Aquarius New Moon 23 January 2012

New Moon in Aquarius. Till Feb 3, 2012

Last time we had the New Moon in Aquarius; it was in February 3, 2011. Close your eyes, and try to see what happened with you and your loved ones during this time? How did you change, or didn't… Where is the world now? Why are all these changes? And mostly, what is ahead?

The inner wheel is February 2011, the outer, now. So let's see. Pluto, the planet that first destroys, and then rebuilds, was and is, in Capricorn. The big changes in the world started with Pluto ingress to Capricorn. (2008). Neptune, Uranus moved only 2 degrees, but, most important ones! Uranus entered Aries, a major turning point! It was here 84 years ago only! In 1927. Does it ring a bell?? Neptune was in today's placement only in 1847! Wasn't it the French revolution time? Looking at the slower planets: Saturn, that takes two and a half years to move from one sign to the other, is at the last degree of Libra, but it'll turn retrograde, and make their lives miserable till October 2012. So, as one would expect of Aquarius, we are living a weird, and unforeseen times, when things will " land upon us" suddenly. But, the good news is, that the markets love it, and they are making new highs- daily.

How long will it last?? Well, when the good news will be all over, when simple people in diners will talk about buying shares, then, but only then it'll fall, as a card-castle.
People born in this sign: King Abdullah II, Obama, Sarkozy, Sara Palin,Jeb Bush, John Travolta, and the writer of this blog.
For New comers: I start an article every new moon. If you trade and would like to receive market forecasts, you are welcome to mail me, and sign up to my weekly news letters. Or, if you wish to learn, and dig in, I teach a financial astrology course thru skype. 10 lessons of 90 minutes. After this course a whole world will open up for you. You will see and understand yourself, your loved ones, and the markets better, and in a different way.

January 24, 2012 Tuesday

Yesterday we saw some new highs; the East is running up… what's going on? Today it's a Mars and Jupiter ruled day. Mars is stationary retro. There is a T-square between Venus and the Nodes. Will this or maybe the Earth-Uranus trine mark the top, and turn?

We shall see.
India: BSESN: take a look at the declining channel....

After closing: our market made a 1% correction. Did not break former lows... yet. US markets are consolidating. last high in the S&P was 1317, lower than my target sent to subscriber, which was at 1320. Even so, a 45 points rally in this index is pretty good.

25 January, 2012 Wednesday

The day started as usual, watching the markets, and preparing to trade, when the phone started to ring, and my mobile also, with good whishes for my birthday... Yes, I turned "wiser" today, and all the good wishes warmed my heart; so after my class, I decided to actually DO something for myself, and I went to the beach, to celebrate. The phone kept ringing, and my facebook was flodded. What can I tell you ?? Very very good feeling. I know it pops up in face book, or in twitter, or where ever one puts in the date, but to actually write someone, and send her/ him a blessing, is the best feeling in the world. So easy to make someone happy, even if they don't really know me. We, astrologers say, that the birth day is the Solar Return, when the Sun is at the same placement as at birth. People tend to be melancholic and sad during this transit, that is why the birth day parties are for. That the person would not be alone on this day. But when I was at the beach, and breathed in all the Sun I could, I decided, that the Sun was shining for ME today.... 

And with this occasion, I want to bless all of you, may you have a good year, be content with yourselves, achieve your goals, love and be loved.

See you tomorrow, after I landing...


26 January, 2012 Thursday

Today it's options expiry here. I was not in trade for several days. Our last top was 1143.
Today we have a major important conjunction in the Heliocentric chart. Venus-Jupiter. S&P wise they are at 1333, for the Dax they for a support at 6433, and a resistance at 6463. During my course we learn how to make these calculations.
This conjunction occurred before:

Let's see the sky today: We are under the effect of Jupiter and Mercury. Another volatile day. Well, just look at the 1 hour graph of the DAX, and see what volatility and nervousness means. But only in times like this, if we are on the right side, we can earn money. Mercury will square Saturn on Jan.27 at 11am (gmt+2). worth while watching it!
In the heliocentric chart Mercury trines Jupiter. hmmm we are getting some "top and turn" signs... So watch it! mark your stops on a paper, but so not enter them into the trading platform. The robots are watching you!


Goldman Sachs: if the banks are weak... how does the market rally?

Good trading!

31 January, 2012 Tuesday

I did not realize so many days passed since I last wrote! So what is happening now? Today we are under the spell of Mars and the Sun. Mars is in retro in Virgo, coming to an opposition to Venus. Imagine two kids pulling a rope. We all played that in camp- games didn't we? Exactly the same are the oppositions. Each wants to be a winner, but neither can. This angle has different explanation in a person's chart, and another for the markets. We learn this in class. The Sun will be in trine to the South Node.
The Moon: 31.01.2012 18:31:51 Semi-square 45^ Uranus
S&P: reached my target- given to subscribers-  exactly, 1296; and bounced back to 1312.63. There it met Mars, and the run was halted.
TA25: topped on Jan 19 at 1143, and fell yesterday to 1110.10. It has now 3 bottoms at this price. Those who read my blog, know that I called this pattern "the three fathers pattern". Once it got support or resistance for 3 times, it'll turn. So now a small rebound is expected. Technically. But do the planets agree? Support for today for this index is 1109.35. Breaking this, would mean not only a banji, but a very great difficulty to climb back above it.
DAX: topped at 6574- yesterday it made a DOJI, support now: 6440, target 6603, or falling below 6440: 6348. See the volume is low on corrections, so there is no panic. More a consolidation phase, before the next rally.

Some important fundamental issues to be aware of:

And, this sale caught my eye: hmmmm ...

Good trading.

February 1, 2012 Wednesday 

We say good bye to January, a month and time that will never return. This January was very strong- market wise...The S&P rallied by almost 6%, from 1258 to 1333! The Dow from 12220 to 12842; the Gold 14.68%, and I can continue... February got the name from the latin "februum" - purification. This month will have 29 days. On this day, yes, today, it's the Abolition of Slavery in Mauritius! Lincoln's birthday was on the 12, Valentine's day on the 14th, Presidents' day on the third Monday, Washington's birthday on the 22nd, Liberation day ??? of Kuwait on the 26.
It's birthstone is the Ametist, also pink, no wonder this is my favourite colour. So what can we expect today? It's a Mercury-Saturn ruled day, achhh these two don't match, do they?? Saturn is at the last degree of Libra, but it'll not leave it, since it turns retrograde in these days! Mercury is combust the Sun. In the Helio chart we have an inconjunct between Venus-Saturn. Yesterday the S&P made a low at 1301, and at 1303 thus, in the 15 min. chart it formed a W. I wonder if it'll run up again to 1317?? Planetary resistance at 1312.65; support: 1303. How to calculate this?? We learn in class.
Watch these minutes today: (gmt+2)

1.02.2012 20:11:34 Tau Quincunx Saturn
1.02.2012 21:05:38 Square Neptune
1.02.2012 21:14:26 0°00'00"Gem <<<

After closing:
Somebody from Ireland arrived to my blog, searching " what will be DAX " closing price be on FEB. 3" I don't think anyone would venture to answer such a question, but I will try. 6694. (or it's derivatives- 6664-6724).

we shall see.... said the blind.

February 2, 2012 Thursday... again.

See how many 2 in today's date?? The number is ruled by the Moon. A quick look at the map, ayayayaaa... it is conjunct the South Node. Exact hit will be at 2 pm ( again 2) today. I wonder if there is any important fundamental issue then' let's see.well, no, but before and after this hour yes, and, more important; Bernanke speaks at 5 pm. that's 9 am in the US, I think. so stay out of the markets by then, see where the winds blow first. Moon just entered Gemini, so we will have a fickle and volatile day. Also it makes a trine to the Sun, another sign for top and run. What else? a.... Mars! is also on the stage today.
Moon conjunct the South Node for the S&P:

My subscribers got their targets for today. Have you not subscribed yet to the S&P news letter??

For all my clients who trade the S&P, look at this graph- comparing the last 4 years. Wouldn't you have been better off, trading McDonalds?

I am back from my yoga. Before the lesson I always walk for 20-30 minutes. In front of the walking machine there are about 8 TV screens, with different programs on. So I watched the news, and Facebook going to wall street. with one eye I see the uprising in Syria, many dead every day, with the other eye I see Zukerberg grabbing his billions... well, in the future. So a thought popped into my mind. If everybody is on face book, and have at least 300 - which is not much - friends, than this will stop all future wars. Because I am not going to shoot my face-book friend, right?? So my 600 friends are speared. Now their 600 are also, so there is no way a war could materialise, when all the world is on facebook. Zukerberg actually saved the world. 

And with this nice thought I can end my day with a nice beer. Cheers. 

February 3, 2012 Friday

Just got back from the beach.. wonderful sunny day. Thru the I phone I saw the spikes today, after the announcements... Thanks God I was not by the computer! :) Yes, yes, I am human too, can you imagine?? So what is SO pink over the seas? Well, besides being an election year, and positive announcements are being pumped into the markets, the answer, as always, is in the sky:

In the Geo chart, at that moment exactly, the Moon squared Mars.
February 6, 2012 Monday  

On Feb.1 somebody asked what will be the closing price of the Dax on Feb. 3, I wrote: 6724. or it's derivatives- which could also be 6754-84. Well, it made it to 6793! Better than expected, with a huge marabuzu at 13:30 on that day, after the unemployment announcement came out. The market gets more and more based on fundamentals, and as we see it, every time the market "wants" to fall, they "paint" a better and nicer picture. I wonder when will the rabbits be out of the hat... So let's see what are we having today?
We are under the rulership of the Moon and Uranus. The Moon is at the last degrees of Cancer, a sign it rules. It is in square with Venus, as I write these lines, but soon it'll move on and make a 150^ to Neptune, a trine to Uranus, a square to Jupiter, times to be watched. The important placement today is Sun-Mercury conjunction in Aquarius. When two planets go hand in hand, their energy is combined. They can block or support the market, depends where the index is. For example, the S&P now is at 1333, so they block it at 1336. The Dax is at 6786, they block at 6796. The Gold at 1731, support at 1726.

February 7, 2012 Tuesday

While Europe is blocked by the heavy snow, here it's beach-weather. 24-26 degrees. Nice! the tourists are happy.
Mondays and Thursdays are my yoga days, so I was nto here in the evening to follow the markets. What happened? The S&P : support at 1329, and a tiny new top at 1341.88. Here price squared Mars, and turned down. Saturn is blocking at 1344.
TA25: closed yesterday at 1116.32 Support at 1112, resistance 1117. Falling below 1112, will go down to 1103, 1097.

WMA subscribers, hope you got todays' mail...

February 8, 2012 Wednesday. Full Moon!

What a sand- storm we had here yesterday!!! The airports were shot down. People advised to stay in, and do not breath in the poisoned air. At these times one is happy to have a roof above his/her head.
So storms all over the world, snow or sand, and in the markets as well.... New highs were reached, as I see now, while I was sleeping, the East "pumped the S&P above Saturn. Next obstacle is at 1349.50. 
But, as I wrote to my subscribers, today the markets should top and turn. Why?? We learn that in class....

Todays' planets are: Mercury and Venus. How interesting! Usually we should rely on slow moving planets to change the turn, and now these two. But their placement in the sky towards other planets is critical.
TA25: closed yesterday at 1117, after a low at 1104- which was close to one of my targets given yesterday. It still moves in the twilight zone, no news here.
Dax spot: topped at 6788.8, there it bumped into Pluto. The index should not drop lower than 6430...
The future trades now  at 6763. Oscillators are still strong. It hikes now to 6805- possible run up to 6871.- 6972-7072.

EURUSD: Support: 1.30315- LONG TERM TARGET: 1.39
Watch it!! In the 1 hour graph the EurUsd failed to go above 1.3280, so it might come a correction. Go short below 1.32450
Euro bottomed as low as 1.32140, minor down movement.

February 9,2012 Thursday

Euro topped at 1.33095. More positive announcements. No collapses. Ok, so as the proverb says: if you can't beat them, join them. We are long on Euro.
S&P: long only above 1350. It trades now in a triangle, look at the 15 min. graph.
We should watch 18:45 gmt+2, when Mars will form a distructive degree with Uranus. Planets to watch today: Neptune and Jupiter. Neptune is at 1350 for the S&P. so we shall see.
We have a strike here, so no trade yesterday and today.

February 13, 2012 Monday

This is a most interesting film to watch. a mind opener!!!

What's new?? We are after the full Moon, which took dear Whitney Houston. Looking at her map, there are incredible things. First, as she was born she immediatly "met" CHiron, the pain. Her Pisces ascendant and Neptune in Scorpio would show us that she will want to "dessolve" herself in an imaginary world to escape previous life karma- by drogs. Her Aries Moon would show her impulses, who "does not want to think about herself addicted..." as she said on TV. The problem lies in her Mercury-Uranus-Pluto conjunction in Virgo. These three were triggered by Saturn, in the house of death on the nigh she died. The Moon was in H8, on her Sun and Mars. Age wise she was on her Neptune. I think she was not aware or afraid at the time of death. May she rest in peace

The markets today are trying to correct last week's weakness.

Dax: will open in 1 hour. where will the planets be? Mercury will make a trine to Saturn,
before leaving Aquarius and will ingress Pisces. There it'll conjunct Neptune, then sextile Jupiter, and later Pluto. Many soft angles this week!
Have you subscribed yet to my weekly forecasts?? Well... there you can learn much more.

Times to watch: (gmt+2):
13.02.2012 9:10:29 5°26'24"Sco Semi-square Mars
13.02.2012 10:03:43 5°57'59"Sco Quincunx Venus

13.02.2012 14:45:05 8°44'42"Sco Sextile Pluto
 Just came back from yoga. It is imperative to get out of the chair, clean the mind, and strech the body... We, who spend many hours concentrating and watching the screens, it is a MUST!!!
Markets are almost closing. The S&P has tried to go again for the top: 1351... the Dax opened with a gap-up, due to some astrological placements... The gap is still open. It closed at 6757. Silver made a top at 33.984...  The Gold reached 1750, but I feel the tiredness of the trades. Not much energy. Tomorrow we will have many important angles again, and planetary placements. Sign up now... you will know more. And those who would like to undersand more, take my course ! Beleive me, it worths it.

See you tomorrow.

February 14, 2012 Tuesday

We are ruled by Mars and Jupiter today. It's Valentine's day. Do you know who he was? If you make a search in this blog, you'll find it, I wrote about him in the past... Anyways, the markets "behave".. well... for me. I went long on EurUsd, short on Silver.
What do the planets advise us today? Mars is in Virgo, at 20 degrees in retro. As I write these lines, there is a sextile with the Moon. but, before I'll finish to write the Moon will move on. It'll turn VOC. as of 19:04-till Feb 15;2_56 gmt+2. Be careful with trades while the moon is VOC.  Jupiter is 4.26^ Taurus.  Besides these, we have a Venus-Pluto square, no wonder EU got downgraded. This angle occurred before:


diligent students should check what happened then.
Some CIT dates to watch for the EURUSD: 15-16, 21,28 Feb.
On Feb. 1 I uploaded a few graphs : AAPL: it traded then around 460- today is above 500! there is more space to go up. I don't have the data before 1983, so I cannot calculate how high it'll go... Anybody??

February 15, 2012 Wednesday.

I got into short position too early. Markets are still rallying,  however, I think, that this the last top, for the time being... 6832 for the DAX, 1357 for the S&P. These levels hit exact planetary placements. Is it a "wishful thinking" because I am short...??? Well, yes. :); but, since it's Mercury ( Wednesday is ruled by this little devil) playing with us, I must be very careful, not to be stopped out.

February 16, 2011 Thursday

my computer broke down... Now I am waiting for the technician. I am writing from my laptop, thanks God I have it, and I can watch the markets slide. I am still short in the Dax.

Important request!

People apply to become a member to the WMA group. I cannot answer if you don't leave your e-mail!! Pls. send me your data, name, address, e-mail- anonymus will and cannot be answered.

Just got back from yoga, to see the markets rebound. Let's see if Pluto will oppose higher than 1357.50 level- for the S&P. ...

February 17, 2012 Friday.

It's a double Venus day today, so we should focus on it. Venus makes a trine to the Nodes, as I write these lines. It is at 1360.50 for the S&P, 6820 for the Dax, ( which was the lish high). But the problem is in Mercury. This little devil made the markets turn in a huge V pattern yesterday, after a "nice" angle to Jupiter; Wiping out all stops. So watch the times when Mercury will make a move!


February 20,2012 Monday.

Just opened my computer, and I see that the S&P almost reached my target, which I sent to my subscribers. There is no trade in the US, due to Presidents' day, so I guess we'll have quite a dull day. Let's see where are the planets today, and has changed since last week?
Today's rulers are the Moon and March. ouch.... They are inconjunct. Only looking at this angle I would get closer to some shorts... But let's see the others. Sun-Neptune conjunction in Pisces. Sun will sextile Jupiter in 4 days, it'll mark a turn. Venus from 14 Aries is inconjunct,150 ^ to Mars. so as I see it, it is as something is cooking behind the curtains.

Targets: S&P 1374, DAX: 6924, DOW: 13044. I think these will be the next targets. ( based on planetary placements)

February 21,2012 Tuesday

Good news: the Greece problem solved, more money will be pomped into the country. I wonder when will Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Spain ask for their share?? How long can Germany carry the burden? Is it worth while? Good that I am not the one to decide on these things... Chapeau to Mrs. Merkel. What a lady! In her map there are some interesting aspects: transit Saturn is in square with her Sun-Uranus conjunction, and also with Mars. Saturn is authority. In the third chart we can see that directed Neptune and Sun just entered new signs: Capricorn and Taurus. Two earth and stubborn sign.

Oh, well, let me see what's happening in the markets..There are new contracts for Nifty, Australia and Hang Seng. Nifty trades higher than yesterday's high.
Today we are under the influence of Mars and the Sun. The Sun just ingressed Pisces- should mean a cit. Mars in retro, no news here. By the way, it is interesting how the Greek problem got solved under a Sun-Neptune conjunction. Hmmmm, this is worrying. Some hidden plan is behind it. Which, to me is obvious... but I am not going into it now, this is about trade and not politics. 

TA25: closed yesterday at 1117. The last top was on Jan 22, at 1142. We are consolidating since then. Low volume, trading sideways.
DAX: topped yesterday at 6956.67; a remerkable rally of 23% since Dec.20 low at 5637!
Will it correct, with the news out? Time-wise the answer is yes. We shall see.

On February 8, I gave todays' top of the DAX.

February 22,2012 Wednesday

A sunny day over here... At last, after so many dark and cold days. I wonder how do people cope with long long winters, like in Norway, which, I think is the most beautiful place I have ever been! I was in that country two times, once during January, on a sales trip, while I worked in the tourist business, and I toured the Scandinavian countries, meeting with travel agents. Then I took Silia-line, an ice cracker, 7-8 floors high incredible ship, to travel from Sweden to Norway and Finland. It was an awsome trip! The second time I was there in the summer, and wawwww, I said, I am moving to Norway... But then, when I realised they have 6 months darkness and cold, therefore the highest suicidal country, I gave up. How my memories took me back 20 years, now?? I feel as if I was there. One should gather a lot of memories during one's life, and eat a lot of garlick to remember them when 80 years old.... :)

But, let me land back... you see where a Pisces Moon can send one back?? Oh, yes, we have a New Moon today, I shall start a new article. But let me see first, what's up today?
There are four planets in Pisces. There is a YOD- "Finger of God" between the Sun, Jupiter and Vertex. In two days this angle will be exact. Mars is on a distructive degree, and contraparallel to Saturn. All this in  the Geocentric map. In Helio: Mercury is in opposition to Saturn and many more unfavorable positions, so I would look for shorts.
S&amp;P: support: 1349; resistance: 1365-66.
See an interesting pattern: 56 TD= 80 CD.

Dax: closed at 6879.5; price trined Mars.  Support: 6864 and it's derivatives.Up target : 6906, 6918, 6930
Dow: closed at 2964; support or targets down: 12866-12837-12792.
ASX: Australia:
There was a 5 minute program on Bloomberg yesterday, that it is worth while to invest in this index... Now after a consolidation period of 34 days, (hmmm Fibonacci no) it is up by 1%, at 1131.

Finalizing the month: January has been one of the best months, in years. I forecasted it in my monthly news letter.

Thanks for being here, please follow me to Pisces New Moon. ....

                     *              *                 *


  1. Why do you think everyone is on Facebook? I wouldn't touch it if you paid me but even under teenage daughter and her friends have Facebook fatigue.
    It has already proven to be the instigator of uprisings - look at the Middle East cauldron last year stoked by social media - so I hardly see Facebook bringing world peace.

  2. Hello Nicky, well, if you are not on facebook, than not everyone is, isn't it? I don't know why do poeple connect thru this media, may because they feel "safe" from behind the screens anonymus? This is cyber world, cyber freinds, cyber love. The uprisings in the Middle east came because of the planets ingress in different signs, Pluto in Capricorn, Uranus in Aries. TIME was right. About bringing wolrd peace... well that was a sarcastic sentence. Didn't you feel it?

  3. Don't stay short too long. Nasdaq has just broken out of 10-12 year base and targets over 6000 now. We've likely embarked now on the biggest tech boom in history. Get long...

  4. Hmmmmm WHat can I say?? Anonymous... no name... Nasdaq trades now at 2556. After a top at 2599.88, ... 6000??? well' it'll take a while.

    1. Actually Nasdaq($Compx)closed at 2959 today. Not sure what you're looking at maybe the NDX (100 index)?? And yes indices to double + by late 2014. This is the timeframe for Nasdaq 6000 target.

      Every time I've attempted to put in my Wordpress profile I get told its not my ID...?? So Anonymous works!

      Tom in Detroit, MI !

  5. Dear Tom,
    First, thanks for your mail. Now I know whom to address. Yes, sometimes even I have the same problem, cannot log in, so I write under ANonymous, but I sign below. I don't know why does this happen.
    Regarding the Nasdaq, yes, I am looking at the same index as you,and yes, I GREE with you, that by 2014 it'll hit your level.
    What is your view regarding today's high? how far it'll go? when will it turn??


  6. Oh it's going to take until 2014? That's a shame. I thought the comments implied we were going straight there!

  7. I do not attempt to predict day to day targets as ANYTHING can happen at any minute. Typically just look for longer term trends and take positions accordingly. This year we'll have corrections of course but I feel they will be shallow and short lived so I will hold long right through.


  8. I guess most mkt have touched the highs now. Nifty ran almost 1000+ points. A correction should come shortly. April 2012- Nov2012 looks where people will start remembering that we had rally in beginning of year. 2013 and 2014 will be ballastic.

  9. Tom, s&p will touch 800 this year and ur long !!! Not the best strategy !!!

    1. Disagree emphatically. SP likely will not see below 1250 all year and higher 2013-14. We may NEVER see SP 800 again...get long!

    2. Not gonna argue but the SP will likely never see 800 again. We MAY get to 1250 in 2012 but likely not even this low... we all have our opnions.


  10. Good morning, Tom, Gabriella, and Posters
    I share Tom's view, and look for an inside week Feb 21-25 merely to allow over bought, high rsi, and moving averages to smooth out---a small, not deep consolidation.
    I further believe SPX will decouple from the Euro. Equities WILL rise WITH dollar, as will grains, softs, and metals.
    Short bonds and euro the way to go.
    Trade well!

  11. The market gapped up overnight. No-one could have made the trade from 1360 to 1371 !!!

  12. My subscribers got today's target to be at 1369... I guess pretty close! This target was" written on the wall"



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