New Moon in Leo 2012

     Between Aug 17- Sept.16

I have a small family. Most of the members were born in August. We are two born in January. I googled " which month are  most people born," and I got the answer: August. World wide. So we are all getting fat this month, celebrating different birthdays. Good that I go to yoga. But I don't think that is enough.

If you followed me here, I hope you know how this blog works. I publish every day a new article. You are welcome to comment at the bottom of the article, tell me your thoughts, your doubts, or questions. You can also connect with me on facebook, or twitter, or study financional astrology... It is fun. Ask the students. There are many interesting links at the left of the blog. You can also give me likes and hugs. :)

We are "newly " born on every new Moon. Depending where it falls in your transit map, it will light up those areas. New Moons are good to start a business, study, move into a new apartment. Things started on a New Moon will last. In Leo it is full of energy, enthusiasm, since Leo is a fire sign. Leo also occupies the 5th house of gambling. So... look out. some mild shifts are in, around the corner.
Map of the coming lunar month:
inner wheel today, outer- next New Moon.

Our market is just about to close. we topped at 1109. I went short too early. We have expiry this week, Wednesday will be the last day to trade. I shall postpone the car- buying for next month... LOL> closed at 1106.77. A number ruled by Uranus. Sudden surprises tomorrow...
Here are this month's angles: what all these mean and how will the market react when they kick in?? That we learn in the course.

August 20, 2012 Monday

The East opened with a gap-down. Nifty trades now at 5379, HSI at 19953.
Today we are under the influence of the Moon and Venus. The Moon just left Virgo and entered Libra This is a cardinal sign. It is now trining the Nodes, later it will make a 150^ to Neptune.
Venus is 45^ to the Sun and contra parallel Pluto and the Nodes. The S&P is now at 1414.35. This means, that there is a support at 1411.85, 1410.33. Falling from there, next step down at 1405.15. Targets up: 1417-18. I don't think it will go higher than that. So the range is very tight. Have your stops accordingly.
TA25: closed yesterday at 1106.77 Market opens in 50 minutes.Exactly when the Moon will inconjunct Neptune. See the beauty of it:

Today is 720 days from Feb. 27, 2011, and 34 days from July 17th. ;  21  days from July 30; a CIT. Moon -Neptune level= 1112.

In order to see if the market is strong or weak we should always check the banks. After all it's they who hold the market.
BAC: Weakening oscillators.
GS: In the past I uploaded the graph: here it is again:

Dow: it's at a multiple top. The oscillators are positive, the rally during the last days came with a growing volume. Breaking above the resistance trend line- see target on the pic.

Our market closed at 1104.87. From the closing price we can understand where will it be tomorrow.
How and why? we learn that in the course....

August 21,2012 Tuesday

Today is a major CIT day. in many ways. The day is ruled by Mars and Neptune. Mars brings a lot of energies. It is breaking away from the grasp of Saturn, now it can manifest at it's utmost. It's been a while since we "met" Neptune. Neptune squares the nodes, and it is conjunct by parallel to Mars. I hope my puts will rocket today.
Time wise: Yesterday was a turning day for Gold, in the spiral calendar: made 573 days from the top of Jan 28, 2011. In the TA25 index, its 987 days from 6/6/2010. Astrologically: besides many issues, the Nodes entered Sagittarius. All these, and much more, I don't want to bore you, mark a major shift in the markets.
HSI: Keep your stop at 19950. Falling from there will stumble to 18860 and MUCH lower!

I just heard on Bloomberg, that " the public is coming back"! NOW it's time to run! When they are pomping these sentences... be sure the top is in!

Some of my trades: I went long on Gold at 1417.80, and have several positions (shorts of course) on the Dax. I went also short on the S&P, at 1413, I'll give it a shot till 1423. That, in my opinion is a max.
I put my stops and TP, so now I am free to search a birthday present for my mom. Be good.

August 22,2012 Wednesday

My shorts "behaved" well yesterday. What we should do now is to check will the correction continue or rebound??  What has changed up there in the sky, than can point to the direction? The day is ruled by Mercury, and Saturn.Two contraversial planets. While Mercury is young and playful and volatile, Saturn is old, sober and fixed. Saturn of course is stronger than Mercury. We still remember the Uranus-Pluto square, of course. So what we should check is: where is the market planet wise? but all these I teach in the course.
The Moon's angles for today: (gmt+3)

22.08.2012  2:59:51 25°21'00"Lib Conjunction Saturn
22.08.2012  9:24:26 29°07'24"Lib Conjunction Mars22.08.2012 10:13:16 29°36'10"Lib Sextile Sun22.08.2012 10:53:44  0°00'00"Sco <<<
22.08.2012 13:57:10  1°48'02"Sco Trine Neptune22.08.2012 22:59:32  7°07'33"Sco Sextile Pluto

There are two important turns today: the conjunction to Mars and the ingress to Scorpio. The Moon stays 2 days in a sign.
Corrections are 2-3-5-8 days long.
Aug 22 is: 288 days from Nov.8,2011 high, 121 days from 4/23/12; ( for the S&P)
S&P: topped right on time and level, Aug 21 @ 1424.10, at 17:30. The future now is at 1408.35. There is a support at 1405.33.
Dax: topped at 7105. I put my stop at the top, and will follow the trend.

Here is a site you should book mark:
I love the carpet:
If we take June 4 as a significant low, than next CIT is Sept. 1= 89 days.

Vix: already bottomed on August 17th, at a historical low of 13.30. If it does not go above 16.90 we will know that the correction yesterday was just a shake out.

TA25: Closed at 1118.73. I went short too early. Obviously different markets act and behave in different times. Just as I write sometimes, that - when the US market opens this or that angle will no longer be valid. But, today there is a CIT for us too, 72 days from June 11 2012 high. 
Support at 1110- 1106-1105.38
What market do you trade? Would you like me to analyze it?? Send me a mail... or, subscribe to my newsletters, you will know how to trade before the world.
 Goldman Sachs:

Dow Banks index:

August 23, 2012 Thursday

I wrote about the VIX yesterday. It failed to go above 16.90.
The markets just made another sprint for the highs. In my news letters I wrote that Moon in Scorpio might bring new highs.
Today we are under the influence of Jupiter and Mars. Jupiter sextiles Mercury,  a minor positive angle, Mars is just about to enter Scorpio. The Sun is on "Regulus"- fixed star. ZET has for it: Regulus (32 Alpha Leonis  m 1.35)
Lion's Heart
Keywords: The most Royal Star. Raphael, the Healing Archangel, the Watcher of the North. Nobility, ambition, alertness, great power, status, leadership, sudden downfall, accidents, violence
Effect: Fortunate
Character: Mars/ Jupiter/ Uranus
Market starts, I'll be back later.
TA25: levels for today: 1112- 1109.43. Falling from here: 1105.45- below that, another 11-12 points. To the upside: 1117-1123.5

I am still long on Gold, I hope you came with me on this ride.Watch the levels: 1663-67. The Silver even did better... The Dax can go as far as 7069-79-7103. then we shall see. CAC topped at 3518. Nifty levels: stop at 5449- then:  5471   5477   5479.  

Moons' angles for today and tomorrow: for intraday traders (gmt+3).

23.08.2012  9:58:10 13°35'36"Sco Quincunx Jupiter
23.08.2012 10:53:39 14°08'17"Sco Square Mercury
23.08.2012 12:34:00 15°07'24"Sco Trine Venus

24.08.2012  0:26:01 22°06'46"Sco Semi-square Pluto
24.08.2012  6:14:30 25°31'55"Sco Semi-sextile Saturn
24.08.2012 13:50:03  0°00'00"Sgr <<<
24.08.2012 14:45:22  0°32'32"Sgr Semi-sextile Mars
24.08.2012 16:47:49  1°44'33"Sgr Square Neptune
24.08.2012 16:53:33  1°47'56"Sgr Square Sun

Our market closed at 1109.42; under Saturn ingress to Scorpio. I expect lower levels next week. I am still long on Gold, I doubles my position, adding a long to Silver as well. Stop 30.47 The shorts on the Dax are working nicely.
S&P trades now at 1406.60, here too lower levels expected.

It's yoga day today, so trade well, :)

August 25, 2012 Saturday

My PC broke down. I cannot see mails,  cannot load windows. My technician is not answering his mobile, well, I don't blame him... it's Shabbath. I am forced to take a brake, and go to the beach. I hope very much it'll be fixed by tomorrow.

I see the S&P bottomed yesterday, and closed at 1410. There is a strong resistance at 1411.- 12. 

I am still long on gold and Silver.

Have a nice week end :).

August 26, 2012 Sunday

My angel technician reported back yesterday, and fixed the problem. The real angels are among us. Don't search for them in the sky... Just look around, I am sure you will find some in your closest neighborhood. So, he fixed my computer, and I continued to work, to write my week end news letters. At 5 pm I thought I should take a brake and drove myself to the beach.... Hah... I must tell you, people are definitely NOT watching TV, which all it does is pumping the war into our subconscious. There were millions out there, enjoying the last days of "vacance". I searched for more then 40 minuted for a parking place, driving from one beach to the other. oh.. I should but a scooter, Tel Aviv is not for cars... But I am too old for that, I guess. So finally, I "landed", and I could read one of the books, I bought a few weeks ago. Here is a picture of the Sun set yesterday:
when the King goes to sleep, the Queen takes over:
it is a half moon. What does it tell us? when the Moon is half, it is 90 degrees to the Sun. 120 will bring a rise - in the markets, 150 a fall, 180 will scratch it's head and ask, now where?
Driving home this song popped up in my memory...:) Remember?? I have no idea how did this song sneaked  thru the iron curtains of those days of the communist Romania, where I was born.

 What were you up to?? Any interesting happenings??
Market starts shortly, it seems we are in for a new rally, with US rebound.

Let me see... Today we are under the Sun and Jupiter... It's enough for a rally. Unless they are darkened by a monster. LOL...

and we open with a HUGE GAPPING UP.... Closed at 1109- now 1129.69. Resistance: 1130-1131-32-36.
 Could I have foreseen this?? I guess I could. Mercury makes 72^ to Mars, and Earth 90^ to Jupiter. Timing Solution software gives this picture for Earth-Jupiter:
Looking at this pic. do not be fooled! In order to see where will the market go on the long run, We should always check ALL the planets, aspects, etc. It is not so easy to dig out the right one, and follow it.
So my puts are killed. 3 more days to expiry. I guess they are burried. I could buy calls, but you know Murfy??? ha...

Anyways, my shares are doing great.

have to finish writing my newsletters, see ya.

August 27, 2012 Monday

Good morning world, this is the Sun rising as from my window. Isn't it marvellous?
Nice surprise today morning, with Silver and Gold long..Silver did very well. I raised my stop to 31.13; let's see it it goes above 31.21, then I'll raise it more.
I closed it. I might go short, with a stop at 31.22, but' I'll give it a few minutes.

What's happening in th East? Nifty is double bottoming, HSI is at 19840 with a doji. Doesn't look very promising.

What changed in the sky since yesterday? well, nothing much. Only the Moon entered Capricorn. The angles among the planets are not exact. There is a minor angle between Sun and Venus.
Announcement for today:

QUICK! do you want to know where is the Gold/Silver heading??? Sign up now for the forecast! DAX, CAC, NIFTY, JKSE, S&P forecasts are ready too....
My Silver move: stop at 31.09
This is a certain graph I've been working on in Timing Solution- it's the 30 min. graph.Mind the steps!

Today morning, while we were sleeping, the Moon entered Capricorn, and made some difficult angles in th esky, causing a 7.4 quake in El Salvador.
See the map: I used here the Uranian system:

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I hate to write to myself with no feed backs.

August 28,2012

Just as I forecasted in my news letters, the US markets corrected a little bit. It is trading between Uranus-PLuto square and Saturn.(1415-1407). Since the tops are more and more lower, it would take a major event to push it above this concrete ceiling.
Today we are under Mercury's spell. It is on its own to do with us as it whishes.... Mercury stands for news. Here is an article I read today morning: read it, it's extremly interesting... At least I found it so.
These crops direct us to the autumn equinox date, Sept 22, so le't see what will happen on that day: I made the chart for London, GMT>
First of all, since it's the equinox date, the Sun is at 0 Libra. The Moon will be at 0 Capricorn. Both signs are cardinal. The "weeping sisters" the Pleiades is at 0 Gemini, so both luminaries will trine- and inconjunct it. Venus and JUpiter at 16-17 degrees, conjunct Chaos. The uranus-Pluto square is still there, and will be for the next two years...
In the Uranian chart we see it better:

 I do not want to get into politics, but this day should mark a CIT in the markets.

Nifty a quick move: went long at 5319- Want to knwo why ??? This I teach in course.
Target: 5346- 5355- 5373. Time wise watch 8/29; 17:15
 August 29, 2012 Wednesday

It's the last day to do something in the options market here. Tomorrow it's expiry. The market is standing still. No wonder... there arent' any significant angles or actions in the sky.
The S&P is trapped between 1417- 1402.
Nifty trades now at 5330, I am long there, but I entered August contract, so I should be watching this one. My stop is holding, so far so good.
Oil: I wrote in my Aug 14 newsletter: Target up: 98.3= target reached e x a c t l y !@!!! J
now it trades at 95.94.
Dax: It is frozen at 7000. I wonder how much longer it will stay there? In the newsletter I wrote " Stop  at: 6967."
 TA25: closed 1108.Support is at 1106. falling, will bring a banji.

Have a good one !

Somebody from Amman arrived to my blog searching for Mercury-180 Venus in currencies. This opposition can take place only in the Helio chart:
Former and next time they will be in opposition:
13.10.2010  - 14.10.2010
17.08.2011  - 18.08.2011
21.12.2011 - 22.12.2011
21.10.2012 - 22.10.2012
28.02.2013  -  1.03.2013

Here is another chart with Helio tidal forces. See how Mercury effects the Eur-Usd:

 TA25: Look what a positive angle from the Moon can do to the market:
This is called: wipe out. ( of the shorts).

Market holidays: Sept 3, Labour day; Here is Israel we will be celebrating the Rosh hashana- the New Year, so the market will be closed on Sept. 16,17,18, then again on  25,26,( Yom Kippur) and 30 & Oct 1.( Shavuot-Tabernacle). Between 2-5 trade will close at 14:15.
Time to rest.

Be well.

See this :

August 30,2012 Thursday.

It's expiry day here. During the night the S&P turned, and fell to 1401. Since it did not break thru 1417- we did not enter the trade. Now I am "on the fence". Bernanke is speaking tomorrow, I always advise not to be in the market when important announcements are expected.

Yesterday Mursi announced, that Egypt is going to renew its nuclear program. Oh boy... there we go.

But let us see the stars. Do they comfort us? What's in it for today? We should look at Jupiter and Neptune today. Jupiter is at 14 Gemini. what bell does it ring?? ahaa.. I knew I remembered this degree for something. It was the degree of the June 6 Lunar eclipse. So we should remember 14 degrees and 0 degrees, which was the last Solar eclipse May 20th. I have an excel file for the last 60 years of eclipses.... LOL. Anyway... the only aspect Jupiter makes today is a quintile to Mercury. More important is the square the Mercury forms with the nodes!  But , I can't warn you enough! Synastry!!!! has the answer. Not one angle.

and the sextile to Saturn. All these angles can be calculated for price levels.
Neptune is at 1^35 Pisces.

What is the Moon up to? It is in the air sign on Aquarius.

Watch these angles: gmt+3

30.08.2012 11:19:06 22°02'37"Aqr Semi-square Pluto
30.08.2012 11:45:07 22°17'16"Aqr Quincunx Venus
30.08.2012 12:27:17 22°41'00"Aqr Semi-square Uranus
30.08.2012 18:34:11 26°07'05"Aqr Trine Saturn
30.08.2012 20:48:11 27°22'07"Aqr Opposition Mercury

 31.08.2012  1:30:53  0°00'00"Psc <<<
31.08.2012  4:19:34  1°33'56"Psc Conjunction Neptune
31.08.2012 10:25:14  4°56'50"Psc Trine Mars
31.08.2012 14:11:43  7°02'00"Psc Sextile Pluto
31.08.2012 15:18:24  7°38'46"Psc Semi-sextile Uranus
31.08.2012 16:58:06  8°33'42"Psc Opposition Sun
- Full Moon !!
Didn't we have already a full moon this month??? Well, sure, on August 2nd. When there are two full Moons in a month we call the second " Blue Moon". From here the expression " once in a blue moon" or, rarely. In 2015 we will have again two full Moons in a month.

Aug.30: important angles, as I uploaded at the beginning of this article: Sun 120 Pluto, Mercury 60 Saturn, Sun 150 Uranus ... which one will win?
Some Fibo/ Gann days to watch: S&P: topped on April 2, 2012- Aug 30 is 150 days.
                                                               bottom on April 10,2012 - Sept 1 is 144 days
                                                               top Nov 5, 2010 +666 days= Sept 1. 
                                                               Dec 28,2009 +666 trading days= Aug 30,12. etc etc etc  

Some simple techniques can give great trades: Silver:
Soya: worth while watching: failing to go above 1748 it will be a great short.


Another month is behind us. Besides getting the highest electricity bill in years, nothing much happened here, or in the world. The heat was on. The French did not arrive this summer as before.... Paris mayor filled the town with sand and water sprinkles, and they just stayed home and enjoyed it. I can't blame them... Everything is terrible expensive here. Learning from them, the mayor of Beer Sheva, the capital of the Negev, our southern town, did the same... And people did not have to dream about Tel Aviv beaches in order to walk in the sand. The world continued to rotate, but we did land on Mars, and new galaxies were discovered with two Suns or three?? 5000 light years from here. Another destination I will never see.... LOL ...  The markets consolidated, barely
moved, the volume was low...
So good bye August, and welcome September.
What's in its purse?

September is the ninth month in the calendar we use now, but it was the seventh in the old Roman calendar, that started from March- thus its name- from Latin- seven= septem. There are many holidays, and anniversaries in September, but this month will be mainly remembered for 9/11...dark days.
The stone of September is the Sapphire...the meaning of the stone is "clear thinking" as Wiki says... So if you did not know till now what...... my birthday is in January... you can make it :).  LOL How about the stars? where will they be they a month? I shall write about this, as usual, here in the blog. The weekly newsletters are out, so if you would like to sign up... I'm here.  Today we are under the Sun and Neptune's rays, or power. Two powerful planets. The Moon is 150^ to the Sun, not a favorable angle for rallies; but the arbitrage is positive, and the Moon will move on, so its effect. Market gonnng..... see u later.

Moon today:
 2.09.2012 11:27:25  1°30'12"Ari Semi-sextile Neptune
 2.09.2012 13:30:51  2°35'28"Ari Quincunx Mercury

September 3, 2012 Monday

It's Labor day today, no trade in the US. The East opened as if signaling for a turn. Nifty with a gap up, HSI with an Engulfing,  Nikkey with a Hammer. So the East is green. The Gold makes a Doji with a high possibility that it will turn into a Marabuzu. But' let's wait till 12:54 when the Moon will sextile Jupiter. I think it will mark another turn.

Today we are under the effect on the Moon and Saturn. The Moon will be in opposition to Saturn tomorrow at 11:53 ( gmt+3).
Other important aspect for today is the Sun 45^ Saturn, Venus 90 Saturn, Mars 150 Uranus and 60 Pluto. Both will be effective till the 5th.

Ta25: closed yesterday at 1114.59, supported by Mercury. I would not trust it for a further support... only if it will open gapping up and jump above 1117-18. 

9:28- the East turned red. Now our eyes are on Germany. The future trades now at 6958. Stop is at 6949 for intraday traders. Many obstacles to the updside.

11:00 the market is vegetating. Seems that nothing will happen today.

b o r i n g d a y :)

Here is the Uk index for my visitors: the stop is very close. The indicators are mixed... there is a positive divergence; on the other hand MFI is declining.


 TA25 closed at 1119.69. The number shows that a period is completed. What will happen tomorrow... about that, in the morning. Off to yoga. Take care.

September 4, 2012 Tuesday

Today we are under the effect of Mercury and Mars. Of course, since there is no coincidence, they are in sextile. Mercury is in Virgo, a sign that it rules, it its own term, it is direct= all these make it strong. But... it is combust.- that means it is close to the Sun, and in this case the Sun burns its powers. Any planet too close to the Sun is weak, looses its effect. How about Mars? Mars is at 7^30 Scorpio,- a sign that it rules- by the ancient astrology. Mars is in the Mars decanate and term- it is direct and swift, and free from the Sun's beams. Mars is the planet of war, brings a lot of energy to the market. Let's see where are the rest of the children? The Moon is in Aries, more energy is added to this cake. Venus, ruler of the banks in Cancer, direct and swift in motion. Venus is separating form a square from Saturn, and from a semi square to the Sun. The next angle it will be a trine to the Nodes, at 29^, and a150^ to Neptune.  An interesting and rare!!!! pattern in the sky today: Mars - PLuto and Uranus at 7^. So they form a firm support or resistance- if we calculate the price levels.

Some Fibo calculations: today it's 155 days from 4/2/12 high; (S&P).
S&P: resistance at 1417, NIfty: 5257 support,  CAC: 3457; Dax:support: 6997; etc.

 Moon's angles: gmt+3:
4.09.2012 11:53:41 26°34'07"Ari Opposition Saturn
 4.09.2012 14:05:57 27°41'04"Ari Square Venus
 4.09.2012 18:34:30 29°56'41"Ari Semi-square Jupiter
 4.09.2012 18:41:05  0°00'00"Tau <<<
 4.09.2012 21:32:27  1°26'18"Tau Sextile Neptune

 A share worth while watching... I have it by the way, and I am in an-out of it.
TSEM: fell for 120 days, now it trades at $7- if it corrects only 50%- it will get to $11.
 SDS: since everybody is posing towards shorts, I thought to check out this ETF, a short on the S&P:
a closer look:
I am trading and listening to Portuguese music. The other day this played in the radio, while driving.
I liked it, so here it is.... ; and here

TA25 closed at: 1113.52. Surprises are in for tomorrow....

I would like to clarify something. When I write here in the blog support at.... so an so level, I mean you should go short if that support is broken.

Something interesting in the Silver:
Target: 33.6

Sept. 5, 2012 Wednesday

We are green. LOL, I wrote yesterday, " look for surprise tomorrow...". Why did I think so? It was in the price.... But this is something I teach in the course.

SO what's happening today in the sky? Something new, that it was not there yesterday? Every day brings its presents you know, we just have to walk with our eyes wide open, and of course, understand what we see.  The Sun is at 13^ Virgo, 45^ to Venus; the Moon 120^-Mercury= positive; 30^ to Uranus & 120 to Pluto; Mercury is also in several pos. positions with different planets; Venus is 120^to the Nodes!; Mars 60^ to Mercury; Saturn is 60^ to the Galactic Center, well, this one is rare...let me see when did this happen before, and you can check what happened in the index/share that you trade. OK.. Saturn made a sextile in March 1996 to the Galactic Center- for the last time. 16 years and 6 months. Let's go on.. we have a YOD today, between Uranus-Merc-Mars. This one is also rare. What is th eMoon up to? It is exactly in opposition as I write these lines, with Mars. Moon-Mars angles should be researched... So many issues should.

Let me look at my trades... see u later.

MY YOU TUBE CHANNEL IS CALLED: GMAMA- for Gabriella Mittelman Astrological Market Analysis. 

I uploaded an analysis for the CAC- on you tube- this is something new I am trying to see how it works... :); and the EUR-USD

Sept. 6, 2012 Thursday

The weeks are passing with giant steps. Have you noticed?? We live from Thursday to Thursday, and hopp, it's gone.... Since the holidays are coming, I had to go and buy some stuff, food, you know, to cook... God, I hate to cook! LOL. I find it such a waiste of time. First you have to go to the amll, then pick up the things you want, then stay in line to pay, then come home, and put it all away in the fridge. Then the day is coming when you have to cook it, make the table, invite the guests... What a fuss! for max. 45 minutes of sitting down and actually enjoying it.??!! How many books, articles can I read or write, or study something new, instead??? Next life I want to be a man, yes Sir, Pls. They never move a finger.... Well, not a Chinese man, because they cook more then the women- as a TV show I saw yesterday.LOL.... Can we really choose what to be and where to be? We can, in this life, yes. I could just get up, buy a ticket, and a house in Andalusia, and live there... It is soooo easy to move and change one's life. I could still write my blog even from the Himalayas.  But do we make our choices in life, or we just flow with the wind? Those who read this blog read, what a feeling I had when I was in New Orleans in May, this year. After 2 days I felt as if I was always there. Getting up in the morning, swimming in the pool, listening to lectures... meeting people... I could do that! Do you know, that when people move from one apartment to another they will always look for a new place in the surrounding of max 5 km? Isn't this funny?? Why are we clinging to the known?

But, let's see what's going on in the markets. We are waiting for Mr. Draghi today...

Have you seen the movie " waiting for Mr. Good - bar"? haha... ohooo, years back.  Now we are waiting for Draghi, to say are we " cool " just for a little bit longer, or we are looking at the beginning of the end. Sorry Tom, this must be said.  But can Draghi say something bad on a day that is ruled by Jupiter???? and the " Judgment card? Now how symbolic is that?? The people waiting for a sign.... Astrologically: we have a bummer: on one side Jupiter is conjunct the Pars of Fortune, in the 9th House, which means- by all means- good news, but la Luna... it is Void of course; and you, who already subscribed to my news letters, or my students, know what this means....

 I marked in blue Venus entering Leo. Timing Solution gives its effect:

Search: GMAMA PRESENTS:  Apple analysis here.

 Sept. 7, 2012 Friday.

I added a google translator at the left of the blog. I don't know how it translates, but try it, and see for yourselves. I also added a new visitors counter, but only Chrome will feature it. So you will have to open the blog in Google Chrome, and NOT with Explorer in order to see it, if you are interested, but this gadget is for me, mainly.

So we are having some new highs, as I see...
Have to continue working, so keep it up!


September 8,2012 Saturday

At the beginning of this article I wrote:  " In Leo it is full of energy, enthusiasm, since Leo is a fire sign. Leo also occupies the 5th house of gambling. So... look out. some mild shifts are in, around the corner.
Well... we got this last night.

S&P Closed at 1436.6. In my news letter I gave targets: 1396 support- target up: 1414,1420,1432, 1439. Closing at 1436 means it is right below Saturn (1436.95). Will there be power next week to jump above it? Also see Aug.29 post- with target... 
Dow: closed 13295. In the newsletter last week I wrote: "As long as it is above 12980 is LONG., or above MA50. But, in order to escape a mild M pattern, it should run above 13413."
All this rally yesterday, failed to go above that level... 
Russel: a wonderful move to 841.6 I wrote last week: " Our stop is now at 808- targets: 814-828 and above. " Former top was March 25, 850.3. See post up here on Sept 5! I gave exact target.!!
Silver: 33.6! I also gave exact target ! roll up and see... 

People send me mails to send them proves that my forecasts are good... well here it is. Published. 

What is ahead next week?? I am working now on the newsletters, and forecasts. 
Be good. 

Today there is a huge move in the Heliocentric map: Saturn enters Scorpio. This happens every 27-28 years. Saturn will be in Scorpio till April 1st, 2015. It will mainly affect those born in this sign, or having a Scorpio rising. To analyse a share we need more than 100 years of history, so here is the Dow: 
Second major turn will be Pluto slowing down, and turning Direct. on Sept 21. A planet is strongest when slow in motion. 

The other issue, incomparable smaller, is Mercury turning an Evening star.- meaning, it will rise after the Sun. Need to do some research what does this mean for the markets. 

September 9.2012 or 9.9.12- Sunday. 

The number nine is a very powerful one. Not only it is ruled by Mars, but it has in its power to elevate everything one octave higher, and dissolve itself. So if I add up 9+9 I get 18, which added up 1+8 is nine again. this is what I mean to dissolve itself. 9x9x9= 729 = 7+2+9 = 18/9 .

What's new in the world? 
And in the sky? The Sun is in 16 Virgo, Mercury is conjunct. Our market is red, 1109.54 now. It is supported at 1107. Targets up: 1111-1112.9-1116-7. Here it will meet the Uranus-Pluto square.  
Gonnnnnng... see you - higher target: 1137!
Moon's angles for today. 

9.09.2012 13:58:47 27°04'34"Gem Trine Saturn
9.09.2012 19:49:08  0°00'00"Cnc <<<
9.09.2012 22:25:05  1°18'19"Cnc Trine Neptune

Closed: 1129.45. Tomorrow we are in for a sudden and unexpected move. 

September 10, 2012 Monday

Hectic week ahead. In the sky... also down here. All explained in my news letters. If you have 50.000$ and you don't know what to do with it... you should sign up to my news letters. I might start an "online coaching" too. The problem is the time difference. What do you say? We could meet "on line" thru Skype for 2 hours in the morning and in the afternoon. The mornings for Europe trades, the afternoon for US, grains, precious metals. I will have to figure out what would be the fee for that. Anybody interested? Ok- drop me a mail. 

So what is happening today? Sun 0^ Mercury; already wrote about it. I also wrote about " expect the unexpected". And, dear reader- Anonymous- pls. sign your name next time... It would be so much nicer... If it's the unexpected, how could even I know what will bring? Maybe together we can bet on a direction. It's the Moon 150 Uranus. When did it happen before? What happened then?? Will it happen again? there are other angles to consider: Moon Pluto. I have to go to the bank, so while I'm away, pls. come up with an answer... :) 
Moon's angles for today: gmt+3

10.09.2012  9:38:11  6°58'13"Cnc Opposition Pluto
10.09.2012 10:17:01  7°17'55"Cnc Square Uranus
10.09.2012 19:05:04 11°47'05"Cnc Trine Mars= a culmination in price levels.

September 11, 2012 Tuesday.

Or 9/11, the triple cursed day is here. Why triple? Second World war started, Assad was born, and the 9/11 disaster; all happened on this day. Probably many other things too, but this is what I remember now, at 6:45 having my coffee, listening to music, watching the Sun rising and writing. 
S&P: topped yesterday at 1438.61 -spot- and reversed, around the time I wrote up here, it would. Looking at the 15 min. intra-day graph: it made 23.6% correction. More space to go down to 1424, which will be 1/3 correction. - this with my technical eye. With my astrologer eye :1438= rally stopped by the nodes, at exactly this level. Support now is at 1425.50 ( Jupiter line), 1422 Mars line. My fundamental eye would look at Fed announcements... are there any? let me see... oh sure.. a lot of them today, so watch these hours, for aggressive moves. 
In the daily chart, only falling below 1426- former top- or those who have deep pockets, and can afford big stop losses, 1406- . As long as the index is above 1406 is positive. So every one has to decide for himself, his stops- depending on your budget. We will go long again above 1439. And short below 1406. 
Looking at the S&P Future astrology chart: the date I have is 21.April 1982- Chicago. In this map there is a bad aspect between Merc-135- Neptune. They form a vulnerable point. So when a transiting planet will trigger them, a change will occur. Today Mars is in exact opposition to Mercury. 

German WPI extremely good: 

After reading what is WPI - it's the wholes sale prices. So I guess if prices go up life gets more difficult. So this is not a very good out come after all. Pls. correct me if I am wrong. 

September 12,2012 Wednesday.

We got new highs yesterday. The world is in expectation for Germany's decision. This will be public at 10:00 am today Germany time. Oh, boy... they choose THE day, haven't they?? Let's go to the sky see why.
Today we are ruled by the fickle, changing and unstable Mercury. However, Mercury is now in the Earth sign of Virgo, so it is much more reliable. It is a power that digs in, and covers up the smallest detail. It is Combust the Sun- ( within 8^30' to the Sun). 
The other planet ruling today is Saturn! And this one is in a sextile to the Galactic Center. and exalted. Thus very very strong. Saturn is about restriction, and symbolizes the governments; being the ruler of Capricorn, the sign of the 10th House. 

So for today, we have two ruling planets that are in Earth signs, and are here to pour some "reason" to the floor. 

Sun: at 19 degrees- which was the eclipse degree in July 11, 2010.
Moon: just entered Leo- fire sign- the king of the jungle. Make new laws and order. 
It will meet Venus, which is already in Leo. Venus rules the banks. Watch the banks! GS, Morgan, BAC, etc. 
Mars: is in it's sign, so it is strong- Scorpio is money.
Jupiter: in Gemini- at 15 degrees- a turning point.

Moon's angles for today: (gmt+3) 

12.09.2012  0:58:28 27°19'46"Cnc Square Saturn
12.09.2012  6:00:30  0°00'00"Leo <<<
12.09.2012  7:04:10  0°33'55"Leo Semi-square Jupiter
12.09.2012  8:20:28  1°14'35"Leo Quincunx Neptune
12.09.2012 15:37:41  5°08'58"Leo Semi-square Sun
12.09.2012 18:15:41  6°34'11"Leo Conjunction Venus
12.09.2012 18:59:15  6°57'43"Leo Quincunx Pluto
12.09.2012 19:26:40  7°12'33"Leo Trine Uranus
12.09.2012 19:29:23  7°14'01"Leo Semi-square Mercury

S&P: Sept 12= 999 days from 12/18/2009;  986 days from 12/31/2009 ; 

Make the excell count for your own index... 

TA25: topped yesterday at 1131.16. There it was stopped by Merc-Vesta. Again Mercury... do you see the connection? 
I bought a small amount of short on the index, to which I shall add- as news will unfold. 

And a thought before the news... I would tighten my stops to the maximum. 

My channel: GMAMA presents: Dax: 

September 13,2012 Thursday

Our days pass from one waiting to the other. Yesterday we were waiting for Germany's decision, today for the Fed's. I think Angela called Ben on the red line, and consulted him, or each other, how deep can they dig the hole.... Because that's what they are doing. Creating a new bubble. While we , small people down here on Mother Earth are fuzzing around and think we can actually bend and twist the future, the Planets up there are taking a tissue to wipe their tears of laughter.
So let's see, what coming today? We are ruled by Jupiter and Mars today.
Jupiter is at 15 Gemini, on "Cursa" and my Zet tells us about this fixed star: " Cursa (67 Beta Eridani  m 2.79)
Keywords: Currents of Fate, fluctuating emotions, irreversible changes to rhythm of life, sense of oblivion
Effect: Fortunate
Character: Saturn"

Mars is at 13 Sco. in several negative aspects to other planets. It is also at a midpoint between Sun-Pluto. As if balancing... Mars is energy, and Sco. is money. But can Mars balance anything?
The Moon is in Leo, and will be VOC till Noon- my time zone... So let's see what's happening at the time of the announcement, as Ola,- one of my readers asked me, down below under "comments"?
The Announcement will be at 7:30 gmt+3 and also at 9:00 pm and 9:15. I guess between 7:40- 7:50 pm we will already understand what it will be.
So let me make a chart for that hour: Here we can see, that at that point, Venus will make a 150^- BAD angle to Pluto, and a good one to Uranus. But, Uranus brings unforeseen surprises, and sudden moves...So how good that can be? Show me a person who likes the unknown! Don't we stick to our every day life because we hate the unknown? Even what we have is dull and monotonic??

To a readers' request I uploaded a Point and Figure chart. In the past I used them a lot. They are simple charts, show the trend exactly. This system does not take in considaration time and volume. Yes... when I learned it, I also rose and eyebrow... But, here it is:

.... gonnnnng..

I wrote in the Facebook: 

The New Year is here... Sept 16th. We shall enter year התשע"ג- 5773- if I translate it to English it is the year of the SCREAM.
Who will scream on who, we shall see.
So Happy New Year to all my friends, and acquaintances. May this year bring you calm, balance, and be prosperous, happy and may you reach your personal fulfillment. BigHug! :)

We closed at 1133.05. World markets are waiting. I would stay out, and wait till after the announcement.

So far all is positive. S&P piked at 1450.3- next target: 1454.4 Vix is back to 15.! Russel: 854- broke above the historical trend line from April 2011. It moves in a channel: target: 862. Facebook: bottomed at 17.55; stop now is 19.50- target: 23.50- 26.7



September 15, 2012 Saturday.

My newsletters are ready. You can sign up at the left, by clicking Pay Pal. 

Have a good week end.! 

September 16, 2012 Sunday.

A reader asked if I write market reports on other pairs than the Eur-Usd. Well, sure! Anything you trade, commodity, share, index, forex... Just ask. 

Today we have a new Moon, and the eve of the New Year. We write 5773 now. The Number added up gives us a 22- one of the master numbers. Very powerful. I wish you a year of fulfillment, May your wishes come true. I wish you health, the one thing we cannot buy with money. I wish you free time for yourself, and your beloved ones, because time is something that passes, and cannot be reversed. Enjoy the moment, every single fractal of it. I wish you a loving heart to guide you in your life. 

As usual, I am starting a new article each New Moon. 
Thank you for being here, follow me to " The New Moon in Virgo". 

                                                                 ~ $$$ ~


  1. Hi Gabriella

    Do you think mars will bring an increase of movement to the markets as they are dead at the moment



  2. Hi Ola,
    That depends which market?
    The S&P is stuck it 1418, the Dax at 7080. The Silver is up, so is the Oil. So it all depends.
    What do you trade?


  3. Oil should go above 98.5, or it'll fall back to 90 even 82.50

  4. Hi Gabriella,

    Goodcall on the S&P 2 days ago :-) Do you think we're heading higher today or will it hold for now ?


  5. My ѕpouse and I stumblеd oѵeг here fгοm a
    differеnt page and thought I may as well cheсk thіngs
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    Look forwaгd to looκing іntο your web рage fοr
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    My web site > laptops special

    1. Hello,

      I am glad you both "landed" on my blog.
      There are many interesting things here, links at the left etc.
      Hope you'll enjoy it.
      Pls. do not be a shadow, but subscribe with your name.

  6. Hi Gabriella,

    Nice review on CAC on youtube.....
    Keep up the good work...


  7. have you seen the EUR-USD?

  8. What will happen tomorrow ? Sudden move up or down ? You just can't leave us in suspense :-)

  9. I stumbled upon your site. Very nice.

    A while agoo I thought stocks would go down. So I was going short on calls. But now it seems to be going up. The short calls end september 21th. What measures should I take ?

  10. Hello Lisa,
    Welcome to my blog!
    It depends what you trade. every index or commodity has it's own rhythm.
    Pls. read what I wrote just now.. it is a major important day. The markets are crawling up, with a hammer above their heads...

    1. Hi Gabriella,

      That's a nice way of saying it 'crawling up with a hammer above their heads'. I will keep that in mind while trading. By the way my actions where on the AEX-index,


  11. Hi Gabriella

    Looking in the sky tomorrow, do you think the FED will announce QE ? Everyone is expecting it but the FED have never announced QE when markets are multi year highs



  12. Thanks Gabriella, great explanation, great job ! I'm flat on the ES potentially looking for a short at time of announcement, hope the market does not head to the heavens from here but these levels don't look like good levels to enter long


  13. HI Gabby,

    Dow 20,000 on the way and then higher over the coming 24 months...

    Tom in Michigan

  14. Hello Tom,
    Ok, I can see why the 20000- but w h e n ??
    I see people in different groups post price levels - this or that index will reach so and so price level. The difficult part of it is to say WHEN ??~~

    1. A slow grind higher over the coming 24 months. 2013 should be a big up year. Lots of liquidity (the Bernanke Put) and generationally horrendous sentiment. Many are still living in 2008-09. We are beyond that now. Treasury money (safety)began migrating to risk assets yesterday. As this picks up steam there will be a deluge of funds into the equity markets.


  15. Good day Gaby,
    Thank you for sharing the meditation of good intentions.
    Fullfilling good year and shalom to you.
    Rudy from The Netherlands


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