New Moon in Scorpio 2013

between Nov.3- Dec.3, 2013 

The Scorpio--- I took the picture form a beautiful site called Everything... You might want to visit it, they have fantastic pictures. 

Here is the map of the coming lunar month: In this map we can see that 4 planets are almost stable, they move just a few minutes. Jupiter among them, since it is turning retrograde for 4 months. Saturn moves a little, but the one, the tail that will swing the dog, is Venus. It is a bad Venus. Venus in Capricorn. and not only is it in this earth sign, it is also out of bound. I published in my facebook page a graph: 
Venus when out of bound- now at the negative declination: I used the Dow data, because I have it from 1870. So this shows, that when Venus is in a positive declination, the Dow rises. It is NOT the case now.. 

November 5, 2013 Tuesday

I just sent out my updates for the weekly report. By the way, what music are you listening to while you trade? Classical music is the best, I believe. I am listening to it... 
So what's new today? More scary episodes? Let me see.. The Moon is Sag. that is positive, and it is in a positive position to the Sun... We have a Scorpio stellium. Tomorrow the Sun will join Saturn- negative- and Venus will enter Cap. Both point to a change in trend. 

the Moon's angles for today's intraday trading: 
 5.11.2013 13:38:04  9°18'05"Sgr Trine Uranus
 5.11.2013 13:59:45  9°31'13"Sgr Semi-sextile Pluto
 5.11.2013 18:48:20 12°26'07"Sgr Square Mars
 5.11.2013 20:34:36 13°30'33"Sgr Semi-sextile Sun
 5.11.2013 21:38:35 14°09'22"Sgr Semi-sextile Saturn
TA25: for today- it seems now- 10:50 that we shall close red... 

Today's planetary positions: Venus ingressed Cap: for gmt+2

for NY: watch the red times for a possible CIT 

November 6, 2013  Wednesday. 

The angles for today, calculated for NY . Today we are under the effect of Mercury, and see how many angles it makes in the Helio chart? Those moments should be watched.. The markets move - so far as per my forecast.. So cool... I hope you are in the right trend! 
Congrats to the new mayor of NY: 
Look at the perfect timing! transit Sun+Saturn (the one that crowns kings) exactly in opposition to natal Sun! which is at 17 Taurus. tr.Jupiter helped, tr. Venus in a positive sextile to the Moon.. The only concern is Neptune on the Moon... Too much fantasy? hard landing after Neptune will leave.. which will take a while, since it is in retro. 
But, who am I ?? Congrats.. and good luck for the sake of the citizens. .

November 7,2013 Thursday 

Twitter will be traded for the first time today. What a day!! 4 days after the Solar eclipse, with Jupiter being stationary- a position where it is strongest, Sun/Saturn conjunction, Mercury retro and in Perihelion, Moon conjunct Pluto! A very strong start. A good map! Start price $26. Looking at the planets, there is a support at 20 and a resistance at 32.50.

What else?? today we are ruled by Jupiter, which, as I said is stationary and strong. The other planet on the stage is Venus. It is in a sextile to Neptune.- another positive aspect. So, under such a positive planetary picture, we can only think about longs.. Of course, separate analysis should be made for anything you trade.. I am looking at the indices, I don"t see a strong rally.. on the contrary.. We had a top on Nov.6th. so careful!! 

I was wondering what will happen after Dhragi's speech.. Well, markets rocketed e x a c t l y upon the Moon conjuncting Pluto. The Euro zone downgraded the interest rate to 0.25%. 
The chart below is the S^P, Dow and Dax. 

November 8,2013 Friday 

Twitter did extremely well! As I said yesterday, scroll up and see the aspects. Now we have the time: 10:51 started to trade. Pluto-Moon conjunction on the Asc. in Capricorn. This one is here for a long time... with Capricorn ascendant... strong and getting better. 

Born on Nov. 7,2013 = 6 ruled by Venus in Capricorn in sextile to Neptune. The Sun at 15Sco24. conj.Saturn- Saturn 60* Mars,and the most important,  I think... Jupiter stationary at 20Can31... A very good timing for an opening! 

Support at 43.55 - 44.38- 45.40; Resistance: 50.50
Good luck to traders. 

November 10,2013 Sunday 

Today, and during this month there is an extremely rare planetary pattern: a T-Square between Helio Venus-Pl-Jup. and Ura-Pl-Jup. 

Someone asked for the
Sugar ... I checked it. It topped at 36.06 on Feb.2.2011. Now it trades at 18.8- support at 16.20 - target:20. falling below , next support is 15.5, 12, and  5.60. 

November 11,2013 Monday 

Good morning to you all... 
Look at the date 11.11.- isn't that a nice number? The day is ruled by the Moon and by the Sun. 
The Moon just moved to Pisces, it is actually conjunt Neptune, but the main player of the day is the Sun in trine- a harmony, to Jupiter. this happened before on Nov 7,2001- rather rare position. Look up what it did back then with whatever you trade... 
Today is "Veterans Day". May they rest in peace. Markets will open as usual. 
Reading Bloomberg, I see that Apple is planning on some new product. Apple bottomed at 377 in April 19,13 since then it is correcting the fall from Oct.12. Now it trades at 520. Technically there is more space to go up>536 was just 50% of the fall. To be on the "safe side" it should go above 525... If it does, I shall look at it again. 

I  am preparing a surprise for you all... I am very excited about it... You will see soon.. 

November 12,2013 Tuesday

A day ruled by Mars, and Jupiter. As you can see, the Moon is in opposition to Mars. Jupiter is solitary. But the important move for today is Mercury turning Direct. The first angle it makes is to Neptune- it is a trine- a positive position. Later this week it will send different angles to Venus, the Nodes, Uranus, and Saturn. Each position will have its effect. What kind of effect? I teach that in my course. 

November 13,2013 Wednesday 

Nice turn in the markets, as I wrote yesterday, due to Mercury's turn. Now the question is, how long this turn will affect the markets, or is there anything else going on, that can reverse it? 

The Moon is void, so I have time to go to attend some issues... and be back when the Moon enters Aries. 
I am back .. 
See the Moon's angles for today :gmt+2: 
13.11.2013  9:39:09  0°00'00"Ari 
13.11.2013  9:45:12  0°03'22"Ari Sesqui-quadrate Saturn
13.11.2013 14:18:40  2°34'45"Ari Semi-sextile Neptune
13.11.2013 15:17:46  3°07'24"Ari Quincunx Mercury
13.11.2013 21:35:12  6°35'23"Ari Sesqui-quadrate Sun
This is a graph that can be made with ZET - to see the angles of the coming days: 
We are now after Saturn angle, next is the 30^ to Neptune. Let me see what is happening in the S&P? For the time being, it bottomed at 1760, and turn up. 1760 is a support. 

I am watching CNN for the last days, because of the Tacloban disaster... How awful can a wind become?? If you read my blog long enough, I wrote a while ago, that of the four natural elements: Fire, earth, air and water, it is only fire that mankind can make and stop. We cannot stop the air/wind... In this case, the Philippines got it. Biggest in history. My daughter is supposed to travel there in a week... I am sending her messages NOT to go... will she listen? I very much hope so.. 

Mars in Virgo triggered Sun-Saturn conjunction in water, Mercury exact angle to Neptune- in water, and of course the ongoing square between Uranus-Pluto. We have a Plutonian event, combining water and wind.

Aid is being rushed to the area... sometimes mankind can be so helpful, and then next they can bomb each other because of some land, or different believes. 

November 15, 2013 Friday. 

As usual, I am writing my reports for the next week... hmmm and cooking.. We don't have trade today, but you , over the seas have. So let me see... It is a multiple announcement day... so watch out! 

The S&P is high now- a new historical top- 1792.52. even if you don't know anything about trade, the easiest way to approach is to short it if it fells below a major last low. That depends on the time frame one trades. I found that for intraday trades, one should look at the 15 minutes, and the 60. 
It's been a while since I looked at the European indices: 
AEX: This is the weekly graph. even if it goes to 427 it will be blocked there.. Today it is at 395- There is a support at 394.45.To th eupside it can go 2-5-7 points higher... but I don't see a big opportunity here.. 

Italy topped at 20.658- actually it was a triple top. After a triple top - the " three fathers pattern" we always get a harsh correction... Now it is at 19870/ Just a little bit lower, and it will find itself at 19130.- if I want to be very positive. 

Cac: Weekly: Support at 4185. 

FUTSE: I posted in July its chart- and pointed out, that it has to go to 6875- well, we got it.. and immediately a fall. 

US markets started negative, due to the bad fed. announcements.. 

November 16, Saturday 

My weekly forecasts are ready. You can subscribe for it for just $300 for 3 months here: 

Or with Paypal- at the left panel. 

Be good! :) 

November 17,2013 Sunday 

 Already half of the month is behind us... how time flies!! I switch on the TV to see if anything happened while I was sleeping. You see, with a Moon in Gemini, I am a collector of news, always following and updating. You know what I read lately?? That the human brain can absorb 1/1000000th of info that a computer does A DAY! So, watch out for what you want to remember! there is no way a human brain can grasp or remember everything. This is a good excuse for me, I forgot so many things already... LOL... Sometimes my friends tell me this or that , that I told them years ago, or I did.. I have no idea what they are talking about... hahaha... So it's a good way to tell people of things that you think or do, they will be your "extra" brain. 
Market is on here. V e r y low volume, a bore! 

November 18, 2013 Monday. 

For a few days Smetana's music is playing in my ears.. I just hear it from somewhere inside. Is that possible...?? I looked it up for you, to listen. It is beautiful I think. Smetana was a check composer, lived in 1824 
Today  we have an important day in trade, it's a turning day for the Dow; 928 days from 6/5/2011. The day is ruled by the Moon, and Saturn. 
Here is another fine mix, listen .
Our market is trying for a new high. I don't think it will go higher than 1337. It is now at 1333. The
S&P trades sideways, as usually- till the opening on Mondays..It should go above 1796... to go higher, then it will go to 1802.55- let's see... there is a fight now- is it a long or short?? 1796 the Sun is blocking... Gold will be a long above 1286 ... today is 21 weeks from the major low of June. What will it be? 
The Moon is in Gemini, today we will have a full moon! It is also 150 to Mercury and Pluto. Fed announcements came out positive. the S&P is reaching to 1800- very close to my target.. 
let's see... 
I told you I am preparing a surprise... it is on the way.. a few more days. 

November 19,2013 Tuesday

Well well well... Didn't we get our target in the S&P, and a fall?? I wrote yesterday 1802.55 should be IT. It went till 1801.79.. and made a deep fall to 1787. If you went short  with a stop at 1802- you made it for the month!. 
What else?? How is our "bird", Twitter doing? It is now at 41.14. They launched something today, some alert program, I am not sure what it is... The important thing is to see where it stands planets wise. There is a support at 41. It should not fall below it, otherwise nothing to hold it to 39, 34.. and that... would be a disaster. To the upside 42.55 minor resistance, above it 45.76. The range is not big, so I don't know if I would be in this share now. It traded first on Nov. 7th, today it's the 12th day.. tomorrow should be a turning point. 
I wrote about the Sugar on Nov. 10th ... let's see where is it now? planetary support is now at 16.71... falling from there it will be bitter. 

The next thing we were looking at was Apple. It did not go above 525 yet, so no news there.. Seems to me it is going to 500... 
AEX is very merry! new top at 398- It is blocked at 399- unless it will jump over : gap -up...
CAC: new top at 4336- I would raise my stop to 4319;
IBM: is blocked at 188-189
FB: Is falling since Oct 18th - from 54.81- targeting 43-44- that is if it falls below 45.27- former low. Now it is at 45.84- this is a good support, falling below  nothing to catch it till 6-7 points lower. 
GOOG: bottomed at 842.98 on Oct 11. on the next day it rallied with 150 points. very irregular for this share.. since then the volume dropped enormously. Yesterday it closed with a Doji- uncertain regarding the future. - the near future, because Google is like cancer, it expands and grows.. 

Where is La luna lady today? achhh, still in Gemini.. so take your Valiums. 

TA25: I wrote yesterday in my facebook, that I wonder if it will go above 1339.. and it didn't. We have a negative arbitrage now, but it is a minor one, and with the Moon in Gemini anything can happen. We are 13 trading days from the last low.. We have now a Mercury 180 Nodes- at 1327- target down.. below that it will be a banji. 

The Moon's angles for today and tomorrow: 

19.11.2013  9:02:24 15°46'01"Gem Quincunx Saturn
19.11.2013 17:55:58 20°15'10"Gem Semi-sextile Jupiter
19.11.2013 17:59:26 20°16'55"Gem Square Mars
20.11.2013  0:29:29 23°32'56"Gem Sesqui-quadrate Mercury
20.11.2013  9:39:53 28°08'36"Gem Quincunx Sun
20.11.2013 13:22:54  0°00'00"Cnc <<<
20.11.2013 15:13:02  0°54'57"Cnc Sesqui-quadrate Saturn
20.11.2013 18:34:52  2°35'34"Cnc Trine Neptune

I have uploaded a video to Youtube about the Silver. You can listen to it here

November 20, 2013 

With the Moon on my Moon FINALLY!!!!! the Surprise is here. Believe me, I did not plan it like this... It just happened.
I built an application for Android and Apple. I got the message from Google Play, that the Android is on air.
So now, you can search "Financial Astrology", and download  the application, that will bring you to my blog! So if you are on the bus or train, you can read the blog, see what's new, got last updates, message me.
I worked on it for a long time, and I am no technical developer... I can tell you... BUt now all is completed. I am still waiting for Apple to put it on air, so if you have an IPhone, you must wait , I hope not for long.. 
The application is for $4.99 - I get only a small part of it... but I think you will like it, and use it! 

So good luck to us all!! 

I uploaded yesterday a 5 minutes presentation on Youtube. 65 people saw it, 2 likes... what is wrong with you people?? Doesn't one deserve a click for the effort, time, education? uchhh ! 

November 21, 2013 Thursday

Today, with the Moon in Cancer, we will have a good position, a sextile between the Moon -Mercury. But, maybe it is a trap? the Moon is "at home", a sign that it rules. Mercury in water is not so great... so although they are in a positive position, it can turn upside down. At our opening there was a square Moon-Uranus, and we had a fall-and-correction.- It is over now. 
The support for TA25 is at 1340- the resistance 1348. Not a great range to trade! 

This one moved me to tears.. 

November 22,2013 Friday 

Today we are under the spell of Venus. Venus is at 15 Capricorn. Timing solution shows, that when Venus is between 17-27 Capricorn, it causes a fall. So watch it!! The next week should be choppy! But. as I always say. we should check all the planets, not only Venus! 

If I look at Mercury, which is at 11 Sco.- TS tells us, that is causes a rally- till 2 Sag.! - at least, if not till 26 Cap! - till Jan.9,2014!!
Looking at Mars in Virgo - causes a fall between 23 Virgo to 5 SAG! - that is till Sept 21,2014! So this is crazy... we cannot rely on it. :( . 
Jupiter is retrograde now- at 20^ Cancer. Ts shows a fall between 20-14 degrees. That is: till Jan.15th. 
Saturn is now at 16 Sco. TS: a rally till 22 Sco = Feb.10,2014Uranus is at 8 Aries in retro- it gives a fall
Neptune is at 2^36 Pisces = rally 
Pluto is at 9^57 Cap= rally. 
A... the most important is the SUN- it ingresses to Sag.- and gives a rally till 14^. = Dec.5... same date I got for the Silver- if you saw my Youtube upload.. :) Bottom line: 5 against 4- we get a rally in the next 2 weeks.
Now you check the Helio sky and what it shows... :) 

November 24,2013 Sunday. 

Today the agreement between the US and Iran was signed. I don't have the exact time, but when the Moon is waning, it is a good time to finish issues. 
What else? Have you downloaded yet my application? I hope you are using it.
Market will open soon. we are ruled by the Sun and Mercury today. The Sun is at 2* in Sag. Mercury and Saturn are in Scorpio, Jupiter in Cancer Neptune in Pisces. 4 planets in water. Venus in Capricorn, Mars in Virgo, Pluto in Cap. three in Earth signs Uranus, the Moon and the Sun in fire. what are we lacking? Air!  Without air the fire is not "alive"; even the water and the earth is neutral. so what will that mean?? 
Learning from ancient books we can find, that 9 degrees of Gemini and Sag. are degrees of homicide. on Nov 30th- Dec 1. the Sun will be at 9 Sag. 22 degrees of each sign, especially the fixed signs is bad. 
We have a minor negative arbitrage- and as usual, Sunday comes with a low volume, a boring day. 
Ta25 closed at 1344. there is a support at 1342.78 and a resistance at 1352.55

Born on this day: the famous and extraordinary Emir Kusturica. I saw "Black cat white cat"- it is a film you don't want to miss! Happy birthday!!! :) 
381 years ago, Baruch Spinoza was born. read here quotes from his philosophy. 

Tomorrow the Moon will ingress Virgo: wait for a change in trend

25.11.2013 14:10:35  0°00'00"Vir <<<
25.11.2013 19:21:03  2°37'12"Vir Opposition Neptune
25.11.2013 19:39:36  2°46'38"Vir Sesqui-quadrate Venus
25.11.2013 21:27:42  3°41'31"Vir Square Sun
25.11.2013 23:54:00  4°55'56"Vir Semi-square Jupiter

November 25,2013 Monday

Today it's the Moon we should look at, and as I wrote yesterday, it moved to Virgo. It is an earth sign. Virgos are down-to-earth people- they actually DO things. I gave you the angles it will send today, so watch those minutes. 
This week is a short one. We will celebrate Hanukkah, and you in the US, the Thanksgiving. 
Nov 28th is a market holiday. 
Our market went up , as expected, and closed at 1352.96
Now the resistance is still at 1352.55- but it turned to support! If we will have 
 a positive opening, than next up targets are 1357.45- 1358.8 - 1360. 
Looking at Bloomberg- the markets are green... so, lets start. At the right: Tel Aviv time tunnel: 

NY Planetary pos: 

Negative aspects are not necessarily bad- sometimes, they push the market up. Just watch the minutes it happens. Use technical analysis- if you don't know astro... 
Good luck !

Let's see what happened in history on this day? 254 years ago a big earthquake shook Beirut and Damascus. Back in those times no one questioned if it was a " man-made-quake- like today, or not.. 30-40 thousand people died. In 1950- " the storm of the century" hits England. 
Haha.. I am reading the names of the people born today- featured by Wiki- I heard of one or two.. only. Do you know many more? they suppose to be celebs.. 

November 26,2013 Tuesday

Tuesday is always a powerful day to trade. People are already in "rhythm".. It is a day ruled by Mars. Today also Neptune is on the stage. Hopppaaaa! Neptune will bring a swing.. 
I wrote yesterday, that there is a support at 1803 for the S&P- look how the trade developed: 

1803 was holding - untill it wasn't// LOL... sorry... I hope you went short. I sent a message from the gym- I am going to yoga 2-3 times a week- I updated from there the application.. Have you downloaded it yet? 
So what is going on now?? The east is mixed. we are waiting for the Dax.. I wrote to subscribers:" Targets up: 9232. Running above it- 9325"Where is it now? 9324 topped yesterday-- now 9299. - not bad... ha?
TA25: now 1348.30 - after a top at 1356.81- it will correct the rally from Nov 13th. Support: 1347.40- 1344- 1339.

22:40 pm. Very sad news: Our great singer, Arik Einstein, died suddenly at his home, at the age of 74. Look at his chart: for someone to die there has to be at least 6-7 angles that point to the same. It is like the Hungarian cube. It has to click. Like a safe when you close it? and yesterday it was his time to go. Very sad. He was the most humble celebrity I have ever known.
May he rest in peace. 

November 27,2013 Wednesday

What can I tell you today? The TV is full with Arik Einstein. It is sad. Every death is sad. Today everyone is talking about him, next we shall turn to our daily issues, and go on. This is life. World goes on spinning no matter what. It is something that does not feel- it just spins and spins. In a way there is something reassuring in this too. We can be sure that life will go on no matter what. 
So what is now going on in the sky? The Moon is in Virgo, getting close to Mars. This position is always a turning point. But then the Moon goes void till tomorrow. SO what ever happens after 13:44 is reversible. What else? Mercury will sextile Venus- this is a positive, but minor position. the main angle today is Venus opposition to Jupiter. By the way, Jupiter is conjunct the Lilith, a bad position. 
S&P: zig-zagged yesterday. In spite of that, it did not go above the last top- 1810- which was one of my targets in the newsletter. Now it is at 1802.50 . Below 1803- it is a short. Above 1810- long. 
DAX: topped on Nov. 25- since then it trades sideways. Now it is at 9305.7- it is a short below 9295. Since one can loose a lot on the Dax, I would be "on the fence".
Gold: bottomed on Nov 25th - 1227- I doubt this is the last bottom. 

Market starts// let's see.. 
we closed yesterday at 1345- trade range: 1344-1352. 
Accchhh - I forgot! there is a gap-up pattern today- so we gapped above the range- now 1358.35- Incidentally or not- Uranus is blocking at this point. above it: 1360-1366. 

Have you downloaded my application yet??? Link at the left side panel. 

November 28,2013 Thursday

Happy Thanksgiving and Hanukkah ..  We have trade, in the US it is a bank holiday. Tomorrow they will have, and then again till Monday nothing. I think the markets will rest till next Tuesday at least. The sky is quiet too. 
The S&P closed at 1807.56- it trades sideways. Preparing for a last "launch". The world is green/ what can I tell you ?? all is fantastic. 

Today comet "Ison" is closest to Earth! raise your eyes maybe you'll see it... :)  I added a link where you can get a more scientific explanation about it, than I can give you! 

About the application!!! Those who downloaded it- get push notifications about planetary position, about the markets, or anything I feel it is important... ! I think it is worth while..

Since the Sun is in Sag- and will be here till Dec.21st, I think this link is very interesting to read.

On this day, in 1811 - first time performed Beethoven piano concert. Listen..... Also Rachmaninov's piano concerto no 3... played for the first time in 1909. 
 How come in the years 1700-1900 so great composers were born, and since then nothing?? Anyway, not on this level, or that I know of... 
William Blake- the poet was born today, in 1757. One of his quotes:" 

When nations grow old the Arts grow cold And commerce settles on every tree."

December 2, 2013 Monday.

Another month passed by, and we are already heading towards 2014... just a few ore days, and we are there... Before running off, let's turn back and see what did November bring? 

The Dow ran up 65% in November since 1885.
How about December? 

But, can we trade statistics?? Always ask yourself, what can go wrong?? 

The Dow shows, that as of Dec 11th- in the last 100 years!!!! there was a rally!

Today we are under the spell of the Moon. Zet has to point out, that today is a "Satan day" the symbol is a Hydra. It is the 29th Moon day.. soon to be a New Moon... The Moon just entered Sag. The Moon is in mutual reception with Jupiter, each other being in the other's house. It is waxing, and under the Sun's beams. In this situations the Moon is bad.. No wonder it is a "Satan" day. 
The Sun, on the other hand, is on "Antares, a royal star, the "Watcher of the west... 
Zet: " Antares (21 Alpha Scorpii  m 0.96)
Heart of the Scorpion
Keywords: A Royal Star. The Archangel Oriel, the Watcher of the West. Spirit of adventure, obstinacy, injuries to eyes, honours, sudden loss, stubborn, suspicious, violent, several marriages".
Mars is on "Alkaid" Zet : Alkaid (85 Eta Ursae Majoris m 1.86)
Keywords: Associated with death and mourning, war, natural catastrophes
Effect: Unfortunate
Character: Moon/ Mercury/ Saturn

TA25 : we got a fantastic rally yesterday, so not every Sunday is boring after all... LOL. Now we are reaching for new highs. 1382- we were there, but while I was writing, they read it, and made it fall... 
Bernanke speaks today, be on the fence!! 

Download my application, I am sending push infos.... you don't want to miss. You can find the link at the left panel. I am still waiting for Apple to confirm it, but Google play has it already. 
Subscribe now to the weekly report! only a month left of this year... don't you want to make some extra bucks?? 

December 3,2013 Tuesday. 

With the Moon entering Sagittarius, and being hand in hand with the Sun, it is time to close this article and move on. Thank you for being here. Remember! Every New Moon I start a new article. I give subscription services - analyzing the S&P, Dow,Russell, Dax, Gold, Oil and Euro$. The cost is 300$ for 3 months. It is called the WMA newsletter. You can subscribe by clicking Paypal, or the little man on the star, my icon. I also teach financial astrology and Numerology course. And the latest, is the application for the blog, under the name "Financial Astrology". There is no other application like this. Download cost is $4.99. The application brings you to my blog, and !!!!  you also get push updates
Let's go... 
See you at "the New Moon in Sag."


  1. You are doing well on your Crude Oil short

  2. Seeing many Indian Sugar Processing companies at life time low and its equity selling at peanuts. Getting tempted to buy them with horizon of 3 yrs. I know you only predict the Nifty on India side however, any general prediction for Sugar Sector just like you have been doing time to time for coffee.

    1. I will have to work on that..

    2. Thanks Gaby, It doesn't seem to be in for any bull run like upto 32. so, still not a while gold.

  3. It Looks like many of the soft commodities set major tops between febr and may of 2011 , and then have been in downward spiral eversince , is there any light at the end of the tunnel ??

    1. Nope. so far not a good one to invest in.
      P L E A S E sign your names, I hate Anonymous letters... What is that a letter in a bottle?

  4. S&P can go well past 1800 in DEC and if that happens DEC should end at all time high. S&P may close at 1890-1902. World market may rise or may stay afloat or if it goes down, then money must be flowing out to US

  5. Hi, Andriod App image shows Daily tips :) at $4.95 it may be very cheap. Is the price monthly, or yearly or a download price

  6. This is the download price.

  7. S&p below1803 is a short- look out!

  8. Subscribed. Will download tonight


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