New Moon in Pisces.

Pisces New Moon from February 22 to March 22.

Not only the Moon is in Pisces, but also Neptune, which brings a major turn in the world –wide way of thinking. I am reading in different forums about love and understanding, during this period, but, I find it difficult to apply it to the current issues that the world is facing. The major trait of Neptune is to hide. In Pisces, a sign that is rules, boundaries will be broken, in every single way. We should be aware, and keep our eyes wide open to see thru this "fog" that it'll bring. Some people will not be able to take it and will " dissolve" themselves. A high possibility of suicidal tendencies could pop up. Only in my surrounding, 2 people I would bet to be the MOST positive and optimistic and always smiling, wearing pink sunglasses, looking at the world with optimism, put an end to their lives… Something that was quite a shock for me… So if they did it, how about the people that are pessimistic anyways?? So no, I do not see Neptune as an etheric lover, it comes to destroy- secretly- something or someone once we believed in.
I relate to Neptune to be more dangerous than Saturn, which is slow, but comes to EDUCATE us. More dangerous than Uranus, which falls upon us, and we cannot do anything about it. Neptune comes with "love" and then it putts the dagger in our back. And the funny thing is, we realize it was a dagger only after it leaves…. So be careful of Neptune's transits. Where is your Neptune now??? Ah… that is for a private session.

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Neptune rules biotechnology, medicine, drugs, so I guess you should look up these shares, and after you made your technical analysis, you could invest in them.

February 24, 2012 Friday

Very sad and misfortunate ending of life for the American Sunday Times journalist, Marie Cathrine Colvin, who died far from home, in Homs, Syria, on Feb.22.2012. Her chart and transits for that day are incredible!
Numerologically, she was in her 9th personal year of endings, 2 personal month ruled by the Moon- see the Moon in transit map, and 6 personal day, ruled by Venus.

I do not have her hour of birth, so this is s Solar map, having the Sun at the ascendant. The ruler of her map is Saturn, at 29 Sag, conjunct Mars. Attached to her natal Saturn she had the Arabic part of Point of tragedy, fate fatality. Natal Uranus, at 0^ Leo. Natal Jupiter at 0^ Virgo, Natal Neptune at 0^ Scorpio. Benefic of the chart, Venus, on the destructive degree of Aquarius. See, how the outer chart, the transit for the day that she died, triggered all these planets at once! Transiting Neptune! at 0^ in Pisces- triggered her natal Neptune, Jupiter, Uranus, Saturn and Mars. Transiting Mars squared her natal Nodes, at 17^ Virgo, transit Moon at an exact sextile to NMoon, tr.Point of fate, tragedy 150^ to NMoon. Many many bad and exact angles.
May she rest in peace.

Remi Ochlik: only 28 years old, French photographer: see Mercury-Mars degrees difference is 28.

Sorry, but have to switch to look at the markets. Nifty fell during the night, I think it'll reach 5392, just by using a single Fibo retracement, in the H1 chart. On the other hand, DAX opened with a gap-up. Why? look for Moon's placement today...
It entered Aries, bringing new energies. But Aries brings a momentary impact, so I do not think we saw the last lows...

DAX: Using the mirror: see how after each culmination there was a decline in the past and I think, will be in the future.
You can search this blog for any issue you would be interested in, at the left side of the blog there is a "search " window. Search for Rudd- for example, who is running for Australia PM elections again, see what I wrote back in 2010, June10. :).
February 26, 2012 Sunday

We are alone in the world trading today. Usually it's not a day worth while trading... It is a low volume day, and just adjusting after the Big Bro'. The world is waiting for a massive fall, which refuses to come. Instead, markets trade sideways. What will pull the trigger? Many financial blogs are writing about March 12-13, when there will be a grand trine in Earth signs between Jupiter- Mars and Pluto. Well, here is the picture, judge for yourself: is this a 100% clear up or down??

This is why I teach, that we should make a synthesis between many factors, and not just one.

So what is happening in the sky? The Sun is at 7 Pisces. Now, this is significantl but I can't tell you all my secrets... otherwise what woul be left for class??
TA25: trades now at 1103.43. Resistance at 1109, support at 1100. Falling below 1100: 1096, 1086. ---- closed at 1072.80

February 27, 2012 Monday

Today we are under the rulership of the Moon and Neptune. It is strange how seldom Neptune comes into the picture. One say I should do a research on this...
The Moon is in Taurus just leaving a conjunction with Jupiter.
27.02.2012 8:52:37 8°04'56"Tau Sextile Sun

27.02.2012 10:31:32 8°53'36"Tau Semi-square Mercury
27.02.2012 10:54:40 9°04'59"Tau Trine Pluto- these times are worth while watching.... Asia markets: some are up, some down:
Neptune is at 0^ Pisces, in a trine to Saturn, so these two form a support or resistance to the markets, depending where each index is.
I tend to believe that the Feb.22 top WAS the top for the time being... We shall see.

February 28, 2012 Tuesday.

Well, I was wrong. I see during the night the S&P made it to 1372.13
now the resistance is at 1374.65. There is time for this high to be reached till 11:10 am -gmt+2. Although we got this new high during the night, I would not rush into longs now. I am keeping my shorts, you can do as you wish.

Today we are under the rulership of Mars and Saturn. These two will be 45^ apart during the day. Interesting, how always the ruling planets come into some interception...
Angles to watch today: gmt+2
28.02.2012 0:08:13 15°35'00"Tau Trine Mars

28.02.2012 5:13:15 18°04'50"Tau Semi-square Uranus
28.02.2012 16:13:06 23°29'05"Tau Semi-sextile Venus
28.02.2012 17:29:25 24°06'37"Tau Sesqui-quadrate Pluto
28.02.2012 21:45:33 26°12'40"Tau Sextile Mercury

Our markets closed at 1065.07. as advised to subscribers... :)
I would hunt tops to get into shorts now.
Until now: S&P made a high at 1372.38, and  a low at: 1364.13

February 29, 2012 Wednesday.

It has been a "pattern" now for the DAX to open with a gap up. Unbelievable.!!

! With all the difficulty in the world, still good news are "pumped" into the markets.
The S&P did not make a new high, and Russel actually trades lower. 

vix: trades in the upper channel:

 Today we are under the influence of Mercury and Mars.Mercury will be inconjunct (150^)Saturn tomorrow. But the main angle today is the opposition between Venus-Pluto. For instance in the S&P they form a support at 1358.

Fed announcements: I would stay out of the markets...

March 1, 2012 Thursday.  

At 1 pm today there will be an announcement if Greece is going bankrupt or not. I went short on the Silver....

We are saying good bye to February... It was a positive month. the S&P went up with almost 5%, We got a top at 1378.04. The index is running up since December 19, 72 calendar days, and 48 trading days. 2011 & 2010 there was also a rally, but in 2009 and 2008 the index fell, so we did not have anything to rely on for this year.
March is the third month of the year, its name comes from MARS or ARES the Greek God of War. March is a month when military campaigns start. (Hope not this year). There are several holidays or anniversaries in March.  It is interesting to remember the Ides of March, on the 15th the day of Julius Caesar's assasination. When the sentence: "You too Brutus?" was said, and remembered since then in history.
The flower of March is the Daffodile. I wonder from where do they pick a name to a flower??

March 4, 2012 Sunday.

A new week starts. What will it bring? will we be happier by the week end? What will the markets do? Will they ever stop going up? One thing I know for sure. There are lots of changes in the sky this week, so if " As above so below" is true, then we will feel it down here as well.

So let's see what is going on up there?? Today we are ruled by the Sun and Jupiter. Tomorrow they will be 45^ apart. The Moon will leave Cancer and go into Leo, water in fire.... , Mercury will be conjunct Uranus, in Aries, Venus will enter Taurus,  and Jupiter, oy, this one will be on a part of Taurus, that will make a difference. If you studied with me, you would know what this means. All and all together pinpoint to a change.

To receive my weekly newsletters, pls. send me a mail. I just mailed subscribers this week's report. Why not be among them ??  It's only $330 for 6 months....

March 5, 2012 Monday

The Nifty made new lows, trades now at 5308. Are we getting a sign that the change is trend is here?
Today Mars is closest to Earth, so this is a major issue. Look our of fires, weapons, sudden quarrels.Visit this link, it is interesting and visual.  
The rulers of the day are: the Moon and Uranus. Well well well.... surprises on the way. Mercury is conjunct Uranus today, the Moon just moved to Leo.

In the last month the DAX always opened with a gap-up. Will this trick go on?
The trick switched to the downside, meaning: open with a gap-down. Probably it'll close; then see lower prices.  am short and in the Dow as well. 

Times to watch : gmt+2: Moon:

5.03.2012 7:24:36 3°24'37"Leo Trine Uranus

5.03.2012 15:20:05 7°52'17"Leo Square Jupiter
5.03.2012 17:43:42 9°13'43"Leo Quincunx Pluto

March 6, 2012 Tuesday

The Dax changed the trick, now it opens with a gap down. I guess we are in a correction phase in all indices, just as I wrote so many days ago... Finnally it's here. So what is going on today in the sky? We are ruled by Mars and Mercury today. Where are they? Mars is still in retro movement, at 12 degrees in Virgo. By the way, this placement is linked in the body to :
Virgo12 Abdominal Aorta
Virgo13 Hepatic Arteries.
Mercury is leaving a conjunction from Uranus. So if markets fall below Uranus, we will see a deeper correction. How to calculate that?? Well, that is taught in lesson 7 & 8.

March 7, 2012 Wednesday

A tricky day ahead of us. The day is ruled by Mercury.... SO be ready for surprises. I was so busy with the market trading, sorry, if you were looking for me, and I did not write.
I have also decided -finally- to publish a book on "Financial Astrology made easy" so I am working on it. Yesterday I was sitting by the computer for about 18 hours working on it... Much more to do, so I'll be short during the coming days.
The market went into a short position. But nothing falls as a knife , in a straight line, so watch out for corrections to the upside. Specially today, when Mercury is on the stage. Mind you, it is turning soon retrograde... The other planet to watch today is Venus. Oh... long time no seen... where is it?? Well well well... it just entered Taurus, a sign it rules; another reason for an upward correction today. It also sextiles Neptune, and the Moon will make a trine to it, so you see? many positive influences from up there. I am flat out of the markets, will wait to start and see what are the smart guys up to, down here. No fuss.
S&P: there are 732 trading days from March 6, 2009 today!
We have several positive angles in the sky, and a new contract, June, is traded now. It bottomed at 1332.48- there is a resistance at 1337 and a support at 1327.5 We'll see how it behaves... 
DAX: 1hour graph made an M pattern. Target to this one: 6508. Stop at 6630   
Nifty: From the low of December 20th to Feb 22 high made 1140 points in 63 days. Till yesterday it corrected  by 1/3 to 5230 now it trades at 5228. a 50% correction would be at 5089, but there is a strong resistance at 5103. So the range now is between 5245-5103.
Times to watch today: gmt+2
7.03.2012 11:21:54 3°31'46"Vir Quincunx Uranus

7.03.2012 14:00:43 5°06'54"Vir Quincunx Mercury
7.03.2012 19:16:48 8°16'57"Vir Trine Jupiter
7.03.2012 20:54:41 9°15'59"Vir Trine Pluto

 March 8, 2012 Thursday Full Moon

As expected, yesterday we had a small rally. The Dax too, after falling 3% the previous day, corrected. Today I expect some more up moves.(Dax:6738).
S&P range: 1345-53. Breaking either way will show the next direction. It's a Jupiter-Neptune day. How can I put that in words? Illusionary extremes?? I am long on Silver, can retest the former high at 34.100, but look at the volume!!it's climbing with a small volume. I am long on Oil, target 107-ish, but I am waiting to get back into shorts in the indices... soo trade wisely. 
Dax top: 6809: Price trined Saturn. I am going short here with a stop at 6809

March 10,2012 Saturday

On March 1, I wrote:" will we be happier by the week-end"? here is the answer

Palestinian terrorist organizations shot more than 65 Grad and Qassam missiles into a dozen southern Israeli towns and villages, sustaining a non-stop barrage Friday night and Saturday morning (March-9-10) in reprisal for the death of Zuheir al-Qaisi, head of the Popular Resistance Committees in Gaza. At least 8 Israeli civilians were injured by missiles and another 10 Palestinians killed in ongoing Israeli air strikes against missile teams and terrorist targets. Fifteen rockets were intercepted by Iron Dome batteries. Jihad Islami said "The truce is dead."

I was praying that this time, the retro of Mars would pass with no particular events. But no... a law is a law, and every time Mars was in retro, there were some fire-action-war in Israel.
Last night our southern towns were attacked, see on the map below what a bad placement of the planets: transiting Moon on Pandora, sends 150^ to tr. Sun. Venus, that in Israel's map represents the enemies, is coming into a conjunction to Jupiter, that enlarges everything. Jupiter is now on a distructive degree, at 8^ Taurus. I think something bigger will develop, and will last at least till the next New Moon.( March 23). Accordingly, watch the markets slide down.

March 11, 2012 Sunday.

Since I wrote more than 100 missiles fell in Israel. No teaching today in 6 southern towns, people are in shelters. The market is open, but it is declining, as I expected. Well, it was two minutes ago, now it's going up; but this is premarket phase.. so we shall see. We are long above 1098, short below 1072. Abnormal situation... The missiles are fired from Gaza, but I live close to Tel Aviv, so guess who is building a house 5 meters from here? Workers from Gaza.

So what can we expect today? the day is ruled by the Sun. The Moon just enters Scorpio, and it is 141 degrees apart from it. 135 angle is a bad one, it will occur at: 17:55, after closing. What else? Mercury is stationary - retro in Aries, at 30 ^ - minor positive angle from Venus.
Interesting placement in the declinations table- see Mars is contraparallel Neptune in the coming days.

March 12, 2012 Monday

What a storm during the night! I had to get up and close all windows, so in this silence and complete darkness, I woke up after 8:30, which is very rare. Usually 6:30 finds me sitting here and reading world news...
So I am late, and I see the Dax falling at the opening. What is going on?? The Moon is still in Scorpio, so a small try for new highs will develop during the day.
TA: is in a triangle. premarket, now at 1085 is blocked by many planets. Support 1078.
S&P: 1362; support at 1357, target: 1367.
Dax: 6870 now; is blocked here by Neptune, other resistances: 6874. But plenty of space to the down side...

I went short on Silver, with a stop at 33.986.- got stopped out.

good trading!

Since Saturday 200 missiles fell in Israel.

Dax: with some planetary support/resistance:

TA25: closed low, 1073- with a large volume.

Nifty closed at 5381; support for tomorrow: 5370-61-54-41-07.

March 13, 2012 Tuesday

I am eating my hat now... Vix is at 15! Hasn't been so low since the top of May, 2010! DAX just opened with a gap-up. New highs ahead!
Today we are under Mars& Jupiter' effect. Mars trines Jupiter, and Jupiter is conjunct Venus. The Moon just entered Sag. The Grand trine in Earth signs between Jupiter-Mars-Pluto is enfolding. A rare placement for these three to be in earth signs!
The level of these planets are:
S&P: 1390,  Russel: 820, DAx: 6700. Dow: 13000. Nifty: 5440.If they run above these levels, add 30 points more.

March 14, 2012 Wedensday

30? maybe 90! what an outburst! Will this go on or is the momentum over? We are now in a new octave, and the grand trine is still there.
Dax topped at 7062, Nifty 5550.50, Vix bottomed at 13.99- it was 12.5 in April 2007! S&P bottom at 1074, looking at the Gann wheel, targets up are 1389, 1398, 1407. 
In the sky there are many changes. Venus just entered Leo. (in heliocentric) It makes 150^ to Neptune. In the geocentric the Moon is already in Sag. I know I repeat myself, but a turn MUST come. March 14 is 162 days from Oct 4 low, 390 days from Feb 18,2011. More turning dates follow tomorrow and on the 16th.
There is a Venus-Jupiter conjunction today in the sky, a placement, that happened, in Taurus only in May 2000.

March 15, 2012 Thursday

I had to go to the garage, to fix my car before test. I see I did not miss anything... The markets are waiting for something to happen. Any announcements today? Indeed, many, at 2:30 my time... so market is waiting for those I guess.

March 18, 2012 Sunday 

Only we have trade on Sundays, usually with a very low volume, and a dull day. On these days Iwrite my forecasts for the WMA group, I teach and I catch up with house duties. This week has its turns, all about those in my newsletters.
TA25: trades now at 1119. with some calculations I get next target at 1138.

The markets made new highs abroad, yes, everybody thought last week a big drop will come, but , instead, just continued to go up, agains all odds. Now we are in a new "octave". And yes, it is human to be wrong. We cannot always see all the signs. Although, they were there, and last week, on the 13th, in the shape of Mercury-Uranus conjunction, which made the markets jump, or gap-up. I told you, look out when Mercury is around, it fools us all.

Be back later, take care.

March 19, 2012 Monday

Market started, and it is as if it did not. Very low volumes, no action.
The Silver is correcting, trades now at 32.44. Support at 32.40 Dow too, in 1 hour graph is on its way to 13150.S&P trades now at 1396.73, also lower than last week, but the volume is very low. Let's see how will it develop.
Moon's positions for today:
19.03.2012 15:34:10 24°26'11"Aqr Semi-square Pluto
19.03.2012 22:31:05 28°07'00"Aqr Trine Saturn
TA25: trades now at 1110, there is a support at 1108.

Another dull day?

March 20, 2012 Tuesday

Was busy with my car, so I did not follow the market. 
I see S&P fell from the channel, reached 1391, now it trades 1397. 
This is a graph I made in the morning: 
since it fell out of the channel these targets cheased to work. I love to apply channels... You should use them as well.
Mr. Bernanke is speaking today, in an hour, so market is slow now, waiting for the word, and it'll be very nervous by the time he starts. So, as I always say, keep out, be on the fence. 
Oh, by the way, I am long on corn ( stop 640- target 685) and EURUSD.

March 21, 2012 Wednesday

Yesterday I got stopped out of corn, but was revarded in EURUSD, so far so good.
What is happening now?? The S&P, after falling from the rising channel, fell out, and now it trades in a declining channel. Stop for short is at 1405, targets on the graph.

But, if it will not fall below 1391, then newer highs will be seen on the screen, just to wipe out all those who went short too early.
Today is a major Gann turning day, the spring equinox. So, watch it...
I am watching silver to get long, and will add some positions to my Eurusd.
What is new in the sky?
Earth makes a bad angle to Neptune today, a rare position, let me see what happened before, that this angle happened? well, the software gives me a 50-50% efficiency, so we cannot rely on this.
Meanwhile Germany opened, very cautious opening.

Will it go up, will it fall? why and when, we learn that in course.

Good trading!

March 22, 2012 Thursday 

We have a new Moon today, I am going to start a new article. But first let me see what happened during the night? The S&P did not fall below 1391.60,  EURUSD is a "buy" with stop at 1.31800,
Dax: bottomed at 7025... etc. Have we seen some bottoms here, and is the market turning again? In trades we should first check the daily chart, then the 1H, and I start my trades based on the 15 minutes graph. But I guess you have your own strategy.  
How about the planets today? Uranus is at 4^22 Aries, Mercury, the SUn and the Moon will conjunct it in the next few days. This is a powerful position, they can mark a support or resistance of one day, since all three move very fast. Mars still squares the nodes, and the Moon is VOC till noon today... perfect time to do nothing. Let's see how it will enfold.

The winner of the last years, is no doubt: APPLE : weekly chart:

Apple incorporation took place in Sacramento Ca. on January the 3rd 1977
And the first trade chart is for December 12, 1980 NY, 10 am.- for those who want to learn their maps.

So I shall say thank you for being here, and for all your comments, I hope you did well this month, follow me to the next article, under the Moon in Aries.


  1. Hi Gaby

    Love your blog, your explanation of world events from astrological point of view is great. I do enjoy your stories, gives a lighthearted feeling to trading lol
    As a subscriber of your newsletter, I appreciate your neutral bias in your analysis of the markets giving possible scenarios of both buy and sell signals with very reliable support and resistance points.

    Keep up the good work !

    Michael D

  2. Hello Michael,
    Thanks for the kind words, I am glad that not ony you enjoy being on the blog, but as a subscriber to my news letters you can make a good income... well, I hope you do.


  3. What's happening at 11.10 gmt ?


  4. opps... this is taught in lesson no. IV.



  5. Gab,

    Its not good news being pumped - although GDP WAS revised UP for Q4 to 3%. Its hugely negative sentiment - at decade lows - on a macro scale that is well embedded into the pyschies of the masses. Market can't help but grind higher for the foreseeable future - albeit with pullbacks.

    Tom in Michigan

  6. Gaby, your euro-dollar CIT on feb29 has made me 265 pips in 3 days !

    Keep up the good work :-)


  7. wow!!! I am soo happy for you :)

    Gab :)

  8. I went short on OIl- as suggested in the report.


  9. took my share, I am out for the time being. Starting class... see later

  10. It seems no one knows this market anymore

  11. Look how the Russel consolidates, the Nasdaq as well, only the Dow is searching for higher highs.....

  12. The market is flashing some very important longer term signals. We are seeing a major change occuring where T bonds will be falling in price (higher yields), gold is going down, dollar probably up and stocks much higher. The past few years inter-market relationships are changing. Get out of bonds and gold!

    Tom in Michigan

  13. A turn always comes, it could take a week a month or a year ! The skill is to pinpoint the day with accuracy !

    1. Don't try to guess when a turn "might" happen. I've been watching traders continually miss the big picture cutting their noses off. One guy keeps buying and selling AAPL - sometimes winning and sometimes losing. Just get long and live through the pullbacks. We're still near the infancy of likely one of the biggest and best bulls of a generation. Really pity the doom and gloomers getting short at each perceived peak. They're getting clobbered. A trillion dollars on the sidelines will have to find its way to the market before the bull has run its course. SP 1550-1600 by year end. AAPL to $1200 by mid 2013. AAPL still trading at about a 13PE. Will earn $42+ this year and likely much more. Compare that to ISRG or CPLT or CMG!


  14. I am all ears, pls. pinpoint it for us

  15. You stated the obvious by saying a turn MUST come, so tell us then lol

  16. Financial astrologers got this market wrong big time ! Most have been calling for tops for weeks but nothing happened instead the market just went higher ! If I had a dollar for everytime a top was called here and everywhere else I'd be very rich !

  17. I would be happy, really happy if you would sign you postings. Why hide behind "Anonymous"?


  18. Gabriella,

    I am your subscriber and through subscription I have made money for the course.Its first through your subscription I learnt some tricks.But the course was an fantastic experience.Its was bit difficult for me to get through the astrology part but with your encouragement I have finally made it.Its been few weeks after the completion of the course and now I am reaping the benefits of it.Now I do not ask anybody "Hows the market" anymore... Its made me independent and confident enough to trade more efficiently.Astrology has enhanced the decision making power with the technical knowledge I used to use earlier.
    At the outset I would like to thank you for everything you have provided me through this course which is very unique.I am very happy that after a long long quest for a right mentor I could find you.I will never regret it and I am sometimes amused to look back and think how much resources I have wasted to get the right knowledge.But then its part of life and its better late than never.
    I am sorry that I am writing this so late.But it out of respect and admiration for the knowledge which you have bestowed..

    With Kind Regards

    Kirtan Raut


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