New Moon in Capricorn 2013

from January 11 to February 10 

The inner circle is the Jan 11- the outer, Feb.10th. We can see what will change during these 28 days. The slow planets are not changing too much, only Jupiter is turning Direct. The Personal planets move, and the most important is Mars ingress Pisces. 
I shall update, as usual. 

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Let's start.. see what's happening today? 

January 14,2013 Monday.

It was a boring day yesterday. Low volume- like usually on Sundays. I sold Babylon, with a small gain. I expect a fall, so no reason to wait for a cent or more... 
Today we are ruled by the Moon and Jupiter. The Moon is leaving Aquarius, a sign it always makes a top or low in the S&P. The S&p topped- so far at 1475.86. Yesterday, during class I said there is a major resistance there. It would take a gaping up to rise higher. 

Our market is vegetating. Yesterday it was in the news, that the monetary deficit is much much much higher than they thought. How come the minister is still holding his job? achh.. elections are coming.. Moon conjunct Neptune, so shhhhhhh... but don't worry, Moon will be sooner or later in Aries, and then the ceiling will fall. 

I just came home. The Sun is shining, it's beautiful outside. We are back to normal,- for this time in the year, and the cold traveled to Europe. 
This day in history: it's a link at the left side of my blog. In 1601

Church authorities burn hebrew books in Rome

January 14th 1601  
What harm did those books?? We might be cleverer today if millions of books were not burnt during the history!
Something nicer: did you know, that:  

Clarinet invented, in NĂ‚rnberg, Germany

Conspiracies: even back then: 

Conspiracy in New Mexico against US
Giacomo Puccini's opera "Tosca," premieres in Rome
Finland & USSR adopts New Style (Gregorian) calendar

In the Vedic astrology 

The Sun is just about to ingress Capricorn. If we want to see what is going to happen in the first semester of the year, till June this is the right map to look at: 

One does not have to be an astrologer to see the dis balance! In this map we have the SUn at 0 degrees Capricorn, a very important degree, because it is a cardinal sign. Mercury is conjunct, Detriment, Direct and quick in motion. Venus is in Sag. just about to conjunct Pluto. Both planets indicate monetary problems, and in Sag. it will be huge. Mars in Capricorn is very strong, on Jan 15th it will square the Vertex. I ran Timing Solution: 

There are two points that I don't like in this map: One is Pluto running up on Detroit. I think Obama should avoid travelling to that part of the US- after his swearing in.
The other is Chaos in India... 

January 15, 2013

the heavy rains "dug" a huge hole in the earth near the Gaza border, and a long long tunnel was discovered from Gaza to one of our border kibbutzim... Thank you, rain!! The plan was to dig it into the kibbutz and kidnap people... Mercury in Capricorn- is as walking in the earth- this time walking below the ground... 
Venus conjunct Pluto in Scorpio: I wrote to subscribers: Venus will conjunct Pluto, both are rulers of money, so monetary problems will come out, things that were hidden from the public eye.
Surprise, or not!!!! the deficit that we had, grew overnight 3 times higher... "They" made a mistake... Ha..  How convenient- 7 days before elections.. - 

TA25: Topped yesterday at 1225.75.(blocked by Uranus). Now it trades at 1217.11. Support at 1216.(Mars)- 1210.50 (Saturn).
I am expecting a major turn in the markets. The trigger this time will be Mars. 
15.01.2013 17:05:48 16°12'29"Psc Semi-sextile Mars
Watch it at 3:30 my time- that is before the opening in NY- Fed. announcements: PPI, etc. 

January 16, 2013 Wednesday

Yesterday our market closed at 1210.24 - Look what did I write yesterday? 1210.50  last support. After that, there is a weak support at 1208.95, 1206.60, 1205, 1201.50. To the upside resistance at 1216.70. Which way it'll go? This always depends on the energy that is up there. This is what I teach in my course: how to calculate these levels, what energies are there, which one is more important than the other... After you learned it' it only take a few moments to decide to go Long or short. 

For those who are interested in studying Numerology, astrology or financial astrology, I will be more than happy to guide you... 

Today we are ruled by Mercury- in Capricorn. Mercury is at 25 degrees, the Sun at 26.19- you can see they are very close. Is that good or bad?? Think of the Sun as the planet that gives us the warmth. It is nice as long as we keep our hands far from this "oven". But when we got too close, it is as a microwave. it is burning.. So Mercury so close is bad. A bad Mercury cannot push the market up. Then we have to check the rest of the planets. Make the calculations, and decide... 
This is the graph of the S&P: searched what happened when Mercury was close the Sun? The efficiency test shows, that 2 days after culmination the index falls 51%.
But, as I said, we should take in consideration always all the planets! 

Nifty: I wrote my subscribers yesterday: Our stop for long should be 6040- for intra-day traders. It fell now, I see to 6031. I hope you grabbed to gains from the last week's rally! Are you a subscriber?? 

Moon's angles to watch:
16.01.2013  8:53:47 24°58'35"Psc Sextile Mercury
16.01.2013 11:32:19 26°25'22"Psc Sextile Sun
16.01.2013 18:06:59  0°00'00"Ari <<<
16.01.2013 20:58:10  1°32'29"Ari Semi-sextile Neptune
16.01.2013 22:07:29  2°09'49"Ari Semi-square Mars

2:35 PM: our index made a low at 1202.19 SO FAR. This low is higher than Jan.8th low... (1201.29). There is an open gap to 1186.! Waiting to be fulfilled...  

January 17, 2013 Thursday

Today we are ruled by Jupiter and Venus. Jupiter is sextile Moon, Venus sextile Saturn. Apparently a positive angle. The Moon is already in Aries. It brings new energies.But soon the Moon will square the Sun.. so be alert . 
Silver: 144 trading days from June 28th low- and we got a target at 31.54. I wrote to my subscribers: " For intra-day traders: Long with a stop at 30.10." Using this stop you are still Long. I would raise stop now to 30.80. 
The Future Silver trades now at 31.450. This was the former top- of Jan.2nd. Stop: 31; target:32.450
The Future Gold: is now at 1682.50. Stop at 1676. Target: 1686-1690
Next week: Jan.20 Sunday- no trade in the world. We do have.
                    Jan. 21 No trade in the US !! so 18th is the last day- till the 22nd. 
                    Jan 22 No trade here- elections - So between 18-23 there is a vacuum- everything can happen. 
                     Jan. 23 is a Wednesday, a day ruled by Mercury... and like Mercury, it is unpredictable. 
I would close positions...
S&P 1480- bumped into Venus-Saturn sextile... Unlikely that it will go above it.  Above this level there is 1485-87.

January 19, 2013 Saturday

I see the S&P topped at 1485.98- my target reached. 
Gold topped at 1694- I gave target 1690
Silver: topped at 32.12- I would use a stop at 31.70
AXJO: Australia index: I wrote on Dec. 26:"support 4556, target: 4853- CIT on Feb 15th. But, watch out, its 144 -turning day- today, from June 4th low. " 
The top of Jan 18 was 4787.20 more space to to up.
HSI: Dec 26th I wrote: Falling below 22423- will be a short. Well, it did not, we were not stopped out. Last top was at 23607 on Jan 18TH. I would use a higher stop now: 23390. Watch Jan 23, 28 for a CIT.

I am writing my weekly forecasts now, so  see ya.. 

January 20, 2013 Sunday

Good morning world, how are you? You can add your thoughts to this blog, you know.... 
Today we have trade. The Sun has just entered Aquarius, the Moon is in Taurus, exalted. It will only make an angle after 8 pm, so it's not relevant. 
On Sundays usually there is no volume, it's a boring day. The market is sleepy. I'll expect more energy between 12-12:50 pm. A try to go up between 1:38-2:30 pm. Negative closing. 
11:04: TA25: 1194.63
Here is the 5 minutes graph: closed at 1189.26- The gap is open to 1185... it'll be closed tomorrow.

January 21,2013 Monday.

There is no trade today in the US. BSESN made a new high, at 20163; HSI too, Australia too,4779.7; Nikkey double topped; HSCE: made a higher high than Feb.20,2012; 
For all of these indices Jan 22-23 is a major turning point, because it is 233 trading days from June 4th low. And for all of them the current level is only 2/3 correction of the big fall of 2010-11. 
Today the Sun and the Moon are on stage. The Sun is at 1 Aqua26, the Moon at 26Tau.46 
See the moves of the Moon for January: 

21.01.2013   16:04:21 > Gem Moon in the last 30 minutes of trade we will get a new energy.
22.01.2013   23:26:44 max N Moon - no trade in Israel - elections.
24.01.2013    4:59:57 > Cnc Moon - 
26.01.2013   16:20:13 > Leo Moon
29.01.2013    1:27:12 > Vir Moon
30.01.2013   13:43:09 >0 S  Moon
31.01.2013    8:35:38 > Lib Moon

Moon void of course: not a very good time to make decisions: gmt+2.

20.01.2013 20:16 - 21.01.2013 16:04
24.01.2013  1:14 - 24.01.2013  5:00
26.01.2013  8:17 - 26.01.2013 16:20
29.01.2013  0:32 - 29.01.2013  1:27
31.01.2013  5:51 - 31.01.2013  8:36

TA25 : it closed the gap now, 1185.26... will it go lower?? That is the question.1185 is exactly 180 degrees from Venus, falling from there 1180 is the next support.

January 22,2013 Tuesday.

Yesterday our index bottomed at 1180, and ran up to 1193. The banks are closed today, no trade due to the elections. 
The US had its second Obama swearing in, on Martin L.King day. They are just returning to the screens now. East is up. The Euro-usd- looking at the daily spot : made a low on March 30th, run up 118 days, till July 26, then down 160 days till Jan.3rd. Since then it is trying to go up again, but meanwhile it made a double bottom at 371.68. This is critical. Falling below this level, it will make a new lower low to 366.50- 361. We shall watch Jan 22, Feb 1,  4,11, 13 for a change in trend. I would go strongly long above 378.50

During the night Nifty made a new high: 6099. 

Another interesting commodity to look at is the Copper. Jan 25 - CIT. 
Today we are under Mars and Moon's effect. Mars is at 108 degrees away from Vesta. ( I teach about the asteroids in my advanced course). The Moon will make these aspects today: 

22.01.2013 12:35:34 10°03'59"Gem Quincunx Pluto

22.01.2013 13:52:10 10°41'34"Gem Biquintile Venus
22.01.2013 14:15:57 10°53'15"Gem Quincunx Saturn

A more interesting aspect today is the YOD between Vesta-Saturn and Pluto. It occurred in Feb.24,12; June 22, July 30,12. Look up your index or share what did this angle trigger?! 
In the Copper for instance it made a double bottom. Today it's the "reflection" of that point. 
Here is the historical graph of the Copper: 

January 23,2013 Wednesday.

Our elections turned up as I wrote on December 26th. It is a huge turn. Yair Lapid, a new face in the Israeli politics gained 19 mandates, Netanyahu is still leading, but I doubt he will be able to form a coalition. It will be interesting to watch the dates I wrote about last time: Jan 30, Feb 18,23 to see they'll affect the coalition building. 
I would advise him to do as Begin did, a rotation in government. Otherwise we shall see very soon a new election.

But let me see what happened in the market: 
TA25 opened with a gap up.Tomorrow it's option expiry.. Support at 1193- resistance 1206-7. 
Nifty topped at 6099- support 6060.
Gold: triple topped. 

As I am watching more and more indices or commodities, all are trapped in a tight triangle. It would take a huge move from the planets to send us a new energy down here. SO let me see from where will this energy come from ? GEO: 

Jan 26: Vesta turn Direct
Jan 30: Jupiter turns direct. !!!! major event.
Feb. 2: Mars enters Pisces. (fire in water?) hmmmm major negative
Feb.2: Venus ingress Aquarius. this feature is double faced. because Venus rules Taurus and Libra as well, so a deeper research will be needed to see what it'll bring. 
25.01.2013    Cap Venus
27.01.2013     Psc Mercury
 1.02.2013     Cnc Vesta
 3.02.2013    Ari Mercury
 7.02.2013    max S Chaos
 9.02.2013     Tau Mercury

TA25: ran above 1209- now target 1223.50

January 24,2013 Thursday
The Moon passed from Gemini to Cancer overnight. Change in the energies/ I see most indices turned down. 
There is a thought that we should remember in the political astrology: Saturn crowns kings! Obama had a Saturn effect when he was reelected, Putin too, and now Yair Lapid.- our new star in the Israeli politics. 
TA25: bottomed on Jan 21- 1179.08- and the Gemini Moon pushed it as high as 1214.68. Yesterday it fell and closed at 1204.65- this means lot of volatility.
Today we are ruled by Jupiter. It makes no angles whatsoever to any other planet. It is solitary.
But, we have other important placements: Mars squares the nodes..
Watch these minutes for a change in trend: 

24.01.2013  4:59:55  0°00'00"Cnc <<<
24.01.2013  8:36:08  1°47'33"Cnc Trine Neptune
24.01.2013 10:06:17  2°32'27"Cnc Biquintile Mercury
24.01.2013 14:24:09  4°41'06"Cnc Quincunx Sun
24.01.2013 15:44:46  5°21'22"Cnc Square Uranus
24.01.2013 17:48:14  6°23'06"Cnc Semi-sextile Jupiter

Look at this: what has the Sabian symbol saying about Saturn's position at 10 Scorpio: In my opinion this speaks about Netanyahu's feelings in the last days. What do you think?? 
Mars is at 23 Aquarius: this is th explanation for it: Chosen Degree: 23°Aq00' - 23°Aq59'

You may feel that you can no longer survive the roller-coaster ride of your emotions. It is by controlling your passions that you are able to find an objective position that allows you to understand. You can benefit everyone by teaching the new wisdom and understanding that come after having gone through some hard lesson. Conquering of one's base nature.  If negative - giving up on emotional growth. Being dissatisfied with life."

Let's hope Netanyahu will teach Lapid everything he knows,for the benefit of us all and will not fail him, and us with ugly manipulations and intrigues. What I have to high light, that Lapid was born on the same day as Sara Netanyahu, but 5 years later. 


AAPL: Looking at the astro chart of the first trade of AAPL: see restrictive Saturn is at the midpoint -cools down- between Uranus- ruler of hi-tech and Pluto-ruler of the management. Furthermore tr.Mars in in trine natal Pluto- so at 23.45 degrees they form a support at 503.75- and a resistance at 533.75 

January 27,2013 Sunday.

Was there a hidden worm in that AAPL? oh dear!! Historical support is now at 415-360. Have you seen my You tube on AAPL?

A new week starts with the Moon in Leo. Moon rules Cancer, water element. in Leo- fire- it is not in its element. Some say it's romantic, life loving, and a lover, but for the market is "switched off". Many times the S&P bottoms or tops when the Moon is in Leo/ Aquarius axis. 
I wrote the weekly reports. Have you subscribed yet??
Many interesting issues this week, and next month...

Today it's a full Moon! Look up at the sky. You can see the Moon, but you cannot see that the Sun, Mercury and Mars are all in Aquarius. Mars- the planet of wars in Aquarius can be very cruel. When fire is in air it gets a lot of enthusiasm, it is very powerful. Between Feb.2-March 12- it'll be in Pisces- calmer there... also will impact the markets. 
Uranus - planet of revolution is running up on Egypt. The uprising is still going on there, now not against Mubarak- many want him back- but against Morsi. 
We are ruled today by the Sun and Neptune. Ohooo... long time since we had Neptune! It always brings a turn.
Our market got vitamins today- due to the positive arbitrage. It trades now at 1206. The range now is 1193-1206. Usually Sunday is boring, no volume. 

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Soon Venus will enter Aquarius. How is it placed in your natal map? What doews it mean for you? I do personal Numerology and Astrology readings- based on your date of birth, and full name given to you at birth. If you wish to have one, pls.mail me, with your parent's names, time and place of your birth. 

DOW: Last low: Dec.31 at 12885. On Jan 26th, it topped at 13895. What to do now??? I answer these questions in my weekly reports. 

Facebook: first date trade was May 18,2012. Feb,4 2013 will be 240 days- so look for a change in trend! Last top was 32.21 on Jan 14th. I would use a stop at 30.60- tight because of the declining RSI. Since Sept 4- till now it only corrected 50% of the big fall from the opening May to Sept. 
AAPL: I uploaded 2 months ago ( Dec.19) a picture of Apple, and I wrote: playing with the cube. It turned out that it is much more serious than just " playing" :) ... See??? Exact hits!!
Trades now at 439.88. Next levels: 431.83-423-414-405.
Another calculation, using the planets gives me: 436- 432. If It'll break this level, I shall check it again. 

HSI: I wrote on Jan 19th to watch the 23rd for a CIT. It actually topped on the 22nd, and made a doji on the 23rd,- top till now: 23711. STOP - I would use 23695- Target: 23739-23869.-23999.
AXJO: I wrote target: 4853- till now it made to 4835! :) 

January 28, 2013 Monday.

Today we are under the spell of the Moon and Saturn. The Aspects the Moon will make is first a square to the nodes, then 150^ to Venus at 14:40  (negative); and 180^ to Mars at 18:59 .
Saturn is at 11Sco8.
I published yesterday in Facebook targets and stops for today; price and time wise. 
TA25: price levels published yesterday:
1191.50- 1186 - 1181 - : 1194 - 1196 - 1201 - 1205-30 -1206.30

Crude March future graph: 

DAX: I wrote to subscribers in my weekly report : Stop should be at 7830. Now it trades at 7863/ I gave target at 7868.

The Full Moon did not leave without casualties. This time the terrible fire in a Brazilian night club. 237 casualties? Suffocated or run over by other- trying to escape the club.
27/1/2013= adds up to 34/7- This number is ruled by Neptune, and the south node. 7 often stands for endings or illnesses. But watch the astro- chart for that time in Brazil: 
Mars- planet of fires and wars was , and still is, in Aquarius- sending a disharmonic angle to the South Node. Venus, ruler of Taurus is in trine-120^ - to the S.Node. Venus stands for pleasures.
Mind you, Venus was at 33 degrees Scorpio, and the last Solar eclipse was at 22 degrees! 
Why did this trigger in Brazil? No idea. But wait!!! The town's name, Santa Maria adds up to 34= 7. The Moon was at 7, Mars at 25=(2+5)=7.  The Sun was at 7^. Chiron at 7^. 
I am stunned.... aren't you?? 

And I found some more amazing stuff: 
Boate Kiss ( the club )= adds up to 2
Venus was at 22 Capricorn = 4 Venus stands for the body pleasures.- 120 deg. Away from the S.Node.
Mercury at 13=4 (young people)- squares Saturn. Saturn is in the 12th House of endings.

Something to smooth the horror: It was Mozart's birthday on Jan the 26th... Here are some chips of his bests...After Beethoven he is my favorite.

What a move in the Yen-$ ! I think it's time to correct. SO watch it/ see targets on graph.

at 3:30 US Fed.announcements.!!

January 29, 2913 Tuesday.

I have a list in my database: "World leaders". I was curious to see who is an Aquarian. So here
they are: 
Paul Biya; President of Cameroon since 6/11/1982.- born on Feb 13,1933.- he will be 80 years old. Mars is transiting on his Sun- at 26 degrees-. It might bring some kind of shock. Tr.Saturn squares natal Saturn.- Saturn in its transit sends a square or opposition every 7 years to natal Saturn. Do you remember the dreams of Joseph from the Bible? It had to do with 7 years cycle. Gann used these cycles of course for the market. So this effect comes from Saturn.
Beatrix Wilhelmina Armgard - Queen of Holland. born 31.1.1938. She will be 75 . She announced that she will abdicate in favor of her son, Prince Willem Alexander. ( April 27, 1967).She has an extremely fortunate birth chart! Sun-Moon-Venus-Jupiter conjunct by degree! in Aquarius, all the benefactors on her Sun! A true royalty. But, since Uranus entered Aries, it has been sitting on her Saturn- the planet that signifies her reign, and finally it brought her to the decision to step down. Unlike other queens I know. 
Kim Jong II: President of North Korea - also has his Sun at 26 Aquarius, as Paul Biya. I will have to check if this degree stand for dictatorship.... well, a modern one; being in Aquarius...
I do not have his hour of birth, but transiting Mars is on his Sun too. Transiting Saturn will be in opposition to natal Saturn from Jan 2014- May 10,2014...In his natal map he has Mars-Uranus-Saturn conjunct. Very very difficult position. I guess 2014 will be his turning point in life. 
Jean Marc Ayrault- French prime minister : was born on Jan.25, 1950. He too, like the Dutch queen has Sun-Venus-Jupiter conjunct. He also has Mars- S.Node conjunction in Libra. This is an ugly position. I wonder what will they trigger, when Jupiter will trine them, between 12-20.3.2013? 
Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa: King of Bahrain: born January 28.1.1950. Has... surprise!!!! Sun-Venus-Jupiter conjunct. Sun at 7^. This is getting to be a pattern! :) He also has Mars conjunct the South Node. hmmm. 
Nicholas Sarkozy: born January 28, 1955; Sun at 8^ Aqua. I wonder what is he doing now??! 
Ismail Haniyeh: is a senior Hamas leader in Gaza: born 29.1.1963. His Sun-Saturn conjunction is in opposition to his Mars in Leo. 
Abdullah II, KIng of Jordan: born Jan.30, 1962- has a fantastic stellium - 5 planets - in Aquarius! He too with Sun-Venus-Jupiter. Unfortunately, he also has the S.Node conjunct Jupiter. This stellium will be triggered by a squaring Saturn in this year, and the next; bringing some hardships to his majesty. Not so severe than in Egypt, because transiting Jupiter is in trine-120^- to the stellium. Problems will arise with Jupiter leaving Gemini, and entering Cancer. No matter how lucky one is, one day or another, challenges are coming. 
Paul Ryan: January 29,1970; Sun Venus conjunction at 9^. They are trine to natal Uranus at 8^ in Libra. I guess when Saturn sat on his Uranus he came forward in politics. But he has Neptune on the ascendant, is he a "dreamer"? I don\''t know much about him. 

These are the people I have in my database. Sorry if I missed someone. Here is a list of famous Aqua
rians. You might wonder why did I bother with this sign?? Well, I was born too under it, but I am sorry to say, I do not have Sun-Venus-Jupiter conjunction in my map....LOL. 
I ran a search to see when was the Sun in Aquarius! conjuncted by Venus and Jupiter. We might learn something regarding future royalty... Who knows, maybe you are raising one. 

Today we are under the double effect of Mars. Mars is at 27 degrees Aquarius. As it gets to the end of a sign, it gets stronger... I see during the night the East ran up.
Tighten your stops and go long. Of course, each market has its own rhythm. 

Market starts, see ya.. 
Dax is not very green today..It topped yesterday at 7870. I wrote to subscribers:" Stop should be: 7830- - I know this is very tight, but also the last rally was very sharp" Targets: 7854-68-7889-7908. Correction: to 7650.- it would be a complete 360 degrees fall. 
TA25: is stuck between Mars and the Nodes. 1192.50- 1197. Stanley Fisher chief of the Israeli Bank announced yesterday of his stepping down... the market, which was vulnerable and just waiting for a trigger, responded immediately, and fell from 1194 to 1181. Closed at 1186.50.
From the closing price level I see that today we are in for big swings. Jupiter is in charge. This was the fundamental reason for the fall. let us see if there was anything "fishy" happening in the sky at that time? Well, in the Geocentric chart there was a square between Moon-Jupiter. But in the Helio it is a different story! Mars-Pluto and the Earth form a YOD. Mars in Pisces - Pluto in Capricorn- Earth in Leo- .very bad position.

This is not ending here, because Mars is not moving so fast, and it also causes the epidemics we have here in Israel. The hospitals are 150% full, people are in the corridors. Many hospitals announced that they are full, stay home!
January 30, 2013 Wednesday.

Today we are ruled by Mercury and the Sun. They are 8 degrees apart in Aquarius. The Sun is squaring Saturn.10 degrees is the key number for today. This means 1510 for the S&P. will it climb above this level? They will support it. If not, they'll block it. This calculation can be made for all the indices. - I teach it in my course... 

Market starts, see ya. 

I saw somebody from California arrived to my blog, searching for planets turning retro. Here is the DOW with the picture. 

30.01.2013   13:36:51 D     Jupiter  6°19'38"Gem
18.02.2013   19:02:24 R     Saturn 11°31'35"Sco
23.02.2013   11:40:48 R     Mercury 19°52'28"Psc
17.03.2013   22:03:13 D     Mercury  5°37'59"Psc
12.04.2013   21:34:17 R     Pluto 11°35'12"Cap
7.06.2013   10:24:12 R     Neptune  5°22'27"Psc
26.06.2013   15:07:12 R     Mercury 23°06'51"Cnc
8.07.2013    7:12:15 D     Saturn  4°49'06"Sco
17.07.2013   19:20:20 R     Uranus 12°31'19"Ari
20.07.2013   20:21:44 D     Mercury 13°21'42"Cnc

20.09.2013   17:27:50 D     Pluto  8°59'23"Cap
21.10.2013   12:28:47 R     Mercury 18°23'39"Sco
 7.11.2013    7:02:45 R     Jupiter 20°30'39"Cnc
10.11.2013   23:11:41 D     Mercury  2°29'30"Sco
13.11.2013   20:41:33 D     Neptune  2°34'44"Psc
17.12.2013   19:38:37 D     Uranus  8°35'22"Ari
21.12.2013   23:53:22 R     Venus 28°58'57"Cap

January 31,2013 Thursday

I see a returning reader from Switzerland, searching for Silver  Hello stranger! welcome! I have weekly forecasts for Silver, or Gold, or S&P, what ever you trade. To sign up to the service, pls. click on Paypal at the left of the blog. I send my reports on Saturdays. In these reports I include technical and astrological analysis. I give targets, dates and stops. The Silver is very volatile, one can make huge money with it, and can also loose it quickly... so it is very important to have this report. 

Yesterday I posted all the dates that planets will change direction. We had Jupiter yesterday. The next to move is SATURN. Today it is at 11 degrees Scorpio, look, on the day it turns it is also at 11 degrees!. Since Saturn is a slow moving planet, it will be at this degree till March 16! 
Where is your Saturn in your natal chart? It bring a harrrrd time ... I also do natal readings... so, it's up to you. Do you want to know how to behave, what to do? Saturn has all the cards now. 

The Moon entered Libra.  from here it will try to balance the market. but look at the upcoming angles, this balance will not last. 

31.01.2013  8:35:36  0°00'00"Lib <<<
31.01.2013 12:17:22  2°02'44"Lib Quincunx Neptune
31.01.2013 17:22:06  4°51'47"Lib Biquintile Mars
31.01.2013 18:43:24  5°36'58"Lib Opposition Uranus
31.01.2013 20:00:23  6°19'48"Lib Trine Jupiter
31.01.2013 23:06:58  8°03'42"Lib Biquintile Neptune

February 4, 2013 

Nobody comments. I feel I am alone here.
When someone will take the effort to share with me his thoughts, I shall write.

February 5, 2013 Tuesday.

Thank you for your note, stranger... I am back. 
There are some moves in the sky now: Sun-60-Moon it is the last phase between the two luminaries; often a positive move in the markets. Mars conjunct Neptune. This conjunction occurs every 2 years; so it's rather rare. Venus squares Uranus. They form a resistance for the S&P at 1505. We have two ongoing positions: the Jupiter-Uranus sextile, and the Uranus -Pluto sextile. Let us see if the index will break above these planets. 
I have a time table at Feb 20th. The index should be either 1521, or 1444. 
TA25: closed, as expected at 1205. 
FB: I wrote about it on Jan 27th, and I said to use a stop at 30.60- I hope you did... it is now at 28.ish. 
AAPL: Bottomed at 435.86 so far. I gave 431- up here, a few days ago... 
DELL: is in the news: from a top of $58 back in 2000, it trades now at 13.27/ I would use a stop at 12.40 and go with it to 20.90. But, be careful, the MFI is 83! at this level it is overbought..... 

February 6,2013 Wednesday

The good news is, that it's a new day. Ruled by Mercury. Mercury just ingressed to Pisces. Now imagine someone who talks talks talks all the time. Then someone throws him to the pool. His mouth is full of water. Can he talk? Hardly.... Mercury is this " person". Mercury is in charge of the volatility of the trade. 
The other planet that can "pump up" the market to higher levels is Mars. This planet too is in Pisces. They form a threesome with Neptune. It reminds me of  water dancing below water level, which can be so beautiful in contests. They will surface to breath only on March 12, April 14th,... so what is in charge of yesterdays' rally? La Luna. it is in fire Sag. But nothing lasts for ever... so tighten your stops, and check your short arsenal. 
For intra day traders- local market- possible a new up leg till 12:52.
Target: 1211, 1217.75, 1218.40, 1222.

The bad news is, that the Nodes are at 22 deg.-which was the last eclipse degree. I read, there was a 8+ earthquake in the world. 

Update: TA25: top till now: 1212.53

February 7,2013 

I was waiting for this day, for a market turn. See the map of today: 

I added the snake, because on February the 10th the "Year of the Snake" will begin- as per the Chinese horoscope. It is the Water snake year... pls. read more under the link. 
I know I should not mix one method with another, but I have a Gemini  Moon, I can't help it. LOL.

But, let us see what is happening in the sky right now: There is a stellium (group) of planets in Pisces. There is the ongoing sextile between Saturn-Pluto, and Jupiter-Uranus. Also a perfect trine between Venus-Jupiter. For intraday trading, I would watch the Moon- conjuncting Pluto. It is always a hard aspect....
The Moon is 30 degrees from the Sun, soon to fade out - look up at the sky - and be a New Moon in Aquarius. Then, as always, I shall start a new article. 
Children born these days will be very talented, artistic and bringing a new and different grasp of our being, due to Mercury-Mars-Neptune conjunction in Pisces. 

TA25: opened with a tiny gap up, there is a major resistance at 1206- 1210. BUt also a support at 1205-1202. The triangle gets squeezed more and more... so tighten stops, and stay tuned. 
FB: found support at 28, but the volume is miserable. So I would not go long, but stay on the fence. Breaking 28= $25. 
AAPL: trying to go up, but no volume.! 442 is our stop here- for long. 
DELL: topped with a hanging man, at 14.17... hmmm . I don't like it. 
JPMorgan: is rallying since Nov 16, 2012, for 82 days. Feb.8 will be 55 trading days, it is a sign for a turn. Stop:47.15! It might correct to 45. Future targets: 50,-51.25,-53.50,-55.30
GOOG: Opened with a gap - up on Jan 23rd, and topped at776.60 on Feb. 1st.- This top was higher than the one on Oct.5,12. In the last 4 days it is consolidating. Stop should be: 758. Next CIT: 17/2 

February 8, 2013 Friday.

It is summer again in these parts of the world. When the Sun shines the markets rally. hmmm... But the sun shines here from now till November.. will the markets rally? Not really. It is just a small thing I payed attention to, during our very short winter. Whenever it was raining our market fell. It need much deeper research to forecast...:) 

So what is happening today? Nothing much. No special moves in the sky, the markets are consolidating. 
The next date to watch is when Saturn turns retro; Feb.18.

February 10, 2013 Sunday

It is New Moon again, so I am starting a new article now. But before, let us see what happened this month? 

Up here we can see the major indices of the last Lunar month, and their performance. Click on the graph to enlarge. Australia is the first runner up- red line, Dow second, Dow Banks third.
Last was Italy and Brazil. 

This graph shows the last year with Gold and Silver. From this graph we can learn, that the Nikkey rallied most in the last year. I do not have Jakarta, JKSE, in this program, but that is the index to follow! After Nikkey It's Dax in green and Hang Sang in grey. Gold and Silver are the last two. 
So if you were to invest in June 2012, you would have earned the most with the Nikkey.- by this graph, but there are more indices to compare, I just didn't have the space. The Nikkey was at 8238 in June 2012- now:11498= 40%! Subscribers for the NIkkey, hope you are VERY satisfied! 

Another index is the VIX! It is at it's low- support at 12.50.

OK, that's it for this month, thank you for being here, follow me to the next article: New Moon in Aquarius. 


  1. Dear Gabriella,

    I think you write a wonderful column. Please keep your spirits up. I used to subscribe to a lady's Financial Astrology newsletter who successfully predicated two stock
    market crashes. Thanks for your efforts.

    New Orleans


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