New Moon in Cancer 2013

between: July 8- August 7

Thanks for following... so what is in the bag of "Uncle Future"? Now we have the Sun-Moon-Mercury and Jupiter in Cancer. Mars will join them soon. Venus is in Leo, during this lunar month, ( on July 23) it will pass to Virgo, where it "feels" less comfortable than in Leo. Venus rules the banks.  So look for a change in trend in the banks, after it enters this signs. Saturn, Uranus Neptune and Pluto will not change signs, so nothing to add there, and we have now 4 planets retrograde. 

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July 10,2013 Wednesday

US indices ran up yesterday, but still have not made new highs. The top of May 22 is still waiting to be conquered. Look at the Dow- and use MFI- Money flow index- although the index ran up since June 24, the big money did not get back into the market... Stock is at 95!. So as we target former tops so we should tighten our stops. 
Today we are ruled by Mercury. Mercury is the planet that rules Gemini and Virgo. It is now in Cancer, retrograde and combust= "debilitated" by the Sun. We cannot "rely " on it. Anybody else, to show the direction?? 
Venus squares the Nodes. Let me check what happened before, when this occurred. You see, Financial astrology works both directions. We have the data of the future, in the astronomy. We know where will be each planet in a 100 years from now, and we have the past data in the graphs. In the Dow, for instance, we have data since 1885 and more, see by back testing, we can presume what will happen. But this is a sysiphus work... 
I checked, and when Venus squares the nodes, the Dow rallied 59.6% ( out of 167 occurrences) for 7 days after this angle happened. This is very positive, but don' forget, there are tens of other issues to check. After we fit the puzzle, we can take the decision. 
Some calculations: Oct 4.2011 till May 1.12= 210 days = Elliott 1; June 2.12- Oct 5.12= 123 days =Elliott III; Nov 16.12- May 22.13= Elliott V= 186 days. 186 days are 0.885 to 210. June 14, 13 was 210 days from Nov 16,12- that was a full cycle. Next days to watch for a turn in trend: 237 days from the low= that was July 7, and Aug 8th. You can try the same counting from the top of May 22. 

Off to the beauty parlor... take care. Did I tell you?? The Maccabiah will start on July 15th to 31st, and I shall work there, so I have to look at my best... 

July 11, 2013 Thursday

Today it is Venus and Jupiter that are in charge. Both are looked at as planets that bring a positive attitude, if they are in the right sign for them. Not only that Venus is is Leo, it is in Jupiters' decanate- best; and Jupiter in Cancer, at 3 degrees.27", in a trine with Saturn and Neptune, which is also favorable. Let me see where are the other players, that can mix up this ideal day? The Moon in Leo, here are its angles for today and tomorrow: for gmt+3;

11.07.2013  2:23:11 18°23'09"Leo Semi-square Jupiter
11.07.2013  3:22:32 18°53'13"Leo Semi-sextile Sun
11.07.2013 22:54:26 28°49'42"Leo Sextile Mars
12.07.2013  1:11:47  0°00'00"Vir <<<
12.07.2013  3:46:33  1°19'20"Vir Semi-square Mercury
12.07.2013  8:20:21  3°39'58"Vir Sextile Jupiter
12.07.2013 10:36:18  4°49'55"Vir Sextile Saturn
12.07.2013 11:02:44  5°03'32"Vir Opposition Neptune
12.07.2013 11:13:42  5°09'11"Vir Semi-square Sun
12.07.2013 13:51:42  6°30'39"Vir Biquintile Uranus
12.07.2013 20:39:15 10°01'23"Vir Trine Pluto

We use the Moon only for intraday trades. 

Today Mars is Void of course! and on Betelgeuse, a negative fixed star, so the problem can come from here... This is our black sheep for the day. It is now at 28.Gemini 25; 
TA25: closed yesterday lite reddish, at 1206. There is a support at 1205-1203.35 and a resistance at 1210-1212-1214. 
S&P: closed at 1652.62 - support 1648.35. Falling below it will glide down to 1636.40; targets up: 1653-1655. TIll now July 10th was the last top. 1657.92- On this day, Helio Jupiter entered Cancer, and caused a CIT. 

Our index went nuts! it is no option expiry, but it trades at 1328!!???!!!! What is going on? Virus? Assad ? Oil in the mid of Tel Aviv??  Ok, it was a bonds expiry today, and since I don't trade them, I was not aware. Now we are at 1214.96- even so, the index jumped above targets, so I have to recalculate. HMars is blocking at this point. another jump up will push it to 1216.75- 1219.20-1222-1226. 

July 14, 2013 Sunday

What bell does this date ring?? Well, of course, it is the day of the Bastille, the French Revolution date- 224 years ago. When I was in school we had to memorize all the important dates and international events. This one was my favorite, because the date is so simple: 14.7.1789. 
Looking at the map of that day, the time was ripe for the uprising: Uranus-Venus-Jupiter conjunct in Leo! and Mars sending a favorable angle to them.... THe "sky" approved.

Who remembers Mireille Mathieu? Here is the Marseilles- in French it sounds so sexy, no?? The song was written by: Claude Joseph Rouget de Lisle. Today we have the same revolutions all over the Arab world, but it doesn't sound like this... no.

Vick - here you are: Coffee: fell to 117- and now there is a minor positive divergence in the oscillators,  but only above 139-140 it will be interesting. Aug 16,2013 will in interesting to watch for a change in trend.

TA25 : under the arbitrage influence, opens at 1218. Support at 1216.40- resistance 1222.

July 15, 2013 Monday.

Yesterday our index closed at 1221.20- after topping at 1224.58. 
Today I am very excited, because I am leaving for two weeks, and I am looking forward to a great time... So posts will be more rare.

Tomorrow is an interesting date: the foundation of Islam, and 1323 years later, the First Nuclear detonation took place. (on July 16th 1945, and the foundation of Islam was on July 16, 622). 

To subscribers: I will do my utmost to keep you update.

Take care, and keep well :) 

July 22,2013 Monday

I am at teh Maccabia, very very busy. I hope are doing well, and wait for me to be online again. 
Keep well, 


August 1, 2013 THursday

I am back. I slept 14 hours. It was amazing, terribly hectic, fulfilling. Stepping out of my chair and the computer, stepping down from the sky with its planets, and meet people, their problems, answering questions 23 hours a day. I met them all. the young, the old, those who are "flowing" with the daily difficulties and those who are not. 
I shall post some pictures... 
Now let me see where is the market? 
Today we are ruled by Jupiter and Venus. The two benefactors. Venus is in Virgo, Jupiter in Cancer they are in a sextile. This is a positive position for the trades. Let me see the others: The Sun at 9 Leo 150- disharmonic to Pluto. The Moon in Gemini- will be void of course from 19:48- to Aug 3rd 7:29- in gmt +3... so watch it! not a time to trade. 
Venus is in 150 to Uranus- disharmonic, Mars 90 to Uranus! very energetic, also points to terror attacks, accidents, air plain crashes... 

S&P: closed at 1689. Today is 777 days from 6/16/2011 low. the price is trining (120) the Sun. Falling below, support is at 1685, 1684.50 - Targets 1691-1692.50. At this point it will be blocked by Mars- Uranus square. 
TA25: closed at 1203.12 after a bottom at 1197.07. SUpport is at 1195= Helio Mars.

I think I have a bug in my charts... the prices are jumping up and down...No!!! I don't need this now.
I am sending updates to subscribers, so I'll be back later... 

S&P: difficulty crossing 1692-1695! remember my "three fathers' pattern? 
The index ran above  1692- and topped at 1707.81. Closed at 1706.87. Taking the Gann wheel from 666 low we get this 1706 target - in red -. All is good, except the oscillators show negative divergence. ... 

Support in green.
Time alert: August 12th. - mathematically, but it falls on a Saturday, so watch August 11th- it is 1080 days from 8/27/2010. It is also 986 days from 11/30/2010,

August 2,2013 Friday.

Today we have several announcements before market opening.

Today we don't have trade, and I shall write my reports. 
For you, who are out there, we are ruled by Venus and Neptune. They are in harmonious positions. The Moon is at 18 Gemini. Waning. The power for the rally comes from Mars square Uranus. This aspect ends today at 5 pm ( gmt+3).
A new aspect will be on stage next week: Jupiter in opposition Pluto between Aug 3-13. This happened before only in  Oct.2000, and May 2001... it is a rare and strong one. check your indices/ commodities/shares, how did they react to this angle? 

S&P for today: Since there is more power in the sky, it might try for a new high. 1706. Mars is supporting at this point. Targets up: 1712, 1713.80- ( Helio grand trine) 1719.85 is the next step. 
Pls. note, that in my July 13th newsletter (WMA Letter) I wrote:
"The S&P closed at 1680.19; it is running up, taking 2 steps at a time. The last top was 1683- on May 22, we might go over it- as the Russel did. I have to add that there is an important planetary position in the sky next week: Jupiter-Saturn-Neptune grand trine at 5 degrees. This means, that at 1685 the index will be blocked by one of them. If the index will run above 1685- then next targets will be: 1710-1715-"
We are now at this point... 

The DOW: is now at 15628. In the same letter I wrote:
"we are long with a stop at 15420- I like them tight… in case of surprises.
Targets: 15527, 15707, 15795, 15888, 15946.16045."

Russel: I wrote: 
"Closed at 1036.53- after a top at 1038.57
It trades now in an inclining channel. Target till July 11th is 1022- we got this and more! I would put my stop to 1030.
In the daily: it is still in the channel= long. 
the stop is at 1030-1027-
Target: 1046-1057-1069-1070-1078-1083-1122-1185 Important day to watch is July 20th."
We are now at 1059
Gold: I wrote in my newsletter, to watch July 24th. Now, looking back, it was a top; at 1344. My target was 1340.12- watch for a change in trend today. 
Silver: From JUne 28 to July 23 went up and topped at 20.59. Today it trades at 19.34, which is 50% correction of the previous "rally". Today it opened with a gap-down. The oscillators are negative, more correction is possible till 19.14- 18.50 - But, the trend is changing... future target: 22. 

I wrote in the past, that the banks are carrying the market. SO let's look at them: 
Morgan Stanley: SInce the 2007 fall, in spite that the S&P, Russel, Dow rallied, thi sone is way behind! It only made 1/3 correction! the oscillators are weak, and the MFI shows that money is running out of the bank. 

Bank of America:BAC: is worse. Didn't even make it to 1/3 correction since the Oct 2007 fall.

JPMorgan: they know the work! it is heading to 58- 63 ish. 
GS: I wrote many time about it it the past- pls. look it up in the search window... Now it is at 2/3 from the 2007 fall. Support 157- Target: 173.
Nifty: Stop for long at 5712. Falling below it'll go to 5588 again. 
FACEBOOK : It is interesting to note, that 330 trading days are between the first and last top.
July 31st it topped at 38.- See how transit Jupiter is in exact square to natal Uranus! Also, (in green) transit Venus on Natal Mars. for future observation, these two pairs will be followed up. 

OK. I think I said enough... 

Have work to do. If you would like to sigh up to my reports, pls. mail me - Pls. use Paypal at the left of the blog. 

August 4,2013 Sunday.

I would like to show you the USA natal map with the transits of this week: 

See how transit Mars- now in the sky conjuncts natal Mercury? Mercury is the ruler of thr 10th house, of government. The conjunction takes place in the 8th house of endings and new beginnings. The 8th house also represents money. "Others" money. Now Look at Uranus in opposition to Saturn, which rules Capricorn, a sign that is in the second house of "my money". Uranus brings revolutions, sudden changes. SInce both point to money issues, look out for bankruptcies  monetary changes, governmental decisions. These might take a while, because Uranus is separating from Saturn and it moves slowly, but it is " in the air". 

Today Obama turns 52. The numbers added up give us a 7. It is a difficult number. It is ruled by Neptune, or by the Vedic astrology, the South Node. If his hour of birth is 18:36 Honolulu, Neptune, in the natal chart is on his MC- ruling his career  It gives him the illusionist attitude, someone who believes in a dream. But who is also as a "fish" ( Neptune rules Pisces) you can never catch him... What happens now? Transit Saturn- the severe, old, dark one is right on his Neptune, shaking him, saying hello! wake up! the world is down here, action must be taken. Saturn returns to this point once in 28 years... The other "malefics" like Uranus, the revolution bringer, is exactly trining (120) his natal Sun. There is no way a person remains the same after this angle is over! And Uranus is in retro! that means it will " iron" this degree -go back and forth - till April 2014 and Oct 20-Feb.20.2015. Neptune is the next difficult planet to watch. it is at 4 degrees Pisces. Obama's Moon is at 2! So there too he will get a direct hit between Oct-Dec.2013 and Oct 20-Dec 14. 2014, This square too is a first timer. He never had it before. Last and worst is Pluto. It is at 9.31 Capricorn. Pluto will sextile his natal Neptune in Sept.-Oct.2013. As I said Neptune rules his career. Pluto first destroys in order to rebuild. 

The situation will be much more difficult in October, when to all these Mars will show up- exactly on his natal Uranus.
I believe Obama has a private astrologer, who will guide him well.

Today we are ruled by the Sun and Mars. They are in minor positive position with each other.

Lot's to do... see you later. 

August 5,2013 Monday

Markets opened abroad as if waiting for a direction. Those who studied with me, will remember that when the Moon is fading, this is the situation. The Moon is also conjunct Mercury right now, and Mercury is in water Cancer... so the effect of the indecision is bigger. Why? Because Mercury is in charge of thought and speech, but how can it manifest when it is under water? 
Aspects of the Moon for today: gmt+3: 
5.08.2013  9:48:56 24°55'26"Cnc Conjunction Mercury
 5.08.2013 17:02:25 28°32'13"Cnc Biquintile Neptune
 5.08.2013 19:57:36  0°00'00"Leo <<<- span="" style="background-color: #76a5af;">new trend!!!!!!

Here is the 10 min. graph of the Silver and Gold. After the rally last week, its time for a correction. Don't you think? 
AEX: For my Dutch readers: It made a triple top at 372. Here it is blocked by Uranus. It would take a gapping up to go higher. 

UK PMI: came out very positive! 

Running above 6875 next targets in the weekly- on the long run: 7125-7388. Short only below 6540

SBUX: Starbucks : is a share that does not stop at the red light! A fabulous rise!! But now look at the RSI, it shows neg. divergence. 
Target 78 ish... then it might correct. 

ANNOUNCEMENT AT 5.... (90 MIN FROM NOW)...stay out of trades! 

Welcome to my visitor from the Bahamas!!! :) Lots to read here :) 

ISM Non Manufacturers came out positive, pushed the S&P 4 pints higher... I am not impressed! 

Have to go to yoga.. be good. 

August 6,2013 Tuesday

Today we are under the spell of Mars and the Moon. The Moon today is called "Balsamic Moon" and this is what ZET- writes about it:  29th Moon Day
Waning Balsamic Moon
If you were born during the Balsamic Moon phase, you tend to focus on the future. You may have premonitions and be able to foresee events, and believe that fate has an important role in your life. You are also likely to have leadership abilities. 

If you are a farmer or gardener, this is the best time to cultivate, plow, turn sod, pull weeds, and destroy pests of all kinds, especially if the Moon is in a barren sign (Aries, Leo, Virgo, Gemini, Aquarius, and Sagittarius)." The Moon is in Leo too, as you can see it is a barren sign. Why? because Leo is fire, and life needs water , not fire to succeed it going on living.

Mars is in Water Cancer... Fire in water... Today is the anniversary of "Curiosity" landing on Mars. Hiroshima Atom Fall. If you go to Wiki and type in August 6, you will see how many things happened in history on this day, and any day. How many "famous" people were born... How many of them you heard of?? Most of them I haven't... :(. 
The S&P is influenced by the Moon in Leo. It tops or bottoms when the Moon is in this sign.
See yesterday the index reached 1709.58- at the closing, when the Moon entered Leo. 
11:40: Positive "Manufacturing production" in the UK- moves the markets higher. This reminds me of the times when I was working in the tourist business, and in the year 2000 the  Intefada broke out. Tourists stopped coming completely. Then in 2001 150 business men- half Israelis crossed the Allenby bridge from Jordan. The Ministry of tourism wrote with huge letters" the tourism is up by 150%".... :) 

Have you seen the fabulous move in the oil?? I caught it!!! :) Nice... from 106.20- to 107.13... 
Venus is blocking at 107.78.... Venus in Virgo is weak. It shows its negative sides. 

Nasdaq 100: weekly chart. See the negative divergence in the RSI? watch out for a correction!

why not sign up now for my weekly forecasts?? 

August 7,2013 Wednesday

We are already after the New Moon, so I should start a new article. But let me see first where is the market now.. Except the swiss market- all are red... So the correction is here. Jupiter-Pluto opposition did it. We have a very difficult formation in the sky now: Uranus 90 Pluto, and this opposition. Degrees 9 and 12 are important now. 

Thank you for being here, follow me to the next article: New Moon in Leo... By the way.. you can read other articles- at the left of the blog- archive... I am writing this blog for 4 or 5 years now? So plenty to read... 


  1. gabbi,
    hope you are doing OK>. i always visit your blog and read your writings almost daily except on Friday when you don't post it. i personally thank you for letting me read your writings and it is God's sent writings. you had mentioned about Coffee a while back and me being a coffee drinker and also every body in USa would you please take some time to write some more about it and see what is happening to coffee and what we should expect in near future.
    i personally thank you for that

  2. Hello Vick,

    How are you?? Glad to find you here :) ... Me too just having my morning coffee... sure, I'll look into it. I like Taster Choice...with vanilla- how about you?

    I shall be away between July 15-31; working at the Maccabiah, so the posts will be more rare...
    Keep up the good spirits


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