New Moon in Virgo 2013

Sept.5- Oct. 5

Important days to watch are the Moons' Apogee and Perigee periods:
Moon Perigee: close and strong- 15.09.2013 19:38 2Aqr44
Moon Apogee: far and weak: 27.09.2013 21:16 11Cnc18
The declination of the Moon is also to be inspected. Since the banks are holding the markets - in our fundamental world - this is the graph of the Dow Banks:

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September 9,2013 Monday

It is a funny date today: 9.9.6 Since the 9 always disappears, when we add it up, 9+9+6 = 24=6 So it is a day ruled by Venus... and the Moon. These are the two that should show us the whereabouts of the market. ... well, besides other things. and looking at today's map, they are conjunct. They were, better to say, during the night, when the Asian markets rallied. Since then the Moon moved into Scorpio, another " platform" altogether. So, as the proverb says, what we can see from there, we cannot see from here....
Meaning, it is not necessary that we will get their rally too... IMHO.

There are 2 leading positions this week in the sky- subscribers received my forecasts... Are you not among them yet??? Pity...

For today here are the Moon's angles: gmt+3

 9.09.2013  4:44:00  0°00'00"Sco <<<
 9.09.2013 11:10:10  3°36'17"Sco Trine Neptune
 9.09.2013 18:46:57  7°53'09"Sco Conjunction Saturn
 9.09.2013 18:58:45  7°59'48"Sco Square Mars
 9.09.2013 20:47:34  9°01'10"Sco Sextile Pluto

There are no important Fed announcements today... so let us see how will it enfold...

Have a great day!
I'll be back from time to time.. I don't see any moves in the Nifty, is there a holiday?
CNN just put up an alarm of a "very dangerous" typhoon in Japan for Sept 16th.
Well, looking at the map of that day, Sept 16th, it does look bad! Saturn conjunct Venus and the North Node, at 8 degrees! Pluto targeting the three of them. Moon-mars opposition... I just hope they, CNN, are wrong, and nature will hold herself...
This day is also spoken of as the US attack on Syria.
Brrrrrr. God help us.
I read somewhere, I think it was in one of Cheiro's books, that - as we all know there are 4 elements that we know: Fire-Earth-Air-Water. Out of the three it is only FIRE that man is capable starting and ending; the others not. We cannot produce earth, nor wind or water, and more! we cannot stop them when they decide to move. So here is an example for us: the war that is so much talked about can be started or not- we little animals can decide on that... But who can stop the rain, or the wind?
HSI: with the declination curve...
 Nikkei: weekly graph. It is closed between two historical Gann angles. Here too the declination lines point lower. With these lines we don't get a date or target, just the direction, which, if you look  closer are not always good.

September 11,2013 Wednesday 

Today is the day when Venus moves to Scorpio. Look out for a swift change in trend! we are ruled today by Mercury. This little devil is in a disharmonious position to Neptune. Besides that, the positive position of Moon in Scorpio faded out, with the Moon moving to Sag., and no more in angle with the Sun. So we have all the reasons to wait for a CIT. Also, historically it's 9/11. 
Assad is celebrating his 48 birthday today...Other birthdays 
Wrote on Linkedin: 

Russia : "born" on 9.11.1917- is ruled by Mars. Mars rules the 7th house of open enemies. The H7 opens with Aries. Mars in transit is now at 9 degrees Leo- in 150 ^ to Pluto. Venus at 0- is at the Asc. Saturn is in a harmonious position between Mars-Pluto/ Putting some sense/hold into the situation. 

With the danger gone, Gold and Silver can drop. I posted many Gold and Silver graphs in the past. You can look them up- if you type "gold" in the search window in the left panel. BY the way, you can also " sign up to this blog" and so you will receive every new post I upload. 
The metal is ruled by the Sun and Jupiter. 

September 12, 2013

I just received an sms that there was again a gas attack in Damascus. CNN is silent for the time being.

Yesterday the markets made new highs- and as I thought, the Gold is correcting. Did not have time to look at the others, too busy working on some special charts of Syria.
Thanks for the messages on Nifty- see below-

Nifty: for deep pockets: the stop for long is 5600; 13 days from the low it made a top and now it is correcting. 5740 a closer support.

S&P: is blocked by Mars-Pluto at 1690; It will need a gap-up to go higher... is there one? Look at the sky.. :)

OK, back to my research.

a...look here: Coffee: tops / bottoms when Mars makes 150 or 180 to Saturn.117 is stop for long. Falling from there it will be a bitter coffee.

September 16, 2013 Monday.

Today we are ruled by the Moon and Uranus. Only by looking at these two planets we can expect a major move in the markets. The Moon is in Aquarius, in OPPOSITION to Mars- also a very powerful position. But most, the Moon is Perigee- meaning, closest to Earth, and its impact is greatest. SO market wise- look out for a nervous market with gap-ups. In private life- quarrels, fights, killings... In the world- storms and quakes.- Mercury in air Libra- in opposition to Uranus!!!  adds to these aspects.

Here is the ACG map of the world- I high lighted where Merc.-Uranus and Moon-Mars lines are.

I wrote in my forecast for the S&P: .....
"At the same time Mercury –from opposition- Uranus might bring to a gap-up! If this happens, than the space is open to 1710.- 1712." I strongly advise my subscribers not to stay in open positions over the week end. The technical analysis pointed all down... But the power of a perigee Moon and planetary angles are more powerful than any " man-made" techniques... we only have to understand what the planets are telling us.
S&P : high till now: 1709.96

Nifty: Top and reversal...maybe something to tell you- US traders -?
I made a New Moon chart for Sept.5th - Now Jupiter is in Cancer, where it is in its exaltation.- in Water. See where Jupiter crosses - and you get the floods/ typhoons/ in USA and Japan. Add to this all the bad angles I mentioned above... and voila.. the planets talk to us.

To sign up to my weekly forecasts: either from the left panel of this blog then you will need my gmail:- or from my site

Next new Moon, on Oct 5th doesn't look better. Actually with Uranus crossing the US and India is much worse.

during the next new Moon, Uranus will be in opposition to the two luminaries.. well, what can I tell you ? No one looks /feel/acts the same before and after an "Uranus touch"... and in a country's chart, the Sun is the president. 

During those days Uranus will be in a very disharmonic position to Saturn and Jupiter. 

Washington woke up to a new shooting in an army camp.... As a wrote while you were sleeping... Moon-Mars opposition is a bad bad position...

September 17,2013 Tuesday

Before I go on to todays' issues, I want to show you yesterday's events. Thanks the internet info is flowing in... So now I have the date and place of birth of Aaron Alexis,- yesterday's Washington shooter details:

Born on May 9, 1979- at the first glance we can see he has too many 9's in his data. May- would tell us about a restless person, who, together with so many 9, it is only a matter of time when he will blow up..
We only have to add up his birth date to see that he is ruled by Uranus... This planet will play an important role in his life. Also- having Sun-180 Uranus at birth shows a bi-polar personality...

Yesterday he was in his 2nd personal year, 2 month, and 9th! day. Since 2 is ruled by the Moon- and his natal Moon is at 16 deg. Libra- it tells us a whole story... Libra Moon would always like to keep a balance, and show itself harmonious- until he cannot take it anymore, and then turn a feeling less tyrant. the 16th degree is a Karmic degree, and combining other studies, looking at the tarot cards, 16 is the Tower card. Shows a person falling from heights... so sooner or later a fall will come. Now you can say, OK many people have falls and tumble during their lives. True. The important thing is how one RISES after such falls. Also, when we have a couple of planets, angles or number that point to the same thing, one should watch it.

Now let's continue with his chart: I looked up when was his prenatal eclipse, and I see at 7 Pisces. And look! transit Saturn-Venus-NN- ( in pink) just triggered that degree.

In his natal chart he has Moon-Mars opposition- that position was EXACTLY triggered yesterday, with Moon -Mars opposition in the sky. His clock was ticking.

I do not have his time of birth, but by putting Uranus at 34 years old - a system I teach in my course - I got for Ascendant the late degrees of Taurus, which is EXACTLY on Pleiades- the "weeping sisters". So this Uranus, in Scorpio, in the 6th house would whisper a dramatic and sudden, fatal issue regarding his work surrounding.

And I can go on and on...

So let's hope the tragic incidents are over... however- till Venus  is in Scorpio I would be over careful... boys and gals... underlining gals... Venus in Scorpio is bad for us. take care not to quarrel, count till 10 before you act aggressively, because aggressiveness is seeking us.

So let's see what are we up to today in the markets?

We are ruled by Mars- there we go again.... more killings...on the way. the other ruler to be Mercury- these two will make you crazy today in trade. You will not know which way are we going now... The Moon is in Aquarius - at the last degrees.. by the time US markets open it will move to Pisces! ... so more vulnerability on the desk.

Moon's angles:

17.09.2013 16:57:55  0°00'00"Psc <<<
17.09.2013 22:38:11  3°23'10"Psc Conjunction Neptune
18.09.2013  6:14:35  7°54'46"Psc Trine Venus
18.09.2013  7:32:55  8°41'15"Psc Trine Saturn
18.09.2013  8:03:39  8°59'29"Psc Sextile Pluto
18.09.2013 21:16:17 16°47'32"Psc Trine Jupiter

What else??

Looking at the announcements of today, Europe Trade balance came out negative compared to forecasts, but when we look at the bigger picture, it is not so bad:

Before the opening Core CPI to be published in the US. I shall not be here... so stay out of the market!!!!!! Until you are certain which way it is navigating...

Historical graph:

thanks to Quandl

 It is very interesting - well for me at least, that exactly at that moment the Moon will conjunct Neptune. Now I can run TS to see what happens to the S&P when this happened in the past? a momentito... But before looking at the Moon- the most important angle today is the Saturn-Venus North Node conjunction in Scorpio.

see what can we learn from the past: this I made for SPY- it's the same... So we can learn from here, that the SPY falls when Saturn conjuncts the North Node until it is at the 8th or 9th degrees of Sco. NOW: Venus is joining the party. But Venus is weak in Sco... Before now this happened only in 2002, May.. Look back what happened then, you might get a clue for today....

 Anyways: stay out of trade at least 15 minutes after the announcement. Believe me you will not loose a thing.
Now to show you how Neptune can not be trusted, or build on... The SPY went up and then fell 53% out of 114 times... Better throw a coin... LOL.

September 18, 2013 Wednesday

Today again there is no trade in our area... due to Succoth holiday. Yesterday I was not around, but I see now I did not lose much. S&P reached for the former high, and I advised people to keep tight stops- those who went short, above 1699 - is a long again.. I wonder if they did.. It takes a lot of  mental power to actually act. 
Today is THE day. At 9 pm my time Bernanke speaks.. So let's see what is the sky telling us? 
The Sun at 25 Virgo, with no aspects. La Luna at 16 Pisces, - so later tonight there is a full Moon! The moon at 9 pm will be exact to Jupiter.  Mercury in Libra, without angles, Venus at 8 Sco- exact on Saturn- bad position! as I already wrote yesterday.Mars without aspects. We have the monthly position of Saturn 60 Pluto and conj. the Nodes... Uranus 30 ^ to Chiron- Pluto 60 Venus, --- OK- I know for some of you this is gibberish, but writing it down, helps me to see the relevance of positions. Also, some of you, who do use astrology, will find different angles, but I use 1 or 0.5 degree orb- therefore the difference. 
Today we are ruled by Mercury and Venus. 
Ok.. adding up all together, - the S&P is now at 1705. - the future at 1699. This means, that 1694-1706 is the range. If this is too big for some, 1698-97- is a stop. falling from there, it will fall another 8 points. Not a disaster.. However, running above 1706- the sky is open to 1710-1720-1734.
A! and don't forget the Autumn equinox- Sept 23... :) 

E.... voila! :) 1723.30 STOP!!! it IS Mars's line 

September 19,2013 Thursday. 

No trade here till Sunday.. and I am off to a brunch, just before that, let me see what is going on today? The day is ruled by Jupiter and Neptune! Again, Neptune.. you can look it up in my previous posts- by a search at the left panel when did this happen again. Two major planets are in action today. The Moon is at the end of Pisces. - will be VOC - between 13:13-18:58- my time... 
19.09.2013 14:12:50 26°40'50"Psc Opposition Sun - FULL MOON
19.09.2013 19:57:36  0°00'00"Ari <<< New energy
20.09.2013 11:41:19  8°59'24"Ari Square Pluto
20.09.2013 15:20:03 11°03'08"Ari Conjunction Uranus
20.09.2013 22:17:30 14°57'55"Ari Trine Mars

See the Moon's angles- as we get closer to the equinox-Sept 23- when the Sun enters Libra- and officially autumn starts, the positions are accelerating. 

Always when the markets are making new highs, people ask, how high it will go?? I don't think in this way. I am just flowing on the wave that came in. I wrote you above 1706 is a long? so let's BE long... put your stop at 1724- and be happy. 
Since the jump was enormous yesterday, a counter effect can come, but with this stop you will not lose too much. 

OK... have to go.. 
Who can eat so early?? not me!! :( 

September 20, 2013 Thursday

So far the top of the S&P was 1732.52- I think it is a saturation point... Since then it is correcting. Now it trades at 1722.13. 
Today we have a major tuning point in the sky: Pluto is stationary- turning Direct. Don't forget there is still an open gap between 1689-93!. The Moon will conjunct Uranus today- so look out for a harsh movement- maybe one that will close the gap. If you kept the stop at 1723- you were already stopped out from your long position, when - during the night it dropped to 1719.63
Now there is a minor support at 1711, short targets below that, 1710-1708-1704-1697-1687.

I am preparing my week end reports for the coming week- if you wish to sign up, pls: see here how: from my site

September 22, 2013 Sunday. 

Today it's the autumn equinox. It's the day when the Sun enters Libra. It will occur- my time: at 23:54 - almost at midnight.  The first angle to make will be with Neptune, at 3 degrees. If we had misinformation till now, this will be the culmination... 
Our market closes today at 2:30 due to the holiday. Same tomorrow... Rain started to fall... ha?! can you imagine? Autumn is here.... - for us it is very early... 
Our market is up with 0.43%. It will continue to go up till the end of the holiday. As the proverb says:" buy at Rosh Shana- sell on Sukkot" 
Our market is about to close. it is now at 1253- up with 1.09%- this is the reaction to the US rally... Tomorrow there is a support at 1251- and a resistance 1255.50 - Probably the positivity will continue- we only half a day trade- again, because of the holiday. 

Have a nice evening, off to the beach... 

September 23, 2013 Monday

Since 2 days a bloody shooting is going on in Nairobi, Kenya. El Kaida- killed 69 and took several hostages, in a modern mall run by Israelis. The date:21.9.2013 adds up to 18/9 - number ruled by Mars. At the beginning of this event, Mars was on Dubhe- fixed star -
I hope the shooting and killing will end by the time the Moon will trine the Sun- on Sept 24th 2:00 am- and be on the Pleiades.

Another bombing of a church in Peshwar in Pakistan- took place one day after Kenia- 

Moon-conjunct the S.Node- civilians dead- more than 70?... 

Till Mars will not move on- look out for such terrible happenings. 

September 24, 2013 Tuesday 

today we are ruled by Jupiter and Mars; SURPRISE!! they are 30 degrees apart..which is a minor positive one- at 1697 - for the S&P- so they might hold it for a minor correction after a fall from the heavens... 1732. :) .Small, immediate target is 1703, but it would really need a major push to go again above the top. So we are now in consolidation phase.- waiting for another major move in the sky to matter. 
A nervous day ahead- due to the Moon entering Gemini. Our market will be closed as of today 14:14- till Sunday- so here is the Moon's angles you should follow: 

24.09.2013  9:34:12  0°00'00"Gem <<<
24.09.2013 12:35:37  1°32'38"Gem Trine Sun
24.09.2013 15:53:24  3°13'22"Gem Square Neptune
25.09.2013  7:00:21 10°52'02"Gem Sextile Uranus
25.09.2013 21:22:06 18°03'42"Gem Sextile Mars
26.09.2013 13:21:06 26°00'35"Gem Trine Mercury
26.09.2013 21:24:26  0°00'00"Cnc <<<
27.09.2013  3:48:29  3°09'57"Cnc Trine Neptune
27.09.2013  5:55:28  4°12'43"Cnc Square Sun
27.09.2013 15:37:09  9°00'08"Cnc Opposition Pluto
27.09.2013 16:55:28  9°38'50"Cnc Trine Saturn
27.09.2013 19:11:28 10°46'02"Cnc Square Uranus
28.09.2013  9:52:24 18°01'44"Cnc Conjunction Jupiter
28.09.2013 13:08:15 19°38'46"Cnc Trine Venus
29.09.2013  9:30:22 29°46'39"Cnc Square Mercury
29.09.2013  9:57:06  0°00'00"Leo <<<
29.09.2013 23:43:10  6°54'13"Leo Sextile Sun
30.09.2013  5:41:36  9°54'59"Leo Square Saturn
30.09.2013  7:10:39 10°40'00"Leo Trine Uranus

The Moon is now on Pleiades... I hope the Kenya shooting is over... the trine to the Sun will be later today.. so a few more hours of waiting to see the good news- IMHO (in my humble opinion). 

Kenya shooting was over yesterday, Sept.24 at 14:55 - at the exact trine between the Moon-to the Sun- just as I thought it would be... 

September 26,2013 Thursday 

It is so quiet over here, one can hear the grass grow...Holiday. Everybody is out somewhere.

For the rest of the world the day is, as usual. The markets, I saw now, is playing with it fits for a Gemini Moon... Soon, it will be void too. no reason to stay in trade. 
Unemployment at 3:30 pm my time- before market opening... so watch it. Before that UK- announcements.It's been a while since I looked at the FTSE. It is now at 6547- trapped between the top of may and Low of June- the midpoint is 6445- I guess that would be a stop too far. I like to use MA28 for a significant support and that is at 6523. So Long above it, short below.- if you trade this index.. A turn should come today- being the 89th trading day from May 22 top. Looking at the intra day chart- the stop is at 6727- we get a much closer stop: LONG only above 6565. I would be on the fence here... one need not be in the market ALL the time! 

Here is the astrology calendar for the next two days: NY time - important events highlighted. How to read this?? Well... I teach that in my course. 

September 27,2013 Friday. 

Still holiday over here, till Sunday. I see markets are trading sideways, no volume. The proverb says: " Buy in Rosh hashana- sell in Sukkot" well... I don't see any massive selling yet. The S&P based itself above 1690- price is trining Uranus. Today we are under the spell of Venus; actually it is a double Venus day. Why? I teach that too... Venus is in exact square to Mars at 18 degrees. Venus at 18 Sco.- 
Look at this! A lot of speeches today!!! I shall not be here, but pay attention to what they have to say.. Not a day to trade! No volume, week end, go out, close it for the day. 
September 29, 2013 Sunday.

I am reading about Yahoo- how it "rallied" in the last month. I though I should compare it to others.. . See the outcome: 
So give me a break.... 
How about Aapl? Since the death of the boss, a unique mind, seems that the share is declining. If you look at the graph, I see a head and shoulders pattern building... do you see it? This pattern will fade away if the share goes above 510 at least. Do they have something new coming?? I do hope so.. Just for your info. I don't trade abroad... shares. I do trade commodities and futures. I don't because my MT4 does not feature shares... so when I post something about a share, it's just because I think you guys do. 
My weekly forecasts are ready, you are welcome to sign up here: 

October 1, 2013 Tuesday.. 

Very busy... trading, writing forecasts, family etc. 
News news news: US gov. shutdown. - It happened yesterday, still the markets are rallying- well, at least here... and the S&P although made a low, at 1675.80, yesterday, since then it went up to 1690- I find it WEIRD. 
What is going on?? Why aren't the markets crashing? But, before looking into that, Just want to tell you, that I forecasted a major low for Sept 30th. Now let's see: Look at my post from Sept 16th - I posted the S&P chart pointing out that a gap should be closed. IT CLOSED. 
So now, all it can do, is to try to go up again. What do you think of this picture? 
For people with deep pockets, the stop is on the inclining trend line. 

Now about the governmental shut down. 
On Sept.16th I uploaded the Oct 5th New Moon chart, and I wrote about the dangers... read it again. 
The New Moon in New York will occur on Oct 4th Where is the Sun+Moon? in Libra at 11 degrees, and Uranus- the one that is shaking the country is in opposition. But, luckily Saturn is there to balance and hold it. hmmm what is PLuto up to now? Pluto first destroys, then rebuilds. and voila.. we have a situation. 

By the way, if you wonder what happened last year this time here is the link to that article.
and in 2011.
 I was curious to see where will the New Moon be in Obama's chart, and as usual, we look for  X and find Y. In his natal map he has Mercury and the Moon at 2 degrees. Mercury rules his 8th house of transformation, also the house of life and death, and other's money; while the Moon rules his 6th House of health. Look at Neptune, - as I call it - the silent killer- in transit on his Chiron, and in square to the Moon and 150^- very bad - to Mercury. The question is, is Obama sick? 
Since Neptune is a slow moving baggar, and it is RETRO! IT WILL TAKE A LONG LONG time till we or HE will know it. 
I hope I am wrong. 

October 2, 2013 Wednesday 

It's Mercury's day today. Look at this graph- we can see it's position- and the dates ofits retrograde motion. 
The other important position during the next days is the T-Square between the Sun-Uranus and Pluto. tomorrow it'll be exact- when the Sun will be at 10 degrees. On the 4th we have a new Moon in LIbra- I think the governmental closed-down will be solved by then. 
New Moon in Libra - a balance will be found. 

October 6, 2013 Sunday. 

I should start a new article, as I do on New Moons. So thank you for being here, pls. follow me to the "New Moon in Libra". 
Before you go: you can read 2010 article about the New Moon in Libra. Now reading it myself... ha, look TA25 - our index was then 1257- now we are at the same level. The Dow was around 11000- is doing better now :) . see the graph of Goldman Sachs - if you click on the graphs- you will get a big picture. Now it is back to where it was in Jan. 2011. The grey strips are Jupiter-Neptune angles.
market start over here, be back later... . 

You can rad the 2011 article about the New  Moon in LIbra. and 2012.

Thank you for being here, follow me to the New Moon in LIbra... 2013. 



  1. Nifty ; holiday today. However, SGXNIFTY future a derivative of Nifty listed at Singapore is at 5775. up almost 80 points. This suggest 5800 is where we will hit nifty top tomorrow. At 5800 or next week, suspecting Hindenburg Omen as also see on many websites that this might come next week.

  2. Hey Gaby, Your note today is interesting. You said Swift (not gradual or slow) and CIT. Few hrs back we enjoyed defiant Bull run in Nifty and INR appreciation.

    I read your previous CIT calls and your warning with CIT has meant severe downfalls.

    Hmm. that means today's rally with fall followed by upmove in nifty was a fake signal of strength as it made U today. Most analyst on TV are talking 6060 as next value above 5936

    with CIT and use of word Swift, I am feeling that Hidenburg Omen is definitely going to happen and nifty will slip to 5700 or lower. Bad bad ....

    INR I remember u mentioned 63 as long term support and 72.30 is yet to touch.

    1. Further, forgot to add, A hell lot of manipulation is also being done to keep Rupee higher now against USD and Nifty too so that people do not talk of economy as doomed. Fact is though fact that recession has kicked in.

  3. Since your fist post I was trying to find this Hindenburg Omen. I read about it, and tried to find an oscillator on MT4- useless. So there is no was I can apply it in my soft wares to see when and how it shows anything..
    My calculations are based on the planets, numerology, astrology... and some other stuff I teach.
    If you have an oscillator to use in MT4 I will be glad to receive it and further research it.

  4. Hi, Thanks for your update on Nifty. Just now Official IIP Data released. Too strong. Oil prices are also being reduced in India. All suddenly looks very rosy. Nifty to possibly have a Gap Up opening tomorrow and so does USDINR to go back to 63/61 level. Seems all bad news over.

    For Mt4, may be some info lies in this link

  5. well, you go on and trade I don't trade the Nifty - since MT4 does not feature it- I post only for subscribers benefit.
    As to the rosy news, it seems to me it's a bull trap.
    Going to Yoga ... bye

  6. Finally, Exited few stocks at 5850 spot nifty. Scary versions are coming. If this week goes wrong due to FED or Indian RBI, Market fall is expected to go as low as 4800 in next 2 month. If all goes Ok with FED, Nifty will bump up to 7000

    Now looking at your analysis, Stars are talking about downwards movement especially 5OCT. Need to trust this then "Ifs". Open Interest betting for 5300 Nifty OCT highest and USDINR TGT 68.50 is on rise. I think USDINR = 72 will come in Late OCT or NOV.

  7. My take - Bet Downside. Bernanke will pass on message as usual. Damage will come either next day just like it happened in June 25-27 timeframe.

  8. Nice post!! This post is really helpful for beginners.
    Solve my love problem


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