New Moon in Pisces 2013

 March 11- April 10, 2013

Thank you for following me to the new article. We are living very interesting times, when major turns occur. We only have to look at the astro- map to understand why.
If in March we had 7 planets in water, in April we will have a stellium- a group of planets in Aries. From water, feelings, introvert position they will all shift to the fire sign of Aries. The key words for this sign is: being the first, start-ups, breakthrough  new starts, and also fight, war, cyber war, uprising, crime, weapon, murder.

These are the Phases of the Moon for this month: 

4.03.2013 16:52:47 GMT-5  14°29'02"Sgr Last Quarter 
11.03.2013 15:51:00 GMT-4  21°24'05"Psc New Moon     
19.03.2013 13:26:33 GMT-4  29°16'18"Gem 1st Quarter  
27.03.2013  5:27:18 GMT-4   6°52'25"Lib Full Moon    
 3.04.2013  0:36:33 GMT-4  13°35'11"Cap Last Quarter 
10.04.2013  5:35:17 GMT-4  20°40'41"Ari New Moon  

In Israel's case the next new Moon, this stellium, will occur in the 6th house of the army. This signals for a new intefada, or war, or some other warlike situation. 
In the US case, it will also occur in the 6th house of the army! What the hell?? Will we find ourselves in a kind of war?? 
Let me see some other countries.. .
Iran: will get it in it's first house. Egypt too. Ok, I don't want to check more. 
I ran Timing solution to see when in the past did we have a stellium in Aries? 
Well, bad news! The biggest stellium occurred between 1928-1932. Pls. check out this Dow graph with dates. 
In 1928: Uranus, Venus, Moon, Mercury,Jupiter,Sun in Aries, Saturn in fire sign of Sag. and Neptune in fire Leo. Together 8 planets and the south node, conjunct Saturn.
The Dow topped on Sept.3,1929- when Mercury was conjunct Mars, Both in opposition to Uranus, during a new Moon in Virgo, Saturn 150 to Pluto. And !!! this is a good one: Jupiter at 14 Gemini- where it is TODAY!!!! 2013.
In 1930: Uranus,Sun,Mercury,Venus.
3.31.1930- The last time there was such a huge gathering in Aries: Mercury, Sun, Uranus,Moon,Venus; all squared by Saturn from Capricorn.
Between Sept.3- Nov 13,1929 the Dow crashed from 384 to 195, 190 points, 49.44% , in 71 days.
If I want to count that for today, 14447- 49.44% = 7142 level. 
Eventually, back then, the Dow ran up after that low, will the next Aries stellium in 1930, and fell again till the next stellium in April 1932.
1932: Mars, Vesta,Sun,Moon,Uranus,Mercury.- all squared by Pluto, and trine by Jupiter from Leo. This time the fall took 817 days, and only in July 10,1932 bottom (40.56) was hit and an inclining started. 

So what is different in 2013, that would prevent such a hysterical fall? First, Jupiter is not around! And Jupiter makes things enormous, exaggerated, grandiose. Then, we have the Saturn (government) sextile to Pluto (order, money, new orders). Neptune? hmmm.. in Pisces might light religious wars. But Uranus wants freedom and a new world in Aries... Like what we see now in Egypt.. 
Time will tell. I believe everything happens with a reason....

Something else: As per the Hebrew calendar we just entered the first month of the year, the month of Nisan- read more under the link. 

So far we have a locust raid in our southern towns and in the Negev. During the next days will be very warm, at least 30 degrees Celsius, while Europe is frozen, and with the desert wind they might glide into the center of Israel, these disgusting creatures, eat up every green spot. Maybe the winds will change. It is very peculiar to have the locust - cross the border from Egypt- a week or so before Pessach (Easter)- they were one of the curses on the pharaoh ... IS this the revenge of history? haha, no, it is natural to have them at this time, they just never crossed over till now, and THAT was peculiar!. 
The other sad news of this morning was the Cobra helicopter accident that crashed during the night, taking two highly ranked pilots. Did the locust "attacked" the helicopter?... we don't know yet what happened. No, I guess not... just a thought. 

The world is waiting for the papal conclave outcome. We are waiting for the coalition talks, which should end till tomorrow, and we should have our new government  It is good to start new things after the New Moon. Obama is due to visit in a few days. So you see, new starts everywhere. 

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All said? 
Enjoy, and make money! 

About the markets: 
S&P: made new highs yesterday, thus reaching to my target (1157) given in the former article. 
Support now is at 1547.
Dow: trades now at 14447. Here too I am waiting for higher levels.

Moon angles for today: 

12.03.2013 13:17:02  0°00'00"Ari <<<
12.03.2013 13:35:11  0°10'02"Ari Conjunction Mars
12.03.2013 19:43:57  3°33'14"Ari Semi-sextile Neptune
12.03.2013 22:34:18  5°06'40"Ari Biquintile Saturn

Until 13:17 the market can consolidate. when the Moon will enter Aries a major turn will come, and another at 13:35, when the Moon will meet Mars. 

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March 13,2013 Wednesday.

Passover is coming and the shops are full. One has to wait a long long line to pay. So yesterday, for the first time in my life, I made an internet buy, today, they should send it, so I don't have to wait, stay in line and carry! Cool!!! 
And I bought ONLY what I need now. If everyone would buy like this, shops will close and go bankrupt very fast. We buy with our eyes and senses. But when you do it with a list, on the computer, you are not attracted to buy this and that, you don't really need! Things I found expensive, and I know that in my street they sell it cheaper, I did not buy, I'll pick them up later.
So let me see what's new in the sky? The Moon already left Mars and Uranus too. Next angle to make will be with Pluto and Saturn, just in a few minutes. Market here is still closed, so not relevant. Venus trines the nodes. Today we are ruled by Mercury and Uranus.
In the Heliocentric chart we have a difficult angle, 150 degrees between Mars and Saturn. This aspect occurred before on July 3,2011, March 21.11, 7.4.2009, 3.28.2009/ happens every 2 years, so it's rather rare. For TA25-it shows a small, a tiny correction and a new rally. But what I always say, we should check the other aspects as well. 

Goog: Weekly: top:757, low 247- difference 500 points- (2007-08). A small calculation gives me target 865. It topped so far at 844- Time tunnel: beginning of April a turn in trend.
Apple: It has been falling for 174 days! Just another 6 days to turn. Last low was 419; now it trades at 427.57. Falling below 419- which was a major important level, it will go down to 350.
 OIl: watch this: 

It is absolutely fantastic, that today evening, 13.3.13 the coalition in Israel is being signed, AND white smoke came out of the chimneys of the Vatican, the new Pope was elected.- Both at the same time.
See the maps:
Israel election:

Pope election:

Both charts with perfect timing: After the new Moon, but not too soon, the Moon is quite away from the Sun, so it is not harmed by the Sun's beams. Libra ascendant! balance! Moon and Mars in Aries: new starts, but with a lot of feeling and care: Mercury is still in Pisces and Venus too. Moon in 60^ very good angle to Jupiter;
My blessing to our government, may they reach peace and make the people happy. Also blessing to the milliard of Christians, may they receive a wise and good Pope, who will clear the ugly issues that are hanging above the Vatican!
Pope Francis the I. has been elected in the name of Jorge Maria Bergoglio, born Dec.17,1936. ; 9:00 pm. The date adds up to 3= ruled by Jupiter, his ASC is Cancer, Moon in Aquarius- this holy man will be a real servant of the people, will do everything to clear the clouds above the Vatican.

Good Luck!!

March 14,2013 Thursday

It's a new day today, with new tasks. Today we are ruled by Jupiter and Mercury. Nothing new to add about them. 
The Moon today gmt+2

14.03.2013  9:28:29 23°52'50"Ari Semi-sextile Sun
14.03.2013 10:09:46 24°14'37"Ari Semi-square Jupiter
14.03.2013 21:08:12  0°00'00"Tau <<< time to work!

TA25: closed yesterday at 1240.06, this means that it is blocked by Saturn. Only a tiny little point to open above, and we are in for new highs. 
S&P: closed at 1554.52; slowly going up, the support is at 1553.95 ;resistance in this case is at 1561.55

March 15,2013 Friday

The day is ruled by Venus. Not much to say about it. No angles, nothing. The only one moving is the Moon. While you were sleeping it entered Taurus. Usually indices top out in this sign. Not the S&P. This one ran above the resistance I gave yesterday. Actually it is rallying since Feb.26th- from 1485. Next target: 1566- that would be 81 points, as my friend Victor pointed out too. Where is this price planet wise ? it is exactly Saturn's position. 1566.81. 
So let me see what happened since Nov 16 low:
1343-1448 = 105 points
1398-1530 = 132 points
1485-1593 = 108 point - as per Elliott the 5th leg is equal or bigger than the first.
Will the S&P run up to 1593? we shall see. There are many obstacles in the way: 1566.81; 1567.60, 1568,30, 1569.80, 1577.65
Stop: 1556.
Moon: gmt+2
15.03.2013  8:38:51  5°58'14"Tau Sextile Mercury

15.03.2013  9:41:58  6°30'47"Tau Semi-square Venus
15.03.2013 12:02:05  7°42'54"Tau Semi-sextile Uranus
15.03.2013 15:19:08  9°24'04"Tau Semi-sextile Jupiter
15.03.2013 16:50:44 10°11'00"Tau Semi-square Sun
15.03.2013 18:26:39 11°00'04"Tau Opposition Saturn
15.03.2013 19:11:27 11°22'58"Tau Trine Pluto
Gold: Resistance at 1593.55- going above next step is 1597.70.- 1601

Welcome to my visitor from MONGOLIA!! Hi, what do you trade?? You can add comments in the window below.
I heard something very interesting on the radio: in the Hebrew calendar NISSAN is the first month- Today we are on Daleth Nissan, which is the 4th of the month. Nissan opens the spring. Spring in Hebrew is AVIV. meaning the father =AV; of the 12 months. The first 12 DAYS of this month- till March 23, are the most important days of the Hebrew calendar; the sky is open, we should not quarrel, we should ask for what we need for this year, for us and our loved ones. Till March 23rd. 


Gold is on stage now! 
Euro broke out 1.3070, topped at 1.31066 now it is correcting. 
S&P is falling.
Take care! 

March 16,2013 Saturday

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March 17, 2013 Sunday 

I woke up to a cloudy morning. After the hot winds on Friday, 35 Celsius, it is refreshing. In such a heat I do not go to the beach, rather stay home and work. So, let me see how is the sky feeling today? 
The Sun is at 26.49 Pisces, Venus has been left behind, at 23.56^. Mercury is at 5.39. and is stationary- strongest- before turning Direct. This will mark a major turn in the markets. But a turn should always be backed by other aspects as well. Neptune is at 3.43. Mars at 3 Aries- so it makes a minor positive angle to Neptune, Soon it will conjunct Uranus, and that will be a blast.-at 7.49^. The Moon just entered the tricky Gemini. It will join Jupiter at 9.38^ later tonight. Saturn is Retro in Scorpio in sextile to Pluto in Capricorn- this angle is our back bone now and will be as long as this sextile lasts.
Fixed stars: The Moon is on "Pleiades" the Weeping Sisters" -negative. Mercury on "Deneb" -positive-; Venus on negative Markab, "The star of sorrow". Jupiter is on" Aldebran" and as "Zet" writes: Aldebaran (87 Alpha Tauri  m 0.85)
Bull's North Eye
Keywords: A Royal Star. The archangel Michael, the Watcher of the East. Eloquence, high honours, integrity, popularity, courage, war mongering, agitation
Effect: Unfortunate
Character: Mars
Neptune is on "Fomalhaut" as per Zet:Fomalhaut (24 Alpha Piscis Austrini  m 1.16)
Keywords: A Royal Star. Archangel Gabriel, the Watcher of the South. Congenital birth defects, magic, fame, occult, faith, "Star of Alchemy", addiction, undesirable associates
Effect: Fortunate
Character: Venus/ Mercury/ Neptune
Star wise we have more negativity, right? 
So let me see what happened when they were here before? The Moon makes a round trip is 28 days, so it was here on Feb.17th. Our market made an insignificant doji. Mercury was here on Feb 8-9.- it was a week-end. Venus  hit Markab before on 2 Feb.2012, nothing extraordinary happened then.. Jupiter: July 25-30,2012; our market made an up move. Neptune was here 160 years ago, so it's not relevant. What can we learn from these positions? that in spite of the negativity of the stars, the market moved up. Do we need "bad" energies to go up? 

Ok, let's go on. Someone arrived to this blog searching for Goldman Sachs. So here it is: I analysed it many times in the past, but did not look at it lately: 

TA25: closed at a very critical point. 1240 is a major resistance. Will it open above it? With Moon in Gemini all is possible! It is a tricky one. 1241.40 is a resistance, 1237.81 is a support. It is like a ping-pong. The Moon is not helping: no angles till almost one hour before the close.
17.03.2013  8:08:55  0°00'00"Gem <<<
17.03.2013 15:39:05  3°43'39"Gem Square Neptune
17.03.2013 16:29:16  4°08'33"Gem Sextile Mars
17.03.2013 19:02:48  5°24'37"Gem Biquintile Pluto
17.03.2013 19:29:51  5°38'01"Gem Square Mercury
17.03.2013 23:59:17  7°51'20"Gem Sextile Uranus

Opened at 1244- so targets up: 1247.35, 1248, 1250,1254. Expecting a strong up leg between 1:52-2:52 pm, and a correction between 3:53-4:53
Mercury is stationary, Moon in Gemini will mix up everything. What we got so far is a ran-up to 1246.27, and as of 10 am the markets has been falling. now we are at 1235. Have you heard the news from Cyprus? People attacked banks because of bail outs. 
Will this anger against the banks spread?? 

March 18,2013 Monday

Cyprus did it- fundamentally, and Mercury in the sky. The markets turned sharply. I found my Gold position gaining, to which I added now. Targets: 1597.85-1599.68-1601-1608.
The S&p glided down by one octave. Now the future trades at 1535.58- so  we should look at 1533 for a support. Traders in the East benefited of these shorts. Those who will wake now will be very surprised. 
Today we are affected by the Moon and Mars. 
Moon angles gmt+2
18.03.2013 18:16:04 16°52'20"Gem Biquintile Saturn
19.03.2013 14:17:48 26°44'05"Gem Square Venus
19.03.2013 19:26:34 29°16'19"Gem Square Sun
19.03.2013 20:55:08  0°00'00"Cnc <<<

Gold reached twice 1599.70- Jupiter's position, and is not going above... What now? 
Dax future: fell from 8050 to 7878. Now it is trying to correct. I guess I'll go short at 7940 ish/ 
At 11:00 Italian Balance trade... let us see if it will not be a second Cyprus? NEGATIVE!
At 12:00 Euro trade balance.... This too came out negative. 
Gold topped at 1606.30 (future). Now there is a support at 1603. Critical to stay above it.
S&P future: 

There is a Mars-90Pluto in the Heliochart today, they form a major obstacle for the Gold.! 

March 19, 2013, Tuesday

What a hectic day was yesterday! I was long on Gold. I did enter the Dax short but only for a short while, because market corrected upwards, and closed the gaps. The Dax made yesterday 14225 pips candle. You can download this "BarRange" from MT4.

What is ahead for today? If you look up to the sky, you will see next to the Moon, which is in Gemini, a very bright star. THAT is Jupiter! They have been conjunct for the last 2 days. The Moon will move on tonight to Cancer. The Moon is squaring the Sun too. 
Jupiter is 150^ to Saturn- at 10.51^. This is a bad angle, but we already saw that bad angles can pump the markets up. 
Watch it! a lot of announcements in 6 minutes! 
Now look here, how they are hunting the stop losses! Euro 5 minutes.

US markets are about to open. 
S&P (future) trades now at 1554. As long as it keeps above 1551.40 it is a long. Target:1558, 1560.55 1564; etc.  
Gold:(future) now at 1603.30- Long above 1601.40.-Contract is changing today! 

March 20,2013 Wednesday

Today major energy shift with the Sun entering Aries! We are ruled by Mercury, so look out for wild changes. This ingress occurs over Europe, as you can see on this map: 

The Sun will join Mars and Uranus in Aries, bringing more fire and destructive energy. Sorry, for being negative, but when Sun-Mars-Uranus are conjunct the first thing that pops up is war. 
The affect of this ingress will last till the Summer equinox, that is, when the Sun will enter Cancer, 20.7.13.
The Moon already entered Cancer, here are today's angles: gmt+2
20.03.2013  8:54:10  5°55'28"Cnc Trine Mercury

20.03.2013  9:32:24  6°14'24"Cnc Square Mars
20.03.2013 13:05:19  7°59'59"Cnc Square Uranus
20.03.2013 17:18:40 10°05'50"Cnc Semi-sextile Jupiter
20.03.2013 18:40:50 10°46'42"Cnc Trine Saturn
20.03.2013 20:01:38 11°26'56"Cnc Opposition Pluto
GOOG: Falling below 801, will go to 785, 773
BSESN: Support at 18794 ,18360
HSI: 22080 is a critical level. Below it is a short, to 21500. There is an open gap to 22490, which should close.
AXJO: 4965 is a critical level, below it target: 4835
DAX: topped at 8074, Support at 7920. Target 7990. Failing to go above this level, it will fall back to 7840.
TA25: premarket: is at 1249.59. Support at 1248, 1240.80; resistance: 1258.
S&P: future trades at 1552.- this level was a support a few days ago, now it is a resistance.

Due to Pessach, Passover, we don't have trade on the 25th and 26th, 31& 1 April; on the 27,28 only till 14:30.

March 21, 2013 Thursday

The Sun, entering Aries, brought new energies to the markets. The S&P ran above 1552- to 1561.40- here it "met" Helio Venus, and fell back. The future now trades at  1554.
So let's see what has changed since yesterday in the sky: The Sun entered Aries, the Moon is in Cancer, a sign that it rules, Mercury is Direct, and in 30^ to Mars, minor positive angle, Jupiter, at 10 degrees Gemini is inconjunct, or 150^ to Saturn- negative. and 150^ to Pluto. Actually, this is a "Finger of God" position. Very destructive. The YOD, or F.of G. is a formation, when the planets highlight a certain issue. Pluto is in mutual reception with Saturn, meaning that each is the other's sign, and Jupiter triggers them. But Jupiter in Gemini is weak, so it's bad traits will be highlighted. Depending where this formation falls in your natal chart, that is the issue to take care of. 

Obama is visiting Israel for 2 days, and today the alarm went off in one of our southern towns, a scud missile has been fired, as " welcome" from the Palestinians. 

March 23,2013 Saturday.

My forecasts for the next week are ready. If you wish to receive a report, pls. click on Paypal at the left panel. For only $300 for 3 months you will receive a technical analysis, or $255 for one report including astrology, also for 3 months. $390 for two indices or commodities. IN Paypal you should enter my mail:

Have a nice week end.

March 24, 2013 Sunday

I am drinking my morning coffee, and I thought to upload its graph: So here it is the weekly graph with a positive divergence in the RSI. 

Last low was 134. There is a declining trend line, blocking at 143. Astrological calculations give me a support at 131, so we can rely on this rate and go long. 

Today we are ruled by the Sun and Venus. This is interesting, because they are conjunct. And!!! all the stellium in Aries will sextile !( positive pos) Jupiter in the coming days. So all in all we are in for a new up-leg.

I got some letters from blog visitors. To clear up what I mean under the "up-leg". Each and every  index has its own chart, we should make the proper calculations, to see where are the stars, which are blocking, which are pushing. How to make these calculations, I teach in my course. 
I started yesterdays' article with the coffee. There it is a certain up leg- after calculations. Support, 131. Regarding the DAX, FUTSE, S&P, etc... the calculations should be made. 
I hope it is clearer now. 

March 25,2013 Monday. 

Today we do not have trade, and I should prepare for the holiday. So just a short note about what I think will happen. Today we are ruled by the Moon and the South Node or Neptune (depending if we look at the Vedic, or Western astrology). In any case, these influences are rather negative. So use tight stops. If you are not watching the trade, don't be in any position. 

March 26, 2013 Tuesday.

It is "vacance" now, Passover. holiday, nothing moves. Great. 
I see the markets stumbled yesterday while we were chanting and celebrating. 
We have no trade today, but let me see what is it there for you...
We are under the spell of Mars and Saturn today. And, as always, they are telling us a story. Both are at 10 degrees, together with Jupiter. Mars is in Aries, where it "Feels" at home, very strong. Saturn is still in Scorpio, and they are 150^ apart. Jupiter is in Gemini, 150^ from Saturn as well. So we have :fire-air-water on stage. To this, we can add Pluto, at 11^30 Capricorn, earth, and we have all the elements. "The "Finger of God" is still here between Mars-Jupiter-Saturn. Now for trading we should calculate these planets' position and then we will know if they are supporting or blocking the market. 
The Moon is VOC. makes no angles till 23:32 pm. I am sending updates to subscribers.. .and then off to see friends. 

Be good! 

March 27,2013 Wednesday

Today we are affected by Mercury and Mars. The are 30^ apart. Mercury is in harmonic position to Saturn, this position will make the trade quieter, will slow down moves. Mars is in positive position to Jupiter. This position occurred on Aug.19,11. SO check out what you are trading, and see what happened then...
Let us see where is the Moon today, and how does it reflect the planets' energies? It is in Libra. We have a Full Moon today, 180 degrees Sun-Moon. After this position it will make a lot of angles, so watch out for a hectic day!! 
gmt+2 :

27.03.2013 10:49:12  6°30'23"Lib Opposition Venus
27.03.2013 11:27:18  6°52'26"Lib Opposition Sun
27.03.2013 14:05:23  8°24'03"Lib Opposition Uranus
27.03.2013 16:22:36  9°43'43"Lib Quincunx Mercury
27.03.2013 16:58:07 10°04'22"Lib Biquintile Neptune
27.03.2013 17:33:20 10°24'50"Lib Semi-sextile Saturn
27.03.2013 18:49:53 11°09'23"Lib Trine Jupiter
27.03.2013 19:27:18 11°31'10"Lib Square Pluto
27.03.2013 20:14:27 11°58'38"Lib Opposition Mars

I would like to draw your attention to my site. Click on "English" to read articles... There, in the past I wrote a lot of articles. Here is one about the Silver.

Other powerful position of today is the square between Mars and Pluto. Mars from Aries, a sign it rules, squaring Pluto happened before on July 18th 2011, Apr.13,11,  Aug 2,2010 etc. 

TA25: premarket: 1251.81. Small resistance:1252, then 1261.50, 1263-1269.

Today, in 1513 Florida was discovered. If you look at the left plane in the blog, in Links, you can see" Today in history" Many interesting things happened today, like every day... the shoelace was invented...US Navy for formed. 

March 28, 2013 Thursday

As I wrote in my reports, the 27th is a turning point. Asia is correcting. China is falling.
What is new today in the sky? The Moon is still void, till 29th, 2:54 am my time. The Sun and Venus are conjunct, approaching Uranus. later they will conjunct Mars. Mercury is free from the Sun's affect, so we are having some rallies now. For good or worse. 
Will Mars push or block the markets? That is the question.... 
Due to the holiday, today our market closes at 14:45. tomorrow we have no trade, due to Friday, Saturday, Sunday,Monday -are all holidays, so we shall return on on the 2nd of April, Tuesday. It is too many days to stay in the market. Better close positions. On the 2nd the sky will be different, since planets move. Would you like to know before the world what will happen? Well, nobody can be 100% sure, but we can assume as per the energies on the stage. 
Sign up to my newsletter... it's easy. 

March 29,2013 Friday

Happy Easter to all my friends and visitors! 

March 30, 2013 Saturday.

This is the day when I wrote my reports. But we are closing now the month of March.. so let me see what did we have during this month, with all that stellium in Aries? Aries is the sign of new beginnings. So we had the election of the new Pope. In Israel we had the final signature and agreement of the new government,- on the same day.then..Obama visited us; On March 14th Xi Jinping new President of China was elected!   Aries, ruled by Mars is also plants the seeds of a war-like situation... Korea is looking for trouble... and, we had heat waves here, while in the US and Australia extreme bad weather... How about the markets? 

S&P on March 1 was at 1518, now 1569. I wouldn't call that a rally.
DOW: 14090 - now at 14579- not bad...
Nasdaq:3169 to 3270 not much. 
Russel: 899- 951. 
Are we impressed so far?? I'm not.. 
How about Asia? 
HSI: March 1- 22880 - now:22300
AXJO: 5086 -4966
S.Korea: 2026-2004
Japan: 11606 - 12398 HSCE China: 11344 -10896
SSEA: 2359 - 2236

Look how interesting this is!! While the US is consolidating, or running a  little bit higher, Asia was falling. Except Japan...They made a formidable recovery after Fukushima!  Now, why is Asia falling? Do they know something the west doesn't? 

How about Europe? 
Turkey: TR20: it's one of the strongest indices in Europe... From March 1- till now :811-862
Holland: AEX: 339- 348
Italy: ( next Cyprus?) : is falling since Jan 30th. 
UK FTSE: 6378-6411
DAX: 7708- 7795
Russia, RDX: falling since 1/29 
France CAC 3699- 3731
SWiss SSMI: 7601-7813

As you can see, Europe didn't do well at all during March. 
Why the discrepancy between one country to the other? It all depends on the charts- the natal charts, and transits' - planets positions in the sky now.

Let us see what will change in April? Will April bring a rally or a fall, after this monthly consolidation? 

In the sky we will have major moves! The stellium- the group of planets in Aries will dissolve, and slowly move to Taurus. Taurus belongs to the Earth element. If Aries lights the fire, Taurus will be the one to do the job. But, again, each index with it's own chart.. The other major change is Pluto turning Retrograde. It will stay in this position till September 20th. When a planet is in retrograde position, it is as if giving a "second chance". Since Pluto rules the 8th house of money and rebirth, probably we shall see a new monetary plan, a try to hold back the world from the inevitable. 

If you wish to know what is behind the corner, sign up now for the reports. 

Bless You.

At the beginning of this article I wrote about Aries signifying start-ups- or on the negative side, cyber wars. Now read this!  

I am curious to see China's new president's map! I don't have an hour of birth, maybe some of my Chinese readers will be able to provide that. 
After some calculations, I made his chart with Aries ascendant. Born June 15, 1953. He belongs to the group of people who have Pluto in Aries. Just like in my article that I wrote in Hebrew about Israel and the inflation, I pointed out, that Pluto now is in Capricorn, therefore in a bad angle to Pluto in Leo. Therefore people and countries with this position will be " triggered".XI Jinping: 

As I wrote in the past, Saturn "crowns kings" look how Saturn made a perfect angle, a positive sextile, when he assumed office. The inner wheel is the natal, the outers are transits and progressed wheels. Exact, on the degree! Also on the day, tr.Sun cunjunct natal Pluto. 
But there is a vulnerable position in his chart, something that has to do with former lives. Moon conjunct the South Node!  But, I don't want to enter too deeply in a personal analysis. 
I wish him best of luck in guiding China to a better future. 

March 31,2013 Sunday 

Here is a very thorough article of my colleague from Australia, Ed Tamplin. He is a researcher, I love his articles, even if he is sometimes anti Israel. Read and learn! 
March cannot leave without casualties... North Korea declared war against South Korea. 
Now what the hell is going on with Kim Yong??First, here is the map of North Korea: as you can see with all the colors and arrows, there are many issues triggered... As I wrote you at the beginning of this article, with Mars entering Aries and conjuncting Uranus a war-like situation will develop. 
In this map we got Scorpio as ascendant- its ruler Mars and Pluto. Mars is conjunct the South Node in Scorpio, in the natal chart. This is a bad position, to start with. A person, or country having this conjunction will always look for fights, wars, clashes. Being at 3 degrees, when Sun-Venus-Mars-Uranus in transiting Aries made 150- bad- angle to it, triggered the war. 
Neptune, the planet of ideals  is at 4 degrees in Pisces also added to it. It is a war based on ideals- communism against capitalism. Jupiter, the great benefactor, instead of helping, makes things worse, wile it is weak in Gemini, and in 150^ to Mars.  Things will get worse and worse as the stellium in Aries will go forward to 15 degrees Areis- from there they will trigger destructive Pluto at 15 Leo.

Saturn will be able to stop the madness as it will reach in its retrograde phase 4 Scorpio, on July 7th. 
South Korea: 
Liberation date: 15.8.1945: This map also gives us a Scorpio rising, with the Sun at 21 Leo, Moon at 12 Scorpio. In the countries chart the Sun is the government, the Moon : the people. Look how the stellium (in pink) in Aries triggers Venus, which , represents the enemy (ruler of house 7 and 12). Jupiter, makes larger and more dramatic everything it touches, is conjunct Mars-Uranus pair in the 8th house of death. Jupiter returns to this position every 12 years. Progressed mars -Uranus-(2nd wheel) in right on the Sun! Saturn in this case will not "mend anything till mid December 2013, when it will touch 19 degrees Scorpio, thus making a trine to natal Saturn. 
Oh boy!!! 

Why why why??? how horrible wars are...
Kim Jong II: day of birth 8/1/1984- the date adds up to 13, which is the Death card in tarot. 13 further adding up gives us a 4, which is ruled by Uranus or the south node. Where are they? conjunct in the 9th house of foreign affairs, at 11-15 degrees., also conjunct Venus, which rises before the Sun- giving it a warlike attitude, and not a loving and caring one. Venus rules the 7th house of open enemies. This Venus was triggered in these days, when Venus turned oriental, rising before the Sun. The solar and lunar eclipses before and after birth are also vulnerable points in ones' map. And in Kim Jong's case these were triggered by transiting planets. 

My weekly forecast is ready. be the first to know what have the planets "planned" for us. 
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April 2, 2013 Tuesday

Easter and Passover gone, we are back to "normal". The amount of pictures of food that were uploaded to Facebook is unbelievable .. Don't people have what to do? Just cook and eat and make pictures of themselves??? Horrible. 

So let me see what is going on today in the sky? after 4 days of - no trade - the Moon entered Capricorn. There it will meet Pluto. But before that, it will square all the planets in Aries.These squares will make a nervous market today. I would either stay out, or use very tight stops. 
The rulers of today are Mars and Jupiter. 
What is notable, is, that the planets are at early degrees. So gaps and big moves should be taken in consideration. 

The important position today is Pluto at 11 degrees. In my Financial Astrology course I teach how to make the planetary calculations. Is the commodity / share/index/ forex/ below or above Pluto?? See how all the planets in Aries square it! 
For intra day trader it is very important to follow the planetary hours! In my course I teach what all these mean! 
Today: gmt+2 

2 April 2013     Tuesday
    Day                         Night
  1  6:37:22 Mars        5/4    19:02:38 Venus      -5/7  
  2  7:39:28 Sun         8/0    20:00:25 Mercury    -4/8  
  3  8:41:35 Venus      -5/7    20:58:13 Moon       -2/8  
  4  9:43:41 Mercury    -4/10   21:56:00 Saturn  R   0/-5  
  5 10:45:47 Moon       -5/9    22:53:47 Jupiter     0/13  
  6 11:47:54 Saturn  R   0/4    23:51:35 Mars        5/2  
  7 12:50:00 Jupiter     0/13    0:49:22 Sun         5/6  
  8 13:52:06 Mars        5/1     1:47:09 Venus      -5/7  
  9 14:54:13 Sun         8/3     2:44:57 Mercury    -4/8  
 10 15:56:19 Venus      -5/1     3:42:44 Moon       -2/9  
 11 16:58:25 Mercury    -4/3     4:40:31 Saturn  R   0/2  
 12 18:00:32 Moon       -5/9     5:38:19 Jupiter     0/10  

One of the local stocks I am holding is Bi Communications. First trade date: Nov 14,2007. Asc. 11Cap.26, Sun 21.Sco34, Moon 9Cap.38. It trades now at 2270. As you can see in the attached map, price forms a YOD to the Sun and Neptune. We are now in Mercury hour. I shall wait till the Venus hour to sell it at a higher high. 2286. With this target it will complete a phaze.

Targets above 2284 will be 2302,20,32,38,56,74,80,91,2409 .
Sold it at 2348. Thank you very much...

The other share I have is Babylon. (BBYL.TA). First trade on 18 Feb.2007. Ruling planet is the Moon, Venus and Uranus.
It has a Pisces stellium! It topped on July 30th 2012, at 4306, which equals 16 Pisces, exact position of the North Node! and since then it is declining. Tomorrow will be 162 trading days, which is a Fibo no. So with the low at 1821, from here I expect a rise to 1883-1937-1991-2009-2045-2099. etc.

In my earlier articles I pointed out, that the Saturn-Pluto sextile hides more than we think. Saturn is now in Scorpio, the sign of Pluto, and Pluto in Capricorn, in the sign of Saturn This is called mutual reception. All is well, till we check what does it mean?? Pluto rules money. Scorpio is secretive, pulling the stripes behind the curtains. Saturn is the ruler of Capricorn, which is the most elevated sign in the wheel, and represents the government. So what do we have together? Governmental monetary restrictions. To see what this means down on Earth, or in the fundamental world, read this, and Google more possibilities for "paying with cash"/ & here. I would not want to leave too much cash in my bank account, if I was an EU committee resident. 
Watch out for tomorrow, 4/3 and the 30th- for a minor turn in trend. it is because of the Moon's occultation to Pluto; as it happened back in 


April 3,2013 Wednesday

I began my report about the S&P with these words: The index closed at 1569.19/// and this is not enough!!!! It should have ran above 1571! I know, it is just 2 points, but very important ones.

Yesterday we got my 2 points. The index topped at 1573.14. Price trined the Sun on the double! The closing price was at 1570, again not the best position. But I see now, that during the night the future dropped suddenly to 1564!(Neptune) and this is a sign for further weakness. 
Let us see what is happening in the sky: Sun at 13.39 Aries, Moon 14Cap25- squares the Sun. Wednesday is ruled by Mercury. Co-ruler Uranus ! today. The date added up gives us 13, which is the card of Death in tarot. Death is always an end and new beginning. What will this new beginning be?? a correction? It will, if it does not run above 1577.
Put your stop at  1564. 
Technically in the 30 min. chart we have a negative divergence; the Stoc is at 94! MFI weakening. 

April 4,2013 Thursday 

It seems that yesterday we got our tops overall in the markets, and we are now correcting. On March 30th I sent letters to students, to be ready for this turn. Sometimes everything seems OK, but there are some tiny things that nobody takes in consideration, but they are powerful, and matter. 
So what are we up to today? In our market, although it is correcting, the volume is ridiculous, which shows, that people are not in panic, and they are waiting for a new up leg. We shall see if that is the scenario to come. 
Today, besides other issues, Mars in in a bad position to the Nodes, so we have the correction. 

Besides that, Saturn is in a malefic angle to Jupiter- for a while now... and also to Uranus. The Aries stellium points to a lot of trouble, quarrels, fights, wars, but I am repeating myself here. It will be more difficult when the Moon will move in to the neighborhood.  Don't kill your neighbor! LOL

April 5,2013 Friday

The day is ruled by Venus. Venus is now at 17.35^ Aries. Mars at 18.30, the Sun at 15.39, Part of Fortune at 16.55- all in the same sign. All of them are approaching the 19 degree, which is an exaltation , a very strong, or otherwise called "Rex" degree in the zodiac. I am not going to fill your head about what this degree means, I just want to point out the fact, that the first Solar eclipse this year will occur at 19 degrees Taurus, so the Aries stellium that will be on the 19 degree Aries, will be at 30^ angle to the eclipse. If it was only one star, well, ok, no big deal. But since 4! and the Part of Fortune together will be on that degree, it is very important. The effect of the Solar eclipse is for more or less a year. the 30^ angle that they form shows an idea that is being formed, and will culminate later this year, maybe when they will be 90 ^ or squaring this position. ( on August 12th 2013, the Sun will touch 19 Leo, and Mars 19 Cancer) then the Sun will square the eclipse degree in Taurus. 
Here is a link to the no.19.
Erdugan, PM Turkey is the first to be "hit" by the eclipse. His natal Uranus at 19 degrees in Cancer, in Detriment (weak) conjunct the malefic south Node, will be triggered by the eclipse. But we don't have to wait till May, the Aries stellium will square his Uranus in these days.Till the end of April transiting Jupiter will conjunct his natal Jupiter, which is weak by sign. He is under his second Saturn return, so bottom line, I will not be surprised at all hearing about him in the news, not in a positive way. 

April 7, 2013 Sunday

My weekly reports are ready. Also, for the newcomers, there is a link at the left panel of the blog:"follow this blog" if you click on it, you will be notified when ever I post something.
Due to the cyber war we are having now, the internet is not moving... I cannot work!!!!!! 

 April 8, 2013 Monday. 
Hopefully the cyber attack is over, they could not do much harm, and we can get back to normal. The internet is moving again. 

So what's new for today in the sky? The Moon is decreasing in light, waning, and void. It will be void till 22:02 pm. During a void moon one should not trade or take any important decisions. 
A share I just bought: Biondvax: June 18.2007 10:30- see how transit planets trine natal planets in Leo: 
Running above 72.27- next : 73-75.55-78.84

Margaret Thatcher died of stroke today around 3 pm. I had to upload her chart, which shows a classic planetary position for the end of life: the most vulnerable times in everyones' life is the birth date, when the Sun conjuncts natal Sun, and when the Sun forms n opposition to natal Sun. I always write, that we should check all the planets, all the charts, but with just this one aspect, we can see a lot: 

I highlighted the transiting planets in green- see they are at exact degrees with the natal planets. 
and she had an opposition to her Sun today. The stellium in Aries affects the head, she died of a stroke. But, also, the time keeper, Saturn, made a square to natal Saturn. 
May she rest in peace. 

*****                                                     *****                                                             ****

People born with Sun-Mars conjunction in LIbra, should be careful of the transiting stellium. One of these people who should take extra care is Sara Ferguson. Her Sun-Mars in Libra will be getting this opposition between 8-14/April. 


Nasdaq: I found a kind of forecasting with timing solution. Here it is for the last months. With a subscription to the newsletter, people got it further. The dates show turning dates.

April 9, 2013 Tuesday

Today we are ruled by Mars and Uranus. They are still both in Aries, Mars still conjuncts Venus and Uranus is still in a disharmonic position with Saturn. I wrote in the past, that this angle is either holding or blocking the market. The Moon is also in Aries. We saw its effect yesterday, it made the market turn up, in spite of all the skeptics. Here are the hours and minutes to watch the trade for a turn today: gmt+3

9.04.2013 14:55:58  9°08'25"Ari Conjunction Uranus
 9.04.2013 15:47:11  9°35'55"Ari Quincunx Saturn
 9.04.2013 19:29:18 11°35'02"Ari Square Pluto
 9.04.2013 22:50:01 13°22'23"Ari Sextile Jupiter
I would also check if there are any Fed. announcements at these times. Sometimes fundamentals click with celestial moves. OK. I checked, there is a Canadian building permit at 2:30 pm - I guess Canada does not have a major impact on world markets... 

The Stellium we have now in the sky- 9-12 April is extraordinary!! and destructive. 3 planets and the Sun and Moon! all in Aries. This is why people with planets in the opposition, Libra, are mostly affected! 

Uranus was in Aries 84 years ago, but then Mars was NOT there! Sun, Venus return to Aries yearly, Mars every 2 years. Uranus was in Aries between 1927-34, but alone, not with all the other planets together... That is why this stellium is so dangerous, and unpredictable. Too many energies are combined!. 
I posted in the morning that we should watch out for the Moon-Uranus conjunction... At the exact time given, there was an earthquake in Iran, 6.3 strength on Richter 

April 10,2013 Wednesday

It's new moon today, and I should move on to a new article. But first let me summarize this month.

I wrote about: Gold, Silver, Coffee, all the major indices and some shares. Maybe I should make a table with all the shares I analyze... BUt market has opened, so I have to run. 

Today we are under Mercury and Moon affect. Mercury is still in Pisces.  Most of the planets are around 20-25 degrees, so they form a firm resistance, or support depending where are the different indices/shares compared to the planets. 
11:!7 am: I expect a rise between 12:45-1:49 gmt+3

Here is an article from my colleague, Ema Kurent about 2013 eclipses. Enjoy! 

S&P: trades now at 1566, there is a big resistance running at 1559.50 It will have to gap up to go higher. 1564.50 is our support for long. 
Dow: closed yesterday at 14673 after a top at 14716. Technically is is a long. Astrologically, at this level it is blocked by most of the planets. But, a small step would help. If it opens above 14675, than 14680- the sky is open.. 

Euro daily: 


To sign up to my forecasts, pls. click PayPal at the left panel, and you will know in due time what to do. You will have to enter my mail: 

See you at the next article!!! New Moon in Aries. 


  1. Gabbi, i wrote couple of weeks back about interest rates and living on that income as a senior.
    i am writing again, today wanting to know what was in the sky when chairman vocker and president carter were in office and rates were very high and do you ever think that similar pattern we will ever see again and if we ever see similar pattern when it could be

  2. Hello Vicky, I answered you in my previous article. Pls. give me dates that those people were in office. OK, I checked on Google, Volcker was in office between 8.6.79=8.11.87 and Carter was president between 77-81.
    Neptune is in charge of inflation. Back in 1977 Jupiter, that enlarges everything was in a bad angle, 150^ to Neptune, till 1981- traveled from end of Taurus to Libra, Finally reached Saturn- planet of deflation in 1981.
    Now Neptune is in PIsces- yes, it can bring another wave of inflation, in 2014-15- when Jupiter will be in Cancer and will trine - 120^ Saturn.
    What steps can you take to avoid it? None. I guess just don't spend and put every dime under the pillow- not even to the bank-see what happened in Cyprus!.
    Hope I answered your question.
    And remember, these times come and go in waves.



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