New Moon in Gemini

Between June 2- July 1

I am writing this blog more than 2 years! Incredible how time flies…. Gemini is the first air sign of the wheel. After Aries, where the idea was born with lots of fire and enthusiasm, we went to Taurus, the one who nails down those ideas. Now, Gemini is here to tell the world about it. Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the messenger of Gods. Mercury spreads the news, the knowledge. It is the natural ruler of transportation, press, communication, and telecommunication. Mercury is now in Taurus, but tomorrow it will go to Gemini, be at home, at ease. It's influence is short, and changing, depending on the planet it joins in it's trip. Decisions taken now, till the 8-10th of June will not last, because of this position, and mainly because of the Solar eclipse. We shall have a lunar eclipse on June 15, so things are hectic.

Markets will turn up and down, no stability. So trade with tight stops.

TA25: The solar eclipse brought the change, big time! from 1260 we fell today to  1219.15 and closed at 1228. The support is only at 1211.
S&P: trades now at 1310. I would not trade today, the market is too crazy.

June 5, 2011 Sunday

Today we are under the spell of the Sun and Venus. The Sun is in Gemini, Venus is still in Taurus. What is important, is the Jupiter ingress to Taurus. The fire of freedom-fighting will get down to a practical level. What next?? The Yemen president Ali Abdullah Saleh was injured and fled the country with his family to Saudia I wonder what will the Saudis do with so many ex presidents in their country? First Tunisia, now Yemen... Who knows who will follow....There is no exact birth year in Wikipedia, so I cannot check his map.

This is today's map, with the future angles between planets. I shall relate on them later. This week is the feast of Shavuot, no trade on the 7th and 8th of June. 

Market starts soon, have to prepare...

TA25 hit 1220 again, earlier this morning. If this level breaks, we are headed to 1211.- 1200 and lower. 

Cnn News:  Puyehue Vulcano map: 

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Today our market behaved as expected. We hit again 1220, but then the index went up, and we closed at 1230.55. Price trined Jupiter and is 180 deg. to Neptune. What will happen tomorrow??? 

Any thoughts??

June 6, 2011 Monday

The day of the Moon, which is the major actor today, being in Leo, will cast positive angles to Saturn and Mercury, also to Jupiter. There are no economic announcements today, so we can be quiet in this view. Time to watch for a ride: 11:30-

Ta25 closed yesterday at 1230.55 . When I write about support or resistance lines, I only rely on the planets position, and not on technical analysis. So today the support is at 1228- 1226 ( Venus in Geo). Resistance at 1234, 1236.75- 1237. Jumping above this level, next targets: 1240.5 -1249.

More later ...
Our index fell from Venus, now next support can be at 1223.40.
What a tricky day! One hour to the closing, and the index is flat. no move. It seems traders put the engines on "automat" and started the festival earlier. I sold out, no need to be in the market till Thursday, for one day trade. Next trading day only on June 12, till then everything can happen.
Look how the clock worked perfectly, as I wrote in the morning...: 

Members: Pls. check your mail. I posted new graphs with triggers. For new visitors, you can sign up to WTM Yahoo group, where I upload almost daily, or when I see a change, graphs with triggers, stops and targets. 

DAX: it is at a critical point and timing. June 6 is 55 trading days from March low. If it stays above 7100 it's a huge long till 7450.

Nikkei: I would be very careful here. It made a H&S pattern, meaning, if it falls below 9390, target is 8750 

June 8, 2011 Wednesday

We celebrate Shavuot, so no trade today, but lets look at the other markets, how did they behave? First we should look at the sky, is there anything important? The day is ruled by Mercury, and it is right on the eclipse degree, 11 Gemini, which is negative for the markets. Another planet in action today is Mars. This planet too is on its way to form a negative aspect with the Nodes, so no help from there either. The Moon?? It is in Virgo, squaring Pluto, negative. So I would not expect any rally today, but tighter the stops if you are long, and smile all the way to the bank is you hold short positions.

S&P : down on the slope; next support at 1253.
Gold : crawling slowly up. support on 1535, target 1576. When I say support here or there, and this is broken with a large volume, and other oscillators confirm it, you should go short.
Crude: fell from 99, oscillators show weakness, everything points now to a target at:

Happy days!

June 9, 2011 Thursday.

I posted for the WMA members two graphs, one of JPM, (JPMorgan) and GS. I think it is important for all to know, that JPMorgan is firing staff. I looked at the graph, and it is strange, that while the S&P and Dow went up, these two did not. Do they know something we don't? Look at the graphs, and decide for yourselves.

TA25 is trading around 1220. Tomorrow it's Friday and then Saturday, so people will sell out.

June 10, 2011 Friday

The day is ruled by Venus, and the Moon. Both are on move today. Venus just entered light Gemini and it is at 19 degrees declination, the Moon entered Libra, therefore it will be under the heavy burden of Saturn. There is a Venus-Moon trine right now, which is positive, but soon this trine will disappear, for a negative angle with Uranus and later Pluto. But, the moves of the Moon are nothing compared to the stationary - preparing to turn direct Saturn! In the best scenario the market can station with it, looking across the clouds and try to figure out what is beyond them.... Major changes in the air, and we don't know yet what will they bring.

Dax: of Germany is a major index that we should follow. Germany carries the Eu on it's shoulders. Here is a 15 min. graph, which has major importance now; in my previous mails I wrote about the Dax, that there is a huge long trade, we are almost achieving our targets. But today it fell with a gap. Now it is "tracked" in between 7060- 7193. Breaking one of these levels will give the tone for the rest of Europe. See graph:

It's a week end here, have to cook, bye for now....

Here is a movie my son made, one of his 1st year's project: Relationship

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June 11, 2011 Saturday.

On May 4 I wrote about TA25, "our target is 1300" - well we got there on May 18, and fell. The next candle closed lower... At that point one could go short, and make lot of money, till now, at 1219.
On May 6 I wrote " S&P a correction can come to 1350" well, it made it till 1357! Since then it is falling. 
On May 20 I said: Watch the grains! and we got a top and reversal on the 22nd.
On May 24 I gave exact triggers for the Dow, S&P and Gold. If you followed those triggers, you did great! We were long on Gold, with a stop at 1515, and I said" double your positions above 1520. The Gold hit 1551 on June 6, so you could make 3000$ on this one only! on one contract.

What is ahead?

June 13, 2011 Monday 

TA25 reached 1200 yesterday, as expected, even made a leg down, with 2 points. What will this day bring??
It is a Moon ruled day, in Scorio right now, coming to an opposition to Mars. The other planet in charge of the day is Mercury, and surprise!!! It is under the Sun's beam, conjunct in Gemini. A new Mercury cycle is about to be born. The disturbing angle, however comes from Jupiter- Neptune, and Uranus-Saturn. we shall see new lows today, I think. 
Market starts, let's see ....Support for today: 1191- 1186-1180. Resistance: 1210.45
The Lunar eclipse will occur in Sagittarius, 24 degrees. This means that for the next 6 - 7 months, if you have planets between 18-30 degrees you will be under the spell of this eclipse, each one of you, depending on the planets and houses that are hit.
The Next Solar eclipse will occur on July 1, at 9 deg.Cancer 12 Minutes: If the Lunar eclipse " spared" you, this one will not. It will affect those born in Cancer, Capricorn,Aries and Libra, those who have planets between 0-17 degrees, so as we can see the world will change. Either by the lunar or by the Solar eclipse. 
Be prepared, and take it with understanding, that change brings new opportunities, wiping out the old circumstances. You'd better go along with these energies. The more you fight it, you'll make it more difficult. The thing is, that all these signs cannot go along easily, Cancer because of it's fixed world, and clinging to the past, Capricorn, because being an Earth sign has to do it slow, Aries is a fighter, goes after it's own head, which is not the case here, and Libra, because can never decide, which way to take. So a change is on the stage, and we are the actors. 

June 14, 2011 Tuesday. 

Today we are ruled by Mercury and Venus. Mercury just turned an evening star, and is conjunct the South Node, a negative placement. The Moon is in Sag, which can bring more enthusiasm to the markets, and it balances Mercury. Mercury is also Out of bound. More volatility in for today. There is a sextile between Venus-Uranus, which is good for the market. 

S&P:  is at 1277, all the way to 1310 is free. 
TA25: trades between 1210- 1224- 1225. 

I've have been so busy with myself lately I forgot to say a few words about Anthony Weiner, now in the news. Born on a Friday, he is under the spell of Venus. In his natal chart there is a Venus-Mars conjunction in Cancer at 23 degrees. What bell does this ring?? Right! Tomorrow's Lunar eclipse is at this degree. I do not have his hour of birth, so the above map is a solar map, thus putting Cancer in his 11th house, so his career is damaged by too much talking. Why too much talking?? because his stellium in Virgo- a sign ruled by Mercury, the one who talks, it is retro, slow, and combust, ( burnt by the Sun). His Sun-Uranus-Pluto stellium in Virgo will bring him to highs and lows in his life. I hope his heart will go along with this flexibility. Numerologically he is in his 7th year, ruled by Neptune or by the South Node, either way is a " draw back" year. Looking at this Tarot card year, as discussed on May 20, he is under " Death" card.... What else can I say???? 

Dow : is moving in a channel. Support at 11845,  target: 12440

June 15 , 2011 Wednesday

I was born on a Wednesday. On what day were you born? this is important, because the ruler of that day will have it's impact on your life. So Mercury rules me. Which planet rules you?? If you were born on a Saturday, you have  Saturn as your life companion. Hmmmm... It's a heavy weight to carry. Each planet has it's good and bad sides. Mercury in these days is combust Sun, and oh, boy... don't I feel it... I am tired tired tired. 

What is happening today in the markets? 
S&P trades at 1279: support on 1276.25, resistance 1282-1283- 1289.
Gold: trades at: 1523. Support at 1522, resistance at 1529. 
SIlver trades at: 35.33 SUpport at  34.31, resistance at 36. 5
TA25 closed yesterday at: 1222. Support at: 1216.25 resistance at 1229

The dynamics of the day : we should have a leg up till 1:55, then a correction around 3 to the closing. 

For my South African visitors: JSE : explanation on the graph: 

Eclipse site, worth while looking at.

June 16, 2011 Thursday

If you were a member in my WMA group, you knew about this fall. Yesterday the Lunar eclipse, today more angles to come.... Be back later, I have class.

Today the positive angle between Moon-Jupiter will wipe out all short positions !! This placement is for short term trade, but enough to shake the shorts. Now next levels in TA25 are: 1194.8 - 1199.
And this is what happened!!!! Classic W pattern intraday trading, great shake out. - of the shorts- and great call for Longs.

Have a nice week end.

June 19, 2011 Sunday. 

I read in the net, that yesterday we had the " PHI day... why?? 618.... OK, so did you do well?? Hahaha..
Soon the market opens here, so have to get ready. Today we are under the influence of the Sun and the Moon. The Sun is in the last degrees of Gemini, opposite the Galactic Center. The Moon in Aquarius, at 9 degree, on the "eclipse to be degree on July 1 at 9^ Cancer" It trines Saturn, and is leaving a square from Jupiter. But the interesting angle is between Mercury and Uranus. It will make a gap today... We shall see. 

Be back later. 
And voila: the Gap: 

O.M.G. market started....
TA25 closed yesterday at 1206.22- after a rally during Venus hours. Will today continue to go up?? There is a support at 1204.4 - 1203- 1200. and a resistance at 1206.4 - 1210.5 - 1213.
at 22:06 (ta time) it will trine the Sun and square Mars, I expect a turn there! in the markets that trade at that hour. So be careful. OH, and Mars will be on the Pleiades... nothing positive can come out of that one :( 

But before that, a culmination till 12:45, and a fall around 2-3 pm. Let's roll....

Gold: Trades now at 9:55 am at 1536.25 Support at 1534.59 for long positions. But we should watch the MFI! is money flowing out or in? Falling below 1523 I would go short. 
DAX: for my German visitors: on the graph below we can see the trading days -Fibonacci count. Next CIT: July 13. 89 trading days from the top. Falling from 6995- June 7 low, will mean a disaster not only for Germany, but for all Europe. Then it will fall at least to 5540. or even to 5030. What a burden on Mrs. Merkel!!! 

Angela Merkel: born 17 July 1954 on a Saturday. Her life companionship is Saturn. In her natal chart Saturn is at 2^ Sco.  Numerologically she is in her 9th year of endings, now, till her birthday in July. Then she will pass on to the 1st year of beginnings. What will this year bring her?? Venus in the directed chart is right on her Saturn, Venus rules her 6 and 11 house ( of work and great enterprises- banks) Venus is called the small benefactor, so I guess she will carry on the burden. Jupiter is the ruler of her Asc. In her natal chart there is a stellium in Cancer. She should really watch out, not to get sick of all these difficult challenges. Directed Saturn will oppose this stellium in the coming years, and transiting Pluto as well. She is under the microscope, the world is watching her. Luckily, in July she will be under the " temperance" tarot card, which is a promising card. It is interesting to see that Mercury rules her career and her partners as well. The partners, or" known enemies" can trigger her future carreer. It will culminate in 3 years when directed Sun and Uranus will sextile her natal Sun. Her Pandora is at 2 Pisces, and Neptune crosses it right now. So it will take a while till her "skeletons" will be revealed. 

Good luck Mrs. Merkel...

After closing.... sorry, I was so busy with my PSTI - it jumped 12% after yesterday 7%.... our market made a gap down then up today, as yesterday. The up-side was more minor than yesterday, waiting for "uncle Sam" to open. 
I uploaded several graphs in the WMA group, so since the morning till now you could earn your weakly wages. 
Take a look at the grains, I think they are up to a move.

Back later, 
be good 

June 21.2011 Summer equinox, Tuesday.

Today we have several important turning points. It is a Gann day, June 21,in the Helio chart the Sun enters Capricorn. Mercury is out of bound, brings high volatility. In the Geo chart the Sun enters Cancer of course. The day is ruled by Mercury, already in Cancer. This is an opportunity to those born under this sign to speak out. Market wise it is not a favorable placement; there is an applying square to Saturn. The date is ruled by Uranus. It is in a square with Pluto. Oh boy! These two squared in: 1756-57; 1820-;1877; 28.8.1932-26.5.1933. Because they are very slow planets rarely meet. One can look up what happened in history when this angle occurred.

Another thing: Mars is just about entering Gemini. It will bring tons of action, fights verbally and physically too. Some arms and legs will be broken!  So be prepared, with your finger on the mouse.
TA25 made a gap up ( Moon- Jup 60^) with the opening, now we are vertical... in the air. With Moon in Pisces, what can we expect?? Affected by the surrounding, introvert and waiting.  It will trine Mercury at 20:10. So it will be in effect abroad. Any Fed announcements at this hour?? It will also make a 150 deg^ to Saturn, the regulator.

Cardinal issue today: the Greek Parliament has to decide if they stay in the EU or not. I personnaly think Uranus 180 to Greece's Moon, they will vote against.

On June 15 I wrote: target for TA25 1229. Today we got there. Will it continue to go up?? I doubt. But we shall see. Our eyes are on Athens.
June 22, 2011 Wednesday

Athens did it, and my fear should evaporate. But it doesn't. Future will tell. The markets rallied, mostly due to the new Martian energy into Gemini. Today the Moon is Voc. ( makes no angles to planets); meaning: what happens today will be reversed tomorrow, when the Moon will enter Aries. We are ruled today by Mercury ( it squares Saturn, Lilith and Fortuna. More important is, that it is OOB. My WMA members received an explanation what this means....Not a member yet?? Too bad!
TA25: I expect a ride 7-13 points up.

Back later.
TA25 did make it's 7 points up, today's top being till now: 1230.11, but the volume is very low, considering it's a Wednesday... but tomorrow it's options' expiry. Well, that explains. Trade is boring, I and taking a bite of this and that.. Hmmm.. too much computer hours and no moves, very bad. I should go for a walk. Ok, later...
What about the East?? BSESN made a double bottom with Feb. 11 low. Now it trades at 5277.5 If this bottom holds, then there is a resistance channel at 5390- 5468. If you would like to get triggers and targets pls. mail me
SMI: Switzerland: I never looked at this index before, here too we got a bottom on March 16, and June 20. Support at 6094, targets: 6131, 6172, 6282.
HSI: Made a low at 21425, keeping this low next targets: 22227, 22500, 23125,

And something for the soul: If you click at the left " Today in History" you can read what happened in different years, and who were born today. There were many famous composers for instance, that I never heard of. Erich Maria Remarque german writer was born today as well. He said: "The death of one man is a tragedy, the death of millions is a statistic." 
Happy birthday to Meryl Streep, also! She's 62 years old today,-made 50! films- well, isn't that a life worth living??

June 23, 2011 Thursday.

It's options' expiry here, I hope you closed your positions yesterday, and are not gambling. By the way: gambling. People see trading the stock market as a big gamble. Is it?? At the beginning, when I started to trade, my teacher said: "if you use the word " I am playing" this or that share, well, it's a Hebrew expression, than you turn it to a playground. The outspoken word is very important. Our mouth is the speaker of our mind. We have thousands of thoughts every hour. But only the ones that are pronounced out loud "are born" or get legitimate - by forming the vowels and consonants, and actually saying out loud, give them birth. That is why, when people pray, they mumble, they move their mouths. A thought not out spoken dies out. Once you said something it will linger in history for ever. If you are a celeb' your words might be picked up by the crowds. But you do not have to be a celebrity, in order to heal or destroy the other- only by words. So if you say I am playing this or that share, your attitude is in accordance. What one should say is: "I trade" this or that, thus giving a higher level of thought to stock market trading. And to trade is very very difficult. Until you do not put actual money in it, you don't know what it is about. It's funny, how money can change our attitude. What is money?? It's a printed paper accepted by all that it has a certain value. It can turn valueless and to ashes overnight. Let's say the dollar worth's now 1.43 Euros, what if tomorrow it will be equal to 143 Euro?? or 0.0143 Euro?? World war III, no?? and why?? Because our mind is trained like this. We live voluntarily in a square. Take away from me that square, I'll kill you…What we see, we think is real. But is it?? We have to get used, with Uranus in Aries, that this square did it's job till now, and prepare for big changes. We see what happens in the Arab world, in the european financial world... Do you think it will go away, and disappear?? No.... it will spread and turn and change. Think how can you benefit of these changes, otherwise it will swallow you.
And how can we think, and not get involved?? Imagine you are in a movie, and this is the role you played till now. Every role gets to an end. Maybe in the next movee you will be someone else. You have to alternate. Use Mercurian powers. Change, be flexible.  

Markets: TA25 closed yesterday at 1232.16 ; equals to 2.16 Virgo. It reached my target too. Now what?? We look up at the sky. Calculate a little, and find, that the index found support on Uranus ( in Helio) but is conjunct Chiron. Pluto is at 1236.16, Saturn at 1246.5... That would be nice, no?? to jump up there. But, oy... where is the Moon?? It squares the Sun- negative. AND it is conjunct Uranus. What do we know about Uranus?? It's the revolution bringer, or , in the markets, the gaps. - so negativity here too. Anyone to help us, who are long?? Let's see Venus. It's in Gemini, so volatility it's her middle name. Jupiter? in Taurus?? Hmmmm, good for those born under this sign, but not market wise.

Local times for turns: 11:23 Moon enters Aries; 14:48 Moon 90^SUn; 14:48 Moon 60^ Mars; 20:23 Moon 0^ Uranus.

Back later.

Do you remember my June 9 post about JPMorgan?? Yesterday it traded 39.8! 10 points fall from top. Now very slowly we can go long with a tight stop at 39.

Dow: 15 min graph: broke support line from June 16, after 3 tops on June 21&22. Now targets down: 11934-11914- 11857.
Crude: Made a low at 91.45 if it bases above this level, then we shall enter long with 96.8 target. But if this low breaks, then 89.30- 86.2-84.3
Nifty: worth while looking at!! from Feb 11 low there are 89 trading days. A turn is on it's way! Stop for long position: 5280. Target:  5332- 5380 - 5456
Dax: Long Strong stop at 7205.! - this stop broke- next support 7190

14:50: at 15:30 important Fed announcements. Market is on hold....Hahaaaa!! Due to computer problems the jobless claims are only an estimate. So market got a week extension.... Achhh that Neptune- Sun 120 degrees.....
TA after closing: 1211.08 a negative day.

at 10:00 am sales ; what will it be?

Have to go for a walk.... Be good

June 24, 2011 Friday

The day of Venus. Should be a correction day. I'm off to the beach, with a very good book I bought yesterday, talk later.

June 25, 2011 Sunday

The only place I can read is the beach. There I have no computer to " just to check this or that". There, in the nature I can concentrate. The thing is, that I generally read astrology books, haha, so I am again in the same world. Last Friday I took a new book to the beach, this time it is about Philosophy. Kohelet-( Ecclesiastes) by Haim Shapira. There are lots of interesting thoughs in this book, I highly recommend it! We know Ecclesiastes, is a book written by wise Solomon. ( there are arguments it was not), in this book the great king that had it all writes about the uselessness of life. The writer quotes many other ancient and modern philosophers about life issues and happiness. He asks: do you know one man who is happy? Not happy for 5 minutes, or a month, or a year, but h a p p y ... Well, do you? Then he quotes a Japanese writer, Ryunosuke Akutagawa, in one of his novels: "In the land of water creatures"- a novel speaks about the possibility given to unborn babies - after they are given their life scenarios- to decide if they want to be born or not. And they decide, one by one, not to be born. The writer himself committed suicide at the age of 35.

Our market: closed at 1211. Today the market opens with Moon conjunct Jupiter in Taurus. a positive opening. Will it hold? there is a support at 1200- a resistance at 1210.55-1219- ;1223.4- 1230.7
After closing: 1201.71  :)

Just heared on the news that Hugo Chavez was hospitalized with prostate cancer. See what I wrote about him last year! 28 July 2010.

June 27, 2011 Monday.

The colour all over in the markets is light red. Except Nifty. On June 23, I wrote about this index, and I gave targets too. They even outperformed them. Last low being on June 20th, they are up 5 trading days- this is a fibo no. so I would watch it, and move the stop to 5533. it's weakening.
What happens in the sky today? we have a bunch of planets at 4 degrees. Mars- Jupiter 30^, Mars- Uranus 60^, and all will be in some interction with Pluto, which is retro at 6Cap.14. Each planet will have it's impact, relative to it's nature. Today we are under the effect of the Mon, in Taurus, exalted-positive for the market. Also applying to the Sun, but it will be VOC as of 19:24 GMT+3. The other planet in charge of the day is the Sun.
In the helio chart we have a Venus 60^ Uranus now, which is also positive. 

Take a look at GS and JMP- two big banks, that broke historical support trend-line. A share to look at is "Brainsway".
Back later.

MetaTrader4 is one of the platforms I use for my graphs. It has a great alert possibility, it rings when a change happens, so I have more than 15 graphs open, but I don't have to follow all of them, once one is turning, it rings. I thought to tell you this.
TA25: almost closes. we made a bottom at 1200, we had to, remember, yesterday's target? Now, 20 min. to closing we are at 1205.38. I guess we saw the last low for the time being, and a correction phaze will come now. Target: 1210.
S&P: made a low on June 16, since then it is building a "base" Our stop is at 1250 and go long slowly.Why slowly? because today it's only 11 days from the low, it's not a fibo day... so... maybe our cake is not ready yet.

June 28, 2011 Tuesday

A day ruled by Mars and the Moon. Mars is in Gemini, at 5 degrees and the Moon at 28Tau49. At 10:56 TA time it will enter Gemini, which will bring volatility, because of the sign, because it gets closer to Mars and oh boy!! it will be on Pleiades. Watch for a fall around this hour. At the same time there will be several other energetic angles: Sun-Pluto opposition, Venus on the South Node, Moon square Neptune. More bad news??
S&P: made a top at 1279.8 - this means Saturn supports it, but there is still the obstacle of Jupiter at 1284, Neptune 1289.20, Uranus at 1301.60, Pluto at 1306.1.
Ta25: closed at 1209.23. The planets support it at 1206. Targets: 1214, 1216, 1224, 1229.

Visitors who wish to follow daily updates can click "follow" at the bottom of this page.

June 29,2011 Wednesday

Every day is important. Today is the first time in your life that you write June 29, it will never occur again in your life. It is your last chance to make the most of it, as if someone held a gun to your head, like the scene in "The fight-club" with Brad Pete. I shall never forget that scene! If you have not seen the movie, you should run and see it, however it is not for weak-stomacher. The day is ruled by Mercury. It is in mutual reception with the Moon. It is swift in motion, and free from the Sun's frying beams. So it means volatility. The Moon is in Gemini, also volatility. The other planet in charge today is Jupiter; the great benefactor. It is at 7 37, applying with an ugly degree to Saturn.

Markets: The Dow made a low on June 16, and now is at 12189. Only if it goes above 12205- 12225; it'll form a classic W- with targets at 12600, 12930.  
S&P: The same here, forming a W pattern. I gave targets yesterday, some were reached.
Dax: made low on June 8, and a high on June 22.Next day to watch is July 5,7, 18. At 7170 it was stopped by Neptune. and Uranus. Getting a push from US rally next targets: 7177 - 7184-7194. We are long here, but will it reach the target of 7315? The oscillators are far too weak at this moment.
Bovespa: Brazil : Trades now at 62303. At this level made a 60^ to Earth, so has solid support. Next levels: 62314, 62324.
EurUsd: Made a high at 1.4440 in May. Unless it goes above this we will see new highs. Yesterday it made an effort, but not enough. Only 1.4396 high. Will it fall again to 1.4080? That would be a ride!
JPM: what is it up to? Made a low at 39.23, and turned. We can go long on this one- for intraday- with a strickt stop at 39. 
Time is running out. One thing you should know about me is, that I am a proverb freak. One of my favorites is: "Man invented time so things will not occur simultaneously." think about it.

Back later..
Christine Madeleine Odette Lagarde: we are at the same age more or less, but see where she is today? She is a French lawyer and politician, and as teenager, a swimmer. She got nominated Manager Director of the International Monetary Fund. We can see this success in her chart.Transiting Pluto (money) on her Sun, and all the other favourable aspects to her Moon, Jupiter and Pluto. Good Luck Mrs.Lagarde!! Successful swimmming in the troubled ocean of the monetary world...

June 30, 2011 Thursday

So busy, so busy... I am teaching also, I had no time to write today. So, what's going on? It's a Jupiter day combined with Uranus energies. Oh!! we did not have this one for a long long time. What are they up to? Jupiter at 4 Tau., Uranus at 4 Aries... Never boring! :) The Moon- is VOC- on Betelgeuse-fixed star- is on it's way to ingress Cancer, at 19:12 (GMT+3) and prepare to conjunct the Sun, signaling for the New Moon, with the Partial Solar eclipse too. Before meeting his majesty, the Sun, it will :
1.07.2011 3:27:31 10°36'18"Gem Square Uranus
1.07.2011 4:11:13 11°00'25"Gem Sextile Jupiter
1.07.2011 6:20:56 12°12'06"Gem Opposition Pluto
1.07.2011 11:53:54 15°16'47"Gem Conjunction Sun
mark these times for a CIT- according to colour.

What will it bring??
The Sun is exactly on the 1973 solar eclipse degree... Let's hope no scenario will return from THAT year! (Yom Kippur war).
What new law- in cancer House 9? ( for us here)
The Solar eclipse will occur tomorrow, at 11:54 local time ( GMT+3) at 9Canc.13- in the 10th house- of the governement.
In London it will be in the 11th house of enterprizes, and I hear on the Sky news about planned strikes, in Tokio at 17:53; in house 7; in Toronto at 4:53 am, in 1st house; in Tripoly 10:53 in house 10 of governement; in Sydney at 18:53 in house 6, and so on.
The Markets: major change in trend.
After closing: our market dived below, and closed at 1223.91.This is a third correction between June 25-27 move. We can live with it, even with a fall to 1200. Below that will bring the bears out.

S&P : takes no notice of this, and continues to go up. Planets block at: 1317.30, 1320.7 - 1324.7
VIX: is at 17.65, back to June 6th level, and more to fall, look at the bollingr band= 16.88-
Optimism is all around. pssssssssshhh. fantastic.
JPmorgan- if you bought a few calls since my last post, you are doing just fine now.

Crude: Made $1 less than my target given on June 23,= 95.8. We got a correction now to 95.12. We can go long again only if it goes over 96.
Gold: Nice rally till 1513.7 Long again above this level, target:1315.3; 1316.75; 1324.25. Stop loss: 1308, which, I know is crazy, trading futures...  
Tomorrow is July 1, time for a new article. Thank you for being here, patient with me, I hope I made your reading worth while, and more, I do hope you made a few bucks.
You are welcome to click :" like", spread the word, bring new friends, sign up to the WMA group, click " follow" and learn learn learn.
See you under " New Moon in Cancer" 


  1. gabbi,
    i read your blog regularly. i am not an investor but i read to reason what might have stars and heavens in store for us on this planet. i would like to know your opinion do you really think Greece will survive and how long they will leave with these handouts of billions of euros somebody someday is going to turn off this free spiket of free money.
    please write and comment when you can.

  2. Hi Gabbi,

    Great work, fantastic blog. Can you please clarify the theory that whatever happens on a void of course day is reversed the next day ?


  3. gabbi, with great respect for your time and effort, i like to read your blogs and posts regularly. if it is p
    hank you \



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