New Moon in Scorpio 2012

Between Nov 13 - Dec. 13

I just got this on the mail from a group I am member in: 

Counting 824 years back, we arrive back in history to 1188. A quick search in Wiki, tells us what happened back then... 

What will this new Moon bring? Let us check the sky: 

There are some major points to remember for the coming year: The eclipse degree: 21 Sco., the former eclipses- which are still  effecting us; then Next New Moon in Sag. will be just 6 degrees apart of the Galactic Center; anybody out there cares to do a research when did we have another New Moon on the GC? 
During this month the Sun will move from Sco. to Sag., the Moon will make a whole circle of course, Mercury will turn Direct and re ingress Sag. Venus will move from Libra to Scorpio. Other planets will not change signs, just move forward. 
Then we must consider the Declination table: 

For my work I use ZET, and Timing Solution. 

Those who read my blog for the last 4 years know, that these changes have major impact on the markets. But these are just the skirt... is this the right word?  just the very beginning to watch when we want to analyse the sky, and try to understand what it tries so desperately to tell us, we little ignorants, down here. 

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So let's see how does this month starts: 
S&P:  In my previous article, or was it in one of my newsletters? I wrote: 1392 is a critical point. Falling from there it will mark a hysterical sale. Well, so far I was 50-50 . A sale did come, but moderate, not at all hysterical. What was I thinking?? Too much star watching I guess. LOL. 
Anyways, we are extremely cautious now, and SHORT. Stop at 1392. Next support is only at 1372! - again - and the resistance, or blocking the way up: 1382.-85. 

DOW: Topped at 13662 on Oct 5th, now it trades at 12749. At the top it was blocked by the Sun. On Oct 5th there was a Merc-Sat. conjunction in Geo. Today it is weakly supported by Mars and Mercury. Falling from there, 12733 - 12724. If in the past a Mercury -Saturn conjunction mattered, we should check when will these two somehow connect in th efuture, and mark those days. Here are some dates: 

3.11.2012   -  9.11.2012  
17.12.2012  - 18.12.2012  
28.12.2012  - 29.12.2012  
 7.01.2013   -  8.01.2013  
15.01.2013  - 16.01.2013  

Gold: trades now at 1724, after a low on Nov 5th. To be sure it will rally again, it should rise to 1738. For those who have deep pockets, and can afford wide stop loss- may wish to go long, with a stop at the low: 1673. I am "on the fence" for the time being. I don't like the volume, and some other things... 

Silver: for the last 4 days it did not go above 32.77, so go long only above that level. 

VIX: This is the index we should keep our eyes at: it topped on Nov 20th 2008, it signals for Nov 22 for a CIT. So mark this date in your outlook. 

15 November, 2012 Thursday. 

Its nice and warm outside today, 27 degrees and only 8:20 am. The sky is blue, the TV shows the 37th racket - since this morning, that was shot down above Beer Sheva, the "capital of the south". No one was hurt so far, let's hope it will stay this way.

Mars on the Galactic Center, did bring a war after all. All the summer I was afraid something will happen, when Mars was retro, but now, with the Solar Eclipse, that occurred on the 21st -destructive degree of Scorpio, right across Israel's Sun, it was inevitable. Check out the map: inside is Israel's map, outside Nov. 14 at 15:23 when operation Cloud Pillar started. 

In the Natal map we have Mars- Jupiter in trine, ( in yellow) Mars signifying the army. The trine is a very good angle. But these two- in the transit chart- are squared by the nodes. (red arrow) Then Look at the Natal Moon- representing the people in the mundane chart, at 4^ Leo, how it is "attacked" be transiting Uranus and Saturn, both at 4^, and slow moving planets. The operation started yesterday. I think it will take a while till it will end, because it started at a new moon. There are a few windows it can end- like when Mercury will turn Direct, that will happen on Nov. 26th, Or when Mars will ingress Capricorn- Nov. 17th. 

Let me see how are the markets doing? 

S&P: dived yesterday to 1351.94. This is what I wrote in my newsletter on the 11th: "We are In double short below 1372!". One of the targets given: 1351.08. 
DOW: fell to: 12540. In my news letter I wrote " Last week I wrote: We are short below 13030!! If you went short you did well! Low till now: 12743.We are still short. Stop 12890. Above this level it might correct upside."
Dax: fell to 7029. I wrote last week: "We got a close at 7163.5. and lower lows!
I wrote last week( Nov 4) : WE WILL TURN SHORT if the Dax breaks 7345!
Hope you took this trade!
We got now a triple top, “my three fathers pattern” is working. SO we are looking for a decline now. How deep?
 there might be a minor correction of the fall between Nov 7-9 = 370 points to a third or half= 7250, just to fall again to 6810.
Russel: I wrote: we are double short below 807. It trades now at 772. 

And so on. 

Ok- I read and found some very interesting things: We had a Total Solar eclipse in Scorpio. Only in 1995 was there a similar eclipse in Scorpio. That eclipse occurred on Oct 24, 1995.  11 days later , Nov 4th 1995, Izhak Rabin was killed, at 21.42 pm. So one can say, that two generals were killed under a full Scorpio eclipse. 

Next days occultations: 

Solar Eclipse 97%  [Total]
14.11.2012  16:07  Moon covers Mercury
17.11.2012  04:47  Moon covers Pluto
28.11.2012  20:16  Lunar Eclipse 90%  
29.11.2012  06:33  Moon covers Jupiter
12.12.2012  05:51  Moon covers Mercury
14.12.2012  17:00  Moon covers Pluto
26.12.2012  05:47  Moon covers Jupiter

Do you remember the eclipse of May 20th, 2012? Tomorrow , Nov 16th will be 180 days since then, so a CIT in the markets. Next date to watch : Nov 19th, 360 days from Nov 25, 2011 eclipse. Those still are in power. 
Other days to watch: Dec 13, 16, 28.

Ismail Haniyeh6 born 29/1/1963 - had a prenatal eclipse on 4 Aquarius. Transit Uranus and Saturn are now at 4^. These two will be in 150 ^ - malefic angle - in the sky- most of the month November. He will have to take difficult decisions- regarding the enemy - us.

 The other leader is 

The eclipse hits here too. 

On the other side of the world, here is someone else, whose map got eclipsed completely! In this case, he was elected President of China; or as Wikipedia writes:  On 15 November 2012, Xi Jinping was elected to the post of General Secretary of the Communist Party and Chairman of the CPC Central Military Commission also the current Vice President of China ( wiki).

So what I wanted to show you here, natal eclipses, prenatal, post natal, current eclipses are very important to watch- they can change one's life. 

TA25: market fell only by 0.63%- to 1181.76- the low was 1167. Today its 44 days from Oct 3rd top. 


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