New Moon in Leo 2013

Between Aug 6 -Sept 5, 2013 

During the coming Lunar month, we will see the planets leave sensitive Cancer, and enter Leo. The important one is Mars which will switch signs on Aug. the 28th. Venus will move from Virgo to Libra, a sign it rules; and the Sun will move to Virgo on Aug 22nd. 
The markets corrected, as you probably felt... I wrote in my report about the S&P: "The important angle of the week is Jupiter 180 Pluto at 9 degrees.= for the S&P it means 1719 or 1689.". We are now there.... Let's see if it holds.
You know, there is a possibility to write, comment, add your thoughts- at the bottom of the blog... So please feel free...
We are looking ahead to an extremely nervous month. There are so many difficult positions in the sky I can hardly count them. To that we can add the Solar  coronal mass ejections, on the Sun's surface, that adds to these extremes. It is very very difficult to forecast the market at this phase... 
Switzerland, the country that prospers, came out with a negative report.. markets tumbled. I was expecting Gold to rally, but no... there is no backing from the metal now. It dropped to Uranus line, 1272- meanwhile it is holding. 
I'd better go to the beach... LOL... 

August 8,2013 Thursday

This is the first headline that I read: 

"EU To Limit Cash Withdrawals to 100-200 Euros per day If a Bank Goes Down."..

I wrote in the past about how the governments will control money?! Here you are...  
What is new today, that was not there yesterday? First, the Moon moved to calm- Earth sign of Virgo. Here are the angles it will make in the next 2 days: 
8.08.2013 11:11:35  2°11'41"Vir Semi-square Mars
 8.08.2013 15:34:12  4°27'44"Vir Opposition Neptune
 8.08.2013 17:47:17  5°36'48"Vir Sextile Saturn

 9.08.2013  1:06:04  9°25'07"Vir Trine Pluto
 9.08.2013  1:30:19  9°37'46"Vir Sextile Jupiter
 9.08.2013  6:39:46 12°19'23"Vir Quincunx Uranus
 9.08.2013 15:01:04 16°42'12"Vir Semi-square Mercury
 9.08.2013 15:45:45 17°05'41"Vir Semi-sextile Sun
 9.08.2013 17:31:44 18°01'26"Vir Sextile Mars
 9.08.2013 22:33:25 20°40'26"Vir Semi-square Saturn

For the newcomers: the Moon is a translator of energy that comes from the planets. Each and every one of them has it's moods, attitude and timing. Why and how, I teach it in my course.  
The Moon is closest to Earth, it has the sharpest impact on us. But besides the Moon we have 8 other planets, infinite fixed stars, asteroids that affect us, little creatures down here... So a synthesis between all the ongoing issues, that is what should be made, put them on a balance, and see if we have a positive or negative day. 
The declinations of the planets also should be taken in consideration. See the Geocentric one for 5 months: 
See how markets culminated when Mercury was at its max. declination? 

It is interesting to note, that while the US indices rallied, India fell to new lows.  

1:00 pm - today at 3:30 pm my time there is "unemployment claims in the US. the forecast is pessimistic: 336 - the previous was 326. so if it comes out 335 or 334 - it will push the index up .My target, after all kinds of calculations 1716.- till Aug 15th. if 1689 holds. 
It is fenomenal to see that at this hour e x a c t l y ! Mercury will leave water Cancer and enter LEO. 
The Euro, when Mercury in Leo: TS that the Euro fell 5 days till 24 days after this happened.

Oh gee I need a faster computerrrrrrrr.... impossible to work uffffffffff

For the S&P Mercury in Leo brings: 64.5% since 1950- a rise in the first 4 days. 

But, again!!!! besides Mercury there are other planets in the sky!

August 8,2013 Friday. 

What a flipp-flopp yesterday!! The S&P - Higher lows, but 1700 is blocking. A little calculation shows, that at 1701 Venus is blocking. - for the time being. 

Today it's a day ruled by Venus, and it is parallel Uranus. So wait for a sudden effect. The other planet in charge for the day is Mercury, that too brings surprises. The Moon is the one we look at for intraday trading... look at the angles, I posted yesterday.... 

Friday is a short day here, shops close at 2 pm- so take care... trade well.. 

August 10,2013 

I saw a nice proverb, I'd like to share with you:

"Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people."

Eleanor Roosevelt

August 11,2013 Sunday

A slow day... like usual. Have other things to do than watch the market falling asleep. 

August 12,2013 Monday.

We have a new week in front of us. Let's see where will be the S&P be by the end of the week? 1717 or 1656? What do you say?? 

Let's see where are the planets now? Sun at 19.42 Leo- this degree rules the spine. Every degree in the zodiac is "in charge" of a part of our body. The Moon is separating from a positive position from the the Sun, is in Libra. Mercury at 6.42 Leo- a degree of the eyesight. On a day like this for instance, it is not very good to have an eye- surgery. Venus is at 24.46 Virgo- has to do with the liver. Mars at 19.45 Cancer- head of Pancreas-. Jupiter at 10.18 Cancer- Gastric Fundus. etc... 
Jupiter is in opposition to Pluto and trine the nodes. Two contradictory positions. We will have to look for the others to receive a clearer picture for the trade today. Oh, the Moon is VOID all the day! It means it has no angles with any planets. So everything that happens today will be reversible when it will have. ( after 23:18 gmt +3 ) .
TA25: closed yesterday at 1202.75 - Support only at 1199-1194. Resistance: 1204.35
S&P: trades now at 1689- thus, at 150 degrees to Pluto. Targets up: 1690-1692-1699. Support: 1685-1684.35 
Facebook: made a gigantic gap-up on July 25th. It topped at 39.32- Since then it trades sideways. Support now is at 38. Falling from there is will close the gap- and fall back to 26.50.
I thought that FB will reach 100 in the coming year, but when I looked at Zuckerberg's map I see it will not. - In my opinion - of course... He is looking into very difficult times- having Saturn on his Moon for the next 2 years... So I would be very careful with this share. 

August 14,2013 Wednesday

Today is 666 days form 10/18/2011- for the S&P. It is important to watch these days, they always bring some kind of change. 
S&P is now at 1689. Price is 30^ from Pluto. But what is more important, the resistance levels: 1690.50; 1691.25; 1692.15- getting a back wind from the Sun, later today, it is possible to jump above these resistance levels, and go 15 points higher. Any announcements today? Oh yes... as of 3:30 my time, US PPI- check it out- under the link. 
Major planetary position today in the sky is that of Helio Mercury conjunct Mars and later tomorrow Jupiter, at 1-3 degrees in Gemini. Look out for more volatility. Some weird accidents might happen- because of these conjunctions. 

Born on this day: 

Today is the birthday of Pakistan. 1947- gained independence from the UK. 
I use this link a lot: you can adjust it as you wish- by day, by month. 
Nifty: to my Indian subscribers I gave targets: 5654-5715- etc... we just got there... it trades not at 5717.20. 
Dow: 60 minutes: MA28 is at 15442- that is a support for long. Otherwise: short. 

AEX:very interesting!! makes new highs,while all the other indices tumble
will expect to go to 382-387-ish 

CAC too- makes new highs!!!! trades now at 4092- while the historical high was at 4118

Aaple: topped at 484- now support is at 482-480. Target: 491

:Euro: I wrote

Target: now: we got a low at 1.3350- falling below it will correct the whole move from Aug 2-9: 1.3310- to 1.3270: 
Actual low was 1.3234

.Market starts, see ya later

Do you remember PSTI? It was a share I was trading in the past. It came out with a positive announcement, so I am in again. 

August 15,2013 Thursday

Good morning. Slept well? I hope so, because today you will need all your skills and swift fingers to trade. The Moon entered Sag. during the night. From here it will add salt and pepper to the trades. Don't fall asleep, and don't leave open positions. 

Till now - since Aug 2nd, 13 days passed. Aug 2 was the last top- 1709- in the S&P. Before that, we had one on May 21, at 1674.93. Now it trades at 1681.34. Venus supports at 1678.30. If it falls from there, next support is only at 1671.60- and that would be bad news, because it would be lower than the May 21 high!. 
ON the other hand, targets up are at: 1684-1686-1689. All these levels are difficult to cross. So it will need a back wind from either the Moon, Mercury or Mars. Mercury is just leaving a positive position with Uranus...- nothing to expect from there... Mars is solitary! Makes no aspects at all... and La Luna will: gmt+3
15.08.2013  0:29:37 27°55'11"Sco Sextile Venus
15.08.2013  4:04:17  0°00'00"Sgr <<<
15.08.2013 11:24:03  4°17'00"Sgr Square Neptune
15.08.2013 12:29:18  4°55'17"Sgr Biquintile Jupiter
15.08.2013 14:18:14  5°59'17"Sgr Semi-sextile Saturn
15.08.2013 19:55:12  9°17'57"Sgr Semi-sextile Pluto

15.08.2013 22:48:13 11°00'21"Sgr Quincunx Jupiter

Apple: reached my target and more! 498.5 after a top at 504 !! Here it bumped into Neptune, and fell. Closed with a doji- so now people got so surprised, 50% wants to sell, 50% wants to buy- that is how we get a Doji. June 28- till yesterday = 42 days. (6x7)- time to rest. It can trades sideways- waiting for a new momentum- Long with a stop at 488. 
Goog: reached a vulnerable point. It is making a double bottom with JUne 24. Falling from 863, it will soon find itself at 800. The only positive thing I see is the positive divergence in the MFI. .. 
Oil: it refuses to drop... this is interesting, since the oil always falls before the indices do, but not this time.. It has somehow detached itself from the indices- of the US- maybe someone reading this blog will care to explain it to me?? I think it will reach top when the Moon will square Neptune today. We'll see. I am not trading it... too risky. Target: 108.45
Silver: on Aug 2nd I gave target :22. - We got it yesterday!!! 22.11 :) :) :) . 

3:30 announcements!!! be careful! The S&P broke down- as you can see.... 

August 16,2013 Friday

On this day, which is ruled by Venus, therefore positive, the date added up gives us a 1, ruled by the Sun, during Mercury trine Moon, I BOUGHT A NEW COMPUTER!!!!!  LOL 
Halleluya. !! No more delays and less hours by the machine, I hope, with a swift and strong tool. 

Last week in my forecast I gave this chart for a possible scenario for the
this was the outcome: 


August 18, 2013 Sunday

This week we are celebrating Leo's birthdays. In my family we have a few... Always a question what to buy.... 
I just found out, that Usian Bolt was born on Aug.21,1986... He is a Leo too. And Clinton... 

So what's new in the world? wars are still continuing. Syria, Egypt, all in a chaos. Soon Mars will ingress Leo, it will be worse. 

Read this site... it's really cool! 
What is new in the sky?? While we were sleeping slowly Venus entered Libra. It is a sign that it rules. The first to meet will be Neptune. It will make a disharmonic angle. Than it will connect to Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter. All those this week.  
Yesterday I completed my forecasts. You are welcome to sign up for them. - How? At the left there is a Pay Pal link. ... click WMA forecast and you will know how when and why to trade. 

Our market starts... see you later. 

August 19,2013 Monday. 

Today we are ruled by the Moon and Venus. At the first site, a positive day. So let me see.

A... before that, happy birthday to Bill Clinton ... He is celebrating today 66 yeas old.. Nice number. 
The Moon is at 0 Aquarius right now- there, if you remember, it makes a top/ or bottom in the US markets. The angles it will make today: 
19.08.2013  7:06:30  0°00'00"Aqr <<<
19.08.2013 12:19:44  3°14'25"Aqr Trine Venus
19.08.2013 13:49:55  4°10'23"Aqr Semi-sextile Neptune
19.08.2013 17:10:12  6°14'40"Aqr Square Saturn
19.08.2013 21:59:35  9°14'08"Aqr Semi-sextile Pluto

Venus is solitary in Libra. The first angle to send will be to Neptune, but I already wrote about this.. 
Our market closed yesterday at 1207.24 why the optimism? beats me... but, as usual, with the grocery-volume we have Sundays, anything can happen. 
Now it is supported at 1206-1203- and has the space open to 1210. There, it will be interesting to see how it reacts. 
Nifty is already trading.. I sent my forecast to subscribers, I hope they are in the right direction.
Market started in Europe... and here soon, have to rush to my shares... ciao... 

Among the so many visitors- and thank you each of you, I have to welcome a newcomer from the Virgin Islands! Pssssss.... how did u find me?? and you? from Kuwait?? I am glad you are here. Pls. feel free to ask me questions. 

On the news: Mubarak to be freed in 48 hours.... It is interesting to see his chart, and the timing! Transit Mars brings a lot of energy, and it is exactly in square to his natal Venus, which represents the 12th house of jail. Second, His Sun is exactly on Natal Neptune, ruler of his career. And, if you read my blog long enough, you could learn, that Saturn crowns kings... In his case, Saturn is right on natal Moon- so a new possibility is opening- career wise. It will be interesting to see how Obama will relate, after he turned his back on him. 
One or two years ago, when I wrote about the Arab "spring", many people wooed me, because I was not so optimistic about it. Now we can all see what a chaos it brought all over. Will Mubarak rule again? well... I can't say everything... can I??

I see some people have problem reading my blog. The best to do is use Google Chrome! It has no problems. 

Thank you :) 

August 20,2013 Tuesday.

Today we have some major important planetary positions in the sky. It is Jupiter-Uranus square at 12 degrees. Now the question is, where are they for your natal map? How, from which house in the wheel they affect you? A square brings a lot of energy to one's life. For the markets they mark a support or resistance, depending, where the share/commodity you trade, is. 
For example, for the S&P:  

And, I can't emphasize it enough, there are other planets to look at as well. 

Today we are affected by Mars and Neptune. Always when Neptune turns up we have a turn... so look out. Mars is still in Cancer. I fear the time it will enter Leo, fire in fire... if we had wars and uprisings, it will get much worse. I am afraid.... Market wise a lot of new energy... 
So we shall see. What is new in the world? Muhamed Badie was arrested... Who is he? heheh... I guess. you over the seas are not familiar with these names. He is the leader of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. Oh, but me too I am tired of politics. 
By the way, I checked Angela Merkel's chart for the elections on Sept 22,2013, I think she will win, but a very difficult year is ahead for her. 
LOL! Look at this article: people want to go to Mars, and not return.... Why?? Do they think they will start ANOTHER world?? there? why not do it here?? Wherever we go, we take US/ourselves with us. We are who we are. On the Moon, on Mars... Escapism... that is what Neptune speaks about. There are many ways to escape. You can escape in a good book, or in a film, or eating yourself to death , or drugs, or study mystics, or or or... Every one of us has his way of the back stairs... but then we come back, and what?? Pick up the pieces? Why not just do the right thing BEFORE Neptune hits you? 
Well... market starts... 
back later. 

August 21, 2013 Wednesday. 

Yesterday Mercury stopped the fall - for the time being- in the S&P - and Neptune in the markets. But we will need something more real than Neptune to believe this is over. 
Nifty, turned completely... Last low was 5307 - and now it is at 5468! 

Today we are ruled by Mercury and Saturn. Oh... there you are!! Saturn is strong. Let me see where is it. It is at 6^21 Scorpio. From this point it is blocking the S&P at 1656.45 Mercury is close to the Sun, inefficient. 
What else? the Moon just enters Pisces. From here it will send different angles to Neptune, Venus, Saturn and Pluto. These minutes should be watched... 
The Rupee: On June 11 I wrote about it- go back to the June article... I wrote that in July will correct, to 60 and turn. It did, and now it is at 64 ish- Support for long should be at 63. Again, a turn is due. 
In the same article I wrote about Mursi,- on June 30th - that we should check on him on Aug 15th. And Now we hear, that he is closer to jail than ever... 

August 22, 2013 Thursday

Look what your "Sherlock" found!!! After being hypnotized by the Jup-Uranus square, and dragging the index towards them, in the Helio chart, Venus's move is remarkable. Check out the angles it made at the top and at the bottom of yesterday.
Next date to watch will be Aug 25th. 

Today we are under the spell of Jupiter and Mars. As I write Mercury makes a minor positive angle to Mars, which might push the markets up a little bit. This angle will vanish by the time the US opens. 

August 26, 2013 Monday 

I am switching to my new computer, so until it is not fixed, it will be difficult to work normally.

Anyways, look how Mars is slowly reaching out to Leo, and the war talks are more and more serious- in this case against Syria...

The proverb for today is: 

The worst sin... is... to be indifferent.
Shaw, George Bernard - 

August 27m 2013 Tuesday

My technician is still working on my computer, when he has time... It takes some time to copy and put to work everything I gathered in the last 10 years.... But the new one is a real I am really looking forward to start fully using it. 
Just to keep you in line, we are today under the ruler ship of Mars, and Mercury. Mars, as you probably read in the news, is delivering .... Mercury- well, it brings a lot of talks, and more talks... The important one to watch though for today is Venus, because of the square it makes to Jupiter. We were following Venus since August 3-5.. when it began to make all kind of angles, and thus affect the S&P. 
Those who are subscribed to my reports, also know why... 
Today we have a very rare formation in the sky: a Star of David. 

The Moon today is in Taurus. From here it, under her influence, markets make new lows or highs. In today's case it seems new lows. 
Some thoughts about Bashar Hafez al Assad: his name is not in harmony with his birth date, (9.11.1965). This means, that he will meet a lot of difficulties in his life, and where others would bend, he will stick to his believes. He is now in his 8th year, and in his 7th personal month. After his birthday, he will enter his 9th year, and 9th month, in September 2013, and on Sept 18th - his 9th personal day. Let's see what will happen on that day. 

August 28, 2013 Wednesday

My computer is still limping... I just sent out updates to subscribers. There are some interesting stuff to pay attention to today. 
I am working now on September forecast. For those who wish to subscribe, can do it with PayPal- entering my mail: Since I am also a numerologist, you can sign up to study numerology, or astrology, or receive your personal reading... What is there waiting for you around the corner??

August 29, 2013 Thursday

We are almost done.... with the computer. The problem is, he can come for a very short time only, either I have to run somewhere... I hope you are doing well and take good decisions. 
Today the Moon is Void, it will not make any angles with the other planets till almost 3 pm my time. So what ever happens in the market, it is reversible. 

Today we are under the influence of Jupiter and Neptune. ha! Neptune again... September 1st again it will be on stage. Very nervous market! 
During the night, or better yesterday, the S&P made a nice rally, just to fall back again to 1633. 
Mercury is the planet to look at, making so many angles in the following days... Its angle to Uranus, 150 degrees, is the one to watch starting to day at 4 pm- my time (gmt+3) till Aug 30th 4 am. The price level we should watch is 1635. If the S&P is above it, good. 
Tomorrow Mercury will make all kinds of angles, so look out. I shall not be here. Celebrating birthdays... 

The situation in Syria is on hold... see Moon VOC. 
Let's pray nothing will happen. 

September 1,2013 Sunday

During the week end journalists, analyzers, "knowers" said and painted all the possible scenarios that will happen. I wonder how these people are not ASHAMED!! of all the mumble jumble the say... ?? as if they are flies on the wall in Assad/Putin/Obama's living room, and they KNOW... This over media is driving all of us crazy. No one knows what is true and what is fiction.  Anyways, the beaches are full, people are getting ready for the Rosh Hashanah- the New Years' if you don't know what it is... Actually, I have to go and buy some stuff for myself too, shops will be closed, and my fridge is empty. I was too busy till now fixing my computer, which is a rocket now!!! and reading very very ancient books someone sent me! I am so lucky with friends like that! 

Our market is just about to open. 
You can now subscribe to the weekly reports... Just click PayPal at the left panel, order WMA report now! Be among the first to know when to sell or buy. 

74 years ago, on this day, WWII broke out. Back then Saturn was conjunct the South Node in the 8th house of death. Today Saturn is conjunct the North Node, in Scorpio- a sign that rules the 8th house... back then the Sun was conjunct Venus in Virgo at 6 degrees. Now the Sun is conjunct the Part of fortune.  Back then Uranus was in retro at 21 degrees in Taurus .. Now Uranus is ion Aries and again in retro, at 11 degrees. Uranus was also squaring Mercury in Leo. Mercury now is in Taurus, at 16 degrees, in 150 - malefic position with Uranus. Back then Mars was in Capricorn, exalted. Now Mars is in Leo, exactly conjunct "back then " Pluto. What can we learn of all these placements? That back then there were 6 !!!! planets in earth signs. Earth, with no feelings. Now we have 3 in Earth, and many in water. Will these planets in water make mankind "remember?" and act differently ? We will have to see... 

With the Sun moving to Virgo, let's see who, among the world leaders was born in this sign?
Eduardo dos Santos- president of Angola since 1979: 8/28/1942
Hassan Nasrallah: 8.31.1960
Abdullah Abdullah, Afgan leader: 9.5.1960
Bashar Assad: 9/11/1965

These are the ones I have... Do you know of any other world leader born in the sign of Virgo? 
Why is it important to look at their maps? Because Uranus will be in a very unfavorable placement to their Sun and other personal planets. So a change in life will be due. But, I don't want to go into this now.. market is on.. let me see how am I doing?? \

September 3, 2013 Tuesday 

After Labor day the markets are waking to a Moon in Leo. Here the S&P usually makes a top or bottom. Tomorrow it will already be in Virgo. Where is it now?? at 1650- .

I started to write today with good intentions. But then I got a phone call from someone, who calls me ALL the time and expects immediate answers- for free. From where on Earth people like that come from? At first I was answering, thinking this is my good deed for the day. But what is enough is enough... Why do people think that they are entitled to free services??

This blog too... I am writing since 5 years. People sign up for services, then I have to send several mails to remind them that the time is up and they should renew. Why?? Why can't they mark in the outlook- service over pay- or send mail... or others ask for a trial time... what on Earth I am doing here for 5 years?? Well dig in, and read! Study! go deep. It's all there. I don't think or I haven't seen any other blog that gives you such accurate buy and sell signals E X P L A I N I N G  why I do what I do... I am really fed up. What do I need this for?? 

September 4, 2013 Wednesday

Some Rosh Hashanah thoughts. It was in the late 80's, not so long ago, I was working with my father in law, in a family business. I remember how eagerly he was waiting for the postman every day and specially before holidays. When finally the postman showed up at the corner of the street, joyfully he would jump out of his armchair, and ran down the stairs, not to miss him. Then there were always the polite questions, how he was, how is life... and " do you remember" sentences popped up... Finally, the man gave him the packet of letters, and triumphant he would come up to the office and showed them to me. Now there were all kind of envelopes. There were the white ones, which were opened first. Those were the innocent ones. Next came the brown ones, they were opened with curiosity, they meant a new request for a price offer from one of the bigger factories- kind of bids that were sent to 5 or more manufacturers. If one was clever enough, one could actually win the bid. Then came the green envelopes. They were put aside. They were- eventually- from the government. He used to put them aside, and look at them, as to try to find out what "they" want now?? He used to open the envelopes with a special knife-  a daily ritual. Before holidays we also got the fancy envelopes, with star, flowers or other ornaments, those were the small ones, containing the "Happy Rosh Hashanah" greetings. 
This dear man is long gone, but now, I see him in front of my eyes, how astonished would he be
today, and receive all the Rosh Hashanah greetings. Some come thru the phone. These are the longer conversations... Some on the mobile... those are shorter, it gets hot on one's ear, you want to close the conversation faster... And then I have the Facebook, the what sup, the messenger , twitter, Gmail... did I forget something???
Not his piece of cake, for sure. No more tiny envelopes... it is all computerized now... 

We are entering 5774 year. The number adds up to 5. A number which tells us of changes, restlessness, quick moves. It also comes after no. 4, which was a difficult one. This year we should have a better one than the last one. So be it! 
Happy Rosh Hashanah to all, even if you don't celebrate it. It's a new start. Every day is a new start. So let's do it in the best way we can. 


September 9, 2013 Sunday

We are long after the New Moon. Time is flying.. as usual, I should start a new article... So thanks for being here and let's go to the new page: "New Moon in Virgo".


  1. Hard to Believe that "now it is at 64 ish- Support for long should be at 63. Again, a turn is due."

    Govt want Rupee to depreciate to 69 so that Export can be benefited. All imports locked. Hard to think it will reverse back to 63 or lower.

  2. I think we achieved 68.50 approx, so, now Indian govt is at happy. All exporters too happy. If any pressure of change in govt, then it may fall to 72

  3. HI, I still think it can go to 72.30... There it should stop.
    Good luck

  4. Hmm. You are typically accurate so that means Nifty is going to fall to 5000 with rising Rupee to 72.30.. Believe then today was a relief rally and with your note on MARS making angles, storm is coming ..

  5. Hey, pretty close!!! The Nifty bottomed at 5133- and the rupee topped at 69.21..
    So far
    Sept 9.2013


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