New Moon in Gemini II

No, it is not a mistake, we did have 2 New Moons in Gemini. The first at 0 Degrees, on May 21, the second at 29 degrees, yesterday, June 19. Gemini is a splitted sign, as Libra, and Pisces, and voila, we had 2 New Moons. It is good tho start new things during a New Moon, like open a business, start studying, get married. Those things will last for a long time.
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Something to be concerned about: Pluto is sitting now on "Facies" fixed star. It's effect is Unfortunate. Keywords: Blindness, violent death, leadership, war, coldness, detached, earthquakes. (from Zet).

Moon's movement for today: (gmt+3)20.06.2012 12:56:41 8°19'44"Cnc Square Uranus

Mars 0 Saturn 22.03.1996 4:48
Mars 0 Saturn 2.04.1998 10:29
Mars 0 Saturn 15.04.2000 23:28
Nifty:> Closed at 5128. There is a strong support at this price from Saturn and Jupiter. But it is blocked by the Earth. It would take a GAP-UP to run above 5131.40- then it can continue the rally. If the stop is broken, (5128) is can fall by 20 points! ( answer to a request sent from a mobile)

June 21,2012 Summer solstice. the longest day of the year
When the Sun enters the sign of Cancer we call this day the Summer solstice.Today we are ruled by Jupiter and Mercury. They are 45^ apart. See, how interesting? There is almost always something happening in the sky, between the two planets that rule the day!

TA25:trades now at 1079. It should go above 1080, then next targets: 1082-1083-1085-1088.50- here planets are blocking, but with a little help from my friend, Mercury, it will push it up, and then it will go to 1102.

Uranus 90 Pluto 4.09.1821 19:17 
Uranus 90 Pluto 21.05.2013 2:02 
Another difficult aspect is the conjunction between Mars and SaturnSaturn will ingress Scorpio on Oct.6,2012 till Dec 24,2014- difficult time for those born in this sign, (or have their Ascendant here) as it was in 1985, 1956. 

June 21,2012 Summer solstice.

When the Sun enters the sign of Cancer we call this day the Summer solstice.Today we are ruled by Jupiter and Mercury. They are 45^ apart. See, how interesting? There is almost always something happening in the sky, between the two planets that rule the day!
As I look at it now, June 22-23 will be a top for the markets. So be very careful with long positions. Next top between 15-20 August.

DAX: reached my target given yesterday!!!! 6388.35 till now!!! Great!

Everybody is busy with Uranus - Pluto square. Here are the dates when these these two were in square, and they will be: Begin: 1.01.1755
June 23,2012 Saturday.

I am very busy writing my newsletters, but here is something,I think would interest you: 
As you may know, I am teaching Numerology and Astrology in my "Financial Astrology" course. During the lessons students ask, why is this relevant? Why do we learn about the Numbers, and will this knowledge help them trade. So look here: DOW: 

1) If I take 6/3/2009 for a low we get 9/11( rings a bell?) - on that day the low was 6443.27= 26.
In the Helio chart there was a Jupiter-Mars conjunction at 7^ Aqua.
Jup-Mars synodic cycle is 2.24 years. 

If we combine the two numbers of the planets =27- and check from the low of 2009- you will find exact turns of every 27 days, and we know that 28 days, is the Lunar cycle.
Dow with Mars-Jupiter angles.

Next Cit: Aug 16, 2012 Mars-180 Jup. 
Last was : April 21.2012
Next : July 21
Until July 21, I would watch: June 27, 28, 7/3,7, 12,16,

But actually the low was :  9/3/2009 at 6440.08
Using Numerology this date and price adds up to 23 and 22.
Looking at the Astro chart (Geo) for that day: We had a Mars conj. Neptune as 24^ Aqua.+ Venus sextile Jupiter at 14-15^ Aries/Aqua. North Node at 8^ Aqua (this is important, because Pluto-Uranus at 8^ now). Uranus/MC/ Chiron all around 22-23 deg^.

The Mars-Neptune Synodic cycle is 694.911 days= 695. divided by 9(ruler no. of Mars) we get a 77 days interval. 
Check it out!
 And it does not end here:

Next bottom was July 1,2010= 11/2
Looking at the planets on that day, we had Jupiter at 2^, Moon at 12 (also 2 involved) Nodes at 11, Venus at 20, Eris at 22. 

Next bottom: 29/11/2010= 43/7 = Neptune
On that day Neptune conjunct Chiron. + Sun at 7 ^+ Mars squares Jup. (from the previous cycle).
In the helio chart: Pluto 90 Jup. + Pl 0^ Ma. +Ven. 120 Nep etc. ... 

Next bottom: 3/16/2011 = 23/5 Mercury 
On that day Merc conj Jupiter. at 11 degrees as the year, Venus,Mars at 16 deg, as the day.

Next bottom: 6/15/2011= 25/7 = Neptune again.
On that day Neptune conj.Chiron Moon at 15 deg as the day, Venus and Pluto at 6 deg as the month. 

Next: 8/8/2011 = 20
make the chart of the day. Find 6 planets, asteroids etc at least with 2


June 24,2012 Sunday

Today we are ruled by the Sun, (in Cancer) and Saturn.
As I wrote above, using numerology we can see clearly which planets rule every day, and what can we expect.

Like today: 6.24.2012= 35/8. 8 is the only number that is closed. It is also the symbol of the infinite. 8 is ruled by Saturn. Saturn today is stationary retro, meaning that it is slowing down before turning Direct.
Then we go on, and analyze the other planets. Where are they? Venus is in sextile to Uranus, Jupiter in square to Neptune, and Uranus-Pluto square, which will be there for more than a year, so I will not write about it…. The internet is full with it.
TA25: trades now at 1068. It is supported by Ceres. This is an asteroid, which usually I do not follow, but today it makes an interesting angle to Chiron, which is one of the points that effect the markets. So we should check what will happen. Below 1068, next support is at 1064-Venus. Venus in Helio map is solitary today, meaning it has no angles to any of the other planets. No angles, no power… What do you think??
Venus is on Vega – fixed star today – which is a fortunate position. SO it might just hold...

Look at the Moon in action: as it moved to 0 Virgo- which is 90 degrees to the last eclipse degree, made a gap-up 2 minutes before closing! It also squared Jupiter, the planet of expansion.
Closed at 1080.38

I guess all shortists were wiped out with no possibility to react..

I wrote this during the day, since I could not continue to write here for some reason. Now, I succeeded, using my laptop.

Never a dull day….
Oh... and guess who is coming to visit?? Putin!

June 25,2012 Monday

Today we are ruled by the Moon and Mars. The Moon is squaring Pluto, but by the time the markets will open, this angle will fade away.
Nifty is trading already, and, as I wrote in my report for subscribers, we went long here, with a stop at 5140. It is now at 5208.
Today we have a lot of "action" in the sky. Venus and Saturn are slowing down, before turning Direct. etc... all in my newsletter.
TA25: there is a huge gap from yesterday, now it is still premarket, but it is at 1077. Support at 1075.75, 1072.75. If it falls below this level, it will fall back and close the gap. Times to watch : 11.35-12:45 - up.
I don't think today we will have a run-up as yesterday. The hours are wrong...
we closed at 1065.92. It closed yesterday's gap-up. Tomorrow another volatile day, maybe the decisive one for this week.
Meanwhile USA opened, and ajajaj, what is that?? 1309? falling below 1305... that's it. Finito la comedie. Will "they" let it happen?
House sales is positive... hmm at the right moment. Support at 1306. Let's see....

I am going to yoga, enjoy@ :)

June 26,2012 Tuesday

There was quite a fight yesterday between long and short... All indices checked the bottoms, and although the S&P and Dax fell be 1-2 points lower than my estimated target, they kept the ground. let us check if the worst is behind us? How do we do that? by checking the sky, and analyzing the planets, their strength, and placements. We must also check if there are any new energies flowing into the markets. 

And, what do we find?? Moon conjuncts Mars. well, this is a good and new energy that was not there yesterday. Today is the 26th, and Mars is at 26 Virgo! isn't this extremely interesting???
Another interesting point to mark is the Sun's position. It is at 5^, look how many planets are in the early degrees of different signs! The Sun sends angles to all of them.
But, I am not going to bother you with astrological details, probably you are eager to know about the market. Will it go up now or not?? Well, the answer is simple. Until last bottoms are not broken, we are LONG.
TA25: low of yesterday was 1064.45, today I would expect 1067-1072.75-1076-1078.

Pls. note Jupiter-Neptune square, and Mercury -Neptune 150^, they point to extreme weather, floods rains, mudslides. Take your umbrella! and be careful! Weather can change in no time...
We will not have rain till November...

On June 24,2012 at 16:27 the Muslim brothers, under the leadership of Mr. Morsi won the elections,in Egypt; by 1 percent. here is the map of the event.
Numerologically it is very interesting to check the numbers: 24 equals 6, ruled by Venus. June is the 6th month, the year adds up to 5. Together we get: 17/8 which is ruled by Saturn.
Now take a look at the chart:

The hour gave us a Sag. rising. the ruler of Sagittarius, planet of freedom, and religion, is weak, in the opposite house, H7, from the Ascendant. it is conjunct the South Node and Venus. Saturn, the ruler of the date is stationary before turning direct. Saturn is in the sign of Venus, Libra, where it is strongest. Saturn is in trine by sign to Jupiter. (Which is good) angle, but what do all these mean, you ask me?? Well, it is as if a youngster would wish to get out of the parent's house, and do it alone, and be by himself, Saturn, the restrictive parent will hold him prisoner, and pull him back to " order". The lad has no power, not by sign, not by position. However, there is a change enfolding in the background, because of the Pluto-Uranus square, that their first "meeting" started the Arab spring, and now this is the first impact of it. It is a slow change, because slow planets are involved, but it is an irrevocable one because it involves the most powerful planets.

June 27,2012 Wednesday

Yesterday the markets found a bottom, and went up. I was not amazed by the volume though! There are so many parameters to check when we trade! One should have the eye of a cameleon to see everything at once! The cameleon can rotate his eyes  360 degrees and focus separately on two different moving objects simultaneously. How come this prehistoric animal is it, and we, the top creatures of evolution, don't?? Anyways... the markets went up.
Today: we are ruled by Mercury and the Moon. Mercury is in Leo, soon it will make 150^ to Neptune and a sextile to Jupiter. The Moon trines Venus. SATURN turned direct while you were sleeping.... Saturn is VOC.- no angles to any planets... This is interesting. because if Saturn is Void of course, law and order are loose. Any uprisings, manifestations in the world?? Saturn falls on Washington and China... I should check the news.
Market forecasts are ready, have you not signed up yet???
TA25: 1066.25 now, premarket, but if it stays above 1066 there is a possibility to reach 1072, 1076.78, 1081,1083.
times to watch: 10:41, 10:53. am

June 28, 2012 Thursday

Today it's a double Jupiter day. I expect huge moves. as if time was running out. We still have a Jupiter 90 Neptune aspect, but also Mercury 150 Neptune. Mercury conjunct Jupiter by declination, and both contra parallel the Nodes. SO, as I wrote in my newsletters, we have a hectic week.
What's new in the world? Assad is "fading out" I think his stars turned against him. Also, I would not be surprised, if we hear some news about Achmadinajad. A few months ago, I wrote in another group, that Mars, will be on the fixed, destructive star "Alkaid" , triggering some bad angles in his chart. So we shall see and watch the news for the coming days.
Today we have options expiry. The levels to be reached are: 1083-1087.50.
The S&P: is now at 1325.53
 The Moon is VOC. and conjunct Saturn. They support the index at 1318. Target: 1328-1340-1347. 
Nifty: trades now at 5176. I think we will see 5182 soon...
Gold: bottomed for the last 6 days at 1557; it is supported by Mars. 1567-68 is a strong resistance.
Dax: is now at 6266, support at 6228

In New Orleans there was an astrologers' panel about who will win the elections.
All said, 90% ,that Obama will win. I said to my friend sitting next to me, that there will be great surpises at that time, and Obama might issue National Emergency in order to hold to the chair.
This is now in the news: who knows what will follow?? During his visit here, Putin said, Russia will not shed a tear of there is an attack on Iran. But today, the news are different. Read more on that site I linked.
TA25 June options expired at 1074.37

In my newsletter I include a weekly calendar, showing bad times, or angles, that can cause sudden drops. I guess only those who took my course will really understand them, and few will implement them, or use them, because it's all psychology. People seldom believe what they see... lol.. And when they finally react, the event is already over. Trading is not so easy... The markets are correcting now. the Dax, fell below the support I posted in the morning.
In trade this is called "shake out". In astrology: Moon makes some 150 angles to different planets or points.In fundamental world: at 10:55 German unemployment 7K instead of the expected 4, and previous 1.! So now the world is in panic. Where is my camelion?? 

June 29, 2012 Friday.

What a volatility!! Markets bottomed yesterday, and now I see they gapped up- running for new highs. What happened? Mercury sextiled Jupiter. Mercury is the one to look for gaps; As I discovered in my many researches. So let me see: I wrote yesterday, that the support for the S&P was 1318, so if you used this info, you did not loose what you gained from the last up leg. It fell to 1306.28, and that was a sign to enter again long, since it did not break to last low, 1302. My target given yesterday is 1348, and now it trades at 1341. With planetary calculations there is a strong resistance at 1342.70, and above that at 1347.75. Support is only at 1310.90
Since the support is too deep down, I would hate to loose the gain of this gap-up. The rule is: if you trade the 1 hour graph, take the low of the 4th candle for stop. ( or in any other time frame). I'd rather enter a trade again, than loose what is already in the pocket.

I would like to " welcome" my new visitors from the 113th country who read my blog. I hope you will be participating, commenting on my posts. Don't be a stranger! Speak up, tell me what you think.

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July 1 2012 Sunday

Another month passed. What happened in this month? TA25 was at 1047, now it's at 1057; S&P was at 1278, now it is at 1362; Dax was at 6280, now at 6416, Gold was at 1626, now 1598, (closing levels). We did not have any rally worth while mentioning it. Was this due to Venus retro, or the Sun in Cancer... yes, these and more...

JULY. Where is the name coming from? Wikipedia tells us, that the month got its name from Augustus in 450BC, to honor Julius Caesar, who was born in July. Until then, July's name was Quintilis- for being the fifth month from March, the beginning of the year, with the spring.
The stone of July is the ruby. It's flower is the water Lilly.
Astrologically we have many events. I explain them in my newsletters. One of them is Mars entering Libra. My colleagues expect it to bring a rally. I think, as I always write, that Mars alone cannot give us the direction; other planets, more powerful are there to block or support the market. Each index is ruled by another planet. Therefore each should be examined separately.  
TA25: we have an arbitrage of 2.42%, so it should open with a gap-up, and then close it during the day. The volume is extremely low Sundays, Another boring day?
The date added up gives us 13, which is the card of Death in Tarot. I have to spice up the issues here, a little bit... Yesterday Mr. Morsi was sworn in as president of Egypt. The date added up was the "Hanged man". This card tells us of a person who sees the world upside down. In a wrong light. or the situation itself is mixed and not clear. Anyways, today we are under the effect of the Sun and Uranus. And, again, I can only admire astrology. These two are in perfect square.

Key levels for today: 1072.65- 1088.50.

I completed the S&P, Nifty, JKSE, Eur-Usd, GBP-JPY, DAX forecast for the coming week. for those interested to sign up, pls. click at the left on Paypal or on the little man on the star.

Thank You :)

July 2, 2012 Monday.

Today we are ruled by the Moon and Mercury. The Moon will soon sextile Saturn, restriction, and square Mars. Mercury is in sextile with Venus, later will trine Uranus. But, we should also look at the Heliocentric chart, and there, Jupiter makes an evil angle to Saturn. In the hierarchy of the sky, these two are stronger, than the former planets. So let's see:
TA25: trades now at 1078.28. The price equals Saturn's position. Falling from here: 1072.80-1060.
S&P: trades now at 1353; there is a support at 1352-51-48-47, below this only 8,17 points lower.
DAX: is now at 6414; support 6409-6400...

We got our gap-down and closed it.Resistance at 1083.20. -1084.65.
The S&P is trying again, for the third time to go above 1358. Dax is struggling for new highs, 6490 is a resistance.... Let's see... Stop should be at 6470
The rally in TA is with a ridiculous volume, 50 mil. $ so far...

The market behaves as I expected, and as I wrote in my news letters.
Good trading!

July 3, 2012Tuesday

Are you getting the power of Pluto-Uranus square, at 1358 ?? Today Venus joins these powers... Will it make a difference? looking at the 1 hour chart there is a head and shoulders pattern with target 1368. But first, Pluto should be conquered. The question to ask : is there enough power in the air??
Today we are ruled by Mars, and Venus. Using the Tarot cards, it's the Devil CARD....

JULY monthly forecast is ready!!!! Oh boy... You would not want to miss this one.

TA25 closed at 1079.16 with a volume of 610 million shekels, which is 160 mill$. the volume of a drugstore!!! The regulations and the taxes the government put on the stock market, scared off all foreign money. Why should someone invest here, if he has to pay 25% tax on the income? and hire a line of lawyers, accountants and staff to keep it going??? Idiots!!!!!
One has to be a cheat, a liar and a thief in order to earn a dollar. Incredible! The volume we have for the last months is just a big SHAME! The tricks the government pulls in every direction it's unbelievable... No wonder there is a sign as you enter the country saying: "here you can be only beautiful, but not clever ! -. How to be a millionaire?? Bring a BILLION.
Achhhhh, I am so frustrated, going to the beach. ... It is full of people who are not aware... So why get angry? Just flow.
You, who trade the S&P: it is now at 1360.53... The Moon just passed Pluto. Soon it will oppose the Sun. Levels up: 1362///  Upppps, Mars!!!!!! right now 0 Libra !
Do you see this??? Mars delivered!!!! S&P crossed the Pluto line at 1358, it is now at 1364. Next :68.5

July 4, 2012 Wednesday

Our eyes are now on the East, and on Europe, since there is no trade in the US today. But, You could give me a few " LIKE"s for forecasting yesterdays' rise to 1368.5!!
Nifty triple topped at around 5330. Saturn stopped it at 5332. Strong support at 5318.
Today we are ruled by Mercury and Neptune. Ahaaa. It's been a while since we had Neptune as a ruler! An interesting pattern today in the sky is the YOD between Mercury-Venus-Pluto. all at 8 degrees. 
Another formation is the Bi-sextile between Mercury-Uranus-Venus, also at 8 degrees. I wonder how does these affect the US chart?
TA25: closed yesterday at 1079.31. It trades in a triangle, with very low volume. Support s at 1077.75, resistance: 1082.25. These match, more or less, planetary calculations as well. Since it is a day ruled by Neptune, more manipulations, shake-outs are on the way... Oh... July, is a month to go to the beach, until the jelly-fish turn up, than we are banned from there too. lol .
There we go, opening at 1083, just a little bit above Neptune. Next resistance: 1088.50
Top till now: 1083.20, from there it is sliding down, to 1079. volume? like yesterday, ridiculous
Double bottom at 1077.48 should go above 1080 in order to run up, it seems to me, it will close down, breaking the support provided by Saturn: 1072.

I guess all US visitors are out celebrating now, spending money, and happy. Happy 4th of July!
Don't worry, you did not miss a thing.

July 5, 2012 Thursday

While we were sleeping Helio Venus changes sign, and is now in Aquarius. Looking at the Dax (future), it topped on July 3, at 6580, which equals 10 Cancer, the Full Moon's position exactly.

The S&P topped yesterday at 1369.28; now it trades at 1363.28. it is still premarket, only the East trades now. What can we learn from them ? The Nifty did not cross yesterday's top, Hang Seng bottomed at 17855, now it trades at 19176, the Nikkei is building a dangerous H&S pattern... I am talking about the future contracts.
Usually when Venus enters Aquarius it pushes the markets up. But, we should check the other planets as well.
Today we are under the influence of Jupiter and Saturn. Two controversy and powerful planets. Which one will rule?? Which one will get support from other planets? Where is the Moon and Mars? are they helping or not? All these must be checked, before we take a decision in "making our bets".
Yesterday I was at a very interesting lecture, relating to kabalistic Numerology, from the Weekly Torah portion. This week we have the "Balak" portion, you might want to read it, but what is interesting, that this portion is the 40th weekly portion, (out of 55) and the 7th in the "Book of Numbers". Gann related to the numbers 40 and 7 all the time, these numbers are the most important, that continue to pop up in the Bible. So, my point is, that there is a CIT. during this week.
Today: Although we have Venus ingress to Aquarius, but, our market, for instance, is below it, how and why, I hope my students understand... support is only 15 points lower.So we should check all markets, calculate and see if the planets support or block. And, is there enough energy?? I mentioned above Jupiter-Saturn effect today.Look at the map: they are 150^. Nothing is a coincidence. We might not see the correlation, but we will understand it later.

Today we also have a nice Star of David in the sky, as my friend Gali found: This format is very rare, it is built by two grand trines. Today, in fire and air signs. The pattern is extremely powerful, and positive.

Moon's position today: (gmt+3).

5.07.2012 12:12:09 5°11'04"Aqr Trine Jupiter
5.07.2012 17:53:08 8°31'00"Aqr Sextile Uranus
5.07.2012 18:07:33 8°39'25"Aqr Trine Venus
5.07.2012 19:00:18 9°10'14"Aqr. Opposition Mercury 

Our market ran up, under the Moon's positive "pushes" to 1091, but closed at 1083, which, on the Gann wheel is 180^ to the 1051 last low.
The other markets ran up too, the S&P made a higher high, than my target: 1368.50 That was supposed to be your stop loss... Now I see it fell back again.

My computer will get an upgrading during the week end, so Pls. send mail to .

Off to yoga, be well.

July 6, 2012 Friday

The S&P fell from 1373, now it trades at 1364. We are back to the limits of Uranus -Pluto square. Support at 1358. breaking that, nothing to hold till 1351.

July 8, 2012 Sunday

I was extremely busy today writing my reports, and sending to subscribers.Our market was dull as usually is, on Sundays, 120 mill. $ turnover.  

July 9,2012 Monday

Good morning, had a nice week end??
Today we are ruled by the Moon and Jupiter. The Moon is void of course, till 15:14 hours... The Moon is still in Pisces. This dual sign is rather manipulative...
Our market was flat yesterday, nothing interesting... Closed at 1076.61,there is a support at 1072.
The DAX is now at 6410. There is a resistance at 6412-13...

Let's see how things will enfold. End of the day: boringgggggg. $ 120 mill. volume.

But, I can't say that other indices moved either... The S&P is now at 1350, the Dax at 6400. Spot and future are almost the same. The Dax is at a critical position.
In the sky the Moon already moved to Aries. The first angle to make is with Neptune, later with MARS. For intraday traders these angles are critical.

July 10, 2012 Tuesday

Interesting day, yesterday, wasn't it?? the S&P traded sideways, not much action... The Moon in Aries did not "deliver" trade range was between 1340 to 47.But this is just the beauty of it, for those who took my course, understand why...
How about today? Fundamentally there are some European announcements at noon, till then, nothing. Numerologically we are under the spell of Uranus, astrologically, under Mars.

In today's map we can see Mars sextile the North Node,(positive) Uranus moving away from the square with Pluto, Jupiter is conjunct Ceres, and there are about 60 other angles. What we learn in the course is which one is more important?? The key today is on Saturn. This planet is now the " be or not to be" for the next rally. It's position is at (future) 1342.95 for the S&P, 5272 for the Nifty, 1073 for TA25, etc...

Every 4 years there is a HMars opposition HVesta

28.08.2000 0:00 (GMT+3) - 10.09.2000 0:00 (GMT+3)
1.09.2004 0:00 (GMT+3) - 12.09.2004 0:00 (GMT+3)
13.08.2008 0:00 (GMT+3) - 22.08.2008 0:00 (GMT+3)
8.07.2012 0:00 (GMT+3) - 15.07.2012 0:00 (GMT+3)

Here is the research you should do.... Have to go now... Do your home works :)
TA25: strong resistance at 1078.95/ if by any chance it goes above this level, - I don't think so- than, 1081.50,1083.55, 1085.60 resistance.

S&P: perfect break out! it passed Saturn, and when the Moon made an aspect to Mercury, it break out. 11:25 local time. But, Neptune is blocking at 1352.

Our market closed almost flat, 1079.01.volume? 181$ mill. slightly more than yesterday... Still a grocery store's turnover. High of the day: 1082, Neptune blocked.
US market is about to open. S&P future trades now at 1353. It hit a bottom during the day at 1342- I wrote about this level above - 1354 resistance. I see a consolidation, not a good day to be in trade.
Off to visit my parents,
Be good!

July 11, 2012 Wednesday

Have you seen the perfect timing, and drop in the S&P yesterday?? from 1355.85 (future contract) at 16:35 to 1331.85 on 22:40! (gmt+3). A quick check in the sky gives us the answer.

July 12,2012 Thursday

Busy busy busy... Sorry, I was away yesterday, visiting my parents, and trying to mend something on my PC... Although I have a genius technician, he too bumped into something could not solve till now. I hope it will be mended by the week end....
So a quick look at the sky: today we are ruled by Jupiter and Venus.. Wawww.. the two benefactors. One might expect a turn up, no?? But, they are not alone, some other planets might be ruling over them. The Moon is in Taurus... Students?? does this ring a bell?? Here are the angles the Moon will make today: (gmt+3).

12.07.2012 2:30:26 0°00'00"Tau <<<

12.07.2012 8:09:03 2°47'37"Tau Sextile Neptune
12.07.2012 18:34:20 7°56'10"Tau Trine Pluto

TA25: last low was at 1072.11. So far Saturn backed it up. falling below 1071, support is only at 1063- and 1048...
The East:Nikkey (future) fell from the supporting trend line, trades now at 8725.  Support at 8620! or if it falls below, next support is only 7 points lower.
HSI: trades now at 19065; it is supported by Mars.  resistance at 19067- 19070- target: 19078.
OIL: trades now at 85.62 after a low at 77.28 on June 28. since then it trades sideways. Waiting for a push-up.
All these indices and commodities, forex are included in my weekly newsletter. In these letters I also give targets and stops.

Have to rush to the post office, finally, the books that I bought from Amazon, about 19 books, arrived. What a present I made myself!!! Now I shall be really busy. First to find a place where to put them... haha you should see my house.. not an inch where to toss another book. Second, to absorb everything is written in them,.

I'll be back later, take care, trade well! USE tight stops!!

Here are some of the books arrived today:

Find me a place where to put them ??? books from shelf 4 are near my computer.... So that is not a place to use...:) LOL

July 14, 2012 Saturday.

well well well.... what a reversal! Not only Uranus turned retro, the markets too- changed direction.. I was out at the beach reading one of the books, later visiting family, and closing the day with Woody Allen's new comedy. I just turned on the computer, to see the turn.
Let us analyse the S&P using technical analysis:
There were 6 alerts on the 60 min, graph, to go long:

Astrologically : Look at the perfect triangle between HMars-Vesta-Mercury, at the time when geo Uranus turns Retro!!

The Moon is also contributing to this turn: perfect 7 days between last top to bottom: July 5-12.Next day to watch will be July 22. (which is also 180 weeks from Feb.9,2009).

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The S&P report is ready. The local market report too. Now I am writing the EUR-USD, next will be the DAX, JKSE, NIFTY.

July 15, 2012 Sunday

I was busy writing, now all my newsletters are ready and out. if you are a subscriber, check your mail. if not, then... what are you waiting for?? LOL ..
I am watching who is reading my blog? I see somebody from Holland. There is an interesting pattern forming in the AEX, it is one of the indices that I analyse in my weekly newsletter. We should all watch the AEX, it's plays the role of the forerunner. Then, I see someone from Burnaby, Canada. Why don't you write your thoughts, questions in the blog?? And not only you, ALL of YOU s... What about you, from Seven HILLS? Do you benefit from what I write? DID you put " like" at the left of the panel?

All the big and famous financial astrologers are writing about a crash, that is due this week. What do you think?? Is there going to be one, or not?

July 16, 2012 Monday

It's hot outside. We had yesterday 38 Celsius here in Tel Aviv, 45 in the southern town of Eilat. The difference is, that here, it's the humidity that chases everyone into the malls, there, well, there you actually breath fire. When I worked in the tourist business years ago, I used to fly to Eilat frequently. We had a hotel there, that I was marketing. I can not forget the feeling when the doors of the plane opened. One actually was "hit" by the heat... LOL... It's dry, and you don't feel that you are being dehydrated. The rhythm of life is much much slower than in Tel Aviv... it takes a few days until one gets to adjust to their slowliness. Like exhausted flies on the ceiling, just linger. But, who can blame them?? They live in an oven. Well, there is the Red Sea, which is much colder than the Mediterranean, that we have here, and how lucky we are, that we have the sea!!! it can compensate on so many issues. In the past, when I was "down" I went to the sea, and thought, well the sea saw it all, and it is still here, and will be here even after me, things pass. Nowadays I have no time to be "down" I am in the sky too much. LOL.
So what's happening over there??
Today we are under the influence of the Moon and of the Sun, the two luminaries. Since I took the Kabalistic Numerology course, I am checking the Bible daily, to see what does it hide. Mind you, it is a masterpiece of astrology book... read Genesis chapter 1; 1-19. There are so many questions to be asked: Paragraph 5 tells us that " And God called the light Day, and the darkness he called Night. And there was evening and there was morning, one day. But the Sun and the Moon were created only in paragraph 14! so what luminated the sky till then?? Anyone?? can " enlighten me"???? These are kabala lessons for... Anyways, there is a small story about the Sun and the Moon. They were both "working in the same shift, when one day the Moon came to God and asked him, how come we both enlighten the sky?? One of us should be the first, and the other the second. God answered: since you came to complain, you will be the second. ...
OK. back to our little world; let me check where are these two today, and what do they tell us about the market? The Sun in Cancer- fire in water- weak. at 24 degrees. It is separating from a square to Saturn. (23^). it's level is at 1344.-1343. keep in mind this level, it is crucial for the S&P. The Moon is at 20^Gemini. We have 3 planets and the South Node in Gemini. They point to much volatility. Moon-Venus-Jupiter-SN> all all in trine 120^ to Mars, in Libra. Extreme heat, arson, accidents in the air, on the road, malicious placement. Somebody put himself on fire here yesterday, he is not yet dead... Protesting. Awful awful awful.
As I write these lines I see Nifty broke a triple support...
What other important angle do we have today?
Ahaaa. Mars, the warrior is in exact square to Pluto, the destructor. and is coming to a trine to Jupiter. What good can emerge from an angle between two fighters? Will they point to a culmination in Syria? Assad was born on 9/11/1965. His date adds up to 41/5, This number is ruled by Mercury. Mercury is the ruler of his map. Disinformation is it's middle name. August 3,20, will be worth while watching.

Ach.. market opened.
see you later.

Welcome to my reader from Trinidad and Tobago!! Where have you been till now?? You missed all the fun. :)
Is there a stock market in Tobago? where is Tobago? shame... will have to check it out. Thanks to WIKI- oh !!!!!! what a beautiful place!! Hold it I am coming....1.300.000 people only live there, it's a paradise-.

TA25 fell to 1047.85. Support is at 1045.40- resistance 1054-57.

If you follow the comments below, yesterday I wrote I shall upload some angles that show a fall this week: (using Timing Solutions). Helio Mercury in Capricorn:

 Meanwhile Gold and Silver are running up.

I just came back from yoga. If somebody thinks I am fooling you, here are 2 pictures:

No, I am not taking part in the Olympic games. LOLOLLLOl

July 17,2012 Tuesday

Hi, Once and for all:!!!! I am not going to publish any more "Anonymous" messages. I think to hide behind the curtains, after I open up myself, and publish so many things for your benefit, to receive hidden posts just does not fit me. If you want to share your thoughts, suggestions, even criticism, say who you are, what you trade, then we can continue from there.

Today its a Mars-Moon day. Mars from Libra, is the key planet, see the sky of today below... Moon is in Cancer, the it rules, and waning. Watch the Moon's angles: (gmt+3).
17.07.2012 3:31:08 0°00'00"Cnc <<<

17.07.2012 8:48:51 2°41'50"Cnc Trine Neptune
17.07.2012 18:34:25 7°41'46"Cnc Square Mars
17.07.2012 18:48:17 7°48'54"Cnc Opposition Pluto
17.07.2012 20:12:06 8°32'01"Cnc Square Uranus

When is Bernanke speaking?? under this square?

S&P: trades now at 1355, it is blocked at 1357-8. Is there anything to push it up?

The issue today is this:

The market is on hold. Nothing much happens...yet.
OK, we are having a Bernanke effect... Hmmmm... how long will it last?
S&P (spot)no joined the rest of the indices that I analyse:
Do you see what I see?
A head and shoulder pattern is forming. This will be cancelled only above 1381... At 1363 is 2/3 correction only.

July 18, 2012 Wednesday.

At the left side of the blog, there are links. You will find there many interesting ones. One of them is "today in history" It's been a while since I myself clicked on it... Today I did. What happened today in history? 18 July 0064 the great fire of Rome begins. Now this is interesting due to the big fires we have over here, due to arson. Our cousins lite fires in several places in the same time. Mars in Libra. Then, in 1536, the Pope's authority declared void in England. This sent me to the map of the Pope today, how is he?? I am following these " ancients" like Castro, Peres, oh boy! they saw something in their lives, haven't they?? How interesting must have been, to be born in 1920-30, and now! talk to the people thru a tablet. LOL ... Going back to history, no matter which year one checks, there was somewhere a war. So I will skip that part. It is sad, and I am not going to plunge into human savageness. Napoleon Bonaparte was born on this day, in 1862, Nelson Mandela in 1918, also Ricardo dela Corte, test tube born to oldest (62) mother, in 1994. can you imagine? the boy is 18, the mother 80 ?  

What are the markets up to? Looking the the future of the S&P it was halted again and again at 1358. Uranus-Pluto-Mars angle. remember the picture I uploaded yesterday?
Anything happens in the fundamental world?
Oh yes, in 15 minutes: Building permits...then, at 5pm Bernanke testifies.
meanwhile the S&P is at 1354.10. Support at 1352.65 Silver at 26.98.  Anybody interested in our index?? No... still, it's at 1058.1058.12 there is a support. falling below: 1052.65.

Tom, here is the graph I see: GCI platform for index futures: bottom - my time- 1352.10.

July 19, 2012 Thursday

Have you been following the news? High officers/ ministers in Syria killed, and Israeli tourist bus blown up in Bulgaria....
Some readers write me astrology is mumble jumble. Well?? OK. I wrote a few days ago, Mars in Libra brings more fire and disasters. I wish it didn't.

The worry is now, that Saturn, the one that can "calm" things down, makes no positive aspects.

It's been a while since I looked at the FTSE (future): it trades now at 5650, after a top on July 5, at 5684. It seems to me it completed 5 Elliotts since May 18th, at 5211. Now I would keep very tight stop at 5647 which is Pluto-Uranus position. Falling below it, would signal a target for short :5400.

It's new moon again. Since the beginning of this New Moon, in our index, at least, we although got a small rise, but the volume declined weekly. Here is the graph of major indices for the last New Moon.

As usual, I am starting a new article... follow me to the "New Moon in Cancer."


  1. Many were calling for a top on 22nd June which appears to be wrong.

  2. HI,

    Something is wrong with my blog, I cannot post anything. Technician is due on Sunday to check it.
    Meanwhile, yes, the 22 was to bo a high, it seems we got it one day earlier. Sun ingress Cancer...

  3. Gabriella what do you think about an Islamist party winning the Egyptian elections? I would have thought it was very unsettling news for Israel. Somewhat interesting reaction by the TA.

  4. HI, about a year ago, when Mubarak was "dethroned" I wrote, that there goes the friend, and the Muslim Brothers will follow now. I got some angry letters, accusing me that I am against democracy, and the "Arab Spring"... well, this happened today. Mr. Morsi got elected 52%, about 1 million people voted for him/them. I posted in facebook last week this will happen, his chart just looks right. But then, I looked up his background in blessed Google and Wiki, and I found out that he lived for a couple of years in the US, was a lecturing professor, has 3 frown up children, and they are US citizens... So, who KNOWS who and whome are behing the scenes?? He is an enlighted person, liven in the West, and maybe, maybe after all it will work out. A long time ago I wrote that there will be no choice but to talk with the Hamas. They rule. SO better listen first, before deciding on anything. Besides that, Egypt had a major problem: 15 million people to feed. Their tourism is 0- and they have a lot to build now. So after all, untill they will have food to eat it will be quiet.
    ANother interesting thing, I read somewhere that our friend Achmadinajad is being sued. His map is dark for this year. He will not last.Then, who knows??
    Peace will break out.

  5. COngrats for the right forecast..what do you think is the direction for the month of july for stock markets- esp nifty

  6. In July the markets will correct. I have a Nifty newsletter, if you would like to subscribe...

  7. Sorry, Egypt has 85 million people, not 15, as I wrote above...

  8. Top this week, decline next week ! So far this year the big astro events are opposite of what should happen - astro reversal is the name of the game :-)


  9. Hello Ola,

    Yes, I can back this...

  10. You say the worlds top astrologers are calling for a crash this coming week? We're these the same astrologers who were saying Friday 13th would be a huge down day? That worked out well didn't it! I am not sure you would think of as a top astrologer but I have seen you refer to Merriman on here before and he in fact is saying this week could be very bullish especially towards the end of the week. Week starting the 23rd July does look more negative but I suspect only a correction before more upside into early August. At that point we may see more downside for sure. This continual talk about crashes is really not helpful. Seriously when everyone is talking about a crash how often do they happen!

  11. Hellooooo there! I am happy you are with me :) Long time no hear...
    Actually I was referring to Arch Crawford, who is expecting this crash.
    I agree with you, that talks about crashes do not help at all. I, personnaly think that in a year of elections, all crashes will be postponed.
    But, we cannot waive the difficult aspects that are in the sky between the 17-20th this month.

  12. Arch Crawford has been a permabear for years and anticipates crashes all the time. Just like Harry Dent or Bob Prechter if you predict a crash every month - as the proverbial stopped clock - eventually you will be right, but at what cost ?

    Tom in Michigan

  13. Hi, well I m told that Arch Crawford has been calling for a crash for weeks now. Many I know do not rate him. Interesting regarding 17th -20th. I presume you are saying down between 17th and 20th? Again Merriman and one other I follow have the second half of the coming week as bullish. The pullback is not starting until 20 th - 23rd according to them.

  14. I shall upload tomorrow a few angles and thoughts behind them. I use Timing Solution, and that gives an exact fall because of HMercury ingress to Cap. Mars-Pluto square, Neptune -Nodes, ect.
    Our market, for instance opened with a gap, lingered the whole day, as a monitor of a dead man, and 5min. before closing made a banji. Go figure. If I looked, I am sure I could have found the perfect angle for it. But I gave up on our index, because of it's ridiculous volume.

    1. As long as 1335 holds we are going higher. It's quite simple really. One needs to be very careful relying on the astro right now. There were many astrologers calling for huge downside least Friday and that was just plain wrong.

  15. But the real problem is, that, -because I write the weekly newsletter- I see the same pattern in most of the worlds' indices. Except one.So not because of any software that I think the markets will correct- and not crash...but because of this same thing that pops up in almost every index.

  16. I don't understand where you get your S&P number ? You say this morning..."Oh yes, in 15 minutes: Building permits...then, at 5pm Bernanke testifies.
    meanwhile the S&P is at 1354.10. Support at 1352.65". The S&P closed at 1363.67 on Tuesday 07/17/2012. ES Mini futures equivalent are about 1359 at this level. Where do you get 1354.10?


    Tom in Michigan


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