New Moon in Libra 2012

Between Oct 15- Nov. 13, 2012

Thank you for following me here from the previous article. Pls. scroll DOWN during the month, post will be under the previous posts. I have to do it like this, because every day is built on the other, one has to understand from where I am assuming things, or explain certain angles.
Todays' important placements: There is a negative but quick angle between Mercury and Jupiter. What is more important, is that except these two, all the planets are at early, low degrees.
Meanwhile I closed my Nifty position. In my advanced course I teach certain calculations, why and how to know how up it'll go, and I do not mean Fibonacci.
Moon moved to Scorpio over night: look for its angles: (gmt+2)

 16.10.2012  2:06:17  0°00'00"Sco <<<
16.10.2012  2:59:14  0°32'50"Sco Trine Neptune
16.10.2012  4:04:06  1°13'03"Sco Conjunction Saturn
16.10.2012 11:34:26  5°52'39"Sco Quincunx Uranus
16.10.2012 12:48:03  6°38'23"Sco Semi-sextile Mars
16.10.2012 13:38:20  7°09'38"Sco Sextile Pluto

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be back later ..

Maybe you heard about Malala Yousafzai, the Pakistani 15 year old girl , who had the nerve to speak up against the Taliban, and how women cannot study in Pakistan. She was shot while on the school bus on her way home on Oct 9th, I suppose around noon. 
She was born on July 12, 1997- using numerology her date adds up to 36/9. What I teach in my course is, that people who have a nine as "life path" number, do not come into this world for "earthy" reasons, to cook and raise children, not that they will not DO that too... The reason of their life is to push the mankind one step higher. 9 is a number that dissolves itself. Add 9+9=18; 1+8=9. So no matter how many times you add nine to nine, you will still receive nine. 
Look at her map: On the day she was shot transiting Mars (9) was conjunct her natal Pluto, which is in her 9th house of "my life philosophy." . 
Reading the Wikipedia article about her, her name means " grief stricken". How can a parent give such a name to his child?? She was named after a poet, and she is carrying her Karma. We wish her a quick recovery! 

TA25: Our market closed at 1233.67, after a top at 1238. The perfect top should be 1243.99- so we shall see tomorrow.  There is a major resistance at 1236.75-1237.10- if it will gap up tomorrow, than next target up: 1245-46. 

I wrote my subscribers that the S&P will fall to 1416. It bottomed at 1421. Now the resistance is at 1456.

17 October,2012 Wednesday

Somebody from Chestnut Hill,Ma asked how is Romney's chart looking with the New Moon in Libra. Because of the time difference I have not seen the debate, not the first and not the second. But looking at the charts on the Election day, I think,& I am NOT TAKING PARTS! - that Romney will win. This will stir a lot of problems, recounting, and accusations. There are a lot of bad aspects on the day of the election. The day of the swearing in, I looked it up, is on Jan 20th, falls on a Sunday, so the 21st.... will be more important to watch.

Let's see the markets today: we are under the double effect of Mercury. Wow... volatile day!
The S&P topped at 1456 but look at the volume!! It's declining.

Crude: did not cross 93, it is going to correct now.

be back later..

In my course I teach about the eclipse effect. Today we are at the 150^ destructive degree from May 20,12 Solar eclipse. Next day to watch will be Oct 20th, which will be 330 degrees from Nov. 25,2011 eclipse. These dates are very important to watch for a CIT.
On October 23rd the Sun will ingress Scorpio. There it will meet Saturn, and the Node.

 There are some that use the Sag. rising for the USA, some the Sco. rising. Either way, the issue to look at here is, that Saturn finally LEFT natal Saturn, ending the difficult Saturn return. Saturn now sends its effects from Scorpio, which is not a daydream either. But at least, it left Natal Saturn. Economy will pick up, and (Sco). behind the curtain - monetary arrangements will be achieved, about which we shall learn only after Saturn will leave Sco. (Dec 24, 2014).

18 October,2012 Thursday.

I reread what I wrote in the last days, and one can see that my mind in jumping from one issue to the other. There are a lot of changes, worldwide, in politics, every day brings its new story, I am checking a lot of maps, no time really for sit down quietly and dig in. Sorry folks... Do you feel the same??
So what is so jumpy in the air? Oh... La Luna again... it left Scorpio, and is now in Sag. No wonder... It is also lining up with Mars, it will be "engaje" soon. Wait for an abrupt and powerful move

18.10.2012  2:25:46  0°00'00"Sgr <<<
18.10.2012  3:16:15  0°31'12"Sgr Square Neptune
18.10.2012  4:47:47  1°27'44"Sgr Semi-sextile Saturn
18.10.2012 11:50:14  5°48'07"Sgr Trine Uranus
18.10.2012 14:05:44  7°11'26"Sgr Semi-sextile Pluto18.10.2012 15:41:12  8°10'04"Sgr Conjunction Mars18.10.2012 19:54:48 10°45'36"Sgr Semi-square Sun

S&P is trading sideways, it has built a double top with Oct. 5, as of today it is lower than then, so in order to rally it should go above 1471.  The volume is declining.
Dow: Long with a stop at 13490.(1H chart).
Eur - Usd: It ran up from 1.28940 to 1.31400- then we got a correction to 1.30822, which is not even a third. I don't know... It doesn't seem finished. I would be very careful here with a long. To be on the safe side, I would go long only above 31400. I know it's far from here.. but I never hunt to exact low or top. I only want to be in the right channel. " On the fence" .
Crude: I wrote on Oct 17th, that since it did not cross 93 a few times, it will correct. Today it was at 91.09; and it in not over yet.

19 October, 2012 Friday

A day ruled by Venus and Neptune. It's been a long time since Neptune popped up! Venus squares Jupiter, actually it is leaving the square.  The Moon is in Sagittarius; its angles for today:

19.10.2012  9:14:38 18°53'19"Sgr Square Venus
19.10.2012  9:42:07 19°10'00"Sgr Semi-sextile Mercury
19.10.2012 22:26:29 26°51'30"Sgr Sextile Sun
20.10.2012  3:40:58  0°00'00"Cap <<<

You might wonder why do I follow the Moon daily... Well, it is important for intra day traders to see what kind of energy it brings. This depends on the sign it is in, and how it interacts with other planets.
Meanwhile I just went long on Silver. Sometimes the simplest techniques work best. In the intraday chart it made higher lows and higher highs. So using the last low, I am long now. If it runs above 32.760 I will add to it another contract. Target: 32.870
Time wise there are 14 days from the top, Oct 1st- to the bottom Oct 15- Since Oct 15th it traded sideways, I guess it will till Oct 21st (3x7)- and then decide which way to turn.
Stop: 32.520.

How is the East doing?? The Nikkey! ohooo... I wrote to my subscribers last week to go long with a stop at 8460- now it is at 8985. Not bad.. It still has to go above 9235 in order to convince us that a rally is in. Raise the stop to 8925. HSI: also is flourishing... Stop should be now at 21211. NIfty although made a nice top at 5740, it did not go above former high, 5747, and today it is falling... Stop for long: 5686.  See more in my reports...
12:35 Silver: I was stopped out, and immediately went short. Sometimes I enter future orders, if it falls below a calculated stop, to enter the other direction. 32.520- was a major point.. So I am short now. 

For those who do not have time to watch the screens and rather trade shares, here is Goldman Sachs. I have uploaded it in the past. If you go to the search window at the left, you can find all the past graphs.
It made a lower high, so it is at a vulnerable point. It should run up to the former top, in order to go higher, but even so, there is the historical declining trend line which will soon block it. 
Banks are important for the market strength. No matter how much we hate them, they hold or not the trade.
BAC: Daily

In spite of the S&P's rally, this one is somewhere behind...
GOOG: 1 Hour: Cruel cruel world! But, look at the weekly chart!! Since 2008 till now it went up from 240 to 775... so we can hardly say, cruel! It's time for correction, that's all/ We can still go long with a stop at 673. 

October 20,2012 Saturday

No trade today, my mind is resting. A few days ago I posted a few charts for the elections and the swearing in, in January. I wrote that the chart of the voting day is too complicated and will bring a lot of troubles, accusations, recounting. Let me show you how do we see this:
Nov. 6 13, 11 pm.
The Sun will be at 15 Scorpio, the Moon at 16 Leo- they will form an energetic square. Mind you, ALL ELECTIONS in the US happen when the Sun is in Scorpio!! This is interesting, and it fits the chart drawn by my colleague Micheal O'Reilly, who uses 2:21 pm for the USA chart, thus giving it an Asc at 8Sco.35
Now look at the chart of the elections 2012: isn't this a perfect picture??

What mixes this chart up?? On the day of the election, transiting Mercury will be stationary, before turning retro. Mercury will be in retrograde for 3 weeks. Mercury will be in Sagittarius, where it is weak. On the other hand, Jupiter the " big benefactor" planet of expansion is in Retro, in Gemini, where it is weak. Jupiter rules Sag. and Merc. rules Gemini, they are in mutual reception, meaning they are in the other's house, and both are weak. Mercury, in the Greek mythology was the Messenger of the Gods, ruler of merchants, actors and thieves. Mercury brings mixed news, just to turn them and switch them a day later... So by the time the retro will be over, - 3 weeks- the outcome of the election will be different, that it was during these 3 weeks.... Jupiter Rules the 9th house of justice. But when in Detriment, or weak, and in retro, his hands and legs are chopped off.
The other issue is Neptune. In this chart, with Sco.8^- Neptune gets the 8th house of Transformation, other's money, life and death. Neptune is now retrograde; but on Nov. 11th it will turn Direct! Neptune is like a cloud. We do not see things clearly when it sits on the Ascendant, Sun or Moon. The picture will turn clear after it moves away, or it turns its direction.
The third issue is the destructive angle between Jupiter and the Sun ( represents the President ). 150^ angle cannot bring good issues.
The last, and most important is the URANUS-150^- SATURN & URANUS 90^ -PLUTO aspects. Saturn is here to calm down, in the difficult way, bringing obstacles and boundaries, Saturn wants to preserve the past. Saturn is in Scorpio, the FIXED sign of destruction, but also of money. Watch out for huge monetary  changes while it is ( 3 years) in Scorpio. New taxes, new money, my imagination is not wild enough... So at one side SATURN wants to preserve, on the other URANUS brings the surprises. BIG TIME. Uranus- in the Sco. Asc chart is in the 5th house of gambling! and in the cardinal; fire sign of Aries. Another sign of monetary changes. And Pluto... well, Pluto is here to wipe out things that are not needed any more, and build a new world. Changing the old takes time, so hold on... till the next generation it will pass.... :) .

Four years ago, when the Natal chart of Obama was under debate, (was he born in Hawaii or in Kenya) , I just turned to the Vice-Presidents' nominates and through them I could get a forecast.
Also, the Sky whispered the answer: Saturn was in opposition to Uranus: and this brought the change.

Today Saturn is  150^ to Uranus, as you will see below.

Here is USA natal (inner wheel) with Obama's natal: Obama's Uranus is in opposition with USA Moon - which represents the people. And he did try to bring a change.... But his ideals, Neptune is at 150^ bad angle to his opponents- Uranus.

USA ( inner wheel) and Romney: Born 12 March 1947;9:51 am Detroit Michigan: His asc. is at 1Gem- which is the placement of the "Pleiades" or the "Weeping sisters" star constellation. Sun at 21 Pis., Moon and Jupiter at 27^ Sco. If I take the 8^.Asc chart for the USA, Romney has Venus at 8^, Mars at 6^ Neptune at 9^, Pluto at 11^ Nodes at 5^- all of them forming an angle or other to USA Ascendant. But the most important thing is his Pluto- right at the MC.- showing the changes he wants to bring.

Is a Pisces President Good for the US?
That would require another research... Do it, and let me know... LOL...

Here we go... Mercury in action. Already??

Years when Saturn was 150^ to Uranus:

Presidents with Saturn 180 to Uranus, and 150^ also the years of market crashes:

click on the pictures to enlarge it.

22 October, 2012 Monday

Today we are ruled by the Moon and the Sun. The Moon just entered Aquarius, and it forms a square to the Sun. While this is at the last degrees of Libra, entering Scorpio, signaling for a major shift.

My market reports are out, you are welcome to sign up.

 23 October, 2012 Tuesday.

A day full of energy. Not only the Sun moved to Scorpio, but we are ruled by Mars and the Moon today. Mars is in the fire sign of Sagittarius, so it is strong, the Moon in Aquarius, and when in this sign it makes a bottom/ top in the US markets. What else is on stage today? There are a lot of angles, the important ones are: Sun 120 Neptune, Moon 120 Jupiter, Merc 60 Venus, all soft angles.
Sometimes I use Timing Solution to make some research. I took the graph of Gold to see how it reacted in the past, when the Sun entered Scorpio... well, it shows a rally.
Let's see if the SPOT graph tells us the same?
Closer look:

But, as I always point out, we should always make a synastry between ALL the aspects that are there.
EUR-USD: On Oct 18th I wrote that I did not think the correction is over.  Indeed it fell to 1.30121 on Oct 19th, then ran up to 1.30830, and now it trades again lower, 1.30364- as I write these lines. 8:49 am my time.
Waiting for a CIT at 14:15 today, it should not fall below 1.30236.... We'll see..
TA25: closed yesterday at 1203.16 - the price level tells us that today there will be a very nervous and fluctuative market.  Strong support is there at 1202-1200..
Our markets closed at 1192,  I expect a further fall tomorrow.  It's almost 9 pm now, as I write these lines. 1.29594 was the bottom of the Eur-Usd till now. what a fall!! S&P bottomed at 1406.74. It was one of the targets in my news letter. Gold bottomed at 1703.65. I guess the Sun in Scorpio lied till now... It can fall further down to 1654.
Apple: Someone arrived to my blog looking for Apple: well, here it is, and what I think: 

24 October, 2012 Wednesday.

Subscribers ask which sector is the best to trade now... Here is a graph of the main sectors; for a year. It shows that Electronics did really well during the summer months. They went up - in 1 year 13.55%. The worst were the insurance stocks, they lost 12.60%. Banks - in red - merely did 3.40%!

I heard on Bloomberg, that Romney, if elected, might remove Ben Bernanke from office. So I looked at B's chart' and there are some interesting issues: Born on Dec. 13,1953= his life path is 7, Ruled by Neptune or the South Node, by the Vedic astrology. I will look at his Asc, Sun, Moon, Neptune, and Saturn to see what is happening...

What is the most important position in his chart?? He is under his second Saturn return. A period of time ( 2 years ) when a person makes a check up on his life. What did I want to become when I was a child, and where am I now? Do I want to continue? What next? The problem is, that in the Directed chart- Uranus is in exact square to his Sun! Uranus brings surprises, things that do not depend on the person, but "lands" on him... This Uranus will move him out of office. Is that another sign that Romney will be elected?? We shall see...

Another nonsense I hear now, that the market will fall if this or that candidate will be elected... The fall or the rise of the market depends on planetary positions. If it's TIME to correct, it will correct, even if Elvis  or Kennedy will rise.

25 October, 2012 Thursday

I should explain the above graph. It is one of Gann's rules to watch the 60, 20, 10 and 5 years' cycles. 2007 top to 2012 top we completed a 5 year cycle. 5 years are 1825 calendar days, or 1800 degrees on the wheel, 360 x 5 = 1800. Top: Oct 11,2007 + 1825 = Oct 7th 2012. 
From the bottom of 10.10.2002 + 1825 days = we get the top of 2007! 
Dec. 2, 2007 = 53 days later we got a top. Should we take Oct 7 2012+53 days and look for a top?? ( Nov.29 ) 
looking for the 20 year cycle: 20 years ago, there was a top on June 2, 1992- then Uranus was conjunct Neptune, and Mars 150^ to Pluto. In the Helio chart Mars was in Opposition to Jupiter. 
10 years' cycle: Oct 10,2002 + 3650 days = Oct 7, 2012. 
30 years' cycle: Aug 11 1982 was a low + 10950 days = Aug 3, 2012 
60 years cycle: Bottom on June 13, 1949 + 21900 days = May 29, 2009 - the actual low was on March 6. 
65 years will be on June 9, 2014. 

Each and every one of these aspects should be researched. 
So looking at the time table of the 5 years' cycle, we are in for a deep correction, as it happened in 2007. But, look at this: I ran TS. to see how did the Dow behave when the Sun in Scorpio? And I got these: 

By these charts an up- leg is around the corner, at least a try for the last tops. I came up with Nov. 5 as an important day for a change in trend... 

Market starts, let's see... 
Today we are under Jupiter and Uranus effect. Their position, angle difference will give the tone. 

See something interesting: S&P: 144 days ( Fibonacci count ) signals for a CIT tomorrow.

Moon for today: gmt+2

25.10.2012 13:32:37 13°11'14"Psc Square Mars
25.10.2012 18:09:16 15°38'11"Psc Square Jupiter

For NY: gmt-4

25.10.2012  7:32:37 13°11'14"Psc Square Mars
25.10.2012 12:09:16 15°38'11"Psc Square Jupiter
26.10.2012 10:44:01 27°30'34"Psc Trine Mercury
26.10.2012 11:04:16 27°41'07"Psc Opposition Venus
26.10.2012 15:30:57  0°00'00"Ari <<<
26.10.2012 16:20:03  0°25'31"Ari Semi-sextile Neptune
26.10.2012 20:24:19  2°32'17"Ari Quincunx Saturn
26.10.2012 23:27:43  4°07'14"Ari Quincunx Sun

If you want to see what angles are today in the sky, pls. click the link. You see how much " action" is up there?? I have to dig out actually the one or two most important ones to make a move. 

28 October, 2012 Sunday.

How is your week end?? I managed to actually get up from the computer and go out to the beach yesterday. It was a calm and warm day, and this "red" found me in the restaurant. He or she, I didn't check, always finds me when I go there. So we had a nice chat and dinner...LOL together, Then he/she jumped out of the chair and disappeared without looking back. So are cats, aren't they?

October is almost gone... Incredible how time flies!

Today we are ruled by the Sun and Neptune. Have you noticed, that when Neptune is around we have major changes? Next time Neptune pops up it will be on Nov. 9th. But, till then there will be a lot of aspects in the sky.

My reports are ready, you are welcome to sign up for them.
TA25 closed at 1209.74; NASDAQ arbitrage is positive. There is a strong support at 1207-1205.50 and a resistance at 1215.50- running above that, next step up: 1229. Yearly aspects for TA25.: it shows turns on Nov 1,7,13,17,22, 28

Good trading!

A... forgot to say Happy birthday to: Julia Roberts, and BiIl Gates. Also celebrating today Achmadinajad. Born in different years, places, background, upbringing, surrounding effects, they turned out in different ways, as we all know.

29 October, 2012 Monday

The US market will be closed today, except for the electronic market, because of the hurricane Sandy. I hope it will go away, and will not hurt people, or make damages. If the transportation will be affected, the underground, or trains, people will not be able to get to work, and even the elections will be in danger. We can see this by the planetary placements. Hurricane "Sandy" numerologically adds up to 9- giving it Martian powers. Mars brings destruction, war. You people over there should change the name immediately to this hurricane!!! Then look at the Sky: The Sun is at 6 degrees in Sco. in the next 2-3 days it will be in 8-9 Sco, which are destructive degrees. The Sun is in sextile to Pluto- another and the most difficult planet we have in our galacxy! And there is more: Sun 150^ to Uranus Venus 150^ to Neptune! Both angles are bad, very bad. Let's see if there is any help? I check Jupiter of course, the "big benefactor". It is in retro (weak) in Gemini ( Debilitated=weak). No help from there! On the top of all this Mercury is at the last and most powerful degree of Scorpio. It will ingress Sag, where it is weak- showing its negative side. It will move up to 4 Sag, then turn retro, and return to 18 Sco. So this Hurricane situation is worse than it seems now.

I hope I am wrong.

Today we are under the effect of the Moon and Saturn. The Moon just entered Taurus.
Watch the Moon's angles for intra day trades:

29.10.2012  9:03:46  0°24'22"Tau Sextile Neptune
29.10.2012 10:10:19  0°57'47"Tau Quincunx Venus
29.10.2012 13:54:33  2°50'17"Tau Opposition Saturn
29.10.2012 19:02:21  5°24'22"Tau Semi-sextile Uranus
29.10.2012 21:49:27  6°47'52"Tau Opposition Sun
29.10.2012 23:01:26  7°23'49"Tau Trine Pluto

EUR-USD: Bottomed with Mercury entering Sagittarius... 1.28856 bottom till now... Let's see how it"ll develop. 

October 30, 2012 Tuesday.

It is difficult to concentrate on the market when the Hurricane Sandy is turning life upside down... I posted somewhere, I think on a numerology group, that the name Sandy adds up to 9, a number ruled by Mars, so its effect will be deadly. Why give a hurricane a name that brings Martian energies?? I looked up a few names of hurricanes in 2012:
Michael = 6; Nadine = 2; Oscar = 2; Patty = 1; Rafael = 7; Tony = 2; Valerie = 9 ! William = 7;
In 2013: Andrea= 7; Barry =1 ; Chantal = 5; Dorian = 7; Erin = 1 ; Fernand= 8; Gabrielle = 8;

Now I know there is a hurricane on my name! LOL. So as you can see there are very few hurricanes that are so deadly than this one.-  I wonder who gives the names? And, of course I found it on the net... Here we learn how the names are chosen. Also, if a hurricane is unusually destructive, that name is never used, and the name get |retired". SoI guess this was Sandy's last appearance... Other retired names: Allison, Floyd, Katrina adds up to 11, which is also a difficult number. etc... read under the link.
I hope this storm will soon be over, and life returns to normal. Keeping my fingers crossed for you folks over there!!!

While in one part of the world life is on "hold" at the other side market is climbing. So you might want to know that the East is up, Crude trades now at 85.33; Silver at 31.83; Gold at 1710.6; Eur- USd at 1.29020;

Today we are under the double effect of Mars! Oh dear! USA markets are closed. Mars is in Sagittarius, there is a LOT of power around. It is also at 16^40 degrees of the sign, a very bad and difficult placement. We also have a Full Moon in Taurus, which might mark a bottom/ top for the markets. Tomorrow the Moon will be Apogee, meaning far from Earth, so at least here we get a lower effect. Mercury just entered Sag. this explains the high winds. Well, I am not a meteorological astrologer... but this is obvious. I am afraid when the Moon will conjunct the South Node, Oct 31 in the morning, it will bring more ugly situations.
I do not want to sound sarcastic, but after this storm there will be a lot of jobs for people, to rebuild and mend the buildings, plant new trees, etc. etc...

There are two eclipses coming up in November: on the 13th, there will be a Solar eclipse and 28th a Lunar eclipse. These eclipses will also effect us, mainly those who live under the eclipse, and those who have natal planets around the eclipse degree. The Solar degree will be at 21 Scorpio, the Lunar at 6^ Sag. I include a lesson about the eclipses in my Financial Astrology course.
The November Eclipse will be felt in Australia.

31 October, 2012 Wednesday

It seems that the hurricane is weakening, and life is coming back very slowly to normal.
I just got the data for the foundation of New York city, and there are some very interesting details that I would like to show you.
New York birth date: 3 September 1609.  The inner chart is the date of NY, the outer is for the transit of deadly Sandy.

Numerologically "New York city" adds up to 6. 6 is ruled by Venus. I would check Jupiter for 3, Mars for 9 and Venus, 6 for the name. So what do we see in the map? Natal Sun is conjunct mars and Neptune. The three of them get 150 degrees from transiting Uranus, that brings unforeseen events.

Pluto, THE planet of destruction is 120^ to the triplet. Mind you, in 9/11/2001 it was in square.

The Nodes are hitting Venus, and in the sky, in the transit chart Venus was 150^ - bad angle- to Neptune in Pisces, ruler of the ocean.. But the most important was Mars- Jupiter opposition at exact 15 degrees in the sky! Jupiter conjunct on natal Uranus, made the event bigger and uglier. (red arrows).

World markets now: HSI made new highs at 21827, I see here a pattern forming:

TA25: closed at 1209. There is a strong support at 1205-1207. First resistance at 1217.50

5 November 2012 Monday. 

It's been a few days since I wrote. So busy, during the week ends with the reports!! I hope you had a nice week end too. 
SO what is going on?? We are ruled by the Moon today. The Moon is "at home", in Cancer, a sign it rules. Usually when planets are at home, just like us, humans, feel cozy and lazy, and are not putting up a show for the world... But in this case, since Cancer is a Cardinal sign, it is a powerful placement. The Moon will be Void of course gmt+2 21:02-21:39; before entering Leo. 

By the time it will conjunct the Part of Fortune we will know who won the elections..
The EAST is negative. Take a look at the CAC! what's is going on in France ? It made new highs, just like AEX. 
TA25: closed 1216. There is a support at 1214, and a resistance at 1226.
So far we got the 1223... 

Here is a graph I posted in my newsletter about Eur Usd: sometimes a simple mirror shows us the future. 

US market is flat. No use to be in any trade. Let's wait and see . 

6 November 2012 Tuesday

Elections day is here. Where are the planets? First, it's Tuesday, a day ruled by Mars. The other ruling planet is Uranus. So we are in for lot of energy, and s u r p r i s e s !  The Moon is in Leo, at 6^. Degrees 8 -9 are considered "critical degrees", when a switch is possible. Mercury, the " Messenger of Gods" is weak in Sag. It will be in 30^, 120^ to Pluto and Uranus! and right now it is separating from a minor positive angle from Saturn. which can be the explanation for a consolidating phase yesterday, when they were in an exact angle.

Moon's angles for today:
 6.11.2012 12:21:00  7°33'55"Leo Quincunx Pluto
 6.11.2012 19:14:23 11°09'01"Leo Sextile Venus

 I went long this morning on Eur-Usd, but was stopped out, so I am now "on the fence".
Starting to teach soon, so take care.

7 November 2012, Wednesday

Woke up very early today, and I ran straight to the TV, to see who won... Well, it seems,  Obama won. But, Mercury is retro, so one never knows.

Yesterday I was stopped out. I went against myself, when I put in the stop, and too close too. But, I was right, because it rallied.

It is final now... lets see the markets. there is some minor positiveness all over.

Before i go to visit my parents, look at this chart of the Nyse with todays' transit: Transit South Node- very negative - is right on Natal Sun and Mercury, also in 150^ to Jupiter and Neptune.Transiting Mars in 150^ to Natal Sun, and Mercury just turned Retro. All signal for an abrupt shift in trend. So use stops! and better close positions than leave and go out for lunch.

Off I go,
Good trading.

8 November 2012, Thursday

As I wrote to my subscribers last week, with Mercury turning retro, and Helio Mercury ingress to the fire sign of Aries, look out for a gap, and a turn in the markets. Yesterday I uploaded a chart, showing you the same from a different point of view. I hope you took opportunity and made the trades in the right direction.

After a "shock" we always get the aftershock... so be careful now, more negativity to come.
Let me see where are the planets today?
First, we are under the rulership of Jupiter and Venus today. The two "benefactors" So far so good. It seems a good day. But is it?? In my Financial astrology course I teach how to look at the daily charts, what is important, which planet rules. So to answer if today is a good day or not: Jupiter is in retro and weak in Gemini, and Venus is at 13 Libra, which is a critical and bad degree. So we cannot expect any help from these two- for an upturn.
How about other planets? Mercury, the planet of trade will make several angles to Uranus and Pluto, lot of negativity here... Last but not least we have the Moon - this just entered Virgo, in this Earth sign it should calm down a little bit the markets, but the angles it makes, they won't let this happen. So bottom line, we are short. Even if we do go long in the intra day trade, is just for the sake to turn short again.

 9 November, 2012 Friday

Since yesterday 9 am, my phone line died together with the Internet. I could not trade, nothing... at first I was very nervous, then, I just gave up. When we are in the hands of others, this time the technician, to come and fix it, it is useless to be nervous or angry. I did some cooking, and I thought about how much my life is ruled by the Internet. How I am glued to the screens, I have 3!... and how I don't do anything else, but getting updates, trading, writing... Most of the time to myself, because nobody comments, or very rarely. So why am I doing this? Where is my life, what is more important? I will have to change this, and reduce to 30-70 being around the computer.

With Mercury retro first my laptop said bye bye, then this. I wonder what's the third? They always come in threesome.

So, now checking the markets, I see that we got the reversal, as I wrote you before getting disconnected. All rise will be used to get is short.

Luch time... see you later.

12 November 2012 Monday

It's Veteran's day today, no trade in the US.
Here, in the last 3 days we had more than 150 rackets and missiles fired to our southern towns. The Hamas is firing from Gaza. Imagine People from New Jersey racketing New York??!! What would you do?? Schools are closed, people in shelters.
Mars is on the Galactic Center; soon it will enter Capricorn, where it is exalted, and the fight will get a spinning.
These days we have a LOT of negativity in the sky. First, the Solar eclipse on the 13th, at 21 Scorpio, a destructive degree. It's also a New Moon, in Scorpio- a sign the Moon is bad. Then Mercury and Jupiter are in fall and retro, and last, but not least! not at all!!! Saturn is in 150^ to Uranus. This angle will be there almost all the month. Will these angles bring any  good? Sometimes negative positions do push the markets, even if for just a few days...
Many indices are at critical points, falling from there, they can "kill" the end of the year rally.
More in my reports. I write them every week end, you are welcome to sign up.
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TA25: Closed yesterday at 1208.12 after a low at 1197. Former low was at 1190. The index trades in a triangle since Oct 3rd. Support now is at 1205, resistance: 1209.50
 S&P: made a new low last week, at 1373; 50% correction of June 4th- Sept 14th rally is at 1368, 2/3 is at 1348.

Thanks Annette!!! for correcting me, about the US markets- ARE open today.
Just Looking at the S&P- the graph is completely dead.... hmmmmm
Here is S&P spot 60 min.:

During the week end I saw the movie: "Chasing Ice", Besides beautiful pictures, it makes one think!
In the last 4! years one HUNDRED times more ice melted than in the last 100 YEARS!
In a glimpse of the eye countries will be flooded, and millions move to higher places. Go and see the film.

Just heard on the news, more missiles fired, now from Syria. War is close I am afraid.

14 November, 2012 Wednesday

Midweek again. Today we are ruled by Mercury and Jupiter. They are both in fall, weak, and in Retro.
We are also after the Solar eclipse, and at a New Moon... opps, I should start a new article. I always start one on a New Moon. But first let us see what did this last month bring?
On Oct 15- beginning of the month the S&P was at 1440, yesterday at 1371. This is one of the graphs I send to subscribers: click on it to enlarge it. 

Before closing this article, let me see who was born on this day? ahaa!  I would like to say "Happy birthday" to Prince Charles! He  is 64 today. 
Born today, Nov 14th 1948
Looking at his map... see how his Sun got "eclipsed"!. Also transiting Neptune hits his Moon, and transiting Jupiter hits his Neptune. Both are very slow planets, and their effect, together with the eclipse will be felt for a year. Age wise hi is right on his natal Uranus. How and why... well, I teach that in my course. 

So, I am closing now this article, follow me to the "New Moon in Scorpio".


  1. How did you come up with 9 for Malala's numerology?

  2. Hi,
    Adding up her date of birth.12=3+7+1997(10+9+7=26/8)=36/9

  3. Funny how astrologists speak after the fact but sit on the fence before the fact

  4. Funny how there is always an "Anonymous" to speak up, instead of LEARNING!from the maps.

  5. The globe warms and cools in cycles - long cycles...hundreds or even thousands of years. We all have our own beliefs but the earth has been bombarded by asteroids, meteors, floods, drought, famine, earthquakes, ice ages, heat waves etc... for millions of millenia. Its highly unlikely and a bit arogant to think that we humans - in just the last couple hundred years - can affect the earth's cycles of heating and cooling which keep it in cosmic balance. There's a lot a of money being made by a lots of people pumping this kind of worry (read Al Gore - the "really qualified" founder of this one)...
    Caveat Emptor.

    Tom in Michigan

  6. Here I come home from Yoga, to find your mail, TOm.... Hahah, I am happy you came out and spoke up, otherwise I never hear of you...
    About that film... did you watch it?? First, just do for the pictures this guy made, and the effort of a few years, just to film the disappearing ice glacers. Then we can argue about other stuff.
    Otherwise?? How are you ?

  7. Can't complain. Sure hope that squirmishes over there halt. Hard to stop a 2000 year old trend though I guess.

  8. This post is great. Thank you for this post. I like this type of people who share knowledge with others. Indian astrology Know your path ahead and walk towards a glorious future.



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