New Moon in Aquarius 2013

From Feb. 10 - to March 11, 2013

The inner circle is the Aquarius new Moon of today, the outer the Pisces new Moon on March 11, 2013. The important issues to watch is Saturn turning retrograde, Mercury too. For the entire month Mars will still be in Pisces. This planet brings epidemics. Venus will move from Aqua to Pisces. 
This New Moon is very important, because it occurs 1) on the November 2012 Solar eclipse degree: 22^, 2) it is at the beginning of the Chinese water snake year;3) It has Mars-Mercury- Neptune in Pisces; a stellium that tells us that there are a lot of manipulations behind the curtains, lies and fraud. 4) Venus squares Saturn. Now I made for different subscribers maps for their countries' New Moons. It is very interesting to see where will the luminaries point in each and every one of these countries: 
Example: New York: All but Saturn are in the lower hemishphere, pointing to internal difficulties.


Besides that, of course there are many many tiny issues to check every day. Here is this week's calendar. You can order it- for yourself- for the whole year, to see what is ahead. Please mail me, if you are interested. 

Market already is soaring... see you later. 
Oh... my weekly forecasts are ready. You can order them too. 

Since we have a stellium in Pisces, and this sign is the sign of artists, medicine and religion, I would search for biotechnical shares to invest in. 
I am publishing my forecasts in the Dutch newspaper" Market Timing Digest" since the last 5 years. One of the other co-writers is Grace K.Morris. She wrote to find shares of the transportation, communication, organic food, travel and leisure sectors. If you go to :, play with it... you can find there these shares. Click on "maps".

February 11,2013 Monday

Today the two luminaries are giving the tone. The Sun is at 22^ Aquarius, the Moon already passed it, at 5 Pisces. Yesterday we had huge rallies in some biomed shares, it will be interesting to watch if the rally will continue even after the Moon has passed Neptune. It is approaching Mars now, also an important position for the Moon. 
But the important angle of the week is Venus-90-Saturn. This square will culminate today.- Saturn is slowing down before turning retrograde. As I already wrote in my last article Saturn will be at 11 degrees Scorpio till March 16. If you check your natal map, you can learn which issues are pinpointed and "ironed" by Saturn. 
There is a bank holiday in the East. So Europe and us will wait for the US markets.
TA25: Resistance at 1217.50 - here we will have a difficulty. But, if it does, than 1222,1226.

Moon's angles for today: watch these hours for a turn: 

11.02.2013 10:33:00  6°33'57"Psc Square Jupiter
11.02.2013 11:56:25  7°22'25"Psc Conjunction Mars
11.02.2013 16:00:03  9°43'33"Psc Conjunction Mercury
11.02.2013 17:40:19 10°41'26"Psc Sextile Pluto
11.02.2013 19:02:53 11°29'02"Psc Trine Saturn
11.02.2013 20:04:08 12°04'17"Psc Semi-sextile Venus
Ta25: 5 minutes as it seems now, Feb 13th it will hit 1225-6. 

The Pope announced today that he is stepping down on Feb.28th. Coincidence??? or higher planning? 
Look how Mars in transit will conjunct his stellium in Pisces! Jupiter at 20^- is the ruler of his MC- house of career. Mercury at 28^, ruler of his 7th house of partnership and open enemies, and of his 4th house of endings. Uranus, ruler of his 12th, of endings. Not long ago he had an Uranus return. Few survive this conjunction. I wrote about this in my past articles. Every 84 years Uranus returns to the place it was at birth. Around this time some major issue happens. 
Feb 28 Venus will conjunct Neptune at 3 degrees. Neptune is the ruler of his chart.... On the same day the part of fortune will be at 150 degrees to Natal Neptune- in the 6th house. So we can see multiple issues going on in the same time. Why was this date chosen? We will know in due time. I wish him gracious retiring years. 
Another thought passed my mind now. If the pope can work till 85, why must other people retire at 65? And die of boredom? People in the 21st century will live to 100. If we retire at 65- we have 35 years in pension. Do we have the money to stand up alone for 35 years? Hardly! We should start putting aside money from the very day we start working.... If you put aside 100$ monthly 40 years of work are 480 months. you would have 48 grand. will that be enough for you for 35 years? LOL, don't make me laugh... So think about it... it is a problem.

February 13,2013 Wednesday

The day is ruled by Mercury. The planet is is trine with Saturn. This happened before on June 4,2012 to remind you, that was a major low in the markets. Will today's trine a major top? The other planet in charge for today is Jupiter. Jupiter in in square with Mars. This happened before only in Nov.2,2011. You might want to check your index what happened on that day? I checked if for a local share, Babylon, trades in Nasdaq as well, it shows a rise till Feb.19th. Do you have a portfolio, would you like me to check for you something? To hold or sell? Pls. mail me. 
You can also sign up to my news letters- forecasts, which I write every weekend. IN these reports I give targets and stops. 

OK. markets are waiting for the Fed. announcements. as per my timeline this is due at 3:30 pm.
At 3:05 Moon will conjunct Uranus, at 6 degrees/ 

13.02.2013 15:05:28  6°09'49"Ari Conjunction Uranus
13.02.2013 16:00:31  6°39'46"Ari Sextile Jupiter
13.02.2013 20:45:55  9°14'29"Ari Semi-sextile Mars
13.02.2013 22:45:42 10°19'08"Ari Semi-square Sun
13.02.2013 23:33:58 10°45'09"Ari Square Pluto

My colleague, Jack Gillen posted somewhere that the 7 and 16 degrees of the Moon are positive; 9 and 20 negative.  We will be able to test this hypotheses today. 

The Moon will be at 7 degrees Aries today at 16:37 my time (gmt+2). Too bad, it will be after closing. But not late for the US markets! 
Our market topped at 1232- there it met Neptune, and fell. If the Moon will be positive, as explained above, tomorrow we shell gap up to 1236-39. 

February 14,2013 Thursday

In the graph below we can see, that due to this minor positivity the index opened with a gap-up:

However, you can see, that the Feb.7th gap to 1509 is still open. 

Today we are under the effect of Jupiter and Uranus. These two are in sextile. But when Uranus is in charge I would expect the unexpected. Our market is trading sideways, as most of the world indices. By the time the market will open in the US, the Moon will be at 19.45 Aries, which is a negative position as per Jack Gillen. So if the positive worked, I believe the negative will too, and the gap will be closed. Mind you, there is an unemployment announcement before the opening. Feb.20th will be again important to watch Fed. announcements: building permits and PPI. 
Astrologically Helio Venus entered Aquarius. I ran it on AAPLE - it signals for a rally as of the 20th. So we shall watch it. For FB it signals for a fall from Feb.18th. 

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February 16, Saturday

This is the day when I wrote my reports for the next weeks. 
Just a short note now, for those who have not yet signed up, about a major turn in trend due to different positions, angles and ingresses in the sky. 
Sun will enter Pisces, and there during the next 2 weeks it will join Neptune, Chiron, Mercury and Mars. Each will have an impact. 
Silver: In my last week's report I wrote: "Move the stop to 31.30". The close was at 29.82.... Do you know how much money you could make by going short at my stop??? !!!
What will happen next week??? Well.... I am writing my report now. 
See the 15 minutes spot graph- what I wrote in last reports, and what happened: 

Gold: In my last report I wrote: "I would raise the stop to 1652, at least, if not to 1660, because falling, it will fall with a large volume." Subscribers got a trigger a week before this happened. On Feb.11th the Gold broke 1660- and fell with a large volume to 1609.
In my former reports I pointed out, that in Sept 2012 the gold fell by 200 points, and I think we will have the same effect here. 
Nasdaq: on Jan 25th I gave target: 3193 :) :) 

February 17, 2013 Sunday

It's a dull trading day, Sunday, as usual. Low volumes, waiting for Godo. Only the 18th will bring a change. No reason to be in the market now. 
The Moon today is in Taurus, just leaving a conjunction form the South Node. The last angle the Moon will do from Taurus is a square to the Sun. After that it is VOC.Tomorrow the Moon will be in Gemini, and it will square Neptune, Mars, Mercury Chiron; so we will be in for a very angry and volatile market. Check if there is some Fed .announcement...  
Moon's angles: 

17.02.2013 22:30:35 29°20'52"Tau Square Sun
17.02.2013 23:49:51  0°00'00"Gem <<<
18.02.2013  5:19:03  2°42'19"Gem Square Neptune
18.02.2013  9:42:42  4°52'09"Gem Biquintile Pluto
18.02.2013 12:48:52  6°23'45"Gem Sextile Uranus
18.02.2013 13:54:26  6°55'59"Gem Conjunction Jupiter
18.02.2013 21:56:25 10°52'56"Gem Quincunx Pluto
18.02.2013 23:15:05 11°31'35"Gem Quincunx Saturn

February 18,2013 Monday. 

Yesterday our market closed at 1224.59. This price level numerologically shows us a very volatile day for today. Coincidence or not, the Moon moved to Gemini overnight. Moon in Gemini brings swift moves in the market. So prepare! 
Today is the day I was waiting for a major turn. Let us see why: First, the Sun is at the last degree of Aquarius. Planets in the last degrees always are strongest. Even if in Detriment... 
Mercury at 17 degrees Pisces is also weak and it is in Moon's decanate;(-) Venus at 20 Aquarius ; in Mercury's decanate (-), Mars in Pisces in Moon's decanate (-); Jupiter in Gemini, weak ( in Mercury's decanate (-); Saturn is slowing down before turning retro in Scorpio.- this will happen today at 19:02 my time (gmt +2). and it will turn Direct only on July 20th. Mark this date in your calendar.  You can see all the negative effects up there. To this we can add the Moon's angles, fibo days count, and we are in for a turn. 
I already wrote about the stellium in Pisces. I would check shares that have their planets in Pisces. Mars there would give them a push. On the other hand, shares with planets in Scorpio will be blocked by Saturn. Communication and transportation shares have Jupiter in Gemini, but it is weak there, so they will under perform. 
Pisces is the sign of religion, medicine, art and out of world happenings. So what did we have till now, since this stellium has been forming? The Pope resigned, Epidemics broke out, and meteor shower and falls all over the world- see Russia. WHat more??? My imagination is not broad enough. 
OK. landing... market opened. 
One of the shares I trade is Babylon. Look how interesting it is! It has the Sun at 29 degrees Aquarius- today there is a Solar return, and they had their yearly report. This share will soon trade in Nasdaq. Also, it has a stellium in Pisces, and all transiting planets are triggering them 
The Natal chart shows Moon and Mercury conjunct- Jupiter will square them at 8^.- That should be a turning point- in the first 10 days of March. 

I am officially announcing entrance of his Majesty, the Sun to Pisces. It's 2:15 gmt +2 . Everything that happens from here blame the Sun. 

TA25: closed at 1218.47. Volatility is still on for tomorrow... Moon in Gemini. Happy Presidents day.

Last month I listed all the world leaders that were born in Aquarius. Now it is time for those born under Pisces:

Robert Gabriel Mugabe; President of Zimbabwe: 21 Feb 1924; Sun 1 ^.
Abdelaziz Bouteflika, President of Algir: Sun 11 ^; 2 March 1937
Mitt Romney: 12 March 1947 with Sun at 21 Pisces, and Mercury , Mars also in Pisces. A positive ray from Jupiter at the beginning of May...Who knows?? 
Christina Fernandez: Argentina PM: 19 Feb.1953; Sun at 0 Pisces. Uranus is on her Mars in Aries, a very bad and dangerous position..
Erdugan Recep Tayyip : "King" of Turkey: 26 February 1954, Sun at 7 Pisces, Saturn at 9 Scorpio! waw! he has a Saturn return... not an easy time.
 Prince Albert of Monaco: 14 March 1958; Sun at 23 Pisces.
Jens Stoltenberg: PM of Norway: 16 March 1959 His Sun is at the end of the sign, at 24 degrees. 

I have only these leaders born in the sign of Pisces. This sign "belongs" to artists and actors. Here is a link.

February 19, 2013 Tuesday.

Shhhhhhh..... Make no noise, do not wake the sleeping beast. The markets are sleeping. One of the characteristics of Pisces is laziness  They do not keep time, so the Moon can be in Gemini urging for "action" ...but who cares? Eventually Pisces Sun will rise, look around , and go back to sleep. It will need more that the Moon to wake his Majesty. What are the perspectives if he gets up? to meet Neptune?? together they'll smoke a cigar, have some brandy and dream about old times... So there is time... More so, Mr. timekeeper, Saturn is stationary-Retro. Everything is still, no one moves. 
Yesterday's scenario: why did the US market rally? This is the 5 minutes graph: The market opened with a gap up. I searched the reason, but could not find anything of importance... until I got to the declination.  At the exact time this gaping up occurred, Geo Moon was conjunct by declination to Geo Jupiter. Here is the reason. Sometimes the answers are in the details. 

February 20, Wednesday, 2013

Target now is 1539. There are some obstacles on the way: First, the Moon waved bye bye to Gemini, and arrived safely home, to Cancer. Here it does not have to "prove" anything. It can rest and look around. Volatility is yesterdays' story. Remember the Sun? it just joined Neptune. Together they are floating, no worries. this means, that at 1352.80 the index bumps into the first resistance. At 10:00 am NY time the Moon will trine (positive) the Sun.; at 11:20 am Neptune. Look out at 4:50pm for a negative angle to the Nodes.

About Facebook and Apple- pls. read the Feb.14th post! 

I sent updates to subscribers...

TA25: Minor positive opening. it trades now at 1229.25 Blocked at 1232.60
3:30 pm PPI -! 
TA25: closed at 1241.90. Tomorrow it's options' expiry. I think market will open with a rally- my target for this week is 1252.85
some subscribers for intraday got a trigger to buy Call 1230 at 460- it topped at: 1550.

Well well well.... what did the Moon do?? It made the markets fall... Exactly at the trine position to Neptune, the fall in the Eur-Usd began! not every day can one make 160 pips!!!!!

February 21, 2013 Thursday

Blame the Sun.... lol, for what is happening in the markets. Blame Neptune if you were caught in the bad direction. Neptune or Zeus was the Ruler of the Sea. It is here to make us sea-sick, impossible to react in time when the big waves come. And let us not forget the little devil, Mercury, which stepped on the stage, before turning retro on the 24th, it's affect is felt 2-3 days before it actually happens. These days will bring huge volatility, mis-information,- which is already here because of Neptune and all the other planets in Pisces. Blame Saturn, which just turned retro, and of course the Moon.... La luna, which is in Cancer, another water sign, bringing the shakeouts. 
See what I wrote to subscribers about the Silver - last week: 
I expect a change in trend on Feb 20th, a lot can happen till then. = This is still valid! On Jan 4 the low was 29.25.The last low was not lower than this. So, until 29.25 is not broken, a turn-up and a short “shake out” can happen. Monday it’s “Presidents’ day, no trade, so market will wake up only on Wednesday, the 20th. And it did wake up, all right!... 

Today we are under the pressure of Jupiter and La Luna. 

February 24,2013 Sunday

I was thinking... why did't I post something positive about the Pisces stellium, we are having now?? Why do I always search for disasters, crashes? The answer is, I have Scorpio rising, and Scorpio deals with extremes. Life or death, ups or downs. The middle way is non-important. But most of people live the middle way! So, I am sorry, I have to tell you, that this Pisces grouping of the planets has to do with a LOT of art and feelings, and opening boundaries, and feeling one with the Universe. Children born during this stellium will be very gifted, very vulnerable, introvert and capable to see what others do not. It is a very rare alignment, the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Neptune, Chiron.... all in water element of Pisces. Jesus was born in this sign. It is the sign of giving, of good, of seeking the better world. 

There is no trade today in Israel. (We are the only ones who have trade on Sundays). It is Purim. I was in town, wanted to look around. Do you think I found parking place??? Forget it. But as I was driving very slowly in the streets of Tel Aviv, I saw children dressed up, for the carnival and happy people. And, God is smiling.... today no rain, as usual on Purim. ...

SO relax... 

See u tomorrow.

February 25, 2013 Monday.

A new week starts with the Full Moon. It will be exact tonight, gmt+2 at 22.22 pm. This is important, because we had till now half a Moon cycle and form now on, the Moon will fade out.
What else is new? Mercury turned retro, till March 17th. Then it will turn direct again, but still in Pisces, so it will be under water for 66 days! WIll have to run TS to see when did this happen before. We should always look back to understand the future. 
Saturn is in retro too, this one moves much slower than Mercury, it will be R till July 8th. Saturn will be in Scorpio till Dec 24, 2014! Tough times for those who have planets in Scorpio, Gemini Aquarius and Leo. You should look back 28 years to see where were you then, what did you want to achieve, where are you now, and what's next. Time to look into yourselves, see if you are satisfied, and how can you improve your position? You have time to do it during the next 28 years. 

Meanwhile I ran TS, and Mercury was in Pisces And retro in March 2006.
Pls. check out the Dow graph with Saturn in Scorpio: 

Our market starts in a few minutes, so let me see.... it closed at 1218, there is a support at 1218, and a resistance at 1221,29. At the beginning it will try to go up, then a correction should come between 12:54-1:50 and a decline towards the closing. The Moon just entered Virgo. Hmmm I wonder how did it affect the markets in the past. 

For Babylon this is how Moon in Virgo acted: 

Have to go, see ya. 

One of the most discussed aspect is happening today: Sun squares Jupiter. I have data of the S&P since 1950. It makes a difference if it is a waning or waxing angle. This time is is a waning angle, or decreasing. This is not a rare angle, people just give it an extra weight because the Sun and Jupiter are involved. But, the Sun moves on tomorrow... I check how did the S&P reacted in the past... When the software will end the research I shall post it. 

Berlusconi is running again... He is 76.41 years old. When I saw on facebook this picture (from "Shit Happens" site) I could not help it but think of Berlusconi. 
Here is his map: Many reasons for him to win again : 

In former maps I already wrote that Saturn crowns kings. Here too Saturn is in positive position in the sky. It bothers me only the Uranus opposition to his Sun. This can bring some unforseen , fatal changes. 

February 26, 2013 Tuesday

Tuesday is the day, the only day, that it is written in the bible " And it is good" TWICE. SO we call it, the day that is twice as good. Don't really know how to translate it to English. It was a perfect day to go to the garage, and make the test for my old Mazda. Everything was smooth. :) ... But it took the whole day. 
Meanwhile Venus entered Pisces. I sent an update from my I phone  but I see that it did not get thru to the blog. Dunno why... - besides that Mercury is retro. Now I am going to blame everything on Mercury :) LOL. 
Our market is falling, but I have the triple short, so, no worries. 

How are you doing? 


Hassan Nasrallah... If you don't know who he is- here is a link. The news is that he got cancer. ... This was denied by the Hisballah, but I don't need them to tell me anything.
if he did not have anything till now, noone can hide from "The Finger of God" or YOD, that his natal Sun got bombarded from Neptune aand Uranus. Both slow moving planets, are there to stay, and "iron" this Sun, Mercury and Pluto. Deseases of Neptune will be discovered after it is too late, and Uranus... well, this one brings cancer.


February 27, 2013 Wednesday

Today we are ruled by Mercury, which is in Pisces and Retro, and by Saturn. well well well... We did not have Saturn for a long long time. So let me see... 
Mercury is " knocked out " by the Sun, it is under the Sun's beams, the Moon is Voc, till 15:02 gmt+2; it will ingress Libra at that time. and the first angle to make with Venus  at:18:34 my time, already after closing. These are the main positions for today: the stellium in Pisces, the Moon in 150^ to all of them, and the ongoing sextiles between Saturn-Pluto and Jup-Uranus. See how Jupiter is waxing - leaving this sextile. It is not exact anymore. 
TA25: trades now at 1219.21. It is blocked by Mars. Support at 1208.60
S&P: closed yesterday at 1496.94:1489 is support, target: 1501.50, 1503.
Dax: rades now at 7629; support: 7626- resistance 7631.- very tight... hmmm. a sharp move should come. 
Nifty: I wrote to subscribers yesterday:" Now it should go above 5780 in order to consider long.

Change in trend Feb.28, March 8"

Now it is at 5813 :) 

February 28, 2013 Thursday.

Good morning...

Ben did it again. Markets rocketed. But was it Ben? or higher energies? I would always look up to the sky to see what is happening, and the outcome.
Writing my monthly forecasts... sign up now to know in advance how to trade.

March 3,2013 Sunday

Before greetig March, let me look back and see how did the market behaved in February?
With the link below I checked February for the S&P:

Untill my other computer will work, I cannot make the graphs, so let see March:

Here is a very good link, which calculates 60 years back different months- how did the S&P worked.
I highlighted March for future forecasts.
So, looking at this statistic, we might have the urge to go short. But, again, we must always check the sky, do some research, why did it happen in the past as it did, and what are the probabilities that this will return?

Here is the map of Mars 3, and April 1- (outside wheel), with transits.
4 March 2013, Monday

Today we are ruled by the Moon and Uranus. The Moon trines Uranus, Jupiter Squares Venus. This square might be a trigger for today's moves. 

Moon's time table: gmt+2

4.03.2013  4:42:12  3°14'04"Sgr Square Neptune
 4.03.2013 11:18:58  7°06'32"Sgr Trine Uranus
 4.03.2013 12:44:46  7°56'51"Sgr Square Venus
 4.03.2013 13:00:10  8°05'53"Sgr Opposition Jupiter
 4.03.2013 18:16:48 11°11'41"Sgr Semi-sextile Pluto
 4.03.2013 18:33:35 11°21'32"Sgr Semi-sextile Saturn
 4.03.2013 22:41:01 13°46'52"Sgr Square Mercury
 4.03.2013 23:52:46 14°29'01"Sgr Square Sun

And, voila: Our market just opened with a gap-down: 1208.78

At the left panel in this blog, click " today in History". From that site we can learn a lot. For instance, Antonio Vivaldi was born on this day, 335 years ago. He wrote the famous "Four seasons". Very talented, with Sun-Jupiter conjunct in Pisces. 
City of Chicago incorporated in 1837.

Solar ingress to Aries signifies the "Spring first day. It is the spring equinox. Depending where the planets are in this moment will define the next 4 months, when the Sun enters Cancer.


n Israel's case, gmt+2- the Sun will be on the cusp of the 9th house, the Moon in Cancer, and Jupiter will send 150^ to Saturn, from the 11th house to the 4th. Cast a chart for yourself, see where will these planets be. In this case, it means international affairs (Sun in H9), People against some monetary decisions, new taxes? (Moon-180 Pluto); 

The Jup-150-Sat. happened on: 12.22.12, 17.5.12 , 2.5.10, 8.20.2009, 3.23.2009

Mercury will be on "Deneb" a fortunate fixed star.

Jupiter on Aldebran. The books say about this star: A ROyal star, The archangel Michael, the Watcher of the East, Eloquence, high honourse, integrity, popularity,courage,war mongering,agitation,danger,loss,violent death.

Neptune on Formalhaut: a fortunate star:
"A Royal Star. Archangel Gabriel, the Watcher of the South. Great & lasting honours; congenital birth defects, magic, fame, occult, faith, "Star of Alchemy", addiction, undesirable associates"

Nasdaq weekly: it is written on the wall: a fall is around the corner. take 2-3 weeks time to see this happen.
Facebook: After a low at 26.34 on Feb. 28th closed at 27.78. Next targets up: 27.86, 28.08
Time tunnel : change in trend: March 17,18.

See below February behavior of several indices: 
Gold-Silver & Oil

March 5,2013 Tuesday

Today we are ruled by Mars and Mercury. Mercury, as we know, is in retro, today at 13 degrees Pisces. Yesterday it was conjunct the Sun, and we saw the rally. Mercury in its retro move will go back to 5.38 Pisces
See the angles it will make during it's retro motion: gmt+2.

Mercury        0 Venus          7.03.2013  6:54
Mercury      120 Saturn         7.03.2013  9:17
Mercury       60 Pluto          7.03.2013 10:23
Mercury       90 Jupiter       10.03.2013  5:38
Mercury       30 Uranus        11.03.2013 22:21
Mercury      P   Venus         11.03.2013 22:55

Mars today is at 24.32 Pisces. Each degree belongs to a part in the body. Here are the body parts that will be affected by Mars till it ends its journey in this sign: 

Pisces24 Right Capsular Joint 

Pisces25 Left Capsular Joint,Cancer, Gout 
Pisces26 Nerve Of Lower Foot 
Pisces27 Phalanges Of Right Foot, Acute Nephritis (Kidneys) 
Pisces28 Phalanges Of Left Foot, Tuberculosis 
Pisces29 Toe Nail Of Right Foot 
Pisces30 Toe Nail Of Left Foot 

Depending on your personal natal chart, these point might be triggered.

So what else is there today in the sky? The Moon is in Sag. Here, filled with extra energy, pushed the market up. Watch these minutes (gmt+2) for a shift in energy: 

3.03.2013   23:10:34 > Sgr Moon

6.03.2013    2:13:35 > Cap Moon

8.03.2013    5:01:30 > Aqr Moon

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Good trading!

GOOG: top till now 822.84- look for a change in trend on March 12.

March 6, 2013 Wednesday

Did you take that ride in the S&P yesterday? Subscribers got a pre-notice...
Is it going to last? What has changed in the sky since yesterday? The Moon left fire, positive, optimistic Sagittarius, and entered angular, cold and restrictive Capricorn. It's another story now. Mercury is on the "Head of Hydrus" fixed star. I have at the left pannel 3 links concerning fixed stars. If you want to know more, you have to click on them and read. I added one of them here. 
So what else is in action today? Mercury 120 Saturn. Both negative and retrograde. For TA25 they are blocking at 1242; for the S&P at 1542; for Gold they form a support at 1572. etc.. 
This angle happened before on June 6,2012... ringing a bell??
How to do these calculations? I teach them in my course.... 
The other angle is Venus-60-Pluto.

The stellium in Pisces took Hugo Chavez on March 5, 4:25 pm in Caracas, Venezuela. Born July 28,1954 at 3:30 am in Sabatena, Venezuela. See how transiting Mars hit his group of planets in Cancer? In my blog, at the left upper corner there is a search window, you can search there anything you like, and see what I have written about the subject in the past. I wrote about Chavez back in 2011. May he rest in peace.

Nicholas Marudo, Chaves' successor. To me he looks like a price...not as a socialist... in rags lol: 
I don't have his hour of birth, but by his looks I corrected his chart to Taurus risings. Thus receiving Aquarius as his MC, with Jupiter at 3 degrees there, Transit Uranus sextiled it, transiting Jupiter trined it. We saw from former occasions that Saturn crowns kings, Saturn at 11 Sco. is on his Venus- ruler of the map. I have a book by David Anrias "Man and the zodiac"- on page 90 he writes about Venus in the second decanate of Scorpio, what we have in this map: "Ruled by Jupiter. The disposition is proud and haughty  although capable of rulership and considerable endurance. When Afflicted, there is a distinct tendency to become tyrannical and cruel. If supported be favorable planetary influences, fame and recognition are likely. " 

 I am not taking parts here, I couldn't care less... I am just looking at his map. When Saturn will turn direct, July 9, we should look for some news here... 

Amalia Rodrigues... I love her songs. I am writing with earphones on. Enjoy!
I was caught up by the Portugueze Fado music.. Listen! 

DOW: I wrote last week: If you can afford a deep stop, than as long as the dow is above 13785, it’s a long.
Now, I think is time to raise our stop to 14150. Target: 14670.
S&P: today it's 4 years to the low back in 2009!  mark 1585. This is a price level related to that low. more thoughts: 
               S&P: March 8 = 610 days from 7.7.2011
                             676 days from 5.2.11
                             777 days from 1.21.2011
Astro: Sun 120^ NN.
           Moon in Aqua- here usually the index tops/bottoms.
           Mars 72^ Jup.
Helio: Mercury ingress Libra
            Vesta 90^ Uranus.
Price levels: 1539.79- resistance: 1542,1548, 1557.

I think enough for a top and turn.
What do you think? 

Next date to watch- in general- is the spring equinox, March 21- Gann major turning point.

For the S&P: March 25 pops up 
1008 days from 7.13.2010
986 days from 7/13/2010
510 days from 11/1/2011

Good trading

March 7, 2013 Thursday

I got a cold. Cannot breathe. :( Guess I stayed too much at the beach on Saturday..

Today we are under the effect of Jupiter, and Neptune. Oho... It's been a while since we got Neptune! A sign for a turn!. What else? Mercury is conjunct Venus, at 11 degrees. and both trine Saturn. Now this trine is extremely important. It can block further rally. Pluto is at 60^ Cap. and these two are in sextile to Pluto, another barrier. What we have to do now is just calculate is they are blocking, or supporting each index, share or commodity that we trade.
It's 11 in the morning. Our market is flat, but the volume is high for this hour. So I guess people are selling... Is it another wipe-out? A trap to pull to short? Be careful! Use very tight stops, trade to 30,10 minutes graphs.
S&P: reached my first target; topped at 1554.25
Dow topped at 14286. There is an open gap to 14127!

March 10,2013 Sunday

I am still weak. I guess Mercury and Jupiter "got" me. They both send disharmonic angles to Mars, ruler of my house of health. Since Mars is in charge of fever, and Jupiter makes everything bigger than usual, I got high temperature too...Outside it's summer, bummer I could not go out in the last few days.
So where are these devils today? We have still 6 planets,  Chiron and the North Node in water. Mars is at 28.28^, soon it will leave and enter Aries.- Major turn for the markets. The Moon just entered Pisces, Mercury at 8:37 in retro, Venus at 15.15^ . Aha! Mercury is in exact square Jupiter right now.

I see people arrive to my blog looking for forecasts... Well, they are ready, you have just to sign up. To do so, click on paypal at the left panel.

Have a good day!

I wanted to say "welcome" to my first reader from Brunei! I am delighted, people find my blog from all over the world, and return... return. I have the opportunity to read about this Sultanate too. SO I am learning with each and every visitor. I see you all, where you come from, how long you stay, what do you read. I see what interests you. I try to answer your questions, even if you did not asked them. I see what broght you here.
Did you know there is no stock market in Brunei? I didn't.. I know now! I also read it is on Borneo island. I wish I could go there one day...

You know I teach Financial astrology. If you, or people you know want to study, and you are 10 or more persons, I am ready to come and teach you...

March 11, 2013 Monday

Today I feel better. No fever, and the cough of the last days is less and less, due to some candies a friend of mine told me to buy. And I just sent out my weekly forecast for subscribers, sorry for the delay... 
So let me see where are the planets today?? They are - most of them still! in water.. So are we breathing there? under the water??? It is peculiar- or not- that the papal elections take place now. Pisces is THE SIGN OF RELIGION! I should check who was the pope back in 1835?
Today we have a New Moon, in Pisces, the moment the Moon will conjunct the Sun. A new cycle will start. So as usual, I will start a new article. But, before that, the Moon will conjunct Venus, trine the nodes

11.03.2013 13:33:01 16°43'33"Psc Conjunction Venus gmt+2
11.03.2013 21:51:00 21°24'04"Psc Conjunction Sun

The Moon will be void as of 21:51 today- NY trading time session still, so watch it. 

Welcome to my visitor from Ireland. What do you trade?? And you, from Harrisonburg?

March 12, 2013 Tuesday

I should close this article now, because we are already after the new Moon. I just want to point out that I reached 110 countries visiting my blog. The new visitor from Mongolia! wawww. How did you find me?? I am very happy. Pls. continue to follow me to the new article: "New Moon in Pisces". 


  1. Yes but at 5% per annum you'd have $160kand at 10% per annum you'd accumulate $560k. Now it's worthwhile...

  2. Indeed.. :) the point is to plan ahead.

  3. You also said the target for the S&P was 1539 so u covered both angles so 50-50 one was going to be right, no rocket science there, after the fact u find the reasons, why didn't u give those reasons beforehand ?

  4. I am not answering Anonymous posts. Sorry. I wrote about this before trillions of times.
    Besides that, if you have any question, opinion, or anything you want to say, you can- after introducing yourself, tell some words about you, what you trade, what u know, where u come from. Then you can say , write anything.

  5. Hi Gabriella,

    Can you please tell me what ephemeris software you use that outlines the daily aspects that you post in presentable format not just on the wheel ?

    Many thanks

    Ola - London

  6. Hi Ola,

    First of all, I use ZET. it is a very good astrological software, it has a free Lite download version, with all what one needs.
    You can download it
    Then you can also use
    and ""

    check these out, if you need further assistance, let me know.


  7. awesome pictures n nice blog!
    continue your fantastic job…

    By Money Creators
    Free Stock Market Tips, Free Trading tips +91-9811584378

  8. Welcome, and thank you!
    Where r u from? What do you trade?

  9. Gabbi,
    i am not a trader, i am 67+yrs old,living on limited ss income but i visit your site every morning; to see what is in store for destiny and what might happen due to changes in the sky. i believe it very strongly.
    with that introduction, can i ask a question as a senior who depends on income to buy milk and bread and medicines when there will be inflation that Mr.Bernanke whould start worrying or thinking as so far he has only helped those big banks who has hoards of money at expense of seniors and are drawing huge yearly bonuses.

  10. Hello Vicky,
    First, I am happy you visit and read the blog daily. I hope I can keep you interested.
    Regarding your question: when will Bernanke or someone else in his place stop printing money and help the banks... I am afraid I can'y answer you this. You see, those who have money make more money. It has always been like that. Imagine what would happen if the banks will not exist? Would economy be the safe? Would someone come and give out free food and drink to the crowds? No.
    More money is being printed, they think they can save the market from a new crash. But they can't/ No one can stop the affect of the planets. What they do now is, postpone when it will happen. And this can be in a week or a month or a year. But it will happen.
    Try to enjoy the day Vicky, and do not bother or get angry about politics. There are two things on Earth one should not get angry:
    1) things you cannot change
    2) things you can.

    The very best to you,


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