Aries New Moon

Between March 22- April 21

This New Moon is very special. Not only it occurres in Aries, a sign that signifies the spring equinox, but the Sun conjuncts Uranus, at 4^ Aries, Mercury, and now the Moon also joined them, thus forming a stellium in a fire sign. The key planet for this placement is Uranus. For this planet to reach the same point in the wheel it takes 84 years. These three planets and the Moon were in Aries only between 4-18 April 1928. I am curious now to see what happened back then...
So searching for 1928 look what popped up first in Google: those were the days' my friend….

This picture shows us the planetary placements for this coming Lunar month. As you know a Lunar month is 28 days. So the outer wheel is the next New Moon's position. What will change during these 28 days? Mercury, this little liar, will turn direct, Venus moves from Taurus to Gemini, Mars turns direct, Jupiter moves 6 degrees, Saturn 2^ in retro, Uranus 1^30', Neptune hardly, and, this is MAJOR!: Pluto turns retro. Pluto was in retrograde between April 9-Sept.15, 2011, and will be now between April 10- Sept. 18,2012. In financial astrology we have to watch all these planets positions' and turns.

So what is happening now in the markets? Let me check.. By the way, regarding the S&P my students received yesterday at about 5 pm, a warning, that for the time being we have seen a bottom, and it might go up now. At this moment it is at 1393.73. There is a support from Jupiter at 1391.5
You might have spotted my name, Gabriella, on the wheel. My good friend, Bill Meridian pointed out for me that there is an astroid called Gabriella in the sky. When I checked my map, and the maps of my family, every single person had hard angles to this astroid... so this is really peculiar. What is more extraordinary is, that every astroid has a number. This one's number is 553, added up it gives 13, and that number follows me everywhere in my life. If I buy a cinema ticket on the net, or a plane seat, it will be 13 row or seat. Many years ago, I had to have an interview for a job, out of town, about 60 km, while driving the car, I was thinking what salary should I ask...I thought, just for the fun of it, I would ask 13 thousand, which at that time, was a bout 3.500$; more than double that I earned previously. So I am driving and suddenly I see 13 km more to get to my meeting. At that moment I knew  not only that I would get the job, but I would get the payment as well. And so it was. 
Actually, for every one of you there is a sign, a number, something that the universe is contacting you and shows you the way. We just have to have our eyes and ears open. 

For the newcomers: Pls. check the links at the left side of the blog, you might find there many interesting sites. You can sign up for weekly news letters, or for the Financial Astrology course. You are welcome to post your comments, thoughts, questions....

I'll be back in the afternoon, be well.

Hello, the weekly forecast is ready... for those who would like to subscribe.

March 25, 2012 Sunday

Today we are ruled by the Sun and Venus. The Sun is in Aries, there it is exalted, strong. Venus is in Taurus, a sign that it rules. The Moon just entered Taurus. Here are the Moon's angles for today: gmt+2:
25.03.2012 9:59:31 5°04'34"Tau Semi-sextile Sun

25.03.2012 12:12:36 6°10'14"Tau Trine Mars
25.03.2012 18:57:42 9°29'49"Tau Trine Pluto

TA25: trades now at 1120.54. If it stays above 1120 then next targets: 1121.85, 1131, 1137.75, 1138.5

At the left side of this blog one of the links is" this day in history". You will find there many interesting things. Did you know, that on this day, in 0421 Venice was found? or, that Constantine begins his reign as Catholic Pope? Titan, Saturn's satellite was discovered today, in 1655 by Christiaan Huygens? the first horse race took place in 1668 in the US? Mount Etna erupted killing 20000 in 1700, and this is interesting, Greece freedom revolt in 1820-against anti Ottoman attack. They were in the news, and are now as well :)

Some famous people born today: Toscanini, Simon Signoret, Elton John and many more, that did something for society, but I have never heard of them.... well visit the link, see for yourself.
March 26, 2012 Monday

What a great movie I saw last night! Left me with all smiles... "The Exotic Maringold Hotel"... go see it! It's a British production, with excellent old actors.

So what's going on in our world? Watch your trades during these hours:

The East opened mixed.
Hang Seng:

the rest of the indices look almost the same, except for BSESN, which made a lower low. We shall see.  How do the planets guide us today?
We are under the spell of the Moon and Neptune... hmmm it's been a long time since we bumped into Neptune, no? The Moon is still in Taurus, approaching Venus, which is :) but then it'll conjunct Saturn, which is :( . Why is one good and the other not? we learn that in the course.
Watch these hours/minutes: gmt+2

26.03.2012 15:33:18 19°36'54"Tau Semi-square Uranus

26.03.2012 19:17:48 21°27'03"Tau Semi-square Sun
26.03.2012 21:26:00 22°29'56"Tau Conjunction Venus
27.03.2012 1:31:37 24°30'26"Tau Sesqui-quadrate Pluto
27.03.2012 6:34:30 26°59'02"Tau Sextile Mercury
27.03.2012 7:53:24 27°37'45"Tau Quincunx Saturn
27.03.2012 12:43:11 0°00'00"Gem <<<
there are many more exciting angles up there, but I don't want to bore you... 
DAX: Opened with a minor gap-up. from 7028.90- to 7038. ... The tone is given by the Dax untill US markets open.  the gap is closed now.. -1 hour later-Ta25: closed yesterday at 1127.93. The Moon supports at 1126, but the Moon moves quickly, I would not rely on it. Supports below the Moon is at 1119. On the way up it'll hit 1128.9 Jupiter, then, next levels: 1130, 1133, 1135.---- 2.40 pm we are already at 1146.31! - price met the Sun :) if it goes above, next target:1149.5
S&P: made a top now, after Mr. Bernanke's speach at 1403, support at 1402, next leg up:1407.68.

March 27, 2012 Tuesday
Had to take my son to the doctor, he has fever for 2 days. Spring fever, I guess, with Mercury in Pisces, which is an evil Mercury...
So now I see the markets are rocketing, specially ours, trades now at 1155! Support 1152, resitance 1159.
S&P reached my target, I see 1419... Dax at 7159.
But, the festival is soon to end.
US markets opened: S&P at 1412. Down side supports from here: 11412-1411-1407-1406. All these price levels are calculated with astrology patterns.
no action in the markets... I can tell you, many people around me are sick, or have fever, and are weak. I am happy I am doing yoga, I think it keeps me out of this "circle".
I terrible disaster happened today in a small town. 5 children and their father, trying to save them, were burnt to death, due to a fire that started because of short circuit. How terrible, and unexplainable this can be!!
March 28, 2012 Wednesday
The day is ruled by Mercury and Mars. An energetic and volatile day ahead. Mercury is slow and evil, Mars is peregrine. This is interesting, because, a peregrine planet is a " traveller far from home" with no impact or connection to its surrounding. WHen a planet makes no major angles to others. I found a very good explanation about this, by Noel Tyl, a fantastic lecturer of astrology, whom I met in Denver at the last Astrology conference. It would be interesting to search people with pelegrine planets and see how does this fit. ABout the markets although Mars makes no major angles , but it certainly has a distructive one to Uranus. This angle will be exact gmt+2 on March 31 at 9:38 am. So mark this time and watch out!

S&P: bottomed yesterday at 1404, reached all my targets. :) Now it trades at 1410. At 1412 it is blocked by Neptune. It'll be interesting to watch this move... will it go above? if yes, then next levels will be: 1414.5, 1417.75
Dax: trades now at 7100- next targets: former high, 7187, till 7328- 7368.

March 29,2012 Thursday
Yesterday the S&P hit exactly the targets given to my subscribers. :), those who are in the WMA group. I wrote here, that the S&P is blocked, and indeed could not go higher.
What is ahead for us today? It's a Jupiter and Sun ruled day today. Where are they, what are they whispering us? The Sun makes an exact square to Pluto today, but it is out of range- regarding the S&P. Next angle of the Sun will be a minor positive to Jupiter, in 3 days; that too, not very essential.
When analyzing the planets, we should go one by one, see their strength, positions interaction with one another. But, we learn all that in my course.
Trade wise. I would be alert when the S&P crosses below 1399, or above 1405-1409. the range of trade now is between 1399-1409. crossing either way will show us the next levels.
TA25: options expiry today. I think it'll be a quiet one, but on a day like this, one can never know. Yesterday's close was 1145, expiry 1140.
Good trading...

April 1, 2012 Sunday- :) don't be fooled!
April's flower is the sweet pea, not recommended to eat it, just look at it..., how beautiful it is!

My weekly forecasts of the markets is ready, for those who would like to sign up for it.
Our market opened green, but the Moon is void till 10:35, so better do some house work, till then, see how it develops. Usually Sunday is a dull day, since we are alone in the markets. On this day I catch up with my writings, and teaching.
Times to watch:
1.04.2012 10:35:26 0°00'00"Leo <<<
 1.04.2012 14:26:11 2°05'13"Leo Quincunx Neptune
back later...

I am watching the market, and as I thought.... it is very slow, and low volume. It trades now at 1133, which means a lot of powerful planets are blocking the way up. It should run up above 1140, with a large volume in order to continue the uptrend! The Moon just entered Leo... water in fire, no power. If it continues like this, soon it'll fall back to the close of last week.

April 2, 2012 Monday

The East opened - and goes sideways.... waiting. Will this be another dull day? in 3 minutes Dax is suppose to open. Today we have a Sun-Moon trine, enough for the markets to go for a new high. Will the other planets agree? Let's see.

2.04.2012 10:11:24 12°59'33"Leo Trine Sun
2.04.2012 11:18:29 13°37'09"Leo Square Jupiter
2.04.2012 22:38:10 20°01'50"Leo Sesqui-quadrate Uranus
TA25: closed yesterday at 1129. Targets up: 1135.73, 1138.7, 1142.8
Watch for a turn in trend at about 13:50

April 3, 2012 Tuesday
I wrote yesterday my target for the Ta25 index is 1142.8, now it trades at 1144.45!!! This level means, that the Sun! and Jupiter is supportive, right on this level, and next targets are: 1149.55, 1155.75, 1157.
Mercury is stationary today, before turning Direct.
S&P: last high was on March 27, at 1419.23 Although yesterday it went up, it did not go over this level. Now it trades at 1410.73. This means, that Neptune is blocking. Should it go just above 1411, next steps up are: 1413,1414.55,1417.76 Is there an energy to push it up? This... we learn in class. By the time trade starts in the US, the Moon will be in Virgo. A new energy is coming in for the next two days....

April 4, 2012 Wednesday.

I welcome the visitor from the 110th!!! country to my blog! I hope you'll find many answers to your questions and if not, you can always ask. Wonders of the internet!!! I would never dream that so many people are interested, and keep coming back and read my blog, it makes me happy and my efforts worthwhile.
So what happened yesterday? I wrote that Neptune is blocking the S&P, and indeed, it fail to go above 1411. When one way is blocked, there is always the down -side. Of course there was a reason to it, and one of them was Mercury stationary. Today it is turning Direct, and Venus enters Gemini.
Angles of the Moon for today:
4.04.2012 12:10:03 12°02'29"Vir Semi-square=45^ Saturn
4.04.2012 15:35:18 14°06'12"Vir Trine = 120^ Jupiter
4.04.2012 17:30:23 15°15'48"Vir Quincunx =1506 Sun

S&P is now at 1403.23. Right on Mercury. Falling from here next staps down: 1399.5, 1397,1394. Up it i blocked at 1405-1407.50.
Soya: take a look: made a double top at a perfect time difference of 210 cd. Stoc. is getting weaker, time for a drop.
At this site one can find everything!
EurUsd: See what happens to currencies when Venus crossed to Gemini:

 I wrote in the morning, be ready for the Moon's angles: here is Moon 45 Saturn at 11:35
April 6, 2012 Friday
Happy holiday to all ! Happy Easter, Happy Passover, and all the other holidays that I may not be aware of.
Today we have a Perigee Moon, when it is closest to Earth. See what happened in the S&P- for instance- when this occurred in the past: usually market falles before it:

but, as I always write: we must make a synastry between all planets in order to take a decision about market direction.

Have a happy week end.

Full Moon in my living room:

April 9, 2012 Monday

It's passover week here, many work half days, many travelled abroad. Weather is beautiful for trips or the beach. Trade closes around 2 pm here. I am not sure how is it abroad. Market opened in the East with gaps down. Dax is soon to open. we in 30 minutes. What is new in the sky?
Sun at 19^ Aries, Moon at 24 Scorpio. Venus is conjunct the South Node, the source of all troubles for the coming days. Mercury in Pisces, bad too. Pluto stationary retro.

I see now there is no trade in Europe today, so we are alone again till 14:45. It's a waist of time to sit by the computer. Nothing will happen today.
But, let me see: TA25: closed yesterday at 1136. At this level it met Saturn, which stopped the fall. Price was also supported by Gann line. Staying above 1136 it could go to 1142, falling below: next target is 1134,1129,1125.
Time to watch for a turn: 11:48.

Gold: Made a bottom 1614. We can use this level as a stop for long position. But be very careful, since the DMI is still negative! Look for a change in trend on April 10, 34 days from Feb.29 top.

Silver: same as the Gold. topped on Feb 29th. Oscillators are confusing. I would go long only above 32.300. CIT April 10.

I am off to the beach, take care.

I am still here... A colleague of mine drew my attention to the special placement of Venus in Gemini, conjunct the South Node at 2:47 my time,(gmt+2). At the same time the Moon will be conjunct the North Node, and in Opposition to Venus. This happened before only in 2011, June 29 and 1993, July 17. As you can see it is a rare position. What bothers me is, that Mars, Uranus and Neptune will also be between 2-5 degrees therefore forming some kind of angles to this Venus/S.Node position. This may signal for some kind of an unforeseen disaster, killing, or death. Check your charts where will these planets be?! People with planets between 2-6 degrees will feel it.

April 10, 2012, Tuesday
Yesterday it was a dull day, our market lost another 4 points, bottomed at 1132, but went up with 2 at the closing. I got myself busy uploading childhood pictures to my timeline.... Silly really, when I have so many things to do. My book, for instance. It takes me time... Today I shall not be here, since I have to go to the US embassy to apply for a visa, if I want to make it to the astrologers conference in New Orleans in May. Funny, that I dremt about a month ago, that I am at the airport ready to leave, but they would not let me on the plane, because I had no visa. I woke up, thinking: that's strange.... So I went to check my passport, just to see that my visa expired in September... Oh dear!! what a dream! and thanks God I reacted to it.
For today this is what "Zet" gives me:
we are under the rulership of Mars and the Sun. The Sun is at 45^ to Venus/S.Node conjunction I mentioned yesterday. This is a minor negative angle. Mars is stationary. Very powerful. The Moon is parallel to the Nodes.
Oh here is a link to National Geographic page: go out watch the sky today!
The markets opened red. Futures are red. Probably Dax will also open red. So be prepared. Nikkey:


Times to watch for the Nifty:
Good trading, have to go.

I have to share with you that happened with me at the embassy today. If you read my former posts, you know my "attachment" to the no.13. I wrote about it in the past. Well, I had an appointment at 10 today. Some 200 people were in the line. Some were sent to bring more papers, or a new picture. suddenly I looked at my pin number, that I received two weeks ago thru the internet, for the appointment. Well, it summed up to 13. I knew then that I am OK. No new papers needed, my picture taken some months ago was OK, no questions asked, actually I was out after 5 minutes. Isn't this i n c r e d i b l e ??? I even found a parking place 10 meters from the embassy! In Tel Aviv! On a holiday! If this is not a miracle, you tell me what is !!! :)

April 11, 2012 Wednesday.

Today we are under the rulership of Mercury and the Moon. Mercury is 150^ away from Saturn, at 1356.50. (for the S&P), at 5216 for the Nifty, 5666 for the Dax; etc. How to calculate very easily these levels? I teach that in lesson 8. So will this angle be strong enough to hold the markets? Or is there something else we should hold on??
the Moon is still in Sag.

I wrote yesterday about the unforseen - happenings that Uranus brings. Today there was a major!!! 8.7 Earthquake in Sumatra. See the map below. Venus with the South Node on Sumatra.

April 12, 2012 Thursday

We have no trade today, due to Passover.
Jupiter rules today. Markets are crawling up. The S&P trades now at 1370. There is a resistance at 1372-1376.  
I see some visitors arrived to my blog looking for "the Moon in Cap". It is imperative to analize all aspects and planets, but here is what TS gives for the Moon in Capricorn:

I would expect a rough fall today, and a slight rebounde tomorrow. We are short on the S&P with a stop at 1372. falling below 1352 would be bad news.., then target: 1341-1316.
In the picture below we can see how did the S&P behave when the Moon was in Cap, and today Venus is out of bound. What does this mean, we learn in course....

At a time like this I would watch the banks. Goldman Sachs: made a top on March 27, since then it lost 14 points. Oscillators are negative. CIT on April 14. Till then I would go short, with a stop at 118.15

City group:

S&P: all above resistances have been broken, we were stopped out of our short. Market signals that we saw the last low.
Good trading !

April 16, 2012 Monday

I did not write yesterday, it is always a dull day. BY the way, I got my visa to the US. with special delivery. Now I have to buy my tickets. It takes around 20 hours to get from where I live to New Orleans...
Today, I see the markets in the East opened negative with little power.
Let me check the sky...We are ruled by the Moon and Neptune. Incredibly interesting! Why? Because they are conjunct in Pisces. The Moon just moved to Pisces, It will trigger angles to Mars, the Nodes, Uranus and Pluto too. So LOT of action ahead! Mars turned direct... after 54 trading days. (Since Jan.24 till today). 

Down here events to take in consideration are:
Nifty: Bottomed today- so far at 5170. It found a support on Venus. Will this be strong enough to hold the index?
Dax: trades now-premarket- 6565. Check at the left side of this blog, under: for the record" what have I advised clients...
EURUSD: last chance to stabilise itself on 1.30005. Falling from here would be an angry short.

This is a local share: Isramco- related to oil drilling. See how Pluto supports, but Mars forms a resistance:

forecast: using Timing Solution.

Ratio: another local stock:

S&P: trades now (9 pm my time) at 1369.98. The last low was 1352.23, the last high: 1387.73. Price is "locked "between Neptune & Pluto. Which planet will be stronger? Is there enough energy to break above 1388?
Mars turned direct, and Mercury enters the energy is there. But will the Moon help? All this we learn in class. 

April 17, 2012 Tuesday.

There is not one dull day up there in the sky. Something always happens. If we understand what we see, life is easier. So let's we are under the effect of Mars, and Saturn. One pushes up the market, the other down. which one get an extra hand?? Mercury entered Aries, which is a good point for  a long position. The problem is with the Moon. it is in waning - not much help from it. Another planet we can get a clue, is of course, Mercury, planet of trades. Today it's speed is 00.59' exactly as the Sun's move. (Bayer rule) therefore we are in for a turn. We shall see it this is working. Mercury moved with this speed on: March 4,2012, Dec.22, 2011, Nov 29,2011, Nov 14, 2011, Sept 2, 2011. Next change in trend from this point of view will be on: May 17,2012. Let's mark this day in the calendar, see what happens. Usually when Mercury's speed is changing we get major tops or bottoms.  
VIX: see the times when Mercury had the same speed as the Sun:

S&P: trades now at 1360.23. Yesterday Venus was holding it up, but, as the planets are in constant move, this one too moved on, and the index trades below it. Support now lies at 1359.55, and below that on 1357.85, 1355.9 - 1353.73,1352.53, 1350.28.
On April 19-20th we are in for major turns, mark this date too.
TA25: premarket : at 1129.35 Big resistance at 1130.81running above this, next levels: 1136, 1137.4, 1143-1145. ; support on 1126.6

By the time the markets will open in the US, the Moon will sextile Jupiter, which is a positive placement. Any announcements today? No, not at this hour...

OK, trade well :)


April 18, 2012 Wednesday.

Today we are under the influence of Mercury and Mars. Prepare for high volatility. Contraversial energies are in the sky, and will be down here too.
The S&P trades at 1384.73 now. It is supported by Uranus. next support is at 1380.95, resistance to the upside: 1385.9- 1387.85-1389.55
TA25: premarket: 1154.58 ohooo... all the horses got out....Support on 1152.3 -1147.9. Targets up: 1157-1166.
Times to watch:
 18.04.2012 11:02:48 25°58'57"Psc Quincunx Saturn
18.04.2012 16:51:32 28°55'39"Psc Semi-sextile Sun
18.04.2012 18:58:46  0°00'00"Ari <<<
18.04.2012 22:27:50  1°45'34"Ari Conjunction Mercury
18.04.2012 23:39:21  2°21'39"Ari Semi-square Jupiter

TA 25: 10 minutes graph with planetary lines. 

10:00 am Moon 150 Saturn: 

April 19, 2012 Thursday

It's a Jupiter-Sun ruled day today, look out for extremes! The Sun is just one step away from Taurus.  Mercury is on the stage, so look out for gaps.

April 22, 2012 Sunday.

I had a very busy day. This day I write all my weekly forecasts, I teach, and I catch up with house works. I also have to prepare to my trip to New Orleans, decide on things, look for a good shopping center, hahah,, what is a trip without buying useless stuff?Does anyone know a good outlet in New Orleans??
About today: again, we were alone in the world, trade was positive, to the upside, but with a very low volume. So, honestly, I dunno what drives the markets up. It's a power in the Moon in Taurus, I guess, which is fading out now. Subscribers got my news letters... Are you not one of them yet?? Pity. 
So we went up today with a ridiculous volume. I am going to call this a Sunday volume! 

as you can see, we are making higher highs, with no volume. Up with 6 days. Perfect turn to have on the 8th. But here is a catch. We have an option expiry.... And on the day-24.4.-  everything can happen!!! I have a clue, but, since I follow my readers, I am not going to publish it.

Have a good evening. 
a... before I go, we had a new Moon, I am starting a new article, so follow me there.

See ya 


  1. Hi, My name is habib and i am a new commodity trader. I am surfing internet for finanacial astrology predictions relating to GOLD/SILVER and crude OIL but unable to find an authetic source. Astrologers are charging high fees but predictions are not upto mark rather most of the time predictions are going opposite. Can you please post any levels for metals, as i would like to try first and then go for paid subscriptions or you can email me at

    1. Dear Habib,

      If you go to the left side of this blog you'll find a"search "window. There you can search evrything I wrote about gold/silver or oil in the past. You can then check if what was written actually happend. Only doing backtesting one can know if a system works or not.
      I hope you'll find what u are looking for.
      Best regards,

  2. Habib, financial astrology is only accurate about 10% of the time at best ! Be very careful, technical analysis must come first

  3. Hello Anonymus!

    first I would like to ask EVERYBODY who writes in my blog NOT to use Anonymous.... In order to answer to people I must have a name.
    Second, How can you write a thing like this??? 10% ????????? What is this blog about?? Not astrological analysis??? You can write: " In my opinion...". this or that... This is outragious.


  4. 3 fathers pattern very powerfull when combined with negative MACD divergence I saw it on daily SPX

  5. good observation :)

  6. Personally I haven't seen any horoscope reading as detailed as this one you wrote! it's really comprehensive and really gets to the core of the topic. Cheers. ;)


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