New Moon in Aries 2013

Between April 10- May 10, 2013

Above is the map of the monthly planetary positions. As you can see, the destructive Aries stellium will dissolve. The planets will move on to Taurus, leaving Uranus behind. Mars will still add to the Sun-Moons-Mercurial energies, and together with the South Node, in the 8th house of transformation. The 10th of May is the date of the  first Solar eclipse this year. 

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April: the Latin name of the month means: Uncertain. The stone of  the month is the diamond. The flower: the daisy. 

Pls. check out these graphs: 
The first is the transit of planets in the sky. 

The dates where I put the square show multiple energies, therefore a change in trend.(CIT). 
The second chart is the yearly declination chart. In my course I teach what is important to follow. Here I show it with the circles. These will also signal for a CIT. 

In my previous articles I uploaded world leaders' birth dates by the month. let me see who was born in April? Of course, I don't have ALL the leaders, but I have the most important ones.
Queen Elisabeth II: 21.4.1926 ar 2:40 London. Sun at 0 Taurus, Moon 12 Leo, Asc. 21.23 Cap. She will turn 87. 
Pope Ratzinger: 16.4.1927 at 4:15 in Marktl,Germany.-He will be 86, just resigned.

If you can add to this list, I will be glad. 

April 11,2013 Thursday.

It is incredible how time flies! Week ends follow week ends... Do you feel it too?? 
Yesterday we had in all the markets a break out. As I wrote to subscribers, due to the new Moon a new cycle starts, with new highs.
As you can see in Bloomberg, all the markets are green.
How long will last this new rally? 
Today we are ruled by Jupiter! This planet expands everything beyond normal. The Moon is now in Taurus. So we have somewhat lessened energy in Aries. The Moon is exalted, feels best, in this sign, usually we get a top in the markets. The Moon stays approx. 2 days in a sign, so I would consider selling while we are at the top. I want to show you the oscillators of the S&P:
in the daily chart we can see that "wise money" is getting out, in spite of the rally yesterday. 

Do the same for whatever you trade. See where is the MFI.(Money Flow Index). 

Market started.... see ya'

There is a lot of "noise" in the world because of Cyprus. Will their problem rock Europe, and the rest of the world? Are they the first block in the domino, to crash the markets? 
I had to look at the map: This is the chart of the New Moon in Aries- as it occurred yesterday. The New Moon always gives us signs for the coming month at least, but in the case of Aries, since it is the month of the spring equinox, it represents or signals issues for the first quarter of the year, till June - Cancer New Moon- the summer equinox. So what can we see in this chart? 
The date is made for the independence day, Aug.16,1960. In this chart we get an ascendant at 16 gemini, with the Moon on it. Gemini stands for trips and tourism, the Moon represents the people. The ruler of the government  the Sun, is conjunct Uranus! in Leo. look how the Aries stellium is triggering these planets now.- from H11. House 11 is the house of big enterprises, of  friends. The stellium is in favorable aspect to the Sun, now... but remember May 10, the Solar eclipse at 19^? Taurus? The eclipse will square the Sun, and that! will be a major issue. 
I already wrote in my previous article about Aries, that this sign is the "reformer", the first, the one that lighs the fire. Taurus is the first Earth element in the wheel, the one that actually does the work. SO issues started during Aries transits will receive an echo, and things will actually be DONE when these planets will move to Taurus, more so, with the eclipse. Also, the 2nd house - the house of money and of our income, is ruled by the Moon- so the money of the people- is in 150 ^ disharmonic position to Natal Saturn - in red- which is the natural ruler of the government (being the ruler of Capricorn). In transit Pluto "sits" right on it. Pluto first destroys, and later rebuilds. There you have the picture of the monetary situation for the people in Cyprus. So will it be the tail that wags the dog? By all means!! 

Sometimes I upload some shares on my facebook page. You can look me up under my name.
I closed my positions in the morning in BiComm and Tower, and bought PSTI. 
Ploristem (PSTI)- for local traders: targets up: 1137-61-85-1209-1233-1281

April 14,2013 Sunday

Sundays are the days when I write and teach. No use to trade, because the volume is so ridiculous,and nothing moves. The arbitrage was lightly negative, so I expected a negative day. Indeed it started low, but then it closed 0.2%... I sold Ploristem, because it did not move and it is no use to keep a share, till Wednesday. 
Today is the Memorial Day of all the soldiers who died in the so many wars Israel had since 1948. It is a very sad day. Show me any other country in history, that in 64 years had 16 wars, and so many "operations"... When will this situation end? It is so sad....tomorrow everything is closed, and there is no trade. 
I sent all reports to subscribers. This week will be a very nervous one. The sky is loaded with Aries energy.... still.. 

April 15,2013 Monday

I see some visitors landed on my blog while searching for: Sun-Mercury conjunctions. You should know, that each share/commodity reacts differently to any planetary positions. Here is for example the Euro: 
Using TS, if I run an efficiency test, to see how did the Euro "behave" while this conjunction took place, since 2005 there were 49 times together, look at the profit table if you went short or long. For instance, if you went long 14 days before culmination- up to 11 days before culmination, you gained 19.6%, and if you went short 9 days after culmination (the exact date it happened) till 3 days , you gained 9.5%
But, again... we never rely on 1 position only. Every day there are tens of aspects to look at. We have to chose which one is the best for that particular stock you trade.
Next dates they will be conjunct are: May 11, July 9... etc. 
                                           ***                                  ***
For my visitor from Mecca: I wrote about Marudo, Venezuela's new president in my last them there. 
                                            ***                                   ***
For the visitor from Malvern UK, searching for Mars in Helio, I can show you how the Euro reacted when this occurred: Helio Mars is now in Aries, so the pink stripes are for Aries.

From this graph we can learn how does the Euro act when Helio Mars is in different signs: 

We should only take in consideration when all the lines point to the same direction! There is a minor up leg between 22^Aries-0 Tau,  22 tau -17 Gem, major up leg: 14 Sco- 21 Sag. But , again! all planets and angles must be taken in consideration. That is what I teach in my course.
                                                 ****                            ****
Hello to my guest from Antwerpen.. I see you read my blog regularly. Is there anything specific you are looking for?? 
                                                 ****                           ****
I just found this site, searching what happened on April 15? There are a lot of interesting issues there! You can search any day, to see what happened- for instance on the day you were born...
Today is also TAX day in the US.

Our market is closed till Wednesday, but let me see what is happening in the sky today for those who do trade: the day is ruled by the Moon and Neptune. The Moon is in Gemini (hectic, nervous ), Neptune is at 4^38 Pisces. Solitary. Makes no angles to planets. But the main actor on stage is Venus today. It is just entering Taurus, a sign it rules. It is the first planet to leave Aries, thus the war-energy is fading. Next will be Mars...
Good trading, see you later. oh... I sent updates to subscribers about Gold and Silver... enjoy.

April 16, 2013 Tuesday

In my reports 2 weeks ago, I wrote: Wait for April 14, Mercury will ingress Aries, then we shall see a major turn in the markets. And... voila.. 
Before I go on, I want to give you the following link. I was searching for the arab markets, to see how do they behave while the US markets, Gold and Silver are correcting, even crashing. This link has much more than just showing you which country is underperforming, or outperforming others. Here, you can find inflation rates for each country, unemployment, and so much more! Just click on indicators, markets, analytics...For example, if you click on interest rates, you can see that if you invest in Iran 10000$ in one year you will get  (15%)=$1500, while if you invest in Japan, you'll get nothing. I am not saying go now, and invest in Iran, of course, or in Malawi-where is that country?! 25%... In these places, one can invest and find the money confiscated.
Today we have no trade, due to Independence day. But for you, let me see, what's going on: the day is ruled by Mars and Saturn. Mars is conjunct the Sun. In astrology, when I analyse personal charts, an orb of 8-12 degrees is allowed. For the markets I allow 1 degree max. because I want to see when energies culminate. So today and tomorrow Mars-Sun energy is at their max. So watch out! do not quarrel  fight, fires, accidents, crashes, cuts, weapon accidents, car accidents. take extra care of your head and blood pressure. Yesterday there was a bombing incident during the Boston marathon. Mars is ruler of sports, and together with the Sun they hold too much fire energy. astrologers made charts for the event... look it up on the net. People with planets at 24-28 degrees in Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn will be affected by this culminating malefic pair. But, for trade is different. Markets need power, energy to rally or fall, and these two deliver exactly that. Therefore, when you learn astrology, it is one thing to learn natal chart analysis, and totally different for the Financials. 

The other energy to look at is Venus entering Taurus. ( in green).

For your information, I have a youtube channel under the name: GMAMA, there I uploaded in the past some CAC analysis. I also uploaded to scribd some past works you might like to read and translate, some are in Hebrew. And, of course, you can check out my site  There are English and Hebrew articles too. 

Let us see what is happening to the Gold: I have uploaded data from 2008. Low was 711 .25 on Nov.12,2008- top was 1920 on Sept. 6 2011. We have to see what happened at 1920 that stopped the rally? On that day there was a Sun-Venus conjunction in Virgo, Sun-Jupiter trine, Moon-Pluto conjunction. The Geo chart is not enough, we have to see Helio too. There we find Jupiter at 0^Taurus, Mars trine Vesta. and more. If we look back from 2008-2011 Jupiter made 90^. a phase ended. Venus made 150^. So the movement of these two planets will be cardinal. There are hundreds of angles, positions, asteroids, etc.. that affect the market. We always have to pick 2 or three that will show us the way. 
You will find some posts saying that Venus is Aries is the reason for the crash. NEVER one planet alone is the reason for anything. There are always many reasons. In this case I only have 5 years' data, and during those years 3 times it fell, 2 times not. so we almost have a 50-50 answer. Using 5 years is not correct, because we cannot analyse Jupiter (12) and onwards  planets. 
"Search and thou shall find" ... says the proverb... oh, by the way, I am a proverb freak..I love them... So I found Gold data from 1980. With this we can work better. Anyone has further back?
Aug.25,1999 had the low at 253. Earth in 1^ Pisc conj.Venus, Mars 120^ Sat. It is important to count the days or cycles. From the low in 1999 to 2011, we had 12 years and 12 days. It is a perfect Jupiter cycle!. It rallied with 650%. 
One of the closest support is at 1246. Breaking this support it will mean more than a minor correction. Timing Solution software is a good one to make research. Here, we are told, that the Gold will start to go up when Jupiter will be after 22 Gemini. then it will fall again, and the serious up leg will start only when Jupiter will reach 17 Cancer. This will be only in the second part of September. Should we be short till then? As I wrote, we cannot rely on one planet alone.

You can always subscribe to my weekly forecasts... There I give stops and targets based on technical and astrological tools. Please go to the left panel, click PayPal, enter my mail:  That's it. 

Good luck.

Earthquake 7.8 on the Indian-Pakistan border! Moon trine Neptune in water signs, both inconjunct (150^) Saturn) in water. Bad position for future floods. In one of the articles that I uploaded to scridb. is a list of the last century's major quakes. In most of them Venus was rising before the Sun. as it is now. Again the Sun-Mars conjunction, Moon 90 Mercury -exact!

Some very peculiar stuff: today the Moon is at 5 Cancer. The upcoming Lunar eclipse will be at 5 Scorpio. (April 25). So we can see how events are triggered before an eclipse. The Moon trines 120^ the eclipse Moon. 

April 17,2013 Wednesday

Hello, good morning... I do yoga, you know... twice a week. Yesterday was one of the times. I feel so good after it, you should try it! 
Before looking at today's energies, let me say hello to some new guests; greetings to the reader from Vietnam, Leamington Spa, Holland, I see a bunch of people.. You can post questions, or comments, you know?? In the window below the article. Somebody arrived to the blog while searching for the astrology chart for 17.Jan 1955- is it your chart? Your ascendant is at 17.^05 Capricorn, sun 26^25 Cap, Moon 11^Sco.39. If you wish to have a natal chart reading, I am here! The cost is $180. In my analyses I use Numerology, and Astrology. 
Someone else from Gilching searched Jup-Sat. angles for Gold: I applied it on the Gold chart from 1980: The opposition you were looking for occurred in 1989, 1990, 1991 and 2010,11,12. The efficiency test shows us, that if you buy Gold 1 day before this angle appears till 10 days after, you can gain 20%.
Searching for Jupiter-Saturn cycles is very clever, because Jupiter expands, Saturn restricts. It is a clash of two opposing energies. but, as you can see, in the case of Gold it did not show any tops or bottoms. 

Let us see what is happening today in the sky: Sun-Mars conjunction is still conjunct in Aries. Mind you, today is Margaret Thatcher's military funeral, to which many world leaders were invited. Marriages and funerals are great times to do business- off the record, just by the way... It beats me why our PM was invited?? Today we are ruled by Mercury, (in Aries) and 22/or 4. Now this is an exceptional number, a master number. 22 is also the last Tarot Card, the card of the world. added up, the 4 is ruled by Uranus, or the South Node. Unexpected, fatal and bad. Karmic. Mercury is conjunct Uranus. It is more than a "loaded" day. The outcome of this day is not necessarily today, but till Mercury will be in exact conjunction to Uranus, 20-22 April. 
I looked at the Queen's map. She was born on 21.4.1926. She will be 87. I think she wants to announce William as a succedent in 3 years, max. Here is the Map of Prince William: see how his planets will be triggered by the upcoming eclipses. 

His Venus is on the worst known star. Algol. its characteristics are: Algol (26 Beta Persei  m 2.12) The Demon's Head Keywords: Strangulation, beheading, danger to throat and neck, murder, violence, the "Evil One"
Effect: Very Unfortunate
Saturn/ Jupiter
By the way, the Boston's bombing MC was on this star. 
The hour of one's birth is very important. I have the hour 21:03 which places Venus at 25 degrees Taurus and making it the ruler of his 6th and 11th house. But is I move the map, if the hour of birth is 21.13, Venus becomes the ruler of his career and children. So you see how important is to get the right time?  

9:00 pm - my time- today, Fed.Beige book. keep tight stops if you MUST be in trade.

April 18,2013 Thursday

When I open ZET, the software that I use, a window opens with the following details: 
Since yesterday, till today noon, it says we have a bad day. Next, between 15:31-18:13 the Moon is void. A bad time to make decisions.
Yesterday Obama received a poisonous,ricin letter,from Paul Kevin Curtis, a "bipolar" person.
Moon-Neptune & Moon Saturn inconjunct. 

there was a huge explosion in a chemical factory in Texas, don't know yet how many casualties... It is all because of Sun-Mars conjuction. As Mars is leaving Aries it is affecting more and more. 

Also we have to remember that Neptune, in charge of drugs, poison, oil, inflation, resignations, scandals, spies, visions. and much more. Many astrologers look at Mars or Saturn to look for the reason of a death, or war. But Neptune is far more dangerous, when negative, because while Mars and the others act upfront, Neptune is the background, noticed only when too late. 
Regarding the Boston bombing, it was not a sudden act, it was a well prepared event, while the planets were in PIsces. (read my last month's article)... and now, when Mercury angled Neptune, it came to surface. I am sorry to see that Mercury will conjoin Uranus on the 20th, and will square Pluto on the 21st...So more "Neptunian disasters to come".
In the map below we can see Sun-Mars conjunct exactly on Algol. See above, I wrote about it. 

I am sorry, that lately I write about negative things... But, there are so many events in the sky, one cannot be thankful enough to make it through the day! Solar flare is about to reach Earth during the week end, than Lunar eclipse on the 25th, and more... I shall update.
Meanwhile market started let me see. 

Today we are ruled by Jupiter and the Sun. 
TA25: closed at 1203.74. Sunday the Sun will support at 1201-1200; but falling below that, there is a huge void till 1187. There is an open gap to 1172 from Feb 2013... so it might just close it. 

I wonder what are you, my guest, from Ho Chi Min city, trading? I am glad to see you back! 

April 19,2013 Friday. 
Just a short note today. It's Friday, and shops close early. Have to cook and etc... 
I already uploaded this chart at the beginning of this article, but now you must see what happened on Earth when these planets were conjunt by declination. Too much energy in one basket is always bad.

In this chart I uploaded the aspects that will work during the next two weeks. 

Have to run... so much to do. 

Last week I wrote in my newsletter to subscribers: "Possible news about UFO's." I jusd saw this on UTube:

April 20,2013 Saturday

I am writing my reports. I want to show you what I have written about the SIlver last week: 

"Everything was fine till the 9th .It went up to 28.05, then consolidating for a day! Giving an opportunity to sell, it made a lower high (10 min). and fell on the10th at 10:10am (my time). Retried the top for the 3rd time on the 11th, at 21:00 pm, and crashed.

Daily: The Silver, as the Gold, broke double bottom on April 10th, and crashed. Next support is at 24- if you can keep big stops- it is at 29!...But, after such a fall, there is always a rebound. So be careful. Go short below 25.8- target 24ish.

Some excel calculations: Silver targets 25.50
Where did the Silver closed? 23.22 

April 21, 2013
I don't feel well. I slept most of the day. I thought I will be able to read, write, do some research, but I couldn't. The Sun just entered Taurus, Moon in Virgo. bothe Earth signs. The affect me badly. Generally I am very healthy, my son just called, said, what happened to you, I never heard from you that you don't feel well... But this is not the reason I am writing. I want to share with you an interesting site, that I got from friends:
I disregarded the religious part of it, Just see how numerology works. I have to add tho these 9/11 s', the fact, that the younger brother got his green card on 9/11/12.

April 22,2013 Monday 

I feel much better this morning, hopefully whatever got into me is gone. 
Today we are ruled by the Moon and Mercury. They are 150^ apart. The Moon is void today, not a good time to make decisions. Venus is in opposition to Saturn. This is a powerful placement, are they supporting or blocking the market? 
TA25: is now at 1200. 1201-1202,20 resistance, support only at 1193.50-1187. TS shows us, that when this angle happens then next day the index fell, previously, then it went up, an rallied 1 week later. Venus-Sat.opposition is at 1208.50 So we shall see... 

DAX: bottomed at 7426 yesterday. he oscillators points down, it fell from the inclining trend line from June 2012, First Fibo support is at 7252-then 7004.
Venus-Saturn opposition ment 62% out of occurrence an uptrend. 

is falling since 4.2011. I gave you above, in my previous post targets.. 

Medvenev, Russia PM. under "fire" 

On April 18th I wrote about possible floods in the future, because of too much energy in water signs together with the Lunar eclipse in 5^ Sco. Here are the news

April 23,2013 Tuesday.

I wanted to see what happened in history on this day, but after clicking on the link I have here at the left panel, I found some discrepancies. They write that Cervantes was born today, but he was born on Sept.22. So everything should be checked twice, and don't believe what ever you read on the net... 
But, looking at Google, you should know, that among many important figures in history, Shakespeare was born today. 
I was caught up the whole day, and now I start teaching... so will be back later. 

April 24,2013 Wednesday

Good morning, how are you today? I see a lot of people arrive to my blog searching for different forecasts. Somebody from Denver Colorado is looking for Apple. I wrote many times about this share, I even have a Youtube file, if you search me on Youtube under GMAMA. For Apple these days have major importance, because it is 144 days from the top, which is a fibo number. And, it touched midpoint between lo-high. The price is now 406.13- Now astrologically there are a few charts to look at. There is Apple foundation at April 1 1976, Apple incorporation at 3 Jan. 1977, and first trade 12.Dec 1980. I use the first trade date, but you are welcome to make research on all. Oh!!!! but I have to show you something! Looking at the foundation chart, we can see that the Sun was at 11 Aries. Which is a perfect position for a start -up company. 
But, look, who is coming for dinner? Uranus! is in the neighborhood, at 9.57^ in Aries. Nothing and nobody stays the same after this guest has visited. Apple is in for a major shock, change, reorganization. Uranus will be conjunct Sun during the first week of June, and will return! in September. By the way, ALL shares with the Sun or Moon in Aries will get the same shock. In Apple's case it will be "on the double", because Mercury is conjunct Sun. Sun means Directors, board, manager, Mercury is public relation, sales, jobs. in this map's case. 

I should run my database, to check which shares have Sun in Aries... 

April 25,2013 Thursday 

The week is over again. I hear that Paul Kevin Curtis was released, because he was framed by 
James Everett Dutschke. It is so important to check every possible thread before we believe in anything, nowadays, when the net is full with instant, unchecked rumors, make-believes. We should only believe nature and animals. But not people. Specially not now, when Neptune is, and will stay for a long long time in Pisces. People should be double checked. The internet? more. Anybody can write or spread anything. Get out of facebook too. Why do people upload pictures of the coffee and cake they have for breakfast??? WHo caresssssssssssssssss??
Anyways... today it's the Lunar eclipse I was writing about. 
Israel under the lunar eclipse: 

USA with the eclipse: Since the eclipse occurs at 5^ Scorpio, and Jupiter, in the USA map is at that degree, we should look where is Jupiter crossing, to search for a future clue. 

If I use 17:10 chart for the USA, which gives a SAG> asc.; this eclipse will have major effect on the US, because Jupiter is the ruler of the Ascendant. But, I think, I am getting in too much astrological details here, and market started. 
The energies of today come from Jupiter and Saturn. When 2 powerful planets are involved, their effect lasts a few days. 
Nasdaq:long term weekly; negative divergence in the weekly. Top till now was 3306.

Yesterday ran up to 3301.28. There is a negative divergence in the daily too, RSI & macd. It's been 5 days that it is rallying... so watch it! 3303 is first resistance, than 3306, 3308, 3310. Above that there is nothing to stop it till 3324.

April 26,2013 Friday

Last week I wrote in my reports:" In the heliocentric chart Mercury moves from Aquarius to Pisces. Look for some announcements or news even scandals in pharmaceutics, drugs, liquids, oil, drilling."
See how oil companies ran up this week: 

Keep tight stops today... I am writing my forecasts, see you later. 

April 27, 2013 Saturday

I am writing my forecasts, and I see, to my joy, that last week I wrote about Nifty ":Bottom line: April 10 was a turning point. With the low at 5479. This level points to 5923 target." Where did the Nifty turn ? 5924.60 :) ... Nice! no? 
April 28, 2013 Sunday

My day began with fighting a virus that got into my facebook. I spent more than an hour, with no luck, to delete it. I changed my password, and closed it. Will wait a few days to see what will happen. It is spreading like hell! 
Today is Sunday, and we are under the rulership of the Sun, and the Moon. In the sky they are inconjunct -or 150^-. Venus is conjunct the South Node, a negative position. Our market is vegetating, as usual, on Sundays. Why do we have trade? it is such a waste of time.. 

What's new in the sky  today?? Saturn is closest to Earth! It was at this position on April 22 1983. 

Hello to the visitor from New Orleans! I visited you town last year, had a great time. I attended the astrologers' conference. So do you enjoy my blog?? Do you trade? 
I wish to remind everybody of the proverb: "Sell in May and go away "! 

April 29, 2013 Monday

The Moon is void today, till 15:21 my time (gmt+3). not a good time to make decisions. The Sun is at 9 Taurus, a bad degree. Moon-120-Mercury-might bring a gap. Jupiter-150-S.Node negative. The only balance is now with Sun-Saturn opposition. Is your share below or above it? 

Yesterday I got a virus on my facebook page, which spread out to many friends. I am really sorry folks!!! I changed my password, but it did not help. I cannot open FB, because it shuts me down. I don't know what to do. Facebook people should be aware of this spam... 

April 30, 2013 Tuesday

Facebookless. I have more time... LOL...
The last day of April. Sun-Moon and Uranus at 10 degrees. We should check which shares have their Sun at 10 Aries? or 10 at any sign.... Using the fantastic book of Bill Meridian,"Planetary stock trading ": THC, ALTR, BZF, PEG, CLE, ETS, RSH, AZN, WMB, ABGX, etc. will be interesting to look at. 

Yesterday the US indices tip-toed higher. The new high now in the S&P is 1596.47 At this level it "met" Mars, and stopped. Next resistance, stronger than Mars is 1598. 
The DOW: & Russel did not make a new high... oscillators are weakening. The Nasdaq also rallied. VIX: should be above 15, in order to signal for a fall in the markets.  
Announcements: today we have many! Check this out..

So we are saying bye bye to April 2013. It was a bloody, a brutal month. Using TS, I can check how did April behave in the past- market wise. For the S&P with data from 1950 - we get a rally of 61.3%. Meaning, that out of 63 years 38 Aprils it went up, and 24 down. 
Let us check how does May look? I ran again the S&P 63 years back. I got: a fall between 2-17th of May.
BUT!! I can't emphasize enough, that we always have to check all the parameters of the sky, and never take a decision as per one factor

What a lucky map the Queen of Holland, Beatrix, has!!! Look here! Sun-Moon-Venus-Jupiter conjunct in Aquarius! all at 8-10 degrees. And the planets today, I just wrote above, at 10 degrees- see how they effect her natal map? Today she abdicated after 32 years of reign, passing the crown to her son. 
I wrote about her in my January article.
I don't have the hour of birth of Willem Alexander, the new King, but even with a solar map we can see that transit Sun is on his natal, Jupiter, the benefactor on Venus, ruler of his Asc., and tr. Saturn  the planet which is eminent when Kings, PM, are crowned, is right across his Sun. 

May 1, 2013 Wednesday
May is the fifth month of the year. It's name came from the Greek goddess of fertility, Maia; For the markets May is remembered by the proverb, I already mentioned above, " Sell in May and go away". When I  was a child, in communist Romania, I remember, that on this day,May 1 , we were marching with a happy smile painted on our faces, and crying hurrahh for Ceausescu, and the workers. It was the workers holiday. The workers were allowed to praise him. On May 1, then on Aug 23, and many more occasions, when we had to do this. How happy must be people who were born in the west... But we didn't know that then, no news penetrated the iron curtain. So happy that my parents decided to come here... well... that too took 18 years just to receive a passport! Some nostalgie took over here.. so let me see what is going on in our western world..  

The flower of May is the Lilly. How fragile, and beautiful!! But also highly poisonous!! 

The S&P was stopped by Sun-Saturn, exactly as I wrote to subscribers, at 1598. Nasdaq I gave target on April 13.4 3328.
The sky today shows a Capricorn Moon, leaving the conjunction to Pluto, Next angle will be with tricky Mercury. Later, from 17:07 it will be void before entering Aquarius. Mind you, the S&P always tops or bottoms when the Moon is in this sign. 
Gold: support 1469! Short it if it falls below.Resistance: 1474-78 
TA25: trades now at 1206.78 - 1208 strong resistance. 
AAPl: is trying to recuperate. It is heading to April 12th high, 438- it should run above it in order to consider entering it. 

FB: is building a cup&handle.with target (if it goes above 28.10) : 28.80-29.80 but I wish it crashed. I wrote them several times about the spam I got, and they don't do anything about it. Now I am blocked! 

May 2, 2013 Thursday
The main angle today is Mars-180-Saturn. The other is Mercury ingress Taurus. It will be here till the 16th. TS gives us a clue about how will the S&P react to this placement: down till 15 Tau, then up till 26 Tau. In dates that is 8 May down, than up to 14th. And again and again... this is only one parameter. 
Mercury brings news! It was the messenger of the Gods! Look for news in shares that have their Sun or Moon in Taurus. 
Today we are ruled by Jupiter and the South Node. 

Nifty is rallying hard!! My subscribers got targets last week... Are you one of them?? Then, my friend, you got the jackpot. 

I see some guests came to my blog looking for The Moon's effect- by Jack Gillen. The Moon has 4 phases: New Moon, when it is conjunct the Sun, then when it makes 90 degrees to the Sun, ; 180- in opposition we get the Full Moon, a closing 90^ and a new conjunction. It also has a perigee and apogee position, meaning close or far from Earth. Using TS on S&P this is what we get: 

May 5,2013 Sunday

Good morning. Today we are under the spell of the Sun and Neptune. The Sun is at 14*52 Taurus, moving close to the South Node- will be conjunct in 2 days. A rather negative position. Neptune moved to 5 degrees Pisces. This degree rules the "Right Cuboid bone"... if anyone is in for medicine. 
Ah!!! that reminds me! I have excellent news: my daughter finished her 6 years of medicine university. !!!! Isn't that great??? I am soooo proud of her. She is such a "down to Earth " person... not like her mom. LOL. 

Look at the map of today: we have a stellium in Taurus. Too much energy in one place. But, Saturn, the ruler of Capricorn and Aquarius is right across the road! Keeping some balance. 
Look at the map of the world with the Eclipse: the red lines point to the vulnerable places, while the Eclipse will be seen in Australia. 
Here is an interesting article by Alphee Lavois, my friend... 

Market started.. 1209 now, that means 1214.50 resistance. 1208 support. Support broke and bottomed to 1199- so far. 
Tomorrow the markets will open with the Moon in Aries. New energy. For TA this means a fall between May 10-14. well... we shall see. 

Israel-Syria war??? The degrees 16,17,18,19,22, 29 are degrees of violence. When the planets will pass it, they will trigger some kind of action. Difficult days: May 10,-13 & May 20-28. 

May 6,2013 Monday 

I get up early usually, and I switch on the TV, to see what is new in the world. Now I see all the channels, Cnn, SKy, Fox, are talking about sports, so I figure nothing dramatic happened during the night. Markets opened, Asia is green, except Tokio and Thailand. 
Nikkey: weekly: if we look at the big picture, it is obvious.... 
What is new in the sky today? 
The Moon moved to Aries during the night. The angles for today: gmt+3:

 6.05.2013  4:03:11  0°00'00"Ari <<<
 6.05.2013  5:25:01  0°43'53"Ari Semi-square Sun
 6.05.2013  7:04:49  1°37'21"Ari Biquintile Saturn
 6.05.2013 13:35:31  5°05'58"Ari Semi-sextile Neptune
 6.05.2013 18:16:17  7°35'15"Ari Quincunx Saturn (negative) 
 6.05.2013 23:57:16 10°35'50"Ari Conjunction Uranus
 6.05.2013 23:57:19 10°35'51"Ari Semi-sextile Mercury

The day is ruled by the Moon and Saturn. As I wrote yesterday, Saturn is balancing the stellium
Interesting graph: Indian Rupee to the $: trades in a triangle. Should run above 55 in order not to fall to 47.8 - Watch end of June for a CIT. 

TA25: trades now at 1208.38- here is the Saturn-Uranus line. WIll it gap above it? 

May 7,2013 Tuesday

Yesterday we saw a very anemic opening in the US markets. My target for the S&P is 1623. well... it is crawling there. The S&P trades now at 1617, exactly on Venus.  Next resistance is 1625,1627.50 let's see.... 
Today Mars rules. .
Welcome to my friend from Hanoi! What do you trade?? How did you find me? 
Hanoi is not answering...

Important happenings in history on May 7:You will see Versailles was inaugurated today 349 years ago... nowadays buildings built will not last 350 years... Beethoven played his 9th Symphony, my f a v o r i t e ! New Orleans was founded today! Oh... I was there last June, a beautiful place! Tchaikovsky, Brahms, Eva Peron, Gary Cooper were born today... Where are they now?? The proverb says: "one lives as long as he is remembered".. Let me upload here of of the most beautiful pieces of Tchaikovsky

Meteor shower expected till May 12th.. Pinpoint your requests, look up to the sky, and say the wish. 

May 8, 2013 Wednesday 

Well?? what do you say about reaching my target yesterday?? Cool, isn't it?? Now we should check it this will hold, or it was a false alarm? 
As we climb the ladder higher, it gets more and more intense. Today we are ruled by Mercury and the Sun. The Sun is conjunct the South Node, which is a bad position,... well, actually it already passed it by 1 degree, so the effect is less and Mercury is conjunct Mars. ar 13. degrees. They form a resistance at 1633. If the S&P stays at 1625- it has found a support on Neptune. There is a big obstacle at 1627.45. The question is, will it break above it?? Is there more power? With the Moon in the fire sign of Sag. I believe there is, for markets that trade now. But by the time the markets will open in the US, the Moon will be in Capricorn, and that might make a difference. I should run TS see how SP behaves in Cap.... mom... No... it shows me a fall when the Moon is between Scorpio- to Aquarius... so it is not the Moon I should look at Mercury maybe, and here,on the other hand, TS gives a rise between 14-25 Tau! and this little devil is 13 Taurus now... Does this mean that the S&P will rally till May 14? ( Tau.25^?)... Not sure... There other planets to check as well. 
TA25: trades now at 1211.81- This is supported by Pluto. Next step is 1213.55. Support is at 1207.45

A vigilant reader drew my attention to a mistake. You are right  the Moon moves from the fire sign of Aries to Taurus... my map was not correct in the morning. 
Thanks!! :) 

Ok. I got the data of the 2 - out of 3 - kidnapped girls in Cleveland, Ohio. They were chained, raped and kept in a cellar for 10!!!!!!! years. 
Amanda Berry: kidnapped

Amanda rescued: 

Georgina Lynn de Jesus:13 Feb 1990- missing since 2 April 2004

Georgina rescued: Look how Venus was conjunct the Pleiades, on both days: of the kidnapping, and of the rescuing! 

One of my favorite movies is about the life of Georgina..... See it if you can. 
In the rescued gilr's map we have uranus-Moon conjunct in transit, and in opposition to natal Moon. Meaning that something unexpected is happening. Uranus brings fatal issues. Mars+Mercury in transit triggered also the Moon. Mars is the ruler of the House of friends. And it was her friend, Amanda, who helped rescue her, and the third girl. I don't have her data yet. 
Fantastic... no??

May 9 2013 Thursday 

Yesterday night I uploaded the chart of two girls who were kidnapped. I want to clear something. What was so special about them that THEY got caught? Was it fate? Could I have warned them, if they came for a reading, one or two years before this happened? I am sure NOT. It needs to happen so many things at the same time for something to happen.... Was everyone born on 22.4.1986 kidnapped? No. It needs the rhythm of the name, to be added to the birth data. Every vowel or consonant we have in our name GIVEN at the time of birth, matters. The vibrations of the name tell us a lot of what the person is supposed to go thru in his/her life. The soul, before entering the body, chooses its life for this life. There are unfinished karmas. Karmas are interactive. The rapist has a bill with the victim, and vice versa.Changing one's name is a major issue. I don't do it. I send people to a rabbi. Not every rabbi knows too... It is very dangerous to change a name, you can change your fate, by bringing new energies into your aura. And it takes 7 years for this thing to actually change for you... After checking the birth date, the name. I check the hebrew calendar date. That is the secret, and added value to the whole picture. And after all that, a person is always given a choice... 
In Amanda's case: she was born on the 22.4.1986. 22 is a very very high vibration number. She comes with a message to the world. But breaking it down, we get a 4. 4 is a square, a jail. It can show someone who will live a routine life, doing every day the same robotic actions, and it can also show a closed place. Then, she was born in April, the 4 gets emphasised. When we have too much of the same energy it will manifest in its negative face. 1986 - 8 is double 4. 6 is the number of a victim. You see?? Sometimes I work days on a map, there are so many underlying levels... 
Georgina: 13.2.1990: 13 is the card of Death. it adds up to 4. Her name adds up to 4.   Ok. we had here a happy ending, and I am happy for the girls. 
Ariel Castro: July 10, 1960

And the world moves on, to new issues, but these people will be crippled all their lives.  

Let me see what is with the market. The S&P hit my target again. 1632.65-(expected 1633.) 
What is in for today? 
With the moon moving to Taurus we have now 5 planets, and the South node, and the asteroid Pallas in this stubborn Earth sign. Since Venus rules Taurus, they are under the rulership of Venus. I guess more women issues will make headlines till the end of the month. 
The Moon is conjunct by declination to Mars, I guess a gap- up will occur. 
Watch Venus move to Gemini! later today... New energies are pouring in! I ran TS to see how did the S&P behave when Venus entered Gemini in the past. I got 64.2% up if went long 1 day after the ingress to 9 days. In our case, in 2013- from 10-19 May. But, this is just one planet.!!!

Welcome to the visitor from Stockholm.

An important event will take place tomorrow, in Pakistan, under the eclipse. They have elections. Thanks to Peter Stockinger, my colleague from AMsterdam... if not his excellent blog, I would have not been aware of it. Here is the map of Pakistan with the eclipse: The natal map shows a Leo stellium, while the eclipse is in a Taurus stellium, the two are 90^ apart, very loaded energy!! The Taliban are threatening to make suicide bombings, to keep people in the homes, not to go to vote. We can see them under Uranus in House 7- the house of "known enemies; triggering Jupiter in Cancer. Transiting Jupiter will be in House 9' of the law, so I guess many police-man will scroll the streets, but Jupiter is weak in Gemini, so will be the power of law. Uranus is ruled by Mars, which is strong in Taurus, so Taliban seem to e stronger. 

The eclipse will be seen only in the North East part of the country, so let's hope it will not be a major happening. 

I am writing my weekly forecasts, you are welcome to sign up. 
Be good. Bye 

May 11,2013 Saturday

I am very busy, writing my reports for subscribers. However, a small follow up about the Pakistani elections: as expected a bomb went off in Karachi... 10 dead, others wounded. read here. 

I guess 99% of men love football. Well, this is how it is done in North Korea... 

May 12,2013, Sunday 

I should start a new article, like every New Moon. But first, let me summarize this month.
THe first graph is the graph of the last months' indices' performance: 

The second is the yearly commodities: 

My forecasts have been extremely good: I wrote that the S&P will reach 1623 and higher, it did. 
Dow: still waiting for 15400 + to arrive. 
Dax: brike weekly historical tops, also heading higher. 

I hope you enjoyed reading and you will follow me to the next article under " New Moon in Taurus. "


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