New Moon in Taurus 2013

Between May 10 to June 8

This is the chart of the coming Lunar month: The stellium (group of planets) in Taurus is slowly moving to Gemini. But their affect will not be so intense as it was in Taurus. 

May 13,2013 Monday

I switch on the TV as I get up, to see what is new in the world. What do I hear? A new outburst of the Sars, this time in France. The first time SARS was found, was on April 16,2003. If you are a long time reader of my blog, you should already know, that every number has its meaning. 16 is one of them. 1 stand for the EGO, or self, 6 for health, added up we get a 7, which is ruled by Neptune, the planet in charge of viruses, medicine and healing. Going on, 16 in the Tarot Card is the Tower card, one of the worst cards. 

Here is the map of the first SARS news: We should note, that Uranus, the planet of weird and eccentric happenings was at the beginning of Pisces, the sign of health. Mercury, at 15 Taurus, back then, and now again at the same point. Saturn was in opposition to Pluto, new they are in sextile. And, the destructive South Node was on the Pleiades, the weeping sisters fixed stars, while now the stellium is just passing this point,. So no wonder a new outburst has been found, this time in France. 

The other news on Cnn is a new firing at the Mothers' day in New Orleans. about 18 people wounded. Mars conjunct the South node was backing this issue. Also, Mercury is on Algol.

Elections took place in Pakistan, will be in Iran, in the Philippines... but market is about to start. so let me see... 
It's a Monday, the Moon is at the end of Gemini. Market will be a merry-go-round at the first part of the day. 

I want to share with you my thoughts about market analysis. There are different levels. These is the fundamental level, that most investment offices rely on, banks too. They haven't the slightest clue about technical analysis. I believe, that Fundamentals, the books, are manipulated and companies' accountants just change the books as they are told. In my point of view, one cannot rely on it AT ALL. A higher level of analysis is the technicals, which is a rather good tool if you know how to use it. The third and highest level is the planetary analysis, based on astrology, or , if you wish to skip the " story" side of it, on astronomy. It is based on math. We know how long a planet makes a round trip around the Sun, or reaches the same place as it was before, at a top or bottom, we can count forward. We can count the Moon's move, everything. So, trading based on fundamentals will bring one great losses on the lung run. But what is a lung run??? Buy something today and keep it for 5-10 years? Are we Buffets? Can we afford to stay with one share for years, see it crash and wait for its recuperation? Why not sell it- even at a loss- and buy something that is triggered by the eclipse, for ex.?? 

I want to draw your attention, that it is best to search my blog with Google Chrome. Explorer does not find it... It beats me why?? 

While I was cooking lunch, spaghetti bolognese, this time, market closed. Rather high volume, and positive closure.:1204.66. No bad, from 1191.87 low?!! It seems tomorrow it will climb higher. There is a big resistance at 1207-8.. So, not much more higher to go. Our treasury announced that they are buying dollars, as now on, till the end of the year. 
See the graph: Dollar to shekel: I uploaded it on facebook, by the way, I have there too a page. Look me up! Targets in green. 

May 14 Tuesday

It's Shavuot today. Holiday. No trade. On this day the people of Israel were given the Torah. It comes 7 weeks after Pesach (Passover). 7x7 is 49, so 49 days from a top or bottom will bring always a change in trend. There are other numbers too, like 7 months, or 40 weeks/months... So today we have no trade, neigher tomorrow. But I wanted to tell you about a "brave" thing
my son did... He disconnected from facebook... 953 friends... vanished. That's it, he said, I have no time for this shit. To read and follow FB is time consuming. I use FB only for advertising. The question is, why are people connecting to FB? WHat is this NEED to receive likes and shares? It is like the TV program "big brother". God... what a stupidity... ANyways, I find it very cool -him. closing his page. 
So what else is new? June 21 elections will take place in Iran. 621 candidates signed up to run for presidency. LOL. I hear Obama is in trouble... impeachment ? 
A... I wanted to underline something: when you trade a share that pays dividends  be sure to sell a few days before payday, because the share will fall- with the same amount that they pay the dividend .. Then a few days later you can buy it back. Just a thought, I saw this in a portfolio. 

Ok, have to run, take care. 

May 15,2013 Wednesday

Still no trade here, but I see the US markets rallied- as advised to subscribers. 
What is new today in the sky? Sun-Moon are in sextile. This is a favorable position. A less favorable angle is the 150^ Venus-Saturn, which will be exact today. I took Apple, for example: TS shows us, that 60% of the occurrences the share dropped during this angle.

About dividends: If you go to, you can open a portfolio with shares that give dividends. I signed up to a site, and I got this mail from them. Use it if you wish.. 

I would like to share with you what I wrote in my Nifty report for subscribers on May 11: 

"Bottom line: Long above 6080. If you can keep bigger stops, than the stop should be at 5950.or 6020

Targets up: 6093-6111-6117-6129-6147"

If one kept stop at 5950, was not stopped out, and reached target of today 6147! E X A C T L Y

May 11 forecast for Silver
...." And double short below 23.30". If you are a subscriber, you made your two pence, and you certainly gained back to cost of the report! Silver fell to 22.95

May 16, 2013 Thursday

Holidays behind us, till Rosh Hashana (New Year)... back to normal. Yesterday US markets made new highs, Nifty, NIkkei! uhaaa, what a rally!! The top in NIkkei was above 18000 in 2007, now it is in at 70% correction from that fall. June 3rd will be 1680 days or 240 weeks from Oct. 2008 low, so it will be a turning point. 
TA25: is opening with a gap-up. now at 1224.25. There is a major resistance at 1225-26.  Support at 1214.50. Now the whole day it will close the gap. What a bore!

DAX: topped so far at 8368. Target I gave last week for subscribers was: 8377- still waiting! 

Moon's angles for today : gmt+3
16.05.2013 12:06:20  5°14'36"Leo Quincunx Neptune
16.05.2013 13:10:38  5°46'53"Leo Semi-square Jupiter
16.05.2013 15:20:53  6°52'19"Leo Square Saturn
16.05.2013 18:52:16  8°38'44"Leo Sextile Venus
16.05.2013 23:39:28 11°03'42"Leo Trine Uranus

Nothing interesting in the market now, I can look at OJ Simpson's chart, who had a hearing. Will he be released before his time? He was born on July 7, 1947. July 7 adds up to 16, which is the card of the Falling tower; representing people or issues, that climbed the ladder, and fall from high. 16 is a karmic number. Numerologically he is in his 4th personal year, I doubt very much that he will be released - this year..4 is prison. Some changes Jupiter might bring after will enter Cancer. Also he will be in his 5th year of changes. 

It is interesting, that Jodi Arias was also born on July 9th, 1980. She is on trial for first degree murder of Travis Alexander. 

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May 17, 2013 Friday

Today we don't have trade, but for you, it is a day ruled by Venus and the Sun. The Sun is on Algol, a bad place to be! Venus at 9^ Gemini. It makes a sextile to Uranus and 150^ to Pluto. hmmm. one is minor good, the other major bad. The Moon will square Mars later today... at 19^. Right now it is squaring the nodes. The S&P trades now at 1650. It is correcting the May 9-16 rally. I sent a notice to subscribers yesterday how to trade.. Are you a subscriber yet? Well.... sign up now.... 

Every angle, every color has a meaning. 

May 18, 2013 Saturday.

My reports are ready.. Have you signed up already?? Gold and Silver, S&P, dax, Nifty.. you name it.  

May 19,2013 Sunday

Sun was on the most wicked star, Algol at 26 Taurus on Friday the 17th. It is a reaper. It took my mother-in-law, while she was sleeping. I live on a street that leads to a big hospital. I hear the sirens of the ambulances shrieking, as they rush to the hospital,holding the last hope. Many people died this week end. May she rest in peace. 

The next bad day is May the 26th, when Mars will sit on Algol. 
In Gemini there are too a lot of "unfortunate" stars. It starts with the Pleiades, then Alcyone at 0 degrees. Hyades on the 5th, Aldebran on the 9th, then we get some time out till the 21st degree, there sits Bellatrix, and finally at 28^ Betelgeuse. When a planet is conjunct such destructive forces, one must be very lucky. Of course every year the planets pass these points. But when we have a stellium on one place, that makes it more difficult.
Relative dates: May 17-22, 26-27, 30. 

Have to go. The burial is today Take care. 

May 20, 2013 Monday

Since Mercury, Venus and Jupiter are in Gemini, the sign that rules travel, and transportation, it is funny that I found this happening on this day in  "1899 – The first traffic ticket in the US: New York City taxi driver Jacob German was arrested for speeding while driving 12 miles per hour on Lexington Street." (wiki).

The day is ruled by the Moon and Uranus.  The Moon will be VOC before moving to Libra today.

20.05.2013 19:48:19 29°49'32"Vir Trine Sun
20.05.2013 20:07:03  0°00'00"Lib <<<

The world is green. All indices are rallying again or still. 

Our eyes should always be on the banks. They are behind major moves. If the banks rally, the markets will too. For this we have the Dow Banks index.

Technically: a double top is coming. 80.41 was former top in 2011, Feb 18. The index now is at 77.93. The oscillators are strong, pointing up.
Subscribers got the targets, and times to watch.

May 21,2013 Tuesday

With the Moon in the Cardinal Libra we got a stop in the rally. Have we seen the last tops? I doubt. Libra is an air sign, symbolically, we stopped for some air, which gets thinner as we climb higher. May 21 is a Gann day. It is 150 days from Dec 21.
I am reading others' forecasts... why do they make it soooo difficult?? Applying angles of Uranian planets... ??!! Yes, I know this exists, but after sitting here for more than 12 years, -mind you Jupiter cycle... I have a very easy and learnable by all method. You just have to calculate the planets' position, and see if the share is above it or below it. Anyways, students know, and I teach it. The Financial astrology course is of 10-12 meetings, costs $3500. Believe me, after that, you will know exactly how and when to trade. Another thing I wanted to draw your attention to is my WMA GROUP membership. Signing up for $300 for 3 months, you will get a report based on technical analysis, for the major indices. You can also sign up for the Astrological & Technical report as well. For payment thru PayPal you should use my mail:

OK, now let me see where are we now... What is new? Aha!!! THe Sun is on Pleiades, the weeping sisters fixed stars, at 0^ Gemini. Fortunately, the Sun moves a degree a day, so it will pass quickly. Mercury, Venus, Jupiter are in Gemini. We should look at shares that cover transportation, media, short-courses, teaching, phones. I have a feeling we shall soon hear of a new start-up in this field. Mercury-( news) is sextile Uranus-(brilliant sparkles of mind) ... Mercury today will also inconjunct -150^- Pluto... hmmm some bad banking issues... ha... you probably have not heard what happened here yesterday. Somebody went to withdraw money from the bank. HIs Visa got swallowed, because he was in minus. He went in, spoke with the manager, to give him more time, and money. He got refused. He went home, took his gun, went back to the bank, and shot 4 people, 2 managers, and 2 innocents. Then he committed suicide. This is what happens, while the banks close debts of tycoons of millions...Something very bad will happen this summer, the next uprising will not be a quiet one, singing kumbaya... Not only here, all over the world. So bad banking news? I said. 

Dow Banks hit yesterday a new high... get ready for higher highs. Stop at 77.70. How about the VIX? Now this is interesting! On March 15 we got a bottom, and in spite of the rally in the markets since then, it did not make a new low! It is forming a W .. Stop 12.33- blocking trend line at 16.30... Oil did not go above former highs yet, and the last days rally came with low volume. 97.95 is a resistance... Even before that: 96.50... But, it's all in the reports.Coffee! Now this is interesting too! I wrote about it in the past. You can search this blog at the left panel, there is a search box. You can also click " follow" and then you will receive updates. Usually I write in the mornings... my morning... then if I am here during the day, I add some new thoughts. You can also comment in the window below. So coffee made a low on April 29th, at 132.7, then it ran up to 148.75, today is almost back to square one. This almost is a good opportunity to go long, because we are close to the last low, at 134! Stop is at 132.70- target: 155.27. not right away... but soon. 

Oh, dear!!! Have you seen the Oklahoma tornado?? in Moore? The tornado destroyed everything. Is it Mercury-150-Pluto? I am not a astro-meteorologist... I think I got it now... why is the tornado season in May-June! 'cos most of the planets are in Gemini! Air sign. Jupiter there makes everything larger, bigger, for good or bad. 
Meanwhile I got Moore' s incorporation: May 7, 1962, adds up to 30/3 So the date is ruled by Jupiter, the great benefactor. Jupiter is at 8 Neptune, in opposition to Pluto! I wrote about the destructive star of Aldebaran, well, transiting Venus was conjunct that star, which was the exact midpoint of Jupiter -180-Pluto. Next, there was a south node conjunction to Moore's Sun, and look at all the 11 degrees in the transit, that triggered natal planets at 11 degrees. So many exact positions must trigger something horrible like this. 

May 22,2013 Wednesday

I just realised that Mercury went out of bounds! Soon Venus will too. When planets are more the 23*.27' longitude by declination, they are called OOB. When in this position, they act without restraint. 
Geo declination map

Helio Declination map: 

I marked important dates. 
See a message from the past:

Dow calculations: Top on 10.10.2007 - low on 3.6.2009 =513 days. x 3 = 1539 days= May 23,2013! Target: 15363- 15444-15525.

:) :) :)

May 23,2013 Thursday

The effect of out of bound Mercury in Gemini, and Venus 150^ to the destructive South Node we saw yesterday , at 10:30 am, after US markets opening.
Russel: I wrote to subscribers to go short with a stop at 1001: 

Last week I wrote in my report: 

May 22: Wednesday: Moon 120 to Jupiter this day, will pour some new positives in the air. BY noon- gmt +3- this will dissolve, and the negative aspect between Moon Mars, will change the trend.

By the time the US markets open these angles will be gone, replaced by Venus 150 N.Node, which is also negative.

We got a market reversal. 
Eur-Usd: I sent to subscribers: 

the pair reached.12980! and fell. Are you a subscriber??? No??????? Pity... 
S&P: topped at 1686.73, also at 10:30 am, there is "met" Saturn, and fell. 
I wrote in my report: "Technically: 10 minutes graph: there is an immediate support at 1662. Falling from there, next support is at 1648. If it falls from there too, the whole period from April 18th will be corrected." Subscribe now to be the first to know... 
DOW: In April I wrote:
“It is important to see the weekly picture of the Dow: We got a higher high that back in 2008! Now a simple calculation gives me 15406-16 as a future target.- at least! Then 16130.”
Until now, it went up to 15390. So if it does not fall below 15317, than we shall get my target. It should go above 15342 which is the Uranus-Pluto level, to be above their support.
Technically: the oscillators are still positive, pointing up. We should go short below 15317.
OIL: I wrote: 
June contract: we got a double top at 97.70 in the last two days. Today we got a Fibonacci turning day=34 days from the bottom.
Technically: RSI at 65, Stock. At 89, Macd still positive, are not giving us a signal for short. But the Astrology calculation gives us a major resistance at 98.50.
So watch it!
What happened: It never made it 98.50! but fell to 93.54... so far... 

So if you would like to be tuned, before stuff happens, sign up now. Click on PayPal, or on the little man on the star at the left panel.

George Moustaki died today at 79. See how tr.Sun is on Chiron. 

May 24,2013 Friday

Just a few words to tell you what is new in the sky today: Sun at 3 Gemini, Moon at 19 Scorpio. The Moon is in Fall in this sign, or weak- by sign, but it is Perigee tomorrow, closest to Earth, very strong! Which will dominate? Usually markets bottom when in Sco.- Besides that we have a Mercury-Venus conjunction at 17 Gem. which is the point of Rigel- very fortunate fixed star. Jupiter is on Capella, another fortunate star. Also Deneb, which holds now Neptune. So a lot of positiveness up there, we shall see how it will effect the trade. Usually, technically, there is a correction after a big fall... The Mercury-Venus conjunction form a support at 1647 for the S&P..

Have to go... more later. 

May 25, 2013 Saturday.

Just a reminder: on May 22 I wrote that the Dow should go to 15525. I see now, it topped 15542! The last low was April 22- top May 22. Tomorrow is the 117th birthday of the DOW. 
On April 22nd we had a Sun-Mars conjunction, on May 22 a Mercury-Venus conjunction. No much move for the other planets. THis is why I point out in my reports the planetary positions. 
Next important conjunctions will occur on the 27th & 28th. ... What will they trigger? 
Another interesting thing I would like to draw your attention is: Uranus's placement on May 22- the last top, was 11.18 Aries. The planet was here on July 3rd 1929.

Sept 3,1929 market peaked, when Uranus was at 9* Aries, and Jupiter in Gemini. (in square to each other). Bottomed at 9/7/1932= Jupiter 120 to Uranus. 

We have the same pattern now, 84 years later-1 Uranus cycle and 7 Jupiter cycles. 
Uranus will turn retro between July 17 to Dec.17- so it will be on the 1929’ degrees during all those months!

Jupiter will leave Gemini on June 16th, and will be in Leo- therefore trine -120- Uranus on Sept 26, 2014, March 2, 2015, June 23, 2015. 

If the future is just a repetition of the past, then we are to get more and more bearish… But, the OTHER PLANETS are not where they were in 1929! And the manipulations of the markets today are far more ahead than back then… So, I would not jump into conclusions. There must be a very big disaster to make the markets tumble like back then, by 46%! For the Dow it would mean to retest 8390- ish level!

May 26, 2013 Sunday

In my April report I wrote that I expect floods. Well, Texas got it! See how the planets cross it today. 

Here is a bedouin proverb: applicable today all over the world. I guess. :" I against my brother I and my brother against our cousin, my brother and our cousin against the neighbors all of us against the foreigner."

Proverb, Bedouin

May 27, Monday

Good morning. We are after the eclipses. We had a fabulous rally so far, the planets are getting scattered from those stelliums they were during April and May.... will we feel more "relieved"? Somewhat liter? I think so, yes. With more and more planets in Gemini, in air, we will. Time to plan summer holiday, relax, and enjoy. Who can afford a trip to space with handsome Leonardo? I saw on TV yesterday, costs only 1.5 million.... 
Due to Memorial day there is no trade in the US today... pity, 'cos they'll miss the positive positions of Mercury and Venus conjunction to Jupiter. A... maybe, that of Venus, they'll catch up tomorrow. Nifty trades now, positive, Nikkei is correcting... Ha.. when Nikkei rallied with 85% nobody was histeric.(June 22,12- May 17,13) Now, that it is correcting a little bit, it makes head lines.. :) .

TA25: has opened with a gap-up... 1231.61, thus placing itself above Mars. Next target: 1236
That was a false alarm! it is now at 1223.68- support 1223- resistance 1227. 
Swiss index: topped at 1257.56; Short only below 1140. 
Cac: topped at 4058.73- will consider short only below 3995.
Dax: topped 8557.57- here too: short only below 8050.
Holland: AEX: topped at 372.67 ; short below 362.

Welcome to the visitor from Kuwait! You are visiting my blog for a while now... What do you trade? How about you? Nashville??

"At least 236 cases and 5  deaths in Venezuela from swine flu 18 in Saudia.. ." I wrote about epidemics outburst due to Neptune in Pisces. Wash your hands! do not touch your face so often.. do you know, that we touch our face 

Many talks on the net about market crash... Well, I said my opinion 2 days ago, but if I
look at the DOW, we can see corrections always this time of the year... more or less. WHat do you think? Where will this May-June bring it? 
4/21- 66 days of a fall, 5/3/2011 =155 days, till Oct; May 2012 only 34 days fall.

May 28,2013 Tuesday

Well well well... we got a gap-up, haven's we??? I mean in TA25; trading at 1234. Now, the resistance is at 1236. 
What is new today that was not there yesterday? We are under the effect of Mars and Uranus today. Mars moved away from Algol, one positive point. And??? nothing much... I wrote to subscribers that a gap-up was possible today... we got it. 
Now it will correct. Boring day. 

We can say happy birth day to Rudy Giuliani, born today, in 1944, Khaled Mashaal also, but in 1956. Same day and month, but different years produce different personalities. BUt, most important is the name!! The vibrations of the vowels and consonants - as given at birth - have major impact on our lives. 

Did I mention that due to the gathering in Gemini we should be very careful when driving? walking on the street, not to be hit by a car, or by a driver who was sms-ing, instead of watching the road? Gemini rules hands and legs, so these can be easily broken now! 

Some Time tunnels: S&P today is 91 days from Feb 26 low, next, June 3rs 777 days from 4/11 high
SIlver: 333 days from 8/29/12 also 1120 days from May 16.11

To receive these date I build an excel file for all tops and bottoms. A lot of work.. but very useful.

I checked the SPY. for those who trade it, this might be useful: first trade date: 4 Feb.,1993 

9:30 NY. First thing I see here that it Moon 150 to Sun. Also we receive an Aries rising, Sun at 15 Aquarius 48', conjunct Saturn, Uranus-Neptune conjunction at 19 Capricorn, Wait till Pluto, in transit, will line up with them !!! March 12,2017! for the first time.Jupiter at 14 Libra. .. But, till then, Dec 28,2013 Saturn will square natal Saturn- a date to mark in the calendar.Even before that, Uranus will square natal Moon- this date I am pretty sure will mark a CIT. And today tr.Mars squares Natal Mercury, so wait for a gap. Also tr. Merc-Ven-Jup trine Natal Mercury.

another easy way to see where are support- resistance: is the Gann wheel. There we have a support at: 164.96 -158.46 and a resistance at 168.22-171.47-177.97-181.22
read more here. Apple and XOM are the first two most important shares to watch.. them falling will make spy stumble. 

Have to run... take care. 

Before going to sleep I had to check what happened in the SPY, S&P Dow.. I gave you in the morning the target 168.22- it rallied only to 167.75 topped at 10.26 am. At that moment transit Moon was at 25 Cap, made an exact 150 - bad- angle to tr.Mercury, and that was the end of the rally. It should have hit 168.22! :( 

sleep well. 

May 29, 2013 Wednesday.

Google chrome is continuously crashing, makes me write over and over again, what I already wrote here. So I was saying, that I found a heavier argument than that of Moon 150 Mercury yesterday, in the SPy chart. It was Mercury 120^ natal Mercury- that pushed it up. 
Usually after a rally we have a correction. Let me see what is new up there? Moon just left a positive angle to the Sun, Mercury moved on to 27 Gemini, Now it is the time of Venus to trine natal Spy Mercury.
S&P: closed at 1660. Support now at 1656.35

I would like to show you something extraordinary about the London killing. 
Drummer Lee Rigby born July 25,1987 in Manchester stabbed and beheaded by Michael Adebolajo born in December, 1984, in Langham, UK. 
The birth date of Lee adds up to 7.7.7=3 Neptune rules 7, Neptune is the planet of artists, among other things, and he was a drummer... 
Lee Rigby = 13/4 + 34/7 (seven again) = 11/2 
11 gives fame usually, but like this?? Jupiter should bring fame, but Jupiter now is in Gemini, weak, so the "fame" came in a disastrous way...

Now look at his chart. No hour, so I made a Solar map. The leading planets are Mars and Mercury, both at 11^. 

His short life ended on May 22, 2013, then, and now transiting Uranus and Pluto are at 11 degrees. 11 in numerology warns us of sudden and major changes in life. 
Now look at his chart with the transits on May 22! 

His natal Mercury is attacked by Uranus, Mars by Pluto, Moon by Mars, Father time: Saturn on his natal Pluto, to bring something terrible; See, Jupiter, could have saved him, but not while in Gemini!.  

And here comes the creepy thing: Although I don't have the day of the killer, Michael Adebolajo
but even making his chart for Dec.1.1984, where is his Mars??????? at 11 degrees!!!!!!!!!! Aquarius, 180^ -exact opposition to Lee's Mars.- in Leo!.

Many astrologers would not cast a chart without the hour of birth. Not to speak with out the day! But since Mars is the major player here, and it is a slow planet, Until I'll find his full data.. this is enough for me, to see the major traits of the person. Uranus-Sun conjunction makes one unpredictable, Neptune Mercury secretive. If you'll read the link, you'll see that he converted to Islam at 10, and nobody in his class knew! How can a 10 year old hold such a secret?? His Mars is conjunct the killing point of Anareta, and all in all, it is incredible. 
May Lee rest in peace.

May 30,2013 Thursday

The first news I hear today morning that the mayor of NY, Michael Bloomberg got a ricin letter. I had to look at his chart, right? And you won't believe it! the 11 degrees is again there. His natal Jupiter is at 11 Gemini, - attacked by transit Uranus and Pluto. 

I got the data of Michael Adebolajo: 10 December. Yesterday I pointed out his Mars' placement in the chart, with this date Mars would be at 18.32 degrees, so my theory dies here. ... As the proverb says: חיפזון מן השטן.... in Hebrew... translating it to English, Google did not find anything... so it would be: Rushing is the devil's work... I got my lesson.... :( / 

But I would still search people or events' data who have planets at 11 degrees... 

So let me see what is new today in the sky. 
Moon at 19 Aquarius, mind you, the US market is affected by the Moon in Aqua/Leo axis. Sun at 9 Gemini, in two days it will also be at 11*... We have a cluster in Gemini: Mercury, Venus, Jupiter between 23-28 degrees. 
Too many planets in Gemini can point to all kinds of accidents, car, planes, words might be said, that we will be sorry later... so count to 10 before you release something to the ether. 
Spy: topped at 167.76 May 28, Now 165.90 is an important level, above it long, below, is a short. 

May 31, 2013  Friday

It seems to be a positive day in the US market today, but I would not leave open positions for the week end. 

With all the planets in Gemini- the sign of transportation- this is the perfect news I would look for.

June 1, 2013 Saturday

Well well well, what is it I am seeing??? I haven't been home yesterday afternoon to track the market. If you kept my advice about SPY, you are now richer. I wrote to go short below 165.90- now it is at 163.24. And of course all other indices as well. I ran TS. to see how did S&P react in the past when Mars enters GEmini, since 1950: and it shows a 52.6% up. So we could not have relied on that...Also, Mercury changed sign, entered Cancer. If I look at the timetable, that! is exact. Working with the Gann Wheel, if you take Dec. 19 2011 low- it gives May 30th, if you start one from Nov 16, 2012 you'll get May 31 as a CIT. Next June 7,14,21,28/. But, these time tunnels have to be connected to celestial moves. Every day there are hundreds of angles and different positions. We should know which ones are the important ones. 
So after all, May DID IT, it brought the fall, as May usually does. See my post on the 27th... 
I love to use this simple drawing: using the cube: 

Now some other calculations point to July 22 and 30th for a major turn. Till then many important issues... so stay with me. 

Back to work. Writing the reports take all my week end, and today I must go smell the sea. 
Be back later. 
I have to share with you what I wrote in my report last week: Friday: Mercury enters Cancer, usually it marks a change in trend. 3 hours later Mars enters Gemini, passing 0 ^, the Pleiades!. A very bad and vulnerable position.

June 2, 2013 Sunday

Someone from Argentina arrived to my blog searching for Beethoven. I am surprised how I did not post his chart till now, being my first and irrevocable favorite of all classical composers. I guess this is due to the film I saw when I was a child, and his life story, made a deep effect on me, always thinking that a person should make something of his life, and do not waise it. I also thought that unless one doesn't leave a print on mankind his life is worthless. I don't think so today... It's only how I interpret MY chart, having Pluto Jupiter conjunction in Leo, I am an either-or person... Well, I used to be. Anyways, let us look at Ludwig van: 

Born on Dec. 16, 1770 - his date adds up to 7- Neptune. Planet of inspiration, talent and gift. But it was Saturn, that in Oct. 1800 trined his Mercury and turned him deaf:

Now don't think that always when Saturn will make a 120 degrees to your chart you will turn deaf! LOL... NO no no.. In his natal chart position Mercury was already "burnt" up by the Sun, being too close, so it was just a matter of time. Also Natal Mars was in opposition Mercury, and when Saturn triggered Mercury so did Mars, with 150 degrees. 
  • Plaudite, amici, comedia finita est. (Applaud, my friends, the comedy is over.)

Listen to this well known piece of pearl... Moonlight Sonata... 

June arrived. Important dates to watch: 

· 8.06.2013 11:56:20 GMT-4 18°00'48"Gem New Moon 
· 16.06.2013 13:23:41 GMT-4 25°43'06"Vir 1st Quarter 
· 23.06.2013 7:32:14 GMT-4 2°09'53"Cap Full Moon 
· 30.06.2013 0:53:31 GMT-4 8°34'31"Ari Last Quarter

June 3, 2013 

have been very busy this morning with teaching... etc... WHat's happening? The Moon moved to Aries, bringing new energy to the stage. At first all fell, now correcting. All in all, we are short in the intra day charts. Venus ,moved to Cancer , till June 28. Have you signed up yet for the forecasts?? 
A lot of moves this months... so hurry... 

June 4,2013 Tuesday

Today we are under the spell of Mars and Neptune. Mars is at 2 Gemini, Neptune at 5 Scorpio, in square. This square will be exact only when Mars will be at 5 Gemini, or June 8, but the effect can be felt already. Mars is for wars, Neptune for religion, and we see Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Iran...
We still have the Uranus-90-Pluto square, and we can add to this a Water grand trine: Venus Saturn-Neptune: 

Furthermore, Mars, yesterday, was at 180 degrees to the last Lunar eclipse point. If you remember, the eclipse was at 4 Sag. Saturn will be at 30^ to this point between June 23-July 22, Neptune will square the Lunar eclipse point between July 16-Aug 27. THe Solar eclipse was on 19.30 Tau, so dates to watch : June 9, 18,27. For further dates, check when will planets be at this degree. 

It is a custom now, that I check which world leader was born in the sign of the month. Let me see who was born in Gemini: that meant from May 21- to June 21: 

Anna Bligh- PM Australia: 14.6.1960
Georgious Papandreu - PM Greece 16.6.1962
Karolos Papoulinas - President of Greece-4.6.1929
Khaled Mashal - 28.5.1956
Laurent Gbagbo - President of Cote d'Ivoire.
William-Prince of UK - 21.6.1982
Philippe- Prince- husband of the Queen UK 10.6.1921
XI Jinping-China- 15.6.1953.

Sorry if I did not include someone... 
Why are birthdays important to remember? Because the Sun arrives back to the place of the birth. These days are very vulnerable. That is why we celebrate birthdays, in order not to be alone on this day. 

Market starts... very busy trading these days... 
We saw, during the last days, that planets ingresses cause a lot of turns and twists in the market.Today is the turn of Mercury to enter Helio Libra. ... I ran TS to see how did the S&P react to this ingress, and I got: negative trend when Mercury is between 25 Virgo till 22 Libra. 

Ta 25: Support and resistance: 1225-1235. Now at 1229. 

Erdugan Recep Tayyip- Turkey- makes head lines lately, due to the uprising. Born 26.2.1954, his date adds up to 47/11/2 - again the dreaded 11! THE number that brings major changes for its bearer. 11 is a master number. One should live up to the expectancy of this vibration. When not, the person is " casted from paradise" so to say... The possibility was given, he used it in a negative way, so bye bye till next time... His name: the vowels add up to 11- again - the consonants to 13- the card of death. Together:15/6 the card of the Devil. Should I continue? He acts as if he was the Sultan of the East. But those times are long gone. He is in his personal year 7, personal month 4, very fateful times! 

This is his combined chart: natal, progressed directed and transits. I know, it's a jungle.. LOL
What is important to see is, his Jupiter, at 11 degrees, double attacked by transit Uranus and Pluto- both to affect him for a long time, since they are very slow planets. The other thing, look at the red arrows, his natal Moon, Venus (ruler of his career, Mars, Saturn and Uranus ware all triggered by an eclipse or the other. 

And something more: his natal Venus is on Achernar (Alpha Eridani  m 0.46) ZET tells us: 
Keywords: Sudden success in public office, religious benefits, access to another realm
Effect: Fortunate
Character: Saturn"
Jupiter on fortunate Rigel, BUT! Uranus, on Castor: Keywords: Sudden fame or loss, distinction, keen mind, violence, mischief
Effect: Unfortunate
Character: Saturn/ Mars/ Venus
MInd you, transit Jupiter will be on Castor between 8-21 October 2013.

Based on all these, It seems that his reign is not long lasting. 

While having my lunch I heard on the news, that the Turkish index rallied for 11 years... Immediately that rang a bell... maybe two. the dreaded 11 number pops up again, and the cycle of Jupiter is 12 years, so no wonder it is falling now. Jupiter was in Gemini in 2000, and now. 

755 is a support. Now it trades at 804. 
Have you seen CNN? half of Europe is under water... Floods everywhere! 

June 5, 2013 Wednesday

I had no internet till now... it's 9:30 am. Our market opened, premarket now, 1229.12- there is a 
support at 1225.20. Falling from here, support only 1216.
Moon's aspects for today: 

5.06.2013  9:30:08  7°26'03"Tau Sextile Mercury
 5.06.2013 15:08:37 10°17'13"Tau Semi-square Jupiter
 5.06.2013 16:24:57 10°55'45"Tau Trine Pluto
 5.06.2013 18:11:05 11°49'17"Tau Semi-sextile Uranus

The sky for today: Both Saturn and Mars are on some vulnerable points. I teach in my course, why. 

I just saw in the news the tornado in Oklahoma... I immediately looked up the news in the net, just to bump into the number 11 again: scroll down, you will see what I mean. 

June 6,2013 Thursday

6.6.6. the number of the beast. Previously this no. showed up in 2004. 
Another subject: I wonder, if Sept 11, 2013 will find the S&P at 1740. Sept 2013 made a top at 1470- now these numbers will be the same, but in different order.... Just mark this in your calendar. See what happens. For the time being we are still short, for those who have deep pockets the stop is 1530. Target 1740 till 9/11. 

Be back.. 
Today we have a new energy in the air: Helio Venus enters Leo. I ran TS, and it says that when this happened in the past, 66% ( out of 124 cases) we got an uptrend for 2 days, then a correction, and up again. 
But, we have to check all the planets, not only Venus. 
Major even in the sky: tomorrow Neptune turns RETRO. 

June 8, 2013 Saturday

My mom wrote me on skype that she heard on the radio that :1) water was found on Mars... let's pack and go I said.... and 2) Putin announced that he is divorcing Lyudmila, after 30 years. Now, this is interesting... so I checked their chart, right away. and see, Tom??? if your search, you will find... 
Born Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin. Name added up: 16/7- 16 is the card of the Tower. & 7 is ruled by Neptune. Very secretive person (7) and he will fall, big time. Vowels add up to 11... there we go again.... Born: 7/ Oct 1952.= adds up to 34/7 - again. He is in his 4th year, a year that one feels suffocated. Between his 56-64 age fate brought his expansion, but also new love affairs... 

Wife: Lyudmila Shkrebneva. Name adds up to 11. !! What can I do??? Born 6/Jan 1958- she is too in her 4th personal year. She is 54 years old, fate brought her, between the age 51-60 endings in the family.

June 9, 2013 Sunday. 

As you already know, we have trade today. To my local subscribers I wrote that we will have a gap-up today, and we had. TA25 trades now at 1233.87. At this level it is blocked by Neptune. It will take another extra push to go to 1241. 

As usual, I am closing this article, and start a new one. It is a New Moon today, time to move on. 

Thanks for being here, follow me to the New Moon in Gemini. 


  1. Hi Gabriella
    Nice charts ..astrology and Gann can help time become at least as important as price !

  2. Hello Raul,

    Thank you for your comment, indeed! time is written on the wall...if one knows how to see it.
    Do you use astrology in your trade? What do you think of my chart of the Dow? will it fall or rally?

  3. Gab,

    Have you ever added up your own (or your kids) numbers/dates etc... to see what may be coming - good or bad? Just curious after reading about Lee.



  4. Hello TOm, I missed you :)... You ask me if I check our data... are you kidding me?? ONLY our??? I have a large notebook in my bag, and whoever I meet, I count their numbers, and names, of people on TV, friends, relatives... I mark my notes, and then years later I see what happened... Walking on the street I add up car's numbers, or pay attention to time and events occurrence. Have you noticed, for ex. that sometimes you do things exactly at 11:11 ? or 6:06?? everything has a meaning. One has just to pay attention.


    1. MMM... just wonder if I'd really want to know what may or may not happen to me or my family members in the future. (i.e...what career path may they take, do any of us become involved in accidents - do we live or die etc...)?

      Also find it interesting that you do not have faith in a greater power and intelligent design. I find astrologers rarely do. I myself am a Christian and big believer in Jesus Christ as our savior. The more you study the bible and Christianity, the more you begin to understand how it all happened and why - for God's glory and all human's sake - it had to happen (Christ as our Savior). Ironically the more Archeologists unearth the more they unintendedly provide proof of creationism over evolution. As an example if we did evolve from amphibians or some form of Ape Man, why wouldn't we have several stages of our ancestors either still wandering the earth or at least be unearthing fossils EVERYWHERE of the different stages of our development? Instead what has been unearthed is the sudden appearance of humans - in our modern day form - about 55,000 years ago - in Africa while land bridges still connected all contemporary continents (prior to continental drift). Explorers in those days simply walked far from their homelands and ultimately ended up in just about all corners of the world as the continents drifted. Today we have completed Genome that has now provided more evidence - and probably the best evidence - that we're all related and our forefathers are all rooted to a specific area in Africa. Its really interesting that Africans, Iranians, Jews and even the Chinese (all f us) carry the same genes and have all been traced back to that same African location.

      Anyway sorry for the run-on post. Just find this all highly intriguing...



    2. Hello Tom,

      Yes, from a person's reading- numero or astro- we can know what is best for him to do and when. It is up to the person if he will actually do it. for example, if you see in one's birth data a lot of 4, than this person "came back"- I mean his soul, until he will DO what it is expected of him.
      About my faith... did I say -ever - something like that? I did write that I am not religious. BUt I do believe that everything that happens has a meaning, which some will understand only years later, or maybe not at all. If I knew 25 years ago what I know now, I guess my life would have turned out differently. But, also I might have not become what I am today. There is a purpose for everyone's lives. This, we can see in the charts.

  5. Gabbi, at my age of 70+ please do not mind me writing to you at your first name. I am NOT a trader, at my age only thing you do is make sure that with that SS check secure milk, bread and medications and make sure your month go by fine !!!
    but i read your blog every morning early and i know many times you don't write on Friday may be because you write your reports or may religious reasons. when you wrote today what ever you do please don't have any open orders and i know now why??? in last few minutes dow took a dive nobody expected i believe Uranus effect :: surprise????? every word you write has a meaning and this shows this. i again, thank you for writing such an excellent blog and knowledge providing one. please keep up the GODS work and i again thank you

  6. Hello Vicky, how are you?? I remember you, you wrote me in the past... No, I am not religious, I don't write on Fridays because I write my reports, and also it is a short day, shops close at 2 or 3 pm, so have to attend to the household.
    I just saw yesterday's "wipe-out"... Wawww... what a move! Mars ingress to Gemini- fire to air- did it.
    Thanks for being here, keep well,


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