New Moon in Taurus

This is a very powerful new Moon, in Taurus. The Moon "feels" best in this sign; it is a most favorable position. Besides the Moon we have the Sun and Jupiter also in Taurus, so far so good.  Uranus and Mercury are in Aries, bringing more energy to the markets; Venus is Gemini… hmmmm, not the most ideal placement, but not bad.  What can we expect this Lunar cycle? Mercury will leave Aries, and "travel" 46 degrees to Taurus, Venus will turn retrograde in Gemini, and Mars moves 6 degrees, Jupiter too. All the other planets scarily move.
Today, at 20:10 gmt+3 the Moon will leave Taurus, and enter volatile Gemini. So look out for a change in trend. 

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Market is about to start, I'll be back later. 
TA25: closed yesterday at 1161, this means that there is a strong support at: 1158.40 Resistance at: 1164.50-1165.55 
Times to watch for today: 11:05 am 
Our index fell below 1158.4- now next support is at : 1155.8-1149.5-1146.6
S&P: trades now at 1369.48. Support at 1368.35- 1366.40.

April 24, 2012 Tuesday.

Due to independence day, we have options' expiry today, instead of Thursday, and then no trade till Sunday. Our index closed yesterday at 1148. Other indices made lower lows, but as I see it now, during the night, they all corrected to the upside. Today Mars rules, together with Venus. Again, no coincidences! look where are they ! Hand in hand Mrs.Mars with Miss Venus, in Libra....:) .Price-wise for TA25 at 1177. :)  1357 for the S&P; 5227 for the Nifty, 6667 for the DAX, etc. We learn in class how to do these calculations, which are crucial for trading! 

Expiry level exactly on Geo Venus! 1156.27

April 25, 2012 Wednesday

We have no trade today, due to Memorial day, for all the soldiers that died in our wars, since 1948. Yesterday I was visiting my mother, and driving home at around 8 o'clock in the evening. Suddenly I see 2,3,4,5 cars stopping at the edge of the road. I am thinking, poor souls, their car broke down, what are they going to do now, in the night?? I am driving on, and I see more cars stopping... that's strange.... I say... suddenly I hear the sirens thru the radio... It was for remembering the soldiers. So I pulled up too, stepped out of the car, carefully, not be run down by others, who did not stop, and stood for a minute in the darkness. Then, I thanked God for everything. 

So no market here, but, overseas yes, let's see what can we expect of today? It's a Mercury ruled day today, and Neptune. Aha! Neptune again, which rarely comes. Mercury is in Aries, in a separating sextile to Neptune, but at an exact square to Pluto!, A negative position, look for a  sudden fall! Venus is at a bad position too and at a perfect opposition to Saturn. 

NIfty: trades now at 5183- a very dangerous position!!! 
Falling below 5170 will be a hard short. 

S&P: trades now at 1374.98, but is should run above 1382.73 in order to continue up.Falling from 1365.35, target: 1306

A visitor from Mauritius is looking for Moon VOC in May:
Hello, and here are the dates: 

 3.05.2012  1:37 -  3.05.2012  5:04
 4.05.2012 21:02 -  5.05.2012  5:20
 6.05.2012 22:11 -  7.05.2012  4:39
 9.05.2012  4:34 -  9.05.2012  5:00
10.05.2012 22:11 - 11.05.2012  8:03
13.05.2012  4:02 - 13.05.2012 14:42
15.05.2012 18:24 - 16.05.2012  0:45
18.05.2012  8:20 - 18.05.2012 13:03
20.05.2012 15:35 - 21.05.2012  2:05
23.05.2012  9:21 - 23.05.2012 14:31
25.05.2012 20:03 - 26.05.2012  1:11
28.05.2012  2:54 - 28.05.2012  9:06
30.05.2012  8:50 - 30.05.2012 13:46

Hope this helps. 

Very rare planetary placement tomorrow in the sky! 

April 26, 2012 Thursday

S&P: will it go above today or not? What is blocking? Students?? I hope you know 
here is a clue: 
April 28, 2012 Saturday.

Time for research: "Look and thou shall find" . An extremely rare Solar eclipse is coming up on May 21st, it will happen on the "Pleiades" , the weeping sisters. Read under the link interesting stories about this group of stars. 

Solar eclipse in NY: 

Solar eclipse in North Korea: in the 11th house: 
In Rome it will occur in the 4th house, internal problems. In Paris, in the 5th house of romance, children, and gambling. In Munich in the 4th house. Effects of solar eclipse are felt for a year, while the Lunar eclipses a few months. 
Four years ago, when I attended the UAC, I bought  more than 30 books. One of them, is : Rose Lineman: "Eclipse interpretation Manual." If you want to know more about eclipses, this is the book to have. ($17). Another "must have book" is "Brady's book of Fixed Stars" there, on page 236-38 she explains about this cluster of 7 stars. The brightest of them is Alcyone, " who was said to bring good weather for the planting season. In traditional astrology all clusters cause eye problems or blindness. Read more about this in William Lilly's books. It can also mean the opposit, sharp eyes, or inner vision, or "third eye" ...  all this depends on the planets conjunct at birth these nebula. 
I guess there is no need to explain, what is a Solar eclipse?! An eclipse happens, when the Moon passes between the Sun and Earth, and the Moon blocks the Sun. This can happen only during a new Moon, when the Moon conjuncts the Sun. The eclipses were grouped in Saros cycles. Search this blog, at the left side there is a search window, I wrote about this in the past. This coming eclipse belongs to Saros no. 128, , a groups of eclipses that started in 984 and returns each 18 years. it's duration will be 5 minutes and 46 sec. 

April 29, 2012 Sunday. 

After such a rally in the US markets I expect ours to catch up. There is almost no time left for a new high, which should come, if I see it right. So these coming days will be hectic. 
Today we are ruled by the Sun and the Moon. as always, there is a correlation between the rulers of the day, and their celestial placement. The Moon squares the Sun. Another powerful position today is between Sun-Pluto. So far so good. 
TA25: closed at 1162.95. this means that there is a support on 1159.35 and a resistance at 1165.1. If we will have a gap up then we shall open above 1165, finding the way open to 1172.50,1174.8-1176.50-1179.5-1184.36.
Watch: 12:55-13:00 for an agressive turn. 
Opened with a huge gap-up: 1174! now all the day it will try ti close it :( 

April 29,2012 Monday

Guess what happened yesterday?? Exactly, as I wrote! We gapped up 1174, then the whole day they were trying to close it. We closed at 1164.89. there is still a gap to 1162.95. 

What can we expect of today? there is a support at 1162 and a resistance to 1166.5 Mercury just entered Aquarius, a new energy is pouring into the market. With the Moon in Leo, still more uptrend is on the way. Subscribers received my weekly newsletter, with dates and times to watch. Have you subscribed yet to one of my newsletters?? 

Hang Seng May contract: trades now at 20926, which was the top an April 20th. Running above it next targets: 21373-22077. Put your stop at  20645. 
Ta25 gapped up:  premarket : 1181! Calculating the planets, which is one of the key lessons in my course, we got the following levels: from yesterday's top: 1174: 1175-1176.50-1179.65-1180-1185.8-1189.90
Mercury in Aquarius effect: but, we should always make a synthesis among all planets! 

We have just now a Moon 90^ Jupiter, and later Moon 30^ Saturn. 

How can I not say Happy birthday to Peter Nalitch?? He is one of my favorits! Here are a few songs :

May 1, 2012 Tuesday.

The first proverb that pops into my ears is: " Sell in May and go away". Well, we still have 31 days in front of us, to do so, so let's see what is May about? The month of May was named after "MAIA" the Greek goddess. In Japan they celebrate the "Golden week" till May the 5th, they have 4 different holidays.  May 1 is or was, the Labor day. I remember as a child having to march on the streets with red flags and be very happy. What I did not understand, as a child, why was it compulsory? Well, I lived in a communist country. May 1st will be remembered as the day when Bin Laden was killed. 
On May 5 we have a full moon! Make sure you have your camera and can make a photo of this extraordinary huge Moon, in Scorpio!! since it will be perigee, or closest to Earth! Watch your pets, do they behave differently? I'm sure they will. 
The flower of the month is the Rose. Bring some to your wives...You might also wish to add May's stone, the emerald....  

Maybe, if you'll trade well you will even be able to afford it .... haha... 
So let me see...Today we are under the influence of Mars and the Moon. Hmmmm guess what?? they are conjunct! gmt+3: 

1.05.2011 17:50:55 22°26'47"Ari Conjunction Jupiter
1.05.2011 18:20:17 22°41'25"Ari Conjunction Mars

GOLD: TRADES now at 1164.43 Subscribers got my forecast with targets . so far they made a quarter of the emerald. :) 

There is no trade today in most European countries due to May 1 holiday. So we, here in Israel are alone; trade probably will be slow with low volume. 
S&P: closed yesterday at 1394.48, after a bottom at 1389.48. There is some support at 1391,1389.5,1388, 1384.95. Upwards targets: 1398.5, 1402,1406.8. Angles to watch today: Mercury-Uranus sextile. 

May 2, 2012 Wednesday

What a rally yesterday in the S&P!! I must say, this Mercury-Uranus sextile delivered! But, as always, after extreme moves, comes the correction. Now it trades at 1399.73. Our stop is at 1390. 

Today we are under the influence of Mercury and Jupiter.  They are 30^ apart. Althou a minor angle, it made the markets open with a gap, which are being closed now. The Moon is inconjunt Mercury now, :( but soon will trine Jupiter. 

A friend of mine, who is running an orphanage in Nepal contacted me today. He told me, that they have 38 children, who could not afford to buy books, and are skipping school. If any of you, good people, would like to make a donation for this purpose for the orphanage, it should be sent to:

 Tej Bikram Shahi (May 02 7:25 AM): u can send it to our bank account
·gabymitt (May 02 7:26 AM): and that is?
Tej Bikram Shahi (May 02 7:29 AM): Bank of Kathmandu New Road Branch, Kathmandu, Nepal
Current Account No: ….010200002303
Donation through Everst Bank Limited Nepal
Everest Bank Limited, Pulchowk Branch, Kathmandu,Nepal
Account Number: 01200501203788
Swiftcode: EVBLNPKA
Account Holder Name: KARNA BAHADUR SHAHI

Any small amount would be greatly appreciated! Let's help those kids study. As the proverb says: 
Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime."

Almost noon here, and the market closed the up-gap of this morning. Support now: TA25: 1165- 1160. Targets up: 1172.85-1176.55

May 3, 2012 Thursday 
Yesterday the S&P made a double bottom at 1388.98-, this time lower than April 30th low. If it'll go south again, then we have a head and shoulders pattern in the 1 hour graph, with a target at: 1376. So look out. 

Hang Seng: in the daily graph made a bottom on Sept 14, next, a higher one on Nov.4, now it trades between 20500-21700. Running above 21700 next levels up: 22080-23160.
Here is Sweden: for my European visitors: OMXS: strong support at 1026. Falling from there, target at the red box=990. Targets up: 1092

Dow: Made higher lows, so far so good for a long position. However, in order to continue to go up, should run up above 13285. with a high volume. Our stop is at 13153.Target for long: 13390. Falling from there, it might make a bigger correction , to 13116, or lower.
TA25: premarket: trades now at 1157.53. Yesterday's low was: 1156.39. Support at 1153.

FTSE: closed yesterday at 5748. It moves in a channel-up. Support at 5727. Look for a chnge in trend on May 13.

May 6, 2012 Sunday 

Today we are under the spell of the full moon in Scorpio. Also we should check Sun-Neptune positions. When did we have Neptune effect lately? It would be interesting to follow what happens in trade when Neptune pops up. 

As usual, we are alone in the market today, due to Sunday and with a negative argitrage our index will fall. Look for a correction between 1:48-2;56 pm. Trade today will be dull. 
There is a most distructive angle between Mars- Uranus which will fade away only on the 13th.
This angle was in action aslo on: 9.19.2008; 6/7/2010; 9/13/2010; 11/12/2011; 3/31/2012; and will be on the day of our next election, a very bad date! 9/4/2012;10/31/2013; 8/23/2014; 10/23/2015 etc/ 
 See what happened in the Dow previously: 

and on the S&P:

for TA 25:

Probably you heard that Putin was re-elected. Looking at his chart, nothing is more obvious! Powerful Saturn conjunct his Sun. See what a stellium he has in Libra!!:  Sun-Mercury-Saturn-Neptune Who said Libra people cannot decide??? Here is a man, who is leading Russia since 1999! Then, Uranus was 120 degrees from his Sun. 

Now: Saturn sits on his Stellium, Part of Fortune on his Pluto in H10, which is conjunct the South Node! Woww! Pluto with South Node! I have to check who else in history lives such a combination...

Our market closed at 1147.07. Subscribers received my targets for this week. 
Are you one of them?? then you know what will happen, where to put your stops and take profits. When to go long or short. Pls. send me a mail if you woul dlike to sign up for my weekly newsletter. 

See ya'

Drama in Paris. Elections that the outcome was known... ask my subscribers. Sarkozy is history, Francois Hollande is the new president.
Watch the Euro and DAX tomorrow. As long as we have this Mars-Uranus angle violence and crimes are possible. Terrible planetary angles. Watch out how you drive, do not quarrel. At least for a week. Watch out!

Francois Hollande: A very powerful person, with Sun and Pluto conjunction in Leo! He is 57.7 years old, born in Rouen, France on August 12, 1954. the ruler of his date is Jupiter, and it is conjunct the malefic South Node, or the Dragon tail. His carreer is shown by Neptune, which is in Libra. In the map below I put up his natal, the Directed and the transit chart. In the directed chart transiting Pluto! is on natal Neptune, and in the transit, Saturn (in green).Two most powerful planets that brought to his "incoronation" But, the worst happened yesterday,
with the South Node on the ascendant! I don't think he will be in charge more than a year. At the age of 59 he will "meet" Uranus and Pluto. these two will bring a "change in trend" .

Anyone reading this from France, I am not for him or against him, I am just looking at his map...

Let's see where are the markets: Let us not forget the miserable aspect we are having these days: Mars-Pluto-Uranus : 

So, Hollande is not to blame for any drops. It's the waning Scorpio Moon, and the planetary aspects. The East is falling. Dax will open soon. That is my concern... It will be interesting to see the CAC, which, by the way, was falling ( 14.3%) since March 16th; made a small stop at 3088, which, if broken, the index will make a banji to 2947.

May 8, 2012 Tuesday

The world received Mr. Hollande with a wide gap down. most supports were broken. Then, probably after some "behind the curtains" phone calls, the market recuperated... As I said, nothing comes in one shot. Markets move up or down on steps. Some use Elliotts. I don't rely on these waves, because they can be very subjective. 
So, as always, I watch the planets. What do we have today in the back ground? Any positivity? or better ask, are the positive traits overbalancing the negative? 
S&P: 's level is now at 1363. Mars is supportive at 1362.55. Is it strong enough to hold the index? The last low was at 1341.98 . We can go long, very carefully with this stop, only if it runs up above1370.

I came to the conclusion, that one cannot go to sleep, here in Israel, because everything changes 180 ^ from minute to minute. Yesterday we went to sleep, with the knowledge, that there will be early elections, on Sept.4, 2012, instead of 2013. I was even asked by one of the leading newspapers to write about the elections. How is the date, who will win? I prepared a 12 page article, analyzing criss-cross everyone, together and alone. I started my article, pointing out, that the date is disastrous for the country. Today morning I read the news... And what do I read? There are no elections! And the biggest opposition party joined the government. Now Netanyahu has 92 members in his coalition. First time in history. It is interesting to watch neighboring countries falling apart, and here, the extraordinary strength that is built.  We are under the influence of the same planets. But the timing!!! that is the most important thing. Sun comes to a conjunction to Jupiter. I think this is the answer. 
I would be happy if someone would comment on this! 

May 9, 2012 Wednesday

Today we are ruled by Mercury and the Sun. As always, the day's significators will give us a hint of what will happen: Mercury is just entering Taurus, the Sun is conjunct Jupter and Venus trines Saturn. What do you think these teach us? It's OK to post your comments, thoughts observations... 
This is the S&P 1 minute grph: you, who read my blog, know what is the three faters patternand how to calculate the targets. 
However, for long term traders, this is a minor effect, they should watch the daily graph. There, 1341-42 was the last bottom, which, should not be broken. 

May 10, 2012 Thursday

History teaches us that during an election year the markets are rallying. Well, As I see it now, if the DOW breaks 12640, we will have a first timer!! Why? because, then, this will mean that we have already seen the 5th Elliott, on Jan. 5, 2012, and we are now watching the formation of wave c, which can take it down to: it is now on the edge! Let me use a " conspiracy sentence": will THEY , let this happen?? 

Mind you, I am still waiting for a leg up, but if supports are broken, we elegantly will switch to short. 
Reading "forex factory" I see now why the low volume and side-trading: at 3:00 pm and 4:30 important announcements, and Mr.Bernanke is speaking. So tighten your seat belts! LOL. 

Here, in our little pond nothing much happens. Watching Oil drilling shares. Looking for a rally there as long as the Sun is walking "angaje" with Jupiter. 
UK: came out with stable results. Now the US cannot afford to do worst. 

May 11,2012 Friday. 

Gold is showing some weakness! Look out! May 4 was 55 days from th elast top, it should have turned up. But it did not, next turn in trend will be only on the 89th day, so Gold can crash till then to 1562-1531 even lower. 

Today we are under the rulership of Venus and Jupiter! The two benefactors. Guess what? they are making major angles! Jupiter is conjunct the Sun, and Venus trines Saturn. Lesson 8 -is all about how to calculate these planets, index-wise. 
The Moon enters Aquarius now, volatility is it's middle name- being an air sign. 
Have to run, be good! 
7 pm: guess what?? "THEY" did not let the market fall... Inspite of JPMorgan terrible report, 

The S&P:trades now at 1360, it should run up to 1368, 1372. Then an donly then my last leg will materialise. 

Have fun :) 

May 13, Sunday.

I wish to draw your attention to the Grand trine that is forming in the sky, and will be exact on May 14, 2012... as I write this date, it occurred to me that this is the "birth date" of Israel. Anyways, the grand trine is formed between Pluto-Mars-Mercury. It is an extremly rare pattern; see former dates. You, who know history, maybe can help out here, what happened on those days?? Come on!!! before I turn to Wiki. ...

All you have to do is write in Google: 1553: this is what I got: 


May 14,2012 Monday. 

East is blooming. I mean they are positive. Let's see how will the Dax open. Today we are under the effect of the Moon and Venus. The Moon is in exact opposition to Mars, Venus is O.O.O. (Out of bounds). Here is the graph of Venus for 80 years. This is another research topic... What happened in the world when Venus was OOO? or Mars? A planet is OOO when it goes over 23^27"- North or South form the 0 point. 

This is how the S&P looks with these enormous pressures from several planets.: 

Facebook FB- to be listed on Nasdaq this month. ! Will this lift the falling market? It will start trading this Thursday 17.5.2012; between $28-36.  The day is ruled by Jupiter, the major benefactor, the date is ruled by Mars. On the 17th Venus will already be Retrograde. Look for a CIT on June 26-28th. 
The Lauch IPO was on that day, the first trade is at 18.5.2012. (see map below) 

TA25: bottomed today at 1111.74. Today is a Fibonacci day; I expect a CIT.

S&P: I am playing with some calculations here... I come up with a bottom at 1329.97. Let's see if I am on something here... :) 

May 15, 2012 Tuesday.

Markets are looking for a bottom. Will it be today? Let's see what's happening up there? The first thing I see that there are planets at low degrees, and others at the end of the signs. Meaning, a rally or a fall can be extreme. So which one will be? Up or down? Venus turns today, so this is a major event. The Moon is in sextile to the Sun, waning, but it's a positive placement. Venus is at 30^ to Jupiter=positive, Mars is 120^ to Pluto=positive. Venus is 120^ to Saturn=positive. South Node is 60^ to Uranus=negative. Aha... so not everything is 100%, but where in life do we get 100% of anything?? We have to manage with 70-80%. Venus turns Retro at 23 degrees. Let us remember this degree, it will mark another change when it'll be here (July 30-31) again. Where will JPMorgan scandal be then? Where will the S&P be then, and the gold, etc...

The East :Nikkey: Fibonacci is here: 

At noon there was an announcement about Greece, that they will go to new elecions. At that time the planets were in exact angles: the outcome is on the graph. See, what I wrote in the morning? rallies/falls to the extreme.... 

Yesterday I wrote, that I got a bottom at 1329.97. The bottom today was at 1330.23! 0.26 difference.... Nice ! Nooooooo?? 

Oh, I just see now: the Moon is VOC. till 16.5. 0:45. Switching off... take care. 

May 16, 2012 Wednesday. 

If we did not have enough volatility till now, today we will. Not only is the day ruled by Mercury,  Moon also moved to Aries. Air in fire. and you have a merry go round. Tighten your seet belts.
Moon's angles for today: at gmt+3: 

16.05.2012 12:11:18  7°15'12"Ari Conjunction Uranus
16.05.2012 15:30:02  8°54'36"Ari Semi-square Jupiter
16.05.2012 16:10:00  9°14'34"Ari Quincunx Mars
16.05.2012 16:10:26  9°14'47"Ari Square Pluto
16.05.2012 20:23:44 11°21'12"Ari Semi-square Sun

JKSE: One of the most powerful indices of the world! SInce I have a newsletter for several clients in Indonesia, I follow closely this index. See: it rallied by 235% since the last bottom! Oct,2008. 

to compare, here is Nifty: 
Can you find an index that rallied more than 235% since oct.28, 2008???? 

Some readers request proof of my forecasts... Well, all you have to do is look at the left under " For the record" ... there you'll find plenty. 

Also, you can click " Follow this blog" then, every time I write someting you'll receive it. 

I see somebody from Richmond,Virginia was looking for Goldman Sachs: here is the updated graph: 

When my kids were young we used to hug and kiss a lot. Now, they are grown up, we don't do that any more. I really miss it. My son lives with me and I arrange his room almost every day. He comes home late, I am already asleep, and I don't get any feed back for the tidy room. SO I could not stand it, I asked him, "don't I get any " like" for the clean and tidy room?" he said: Not only " LIKE" but also "SHARE" .... hahahhahahaaaaa - facebook love in cyber times. 

May 17,2012 Thursday

I completed the Gold and Silver forecast yesterday. If you are interested, you can also subscribe to it

The last high was May 1st, then in the Helio map we had a Mercury -Uranus angle. Today we have a Mercury-Pluto. We should watch more closely this little devil... 
Anyways, today, we are ruled by Jupiter and Mars. Mars is in trine with Pluto at 1329. Students, do you remember how to calculate this?? I hope so!! :) 
If the S&P bases itself on 1329, taking in consideration that the last high it was Mercury's show, and today it's on stage again, then we can go long with this stop. 

Special note for students: S&P hit our calculated target!!! 

JPMorgan: hit my target. 35.50. Falling from here,= 34.38- 32.70... But calming news on Bloomberg on the issue. Mind you, there is an open gap between 37.94-40.08 which should close. 

May 18, 2012 Friday

Facebook IPO was yesterday, price at $38. The first trade will be today, in Nasdaq, at 11:00 am New York . 
FB is ruled by the Sun and Venus. The hour by Jupiter. It has the luminaries , Mercury and Jupiter in Taurus! No malefics. If they have not consulted an excellent astrologer, who then? It is the perfect day, the perfect hour. The price is supported at by Uranus, at 37.33, and Pluto is there at 39.21. I guess it will gap-up at the opening, target: 47- 53$. 

Some minor changes in the Facebook first trade hour: there was a delay, so the final time is 11:32 NY time. am. This moves the Asc. to 17Leo 14, Moon at 2Tau42. Mercury & Venus are in mutual reception, and what is more important, it was still Jupiter hour. 
This is the combined map of Mark Zukerberg with Facebook: See how the Sun and Jupiter of facebook is right on the Sun of Mark? Perfect position for BIG money! 

This is a rectified map of Mark Zukerberg's natal time of birth, after I read Lauren Delsack's article - excellent- and make some calculations myself. I came up with 14:43, she with 14:39, not much difference.
The point is, transiting Jupiter, Mercury, Sun on his natal Sun, and the sextile between natal Neptune to transiting Neptune, which is the ruler of his marriage, that took place on the 19th to Priscilla Chan. 

May 19,2012 Saturday.

Ask, and it shall be given you; seek; and you shall find; knock and it shall be opened unto you. For every one that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth; ...from the
See what I have found... : I realised there are 226 days from Oct 4 low. This no. rings a bell, I thought it might be Venus synodic cycle. So I  Googled it, and I came up with this fantastic article! Then, guess, when is the next runing point?? Dec. 25, and Aug 13, 2013. Mark these dates in your calendar! ( Venus-Pluto synodic cycle is 225 days.) 
Then this one...

Never a dull minute. 

May 20, 2012 Sunday

I am preparing for the trip to New Orleans, where the UAC, the biggest astrology conference is held. I attended 4 years ago too, for the first time, it was a mind opener! I met a lot of people. It will be nice to meet them now again, after 4 years. I am coming now from a different place; I learned so much in these years... I am in contact with sooo many people, I am teaching, writing a book, so I come from a different level now, that then. But, there is always something new to learn, new windows to open, make new acquaintances, buy some more books. My house is loaded with books, no place to put one single more... LOL. 
The market , being a Sunday, is dull with low volume. 

See you later.

My EUR-USD & GBP-JPY report is ready. If you would like to subscribe, pls. send me a mail. 
May 21,2012 Monday

Just a quick note before I go. I think market will rebound today. New energies are coming in, from the Sun entering Gemini, at least till it'll reach the 4th degree. Why this degree?? you see, "Chicago"... this is another thing I teach in class. 
A quick looking back, how did the S&P performed in this New Moon, from April 21- till today?
Back then it bottomed at 1354.25 - today's bottom was at 1287.75=66.5 points lower or, 123.5 points lower from May 1 top. Here "research" knocks on the door. check the degrees the Sun passed, or Mercury, etc. You will find, that the Sun moved 30 degrees.- this means the S&P fell 4.11 points daily. Does this mean, that next New Moon, (19 June) the S&P will be above 1395? Maybe... maybe not. Here synthesis comes in the door. If it would be so easy....As the proverb has it: 
"The afternoon knows what the morning never suspected"

Well, have to go : 
Have a good day,
See you

Earthquake in Italy: near Piacenza. see how Uranus-Saturn-Mars meet.20 May 9:39 pm.

Follow to the New Article: New Moon in Gemini. Thank You for being here! :)


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    1. I am glad you benefit from my blog. I write this blog for 4 years, if you go to archive, there is a LOT of stuff... Enjoy


  2. You saying the market is about to turn up?

    1. I am still waiting for a final run-up till mid May, yes.


  3. Unfortunately when I subscribed to your spx newsletter it was not possible to understand when the turns came. It is necessary to do your course.

  4. I'll be glad if you took my course. There is plenty to learn. Who are you?

  5. My name is habib, i wanted to subscribe for commodity (SILVER), please help me how to do subscription

  6. this is my mail. pls. send me a mail, I shall answer there.


  7. Gabriella on the 24th April you said you were expecting a run up into mid May. Today you are saying down into mid May??

  8. Are we in mid-May yet?

  9. I am asking you to clarify. Why be evasive?

    1. Chicago... you write under anonymus... and I am evasive???
      I asked a dozen times, introduce yourselves. Speak say what are you trading. I don't like to speak to people behind the curtains. See how I put myself on the stage? What do you have to loose?
      About the market in May. Where did I write that we are going down?? Corrections are possible; nothing goes up in a straight line, markets go up in cycles or steps.
      yes, I still beleive another leg up must come, in May.


  10. I would say the following comment you made today indicates you expect the market to go down into 13th may which I consider to be mid month

    "There is a most distructive angle between Mars - Uranus which will fade away only on the 13th"

    If it isn't negative on the market then it is a highly ambiguous and misleading statement.

    However I now thank you for clarifying and confirming that you expect the market to go up into mid May.

    I trade mainly indices.

  11. but I still don't know who are you .... :(

  12. and to pinpoint it out, I think, that the markets will go down till the 10th then sharply up. Other angles will come on the stage. This Full Moon in Scorpio was most destructive....not only for the market, but for everyday life.People are murdering each other, bizarre accidents happen, who knows what else?

  13. Chicago financial astrology alone is inconsistent and unreliable. You need strong technical analysis confirmation with it. Have you ever seen the trading statement of an astro trader ? Go figure !

  14. Anonymous, first, I requested to sign your posts.
    Second, I do use technical analysis, and I combine all together. Technical analysis cannot gove you the future happeneings, which astro can. And in order to understnd the astro statements, I strongly advise you to sign up to my course and LEARN. why to my course? because I combine e v e r y h i n g there is, all the tools, to be able to trade. I also speak the "bottom lines" and the lessons are built one on the other. I require extra readings, and homeworks must be done. Other wise it's a waste of time. 10 lessons, thru Skype. Everybody can do it. Not everybody can trade, all that is hidden in one's natal chart.
    See you in class :)


  15. Any chance you can tell us what happened on those dates or what you expect to happen tomorrow? I can't find anything on it as the dates you have given are too wide. So far no rally into the 14th.

  16. Gabriella I do not see anything in your writings on the blog that indicates your work has helped you forecast the severity of the declines or any market turns. What are you seeing now - do we continue to sell off or is the astro becoming more positive?

    Thanks in advance for your reply. Chicago.

  17. Hello Chicago,

    Indeed I did not call for May-day at the beginning of May, when the decline started. Then, as you well know, I thought we will have am up-leg in the mid of May, with Venus turning retro.
    But in my course I teach what should one follow and how to count the price and time to be able to forecast. I also wrote to my subscribers in every index or commodity that I analyse, what are the targets, up or down, and if they are not reached, we should watch a step below. Since May 1, when we had the last top, events followed events - in the sky- each bringing a new fall. What could stop it now? Look at the powerful planets, angles, ingresses, they should have the answer. I strongly recommend all of you, to sign up to my course. You will see a whole new world enfolding.

  18. Gab,

    Thought you might be interested. Relatively rare Solar eclipse on May 20th was prophesized by Nostradamus and the Mayans to bring a strong Italian earthquake - and did. This sight doesn't know how to spell "apocalypse. Also many feel that the eclipse will mark a huge CIT.

    Aren't crop circles a scam?

    Tom in Michigan

  19. -Hello Michigan Tom, I appreciate every piece of info! great! thanks. I hope not many people were injured :(

    1. That I don't know. I did hear 4 people died yesterday and a lot of damage. Haven't seen much coverage. I just find it interesting that this can be prophesied and then HAPPEN. Wow!


  20. Tom, why is this eclipse rare? there are eclipses every year, this one we have only 2, last year we had 4. We know when will occur the next eclipses. They usually bring natural disasters. Quakes, storms, floods. The difficult thing to forecast, and this is the incredible where Nosradamus comes in, with no computers back then, to predict where will it hit. I just checked, and may 20th 9:39 pm, the South Node, saturn and Mercury met in Piacenza, Italy, and broght the quake. How could Nostradamus calculate it? Beats me!!! Chapeau, Nostra!

    1. Rare because an annular eclipse was last fully appreciated (ring of fire) on US soil in 1994 and the next one isn't due until 2023...


  21. My fault, it was Uranus-Mars-Saturn.

  22. This eclipse was rare- as per the article, because the Moon was perigee. We will have a similar Perigee moon eclipse on Nov.13,2012.Also on March 19,2015 perigee moon, on March 20th an eclipse.9-10.3.2016,July 13,2018;In 2023- the perigee Moon is on April 16, while the eclipse on April 20th.... We have much closer "hit" before 2023. So I don't get it.


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