected?? here is today's news!

I must get Spain's data...
Another "must have book" is Nick Champion: "The Book of world horoscopes". Here one can read: " the history of modern Spain goes back to the kindome of Visigoths, the first people to unite the Iberian peninsula as an independent self governing unit. They began the conquest from the Vandals in 415 and in 419 the kingdom was established by Wallia...... etc." The first chart for Spain is given for Jan 19, 1478, 12 noon Madrid, on the day Juan II of Aragon died. For modern Spain Champion gives the coronation of present king, Juan Carlos, Nov 22, 1975. 12:45 pm. Madrid.
Now, in the chart we can see Spain Moon and Neptune at 11^ , so we can add it to the countries affected by the Solar eclipse.

May 30, 2011 Monday

During the night the Moon moved to Taurus. In this sign it feels at its best. Now we have four planets in Taurus, all the personal planets. It's a little bit crowded, lazy and full of envy here. Each sign has it's "dark side" and it's attitudes. Mercury in Taurus would make one express himself carefully, slowly, too slowly for others... choosing each word. Venus here will bring jealousy, and possessivness, even narcissism;as if saying: "the dinner was good, but because you had the previledge to have it with me". Mars makes one very materialistic, which can be ugly, if for instance, before marriage your partner asks you to sign a contract- what's mine is mine what's yours is yours... kind a stuff, contracts that are often signed before second marriages, or wealthy people.
Market wise it should pour some energy to it, but not too much, as I said, it's a lazy but stable sign.

TA25 closed yesterday at 1250, which  means that it is supported by Venus and Mars, at 1247- 1244. resistance: 1253- 1258.7 
There is no trade today in the States, so I guess we shall wait to see how will they open tomorrow. The East is slightly down; could be another boring day. 

Trade wisely! 

May 31, 2011 Tuesday

A very difficult month ahead for Mr. Berlusconi. His Mercury will be OOB between June 10 - 29. Mercury rules his MC, his carreer, and his Ascendant. House of laws is ruled by Venus in his case, and Venus is in opposition to Uranus in his natal chart. Looks to me he will pay a lot of money for his misdeeds, and I would not be surprised if something unpredictable- Uranian - issue will rise also. The coming eclipse on 11 deg. in Gemini will affect his Mercury and Uranus too. He has a disharmonic angle between Uranus-Mercury in his natal chart, at 9 degrees. Uranus is the ruler of the 6th house of health. The Solar eclipse will occur in his 9th house of Laws, so because of the trial he will loose not only a lot of money, also his health will be affected.
Transiting Uranus is right across his Natal Sun and Mercury, also signaling a sudden fall. transiting Neptune with Chiron in his 6th house of health, conjunct directed Jupiter. Jupiter in his case stands for his own house hold, his party. His downfall began when directed Sun conjuncted his Jupiter, gave him kind'a feeling that he is a "Caesar" invincible. But now the Sun moved on, and so it's fame. His natal Sun and Mercury are under the pressure of severe Saturn. Nowhere to hide.

About the markets: we are today under Mars and Uranus' effect.
TA25:  trades at 1257. At this level it is backed by Mercury and the nodes at 1253. Target: 1259, 1264, 1270.

Ehud Olmert, our former PM, is on trial today. He has his Sun and Jupiter conjunct in his natal map, in a stellium in Libra. Another person who thought is above the law....

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S&P future trades now at 1342- resistance at 1343.40 a correction can come to 1338
Crude: one of the graphs  I send to members:

June 1, 2011 Wednesday.
We shall say good bye to May, and welcome to June... It is the 6th month of the year, called after the Roman goddess Juno, wife of Jupiter, the goddess of marriage, or in the Greek mythology, Hera. The month begins in Gemini  and ends in Cancer. June brings the summer equinox, (21st) and a lot of different festivals. It's stone is the pearl, the Moonstone and the Alexandrite. ( for health and longevity) It's flower is the honeysuckle.

Today is a very important day, because of the Partial Solar eclipse. I wrote a long article, sorry folks, this time in Hebrew... about it. Today morning it occurred to me, that I should check the last eclipse, that of January this year, to see what happened when several planets hit the eclipse degree. And WAWW... big time! The eclipse was on 13 Cap. in January, though, but I checked when did the other planets hit this degree by conjunction or by an angle. I found the following dates: Jan.21, Feb.16, March 26, Apr 2, Apr. 19, May 29. Now check with your index! Because here, TA 25 made exact highs or lows on these dates!!! So let me see when will the current eclipse "work" in the future??
Mark these days in your calendars: June 8, 19, July 7, Aug 7,2012! Let's see what'll happen...
Today the Moon is in Gemini, it brought instability, I guess this will continue in the US too. Sun-Saturn trine also marks a daily high.

June 2, 2011 Thursday.

I was very busy writing the June forecast, which is now ready, if you are interested, you are most than welcome, to click on the link at the left. It's $ 55.
As always, I shall start a new article for the New Moon, due today. So see you over there! Thanks for being here with me, hope you made a lot of money :)

Be good.


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  2. hi, how were you able to anticiate trend changes on may 6 and 18?

  3. combining planetary movements, technical analysis and more....


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