New Moon in Cancer 2012

Between July 19 - August 17

Inner wheel today, outer August 17.

Have been busy writing next week's reports. I completed the S&P, Dax, Eur-Usd, Nifty, Jakarta index. If you would like to receive it, pls. sign up for the monthly report- at the left side of this blog.

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Let me analyse this map of the new Moon. First of all, as I teach in my course " Financial Astrology" , we should always check first the map of the day. The New Moon was in Cancer. What are the main traits of this sign? It is the fourth sign of the wheel, it belongs to the Water element- actually it is the first sign of three water signs: Scorpio and Pisces. People born in this sign are nostalgic, have difficulties letting go of the past, mentally and physically. I mean, they would not throw away anything, because this card reminds them of the first boyfriend, and that dress, oh, that was the one she wore when she went out with the same friend, never mind, 30 years passed, and she is married to someone else... cancer is also a fixed sign, difficult to persuade them to change their mind, once they took a decision. Cancer took the fourth house of childhood in the wheel, but also tells us about the end of life. It is not a coincidence that every day we wake up to new deaths and disasters. Mars in Libra helps too ... (fire in air).
Maybe many of you have not heard of Omar Suleiman, he was no.2 in Egypt, under Mubarak, He died on the New Moon. His map, like that of Qaddafi, has the date of birth and death. look it up, I wrote about them in the past... Then, we are reading about this Aurora massacre in the US. They call him, the Batman killer... and, of course, the killing is going on and on in Syria. The world is interested more in where Suri Cruise spent her week end than with this part of the world, and I think it is understandable. Believe me, I am also tired and fed up hearing these news daily, hour by hour...  But let me continue with the map: The Sun will enter Leo, a sign it rules. It will add more heat and fire to evil Mars. Mercury is weak and retro in Leo, another air in fire planet. Venus? is still in Gemini, weak too. Jupiter in Gemini; here too we get fire in air, and exaggeration. Jupiter always makes elephant of a mouse. Saturn, the one that can hold and cool things down, is in Libra, exalted and strong, but with no special or positive angles to any planet. The outers? Uranus is in Aries, Neptune in Pisces in retro and Pluto in Capricorn. The only earth element so far. But with Pluto, the great destroyer, we can only hope it will not shake the earth. 
So, you see, for the time being I cannot be too enthusiastic about this week.
the good news is: everything moves, we live in cycles. everything passes. So if you feel down ,tired or bad today, tomorrow is another day....
Yesterday is but today's memory, and tomorrow is today's dream.

                                                                                       - Khalil Gibran

See you. 
A... you ask me what about the markets? We are in for a correction.

July 22, 2012 Sunday

In the Hebrew calendar we just entered the month of AV. During this month the Holy Temple was destroyed twice in history... well, there is a link, read more. The word AV means "Fire". 7 AV, 586 BC-  the Babylonians- today's Iran, invaded and set fire to the temple. Iran is still in the news today.... How simple and easy to describe what is going on in the sky! Fire dominates. I mean, most of the planets are in fire signs, or in air, which just makes this fire explode. dangerous week, by all means, till the 29th at least. For the markets this will mean a correction.

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Market started... see you later.
TA25: opened with a gap down, to 1065. Resistance is at 1073- above that 1079. I doubt it will go higher than that.

July 23, 2012 Monday.

Yesterday our market triple topped at 1073. ... Just for the record.
Today we are influenced by the Moon and Saturn. Look - nothing is a coincidence! Just as I write the Moon is 30^ away from Saturn. There are other interesting issues to mark: The Sun just entered Leo, and Jupiter is in sextile to Uranus.

I made a small research on the S&P, which I want to share with you:
This is the 30 Min. graph. There was a bottom on July 12th, when the Moon was in Taurus, and a top when in Leo. At the bottom of the graph, I included the Moon's effect on the S&P. It bottoms when the Moon is in Taurus, and Scorpio, and tops when in Leo and Aquarius. Of course, as I always write, we must look at the other planets too! I also included Fibo calculations. So what we get on this graph, assuming that Scorpio will make a low, which is due 25-27 July, we should see the S&P at 1337-1332. Since it is an election year, I doubt it will crash. As I write these lines, 8:49 am my time, the future trades at 1350.35; the spot: 1355.42.  The graph was downloaded from MT4, which shows the spot. I have to add, that I am not sure what I see is what you see, different platforms quote different prices, and THAT is very confusing.

TA25: levels for today: 1068-1060- and to the upside: 1070-73.
Since yesterday the 1073 blocked further up move, I would look at the lower levels.
11:27- our index is at 1063.4...
S&P: at 1347...
Today an important cycle starts: Venus- Neptune in Helio. It's a 225 days cycle.
TA25: reached 1060, as expected. Next 1058- 1055- 1052.50

Market will open in the US, with a VOC Moon. Stay out!
Our market closed at 1055.90, after a bottom at 1052.49. ! :) Oh boy, nice, isn't it?

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Off to yoga, take care...

July 24, 2012 Tuesday

I am reading different group's posts on the direction of the markets. Some say we saw the last bottom, some, that a further decline is on the way. What do you think?

Ok. Until someone will answer, I shall show you the map of James Holmes, The 24 year old student, who will be remembered in history as the Aurora Batman killer. He took the life of  12 people and injured more than 50. I received the hour of birth from unidentified source, so it is not final. The date was also changed several times from 13th to 10th, and back, that is why I did not publish till now. It seems now the date is final: 13 Dec. 1987. 13 in the Tarot card is the card of "death". 13 adds up to 4, which is ruled by Uranus, planet of eccentric people, and of revolutions, sudden surprises. 12, the month, adds up to 3, ruled by Jupiter. 4+3= 7= Neptune. 1987 = 7/ Neptune. So numerologically the date gives us a person who is ruled by Neptune, the planet that makes a person live in an imaginary life, and he himself does not know who or what he is. It is more grave if Neptune appears on the Ascendant. Neptune is all about drugs and medicine, depends how one uses it's power. So this guy was a medical student, and an odd personality, as his friends describe him.

et, voila! What do we see? Neptune is right on his ascendant. Extreme behaviour comes from 4 planets in Sagittarius, in the 12th house of subconscious. In yellow we have "Chaos" exactly at 24.and a half years old. It is self explanatory. The main angle in his chart is the Mars-Pluto conjunction. The killing was on July 20th, when transiting Mars made a square to Pluto, and an opposition to Uranus. So his natal planets were triggered, agitated by this position, and exploded.  

Was this a sudden thing? No. He planned it much in advance. transiting Mercury is the answer. His natal Mercury was triggered by transit Mercury on April 29th 2012, and now, when in retro- acted. Chaos was in exact opposition on the day of the disaster. Another interesting point to remember, on that day Jupiter was in a sextile to Uranus in the sky. Sextile is a minor positive angle. But, when Uranus is involved, we never know...I checked other killings charts or mass murder occasions, and I found that in some of them, Jupiter- Uranus aspect was there. Something to think about....By the way, Mars-Pluto angles in a natal chart can show a mass murder trait. I do not want to tell you, where else I found this angle :(. Maybe one example: Anders Behring Breivik - Oslo murderer of 92 people July 23, 11.

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I need your advice: which platform should I use for spot and future prices? I look at MT4- I see the S&P at 1345.50 (3.26pm), I look at GCI- I see 1340.60, I look at Bloomberg, I see: 1350.
I tried to download Thinkorswimm- but I have not succeeded. What do you use??

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Yesterday I posted a graph of the S&P, and I wrote to subscribers:
"S&P is supported at 1350
Falling below it: levels: 1343 – 1340 – 1337.
Planets blocking at the upside: 1355.80, 1358.40"
Where was the low?? 1336.68. :)
Why aren't you yet a subscriber??

July 25, 2012 Wednesday.

What is there in the sky today, that wasn't yesterday and can affect it? For daily changes we should always look at the Moon and Mercury. The Moon is now in Libra, just at the midpoint of Mars- Saturn, in trine to Venus and joining Saturn at 18:20 gmt+3.Mercury also makes positive angles to Jupiter and Uranus, and an inconjunct to Pluto.

S&P: 1 hour graph, as I see it in MT4:
JULY 25 is 1120 days from July 1, 2009, and 450 days from May 2,2011.
I see someone from the Philippines is visiting now, searching for opening a business. This is known as "Electional astrology". In order to find the right time, I would need your birth data, and full name.
TA25: trades now at 1064. There is a support at 1063, 1058.50, targets up: 1072
DAX: in my July 21 newsletter I advised clients to go short below 6537. Last bottom till now: 6378. Do you know how much money 160 pips are for the DAX? It was a nice gain!!! Now there is a multiple bottom at  6383. I would go long using this stop.
JKSE: Long with a stop at 3983.

In my newsletter I also advised to watch the Gold today.
For the record, we closed at 1079.35.
Dax: is now at 6450.
S&P: trades now at 1338 - target: 1353-57. Support 1332.

Due to the latest developments in Syria, I thought to take a look at Assad's map.
Here is the map of Assad with the transits of Sept 2, 2012- a date to watch.

July 26, 2012 Thursday

Yesterday the S&P showed an anemic trade. Closed at 1337.89 with a doji, after a minor top at 1343. The DOW did not amaze me either.  In the VIX there is an open gap between17.05-18.37, since July 20th. Hmmmmm. this gap should close...
What's new in the East? All the markets traded sideways, and did not break the last low.

Today we are ruled by the Moon and Jupiter.  The Moon just moved to Scorpio, and will be VOC!  FROM 18:38- 8:18 AM July 28. This is something to remember, regarding the Olympic games, that start tomorrow.  I always write, do not trade during a VOC Moon, because the outcome is not clear. Should they postpone the opening of the games? No one can say that NOW.... Jupiter, the other ruler of the day is at 9^15' Gemini.- separating from the evil South Node. ZET says about this degree ( 9-10^): " An airplane dives toward the earth as though falling, but rights and recovers itself with smooth gracefulness."
     (Sabian Symbols).

Mercury will trine Uranus today, so watch out for a gap.
I promised a visitor to look into the Indian market, well, I cannot say much. If the last low holds, targets: 5087-96-5118.

6 technical reasons to go long today at 13:05 gmt+3 today: (same time Draghi speaking).

1 hour chart: positive divergence in the RSI+MACD+CCI, MA'S CROSSING, HIGHER LOWS, AND BREAK OUT OF THE CHANNEL.

2 astro reasons to go long: exactly at this point: as I worte in the morning : Mercury-Uranus and also Sun-Moon 90^.

I bought today PTNR. not a trading advice!
Stop: 3.15-3.10
OK, I am to yoga, you take care...

July 27,2012 Friday.

Somebody asked me yesterday about the Nifty. I wrote that the Nifty does not behave as the US markets, and there is research to be done. I also wrote that breaking a double bottom from June 18th, it will fall lower, to 4970. Well, I was wrong. It did fell, but when Helio Mercury entered Aquarius, it bottomed at 5029 and turned up. The only signal was from the Stoc., which showed that a change is due. I should have checked the sky more thoroughly yesterday...
Celestial patterns to watch today, for the Nifty: What are all these signs, and glyphs, I teach in my course. There is a major resistance at 5167.50-5168.50. Running above it another 12-15 points to go.

Today we are ruled by Venus and Jupiter. The two benefactors.
Venus is in Gemini, coming to a trine to Saturn, Jupiter is also in Gemini, leaving the former angles from Mercury, Uranus, Pluto.
The Moon is still in Scorpio.

Using the Timing Solution software, to check how does the market react when Mercury enters Aquarius, we can see that there is a slight run-up at the beginning, but then again a decline.
But, there are other planets to watch as well, so we can never rely on only one.  

The S&P made more than a 2/3 correction of the July 19-25 move. Being now at 1360 (future). This means it is supported at 1358-1357.55, and the next resistance is at 1363,15/ 1370.40/ 1373/5.

July 30, 2012 Monday

Due to Tisha be Av fast there was no trade here yesterday, so I had time to catch up with my reading, and to complete my newsletters. The S&P, Dax, Eur-Usd, Nifty, JKSE and the WMA ( my group) is ready.

Today we should watch Helio Jupiter, that just entered Gemini.
The aspects the Moon makes today: (gmt+3):

30.07.2012 10:29:23  0°00'00"Cap <<<
30.07.2012 14:30:16  2°24'09"Cap Sextile Neptune
30.07.2012 18:34:47  4°50'23"Cap Quincunx Mercury
30.07.2012 23:03:42  7°31'07"Cap Conjunction Pluto

There is a strange pattern this week, using the tarot cards:
July 30.2012 = 15 = The Devil
July 31,2012 = 16 = Tower
August 1,2012 = Temperance
August 2,2012 = The Devil
August 3,2012 = The Tower
August 4, 2012 = The Star.
We have a recapitulation in the cards. This is something rare. The Devil and the Tower can suggest a double top and fall. Astrologically I think on the 3rd there is a turn. We shall see.
TA25: levels to watch: up: 1109.50, support: 1087.50

Someone from Kent, Washington arrived to my blog by searching for Saturn apogee and perigee. The dates are: Oct.25,2012, and April 28,13.

I sold PTNR today, it did not get the energy I was waiting for.
July 31, 2012 Tuesday
Yesterday the markets traded sideways. In a strong market this is a sign of weakness. In a weak market a sign of strength. In general go long only if the last top is taken; with a large volume. Be careful of false breakouts.
I am watching the Olympics, nice performance for the UK yesterday! Second place, first time in 100 years!

Today we should watch Mars' angles and Neptune's. Mars is approaching Saturn, in Libra. Saturn was in Libra in 1951, 1980 and now. So a conjunction between these two planets in Libra happens only once in 30 years!  

TA25: closed yesterday at 1110.57. The support now is at 1109.50- 1103.80

Low till now: 1103.34
Funny, how Nifty is running up, and the other markets down... There is no harmony- again.
Someone from India, Sivakasi arrived to my blog searching for Sun-Mercury conjunction
Here it is based on the Nifty:

August 1, 2012 Wednesday

Aren't you "on vacance"? Why are you sitting here, together with me.... and watch or trade? Aren't we tired ? We need a break...
July is over. Check out this graph: how did different indices behave ?
Holland, Turkey and the DAX are leading.... We should watch AEX to see if they break down, then a deeper correction is on the way. In July they performed best out of all the major indices. Nikkey is below, in yellow.

So, good bye July, never to return again... and welcome August. August, most of the times brings wars, or some kind of uprising, or disturbances. Is that because it's so hot? the brains are boiling, eyes wide open, and look for " action". Take long cold showers! I tell you, it helps. Onyx is the stone of this month. What is happening this month in the sky, and what should we expect? It's all in my August newsletter.
Good trading.
1:30 pm, again, the volume is a shame. 352 mill. shekels, which is less than 90 mill. $. Nevertheless, the robots are keeping the low of 1103.50, the index arrived here 3 times and it did not break it. Maybe in 30 min. or so, it will. Bernanke is speaking today, let's wait and see what color the rabbit will have.

Have been working on the August newsletters. They are ready now. If you would like to know how to trade, when to buy or sell, pls. sign up.- Paypal icon at the left panel.

August 5, 2012 Sunday

Today we are under the spell of the Sun and Mars. The Sun is at 13 degrees Leo, which, Sepharial defined as " Point of Literature". Saturn moved a degree, it is now at 24 Libra, and Sepharial called this degree " Musical". Aren't we very artistic on this day???...Mercury is at 1 degrees retro in Leo, under the Sun's beams, therefore weak; Venus is at 27Gem.57="27°38' 16° 2'S (1) Betelgeuze, Alpha Orionis. Irregularly variable orange star in right shoulder
of Orion. (Mars Mercury - Mercury Saturn Jupiter) When in opposition, said to cause accidents;
but in conjunction, to bring honors. A military star." Sepharial.
Jupiter is at 10Gem.59 which is " a Fortunate degree". Uranus, at 8 Aries, degree of courage and Immortality; Neptune at 2Pis.16= "
2°14' 10°39'N (3) Sadalmelik, Alpha Aquarii. (Saturn Mercury) Persecution, sudden
destruction; the death penalty, if afflicted." And finally Pluto, at 7Cap.25 in Retro, a degree, that speaks about " unusual ability.
Why am I posting this? to show you, that every degree in the zodiac has a meaning. What we do with it, that's something else.

The markets rallied on Friday, against all odds. Now we will see a "shake-out" of those who went short last week, and did not close their positions. Arbitrage is 2%, so I guess we will have a gap-up at the opening.  The Moon is still in Pisces; watch the market for a change in trend when:
5.08.2012 12:54:33 24°07'04"Psc Quincunx Saturn
5.08.2012 20:55:58 28°23'26"Psc Square Venus
5.08.2012 23:58:29  0°00'00"Ari <<<
 Correction about James Holmes Data, as printed today in AstrodataBank: Born at 21:04 in La Jolla, San Diego,CA. This moves his map to 18Leo45 Leo rising, Moon in H2, conjunct South Node, Nodes in H2-8 Axis. The interpretation of the map does not change much, except for the Nodes position. Maybe I will re write my article.

Market is about to start.... see you later.

For my visitors from Australia: here is your index: AXJO- it topped at 4305, there is was stopped by Mars, corrected, now it's rather positive, with target to 4342.
Our market made a low till now, to 1104, there is was supported by Saturn. I expect now to go above 1109.7, then higher levels will be seen.

August 6.2012 Monday
Tom, you will be pleased to find out, that today we are ruled by the Tarot Card, the SUN, which is one of the most positive cards among the 72. Let's see if the planets will agree with this positiveness, and will push the markets one level higher. Astrologically we are ruled by the Moon, and this just ingresses Aries. In this fire sign it should bring in new energies, and it is also a Cardinal sign, we discussed that above. Numerologically we are under the influence of the Sun, we here we are, with the two "luminaries", both in fire signs. Hmmmm watch out, not to burn your finger.
The East is highly positive, at this moment.  
Yesterday there was a gain a shooting, this time in Wisconsin, in a church. I don't want to get into details, but yesterday we were ruled by the Moon, (in the cards) and this card speaks about "Hidden enemies, darkness, terror."
Todays' map:
The Moon first will square Pluto, destruction, than conjunct Uranus, sudden move, later, sextile Jupiter; so we are in today for major moves. (GMT+3)
6.08.2012 14:04:04  7°23'12"Ari Square Pluto
 6.08.2012 15:50:50  8°18'41"Ari Conjunction Uranus
 6.08.2012 21:28:37 11°13'32"Ari Sextile Jupiter

For NY- extract 7 hours, so the Moon already made the conjunction to Uranus.
TA25: is about to start. let's see... It should go above 1109.50 in order to rally. Looking at the volume, it will not make it; 
S&P is now at 1388.1; exactly on a strong support. Next target up: 1391- 1398
Nifty topped at 5300. I wrote to my subscribers in my weekly newsletter: " I would go long above 5255. Isn't that  a nice move till now??? Stop: 5285
Another subscriber asked me about Starbucks a while ago, on July 19: I wrote:
Starbucks birth date 26.6.1992
Starbucks is about to fall.
Strong short below 51.40
It did, now it is at 43.89 (then it was at 54)

Nasa: "Curiosity" rover landed successfully on Mars. I am watching sky news. Chapeau!!!!!!
In Syria the war is going on, yesterday we had a border incident.
Some issues to mark here: the date was August 6, and the Moon and Vertex were at 6 degrees. No. 6 is the degree of service, of the sign of Virgo, the researcher. Virgo is ruled by Mercury, and that was in retrograde motion. The Ascendant was in Gemini, sign of communication, and travels, with Jupiter on the Asc.- Extreme travels, I might say. The Moon conjunct Uranus- new discoveries, in Aries, new beginnings, in the 10th house of the government, for countries charts. So far so good. I am a little bit worried what will happen when Mercury, this little lie turns Direct?

At 4:00 pm my time Mr. Bernanke will speak again. What will it be this time? S&P has targets to get to, so he'd better come out with some good announcements....
I don't know why is it written in Forexfactory that Bernanke speaks... I don't see him anywhere.
I went long on EUR-USD, and of course, we are long on the S&P since 1354.
August 7, 2012 Tuesday
My aunt connected to the skype yesterday, and she is 83. My Mom's sister. Now they can feel closer, and talk daily, from thousand miles away. Isn't that something??? For her 80th birthday, I bought my mom a laptop, 2 years ago. Or was it 3? Anyways, the stuff she learned since then! is incredible. We chat daily on the skype too. Thank you evolution! :)

What's up today? I closed my EUR-Usd position yesterday, did not want to leave it open overnight. There is no hurry, I won't miss a thing. I see the Nifty is building the 5th wave, so far it goes by the plan. Dax ... hmmm should go above 6910, now it completed 76.4% recovery from the last fall. The Silver shows some weakness, I don't like that at all. Let me check what's going on up there.
I am looking first at the Moon. It passed Uranus, and completed a trine to the Sun. At 19 degrees it will sextile the last Lunar eclipse. then it will be in opposition to Mars, Curiosity can make a nice shot of it now! :) later it will oppose Saturn, at 24 deg. and finally sextile to Venus. Did Nasa land on Venus too? I should check it out. I don't recall it/ If not, why did they bypassed it?  OK. What else? Mercury is stationary before turning Direct. Venus is about to cross over, from Gemini to Cancer. Venus is contra parallel Pluto! Ahaaaa... I think I nailed it... It is as if two powers are pulling us in different positions. Which one should it be?? Long or short? But Mars is conjunct by declination Saturn. Now this is a bummer, they- Venus and Mars are more or less equal in the planetary hierarchy... Are they? here we should dig in deeper. Venus in Gemini is weak. Mars in Libra is in detriment. Venus is strong by degree, Mars, at 19, too. SO these two don't help us much. Then we should check Saturn and Pluto, and here, Pluto is strong, but Saturn is Exalted in Libra. So I am clueless. In this case I should turn to the Helio chart. This will straighten me out.
You see how many things are there to check before I write go Long or short?
S&P: Short below 1388-1387, correction to 1382-81. Falling from here= 1374. If it climbs above 1391.3, 1398-1404-1409.65.
Nifty: trades now at 5328; resistance at 5329. Going above it: 5334-5339.
TA25: closed yesterday, untouched, by the US rally, at 1097.55 Resistance at 1099, above that, 1104,1109. Above that: 1118.30- 1139.70 is possible. Support at: 1095-1091.

Nifty topped 5360. Nice move!  Dax topped at 6979! Eur-Usd triple top at 1.24427. Do you remember what happens at three father\s pattern?? Look out now! Long only above this top.
German factory  orders; and the DAX falls from 7000 almost to 6905.

Last chance to go above 1109.85!!... Soon the ship is leaving the harbour. (TA25).

August 8,2012 Wednesday

Today we are under Mercurian energies, which, surprise, surprise, just turned Direct. The Other planet to watch will be Jupiter. Will these two show us the targets today? Let me see....
Well, of course. The stars never let us down. Mercury is in exact trine to the Node. This means positive energies are still there. Is there any negative issue today? Well, La Luna. It is today at it's max. declination. and Apogee, but it is about to enter Taurus. Like a taurus, it will carry this cart a little bit further.
Moon's angles for today: (gmt+3)

8.08.2012 10:27:54  0°00'00"Tau <<<
 8.08.2012 11:53:45  0°42'55"Tau Sextile Venus
 8.08.2012 13:19:27  1°25'44"Tau Square Mercury
 8.08.2012 14:49:16  2°10'33"Tau Sextile Neptune

For my visitors from Turkey: Here is your index: There is a 55 Fibo day- calling for a change in trend, as in the past. Nice move; from 541 to 672.66! There is a negative div. in the MACD.

August 9, 2012 Thursday

Taurus Moon did the job till now, I see overnight the S&P made as high as 1407.14.(spot). It's nice, but not enough for a new rally. The last tops were: 1422.38, 1415.32; these ones should be overcome- is that the right expression?- in order to really convince me that there is a rally here. But, I should not hurry with my judgements, since there is a new day today, with the Moon still in Taurus. Then, it will go to Gemini, laughing at us us as if saying... you see? I fooled you.
But, let's take it a day, and see.
Moon's position for today:
 9.08.2012  9:51:19 11°37'23"Tau Semi-sextile Jupiter
 9.08.2012 20:39:18 16°57'04"Tau Semi-square Venus
 9.08.2012 21:54:58 17°34'21"Tau Square Sun

The day today is ruled by Jupiter, and Uranus. The card for today is again the "Death". Sorry Tom, that's the rhythm of the life... LOL .
Today it's 516 days from 3/16/2011- too.
Market opens, let me see...
 12:04 I had no Internet till now... technician is working downstairs. Absolutely frustrating!
14:21: I went short on TA25. It seems we saw to top (1112.25) for a time being.

TA25 closed at 1107.26. July 30th top was the last top till now.

August 10, 2012

The phone company upgraded my speed of surfing to 30 MB. Since yesterday. Now my home phone is not working at all. Anybody said Mercury has turned? Why do I let things happen when Mercury is stationary? Now my line is stationary dead. I called them, they promised to fix it till Sunday. Meanwhile they gave me "follow me" to my mobile. Which, by the way gives me an electric shock whenever I touch it. What's going on?????

Ok. let me see what happened during the night. Nifty topped on 8/8/ at 5388; now it trades at 5326-the future-. The S&P: (spot) . It made a nice move of more than 140 points from June low to Aug. high. in 64 days. Now we got mixed oscillators. There is a positive RSI, but a negative divergence in the MACD. The most important is to watch the volume, it has been declining since July 23! This is to 60 min. graph, it shows a triple top. You know what happens when my " 3 fathers' pattern kicks in, right?? A fall.... So watch it. Go long only above the last top, with a higher volume than in the last two weeks. would you like to know what's ahead? Sign up to my news letter....

Today we are under the influence of Venus and Mercury. They are in a minor positive angle. Mark that Venus just entered Cancer. What energies does it bring? That too in the newsletters. Watch the Moon! Always watch the Moon...  

Good trading!

August 12, 2012 Sunday

70% humidity and more than 100 F, 35-38C^ over here. I wonder what would have happened with the participants of the Olympic, if the games would have been held here? LOL. The games are soon over, and I really liked to watch it. Israel got no medals this time. It's good to have games, mondial, or anything that takes away negative thoughts. August is hot, and brains are boiling. In my family, which is a small family, 85% of the members were born in August. I am the black sheep- being born in January. Thus , I stand in 180^, or in an opposition to all the rest. No wonder they don't " approve" of my astrological carreer. LOL. But I, with the gift to read their maps, I can see why. It is so much easier to understand someone, once you can read his/her map.

So what happened during the week end in the markets? I saw the S&P made a new high, but lower than former highs. The volume is shrinking too. Come, let us check the sky.

The Moon is in Gemini, so it willB ring a lot of "wipe-outs" today, in both directions. The first angle will be to the Sun, than to Mars and Saturn. But the more important position is between Mercury -Pluto- Neptune; a YOD.
TA25: closed at 1107. Support is at 1104-1102. Resistance is at 1111,1112,1114. (former top).

OK. we fell from 1104, now suppot is only at 1092.26

August 13,2012 Monday

It will be so hot today, that I went shopping at 7 o'clock. I also went to the car-wash, I parked somewhere last week, and from the fruits of the tree it got dirty and sticky. So I am back now, and see the DAX opened with a gap-down. Silver is touching 28,... hmmm. Oil 93.07. If you are signe d up to my news letter, you got your triggers, right?
Last night we had a meteor shower, it must have been beautiful. I did not stay up till 3 to see it, neither did I drove 150 km. to the desert to see it. Under city lights is not visible. But, I sent my requests... you know... when you see a falling star you should ask the Universe something, and it will be fulfilled. Now all I have to do is wait for FED EX for delivery. LOL.
Look what my Oracle has for me today: 
Today we are under the Moon's energy and Neptune's!!! OHoooooo. Long time no see.
The Moon is at the last degrees of Gemini, and will make several angles today, firt to the nodes, than to Neptune. But the more important angle today is the conjunction of Mars-Saturn.It will be exact on the 15th.

Moon's angles for today:
13.08.2012 11:27:30  0°00'00"Cnc <<<
13.08.2012 15:28:55  2°02'35"Cnc Trine Neptune
13.08.2012 17:31:04  3°04'45"Cnc Semi-sextile Mercury
13.08.2012 22:44:37  5°44'51"Cnc Conjunction Venus

George Soros has a lot to celebrate!

My target for TA25 were and are: 1092-1088-1087-1085.5-1082

Off to cook and to yoga.
Be good.

August 14, 2012 Tuesday

The sky did not fall yet. I mean The S&P. We are still long, as I wrote to subscribers. Today we are under the rulership of Mars and Uranus! Waw.... what a powerful pair! Which one will win? As I write these lines the Moon is leaving a square to Uranus, next it will make a minor positive angle to Jupiter, then a big void till it'll reach Mars/Saturn. Their conjunction is the most powerful these days. They mark a solid basis for the markets. At what level? well... that we learn in my course.
Mars & Saturn, at 24 Libra are on "Arcturus" fixed star. Children born today will be very fortunate in their lives. It is a good star.
Yesterday I went long, as I wrote you, I hope to grab a few dimes today.
How about you? any good moves?

Moon's angles for today:

14.08.2012 11:38:20 12°23'11"Cnc Semi-sextile Jupiter
15.08.2012  7:27:36 22°45'17"Cnc Semi-sextile Sun

15.08.2012 11:15:02 24°45'42"Cnc Square Mars
15.08.2012 11:21:06 24°48'54"Cnc Square Saturn
15.08.2012 16:30:39 27°33'34"Cnc Semi-square Jupiter

15.08.2012 21:04:33  0°00'00"Leo <<<


August 15, 2012 Wednesday

If you visit my link at the left side, you can learn, that on this day Panama city was founded in 1519; Paraguay, Asuncion too, in 1535. Tivoli park opens in 1843 in Copenhagen. Many famous people were born on this day: Napoleon, in 1769... Also our president, Shimon Peres,(1923) Fidel Castro,(1926), India (1947) was founded on this day too...
As I write these lines I have my earphone on, and I am listening to this: Haydn's "Clock Symphony".
But my favourite is Beethoven.... Listen to this. makes one's soul enjoy the morning.

This day is ruled by Mercury and the Sun. What is that next to the Sun??? It's the part of fortune. The Moon will conjunct the Sun and mark the New Moon. Mercury is in a minor positive angle to Venus.
The major angle is still Mars-Saturn conjunction. Today is the 999th day from Nov.20/2009;
426 days from 6/16/11; 252 days from 12/7/11; 89 days from 5/18/12; 72 days from 6/4/12. Quite an anniversary, no?
Learn something interesting: Price has the answer if you listen to the music..... :)

I have to disappoint you, this does not always work!

OK, have to prepare for today. Yesterday I bought puts- just to be on the safe side. So now I am covered. If they will fool me, I have calls, and if the market, as a monkey will follow the S&P, and fall, I have the puts. I can also make mistakes... ohoooo big ones. See you

TA25: the above trick does not work... :( .
Yesterday we closed at 1100.77. There is a resistance at 1104, and the support is only at 1092.50
We are about to close. One of the most boring days ! the index now is at 1091.62 it was lingering all day long as a dead man's monitor around this level.

DAX the same situation: 5 min. targets in the graph....

August 16, 2012 Thursday

On July 23 I published a 30 min. graph of the S&P. Look it up, it's above here. I wrote that the S&P tops when in Moon is in Leo. Today it is there again.
Moon's aspects (gmt+3):

16.08.2012  6:23:56  5°01'14"Leo Conjunction Mercury
16.08.2012 10:27:03  7°13'03"Leo Quincunx Pluto
16.08.2012 12:03:49  8°05'40"Leo Trine Uranus
16.08.2012 12:14:58  8°11'44"Leo Semi-sextile Venus
16.08.2012 20:32:03 12°43'28"Leo Sextile Jupiter
17.08.2012 17:33:12 24°22'43"Leo Semi-square Venus
17.08.2012 18:39:11 24°59'40"Leo Sextile Saturn
17.08.2012 18:54:25 25°08'12"Leo Conjunction Sun New Moon
17.08.2012 20:55:08 26°15'56"Leo Sextile Mars

Today we are ruled by Jupiter and the Moon. See?? how nicely we got the two important planets to watch? Moon is getting closer to the Sun, thus completing its 28 days cycle, since July 19th. Than it made a top at 1380. Now it trades at 1406.60- the future- targets up: 1407-1411.61 this might be difficult to cross! then we'll see..

TA25: closed yesterday at 1091. At the last moment I bought more calls. So my balance now is for the upper side. Support is at 1088.50. It should jump above 1092.50 then it will fly up to 1102-1105.
At 1100 I sold my calls, now I only have puts.
I hope I did not move too early.

August 17,2012 Friday.

The markets rallied yesterday. Now we have a higher high - in the S&P- than May 1! From May 1 to Aug 16= 108 days. The spot topped at 1417.44. A beauty since 1266 low= 151 points.
The Dax broke the fear level of 7000, my subscribers got their targets. I hope you used them. I find it VERY strange to be subscribed to my newsletter and not trading...Sometimes this happens, then you get frustrated for losing the opportunity.

Today it's an anniversary day! it is 180 weeks from 3/6/2009 low.
How about the planets? are they backing us or are they against us? Today Venus and Jupiter lead the markets. They are conjunct by decliantion.

August 19, 2012 Sunday

Before I end this article, and start the New Moon in Leo, I would like to remind you, that on June 23, I wrote that on August 16 we will have a CIT. You can read that article under "Archive".
Looking back to this month, the Dow, on July 19th was at 12943- now it is at 13275. The S&P was at 1376.51- now it is at 1418.16; Dax:6758.39- now at 7040.88; Gold: 1582.05- now at 1616.20- so, all went up a little bit, even hit new highs. But the oscillators weakend.

I shall start now a new article, thank you for being here, see you at " The New Moon in Leo".


  1. You're right, I can't remember a weak with so many bad incidents and so many people killed in different places, innocent Israelis on holiday, people in cinema, Syrian generals etc. Definitely the mars effect or mercury retro just driving people bunkers !

    So far though the market is holding up and not turning. Strange !


  2. Agressive angles effect the trade dfferently than they have on people. For example a MArs- Uranus angle can " explode" in a person's chart, but it can bring a lot of power and drive to the markets.

  3. Hi Gabriella

    Why the 23.6 fib price and not the 38.2% fibo price of 1345 ? Are markets supposed to retrace to the well known fib levels ?


  4. Hi Ola,

    I gave the lowest possibility, of course it can reverse also at 38.2. The important is to watch what is happening in the sky. Are more planets blocking or supporting the index. At that levels? This, I teach in my course.

  5. The nut job in Aurora made a conscious decision REGARDLESS of any planet placement. He and he ALONE is the one who decided and premeditated for weeks to do what he did there. He could have stopped himself. It certainly is not predestined. God has given us all freewill and we do with it what we choose. He could have - SHOULD have - chose something other. Cannot blame the stars for evil behavior. God forbid we begin throwing out accountability for the stars. NOT!

    Tom in Michigan

  6. Hi Tom,
    I was not "blaming" the planets. Yes, humans are given the choice between good and bad. How they choose, or why they "loose it"- can be seen by the planetary placements at birth. This guy came from a good family, and had all the pluses to become a scientist, or researcher- due to Neptune on the Ascendant. But, at the age of 21-22 something happened, and he snapped. This we can see from the transits of the planets at that age.
    The decision was conscious, since he prepared for this killing- as I pointed out- above.
    Is it not predestined? Again, people with Mars-Pluto angles, Neptune on Asc, Jupiter stationary etc etc - and South Node in the 10th house CAN become monsters. Since the SOuth Node wants to mark himself in history in a negative way.


  7. Hi

    Here's a classic mercury retro moment. Yesterday was the first event of the olympics, a football match between north korea and Columbia. The officials showed a south korean flag instead of the North korean. North korean team got angry and left the pitch, they did not return for another hour :-)

    I think the olympics will have alot of drama until mercury turns direct


  8. Oh?? I did not hear about this, and yes, you are right, Mercury in retro can cause misunderstandings.... The Olympics open under a VOC Moon... let's pray.

  9. "cancer is also a fixed sign" It's actually a cardinal sign. - Fixed Cross

  10. What do you mean by "We have a recapitulation in the cards" ?

  11. I mean that we have death-tower- death -tower.
    This is something rare.

  12. Do the stars EVER portend anything positive ? It seems month after month everything is a "death tower" or reversal to the downside or "brings wars" etc... Its amazing the S&P is nicely positive year to date based on everything negative in the stars month after month.

    Tom in Michigan

  13. Due to power failure during the night I cannot post above.
    Will be back when I can.
    Tom, I'm sorry you are so sarcastic. I just wanted to TEACH you something about the tarot cards. The S&P is nicely positive?? yes, in 60 days it "rallied" with 50 points.... hmmmm

    1. Not trying to be sarcastic. Just would love to hear once in a while that the planets are portending some positive developments instead of doom and gloom. Maybe they just never do however ? Excuse my ignorance...

  14. Gab,

    Well I'm an Aries (living in the Northern Hemisphere) - a Cardinal sign - so I guess I'm always looking for the positive change of "Spring"!!


  15. ah... that explains everything. :)

  16. What do you mean "ship is leaving the harbor"? I assume you mean markets will be heading north (what I expect), but I'd like to confirm with you if possible...



  17. HI Tom, Yes, that's what I ment, yesterday, and see, the S&P topped at 1407.14 (spot).

  18. Mercurys direct always bring change in trend


  19. I have send you an email saturday about weekly newsletter , have you see ?

  20. No, I have not received any mail about news letter. Pls. re send it.


  21. Hi Gaby,

    That July 23 post also said S&P tops in aquarius. The S&P has been going up all month, so that analysis doesnt look very reliable does it ?


  22. Hi Ola,

    I think those are two different things. One is to go up, other is to top.
    The S&P, and the market is been up since June 4. with 151 points.



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