New Moon in LIbra, 2013

From Oct.5- Nov. 3

Libra or balance. 
Will the markets hold their balance, or they'll fall on the nose?? 

My son told me the other day, that his friends read my blog sometimes and they don't understand a word I am writing. That I write for people who know astrology. Do I??? I write for 5 years, and I think that those who follow me are now deep into astrology. and yes, maybe a newcomer would not find his way here... But what can I do?? The blog is not written for teaching purposes. I write to tell you about my thoughts about the markets and some charts that I upload - quite often- everyone is welcome to comment and tell me his thoughts. Maybe I could write it in a more simple way- explaining more?? I don't know ... You tell me. 

The map above is the transit chart for October New Moon in Libra - until November New Moon in Scorpio. A lunar month. So let's see what is changing in this period? The Sun will move from 14 Libra to 10 Scorpio. When a planet moves from one sign to another brings changes. Depending how many planets move- more changes. Mercury in Scorpio will turn retro. Venus will move a whole sign- from Sco. 29 to Sco.29. Mars will leave Leo- and enter the Earth sign of Virgo. Jupiter- in Cancer will turn retro too... 
Important positions of the Moon: 
5.10.2013  2:34:31 GMT+2  11°56'30"Lib New Moon     
12.10.2013  1:02:18 GMT+2  18°47'29"Cap 1st Quarter  
19.10.2013  1:37:39 GMT+2  25°45'10"Ari Full Moon    Penumbral Lunar Eclipse
27.10.2013  1:40:29 GMT+2   3°43'00"Leo Last Quarter 
 3.11.2013 14:49:57 GMT+2  11°15'51"Sco New Moon     Annular-Total Solar Eclipse

Today we are ruled by the Moon, which joined Mercury ,Saturn and the North Node in Scorpio. The other planet ruling the day is Mercury. It is conjunct Saturn. Mercury is a planet that will take up the traits of the planet it is next to. I think this conjunction today will block the markets, or make them trade sideways- in waiting... waiting for Mr.Goodbar. Hahah... have you seen the film?? 
Our market topped till now at 1284.38 on Oct 2nd. Most of the markets made a double top on Sept 19 and Oct 2 or 3rd. 
The S&P at the beginning of this New Moon was: 1694; the DOW: 15183; Dax:  8672 ; SIlver 21.99; Gold 1323. Let's see where will they be by the end of this article. 

I ran TS to see how did the S&P behave in October in the last 15 years? I got a 80% rally..
But this is just statistics.. We have to check today's situation. I wrote in my previous article, that the USA shut down should be solved till the New Moon- is has not....; So this statistic will not help us with a "situation " in the background... What do you think?? 

Of course, nobody thinks anything, because nobody comments.. well.. ok 
I read that: 
Canadian building permits fell from a record high in August on a decline in commercial projects such as retail stores and office buildings. The value of municipal permits dropped 21.2 percent to C$6.34 billion ($6.14 billion), following a revised 21.4 percent jump in July, Statistics Canada said today in Ottawa. Economists forecast a 7.4 percent fall according to the median of eight responses to a Bloomberg survey. “With this decline, the trend in the value of building permits has become relatively flat since the beginning of 2013,” - 

If the situation is that bad in Canada, expect a rise in existing buildings' prices. If no new buildings are built, existing ones get more expensive, no?

October 10, 2013 Thursday

You know I wrote my weekly reports. I don't have to. but I also send out updates to subscribers if I see something important happens. I sent a long update today morning... There are so many people reading my blog! I am happy... I see someone from Ashburn Virginia is making a doctorate... lol - reads everything... that's good. Only when someone diggs in can truly learn. 

Today we are ruled by Jupiter and Saturn. Nothing interesting to say about them... The main issue was Venus entering Sag. 2 days ago... 
What's new in the world? Libya again in the head lines. Armed rebels to kidnap the PM. " on gun point" - Look at his map- with no birth hour I use Sun on Ascendant.: 

If the "armed rebels" represent the people- than Moon being the people in a nation's chart- was exactly on his Sun today morning when he was kidnapped. Transit Mars in a bad angle to natal Mars- " at gun point" ... the stellium in Scorpio trining his Moon- well trines are good- but not so when it comes from Saturn. Saturn blocks. He was taken to an unknown place- See Neptune- "unknown", secret, under a cloud- conjunct natal Jupiter? a planet that represents freedom?- and is ruler of his Sign!!! Being the Sun in Sagittarius, Jupiter is the most important planet for him. 
This person lived happily for the last 30 years in Geneva. Why did he go back to Libya?? obviously to meet Neptune... his fate... Isn't this fantastic, and incredible? 

Now see Jupiter in action: Jupiter is the planet of expansion, fame and good luck- besides others. When it conjuncts one's Sun it can even bring the Nobel prize.: Alice Munro

Of course, one has to write for it... LOL 
And the Bible says: 
what is "time"?? when a planet arrives... just in in the case of AliZeidan, or Alice Munro. it arrives, and changes everything. 

October 11,2013 Friday. 

I have to answer to a friend from Twitter. He drew my attention to the fact that sometimes I wrote the S&P bottoms/tops when Moon in Aqua, and sometimes when in Sco. 
I sent him a chart, but it came back- I guess twitter does not accept charts. 
So here is the S&P behavior under different Moon signs: the thing is, that all these searches of different planets in different signs will show us a top or bottom. What we should look for is a TURNING POINT! We have different tools to calculate price targets. 

For those who trade OIL : look out : Nov. contract is expiring... 

Oct 12, 2013 Saturday. 

About a year ago, I added a link to my blog - at the left panel - look for S&P 60 years monthly... If you click on it a page opens- and you can see how did the index behave in October 60 years back... check it out! 

Bye for now.. writing my forecasts.. 

October 14, 2013 Monday

News: Teva is going to fire 5000 people around the world. Other companies also lined up today, and after giving fat dividends to managers, some 1600 will be fired from the 5 biggest companies here... 
Why now? Well, as the Bible says:" Seek and thou shall find" : first of all we have the Sun in the "Via Combusta" - when the Sun is between 15 Libra- to 15 Scorpio- this space is called Via Combusta.- Negativity no.1 ; then we have the moon in Aquarius- an air sign, no feelings, just bear calculation. What is best for the company- I don't care about the people- style. Venus is OOB- Venus is the little benefactor- cannot help when it is OOB.-at it's extremes- in the negative sphere.; Mars is at the last degree of Leo- all last degrees- 29's are the most difficult/cruel ones.Jupiter- the Great benefactor is at 19 degrees- those who studied with me, know what 19 means...- the South Node is on Hamal- a most negative fixed star. every stone turned brought negativity. and not only for this day. ZET tells us: Hamal (13 Alpha Arietis  m 2.00) 
Keywords: Violence, cruelty, brutality, also the "Healer"
Effect: Unfortunate
Character: Mars/ Saturn

In the US. it is Columbus day... markets will open thou. 
Today we are 333 days from Nov 15,2012 - for the S&P, tomorrow it will be 666 days from Dec. 19, 2011-
Today we are ruled by the Moon- in Aqua- and Jupiter. They are 150 degrees apart now- by the time US markets open the Moon will be at 144^. The governmental shot down is still on. The 17th is the dead line. Who will blink first?? 

October 15,2013 Tuesday

Hi, Good morning... An Earthquake of 7.2 in the Philippines- shook the earth today. What is going on ??? I wrote many time about earthquakes in this blog. You can do a search at the left panel. I found, that when Moon is conjunct Neptune it is a scenario that can bring a quake. But this aspect alone is never enough... other planetary positions must back it. 
I hope there are not many injuries!!! 

Today it is the day of Mars and Uranus. Hoppaaaa! we did not have Uranus for a long long time! It is at 10 degrees retrograde in Aries, still in a malefic angle to Saturn, and to a square with Pluto... Venus is coming closer, to a 120 degrees to it. Mars, on the other hand is still lingering at the last minutes of Leo, as if difficult to leave it. All the negativity I counted yesterday, I guess brought the quake.. any positive positions today? Oh.. the Moon left Aqua. and is now in Pisces- that's a change for the better... It already met Neptune, next will be the Nodes- a positive angle, then Venus, a square- look out for a gap- and finally a sextile to Pluto. 
The S&P topped while I was sleeping- and reached the target given to subscribers. Are you trading? why not subscribe now?? In my WMA report- you can get an analysis for the S&P, Dow, Dax, Russel, Gold, Oil and Euro... for only 300$ for 3 months! 
Here are a few lines from a letter one of the subscribers wrote me the other day: 

"Well i just want to let you know i'm not regretting i took your wma repports.
Also many thanks for the updates you sent during the week. Really helpful.
Really aprriciate the work."

So, sign up now... and be ready to take the waves of the markets in time... 

Do you remember Lee Iaccoca? It is his birthday today... I found this site, of his quotes, I thought you should read them too! He is 89 today! Happy birthday Mr. Iaccoca... the new generation has a lot to learn from you!! 
The other famous person to be born today was Nietzsche.... 
Of you google Oct 15 you will find everything that happened on this day in history... well, almost. But Wiki is also mistake sometimes with birthdays, one has to double check it! even triple. 

This is today's chart- you see the Moon at 135- bad - pos. to the Sun ? Next it will make 150- worse- then 180 which is the full moon. Also I just caught mars entering Virgo! The first angle will be to Neptune... Statistics show a fall during that opposition. 
so we shall see... 

The Fixed Stars... They have major importance. If you go to the left panel of this blog- I uploaded 3 links, where one can learn a LOT!!! but I know people are lazy, and wait to be given with the spoon to the mouth... how sad... 
These stars are called FIXED- because they don't move.. They are in the same place for 72-73 years. Then, they move 1 degree. So what happens now, is that REGULUS- one of the most important ones, has left LEO...... w h a t  a  l o s s   folks!!! and I am not kidding! and ingressed Virgo. It is now at 00.01.13 Virgo. With Mars at 29 Leo- and using 5 deg. orb- Mars in on Regulus. 
Regulus (32 Alpha Leonis  m 1.35)
Lion's Heart
Keywords: The most Royal Star. Raphael, the Healing Archangel, the Watcher of the North. Nobility, ambition, alertness, great power, status, leadership, sudden downfall, accidents, violence
Effect: Fortunate

Character: Mars/ Jupiter/ Uranus
Regulus is a Royal Star... It helped LEO-s for 3 generations, now it's the Virgo's turn to benefit/ 
Good luck... SO people with planets on 0^ Virgo will be lucky. B U T !!! when Mars is on Regulus, as per "Ebertin" : "when Mars or Saturn are in conjunction with Regulus, especially exciting events are always recorded e.g. assassinations, coup d'├ętats, revolutions, revolts, demonstrations, overthrow of heads of state and similar events". [Fixed Stars and Their Interpretation, Elsbeth Ebertin, 1928, p51-52.]

October 17,2013 Thursday

Somebody asked me about ISON - the comet that is approaching the Sun, and will be closest in Nov-Dec. 2013. I don't think it will have any impact on the financial markets, because as it comes, it goes. It is not a planet that rotates for thousands of years around the Sun.  Don't worry, there are plenty of other things to look at for a Financial crash... 

Yesterday the US gov. found a temporary solution, and postponed the time for acting. The S&P topped at 1721.51; the DOw at 15368; 

And take a look at this article... 

Here is the chart of the minute Obama signed the debt bill, thus ending the Gov. shot down

17/10/2013 = 8+1+6= 15 the Card of the Devil. If you open any Rider Tarot deck you will find this explanation for the card: "Revenge, violence, vehemence, extraordinary efforts, force, fatality. "

Moon at 1 deg. Aries- O^ Aries is the so called" Aries point".- New beginnings. It was exactly 150^ - bad- degree to Mars. Besides that' look at all those planets I painted in pink- to high light their degrees! 9,9,= no. of ending. Venus at exact midpoint of Sat-Pluto. Venus rules the banks/ Then I found the  article I posted above. 
Is the situation solved? No. It is postponed to Jan 15,2014- a date that adds up to 14/5 card of Temperance and Feb. 7,2014 = 7.2.7=16/7 Card of the Tower. 

October 18,2013 Friday. 

Winter is coming... even here they said today it will rain... well... the rain did not hear about it yet. I should go and buy some stuff for the week end, and cook, but before,  I would like to tell you, that the winter is great time to catch up with your reading. I suggest to read the Greek mythology. You will also read interesting stories about ancient Gods, the intrigues, love and hate, and you will better understand my blog. Because I will tell you now, that the situation that you have there in Washington reminded  me of 2 things: one an anecdote: Many years ago in the time of Ben Gurion, someone came to him and told him: " I am very worried about the draught ".... Ben Gurion asked him: where is the draught? In Israel- of course... Ben Gurion: " Oh, I got worried because I thought it was in the US. " 

The other thing that came to my mind is the story of the Sword of Damocles".  
What happened in Washington is postponing the fall of that sword... 
Keep reading, off I go to the market. 
I got back before the heavenly shower... so let's see.. Why did I remember Damocles? The BIG FALL of the Dow was between August 31,1929- for 1045 days, by 90%- till July 10,1932. IN the USA natal chart Damocles is at 25 Aqua. In 1929 it was at 17 Aqua. Where is it today ??? You won't believe it! !!!! at 17 Aqua! The Moon in the Natal chart is at 18 Aqua. Transit Neptune was at 1 Virgo- today it is at 2 Pisces- 180 Degrees from 1929 position. Tr. Pluto 150 to Moon- Today 30 deg. Tr, Uranus at sextile to natal Uranus JUST like today! 
Am I SAYING A FALL OF 90% WILL come in the Dow? NO. But I would definitely keep my stops very tight.! 

October 20, 2013 Sunday. 

Somebody posted Ison comet ephemeris. So, take a look at the link...  Nowadays is at 10 Leo. Till Nov 5th it will be in 22 Virgo. If you have any planets between those degrees, they will be triggered by this Comet. 

I am horrified by people who upload stupid stuff to you tube, frightening people because of this comet. I can't believe that even some of my friend sent me these uploads to see them! What happened to sanity? 

Anyways... market is on. Forecasts were sent. Would you like to know what is really ahead??- for the markets...  Sign up now. 

October 21,2013 Monday 

Moon is void, at the last degrees of Taurus. Makes a 150- bad angle to the Sun- at the same time, Mercury is slowing down, before turning retro... Today we are affected by the Moon and the Sun. In another 90 minutes market will open in the US. Will the positivity - we have here - last till the opening over there?? 

Oct.24, 2013 Thursday 

I am very pleased with my forecast, I have to tell you... 
Example: I wrote in my last week's report: RUSSEL: "Astrological calculation: topped at 1115- this means that it found a support right on Neptune! There is still space to 1120-1121- Pluto- Uranus line will block.…Above that 1123- and a big jump to 1137. But first, let’s see how will it behave when it reaches 1121." 
The index topped at 1121 on Oct 22nd, and fell to 1106. - 
Gold: I wrote to use 1310 for a stop- target 1330. It actually run up to 1344.

OIL: I sent out this forecast: on Oct 3rd:  the picture tells the story : 

It is now at 96. 

One can make a huge amount of money trading the Oil alone.. You don't have to be scattered in different shares. Just focus on one or two, it will bring you a monthly income. 

Would you like to receive my forecasts? Sign up now... I send them out each week ends. 

As I write these "memoirs" the Moon just ingressed Cancer. Here are todays' angles: 

24.10.2013  8:32:44  0°58'12"Cnc Trine Sun
24.10.2013 12:01:02  2°41'40"Cnc Trine Neptune
24.10.2013 12:13:10  2°47'42"Cnc Sesqui-quadrate Mercury
24.10.2013 17:30:21  5°25'02"Cnc Sextile Mars

All good angles. The question is, are positive angles good for a rally? Or the market needs the bad ones to move? 
Think about it... 

While I write these lines on the TV this is what they talk about: brrrrrrr: Do you like Vanilla Ice cream?? This is where the vanilla comes from :

Oct. 24- what happened on this day in history?? I always like to look back... so if you Google this question, the last line that pops up is: the biggest fall in the stock market in 2008! Named"the Bloody Friday". 

By the way, Google jumped to 1034... Weekly:

October 25, 2013 Friday 

On October 21st the Sun entered Scorpio. If you look at the map- on that day there was a very rare pattern in the sky: 

Watching it closely we can see that the Sun in Scorpio trined the Moon in Cancer. The water signs rule the waters. So Cancer, the first, rules the rivers, Scorpio the seas and lakes, and Pisces the oceans. The ruler of Cancer is the Moon, Pluto rules Scorpio, and Neptune rules Pisces. So following the signs and the planets they can point to some "underground" moves- in the depths of the oceans- like earthquakes. I have found that Neptune always plays an important role when there is a quake. Saturn is in Scorpio now, and Pluto in Capricorn- one in the other's house. This is called a mutual reception. Neptune and the Moon are in their own domicile. Mars, the ancient ruler of Scorpio is in Virgo, which is ruled by Mercury, and that is in Scorpio, in retro! a Sign ruled by Mars too. So we can say that Mercury and Mars are in a mutual reception too. Mercury moves around Saturn- and it will conjunct it 3 times till the mid of 2014- thus, triggering Earthquakes. 
Only with Mars will leave Virgo, this pattern will be lifted. So till Dec. 9th you will hear about a lot of earthquakes... Of course, you can say, that we have every day 2-3 quakes of low measures on the Richter scale. But now, because of the slow moving planets' positions a major one can come. Watch your pets for peculiar behavior... They know first. 
Many years ago I was in Eilat and we went to swim with the dolphins. They were extremely nervous, and one of them tore the sleeve of the diving helmet of one of the girls/ We were prompted out of the water immediately, "this never happened before", the instructor said... one hour later there was a major quake in Eilat. Then we understood that the dolphins were terrified, and felt it before us. 
Iris reported just now a quake in south Peru : look where the Pluto line crosses- together with the Moon and Neptune! 

Major Earthquake took place in Japan 7.3 Richter.... I hope the people are well, and no one injured.. 

October 27, 2013 Sunday 

We went back an hour today, to winter timing- it is now gmt +2. It will be dark early, but this year we got more than a month longer in the daylight saving time period than last year... So that is good. Weather is perfect, beaches are still full with tourists.. Sometimes I wonder, don't they have school? How come there are so many youngsters - tourists - on the beach?? 

Trade starts soon. Today the Moon is in Leo. The Sun, North Node, P.o.F, Saturn, Mercury are all in Scorpio. The Moon will square each. 

It was a long day today... I completed the reports, and sent them out. If you would like to subscribe.... just say so.. 

October 28,2013 Monday 

Here is a part of my report sent out during the week end: 

" With Mercury turning retro in Scorpio the “Big” espionage of the US on Angela Merkel’s private mobile phone was discovered. What a perfect timing! Scorpio IS the sign of Sherlock Holmes, or of spies, and Mercury in retro – bad position – “spies discovered or unveiled, ”..

Of course, this is no news, because since internet exists uncle Sam is watching all of us. But when it is public, then, it hurts. I would not swear that Germany doesn’t do its own peeping around, and China, and Russia… but they were not revealed so far. Together with the Pluto affect on the US, this incident just adds to the decline of the empire. 

Markets did not blink, and continued to go up. Time is not ripe yet- it seems, for a major collapse. Everybody is looking for one, beats me why? When something is strong, just stick to it, and join. " 

Today we are ruled by the Moon and Saturn! The Moon is in Leo, approaching the Sun, it will be VOID today between 14:26 till tomorrow 29/10; 5:45 am . ( my time ). During VOC Moon is better if one doesn't trade. Saturn gets "revisited" by Mercury. It is the second meeting between these two. Since Mercury is retro, it dwells in Scorpio 67 days! last time, when they were conjunct, they blocked the fall at 1656.59 in the S&P on Oct 9th. Today they form a support at 1753 and a resistance at 1783.

I hear on the news that office Depot is going bankrupt- here - it closed yesterday, and not clear what will happen. cash flow problems second time in a year. See on its map: transit Uranus glued to natal Sun and Moon. I already wrote in the past, that Uranus transits shake and change and nothing stays as it was before... 

People born with Sun in Aries, are undergoing a severe change- sometimes things that are not dependent on them, they cannot change it, it is fate. With the help of astrology we can foresee it, and take it more easy and humble, wait till it passes. 

People born today: haha.. funny: Bill Gates 1955, Julia Roberts 1967, Achmadinajad 1956... interesting, no? 

Heavy winds in England... UK is ruled by Aries. Uranus is now in this sign. Aries rules also Germany and Poland.  Virgo rules Brazil, Greece, Switzerland, Turkey, Crete, Uruguay, West Indies. MARS is now in Virgo. Mars and Uranus are now in a bad position: 150^. These places are vulnerable because of this angle. 

Mars-Uranus transits are extremely difficult on Obama's chart... 

In our political scene there is also a player, who gets difficult Uranus transit... He is Naftali Bennett. He was elected on Jan.22,13- head of "Jewish Home" party. He made his fortune in high tech. The young religious people all voted for him, he was a great promise. Today there are some cracks in his mask... But of course! Uranus rules, and transit Mercury inconjunct- 150 - to natal Mercury... 

October 29, 2013 Tuesday is THE site one should have for a start. On that site one can find actually everything! Log in, then on the first page you will see the sound of the Horoscope: Listen to the music of the stars. You can un click planets you don't want to include. - I want them all - but when the sound is disharmonious, probably it is a day to watch!!!  for a change in trend of course.... 

Sometimes I think that you understand what I mean, then I remember my children, who said, that I have to keep it simple, and not everything that is obvious for me, is for others... 

Today we are ruled by Mars. Mars is at 8 Virgo and in harmonic position with the Nodes. What else? The Sun is at 6 Sco. - in opposition to the South Node.- a bad position. The Moon just left Leo to Virgo. New energies- earth energies. Let's go to work- energies.. In Leo it was showing off, here, for the next two days it will actually do something. 

Aspects: gmt+2

29.10.2013  5:44:33  0°00'00"Vir <<<
29.10.2013 10:52:15  2°38'44"Vir Opposition Neptune
29.10.2013 16:09:38  5°23'15"Vir Semi-square Jupiter
29.10.2013 18:06:03  6°23'49"Vir Sextile Sun
29.10.2013 22:05:07  8°28'33"Vir Conjunction Mars
29.10.2013 23:49:00  9°22'55"Vir Trine Pluto

S&P: for today it's an easy trade: 

This is the certificate students receive after finishing my course. There a some very bright people who, today, after the course, use and benefit of the material.. 

Here is a small letter I received today... Really lit up my day: I have really enjoyed the course, the topics are exciting and fun and you are a wonderful person and excellent teacher. You are tireless when explaining the course's material and go to great lengths providing information and additional sources of interest and curiosity.

October 30,2013 Wednesday 

Today it's just another day... Cannot say anything outstanding about it. Of course lots of things happened in history, but I guess you already know how to look it by yourself. 

The markets got an up leg yesterday, with the winds of north Europe, hahha- they pushed up the markets a little more up. What is important, is, that it went as per my forecast. 
If you look at my graph of yesterday, it went almost till the last top. 
Today we are ruled by Mercury and the Sun. Mercury is combust, meaning it is so close to the Sun that is loses its effect; for good or bad.. So we should look for another planet to back the yesterdays' rise. 

October 31,2013 Thursday

Yesterday the S&P topped exactly at my target.- well- subscribers got it ... last week. Now I found some disturbing news about solar flares. I add here the article. Solar flares occur all the time, but if the Earth is "on the way" than we get it right in our "face". Solar flares affect the Earth electromagnetic field. They can bring disastrous happenings. read the article, or you can google the subject for more. Now the other thing that I read. It beats me why does he do that?? We can see how Europe is being conquered already... But, what do I know? If this happens, than it should happen. Nothing happens without a higher reason, which we will eventually understand looking back in history only. 

But, let us see about the markets: Indian BSESN made a new top yesterday, HSI topped on Sept. 19th , AXJO on Oct 28th, KS11 ( South Korea) Oct 23rd, the NIkkei is consolidating since May 24th, HSCE topped on Sept 19th ; consolidating since...SSEA topped on Sept 12th and makes lower highs and lower lows since.. So comparing all these with the S&P- none made the rally like this one! well, maybe India did,  it rallied by 9.20% since their last low, Sept. 30th - the same percentage that the S&P made since Oct 8th low. 

Looking ahead: in the Heliocentric chart there are some extremly rare positions coming !!! 

I ran TS from 1500 till today to see when did those angles occurred in the past. 

The first important angle -upcoming tomorrow is a T Square between Uranus-Pluto-Jupiter. A T square means that one planet squares another two, - so in our case Uranus is squaring Jupiter and Pluto, and two are in opposition; now Jupiter will be in 180 deg. to Pluto during the whole month of November.  This occurred in : Feb. 1566, June 1757, July 1877, but they were bever so exact as now!. 

The second bad position will be a shorter one, between Nov. 9-11/13 a so called Poleaxe- Mars- Uranus and Mars-Pluto 135^, and Ura-90-Pluto.  This position is much more frequent. 

The third position is another T Square- with the Earth involved: so Earth-Uranus-Pluto- this will happen on Jan 1, 2014 
some pictures: 1929-32



last 22 years 

A closer look point to 3 vulnerable dates: Nov 13, 23, Dec. 10 

market started... let's work. :) be well 

Hello to my visitor from Hamburg, Arkansas... I hope you enjoy my blog. I also see you are a returning visitor ... It would really please me if you wrote what you think, or comment in any way.. 

See Tom from Michigan came out of the shadow, and nothing bad happened to him :) ... 

I would like if you , readers, would be more active and comment. 

November 1,2013 Friday. 

Another month had passed. Looking back, what happened during this month? The Sun moved 30 degrees, Mercury turned retro, Venus moved 33^, Mars 18^, Jupiter 2^, Saturn 3^, the rest almost nothing. Jupiter moved less than Saturn, because it is slowing down before turning retro. Jupiter will be retro between Nov 6- March 6; and will go back to 10 Cancer. So you people, born under this sign, and between 10-20 Cancer get a second chance to correct something you did in the past. For the Nifty, for example Jupiter in retro brought in the past 86.7% a rally 10 days before till 5 days after it occurred. By the way, in the news letter I wrote for the Nifty on Oct.12th I wrote: "Bottom line: From Aug 21- to Sept 19 – the Nifty rallied- a whole Lunar month with 830 points ( 5285 – 6115 ). Then we got a correction almost 50%- Since Oct.1 it is rallying. Due to the positive Sun-Jupiter angle I think higher levels are coming- I wrote above the targets. The historical top was 6229- it is an obstacle to overcome. Will it go above it, next targets: 6245-6323-6447. "

Today it topped at 6329.

The S&P rallied - during October from 1681 to 1777- 96 points, so if the Sun moved 30, that means it went up 3.2 points a day. It topped - as forecasted- on Oct.30th at 1777 - I was expecting 1779.1789. . 

What will November bring ? The last top in the S&P - Sept 19th- to the low of Oct 9th it fell with 4.85% - a similar fall now will push it down till 1685. Will the planets "let it happen?" What about the end-of-the-year-rally-?? 
That... you will find out from my reports. 

I have to work on them now, and it's a Friday, and the Sun is shining outside... so I have to go now. 

take care... 

Oh, I forgot... just the other day I wrote about the espionage, and don't think that Putin is so innocent.. now here is an article worth while reading..What's the big fuss they are making about the US anyway?? Spies were there since the times of the Bible... 

November 3, 2013 Sunday

Today occurs the last eclipse for this year. It happens in the sign of Scorpio, at 11 deg. For different countries/people it will bring its effect depending in which house it fells. 

For Israel it will be in H8-  for the US in H12. - If I take the Sibly chart for the US: '14:22 pm we get the ascendant at 9 Sco- then the eclipse is right on the Asc. If I take another hour, that features, 3:10 am, then I get an asc. at 22GEM10- then the eclipse is in H5. So this is very tricky.. 

What you need to check: do you have any planets at 11 degrees? or even between 6-17*? because we have to use some orb- at least 5 degrees... If you do, then the eclipse will effect you too. 

A closer look: you can see that Pluto and Saturn cross Iraq, and Mars Iran. 

In 2014 we will have two Solar eclipses: on April 29th, belongs to 148 Saros Cycle, at 8 degrees Taurus; and on Oct.23rd Saros 153- at 0 degrees Scorpio.   
Two Lunar eclipses: on April 15th at 25 degrees Aries/Libra axis, and Oct 8th, at 15*. This eclipse will be conjunct Uranus in Aries! What can I tell you? Not the best position for an eclipse!

Market starts over here... Today we are ruled by the Sun and the Moon. How interesting! It matches the eclipse. There is a share I trade: Hillel technologies. Why? 
Here is the map: Transit Jupiter is at the Midpoint of Neptune-PLuto and the eclipse is in harmony with the natal Sun+Moon. 

When I write about a local share, I trade it for a short time. Maybe an hour maybe 3 days. I sit by the computer and watch it. I would never leave the computer if I am in a risky share.. So if you do not know technical analysis- the minimum to trade, not to speak about astrology!!! Do not do what I do! 

Technically this share is NOT  a buy!  My target for it is 4400- 4620-4790-4847- 5230. At this level I would reconsider. Stop 4290.

November 4, 2013 Monday 

Before I close this article, I would like to thank for all those who commented, and were here with me, even behind the curtains. 

Let's continue to the next page"New Moon in Scorpio". let us see what it will bring.. 

All the best, and have a nice day :) 


  1. Even if one doesn't follow astrology (me) they can somewhat follow your site and comments. Your sons friends will understand more with maturity - especially if they ultimately study and trade markets.

    As far as Canadian Commercial RE, the fact that they are building fewer new buildings doesn't necessarily indicate higher rents for the existing. If demand is off for new builds then rents could fall for existing depending on just how weak demand becomes. Its all about supply and demand right ? Reducing supply by slowing new builds should help buoy existing rents a bit but again all depends on how weak demand gets.

    Tom in Michigan

  2. Thanks Tom, you have a point there...

  3. Hmm. S&P topped out. !!$% I was expecting S&P to rally post 18th on Debt Settlement and perhaps also a world rally.

  4. THe S&P arrived e x a c t l y to the price level I gave to subscribers.

  5. Gabriella, could you provide any colour or insight about comet ISON and its impact relative to financial markets? This is supposed to be a MAJOR comet and coming into visual prominence in Nov/Dec 2013 when viewed from earth. In fact some scientists have dubbed it to be the "comet of the century".

    I have only uncovered very limited information and the general tone tend towards negative implications (i.e. an omen or harbinger of bad things to come).

    1. Till now I did not give a second thought on Ison. But if you asked, I looked around, and I see it's all about a piece of ice nearing the Sun. So don't you think it will immediatly melt?? A comet comes and goes, it is not like a planet that rotates over and over again. A planet has an impact. A comet? No. In my opinion of course. I will not harm Earth, nd surely nothing to do with the markets. The markets will continue to drive us crazy, no worries about that!
      So be calm, don't believe all the doom day nonsense. Keep your stops tight, and all will be OK. Or not. But then who will tell our story ?? LOL

  6. This time I am kind of unbalanced. More tilted towards rally. Yesterday when DOW fell i thought astrology is far ahead of time and sentiments. I was thinking can it beat world wide sentiments that deal will be negotiated? After watching news today, i am tilted back to my thoughts "too big to fail". I think S&P may touch 1738-1742 post deal by friday

    1. Interesting walce... Leonard Cohen.. Listen to the guy! Gov. shut down before the New Moon- Gov. shut down ends a day before the full moon. What a TIMING!!!! If Barack has no astrologer under his sleeve, I am a donky. But what happens in the markets? Good news are out, right? Where is the rally? Now- all said, they can fall....
      Not a trading advice :)

  7. Everyone expecting the "big collapse" because all still scarred from '08-'09 debacle. The memory of the pain inflicted will not easily fade. The bigger the fall the greater the pain the longer the memory. This alone may be the reason for the ongoing rally that should continue for at least another 12-18 months - pullbacks not withstanding.

  8. Sorry the above comment was from me...Tom in Michigan. I know how you dislike non-signed comments!

  9. Thanks Tom, I was wondering... It's nice to see you are with me all the time !

  10. tom, with the same token don't you think this rally is really like people living in the Glass houses and can't throw stone at it because with one pebble it will all break like a mirage ; i believe this rally is all free paper money created and i can't prove but FED is propping this market for every tom to go in to it and look at those poor retirees who were expecting to live on savings income has all but evaporated what a shame at their expense FED is making those big FAT CAT bankers take big yearly bonuses but who am i to complain?? because i am in my 70 and NObody will listen to me because i do not belong to Goldman Sachs
    Gabbi, i must say though for writing such great blog and it is very educating and please keep on doing that and wish and pray GOD for giving you knowledge for that and may God bless you for doing God's work

    1. Vick,

      There will always be rich and ALWAYS be poor - that's a given. No doubt the Fed has been pushing things with ultra-low interest rates etc...but this is their mandate. They are suppose to regulate markets in hoping to keep things SOMEWHAT stable. After a crash they work hard to reflate while after bubbles form they attempt to reel them in. I don't believe in conspiracy theories. Everything is basically public information as we live in a free society - you just have to know where to look. We are fortunate to live in the times we do. It has been MUCH worse in different points of history. I try to be grateful.


  11. Hello Vick,
    Thanks for the kind words! This is what makes me going... Knowing that you and other "shadows" are out there and are interested in what I have to share. In this blog I want to point out, that sometimes some higher energies are working out there, If we KNOW them, we can adjust our lives as per the "cycles" they bring. It is there for everyone to know it, it only needs a little reading and digging in.
    I understand your frustration about the BIG GUYS. Looking back in history there were always some BIG GUYS. but aren't them there because we let them be there? Going down to a personal level, when something bad is happening to a person, isn't that because of what he " invited" to be in his life? Thus having the opportunity to stand up and DO something about it? Maybe you will like the books of Richard Bach... buy them all- or download from the net. Simple little books, with a lot to say.
    Have a nice week end ya all.


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