New Moon in Virgo 2012

Between Sept.16 - to October 15.

It's not only New Moon, it's the New Year's Eve here. ( 5773).  If you followed me from my previous articles, or you are an old time reader, you know how this blog works. But, for the newcomers I should explain. 
I start an article every New Moon, to which, I add almost daily, or, when I have something to say. You are welcome to comment, and express your thoughts, doubts and fears, analyse anything you wish, below, under the article, in the Comments window. I answer. You can also click" Follow this blog" at the left panel, and receive recent posts. Of course, I have services, to which you can sign up- interesting readings, archives of past articles- all at the left panel. You can also tweet, "Like" or add to your Face book... 
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So that said, let me see what is ahead for us for this  Moon cycle? 

Due to the holiday, we do not have trade till the 19th, but, I shall be back... Now I have to prepare things. 

See you :) 

It's New Year's Eve.

Even for those who don't celebrate, I have an exercise for you:

Sit quietly, and imagine where are you this time next year? How do you look? What do you want to achieve. Maybe even make a drawing of this vision.

Don't forget the smallest detail. Say your sentences in a positive manner. Write down your wishes. Write it in an affirmative mode. Think back to this year that we are leaving. What do you want to take with you from this year? Who were you bossing? Who's "slave" were you? What would you like to change? Write yourself a letter. Put it away, and open it in next year. Let this letter be really detailed, with colors and smells. Wish for "reachable" things. If you'll write " I want to gain on lottery.".. Forget about it. If you are teasing the Universe, it will tease you back. I would NOT like to be there, in that case.
This time next year open this letter or drawing. You will be amazed.

Happy New year, positive thoughts and fulfillment to you all.


By the way, Shalom comes from the root |Shalem| which means wholeness. Of course also Peace. 

September 18, 2012 Tuesday.

Looking back: This is the graph of the most important indices for the past 6 months. Turkey is again leading... 

I want to show you something peculiar. I do not have the explanation for this. How comes US markets rocket, while China is falling? Aren't we under the same influence on this Earth? 

And the big picture: Four years. This is a very disturbing fact. I cannot explain it. But, while more or less the world rallied, China and Japan did not. This is a bug that will cause a lot of problems in the future. Something is enfolding before our eyes, that - I- as such- don't see its outcome. Anybody???
 Could it be the Chinese pulling out their gold, and some other monetary thing that it is "cooked" behind the curtains? It doesn't smell good, that's for sure. 

Any thoughts?? 

Today we are under the influence of Mars and Mercury. They are 45^ apart. But the major disturbing angle is between Mars150^Jupiter.It's a most negative position. 
This means for the S&P: It made a top at 1467.6 on Sept 14th, now it is at 1452.6. The Mars-Jupiter angle form a resistance at 1457. Support is only at 1446.50
Moon angles to watch: 

18.09.2012 10:49:33 25°48'17"Lib Semi-sextile Sun
18.09.2012 14:30:06 28°01'39"Lib Conjunction Saturn
18.09.2012 17:45:48  0°00'00"Sco <<<
18.09.2012 19:33:07  1°04'55"Sco Trine Neptune
18.09.2012 23:11:31  3°16'59"Sco Semi-sextile Mercury

well, we don't have trade today, off I go to the beach. 

Be good. 

September 19,2012 Wednesday

Today we are under the spell of Mercury and Venus. Mercury is at 1144- exactly the level that  during pre market our market jumped up to. There is a resistance higher than this at 1147.
There is a lot of "action " today up there... So watch it.

Spain: where is she heading?

This is a fantastic picture I received from a colleague, I attach the article. Worth while reading.

France today is in the middle of attention:  there are two issues: One, they forbid to publish Kate Middleton's exposed breasts- who cares??? Second, they did allowed to publish caricatures Of Mohammad... Under the explanation: of Free Speech.. We know what happened in the world after the Egyptian You tube movie... Some people were even killed. France is going to close 20 embassies around the world. How crazy is that?? Now, I ask you, would I tell my Mom " you are a donkey!"? I can... she will even fore give me... But I would not say such a thing, because it will hurt her feelings... One million times more, I would not publish any anti- religious stuff against anyone.

This is the map of today... See Jupiter- the planet of religion conjunct Chaos:

Goldman Sachs: After 32 years, David Viniar leaves GS. Let's see the graph; will this affect  the share??  

September 20,2012 Thursday.

Yesterday I was teaching my astro-financial course, the Cycles lesson. Today we are having a new synodic Cycle, the Venus-Jupiter. (Apple).

More about this, later...
I am sending video recordings to my subscribers... Very busy. A lot of work :)

About the Oil:
S&P: Last low: 1444. In my newsletter I gave: 1442 :) . Now it trades at 1449, there is a strong support at 1447. It might correct now to 1455.90-1458.

US unempleyment in 1 hour! I guess market will freeze till then .
Going to have lunch.

September 22,2012 Saturday

working on my blog I found in my May article, that Gold could fall to 1531 or even lower... I think I deserve a " thumbs up" for that.. Thank You.

September 24, 2012 Monday.

We switched back the clock, and I am sleeping crazy hours. Usually I go to sleep at about 11- 11:30 pm, and wake up at 6ish. Yesterday I fall asleep at 10, and woke at 6. Sooo many hours... But, in time to read and plan the day. So what are we up to today? Remember we are between Rosh Ha Shana and tomorrow is Yom Kippur Eve, a period of time, when one should stay out, or be short. I went short on the Silver at 34.50, and just lowered my stops to 34.13. Mind you, I never enter my stops, because of the "stop hunters" robots. I just write it down, and follow the trend. On Sept 25,26 the market here is closed, so today is the last day to trade. Yesterday the market almost reached my target: 1151, which was given several weeks back- to local subscribers.

Today we have a double Moon effect.  The Moon today is in the cardinal Capricorn. It will sextile Mars- positive-,
24.09.2012  9:48:57 21°03'22"Cap Sextile Mars
24.09.2012 23:18:40 28°44'12"Cap Square Saturn

Hey, Vicky, I got the data from a kind friend, thank you Kirtan, see what I have come up with: data for GOLD from 1980- anyone has more, pls. share with me.
While I am playing with the Gold, our index ran up to 1153. Now next targets: 1156-59-61-67.

25 September, 2012 Tuesday

The Moon already moved on, and is now in Aquarius. In one of my articles I wrote, that the US markets reach a top or bottom while in Leo or Aquarius. So for the next 2 days, I would look for finding a base, and rise from there. Of course, other angles and positions should be taken in consideration as well.
Moon's angles for today: gmt+2:  
25.09.2012  1:32:26  0°00'00"Aqr <<<25.09.2012  3:11:28  0°56'02"Aqr Semi-sextile Neptune
25.09.2012  5:57:08  2°29'40"Aqr Trine Sun
25.09.2012 13:25:37  6°42'23"Aqr Sextile Uranus25.09.2012 13:53:33  6°58'06"Aqr Semi-sextile Pluto

The Moon will make positive angles all day long. But are they  strong enough to push the markets up? Where is Mercury? the star of the trade? 14Libra- in a quintile to the Center of Galaxy. How about Mars? these are to two planets I would look to see if there is any power in this bull. Mars is in the middle of interest for today, only by the degree it is in, 21Sco.41- it is one of the Exaltation degrees of the wheel. I would be very careful today. Venus will be on 21^Leo- squaring Mars, if you read my blog long enough, it was Venus on a critical degree as this one, when it stopped the rally of the Gold. Again, this is something that I teach in my course.
Jupiter: today is on Rigel fixed star. See what ZET has to say about it: "Rigel (19 Beta Orionis  m 0.12);Orion's Foot
Keywords: Technical and artistic ability, inventiveness, humour, honours, riches, happiness
Effect: Fortunate
Character: Jupiter/ Mars"

It is not every day that Jupiter "lands" on Rigel. It was here between May 13-16,2000. Check out what happened back then!

By the way, Wicky, Sergey from Timing Solution came back to me, and Mars in Sco. does not make the Gold shine... It does not give a certain direction- when back testing over the years.

I just went long on Eur-Usd, Dax; mail sent to subscribers.
Subscribe now, to get the last infos.

Most important issue of the day! Mars is squaring Venus, and both are on destructive fixed stars. This happened before ONLY in July 1984.

Made my 500$ for the day, can go cook now. Although I am not at all religious, Yom Kippur is the feast that I keep. We have dinner at about 5- then fasting till tomorrow 7ish. I have to check the exact time. Till the first three stars are up, I have to be after dinner, and dishes made. So off I go now to buy some vegies for the soup, you, continue the good trades, and
fore give me if I insulted you in any way this year or the past. Yom Kippur is the day of the forgiveness. If we fore give each other, the One above will fore give us. And what is foregiveness? To except the Other as he/she is.

All the best bye for now.

27 September, 2012 Thursday.

Markets expiry today... Here, in India, in Germany, I see all made a gap-up, which is now being closed. Usually I do not stay for the expiry. Today it was a clear "shake -out". 
Thursday is ruled by Jupiter, and today we also have Mercury on the stage, and didn't it drive all option players crazy?? LOL... 

S&P: trades now at: 1433.1- after a bottom at 1423.8; which is by 4 points higher than March 27th high. In order to make the "Election rally" it should go up another leg, above 1467.6 to at least: 1511.4.- 1533. Will it go up there??? when and based on what? All that in my newsletter. 
NIfty: Since Sept.6th it is rallying. from 5236.6- topped at 5732.8 on Sept 21; after 15 days. Now it trades at 5684.1. Stop at 5640; My target above 5800- watch for Oct 8,10,14 for a change in trend. 

28 September 2012, Friday

It's a double Venus day today. Venus sextiles Vesta, and still squares Mars. The S&P ran up yesterday from 1423- to 1442. It is supported now by Neptune. We are long with a stop at 1440. I know it is very close, but if Neptune will not hold it, then it will find itself again 7-9 points lower. Now it just has to get a back wind to go above 1446-47, and the sky is open to 1456-1464. 
Moon's angles for today : gmt +2

28.09.2012 13:29:37 16°19'12"Psc Square Jupiter
28.09.2012 19:50:46 19°43'14"Psc Quincunx Mercury

29 September, 2012 Saturday.

A peculiar position between the Sun-Pluto-Uranus.-They form a T-SQUARE. The three of them at 6^! I thought to draw your attention to it. 6-6-6 is the number of the beast.

Similar pattern, but on the 8th degree happened on June 30th, and we got a top on July 3rd.
Here is the graph of the S&P with former and future T-Squares - a huge one is coming on April 19,2014. 

The one in 2014 will be between Jupiter- Uranus-Pluto.( Yellow),When Jupiter will be in opposition to Pluto;  On the same week there will also be a Grand trine between Venus-Jupiter-Mars.(black arrows); also the Sun conjunct the South Node. April 23-28,2014 there will be an evil Grand square when Mars in Libra, and in Retro! will join these most heavy planets.

I ran Timing Solution, and here are the dates when important planetary patterns will appear in the sky: 
Planets -without the Moon- mark these dates in your calendar for future tops or bottoms. 

I am writing now the reports for the coming month/ week. A lot of volatility, interesting week.
Market reports for the S&P, Eur-Usd, Silver, Dax, cac, etc... are ready. Pls. sign up for a weekly report.

October 1, 2012 Monday

Another month went by. I may say, that it will be for me one of the most important months of my life. But, it's a personal thing, and we are here to discuss the markets...

So let us see what did September bring? Since I write my monthly and weekly forecasts, I get an average glimpse on the markets. Most double topped, with a new high, although not a historical high. While the world is waiting for crashes, the indices are laughing at us all, and rally. Commodities ... hmmm here I could not say the same, there were some that went up some that turned weaker. Read my first post, January 2012...
Look how did the Dow "behave" in the history during September:

October is the tenth month of the year, and it brings the Thanks Giving in the US, on the second Monday of the month. Oct 2nd is the birthday of Gandhi, international day of Non-violence, Oct 3rd the Unity of the 2 Germanies, Oct 4th "world Animal day", and many other celebrations, look up the link.

The stone of the month is the opal. I attach here some info from Wiki: interesting reading... click on the link!
The word opal is adapted from the Roman term opalus, but the origin of this word is a matter of debate. However, most modern references suggest it is adapted from the Sanskrit word ├║pala.[28]
References to the gem are made by Pliny the Elder. It is suggested it was adapted it from Ops, the wife of Saturn and goddess of fertility. The portion of Saturnalia devoted to Ops was "Opalia", similar to opalus.
Another common claim that the term is adapted from the Greek word, opillos. This word has two meanings, one is related to "seeing" and forms the basis of the English words like "opaque", the other is "other" as in "alias" and "alter". It is claimed that opalus combined these uses, meaning "to see a change in color". However, historians have noted that the first appearances of opillos do not occur until after the Romans had taken over the Greek states in 180 BC, and they had previously used the term paederos.[28]
However, the argument for the Sanskrit origin is strong. The term first appears in Roman references around 250 BC, at a time when the opal was valued above all other gems. The opals were supplied by traders from the Bosporus, who claimed the gems were being supplied from India. Before this the stone was referred to by a variety of names, but these fell from use after 250 BC.

This month is a v e r y  hectic month. Planets change signs, direction, powerful anlges will "rock and roll" the markets. As I wrote to my subscribers, one should check his portfolio every day, if not every hour.
Look how the Dow made top/bottom during the history in October:

Future dates to watch for a change in the DOW: 22 Oct; 13 Nov; 20 Dec; 4 Feb; 18 March. March 18 correlates to a CIT in the Gold as well.

October 2, 2012 Tuesday.

The day of Mars. I see Nifty made new highs... Australia is also approaching former tops. 4454 was the last top on May 1. 154 days difference! The former top was on Oct 28, at the same position. 186 days bwtween Oct 28,11 to May 1,12. Do you see the pattern? 180 is an  opposition. Will this time go higher?? It trades now at 4434. There is a strong block at 4435-4440. I would put my stop at 4423,( red arrow )  and go long. ( a friend drew my attention that I had a mistake in counting the days, I corrected them now, its 186 and not 179)

Facebook: First trade: May 18,2012 at 11:00 am Nasdaq, NY> The ruler of the chart is the Sun and Venus. The Sun is conjunct Jupiter ,Mercury and the Lilith, also the South Node is very close, which, by passing the Sun since the opening, shadowed the share. It opened at 41.9, and for 72 days! it fell ( trading days). 72 is one of the most important angles, as I also teach in my course. It bottomed on Sept.4, see attached chart, at 17.55- Watch Venus's move, between the two dates

Since we have a cycle, we can see the future: Long, with a stop at 20.70

TA25: broke above the multiple resistance at 1208, now it trades at 1213. Targets: 1216, 1226, 1228-1230. The proverb " sell in Rosh hashana and Buy on Yom Kippur" is right again.

Moon angles for today gmt+2

2.10.2012  1:26:06  0°00'00"Tau <<<
 2.10.2012  2:59:32  0°47'10"Tau Sextile Neptune
 2.10.2012  4:09:10  1°22'17"Tau Semi-square Jupiter
 2.10.2012 14:12:13  6°25'23"Tau Semi-sextile Uranus- our market closes- with a Gap up??? now it's 11:55 we shall see!!! 

2.10.2012 15:22:14  7°00'28"Tau Trine Pluto 
2.10.2012 21:20:56  9°59'48"Tau Quincunx Sun- top and turn ?

Cit for TA25: Oct 10th

Saudi index: for my visitors, from Mecca:  made a low at 6574 in July, now it trades at 6893. Stop should be at 6800, target: 6989.

After closing: TA25 closed above 1216, my first target reached. :)

I started my numerology course today, so I am looking at the market now... I just went long on Silver, Gold, Eur-Usd.

Fingers crossedddd :)
Be good
Bought Silver at 34.69- sold at 34.77= 850$
             Gold at 1777.1, sold at 1778.33= 123$
             Eur USd at 1.29308 sold 1.29440 = 160$
Enough for a day. Quick trades, on the 5 min. chart.


3 October, 2012 Wednesday.

If you look up every day, the date in WIki, you will be amazed, what had happened in history on each and every day of the year. How many wars started, how many treaties were signed, how many famous people were born, and died, each and every one with his/her life story, who just faded away. When I was a child I wanted to be an archaeologist, I loved history. So this is why I am looking back, what happened, why it happened..
But' let's focus on today.

We are under the influence of Mercury and Mars today. They are 30^ apart, and form a minor support or resistance in the market. Why minor?? because Mercury is swift in motion, and 30 deg. is a minor one. So till you folks over the ocean will wake, it will be over. Besides these two we have other, major placement to watch. Saturn is getting close to a past eclipse degree, Neptune is on 0 Pisces, so they form a 120^ major positive angle. Watch 0^ degrees always. they tell us something is being born.. Well... with Saturn in Scorpio, soon, this sign of secrets, maybe we will know what has been born only when Saturn will be in Sag, in 2015 only...
For intraday trades we shll look at the Moon always. It is at 15 degrees Taurus.

TA25: closed yesterday at 1216.35; RSI  is hitting 97.5, but with Moon in Taurus we are not arguing... lol, next targets: if it bases itself on 1216; 1226.75, 1227.28, 1229.7

Helio Jupiter is now on Hyades and Zet says: Keywords: Scandal, violence, disgrace, imprisonment
Effect: Unfortunate
Character: Saturn/ Mercury

Anyone with a Natal planet on 5 degrees Helio Gemini?? you are in for trouble...
when was Jupiter on this fixed star???!!! Nov.30,2000.

I am still long on the AXJO, and just entered CAC and DAX Long too. Letters sent to subscribers.

After closing: (early because of the Tabernacle) : it topped at 1239, closed :1229.82! Yesterday I wrote a gapping up might come.. Here it did. :). At this level it is blocked by Uranus-Pluto square...
Targets for next days: support at 1230, up: 1241, 1258.

CLosed CAC and DAX.

4 October 2012, Thursday. 

Read what the Oracle has to say about it: ( you can download the "Solar Spark, and get it's daily messages)

Oracle Degree: 04°Ge00' - 04°Ge59'

You are being motivated for change and, although you may not be absolutely sure which direction you will take, you are listening to messages that are around you.  Look further within for the change in direction you need. Dramatizing one's situation can lead to overreaction, but doing nothing can lead to inertia. Need for reform. Challenging outlook.  If negative - being argumentative.

Wasn't there a dispute yesterday between Obama and Romney? I have not seen... but this surely fits. 

We are under the influence of Jupiter and the Sun today, see more in today's' map: We have 3 pairs: Moon+ S.N. in Taurus, 180 degrees from there Mars+ NN. Mercury conj. Saturn.Venus 180 to Neptune and finally Pl-90 Ura- 180 PoF. Every angle and position teaches us of something, that I teach in my course. All in all, and more, they mark a culmination point. All these positions tell us, that a change is coming, if not today, in the coming days, because slow moving planets are involved, this change it's being " cooked" now, and will affect in the near future. 

FTSE opened with a gap-up. There are 12 open points, which should be closed, but, for the time being, if you went long, with stop at the last bottom, 5755, you made your day. 

On Sept 27th I wrote:Nifty: "Since Sept.6th it is rallying. from 5236.6- topped at 5732.8 on Sept 21; after 15 days. Now it trades at 5684.1. Stop at 5640; My target above 5800- watch for Oct 8,10,14 for a change in trend." Today, Oct 4th it trades at 5820 after a top at 5838.1 


Moon's angles for today:

4.10.2012 9:44:16 28°00'51"Tau Opposition Mars
4.10.2012 10:27:58 28°22'21"Tau Quincunx Mercury neg.aspect
4.10.2012 13:26:46 29°50'17"Tau Quincunx Saturn
4.10.2012 13:46:32 0°00'00"Gem <<<
4.10.2012 15:16:32 0°44'14"Gem Square Neptune
4.10.2012 16:55:42 1°32'58"Gem Square Venus

AXJO: Raising my stop to 4440. target: 4456.38; 4466.78; 4467.8; 4469.85

Gold: I have a newsletter for the Gold also. Have you not signed up yet??? There is still time.. :)

Watch for a change at 17:30-18:00 gmt +2 today.

TA25: after closing:@ 1226.23 We do not have trade till Oct.9; due to the Tabernacle. People sold out. I gave as support yesterday 1230, today it closed below it. Expecting a correction next week. 
AXJO: Hurrahhhh !!! 4474 :) 

5 October, 2012 Friday

AXJO made it to 4497. One of my targets was 4496.53. Support now is at 4478.47, next up leg : 4550.70.  How to get to these targets? I teach in my course.

Today it's Venus and the Moon's day. The Moon is in harmony with the Sun, at 12Lib44/Gem. This means: Stop loss for AXJO: 4452; Mars and Saturn also form today a minor positive angle at 4468-69. So I would use them, for a higher Stop.

7 October, 2012 Sunday.

It is a very powerful day today. Although markets are closed, it is worth while paying attention to this: there is a Grand trine in WATER between the Moon-Saturn and Neptune. Saturn just entered Scorpio. Major effect on the market, and on the collective.

Other imortant angles of the day and for the following months: Mars just entered Sagittarius, (fire in fire) could bring wars... Watch the Venus- 120- Pluto- 150 Uranus- angle in the low degrees of the signs. and finally, the Mercury-Saturn conjunction.
By the time markets open tomorrow, the Grand trine will fade away, but it's effect will remain in the background for at least 2 weeks.

And, let us not forget the birthday of Mr. Putin. He is 60 today.Happy Solar returns!  If the hour I got is right, he has a Scorpio rising, Sun at 13^56 Libra, Moon 2Gem.55 . Anyone from the KGB reading this, pls. confirm or deny... at last we should have his exact time, no?? Putin has 4 planets in Libra. Libra is the only object in the wheel. Think about that!!! All the signs are either animals or persons. Libra, the sign that should balance the world and keep it in harmony, is a feelingless object. Isn't that a hmmmm? Libra is the second sign in the AIR sign hierarchy. (Gem-Lib-Aqua). and it is Cardinal. Saturn being in Libra for the last two years empowered Putin to stay in office for another 4 years. He keeps offices for a long period of time; was a KGB officer for 16 years, rules Russia for 13,....
But, untill I don't get a confirmation for the hour, I will not upload his chart.

How to make 1760% in a week?

9 October 2012 Tuesday

Verryyyyy busy.. Today is the day when I teach, and tomorrow and Sundays. During the week end I completed my forecasts. You can sign up to my reports... send me a note.
The Holidays are finally over, and we are back to the usual timetable.
Today we are under the influence of Mars and Venus.  There are so many issues this week, I don't even know where to start. Mars is in Sag. !^. Still young, and as a new born, does not know it's power. Wait, till it will be between 10-25^...  Venus in Virgo, 120^ to PLuto.
TA 25: is now at 1214.21 . See the option I uploaded above: call 1200 Oct. fell from 4940 to 2600.
Will the index stay above 1200? that is the question, and that is what I analyze in my reports. Also all the other indices.
S&P: trades now at 1451.1
Silver. I like to trade the Silver, since one can make a lot of many, if he/she is in the right direction. BY the way, I am flat right now. If I cannot be close to the screeens, I prefer not to be there at all. See the graph of the SIlver: 1 hour.  It is not clear which way it 'll go: will it rally, or fall? In this case I would check a lower time frame, say, 30 minutes or 15 minutes, to make a decision. Looking at the 15 min. we also have higher highs and lows, but the STOC. is already at 80, signaling that soon it'll fall. Since I think it will rally, I shall wait for lower prices to print before I enter a trade.. Falling below 33.84 the LONG is wiped out, and I might consider enternig a short.
Sugar: It is blocked by Fibo fan at 22.52 Running above it, it can be very sweet. 

10 October, 2012 Wednesday.

11 October, 2012 Thursday...
Sorry was too busy yesterday to be able to concentrate.
I am reading different opinions on the markets. Many are seeing an upturn. I would be very careful in taking decisions on a day when the Moon is VOC! There is another presidential debate today, what a bad day to pick... The Moon will be Void till 21:23 PM my time, meaning 3:23 pm. NY time... I don't know at what time is the debate, but marketwise, I would be on the fence.
Today we are under the influence of Jupiter and Saturn.
Jupiter turned retrograde, on the distructive degree in Gemini (negative); Saturn makes a nice trine to Neptune, which will last for a while, since both are slow moving planets. Both at 0^. Other angles worth while mentioning: there is the major square between Pluto & Uranus; Mercury will make a quick sextile to Venus (minor positive); and La Luna is in square to the Nodes. (major negative). So add all these together, I don't see why would people go long.
Sitting on the fence here...
Be good.

The other day I wished Mr.Putin "Happy returns" and I asked if someone knew his birth hour to come forward.... Well, I did get a visit from someone from Russia, but no comments made... Pity.

Ok. I did go long now on Nifty, with a stop at 5655
Also on the Eur-Usd: Stop 28257.

Thoughts on the Gold:

I gained 475$ with one contract on the Nifty in 40 min. -now 552- I raised the stop to above my enrty level, so no matter what happens, I am NOT loosing. -600 now- 712 - LOL. Will follow now the 5 min. chart to grab it and run.
Isn't that enough for a day? In the 5 min. I see there is an open gap to 5719 ... It will fill it and fall.

Closed pos. at 5731, gain: 1102$
thank you very much.

Eur: raised stop to above my entry.

11 October 2012 Friday

I did not watch the VP debate yesterday, but I got from a group a link, which I thought to share with you. You can click on the icons and see what people thought of them. There are all possible grouping of people, also by astrological point of view.

So how are we doing today? We are ruled by Venus and Mars. Venus in Libra, the Moon will join it today, and Mars is Sag. on a critical degree, showing its negative side. Mars is now at 3^, soon will make an exact trine (120) to Uranus. and 30^ to Pluto. Both angles will bring a sharp and quick turn. The angles I wrote about yesterday, are still there, this is an addition.
During the night the Moon left Leo, and entered Virgo, bringing a new energy to the stage.

 Moon angles (gmt+2).
12.10.2012  9:56:08  7°06'17"Vir Trine Pluto
12.10.2012 15:22:34 10°13'26"Vir Sextile Mercury
12.10.2012 16:36:06 10°55'46"Vir Conjunction Venus

Let me see where are the different indices:
Nifty: topped yesterday at 5746. As I wrote, I closed pos. at 5731. Today it fell by 61 points, to 5685. LAst bottom was 5662.9, so it almost gott back to the starting point. Support is at 5668. I would be "on the fence"

Watch the Nikkey! It bottomed yesterday at 8495. Support is at 8460. If it will not brake 8495, it is a LONG. Meanwhile on the fence.  
Hong Kong is very merry... Since the bottom at 17845 on June 4, went up to 21211=- in 90 trading days. Look for a CIT on Oct 19th.
Dow: bottomed so far at 13226- yesterday. after a top at 13594. Falling from 13226 will correct to 12890.

Some history: I heard now on the radio, that the first mobile phone was 29 years ago... I googled it, and it is not true. See picture from 1922, two women. By the way on this link you can find many " first time things..".

14 October, 2012 Sunday.

15 October, 2012 Monday.

So busy on the week ends, I had no time to catch up. I wrote my forecasts, you are welcome to sign up. Know what will happen in the sky- and in the markets before others...

We are now just a few hours from the New Moon. A new cycle will start today, of 28 days, with New Moon in Libra. As usual, I shall start a new article.
Today we are ruled by the Moon and Jupiter. They are in trine. Soft angles are tricky for the markets. For a person's chart they are good, but for the market, that needs energy and a push to rally, they are lazy. This trine is blocking the DOW, for instance, at 13246. S&P at 1426;
Are we getting any energy today? Let's see the other planets: Mercury in sextile to Venus Mars 120 to Uranus; all soft angles. There is one distructive angle: Jupiter 135^ Saturn!

I see the East is declining, Australia bottomed on Oct 10th 4451, topped at 4510, but it was a lower top then on Oct 2nd. Oscillators are weak. Falling below the last low = 4451, it will go to 4413- 4385. I would go short with a stop at 4494. CIT: Oct 15; 16:05 . AXJO TRADES NOW AT 4480, support at 4477, resistance: 4486.

Just went long on Nifty; at 5684, stop at 5660 and on Gold: 1747.46 stop 1741.

I will raise my stop as soon as possible, to be even.
I was stopped out yestrday from my gold position, but the NIfty is florishing. I am at $624 gain now, raised my stop of course.

Here is something to think about: At the left side of this blog there is a "Search "window. Search for Uranus return. Uranus orbits the Sun in 84 years. Neptune in 164. See how we look now, and back in 1928:

The only index I have so back is the Dow:

Since we are after the New Moon, it's time to close this article, and start a new one. Thank you for being here, follow me to " the New Moon in Libra".


  1. Gabby,

    Been lots of hype in the US over the past several years pointing out how China as been stealing our jobs and economy etc... I think this is all noise and true investment has been coming back to the US. Lots of outsourcing is already coming back to the US due to labor costs relatively leveling along with high fuel prices (freight costs) making outsourcing less cost effective. I think the US will lead again (already) and Asian countries will turn from their bear markets and follow in new bulls as we again have a global boom for a few years. JMHO...


  2. Thank You Tom. Be careful, I think the bottom is yet to come... Well, not lower than 666, but the markets are about to correct.

    But yes, I agree, thay 2013-14 will bring new highs.


  3. Gabbi, you mentioned about Gold's price 1531 and at present it 1753 does that mean anything?? even though i am not a trader i read your blog very seriously and everybody at present mentioning about Gold going higher and higher and as always said on Astrology blogs that as mars enters scorpio Gold is going to sparkle more and more
    please elaborate,
    with many thanks,

  4. Hello Vicky,
    I wrote in the past, in May, that the Gold will hit 1531, and it did. Now it made a higher high- 1787.43 on Sept 21. Higher, than the Feb. 28 top. The support is- with planetary calculations ; at 1756. Falling below that, would mean a deeper correction. Future targets for the gold is above 2058. Let me check What TS. has to say about Mars in Sco. OK, I checked. I only have data since 2008, and since then MArs has been only 3 times in Sco. 2 times Gold topped, once fell. So based on such a low data I cannot answer. But based on other calculations, as I said, I expect the Gold to rally. ANother thing: when we analyze the gold we shold always check Sun-Jup. angles. It ALMOST always topped when they were 120^ apart. This will happen again between Oct. 6-9th. & jAN 22-30.


  5. Which software do you use to locate the angles between Sun and Jupiter?

  6. Hi Gabby

    Hope you had a good holiday :-)

    Do you think the ES is heading back up given that yom kippur is over and it's quarter end ?



  7. Hi Ola,
    Pls. read today's post.


  8. Hi Gabby,

    Great call on friday, you couldnt be more right, absolutely spot on !!!

    With all the negative astro this weekend plus full moon, do you think we're heading down Monday ?



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