New Moon in Sagittarius 2013

Between Dec.2- Jan.1, 2014 

If you search my blog for New Moon in Sagittarius, you will find 4 or 5 articles about it. I strongly recommend to read them. Here is a link to the last one, 2012. and the one from 2011, 2010, and finally, this might interest you too, the X-mas rally in 2009- then under Mars retro, now, Venus will be in retro. 
Now you have enough to read, I shall check where are my positions... 
See you later. 

Here is the monthly chart- inner is Dec 2 outer - Jan 1

I use ZET for my work. I think it is a fantastic software. But sometimes I also use others like "Planet watcher" , because it gives you a simple monthly look on the most important angles. So this is what is important for the coming month: 
I know... If you don't know astrology, this is just like a hieroglyph.. So, let's start studying!!! LOL. It's not easy.. but worth while.. 

I noticed, that when the markets are dropping with 5-10 points all the papers, and media is full of " oh my God!! are we in a bubble?? "... LOL... Well, of course we are. But as long as we are in the right position it's OK. 

In my weekly forecast I give them stops... 

Our market is correcting, now at 1368. There are some stocks that are roaring upwards. You might want to check the "game" sector... during the last month of the year people like to try their luck at the casinos... so see MGM,LVS,WYNN,CZR/// I am not trading them- I trade futures.. I just thought you might want to know.. Right now I am trading MZOR- in Nasdaq- I trade it locally.. check it out. 

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December 4, 2013 Wednesday

Well well well... what a correction... Just now the Moon entered Capricorn, again some changes around the corner. In my forecast I wrote to subscribers to raise stop to 1803 in the S&P- that was on Nov 30th, and watch out for a void of 12-13 points. one of my targets was 1792. Where is it now? It bottomed at 1785- now at 1793... so it was a great short.. Were you there?? I hope so. the bottom was at 9 pm my time yesterday. It trades now at 1793 which is the exact Mars-72^Earth angle. the range is very tight. above 1793 Long- below 1785 short. 

I have extremely good news!!!! My application was confirmed by Apple- and it is now "on air" downloadable. Pls. go to, look for "Financial Astrology" - there is only ONE!!!!!!!! M I N E  !!!!

To down load it go here: 

A lot of Fed. announcements today: the important one is the Crude oil inventories.. To my subscribers I wrote to go long when it bases itself at 92.- now it is at 98.. 

Have you downloaded yet my application?? 

I mentioned Mazor Robotics.- Yesterday... well, I am out- sold it today at the triple top... remember the "3 fathers pattern ? There were Abraham, Izhak and Jacob... if a share tries for 3 times to go up unsuccessfully, RUUUUUN. That is what I did! 

Have you downloaded yet my application??  - I am sending pushessss.... Hurry up.. Spread the word! 

DAX: I wrote in my newsletter that the stop should be at 9404- see what happens when it breaks it.

OK, I have to go visit my mom... be good.

December 5, 2013 Thursday

I found my mom very anxious and nervous... She woke up from an afternoon nap, and heard some loud voices in front of her window- she lives at the first floor. She looked out to see what 's happening, and she saw 4, 15-17 years old boys lighting something, and making a lot of smoke. She called out, shouting "what are you doing??" the boys fled. But not before throwing something into the shelter, through the window, which was open. After a few minutes she called me. I live 1 hour drive from her... to say that there is a lot of smoke. I told her to call the house keeper, he lives at the 4th floor.. So, I am waiting to see what is going on, she calls me, saying that there was a fire in the shelter, one floor below her, and all the people were evacuated, she is down at the street, all are waiting for the fire-man, and the police.. Luckily they came real quick and nothing happened. But since then it is difficult for her to fall asleep, always thinking those stupid boys will return. She told the police all she saw. Actually, if not her, the house would have burnt down. She is over 83.
So this made me think... She has so many things in that apartment, never throws away anything. Now she had to flee with the clothes on her. We are gathering stuff all our life, and if something like this happens, we are left without anything. the only thing we carry with us is our mind and knowledge. Knowledge is the ONLY  thing in this life, that NO ONE in NO situation can take away from you! So before you buy another dress, another jewelry or a car, spend your money on studying... 
All this happened when the Moon was in the last degrees of Sag. Now it is in Cap.- a calm earth sign. Right now it is in sextile to the Sun, still positive for the market, which is opening by the way... ajajajaa. I have to check where are my pos.  brb.. 
OK - 
Today we are ruled by Jupiter and Mercury. Jupiter is at 19 degrees. Now this degree is very interesting... I wrote about it in the past. Look it up! There is a search window in the blog. Annnd! Mercury is just now entering Sag. In this sign it is weak.. So this should be taken in consideration. Mercury is the "pump".-, the back wind... 
Watch these stocks today :
Look at Walt Disney! Raised the dividend yesterday...How long more will it rally?? To be on the safe side- stop at 70.40
The Planets love me today: this is their present for me today: Netex - announcement: cooperation with Google... :) 

Before running to yoga, as usually on Thursdays, watch the VIX:

boring day... see ya... 

December 5,2013 Friday. 

We are saying good bye to Nelson Mandela. He died yesterday at the age of 95.39. Why is the number so important?? Look at his natal map: the difference between Pluto and Mars is 96 degrees. Of course, if I use the transit for yesterday, transit Neptune is at exact midpoint of his natal Sun and Mars. Neptune is the ruler of his 8th house, the house of death, and Mars of Hose 4- of endings. 
I wrote about Mandela in June 30th ,  2013-  then he had a stroke. If you look closely, there are a lot of angles that point to the  END. I always wrote, that there must be at least 7 bad positions in order that death conquers life. Here there are more! 
Numerologically also... many signs, but all these I teach in my course! 

One of Mandela's quotes“I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.”

May he rest in peace. 

PS. I just got this info: 
South African astrologer Anita Noyes-Smith has a friend in Mandela's office who checked for a time and found that there is no known time of birth. Umtata is a rural area and blacks had no birth certificates.
Often, they did not even know the date as it was not valued as important
SO the hour presented on the chart is incorrect. However, this does not change the transits, only the position of the Ascendant. 

If you downloaded my application you are getting my pushezzz :) .

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It's Friday today, no trade over here. I had a fantastic day yesterday...  With Netex and Babylon. I sold Netex, at the top- as the info came out, and I am still with Babylon, it has a great potential. 

But, you must understand, that I cannot post here all my trades, since I trade the 5 minutes graph... so all is very quick.

Today we are under the spell of Venus. It is at 24 Cap. This degree tells us a story:denotes a person whose tastes and outlook run towards the military or along militant lines. A vigilant person who may restrict  the activities of others." Actually, every degree has its own story. 

The Moon just tip-toed into Aquarius. In this sigh it always makes a top/bottom for the S&P. Look out today of Mercury! This little devil will mix the cards up. Zet gives us the Degree interpretation of the Sabian symbols, and it says about Mercury : 2nd degree of 
A quick wind is making sport with the sea; through sharp mist as far as sight reaches are scurrying whitecaps." The market is the sea... 

I have to go now... keep your stops tight. 

Oh.. a last thing before the rain comes.. Look at QUANDL! this is a fantastic site. Today for example there are many announcement from Canada and the US> In QUandl you can make a mirrriad of searches. They have a graph for everything. 

Canada unemployment: 

US average earnings... 

I am back... 

If you want to see how will the DOW behave, you have to follow these shares. 
Dec.7, 2013 Saturday.. 

Is a perfect day to write my forecasts.... It is quiet, no trade, thanks God! LOL... We have to rest.. So are we ready for the week to come??????? Are we?? Did you read all the articles, news, forecasts?? Have you looked up at the sky to see where is the Moon?? a... you cannot know that, if you have not signed up to my newsletter... Only 3 weeks to go till New years, and Friday the 13th.. is on the way... LOL... 

December 8, 2013 Sunday 

Good morning all, 

Market starts in one hour. It is raining outside. I am preparing for the day.... Today we are ruled by the Sun and Saturn. Th Sun is at 16 degrees Sag. which is also the position of the fixed star Rasalgethi. If you want to read about this star- you can look it up at the left panel of the blog- there are two or three links to Fixed stars. This one is a positive star. By tomorrow the Sun will move on, since it moves a degree per day, and the effect too will vanish. On Dec 10-13 it will be on malefic stars, we have to take that in consideration... 
Saturn is in Scorpio, at 17^57.- So actually they are 30^- minor positive - degrees apart. 
The Moon is at the last degrees of Aquarius- Actually it is VOC- till 10:34 my time. 
The most important thing for today is MARS ingress to Libra. Now this is very important! Libra is the sign for harmony, mutual agreements, friendship, the sign of the 7th house of partnerships and marriages. But when mars the warrior enters, it shuffles all the cards, and in spite of being in its detriment, weak in this sign, it is enough for the Libras to feel anxiety, an unexplained inner turmoil, a restlessness. Often Libras divorce under this pressure. You must remember, that like everything in life, this too will pass! Although not so fast, because Mars will take a step back and turn retrograde, and be here for a loooong time, -till July 25,2014- but not too long, what you cannot bear. 
Where is Mars in your natal chart? Where in the transit - there look for its meaning!  For the USA chart for example, on Jan.26,2014 it will make a trine - a good - angle to natal Mars- at 21^23Gemini. On the same day it will make a minor positive angle to Obama's Mars. On Jan. 10, 14 also a positive angle to the DOW's natal chart.On Jan 25 a very bad angle to the S&P natal chart- (March 4, 1957). Dec.28,13 a positive angle to Nasdaq ( FEB 8,1971) ; Jan 25,14 a trine to the Queen's Mars... hmmmm.... On Christmas it will conjunct Prince William's Natal Mars in his MC... Certainly it will be worth while listening to the news. Oho!!! During the same week Mars will conjunct Kate Middleton's Mars.. What is going on in the royal family?? In the same time transit Mars will conjunct Putin's 4 planets in Libra! It gets more and more interesting.... Nataniahu is also a multiple Libra- having 3 planets , the Moon, the South Node, Selena, Ceres,Pallas and the MC in Libra.- So as of Dec 23rd,2013- till the end of July 2014 he will have a very difficult time! Mars will "iron" all his planets ON THE MC! 

Some local shares: Babylon ! it's a buy - stop 875 /// double position above 903

Ofko--1129543- is a buy - but the volume is very low... so I don't know. 
Insuline - No. 1120161 - buy at 260-267 - target 286-ish .. Bought at 263.1

Looking back to last week: here is the carpet: green runners, red, losers: 
AEX: for my Dutch readers: it is feeling blue... It should open above 386- in order to rally again... but with the Dax breaking the last low... I think this one too will- SO keep your stops really close! I am closing my positions, taking money out of the market. One does not have to be at the exact top! 
Dow Brazil: for people who downloaded my application from Brazil : 24260 - stop and we are long. But the resistance is at 27400- so only after breaking out  will be a real long. Till then, just a try. 

December 9,2014 Monday 

Good morning all. What a powerful opening in the East!! all markets are making new highs.. Are they taking the privilege till USA opens? No, not really... The fact is, that when Mercury makes a positive angle to Uranus, it makes the markets jump. The S&P made a minor move only, and did not go over 1809- where Uranus is blocking the way... It would take a bigger force than Mercury to move it higher! 

By the way, have you downloaded my application yet?? 

Since the morning nothing much happens. I sent a few notifications of trades I made in the local market. I hope you  there in Europe are doing well... All are waiting for the US to open. It looks green now, but in 4 hours the Moon will 90 the Sun, so that will be a push. No announcements today... so let's see... Having lunch in the meanwhile, bon apetit. 

Those who downloaded the application can send me mails, you know??!! 

Watch these stocks on these dates!!! 

For students who took my course, will understand this time table for NY: 
December 10, 2013 Tuesday 

On Sundays we here are adjusting our market as per the USA close of Friday. On Mondays we close one hour after USA opens, so the actual action for us- and for the rest of the world starts today. Is it a coincidence that this day is ruled by Mars?? Mars is our pump of energy.... well depending where it is... Today it is at 1Lib14. It is in detriment, or weak in this sign. IN it's journey in Libra it will meet with all the planets. The first to encounter will be Neptune. Depending on the orb one takes. Me, for the markets , use 1 degree. and today, till the 15th it will be "inconjunct" or 150 - bad position to Neptune. The same bad position it had when it was in Leo- end of Aug.2013. 
Today not only Mars will be on the stage, the Moon too! Later today it will move to Aries! Bringing new energy !  gmt +1 - Europe time at 2:06 pm - NY time at 8:06 am ... 
In my newsletters I send to subscribers these hours to watch... 

So I see that the S&P got "tracked between 1806-1810... It is waiting for the momentum!. Today it will get it! with the Moon in Gemini you should tighten your seat belts! 
And finally- I don't know which one is more important!!! Mercury will trine Uranus! This is an extremely positive position. Let me see quickly when did this occur before?? Aug 14-16! check out what happened then with whatever you trade! 

Crude oil is to be watched too- after a consolidation: crossing the barrier of 98.50- nothing to stop it to 100.50 ! 

The picture speaks for itself: 

Twitter: arrived to the opening price

Teva is our leading share in TA25. Looking at the daily graph- I used the Sun's lines from the low and bottom- this is the picture we get: we can see that it is trapped between 13800- 14260.
Here are the events that can help us enter or sell : 

of course, there are many other issues to check, but this is a beginning.. 
Nelson Mandela's memorial is on TV now- ALL world leaders are there! 

I posted yesterday that BAC has a presentation today at 9:30 NY time. See its graph -for the last 5 years with the Dow and S&P. While this ran up BAC is way behind.. 
Why is BAC SICK?? 

This message was sent 7 hours ago through my notifications in the applications: 

Worldwide7 hours ago
TA25" support at 1360.50. When I post a level, I always use planetary positions. Falling below= 1358.50, 1357-1352.60. To the upside: 1363.

where are we now??? 1358.48 :) 

have you downloaded yet my application ??? Did you tell your friend? Your colleague, the person who sits next to you ?? See, I sent you a nitification that the Moon is VOC and the markets are dead- but now, with the ingress to Aries- we got a fantastic move in Gold! 

Today's angles gmt+2: 
10.12.2013 15:05:28  0°00'00"Ari <<<
10.12.2013 17:40:09  1°25'39"Ari Opposition Mars
11.12.2013  6:44:30  8°36'28"Ari Conjunction Uranus
11.12.2013  8:18:35  9°27'46"Ari Trine Mercury
11.12.2013 10:17:43 10°32'36"Ari Square Pluto

Just heard on the news: Mary Barra was nominated to be the first woman CEO at GM. Women rule guys... you have to swallow that.. :) LOL 

Good Luck Ms Barra! 

December 11,2013 Wednesday 

Today is a unique date! 11.12.13. nice no?? Never again to occur!. The day is ruled by Mercury and the Moon. They are in trine.- a positive position. The Moon is conjunct Uranus... 
We have storm and heavy rains over here... no beach today LOL... But still the temperature will not fall - here in Tel Aviv- below 18-20 degrees. In Jerusalem it might snow... but that's how it is- in a very small country, like ours, we can have snow in the north, and beach time in the south. 
So what's new? 
Did you know, that Berlioz was born on this day?? He wrote the wonderful piece called "Symphonie Fantastic

Do you remember Bernard Madoff?? He was arrested today, in 2008. I wrote about him in this blog- you can look it up. 

the markets in the East are blushing... actually all the board is red... well, we were waiting for this no? I hope you are taking advantage of the notifications I am sending through my applications. 
I sent HSI: stop 23610- now it is at 23406- and all the other Asian indices- also turned down, below my stops. You should go short when a stop is broken. 
TA25: bottomed at 1340. now it is at 1345. Support : 1344.40- resistance 1348.60- very tight= and that's good. 
After the rally yesterday in Gold, I believe a correction is due- and ohooooooo, the Dollar! look at it!! It reached my target given to subscribers, now it is correcting.. I have to see my positions.. 
Back later. 

December 12, 2013 Thursday. 

The rain came and brought the falls in the markets. Till now just a correction. A healthy one. We were rising for 7 weeks! 
I was not here yesterday, because my aunt, 84, arrived to visit us.. as long as I can travel... she said. We waited at the airport for a long time, due to the storm the plane could not land. But finally she arrived. Her life story is incredible! She is writing a book about it, in Esperanto. Have you heard of this language?? It is an international language, founded by Mr.Zamenhoff. The book is on Amazon. 
So let me see where are we now? Jupiter in Cancer rules today. Totally. It is in trine- 120 degrees to Saturn. Both in water. Last time it was making a trine was 
20.05.1987  0:00 (GMT+2) - 27.05.1987  0:00 (GMT+2)
17.11.1987  0:00 (GMT+2) - 27.11.1987  0:00 (GMT+2)
13.03.1988  0:00 (GMT+2) - 23.03.1988  0:00 (GMT+2)
 9.10.1993  0:00 (GMT+2) - 17.10.1993  0:00 (GMT+2)
25.04.1994  0:00 (GMT+2) -  3.05.1994  0:00 (GMT+2)
25.08.1994  0:00 (GMT+2) -  2.09.1994  0:00 (GMT+2)
10.03.2007  0:00 (GMT+2) - 27.03.2007  0:00 (GMT+2)
26.04.2007  0:00 (GMT+2) - 13.05.2007  0:00 (GMT+2)
18.01.2008  0:00 (GMT+2) - 25.01.2008  0:00 (GMT+2)
 2.09.2008  0:00 (GMT+2) - 18.09.2008  0:00 (GMT+2)
12.11.2008  0:00 (GMT+2) - 29.11.2008  0:00 (GMT+2)
14.07.2013  0:00 (GMT+2) - 22.07.2013  0:00 (GMT+2)
 9.12.2013  0:00 (GMT+2) - 17.12.2013  0:00 (GMT+2)
21.05.2014  0:00 (GMT+2) - 28.05.2014  0:00 (GMT+2)

Besides the good Jup-Sat. aspect we have a very bad Mars-Neptune one... there is a fight. 

S&P has made a triple bottom- it seems that it will break it--- what do you think? 

Now it is at 1782. There is a minor support at 1781- Below that 1778.50 - We'll see if it will hold.. 
Gold: Trade range: after reaching my target given in the application- the range now is between 1250-56. falling below 1250- it will go to the next lower target quoted in the application. 
Ta25: trades now at 1335: Trade range 1331-1340 

Today the Moon will leave Aries and enter Taurus at 22:40 my time. Look for a change in trend! The Moon is VOID today between 17:37- 22:40. So look out. 

After the close: Our market made a fantastic short- closed at 1326.92. On October 26th newsletter I wrote  to local subscribers : Write in your calendar: Dec. 12-13- a change in trend!! The support is now at 1325 - 1313.
So are you in the right direction ?? we are short in the S&P, Dow, Dax, Correction time, and we shall see what the next week has in its purse. 
I am trading the Euro Dollar now- what can I tell you ?? I made my weekly income. I hope you toooo @@@ 
Dow: I made a list of all the shares- communism broke out here !! its all RED ! lol 
Bloomberg are talking about FB: Facebook long above 50! Watch it around Jan 5th .

I think Twitter is the queen- I think it will run up to 62. I would use a stop at 52.0 and just leave it work itself up. 

What else? You know, on the application there is a link, you can ask me questions... 

A have to start writing my reports now, so be good! and stay warm... Boy, it's cold here! Snowing in Jerusalem! Thanks God for the roof above my head. 

See ya 

Oh! Look at the 15 minutes of the Crude oil with Jupiter lines: 

December 13, 2013 Friday 

There is so much snow in Jerusalem, that people are tracked in their cars all night waiting to be "rescued". We never ever had so much snow in the past! 
During the night the Moon entered Taurus. Now it is conjunct with the south Node- a bad position! The Sun is in Sag- in the decanate of the Sun- and we get the extreme cold. Mercury is in the decanate of Mars. 
The main angle of the day is the square between Venus-Neptune in the Helio chart at 4 degrees. They are blocking the Gold , for example at 1234. Uranus and Venus rule today. They are in a quintile.(72^). Some astrologers use the quintiles. We get them if we devide the wheel by 5. Slices of 72 degrees. 

I posted the forecast for Teva- so far it "behaves"... 
S&P: 60 min
Finviz a great site. Here you can see one week/month/year performance in the world: 

Today is the 10th of TEVET- read here about this- it is a fasting day! Well, those who tried to reach Jerusalem to see snow- are definitely having a fast... trapped in their cars.. since last night. 

December 15,2015 Sunday

I woke to a beautiful and clear blue sky and the Sun back to its place, shining.. We had a "never heard of" weekend- with snow storm! can you imagine? Well, not where I live, close to the sea, but a little bit further, 30 minutes drive and there was the snow... all white and thick! People trapped in their cars for the night... Now they are investigating.. Tomorrow no one will remember it, and we shall look ahead to new issues to come. This is life. It is instant and issues follow issues.... 
With the Sun back in its place, I think the markets will turn and go up. At the beginning not so sure, but deeper into the day, more stable. 

local share: 1097344 - just bought it. Stop at 518 - targets on the graph

Some announcement is on the way: transit Mercury from Sag- sending signals. 

Today's angles from the Moon: 
15.12.2013 14:18:43  2°51'57"Gem Square Neptune
15.12.2013 14:56:33  3°11'10"Gem Semi-square Jupiter
15.12.2013 16:22:14  3°54'39"Gem Trine Mars

December 16, 2013 Monday 

Today we are under the spell of the Moon- which is still in Gemini at 11 degrees. The books have to say about this degree- and I write this for the babies born today:

"11° Virgo denotes one always ready to help others even though he has little respect for their opinions. Photography and nature may play a  part. The fixed star Zozma is here."( natal degrees by Keane.)

The other planet to influence us today is Neptune! And this!!! is a trend changer! it has been a WHILE!!!! since we had Neptune on the stage. Neptune is at 2^Pisc.53- in a BAD angle to Jupiter. Sometimes they are the ones that change the trend. Surely many other issues have to be checked. 
I am trading now $/Yen and it shows down. Of course I always move the stop as it falls. And if I see a turning pattern, I close the position. 

Besides the Moon and Neptune's positions- we have to have an eye on the trine between Jupiter-Saturn- which will be there the whole week. Mercury makes a nasty one with Jupiter now- this can shake the cards again. So, a volatile day! have your eyes open. 
Moon's aspects today: gmt+2

16.12.2013 11:05:59 13°22'40"Gem Sesqui-quadrate Venus
16.12.2013 20:16:45 17°59'38"Gem Opposition Mercury
16.12.2013 20:22:58 18°02'45"Gem Semi-sextile Jupiter
16.12.2013 22:01:46 18°52'21"Gem Quincunx Saturn

To see how the market looks now: Finviz gives us a clear picture: more greens than reds. 

TA25: bottomed yesterday at 1315.07 - to make a perfect pattern it should reach 1312. Yesterday I wrote that if it goes above 1318- it will jump over to 1328- so be ready.. 
SBOX: weekly - in the past it fell by more than 29%- doing the same now- it would fall to 50-ish- but !!!! X_Mas!!! so Not so sure I would go short on anything now. Looking at the 15 minutes graph- there is a pos. divergence- so running above 77.10- it will turn up. 

I ran TS- asking what happened in December in past years?? I have data since 1992- so this is the answer: 

Watching the Euro$ : 15 minutes: we got a 3 fathers' pattern- what next? 
Break - out!! target= 1.37880- keep tight stops- remember , the moon in Gemini is playing with us little creatures down here. 

I see a lot of new visitors and hello to all the returning ones!! Have you downloaded my application? Link at the left panel- for Iphones and androids as well. Why should you have it?? Because when I send notifications you can make immediate trades! and, you can read my blog wherever you are... or when ever you have time- on the way home, on the train, on the plane, in the line for coffee- by the way, I uploaded Starbuxs- have you seen ?? 

December 17, 2013 Tuesday

Helloooo... I was away from the computer yesterday, because I have guests from abroad, but I programmed my trades, and it went pretty well. I could have earned more- traded the DAX, but I put my "take profit" lower than it rallied. But, I don't mind, even so, it was a good trade. 
So what is going on today?? 

We are under the energy of Mars and Saturn! Well well well... We have not had Saturn for a long long time. Saturn restricts. It is the one to tap our shoulder and say! watch out! hold your horses! Where is it? It is at 18Sco.55- in a nice trine to Jupiter- still - also in a minor positive position to Mercury, but Mercury is in a dis-harmonic position to Jupiter. Wow--- one is trying to hold us back, the other is a destructive energy. Which one will win? Also, we will have a full Moon today- in Gemini! At full Moons issues end. Isn't there some speech today? well of course! so we down here "behave" as expected form a Moon in Gemini. 

Some shares I was discussing in this article: FB- reached 54.50- while the top on Oct 21st was 54.81 -! Only running above it it will be a strong LONG- otherwise it will fall back 29th 6 points. TWTR: topped at 60 and reversed. I was expecting 62- but OK- one can not always pick the exact tops.. If you had your stop at 52- as advised on Dec.12 you can chirp now gladly. Dec. 13th was the 13th day from the low- so a correction was due- which came on the next trading day. 
TA25: stop: 1328.55 - target: 1338.80 falling below the stop: next support is at 1324-1323.  

the angles from the Moon for today: 
17.12.2013 11:28:04 25°36'07"Gem Opposition Sun- full Moon! 
17.12.2013 17:30:43 28°37'12"Gem Quincunx Venus
17.12.2013 20:16:43  0°00'00"Cnc <<<

If you want to see what the "insiders" do - follow this link: 
In 20 min. German CPI! Stay tuned! Till then markets will trades sideways. The S&P is trapped between 1774-1778. 
Gold: I just saw that there is an open gap here! 

German sentiment is feeling green... but I don't see a move in the S&P!  Waiting for Mr.Goodbar... 

S&P : I sent push info: 1774 is a support- and it IS: :) 

December 18, 2013 Wednesday 

With the Moon in Cancer I hope it will be a quieter day... But I see now, that this will not be the case, due to the angles it will make to Uranus and Pluto!. Oh, well... yesterday I made the mistake to go to yoga and leave my positions open... No ohmmmm  can help me now- I really have to be more attentive and trade only when I sit here. Sometimes it works to program it sometimes it doesn't . Certainly not when the Moon is VOC- like yesterday. today I have to take my guests to the airport, so again I shall be away. 
let me see... where are we now?? The East is green - well, no new highs, but all are correcting... but I would not get over enthusiastic...
Gold topped on Dec 16th, but since then it is falling. The last low was 1232-below that I would be short. There is a support at 1228- but with the difficult angles today, I don't know if it will hold. The road up is blocked at 1233-1235.15-1238.55
TA25: we were stopped out yesterday, it fell to 1320. I hope you, who trade it turned short below 1328!.
Now the arbitrage is light green, so a correction could come. Let me see where are the planets? Support at 1319-1316.50- Targets up: 1324.50-1331.40

And!!! Did you know, that Brad Pete, Steven Spielberg and Stalin were born today?? in different years, but today... I should not mention them know.. 
Happy birthday and self fulfillment to the living ! 

A lot of announcements today... so watch those hours! 
Moon's angles:  gmt+2
18.12.2013 13:32:33  8°35'22"Cnc Square Uranus
18.12.2013 17:58:41 10°47'29"Cnc Opposition Pluto

December 19, 2013 Thursday 

What a move, yesterday! It was a fantastic evening- if you were in the right direction! S&P ran up to 1811- hmmm it IS nice, but not enough! It did not go over Uranus- that is blocking there! It will need an extra wind to go higher- and it is the third time it is trying! 

I wrote yesterday that the support in
Gold is not ajajaj, I hope you turned short there, and gained in both markets. 
I was out- at the airport yesterday... but, well one cannot be everywhere at the same time. I could have programmed the computer, but I wanted to be 100% with the guests and not to peep all the time at my phone. 

Anyways, I hope you did well. 
So what now? We have a huge positive arbitrage here, and as I wrote to a friend on skype on Dec. 16th: targeting 1353.6- there it will pause. Let's see.. 
Let's check the sky. what are the planets whispering? The day is ruled by Jupiter and the Sun.. The Sun today is on the Galactic Center... It touches this point always, as a swiss clock when it reaches 27^ Sag.
Here is TS- statistic for the behavior of the market when this occurs: 
The Moon is just separating from a conjunction with Jupiter- next angles today are nasty: First it is a trine to Saturn, the restrictive, then an inconjunct-150- bad to Mercury- and later to the Sun! Apropos, if your natal Moon is in Cancer, it is not a good day for you to trade. 

So, after such a hilarious rally a correction should always come. go long only above yesterday's high, no matter what you trade. Meanwhile stay out, or go short- if you watch the screen! 

Moon's position for today : gmt+2
19.12.2013 10:49:01 19°08'05"Cnc Trine Saturn
19.12.2013 17:37:22 22°30'05"Cnc Quincunx Mercury

20.12.2013  5:33:55 28°24'16"Cnc Quincunx Sun
20.12.2013  6:36:49 28°55'21"Cnc Opposition Venus
20.12.2013  8:47:40  0°00'00"Leo <<< no trade here! but important over the seas... 
20.12.2013 14:47:20  2°57'42"Leo Quincunx Neptune
20.12.2013 21:52:51  6°27'58"Leo Sextile Mars

Amazon- looking back 1 year: stop 394.60! 
FB: made a new high- now support is at 54.60- target:60.75 
LNKD: did not move with yesterday's rally... look for new lows here. 

I should start writing my forecast for the next week. to sign up pls. go to the left panel- PayPal- WMA reports- $300 for 3 months. 
or click here... 

See ya/ 

Have you down loaded my application ?? Link at the bottom of the blog. :) . For only $4.99 you can stay informed. Click like and tell your friends !!! 

Oh, by the way... Yesterday's rally occurred e x a c t l y when the Sun conjuncted the Galactic center! 

Mercury will conjunct it on Dec 22nd at 15:44 my time... it is a Sunday, only we trade Sundays.. I will have to check what effect this has. 

Sometimes I see people landing on my blog- returning visitors, who are there for one! minute! What can one read/ understand in o n e minute? It beats me... Pls. teach me too !!! 

December 20, 2013 Friday

During the night the S&P crawled up to 1805- there was no power yesterday... well, after such a rally, it is understandable. I am writing my forecasts, and I see Dec. 24-- uuppss-- it's
Christmas, folks! So Merry Christmas! The Moon will be in Libra- cannot be in a better place for a harmonious evening! So enjoy, put all your troubles away, and be happy. 

Due to the holidays we will be alone in the market, so , as usual, anything can happen. In a market that has a turnover of am-pm - anything can happen.. 

Today is quadruple witching day??!! Oh dear- stay close to your monitors, or close positions. Who needs a heart attack before Christmas? 
The day is ruled by Venus and the Moon. The Moon just at this moment is entering Leo! New highs should be printed here. But the angles it makes are very unfavorable! It is at the midpoint with the Sun-Neptune, than, later today it make 60^ and 120^ to Mars and Uranus. so a powerful day! 

December 22,2013 Sunday 

Good morning! How did you do on Friday?? I wrote you the " New highs should be printed" and they came... the S&P topped on the 89th week- from April 2012- and reached 1823.75 
I guess all the "black-seers" people who were shorting the market, believing a crash is close cannot afford now to buy presents for X-Mas... Today, as usual we have trade, and the arbitrage is pretty positive. Today the Sun and Uranus rule, so some surprise is around the corner. The Moon is in Leo conjunct the Part of Fortune... the close was 1323.04 - so I think the price rage will be between 1320-1326-1328-1330- Opening with a gap- up we will see much higher levels. Former top was 1335- so only above it we can talk about longs. Till then it is just a fooling around. 
The important issue of the day, which will follow us till Jan.31st is Venus turning Retrograde. Now it is at 28 Cap. it will go back to 13^. On its way back, only on Jan.21-23 it will hit a bad position. It will be on a bad fixed star called Manubrium. It was here before between Nov.20-23. I checked, nothing extraordinary happened then, so probably nothing will happen now either. And there are all the other planets to watch too. Since Venus rules the banks, the retro will affect the bank shares. Each and every one with its natal chart of course. In the past I already searched for this position, so here it is: 

December 23, 2013 Monday 

The price level yesterday ran up to 1339.28... I am impressed... Aren't you ?? Now what?? Will we wait- consolidate till US opens? The Moon is now in Virgo- after a trine with the Sun - this should have raised the Eastern markets... let me see where are they? well, of course- all are rallying. Next the Moon will be in these positions: gmt+2: 
23.12.2013 12:42:12  7°42'56"Vir Semi-sextile Mars
23.12.2013 14:28:01  8°36'14"Vir Quincunx Uranus
23.12.2013 19:08:54 10°57'58"Vir Trine Pluto

If you would like to receive the report for this week- the last one for the year - pls. click on this link

In this article I analysed or wrote about a LOT of shares: GMG,LVS,WYNN, CZR,MZOR,DIS, Netex, babylon, Ofko, Insuline, Twtr, Teva, Amazon, Lnkd,FB,SBuX,BAC, all the indices, and major commodities. So if you were following, you must be very happy now... To be linked all the time to the blog- pls. download the application, click LIKE ! rate it .. SO more people will know about it.. 

Here is the Swiss index - for the visitor from there: It is the weekly graph and although all the world indices rallied in 2013- and made new highs, this one only corrected 78% of the fall of 2007-08. The support now is at 7220- last low- falling from there it will go to the lower channel. Former high was at 8328- which was lower than the one in May 2013- AND- there is a negative divergence in the oscillators, pointing lower in the near future. 

Just received this from Saxobank: the closing hours/days 

One of the most annoying thing is, when the market opens anemic- with no power, no volume and consolidates. There is not much to do in a day like this, and it is probably a day to loose money. Because by the time it changes direction, it drops again, and vice versa. So go shopping... there, at least you'll get something for your money.. In a consolidating market you just burn money. 
I am watching Bloomberg while I trade and for the last weeks they don't stop talking about this bitcoin... This is a way to market it too, without actually saying the word "buy" continuously talk about something, it will crawl into the existence, into the back mind, and very soon you'll find yourself looking for it and using it. 

December 24, 2013 Tuesday 

Merry Christmas to all who are celebrating it.. Today the markets will close early till Thursday. Yesterday was a waist of time to trade, unless you were in some good bio-shares that rallied.Like CANF. or Camt; those are local shares that are being traded at the Nadaq too. But even if you were with FB,TWTR, GOOG or APPLE, you did well. 
Today we are under the influence of Mars and Venus. Hahaha, do you remember the book: Men from Mars, Women from Venus?"  Two different energies. Let me see where are they now? Mars at 8Libra in an exact opposition to Uranus. This is a major event..- happens only once in two years.  The spot S&P closed at 1827- the price trines the Galactic Center. Last time the index rallied- the Sun was ON the Galatic Center- today it's Mercury's time. It might bring another and a last- for this year rally. But, first, it has to go above 1828.86 and 1829.75- then next targets will be 1832.55-1833-1839.- If it goes this high... I'll be back..Falling from 1827- there is a void till 1819.40 
Will it rally today?? the Moon will be: 
24.12.2013 12:12:57 19°38'32"Vir Sextile Saturn - before the market starts in the US! and no angles in the afternoon.- so maybe it will be another flat day.. Who has time for trades?? You are in line for the last minute shopping.. :) 
On Thursday US market will open with the Moon in Libra- and that's another story... to be continued.... 
CAT: is stuck- blocked by a historical Gann angle. It will be a long above 90$.

Sold BCOMM ! today at 6774 - yesterday for some stupid internet reason it did not caught my order. Computers can sometimes drive me crazyyyyyyyyyyy. 
Have you heard of Ikumi Yoshimatsu? She is the Japanese  beauty queen, who dared challenge the "underworld" - 
I don't have her hour of birth, so here is a Solar map- with the Sun on the Ascendant. This map fits her well, because it puts Pluto at 26 years- and NOW- at this age she is having problems, I can say - Plutonian problems with the yakuzza. She also has "Pallas" conjunct Pluto! the fighting amazon.. read the Greek mythology for Pallas -  On fortunately for her, her Sun is on a wicked star... see her Sun is at 28.58 degrees- her Moon at 27.48- Uranus at 24.33- all these ages point to extraordinary outcomes, a turn in life. I hope she'll live till 120-- 

Mercury just entered Capricorn! It will affect all those born under this sign, but not only--- also Cancer- Libra-and Aries will feel it. How?? that depends on your natal chart. I can tell you, that if Mercury, the ruler of Gemini and Virgo - the lover of freedom, lightness, punctuality (in Virgo) - to be in the restrictive Capricorn?? Not his cup of tea. 

It will be here till Jan.12th, Then it will go to Aquarius. 

December 25, 2013 Wednesday 

My mom is sick. She got a cold, and she is coughing. This would not be a big deal, would she not have a sick lung... So I am with her. Either in her home, she lives one hour drive from me, or with the open skype. Thanks' God and the Sky developer, that can bring her close ... I am so worried... She's been sick for a week now, yesterday started antibiotics. She would not hear about going to hospital... She has Pluto on her Ascendant... Try to persuade a person with such a position... 
Market is light positive here. 1339 is support. Now we trade at 1341.33- Resistance 1348. 
Just bought Canf. - target 1540- and higher. Stop 1500 
Today we are ruled by Mercury and Neptune. The date added up gives 16= which is a bad and karmic day. Watch the Moon!! 
25.12.2013 11:10:53  1°30'47"Lib Square Mercury
25.12.2013 14:09:12  3°04'08"Lib Quincunx Neptune
25.12.2013 15:47:39  3°55'48"Lib Square Sun
25.12.2013 17:22:28  4°45'38"Lib Semi-square Saturn
I am not quiet. This Mars-Uranus opposition is bad.. Anything can happen. Slowly I am selling my portfolio-I can always buy back. Usually I would do nothing... but this angle??!!

December 26,2013 Thursday 

Good morning. I woke early today, it was still dark. I am reading the news... Some are funny, some incredible. Did you ever think about how much of the written material is actually read? There is an enormous amount of information out there... but who reads it?? and more important, how much of the information can we absorb? or remember? I think only a nano part. very little. Something must MOVE us or touch us in our feelings for actually remembering it. No? 
There is a lot of talk about a gang-of 14-15 years old boys raping a 12.5 your old girl. They don' think it was something bad... Well, how can they, when they are tide up with smartphones games? You go out to a coffee shop nowadays and everybody is looking at his/her own Iphone texting, playing... there is no conversation, the distance gets bigger, the empathy is getting a hole, a void, a dark space. Boys think it is a game, and that cannot actually hurt the girl. Teachers say, that they enter a class, and ALL the children are playing with their smartphones, hardly listening to what is said. Are we raising some future robots? Looking at the astrology map- Uranus is and will be in Aries till March 4, 2019! parents look out to your children! Do not buy them smartphones! do not let them enter and be swallowed by this world! Aries represents the beginning, the childhood. It brought the "Arab spring"- I wrote about this a long time can search the blog- but now I am looking at this Uranus in Aries in a different angle. It actually transforms our children to unfeeling robots. and I am talking about those born between 2010-2019!! YOU, the parents can restrict it- you can allow using the smartphone 1 or 2 hours max a day! It is for your own and your children benefit. If you are a parent born in the 80'-90' your Uranus was in Capricorn- very severe- so the planets are in a square - yours and your kids'- no matter what you do a conflict will be there. If you are parents born in the 70' your Uranus is 150- bad aspect to your kids' . Here too the dissonance is big. Do you see the problem?? Parents today feel they can not keep their children safe from themselves. The drive of the Aries Uranus says: You cannot decide for me... And this is a sentence of an ad on TV- a 3 year old says to his father.... Do you see the stupid media?? 
Some early morning thoughts.. 
The market... we are here for it, right? so in the East is all green. 
The planets today: a lot of misunderstand and confusion due to Mercury too close to the Sun. The Moon in Libra is leaving an opposition to Uranus. The next angles to make will be with Jupiter and Saturn. 
26.12.2013 16:00:55 16°50'03"Lib Square Jupiter
26.12.2013 18:20:41 18°05'46"Lib Sesqui-quadrate Neptune sick angle
26.12.2013 21:36:55 19°52'27"Lib Semi-sextile Saturn
27.12.2013 13:00:07 28°20'50"Lib Square Venus
27.12.2013 15:57:53 0°00'00"Sco <<<
27.12.2013 21:31:40 3°07'22"Sco Trine Neptune

Today is Boxing day- I don't really know what this means. But checking Wiki - I am cleverer now. In ancient times slave owners switched places with their slaves!!! Hahah, that's a good one!.. 
It is a bank holiday in Europe, and at 3:30 pm my time: Unemployment announcement.. Well, all know, that this statistic has long lost its credibility. So the East, we and the US are on stage today, Europe is celebrating.. Another slow day..Maybe it is better, with Mercury "dead" near the Sun...  Stay out of trade in the US during the announcement. I always write this!!!! 

Time for breakfast... stay tuned... oh... download my application!!! it's time now 

December 27,2013 Friday 

Everybody is talking about a coming crash. The markets have rallied and are still making new highs. How long will this last?? 
In my course I teach the importance of the eclipses. Both the Solar and the Lunar. So let's see: 

The big fall in the US in 1929 came when the Solar eclipse was in Taurus. This sign occupies the second house in the wheel, that talks about what one's has:money, property, income- everything that is related to money or goods. As it happened since then, in history, when the Sun's eclipse was in this sign, the markets tumbled. So when was this? 


Dow between 1929-30: 
Dow 1947-49 the eclipse at 18Tau 22 on May 9,48  and at 28Tau42 on May 20,47

Actually, the June 1949 eclipse at 7Tau41;  WAS the last low-since then till today it is rallying.

1957 Solar eclipse: at 9 Taurus: 

  1966 eclipse at 28 Tau 55: a fall of 26.6% 

there was no Taurus eclipse between 1973-75- when the Dow fell by 46% !!! Between those 2 years there were 5 eclipses, in Capricorn , Cancer, Gemini and Sag. ... and we had the Yom Kippur war.. Cardinal signs bring cardinal issues... 

On Dec 7 1974 the low of the Dow was 570.multiply it by 30 I get to 17100.... or at least to 16530...this is a level I would check my cards, sorry, the planets again... 

The major Bottom in the markets was on March 6, 2009- 138 days later_Fibonacci days! - A solar eclipse at 29Cancer occurred. again - a cardinal sign... and the rally was on. 1757 days/ 251 weeks!!passed since then. There are some geniuses that can find a correlation to this number - from the Bible, or, I dunno... I am just counting the planets.  

The next Eclipse on April 29,2014 will occur at 8Taurus 45- so people, countries that have planets around this degree- will be affected. 

If you want to continue this study go ahead with the Lunar eclipses...
My Euro contract is rallying- have to see what's is going onnnnnnnn??? Well well well... triple top at 1.38??!! nice.. is that the last word??

December 29,2013 Sunday 

Before waving good bye to year 2013 I checked- because of the New war in South Sudan- how many ongoing wars are there in the world right now?? 
You will be amazed!! While some are sad because they could not buy IPhones, others are shoe less, and dying.  
The most spoke about conflict is ours- of course... but look! very few casualties compared to Korea, kashmir, Burma Afganistan... but still we are always in the news.. Why is that??Beats me.. I wonder how many lines in the news will the new South Sudan bombing take? 

Meanwhile, during the week end I wrote my forecasts, you are welcome to sign up and receive my updates in due time.. 

December 30,2013 Monday 

Sad news about Michael Scumacher's fatal sky accident yesterday. I made his chart now. He was born on a Saturday, and Saturn, the planet that rules that day is at 29.46 degrees, at the end of Sag.- very close the the Galactic Center. Such a powerful planet so close gives people that go to extremes. He is now 54.99 years old, another 5 days to his 60th birthday. Look at his Natal Jupiter! it is at 24.26 degrees. Add 30= 54.24- so this shows that a major event is to happen to him at this age. the next age is 55.21= under the influence of Venus, which is the ruler of his Asc. transit Venus squares natal Moon- injury to body - from the 8th house of death. transit Mars square to natal Sun in the 8th house! 

About the markets: 

The biggest looser of this year is Turkey! While I posted in the past comparison graphs with other indices, and how it always did better than the others, Turkey is declining since May 2013- by 34%! 

What a morning! A share I have collapsed- bio - Ken fight. Another one rallied - I bought Babylon again- not for people with heart problems. ... With these shares, one has to baby sit the computer! 
I also bought Easy chip EZCH- yesterday, stop is at 22$- or locally 8285/ 

Today we are under the spell of the Moon and of Jupiter. the Moon is in a positive position to the Sun. the main aspect of the day and the week is Mars- Sun-Pluto.. In my weekly forecast I explain how this affects the trades. Have you signed up yet?? Actually these forecasts take up a lot of time... I will have to reconsider if I want to continue with them or not... For the time being it is available.. 

Sold Easy chip- no volume... no use -- end of the year, I made 2%- enough.. I want to see how will US markets open... Plenty of time to  buy anything after Jan. 5. 

At 5 pm today, another 2 hours House sales announcement. Note that only in 2009 it was negative in December! 
The outcome of the announcement was positive- compared to the last month, but less than fore casted. It did not have much influence on the S&P> 

I would like to draw your attention to the upcoming New Moon! in Capricorn. We will have, on the 1st of January a lot of planets in Capricorn, with the new moon and it being Perigee it can cause a lot of troubles. Major earthquakes, storms, natural disasters... Try stay out of these monsters' path. No only that, but Mercury will conjunct Pluto and the Moon will "cover" Pluto. - Too many issues at a time. Be careful. 
Areas the the effect will be felt 

December 31,2013 Tuesday

The last day of the year... the rulers of the day are Mars and Uranus... wowww... it cannot be more powerful and unexpected than this! Mars squares today the Sun, Mercury and Pluto! Uranus squares the Sun... so the Sun is actually at the midpoint of Uranus-Mars.

The Moon is Void till 20:01 pm gmt+2 today!... 
The banks in Europe are closed. I guess the volume will be dull. There are times when we should close the computer and have fun. 
The arbitrage is positive, so I guess we shall go for a new high... closed yesterday at 1319.40- this means we are far away from the top. 1317.20 is a minor support- below that only 1310- targets up: 1323-1325-1328.65
Have you downloaded my application?? Now it is also available at Amazon... I got the good news this morning. Search for "Financial Astrology" the only one there is mine.. 
US announcements between 4-5 pm my time.. 
S&P : 

Maybe you don't know, but I was on television in more than 45 programs in which I answered a lot of questions... Sorry, it is in Hebrew... here is the link. 

New You tube analysis.

Today's time table.. Note the square between Merc-Mars- during the announcements. Also note the Mercury -Pluto conjunction, exactly at the time Gold and Silver topped and fell. 

Second You Tube for today... 

Note, that 2014 adds up to 7!!  Like 2005 and 9 years before...7 has the vibration of turning inside and analyze ... A number that is ruled by Neptune. Neptune in Pisces adds to this energy. 

January 1, 2014 Wednesday 

A last push raised the S&P to 1848.36. // Dow 16577 /// Russel : 1160.64 /// Dax 9552.16 /// Nikkey 16291.31 ///

We have a new Moon today, so I will start a new article later today... 

I guess you all are resting after the party yesterday, maybe even with a hangover. - It helps if you drink water with half a lemon in it. Black coffee also helps.. 
Our market is soon to be open. There is a positive arbitrage- so a rally ahead. 
Shares to watch ? PSTI, EMITF, Bcomm, TSEM- all local shares. 

Ok, have to move on... Thank you for being here, follow me to the next article. 


  1. Some readers wrote that they have subscribed to my reports. Pls. note since Dec. 1st I have not received anything.

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  4. What about the 25th Dec Mars opposite Uranus is that fun for Xmas

  5. I just completed my reports for the next week. Indeed an interesting angle is coming up- but it effects differently the indices or the commodities- So could not say that it is 100% up / down for anything..
    Fun?? yes, definitely fun.... LOL if you are in the right direction.
    But if you wish to know what have I come up with- you are welcome to sign up to my WMA reports.

  6. Before the solar Ecl we could have some more important Aspects arond April 20-21TH of April gives us a Grand Cross , It is also 11 month afther the High of May 22th 2013 .Maybe the solar Eclipse will tip the scale


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