New Moon in Virgo

Between August 29 – September 29

Virgo…. An earth sign ruled by volatile Mercury. Reading this sentence only can give us mixed feelings. With one hand it gives stability, with the other volatility. So, like Virgos do we should pay attention to every little move or change during this month. Virgos are skeptical, need to prove everything, they are the least attracted to mysticism, they believe only what they see. They have a microscope instead of eyes, with it they will see everything, and criticize everyone. Difficult…. But, as I always say, there are other planets besides the Moon to follow, let's see where will they take us this month?

After Irene's visit in NY. The US markets rally. I guess we shall see a continuation of this tomorrow. And the day after. But be careful, since a change is near… September is the month when all the moms on Earth watch their children go to school, after a long summer… and leave them in the hands of teachers…. Have you thought how difficult teachers work today? How can they keep 40-50 pupils quiet? How can they make them interested in what they say? And keep them interested for 50 minutes, day after day? What can they teach them, after Wikipedia, face book and twitter?? I think teachers have an enormous difficulty, and the way of teaching should be changed, modernized. Maybe schools should teach these "old & know everything" kids how to cope in time of hurricanes, or shootings at the schools, or teach them body language. One of my favorite serials that I don't miss is " Lie to Me" have you seen it?? Look it up!

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The S&P trades now at 1198. My target is 1205... for the time being. Gold is at 1791, Oil at 87.3 ..... what do you think??? where will they go?

August 30, 2011 Tuesday

It's my son's birthday today,( and Warren Buffet's)  and he is somewhere in India. So my dear son, happy birthday, and take care of yourself! Oh, yes... he and my daughter are Virgos. :)
So what's going on in the world? The S&P all fires, run up yesterday above my given target, to 1209, there it met Jupiter-Venus trine and these stopped the rally.
How about Mr.Gold? where was he at night? After an impressive visit to 1800 it trades lower now, at this hour: 7:19 am; 1794.71. Support at 1790, resistance 1799.3
Mrs. Silver was not left behind either, she was running after Mr.Gold for a while, but then she got tired... First she run up to 41.30, then to 41.13, finnally giving up at 40.899, realising her time is up. So she is standing by now, waiting for the next tide. Support at 37.5-36.

Let us look to the North, how are they doing? Hong Kong up by 2.2%, the others are light green. So far so good.
How about the Arab world? Not bad either!

Today we are under the influence of Mars and Venus. Mars is direct and swift, and in the Mars decanate of Cancer, (positive for trade), Venus ahhh, Venus, just entered the Saturn decanate in Virgo, and it is combust (within 8^30' to Sun) therefore weak. The MOON is VOC!! so watch out today. With many other signals, a change in trend is near.
Change at: 10:35 am and 2:53 pm today.(gmt+3) Any announcements? Well, of course:

TA25: closed yesterday at 1122.52... it ran up as if there is no tomorrow...It found support on Jupirer, at 1120.30, and a resistance is waiting at :1125-1127.55-1129.45 - 1130.

August 31, 2011 Wednesday

Had to take the elders to medical check up early morning, so I missed all the morning rally, which I expected two days ago. So where are we now? up up up ? Let's see:
Ok, I am back. There is something extremly peculiar today, and that is the volume! I do not remember such a low volume at this time, in 2 hours the trade is over... I checked 2 years back, it did not happen... What is going on???? The only answer is again, in the sky. And voila: Mercury, in charge, today, (Wednesday) just enters Aries. 0 degree. Now imagine a baby who is just born, can he decide what to do??

But, don't worry, by the time the US opens, he will be out there driving us crazy. :) ( 5th degree of Taurus)

TA25 trades at 1134.63, the futures are green-ish, the dollar is falling, the Dax is not impressed, neigher the CAC or the FTSE. hmmmmmmmmmmm. OK, let's wait. a next up leg should come soon. Till I finish my lunch, it should be here.

see ya
I haven't seen such a low volume since a long long time...
Closed at :1132.51

For the last few weeks I am attending Kabala course on Wednesdays. Today, as I sat down, and wrote the date, I got a vision. 31.8.2011. What does this date wisper us? If we add it up we get 16... and what is 16 in Tarot?? Look at the picture: what do you feel when you see it?? No need to explain too much!
It's a crash card, one of the worst cards in Tarot.
I went short on S&P before I left for the lesson, because S&P hit Neptune and fell. Now the card- the date -  showed me I was right.

Sleep well.

September 1, 2011 Thursday

This song popped up in my ears, as I am writing these lines.
Yesterday I went short on S&P, put the stop at the top 1230, and I'll lurk there for a while.
We are ruled by Jupiter and Mercury today. Where are they today? Jupiter is at 10 Taurus, turning retro, Mercury is at 20 Leo, separating from a trine to the N.N. The Moon is also separating from Saturn, we saw it's effect yesterday. The next angle will be at 20:34 (gmt+3) a trine to Neptune. After that it'll be VOC.
TA25: made a high at the opening, 1134.8 but now it is lower.Support at:  1130.50 -1128.901-1125.15. to the upside: 1139.10. Our last top was at 1138- so a 180 deg. correction would be at 1108.

back later

11:55: we trade now at 1124.95, broke my last bottom given above, lower values are coming.
Closed at : 1132.2

We celebrated my daugther's birthday today, happy birthday dearest, may you succeed in life, be happy and healty. She is traveling too to India this month. Where am I ?? here, next to the computer waiting for them to write. By the way, my aunt sent me some old letters that I wrote when I was 12, incredible!!!! As if it was someone else, I don't remember anything of what I read there... another life, another person.

September 3, 2011 Saturday.

Today we are ruled by Saturn and Neptune. Neptune has gone back, in its' retro movement to Aquarius. Here is a very good article by my friend, Kaye Shinker, about Neptune in Pisces. She posted it in face book, so I guess it is OK. to put up a link here. right, Kaye?? What I would add, financial wise, is, that Neptune rules inflation.
Dates when Neptune was in Pisces:
28.03.1520  - 15.08.1520
30.01.1521  - 4.06.1533
27.08.1533 - 11.03.1534
 8.11.1534  - 13.01.1535
29.03.1684  - 11.10.1684
 3.01.1685  - 8.05.1697
25.09.1697 - 12.03.1698
19.05.1847 - 14.07.1847
23.02.1848  - 1.11.1848
27.12.1848  - 1.05.1861
16.10.1861 - 5.03.1862
13.04.2011 - 31.08.2011
15.02.2012 - 1.07.2020

Periods when Neptune was in Aquarius:
18.03.1506 - 10.06.1506  
20.01.1507 - 29.09.1507
24.11.1507 - 28.03.1520
15.08.1520  - 30.01.1521
19.03.1670 - 9.07.1670
1.01.1671 - 29.03.1684
11.10.1684 - 3.01.1685
12.03.1834 - 27.08.1834
14.01.1835 - 19.05.1847
14.07.1847 - 23.02.1848
1.11.1848 - 27.12.1848
4.02.1998 - 16.09.1998
9.12.1998 - 13.04.2011
31.08.2011 - 15.02.2012

If you are in for research, you are welcome to check, what happened during those years?

We are looking ahead to a long week end in the US, the rest of the markets should figure out their own way till Wednesday. A vacuum can always bring surprises.

have a nice week end, switch off !!! :)

September 4, 2011 Sunday

Yesterday evening we had the biggest protest in the country against the high cost of living. Now we shall see if it will help... Will the governement actually do something?
See what the Oracle says:
Oracle Degree: 21°Cp00' - 21°Cp59'

"There is a time when we realise that there is no longer any point in fighting. To win in this situation may be impossible. At this time of surrender, it is the valor of the battle that will be remembered. You may find yourself at this point and it is how gracefully you handle defeat that will be the measure of your future worth. Truth of inner worth. If negative - being a bad loser or feeling that everything is always going to come out badly. Reliance on self-limitations." This is interesting, because the uprising was managed by the students, and now, with schools starting, it will dissolve.
Market opens soon, have to get ready.

Today we are ruled by the Sun and Saturn.Premarket trades now at 1110, support at 1109.5 - 1106.
Our last low was 1022- 360 degrees from there is 1109- lower values: 1103 - 1098 - 1093.
Look for a CIT: at 11:51& 2:50
Happy trading!

September 5, 2011 Monday

Yesterday  "the players" dropped the baby and flushed out the water. Two minutes before close the market fell to 1082.47. Ironically this is a Gann target for our index. 262 points below the last high in April 2011. But, the last low is still 1020, therefore until we trade above this level, we are long. 

Today is a Mars & Moon controlled day.
 What are they up to? Mars is at 1161 versa the S&P, and 1070 versa our index. These numbers are important levels. The S&P trades now at 1160.63, making a double bottom with 1:10 am. 1160 is a major important number, as I wrote in my September report as well.
How about the East? Except Jakarta, all dark red.
Support is at 1155.60 for the S&P and 1173-4 for TA 25
market starts...
TA25: We opened with a small gap up, and some positivity. Now the support is at 1083-1085. If we stay above these levels, then 1095 is not too far.

September 6, 2011 Thuesday

The markets are still in a vacuum, till US will open tonight. Meanwhile the east fell, and the Gold makes new highs. I am short on the S&P. It trades between 1139-1134. I go up and down with it. I posted many graphs yesterday to the WMA group with targets, I hope you made the best of them.
Today we are ruled by Mars and the Sun. Two rulers of fire signs. We can expect a violent move and turn.
TA25 trades now- premarket- at 1154.22. It fell from an important Gann level, now heading to 1147. Our last low was 1020, so until this low is not broken I see the last days' movement as a correction.

TA25: today's low: 1026.26, closed at 1032. Almost back to August 21 low.
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September 7, 2011 Wednesday
The time has come, and the change is near.... Here is something you should know, for the record: On September 5, I gave this alert in the WMA group:
today morning :

Not a member yet in the WMA group??

It has been almost a year since I started the WMA Group. A lot of efforts, time and sacrifices have been put in to ensure that WMA members benefit monetarily in their trading, via my timely triggers and alerts. For example, those members who took my advice yesterday would have made at least US$4800/-. Now, Mercury is running direct in Virgo, which makes me think of better and improved ways to benefit members. Over the past year, there have been requests from both members and visitors to my blog to start a weekly newsletter, with regular updates. I was born on a Mercury ruled day, and this little planet has been influencing me a lot in positive ways. Since Mercury is now in Virgo, I have to put on my thinking cap as well as the microscope, to see how I can provide better services to those who need them. I am now persuaded and came to the conclusion that I should supplement the WMA Services with a weekly newsletter, sent via email to newsletter subscribers. I have put up a poll, on the left side of my blog for you to vote, so as to enable me to assess and pinpoint the areas of your needs and I can then be more target-specific and respond to members accordingly, thus serving members better. I welcome members' and visitors' ideas so that I can continue to provide better service to all.

WMA membership will be: $50/ month.
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Pls. go to the left side of the blog and click the window you are interested in. Also, please send me a mail to discuss it further.

To what day do we wake today?
It is a Mercury and Moon day today. With Mercury at 27^ Leo, approaching a disharmonic degree to Neptune, and the Moon at mid point Capricorn, turning VOC. after Obama's speach, till tomorrow, at 12:42 (gmt+3)..and for NY time: between 16:35- Sept 8, 5:42
The Moon squares eactly Saturn as I write these lines, not a favorable angle for a rally.
Note these minutes for the Moons' angles: (gmt+3)
7.09.2011 10:11:01 15°51'47"Cap Square Saturn
7.09.2011 19:20:31 20°46'30"Cap Trine Venus
7.09.2011 23:35:17 23°02'30"Cap Opposition Mars

TA25: closed at 1032. Support now at 1030, targets: 1034-1035-1035.85-1039.65- 1040.20  etc.
Look out for a CIT: between 12:41-13:45  &  14:48- 15:51

And so it happened:

September 8, 2011 Thursday

Good morning! how was your trade yesterday? Did you make the right moves? I was not by the computer, but I went long on the S&P, put my stops as advised in the WMA group, and was quiet. The last high of the S&p was at 1206.13, and this high was not achieved, so let's see what'll bring the day?
Today we are under the double effect of Jupiter. Let's check where is it? We remember that it turned retro, and we see it is at 10^ in Taurus. Nothing special about it. So we go on, to check what do the other planets tell us? The price is now 1193, right on Mars. Falling from here will go to 1191-1189- 1185.
Any fundamental news? East closed green, except for HSI.
At 9:30 pm. my time Mr. Bernanke speaks, a time to stay out of the markets.

Todays' CIT: watch 10:35, the uptrend should be over, 11:38 negative  correction.

Please vote on the polls at the left side of the blog.

Markets starts, have to get ready
TA after closing: see what happened exactly at the time given above:

Please check out at the left side of the blog a new window " FOR THE RECORD" there I add past trades from the WMA group, that materialised with huge gains. If you trade the crude oil for instance, and buy just one contract, on each 0.25 points change you earn 12.5 $. it rallied from 80 to 89- this was the trade I gave, a gain of : more
 than 450$, since now it is at 91.

Godman Sachs: watch this!


September 11, 2011 Sunday

A terrible day to remember..
Mind you, Bachar Assad was born on this day, in 1965.
The Oracle says:
Oracle Degree: 21°Ta00' - 21°Ta59'
Although there is trouble all around, you are able to rise above this and find safe ground. Even though you may be lost from others' sight for a while and they may feel you have abandoned them, you will return and guide them to safety and reassurance. Transcending worries through spiritual awareness. Prophetic mission. Peace. If negative - being too caught up in worries, and not being able to accept that things are getting better or any form of solace from others."

Today we are under the influence of the Sun and Venus. I am again ad again surpised to see how these planets show us the way: They are both in Virgo, solid Earth sign. Venus is in harmony with Mars, and the Sun sends a disharmonic angle to the Nodes. Besides these, there is a Mercury-Pluto opposition in the Helio chart, which and the former aspects should hold our index at 1056. the Premarket is green. We shall watch  10:35 and 2:45 for CIT's. Few minutes before the opening, and we are at 1034! 2.7% down. Next octave down is 1034- 1032 ( Uranus Helio support), 1024.

Guess where did we close?? Bingo!

September 12, 2011 Monday Full Moon in 19^ Virgo-Pisces.

We are having a very powerful full moon today. Not only that it occurs in the mutable signs of Virgo-Pisces axes, but it is at 19 degrees, karmic degree numerologically. 1 stands for the ego, 9 for war, and we have a war coming with Turkey, maybe with Egypt too. Well, not today, but when transiting Mars will conjunct Israel's natal Pluto and Saturn, in Leo, it will bring very difficult times. Between Oct 7- End November. Are we to face again a second Kippur war?
Looking at Turkey's chart transiting Uranus send a malefic angle to the Sun, I wonder what it wants to say??

But this full Moon will not only effect us, I run my database, to see who has planets between 18-20 degrees Virgo, and among many, I found the US chart, the Fed's chart, King of Jordan, Dubai, Nasralla, Kim Jong, the S&P, Wheat, etc. Never a dull moment. 

Market already started, and I am staring at the stars.... 

For the record: In my September monthly newsletter I write about many indices. One of them was Turkey: It was published on Aug 27. I wrote: "We are Long, with a stop at 506, target: 561-591." Here is the graph: 

Targets were also met in Kospii South Korea: I wrote:
"Well, one could make loads of money here, if you followed my last forecast. Since it broke the trend line from March 15, and we were supposed to go short below 2100, which was broke on Aug.2, we could "fall together" in a happy short to 78.6% Fibonacci line. What next??  LONG with a stop at 1705; targeting: 1867, the open gap should be closed…. However, do not lose the short from your site, since the RSI is weakening, the volume is low, etc. ONLY above 1907 I would double my longs. Falling from Aug. 10 low, double your shorts, another slide is coming to 1608-1557-1500" The index met my target, even higher, to 1928! & fell to 1744.
TA25 closed at 999.46 - almost 50% correction from Nov.2008-May 2011.
September 13, 2011 Tuesday.

Today, with the Moon in Aries new energy is pouring into the markets. The Moon will conjunct Uranus, and later make an angle to Mercury, enough to open with a gap-up. 1019 resistance for today. Climbing above that, next targets: 1023-1026-1030.

Happy trading!

With more war-some news from Turkey, after a fabulous opening till 1019, our index plunged below yesterdays low, to 982. Many companies are buying back their own shares, which shows strength, they believe these shares will sell much higher soon. I am very sad because of what is coming from Turkey. Can a 100 years of friendship collapse in a week, in a month? Where is the Turkish people, a very friendly people, who have intense trade-travel cooperation with ours? doesn't the world see the birth of a new tyranny? Erdugan, very cleverly, wants to rule over the vacoom that formed in the Middle East, hand in hand with the Muslim brothers, who took over the reign in Egypt. I wonder what would happen if He gave the sign to all the turkish people living in Europe? I am also surprised at the King of Jordan, a fellow Aquarian, like me. The New York Times posted a very favorable article towards the Palestinians, who want to proclaim their country with Jerusalem its capital...Is this the first sign of the US turning its back, as they did to Mubarack?  Isn't this ridiculous?? What would happen if the French speaking Canadians would proclaim French Canada with Ottawa its capital? Or the Mormons - Mormon land with Washington their capital?? History ironically is back. And no one stands up to do something. As an astrologer, I can only watch the affects of the planets. Culminating.

After a new fall today, see the ride to 1010, not yet closed....
a n d   we closed 1019! haha

September 14, 2011 Wednesday

I got up early today, could not sleep, so I was here at 4:30 am.... As the proverb says: the one that gets up early will find gold" ... And I did... Had plenty of time to learn and get updated, and write down several thoughts to remember them later.
What is in front of us today? We are under the rulership of Mercury and Mars. Mercury is at 8^ Virgo, coming into a trine, 120^ positive degree with Jupiter. Mars is at the end of Pisces, at 27^, forming a sextile to Venus and a bad angle to Neptune. The Moon is still in Aries, the next angle that it will make will be an opposition to Saturn.(19:26 gmt+3) Adding up all these, we are to face quite a negative day, or maybe consolidating, indices going sideways. Are there any fundamental announces today? Anyone speaks? Oh yes, I see, there are many issues today, so market, waiting for a miracle, will go sideways. I hate sideways days because they are not tradable. Better take a day off, and go to the beach.
For the record: members in the WMA group were given a trade yesterday for the S&P with a target to 1174. The index went to 1169, and changed direction. Even so, a nice gain.
TA25: premarket is at 1014. Look for a change in trend at: 12:37, and 2:43 pm.

Where are the supporting/ blocking planets now??
I would really like to see someone answer this.

No b o d y ... :( I am talking to myself here.
Well, here is our position now:

almost closing. What is coming in the US? I'll keep silent as you did.

There is an issue with the Pope. See what I wrote on May 20. He is in his "Tower" year by the tarot cards. If you look at this card, you can see one falling from a high rank. And what is in the news today? I don't even want to repeat it... He is having his Uranus return, a terrible conjunction. Either it ends one carreer or one's life. See what happened with Mr. Mubarak, also under Uranus return. If you read this blog carefully, you remember the people who are or will have this conjunction this year. You can also make a search at the left side of the blog.

For those who have not answered my poll, pls. do so now.

September 15, 2011 Thursday

Is it a quiet day today? or more action is behind the door? Under the effect of Jupiter and the Sun, it should be a perfect day for a top. Let's see, what is going on today in the sky?
Jupiter is in retro in Taurus, separating from a positive angle from Mercury, which is in Virgo. So the positive effect of these two is dissolving in history. The Sun is at 22 degrees Virgo, 150^ to Eris, which is a negative position. By the time our market opens this positivion is not longer valid, so it is unimportant. The major happening of the day is Venus entering Libra. She returns home, and like we do when return home, feel cozy and lazy... so will Venus, till October 9th, when it will ingress Scorpio. In the Helio chart we have today Mercury ingress to Leo, air element into fire sign, it will bring more volatility.
The S&P rallied yesterday to the target given in group.
For the record: On September 13 I gave a trade for the S&P: Long above 1150, target 1190. If you took this trade, only with 1 contract you could gain $2000.

Happy trading :)

Today we have a  T-square it looks like this:

September 17, 2011 Saturday

I spent a fabulous day at the Dead Sea.... new energy for the coming days. :)

September 18, 2011 Sunday.

 Good morning everyone, how is your week end?? Mine was just f i n e ! Where are the planets today? The Sun is at 25 Virgo. Mercury is also in Virgo, this is what we call a conjunction by sign. The Moon is already in Gemini, which tells us that volatility is here again. As I write these lines it makes a square to Neptune, which is a powerful angle, but the market has not started yet. Pls. watch these minutes for changes in trade: 10:08; 11:06; 14:40.
TA25 closed at 1056.83. Support at 1049.50, resistance at: 1059, 1065,1067, 1075, 1078, 1084.

closed at 1064.11, after a top at 1070.15. There are good news and bad news. Which one do you want to know? The bad news is, that our index rallied for 5 Fibonacci days, and a reverse could come, the good news is, that it closed above a major support line of Saturn. So what will be tomorrow?? Up or down? We shall see that.... now, off to visit my parents.
WMA members received updates for several indices.

September 19, 2011 Monday

This is the day, that major changes will take place. Many issues to follow: We are ruled by Mercury and Moon. Mercury is at 18 degrees Virgo, in its own sign, direct, swift and combust. The Moon is slow and decreasing in light, waning. Today it will make several energetic angles to the South Node, Mercury and Saturn. Each "meeting" brings its effect. We should watch when it'll be exact, for a turn in the markets. Coincidentally??? Obama speaks exactly at Moon-Mercury square. hmmmm since there are no coincidences... watch out for that time. But besides the Moon, there are other major angles today, which we cover in class.... Have you not signed up yet?? Pity.

TA25: closed yesterday at 1064.11 will these celestial positions push the index further up? or not. that is the question.

Closed at: 1033.89
September 20, 2011 Tuesday.

What can we expect of a day that is ruled by Mars? with Mars in Leo, Moon in Gemini, just more action. But in which direction?? will the fall continue?? Mind you, we had 5 days of rally, so 1 or two or even 3 days correction is ok, if it does not fall below the last low in the daily graph. If I add up the day, I get 15, and this no. in the Tarot deck is the card of the Devil! This card belongs to the sign of Capricorn. "The Devil is the card of self-bondage to an idea or belief which is preventing a person from growing or being healthy—an example might be a belief that getting drunk each night is good for you. On the other hand, however, it can also be a warning to someone who is too restrained and/or dispassionate and never allows him or herself to be rash or wild or ambitious, which is yet another form of enslavement.The Devil is the 15th card of the Major Arcana. Though many decks portray a stereotypical Satan figure for this card, it is more accurately represented by our bondage to material things rather than by any evil persona. It also indicates an obsession or addiction to fulfilling our own earthly base desires. Should the Devil represent a person, it will most likely be one of money and power, one who is persuasive, aggressive, and controlling. In any case, it is most important that the querent understands that the ties that bind are freely worn." [wiki]

What happened on this day in history? Prophet Muhammed arrived to Medina, in 622, Magellan started 1st circumnavigation of the world 1519, many battles started during this day, in 1565, 1604,1620,etc... read more here.
And, happy birthday to the diva: Sophia Loren, today 77 years old, Dale Chihuly, glass artist... oh, have you seen his art?? it is extraordinary! Look it up in google, it is beautiful.
What's happening today in the markets? German PPI just published, negative.

S&P: December contract trades now at 1188 - (9:06) if you look in the 15 minutes chart there is a H&S pattern. If this will materialize, then the way to 1160 is open. BUT, if it climbes above 1191, then we shall see higher highs.

Market starts, have to get ready. Be good :)

September 21, 2011 Wednesday

During the night the Moon moved from Gemini to Cancer, from volatility to consolidation. Moon rules Cancer, so I can say, she is "home", and lazy. What can we expect from the other planets, when to Moon shouts, time out? The ruling planets today are Neptune and Mercury, this little devil can drive the markets crazy sometimes, so look out! The East is greenish, the US markets rallied to 1215- 1220 ( today top) but closed lower, at 1204 yesterday, so we are back to square 1 again.
When sometimes I open the "Oracle" it fascinates me the words so fit to today; listen to this:
Sun's Position at 8:19:40 AM is 27°Vi56'


This pictures a time to seize power and push forward with decisions that need to be grounded now. It is by force of will that the solution will be found, but one must be careful to temper the situation. This display of masculine will can get out of hand very quickly. Dominating others' mental space. Male hormones run rampant. If negative - pushing too hard or fast. Ramming one's convictions."
S&P at 1202, price at the green arrow, Uranus at 2^ Aries. Price trines Uranus. It is a support now, but Pluto is at 1204.90, so difficulty to go above, only if it makes a gap-up.  Next levels: 1209.5, 1217.30, or to the downside: 1197, 1191.

Oh, and happy birthday to Leonard Cohen!! here is one of his nicest songs.

September 22, 2011 Thursday

The spring equinox did it! the S&P slided down - actually as expected - now it trades at 1146.63. Former bottoms were at 1130- 1112- 1077. But look at the picture, are we having the same pattern as back in July 2010?

For the record: those who signed up to my weekly news letter got this trade on the 19th: 
The answer is always in astrology. Where are the planets today? what effect they send us from above?
Today we are ruled by Jupiter and Saturn! Oh... long time no see! It might bring us the answer. Where is Jupiter and where is Saturn? Why don't you all take my course and find out? But are they the only ones that affect the trade today? Where is the Moon, Mercury, and the others?

TA25 closed yesterday after a very nervous day, at 1085.86.This level equals 5 Aries. It found support on Pluto. Now, with the negative wind from uncle Sam, and red East, we can expect here too lower levels. Support at 1082-1078-1073.-1067.5
CIT: today is 21 days from Sept 1 high.( 1078?)  

Closed below all the support lines, at 1038.91. Sunday we start a new cycle, with Sun entering Libra... Be good :)

Some thoughts about the S&P: Not everybody is up to studying astrology. But those who know technical analysis, had more than one sign yesterday, to see the bottom, in due time! Added to this the Helio chart, we got green light for LONG position for intraday traders. I am teaching technical analysis too, if someone is interested is never too late!  

September 25, 2011 Sunday

It rained during the weekend, which is extraordinary, at this time of the year! I went out to smell the air...:) .
We are entering a new cycle today, with Sun entering Libra. This is what the oracle has to say: This may be a time of new beginnings - an implementation of a new order. Respect the value of what is waning, and take the best qualities with you. This degree shows one who is within full reach of their own ultimate potential. The aspects of modern society being left behind for a higher, more evolved state. Ascension to a higher order is pictured here, but there is a need to remain still rooted in the reality of practicality, lest one loses one's way. Transference of the best of the past into the present. If negative - losing touch with practical survival.
Now we have the Sun, Venus and Saturn in Libra, all opposed by sign by Uranus from Aries. The old against the new. Libra means balance, but what kind of a balance can be in a picture with Uranus the revolutionist in it??
Below is the USA chart with the Libra ingress:

This "balance" partly fells in the 10th house of governement; sending an energetic angle to the ctellium in Cancer, in the natal chart, showing us some reorganization, also the coming elections. The difficulty in this chart is in Saturn return. Saturn stands for money in the US chart, and when Saturn reaches the same place it was at birth, brings difficulties.
Let's see Germany: Here we see more problems, as the Sun, Venus, Saturn and soon Mercury as well will join them, and they occupy the 2nd house of money. But the problem lies with the bad angles from Uranus and Pluto, both  v e r y slow planets, to the Sun, which represents the head of the state, or the king.
What are we to expect of this week? If you are a member in the WMA group, you can see under "calendar". We should always watch the New Moon.
Today we are under the spell of the Sun and the Moon. Today's Tarot card is the Last judgement... Wawww this is strange....But, this is not a Tarot blog, so let's see what will happen in the market.
TA 25 closed at 1038.91. Watch for a change in trend at 9:34, 13:35, 14:36. 
It is important to keep the last bottom, 1028. Targets for today? Go to WMA GROUP- September files.

Happy trading, oh, and happy birthday to Michael Douglas :)

After closing: at 1060.29: see the exact times of CITs: 

September 26, 2011 Monday

Today is a tricky day. So many angles to watch, so many things occurring in the sky, it makes really difficult to decide which side of the river one should be. We are ruled by the Moon, which is VOC!  till the 27th; and by Jupiter, which is still in retro in Taurus. But the stage is taken by the Sun-Uranus opposition! Will the market fall below this support line or not?? Sign up to my news letter, find out! Never too late!
We are preparing for the New Years here, so market closes tomorrow till Sunday!
TA 25 rallied yo to 1070 today, but now it is at 1048. There is a minor support at 1044, but I doubt it'll keep. then further down to 1039-1037-1032. 
CIT:11:35 minor correction, down again 13:35.

Happy New year to all who celebrates it, may the next year bring more balance, happiness, health and wealth. :)

Important issue!!!

There may be an earthquake on the 27th-28th of September. Look at the cluster of planets in Aries, Earth -Uranus conjunction, at 2-4 degrees, Mars at 2^ squares them, Mercury at 2^ squares Mars, and is in 150^ to Jupiter, Venus at 150^ to Earth... very very difficult placements!
There is a T- square between Uranus-Mars-Mercury. It lasts till 11:21 am gmt+3.

I hope I am wrong, and this date will pass as all the others.

Good night.

September 27, 2011 Tuesday

Funny how everything clicks! Or, you know something, I am not surprised any more! Tuesday is a Marsian day, and there is a nasty angle between the two big malefics: Mars & Pluto. This happened in the past:

1.08.2007  - 4.08.2007
10.05.2008 - 14.05.2008
13.07.2009 - 16.07.2009
17.10.2009 - 21.10.2009
10.02.2010 - 16.02.2010
8.04.2010 - 15.04.2010
29.06.2011 - 2.07.2011
26.09.2011 - 29.09.2011
Due to the New Years, that we celebrate here, we have options expiry.
September 28, 2011 Wednesday; New Moon in Libra.

As always, at the New Moon, I start a new article. Thank you for being here, follow me to the next page....



  1. Hi Gaby,

    Interesting start to the month, which no doubt has to do with Venus trine jupiter and sun trine jupiter. Can you please tell me what time sun trine jupiter ends on Sept 5.

    Thank you

  2. Hello Mishka,
    The trine ends on Sept 5, the hour differs from the orb you work with.
    Here are some future dates:
    3.09.2011 - 5.09.2011
    22.12.2011 - 24.12.2011
    9.10.2012 - 11.10.2012
    26.01.2013 - 28.01.2013
    12.11.2013 - 14.11.2013


  3. Hi Gabby,

    Your S&P chart couldnt be more perfect , bounced back up right on 1139 support ! Keep up the goodwork. Wish you all the abundance in the world. Have a green day :-)


  4. Thank you Mishka :) Hope you took the ride.
    Why not sign up to the newletter??

  5. Wow ! Mars/pluto aspect ! I missed that one. Where is it exact and what aspect is please Gaby


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