New Moon in Libra the year of 5 7 7 2

Sept. 27 - October 26

What can I tell you about the New Moon in Libra, that has not been written here, since I started my blog, back in Oct 2009?? We already had 17 times New Moon in Libra! And 17 is the card of Aquarius in Tarot, and I am an Aquarian! You see how these things are weird?? How everything clicks, and sends us messages? Why didn't I ask this question 2 or 5 new MOONS BEFORE??? It just popped out of my mind right now, as I write these lines! OK. So what should we expect of this month? First of all we have all the holidays this month, New Years today, then Yom Kippur, and Succot, almost no trading days! I am sure you also have your holidays, guys, so Happy holidays to A L L .
Then Daylight saving time will change here on October 1. It will be darker earlier. No more beach hours till 7 pm :(...

How about the planets? in 29 days the Sun will move 29 degrees, Mercury will move 46 degrees, Venus 35, Mars 16, the rest, the slow ones will barely move.

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All that said, I can go now and prepare for the New Year's dinner.

Ach, before I go, S&P support at 1159. We are long above this level, or short below.


October 2, 2011 Sunday

What a beautiful week end! I was again at the Dead Sea!
This spot, 422 meters below sea level, is the most tranquil spot on Earth! Only 90 minutes drive from my home, to the "Mineral beach". I don't know if you have ever been at the Dead Sea, but one can sleep in the water, it will hold you up, quaranteed. So I floated. It's a marvellous feeling, maximum relaxation for the body. 38 Celsius, perfect weather. Then, many people use to put mud on themselves, it is full of minerals, heals. No winter vaccinations for me, that's for sure!

Whenever you come to the Holy Land, take one day off, at least, and stay at this beach! It is a unique feeling.

The market started here today, with a huge Gap up- the premarket, I almost thought I missed something in my forecast... but 5 minutes after the opening the index fell 2.5%, so I was right, in my report made for this week.
For those who would like to receive the weekly report, pls. send me a mail, I'll be more than glad.

October market report is ready. You are welcome to order it.

October 3, 2011 Monday

Uhhh, what a busy morning! I had to update so many things, I am sitting here since 6 in the morning, now that the clock shows 1 hour earlier, the sun is right in my eyes since 5 in the morning. But I don't mind getting up early, sleeping is a waste of time. Anyways, what's happening in the East, that their market is falling? Is it the VOC Moon??!! Look out, after its effect is over, everything will be back to normal, also it moves into Capricorn, no more bouncing and jumping for a while. But don't worry, the moment it makes an angle to Uranus sudden changes will occur, then to Pluto, Mars and so on...
TA25 trades now in dark green, at 1062, we live in a different world, everything is SO swell here, we are green and optimistic. I expect higher highs during the morning hours, then we shall see.
S&P: made a low at 1110. This one is playing with fire! It already broke the last 1114 low, which seemed at the time a solid bottom. Now no more, well, nothing lasts for ever. Now the next bottom, 1101. If this one brakes, then oj oj oj.... we are headed towards 1077, and  more.
Today we are under the ruler ship of the Moon, which is VOC, so leaves us, small creatures down here, in chaos. The other planet in charge is Saturn! O!! from it we can expect some order here in class!  
For TA25 Saturn is a support at 1039.5, 1638 for Gold, 1099 for the S&P, etc.
CIT: (GMT+3): 10:33, 12:31

Take care!

Exactly when Moon squared Uranus the fall started.!

And the winner is????? 1099! close of S&P :)

October 4, 2011 Tuesday

Yesterday was a very important day, because the support since August, 1101 in the S&P broke, and in the same time Gold rallied. For the record: graphs were sent to clients, with exact targets and timing. Maybe some of you might want to comment, how did you do yesterday? Did you catch the short?

What can we expect today? Today we have a double Mars day. Let's see where is it? Mars is at 9 Leo, and this is quite incredible! We learn about this in class...For the S&P this means support at 1089, for TA25: 1059, for Nasdaq:2319, for the Dow: 10659, for the Gold: 1689, etc...
What else is there for us today? Important minutes to watch for a CIT: 13:47,20:52.
TA 25: Negative arbitrage will pull the market down at the opening, some recuperation expected between 2:29-3:28 pm, closing on the red side again.
The East is dark red, if one shorted yesterday, today will have his reward. How long?? Well... we shall see.

I added some very interesting links at the left side of my blog, about the Fixed Stars. Click on it, learn. I can never have enough of learning, but my Moon is in Gemini, so there is a reason. These fixed stars have the answers to many events in the markets and in our lives. For instance today Venus is on Spica. Check it out!

Good trading!

After closing:
I sold my short position at the closing, and went LONG.

October 5, 2011 Wednesday

As old readers, you should already know by heart the rulers of the days! today we are under the rulership of fickle Mercury.... Ahhh don't you fall into it's little traps! What we see from here, it can just turn upside down later. The other planet in charge is the Sun. Hmmm not much guideance from his majesty, only that it is now under Saturn decanate in Libra; which is somewhat restrictive. Not many clues in the sky today...
So we have to look elsewhere.... but where??? this you can find out in my course...

CIT: for today: 11:32- 12:30, 1:29-2:28 pm gmt+2
TA25: Imperative to open above 1206

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Moon 60^ Uranus today, and see what is below:

will this mean, some surprising good news??

October 8, 2011 Saturday.

Just a few minutes ago, watching the television, about the meaning of "forgiveness", that Yom Kippur is all about, I heard a very strong sentence, which I thought I should write down here, so I will not forget it, and I would also share it with you, my dear readers.
"To forgive means to give up the hope for a better past". Since most people live in the past, thinking what could have been if....- by giving up the hope of changing the past, one can truly forgive. First we should forgive ourselves. I should accept me as I am. I am this clever, and that's it, I shall not be Steve Jobs, nor Mozart, ever. Not so famous, not so rich. I should not be angry with myself for being sometimes silly, forgetting, not the bravest, nor the brightest. This is what and who I am, and that's it. After one forgives himself, we turn to the other. to our family, parents, friends; and accept them AS they are. No one can change the other, just himself. This is what Yom Kippur is about. Forgive the other, as God forgives us.

I was very sad to acknowledge the passing of Steve Jobs, this great brain, and innovator. He did not receive the Nobel price in his life, but he definitely changed our lives. There are many thrilling things about him! I read this in another forum, written by " Victor"

Steve Jobs born, 2/24/1955....2+2+4+1+9+5+5 = 28
  shadow numbers add up to : 8
Apple established, 4/1/1976...4+1+1+9+7+6 = 28
Apple incorporated, 1/3/1977..1+3+1+9+7+7 = 28
Died on 10/5/2011 = 28
  shadow numbers add up to = 8

Steve's mother is of German origin. She fell in love with a Syrian immigrant and married him, but her parents did not improve of the marriage, and the new born son was given up for adoption. Steve met his biological mother only in 1986, but never met his father. However was in close relationship with his biological sister. Inspite of this mixed marriage, Steve was a Buddhist, not a muslim, neither Christian.

I uploaded a rectified chart by Prof. Choudhry, who manages a Vedic astrology group. The map is a Vedic map, sidereal calculations, not Tropical, which I usually use. In this map he gets a 2:11 hour of birth, which by the rectificator fits best his life story. In this chart we get a Scorpio rising, Sun in Aquarius, Moon in Pisces. Ruler of Scorpio is Mars (Vedic), it is in Aries, the house of health. Note that there are 53 degrees between Sun-Mars. Steve died at 56.6 years old. So the sickness was there in 2008 already. Sun in the 3rd house, is weak, can show the adoption. Mercury is stationary, very strong in Capricorn, shows the intellect, and the strive to conquer new heights. Venus in Sagittarius opposite a weak Jupiter in Gemini, was the trigger for his illness, pancreatic cancer, that he died of, so young. Jupiter-Uranus conjunction gave him the uniqueness, the genious and his innovative breakthroughs in technology.
The day he died, Steve was in his 3rd year, ruled by Jupiter, the releaser of the soul, in his 4th month, ruled by Uranus, the one that brings cancer, and on his 9th personal day, representing Endings. If we add up his name: Steve Jobs, we get 9.

May his soul rest in peace.

October 9, 2011 Sunday

Good morning, such a nice morning, isn't it? What's new, what's new?? Venus entered Scorpio. Oh... this is a position we have to research.

25.09.2000  - 20.10.2000
9.11.2001 - 3.12.2001

9.09.2002 - 8.01.2003
10.10.2003 - 3.11.2003
23.11.2004 - 17.12.2004
12.09.2005 - 9.10.2005
25.10.2006 - 18.11.2006
6.12.2007 - 31.12.2007 TA made a three fathers pattern & fell
25.09.2008 - 19.10.2008 TA 25 fell
9.11.2009 - 3.12.2009  TA 25 up till Oct 28
9.09.2010 - 9.11.2010 TA 25 UP till Nov 2
1.12.2010 - 8.01.2011  TA 25 UP
10.10.2011 - 3.11.2011

23.11.2012 - 17.12.2012

OK. Your part of the deal is, to check what happened in your index at these dates. 
What else?? From the trilliad of angles and placements of different planets we have to choose the ones that matter. I teach all that in my course.
TA 25 closed at 1049.92 . Only for this number we can learn, that there is no consensus on the trend. Price is supported by Neptune. Is it strong enough to hold up the market? Neptune always throws sand in our eyes, we do not see at all what is behind the curtains. Falling from 1048.4,  next step down is 1043.25, 1039.60. Targets up:  1052, 1055, 1057.9, 1062, 1067.
CIT dates: 11, 15,17,24,26/10
CIT hours for today: 9:35, 13:27- 2:25, 15:23-16:21.
Be good.
What a boring day! Let's look at some shares. Do you remember my share that brought nice incomes? PSTI. It is awakening again. It made a double bottom on Sept 23, Oct 4, so we can go LONG with a stop at 2.10. Now it trades below MA200, but climbing above 2.7, will bring it to former highs: 3.75. 

JPMorgan: weekly chart: it made a double bottom in Jan. 2009, and Aug 2011- Next week it'll be 120 weeks from that low. CIT! LONG with support at 28. target:38.

Yesterday's movement of the market: closed: 1035.08

October 10.2011 Monday

I worked hard this morning to show you how different aspects of the Moon affect the market. This is important to know for intraday traders.

Today we have a Moon and Venus ruled day. The Moon is no longer in connection to the distructive Nodes, but it is still in Pisces. By the time trade opens here, will make a minor positive angle to Neptune, an opposition to Venus, get closer to Uranus and will square Pluto. So we are in for some action today.

How about the fundamental world? Today is Banks Holiday in the US & Canada, so watch out, for a mixed day.
TA25: closed 1035. Support on 1032, 1031, 1027, 1022. Resistance: 1036, 1044-1048- 1150.

For the record: The following graph was sent to subscribers yesterday morning:
At the exact time given the index turned and rallied, reaching the target of 1189.
Oct. 10: 19:24, when Moon conjuncted Uranus the index was at 1177, made a run-up till 1191.63, till 20:03, which means $700 GAIN only with one contract!
1191 was the exact position on Eris. Will the rally continue today?? That is the question! Subscribe today to the weekly newsletter...

When there are no significant angles from the Moon, this is what happens:


October 12, 2011 Wednesday

Full Moon in Aries. The sages say: Full Moon highlights the important issues in our lives, brings them under spotlight, concentrating on the efforts to END things that lingered somewhere behind the scenes, and now is time to end them. This Full Moon will be remembered in history, with the deal signed with the Hamas to release Our soldier, who has been captive for 5 years, Gilad Shalit. In exchange of 1000! terrorisits. ONE for 1000.!!!!!!
I wrote several articles in the past about Gilad Shalit, you can maybe translate it:;

He was kidnapped on 25.6.2006= 3, ruled by Jupiter, planet of freedom, and the government voted on the agreement yesterday, 11.10.2011= 7 Neptune, planet that hides many things, the outcome of this agreement is yet to be seen, read the article above.

For it is time : "The wolf will live with the lamb, the leopard will lie down with the goat, the calf and the lion and the yearling together; and a little child will lead them."

Isaiah 2:4 He will judge between the nations and will settle disputes for many peoples. They will beat their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning hooks. Nation will not take up sword against nation, nor will they train for war anymore.
Isaiah 65:25 The wolf and the lamb will feed together, and the lion will eat straw like the ox, but dust will be the serpent's food. They will neither harm nor destroy on all my holy mountain," says the LORD.

See below GiIlad Shalit's chart: Born on Aug.28, 1986, kidnapped on 25 June 2006, agreement signed Oct 11, 2011. I got his hour of birth 3:50 am, but we should always take in consideration that the hour is not exact and probably a rectification should be done. However, in this  three wheels chart, where the inner wheel is his natal, second is the directed, the slow chart, that moves by one degree a year, and the outer is the transit for yesterday, we can see many signs. Pluto, the ruler of the underworld moved to 00^ to Sagittarius, sign of freedom! this year. Transiting Uranus is trine to it from 1 Aries, the new beginnings. By coincidence? - although I learned there is no such thing, transiting Moon is on Jupiter ( in green), in the 9th house. This is interesting, since this house rules "abroad" and one's philosophical thinking, or attitude to world's matters. The thing, that Israel's governenmet sat and signed with Hamas is a huge change in foreign policy. Gilad in Hebrew means torch, something that lights the way. Will this event bring a turn in the area's politics? I want to be optimistic on this day of Eve of Succoth. I wrote at the beginning of this article, that 5772 adds up to 3, the year of Jupiter, sign of freedom, ruler of the 9th house, sign of optimism.

Since we celebrate Sukkot, or the Feast of Tabernacles, there is no trade here till Oct.16, and again holiday between 19-23.10.

Let's see what are the markets doing?
S&P: made a high ( dec. contract) at 1194.13 @ 14:45 yesterday, when Moon trined Mars, and the North Node. Now it trades at 1185. It should run above 1190 to continue the rally, but I think first it'll recheck 1168; if it fells below 1180. So careful here!
Hang Seng: Made a low at 16127, now it trades at 16166. It went up 5 fibonacci days, time for correction, to 11750- 17268, just to continue the rally upwards, to 19500+-.

 click on pic. to enlarge!

Today we are under the rulership of Mercury and Saturn. Hmmm, two controversal planets. One is quick, hasty and unreliable, the other slow and stable. No doubt Saturn is stronger, but, and there is always a but, to make life a riddle, the Moon is in Aries. If you would like to know more, how these annoying planets influence us, sign up and learn!
As the proverb goes: give a man a fish, he will have food for a day. Teach him how to fish, he will have food all his life.

Happy trading...

October 16, 2011 Sunday.

So many holidays, these days, one gets lazy... Today we have market, till Wednesday, when there is again a holiday till next Sunday.
The markets abroad closed dark green, so I guess we shall follow, more so because of the release of our kidnapped soldier.

Let's check the planets, do they agree? first, we should check which ones are in charge today? Being a Sunday, first it's the Sun. His majesty is still in Libra, and over night passed to Venus' decanate, to 22^33. The Sun is in fall, weak in Libra, but in Venus's decanate it gathers some strength. Sun is in opposition to Lilith and Eris, which weakens it. The other planet for today in Jupiter, it is in 6^ Taurus, separating from an opposition to Venus, and getting closer to an exact orb of opposition to Mercury.

this is Jupiter cycle on TA25. It shows a wild rally till the end of the year.

Saturn cycle on DOW
120 Years of Saturn cycle

 After closing: We had a major crazy day today!! 4.5% rally! see graph :

will the rally continue tomorrow?? we shall look into that tomorrow.... my daugther returned from India, see you :)

October 17, 2011 Monday

If you want to know the trend at the beginning of the week look to the East... Since the Sun shines quicker there, they " know " it first :)... Well, just kidding... But the east can give us a clue till Uncle Sam comes on stage. So I expect a continuation of yesterday's rally, maybe not so acute, but still we are in an uptrend. There are many "bothering" angles today, that will discontinue this rally, but for the time being, it's UP.
Today we are ruled by the Moon and Uranus! The Moon in Gemini will continue to bring volatility. It'll trine the Sun today, so that will be a minute to watch.

TA25: closed at 1131.34, now it is supported at 1130.50 Saturn. Next targets up" 1133.50- 1138.28;- 1139.5 

Happy trading.

October 18, 2011 Tuesday

Yesterday the support 1131.34 broke and we closed at 1127.76. Price squared Mars.

This was expected, after the crazy rally, and the negativity in the US. Today we have a double Mercury day, so more volatility is to come.
The Moon passed to Cancer, a sign it rules. It is "at home" how do we feel when we are at home?? Lazy, so are the planets. Then we will have an opposition to Pluto, sextile to Jupiter, trine to Mercury, we should watch all these angles.
18.10.2011 13:34:11 5°08'55"Cnc Opposition Pluto
18.10.2011 16:31:40 6°41'24"Cnc Sextile Jupiter
18.10.2011 19:30:00 8°14'37"Cnc Trine Mercury
Support today: 1125, 1121, 1117.55. Resistance: 1130.65

S&P future trades now at: 1191, this means that the Sun and Neptune form a resistance, and Mars a support at 1187.

Today our kidnapped soldier is being released after 5 years and 5 months from Hamas' prison. It is a holiday for all.

Happy days!!

October 19, 2011 Wednesday

No trade here till Sunday, so I looked again at the chart of Gilad Shalit, just to be  a m a z e d ! by some incredible signes that there are in his map for his release! I can only bang my head in the wall, how didn't I see this before???
click on the map to enlarge.
something major happened to him at his 15th birthday, see the difference between his Venus-Pluto is 15, Saturn -Uranus =15, Uranus-Neptune=15. But URANUS-MARS=25!!! SO a major issue is to be when he is 25, connected to Uranus, ruler of his 7th house, of open enemies, and Mars, ruler of his 9th house, freedom. Next, Natal Mercury is at 25 degrees too. Mercury is the ruler of his map, since he is a Virgo.
The progressed chart is also interesting to see:
Progressed Saturn is in exact square to his Sun. Saturn representing the 7th house, open enemies. A square always point to an action. Pr. Venus, the small benefactor is 150degrees from his Moon, Venus, ruler of his 10th house represents the governement, that went way out for him, and exactly those who gave speeches in th epast about how Israel is not going to bend to terrorists demands, were those who at the end did negotiate and 1 for 1027 was exchanged. The 150 bad degree represents maybe those 20% of the people who were against releasing those who got 20-50 life time sentences for killing their loved ones. Neptune, ruler of Gilad's 8th house also sends 150 degrees to his Ascendant. The 8th house is the house of transformation, or if you please of life and death. No doubt his life was in danger.Finally, Prog. Mars, the ruler of his freedom is in perfect square to his North node. This Venus in Scorpio bothers me, there is more behind the scenes, that we don't know... Mercury, the ruler of his chart sends a perfect trine to natal Moon.

Ok, let's see what's going on in the markets?
Today we are under the rule of Mercury and Venus. They are both in Scorpio, and under the Sun's beams. The Moon in Cancer. It will square Saturn at 19:21 my time... so look out for a blockage at the time. Look out also for 12 November, when Mars will pass to Virgo! a CIT time.
S&P : future trades now at 1216, after a spectacular ride of 45 points. Subscribers to my S&P weekly newsletter got a mail in due time yesterday, to take this ride, and could cash in with one contract: $2250! - for a ridiculous low price of $55 /month fee. Now the index is supported at 1215.26. Will this support keep?? Sign up, you will know...

Happy trading!

At the left side of this blog you can see under " for the record" a few trades given to subsribers.

October 21, 2011 Friday

News follow news... Yesterday Gadaffi era ended. He was killed by the revolutionists; shot at the head.
Let's see his charts: Born on June 7, 1942 on a Sunday, in Sirt, Libya. The date adds up to 6+7+1+9+4+2= 29/11/2.( Moon)  Died on Oct 20. 2011= 25/7 ( Neptune). The day, 20, or 2 is ruled by the Moon, exactly as the sum of his birth day. And the numbers are all shadow numbers. It was written in his date of birth, this day of death.
Astrologically: this is a Solar chart, since we do not have hour of birth. It is interesting to see that the Point of Disasters and of Death are on the Moon. Uranus on "the Pleiades" the Weaping Sisters. Mars at 25Cancer41, a critical degree. The Sun also, Saturn also. Neptune is at 27 Virgo. So first of all we see the difficult placements of his natal chart. Look at yesterday's transits: Neptune, ruler of his H10, the career, 150^ to natal Neptune. South Node on his Sun, Moons in exact trine. Saturn, ruler of the house of death, receives 150^ from transiting Pluto; Mercury, the ruler of his chart, being a Gemini, is the most important planet in his chart, gets an exact trine from tr. Saturn from Libra, the sign of justice. Last, but not least, transiting Uranus is on his Moon! A sudden death. and indeed, all the world could see, he was killed, linched. 

His Harmonic chart for 69.37 years old is extremly interesting:

A new era is coming on Libya, let us hope it will be a democratic one. I am afraid before it will be better it will turn much worse.

Libya: The independence chart is made on 24 December, 1951;12:00 Monday, Tripoli.In this chart we get a Pisces rising, which was the MC of Gadaffi, Sun at 1^ Capricorn, Moon at 5^ Scorpio, Neptune at 21^ Libra. And Look what is happening now!! It is so incredible! Pluto, is at 5^ Capricorn, conjuncts the Sun, and will do so for a long long time, bringing deep changes. With Pluto we get first a total destruction, and later rebuilding. Pluto also is in square to natal Jupiter, ruler of the 10thH, freedom from this governement. Neptune, the ruler of Ascendant is in the 8th House, of transformation, and Saturn! the difficult is on exact conjunction!! Mars in transit is conjunct to natal Pluto: more fights to come, South Node is at midpoint Sun-Moon- the governement- people, another sign for more fights.  Etc. etc... many more signs for more turbulences in the country.

I pray they will find their way...

But, an extraordinary news drew my attention today to one who is still living. Although in a coma, but alive, not other than the legendary Ariel Sharon...........
Born on February 27, 1928, on a Monday, 0:05. the date adds up to 2+7+2+1+9+2+8= 29/11/2 Moon day, total date also the Moon!
His shadow numbers are:
Suffered from a stroke on January 4 2006, same year when Gilad Shalit was kidnapped. Date added up=17/8 Saturn. Look, how wonderfully this can be seen by the transits! The shadow numbers are: - none of the natal shadows, so this stroke did not kill him. He is in coma since then.

Uranus, the sudden killer is on his Sun, South node the one that brings the very bad news, on natal Jupiter, ruler of his ascendant; the benefic, Venus, on his Mars ( ruler of the head). 
What is going on now?? SInce he is above 83 years old, he has an Uranus return. Uranus is in charge for sudden, karmic changes. Uranus rules electricity, atom, technological breakthrus, etc. In mid December Venus will again conjunct his Mars, Mars will be on his part of fortune, Saturn will square his Mars, Jupiter will be on his Chiron, Neptune in Opposition to natal Neptune. Many controversary angles, but there is a possibility that he will walk one day, and who knows?? .... what else?? Miracles happen. 19.12.2011=8. Shadow numbers:

  And the markets today: It's a Friday, so we are under Venus's spell. Venus is at 15 Scorpio today, Mercury running up to a conjunction! Sun trines Neptune, the Moon in Leo. Hmmmm... controversial angles. The Moon will conjunct Mars at 22:11 gmt+2, so look out for a top or bottom. I would say top, because it's in firy Leo; but first it'll square Venus at 15:25 gmt+2... The other planet in charge today is Saturn, ohooo... this is a stubborn one, it'll be difficult to go above it. (1220). I looked at the S&P in the morning, there was a H&S pattern forming with 1228 target. Will it go above that??

October 23, 2011 Sunday

Well well well, what a rally... the other day in the US markets!! One cannot go to the beach, the markets are jumping :) S&P run up to 1235,13, there it met Pluto, by trine and fell.
After this rally over seas, we shall have our mini rally too here. Let's see: the ruler of today is the Sun, alone. It is at the end of Libra, preparing to enter Scorpio and join Mercury and Venus. These two are conjunct, and will stay so for a couple of days. Mercury, the ruler of the trade, Venus, in charge of the banks... both in Scorpio, hmmmm doesn't that smells?? what is going on behind the scenes, bank-wise? is this the European bail-out? Is this the dispute between Sarkozy-Merkel? There is a mis-understanding, both are in 150^ to the dark South Node... The Moon is already in Virgo. We should watch its angles. It is separating from Benefic Jupiter, getting closer to a sextile to Mercury-Venus couple, which is good but not very strong, but in the same time it'll square the nodes. Well, this will happen only after the closing... so it is not relevant.

TA25: closed at 1122. Next steps: 1142, 1146.50-1152, 1154, 1157.

Earthquake in Turkey: 7.6 Richter. breaking news.
1:00 pm.Today we have several difficult angles in the sky: Mars-Pluto 135^, Jupiter-Pluto 120^, Mercury 150^ South Node. Moon in Earth sign of Virgo.; Saturn 180 to Eris, Neptune quintile to the Node.
after the closing

Marco Simoncelli, a young motorcycle racer got killed today in the race in Malaysia. He was born on January 20, 1987, his shadow numbers are: He died today: 23.10.2011. A date that adds up to 33+4=37=1. The shadow numbers are Two matching numbers with his birth date. Today he was in his 7th personal year. Definitely not a year to race. 8th personal month. 4th personal day. All these numbers are bad, karmic numbers. In his chart, as in Gilad Shalit's chart, there is a clear sign, that something disastrous is to happen at the age of 24. In his astrology chart he has Sun at 29^Capricorn39, transiting Sun is today at 29^ Libra, exact square! His Moon is at 27 Virgo, well this is not final, since I do not have his hour of birth. But what I wanted to underline is: the difference between Venus-Neptune is 24, the same between Jupiter-Node, South Node- Pluto also is apart by 24 degrees. In the transit chart Pluto is on Neptune, the S.Node on Saturn, the Moon in the house of death, etc. I am not going to analyze what each planet means, just wanted to show you this fantastic sign in the astrology map, and the degrees that show major issues in life. The more planets are the same degrees apart, the more dramatic the issue that they represent.

May he rest in peace.

October 24, 2011 Monday

What's new? Except New Zealand and Pakistan, all indices in the East are dark green. The question is, are they "lining up" with last Friday's rally, or showing the trend for the new week? There are no major announcements today. What about the planets? What has changed since yesterday? Today we are under the rulership of the Moon. This, will be VOC till 17:49 my time.hmmm It will be difficult to see which way the market'll go until after this time. The most important issue today is the Sun entering Scorpio, joining Mercury and Venus. See the dates this happened before: 

and sending a distructive angle to Uranus. More quakes? There is also a 45^ and 135^ to the Nodes, and a square to Pallas.( astroid) 
But, we are not done, there is a 135^ from Mercury-Uranus, & Mars-Pluto. Bottom line, I would be very careful with longs. In the Helio chart more difficult angles: Mars 150 to Venus:

TA25 closed yesterday at 1143.14. Thus it squared Chiron and stopped. Support now at: 1141.50,1140.50, 1138,1131, 1120.
Resistance: 1144.9, 1146.95.

S&P: (future) now at: 1239.63. today is 540 days from May 2,2010. Support at: 1236, resistance: 1246, 1250.

Good trading!

October 25, 2011 Tuesday.

Yesterday we got our target in the S&P as in TA25. :) So far so good. What next?? Today we have a CIT in the S&P 365 days from Oct 25,2010

At this moment the S&P is at 1244.38; this means it is blocked by most planets, support is at 1231.
Today in the sky we have an exact angle between Mars-Saturn, Jupiter-Pluto, Venus Pluto, Sun-Uranus,Sun-Ceres, etc... it is a nervous day, it;'ll mark a CIT. But let's see how it goes.
News in the world??
Tunisia had their first democratic elections.( Oct.23,2011)

Ok, back to the markets....
Ta25: closed yesterday at:1140. 95 Price sextiled Uranus. Support: 1131, 1115.
We closed at 1135.27, after a low at 1134. :) this is not completed yet. Since tomorrow is options' expiry, and who knows who reads this blog, I am not going to write my targets here...

S&P also made a low today at 1127, which is to be followed by a lower low.
Gold!!! jumped from 1650 to 1688! Silver is still vegetating.

October 27,2011 Thursday.

Yesterday we had options' expiry. What a day... One would expect a nervous trading day, instead we got a boring one, killing the theta on both sides, finally running up to 1140. (after Germany's decision).

The S&P made a low at 1216, at 12:55 pm, (gmt:0) on th eexact moment the Moon trined Neptne, and with a V pattern, turned up and ran like if it was chased to 1257.38

We also had a New Moon in Scorpio, which means that I close this article, and will start a new one. Thank you for being here, pls. follow me to " The New Moon in Scorpio " .


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