New Moon in Capricorn 2014

Between Jan 1- Jan 30 ,2014

Thank you for following me here! From the last year 

This is the chart of the monthly transit. the inner is now- Jan 1, the outer, Jan 30th. We see the Sun, Moon, Mercury,change signs only. 

I think we are alone in the market today... We always have to be different... Anyways... TA25 closed at 1330. - resistance at 1331.78 - support 1328.65- tight, and with a high possibility to go higher with a low volume.. 

January 2, 2014 Thursday 

Halleluya!! my daughter came home yesterday after 3 months in China and in the Philippines. It was an incredible journey!!! Thousands of pictures... I am sooo happy she is home! She finished medicine, now life starts for her as a doctor. 

So what's new?? We are after the new Moon. The moon is in Capricorn. The Sun is separating from Pluto and in square to Mars. This square means they form a resistance at 1341 for TA25 and and a support for the S&P at 1841. 

Arik Sharon is in critical state. Born on Feb.27,1928 - got the stroke in Jan.4.2006- around 21:20 "did not feel well, at 22:00 was taken to the hospital, and since then he is in coma... His map shows exactly the stroke- transit Uranus was on his Sun. Age wise he was on the Galactic Center, showing something unusual can happen. 

Also Pluto conjunct the GC, and Saturn, the Time Keeper in a bad angle to his Sun.. 

Uranus is 30^ to his Sun, Neptune on it, Saturn in opposition to the Moon, Jupiter from the 8th house on his Pluto- ruler of Asc. And Mars in 2-3 days will square Pluto... 

A request from all who downloaded my application !!!!! Do you receive my push notifications??? have you received them till now?? this is cardinal.. I have to know.. 

Pls mail me: 

January 3, 2014 Friday 

Sorry folks... if you are not getting my notifications, I am on line with the support, but they don't answer questions on week ends... what can I say?? BUt when they answer, they fix it promptly. 

Today we are under the influence of Venus and the Moon. Venus is at 25 degrees in retro in Capricorn, in a quintile to Uranus. (72^). This angle occurred in the past : 

It would be interesting to check how did it affect the market! My TS is not loading... What is going on?? Mercury is not retro!!! 

January 5,2014 Sunday.

Believe me, one has to have a patience of an elephant, when dealing with computer issues... I thought I know stuff, but since the last 2-3 days one error or difficulty after the other.. the worst part of it is, when I have to rely on others to get back with an answer... So I am waiting now for an answer from the company that has my application... I am very very dissatisfied with their service. They have " ready made" answers, which have nothing to do with the question I asked. 

Market is on here, like usual, with a very low volume. This is the day that I could actually build something new, write or teach, but when I am stuck I am stuck. 
I am reading in some groups, that we should take a look and follow shares that have to do with cannabis. As you probably hear it is legal now in Virginia, and in NY too are loosing the law around it. I just wonder, if it will be legal, how will the society change?? People will walk around with a broad smile on their faces, while standing in line, or killing in a school... Some shares that cover it is : CANV, CBIC,GWPH,MDBX etc.. Thanks to the guys who brought up the subject.. 
It seems, that Chinese doctors used cannabis based tea for a lot of diseases, and it cured it.. 
read more here. The question is, what will the wide use of this plant do to real medicine? I think some factories will close, and chemicals will be used less and less, as all kind of plants found lately are better and cleaner than the man-made stuff. But, I have never tried it... so I dunno. 

I sent now a new notification - anybody received it ?? 
OK it works... Thanks God! 

Our market is red- 1320.32- now.. it seems it will fall further down . target 1313. I sold Ploristem .. It is not developing as I expected... so as small the gain is, it is better if I collect it now. WIth a consolidating market all of a sudden it can fall. 

On the radio they are talking about Sisi- of Egypt - wants to run for presidency. Immediately I looked up his birth
date to check if he has chances... and oh yes! If you are an old reader of my blog, you could already learn that Saturn crowns kings... We saw that in a lot of maps... Here it is again! Transit Saturn on his Sun! 

January 6, 2014 Monday 

Well, somebody is reading my blog, or minds... see which shares rallied yesterday?? Chinese cannabis ones - or the "so called" China natural sources.... in green ... 

Add them to your "shares to watch " portfolio! Mind you, only the medical seed is open to public, and I really don't know what is the difference between medical and non medical - in China. There you will be jailed if you use non medical "natural source"... LOL. 
Today we are ruled by the Moon and Mercury. It will be a nervous day! the Moon is at 22* Pisces, moving away from a sextile to the Sun. Mercury is in a good position to Saturn, maybe this angle will keep the horses back... But soon Mercury will move on and then what?? 
In the Helio chart Mercury just entered Aquarius! and that!!!! is major importance... Also Jupiter is in trine to Saturn. Now these two planets were intensely used by Gann. As I just learned today, the Greeks called them "the Great Chronocrator- Chronos- time in Greek - ( the master of Time ).
So using these two planets and their position we can get the big picture. Is it trad-able?? That depends... If you have a huge amount of money and can put up with a few days of losses until they actually make the turns, the CITS?? The average that I know have no money and are trying to make some... so no, this cannot be traded on the daily basis... But it can show you what is around the corner. 
So plotting the Jupiter-blue, Saturn-black and their combined -red- Geo lines we got this: I also added Mars-Saturn lines in green - 

confused: here is today: 

can you trade this?? If you took my course you can... :) 

IDB is a local share, belongs to Mr. Dankner, one of our tycoons. The share started to trade Dec 2 .1992- the top was 12798 - since Feb.3,2010 is fell to 210- yesterday. Yesterday Mr.Dankner lost his company.. Now look at the Astro chart of the share- isn't it incredible?? 

There are so many exact angles pointing to a sudden move, I don't know where to start!! 

Not a trading advise, but here is the graph: 

The Moon will enter Aries today evening, look out! New energy is coming in... 

6.01.2014 21:45:18  0°00'00"Ari 
 7.01.2014  3:44:00  3°23'27"Ari Semi-sextile Neptune
 7.01.2014  8:11:46  5°54'12"Ari Sesqui-quadrate Saturn
 7.01.2014 13:19:47  8°46'27"Ari Conjunction Uranus!!!!
 7.01.2014 18:13:21 11°29'29"Ari Square Pluto
 7.01.2014 23:53:40 14°37'08"Ari Opposition Mars

I was looking for something I posted in the past, and I found something else: In my June 2013 article I wrote: 

" Turkish index TR20in my last article. May 22- June 7 correction of 22.75%.Now I think it will correct up to 84-845, and fall again to 663-618." 

What happened meanwhile ?? It bottomed on Dec 27th at 621!!! :) NIce, no?? 

Before the opening in the US: Silver and Gold are rallying. S&P and Dow are searching for a direction. If you are a subscriber, you have the targets with stops. Subscribe now! to know what is expected of this cardinal week ahead!! 

January 7, 2014 Tuesday

The main actors today are Mars and Venus. Mars is at 14Libra, forming a square to Jupiter/ Both are in cardinal signs- so this aspect is very strong.  Venus is at 23Cap45 in retro, in conjunction to Mercury. Volatility will be high today, also due to the Moon's Aries position. 

TA25: bottomed yesterday at 1314.87- with a higher volume than the day before.. For today there is a strong resistance at 1323.4-1324.75-1328.75. The support is at 1313.80 or lower... 
S&P: We got a top and turn on Dec.31st- Since then 3 trading days it is correcting. last year it was the same, fell till Jan 8th. 
This is a very visual graph: 

Just heard on the radio: Soon Iran will close online chats like "Whattsup, Tango, Twitter... remember the smiling PM of Iran ?? Is he a puppet in the hands of the Ayatollahs? ?? The Ayatollahs behind the curtains are the ones who run the play... 

I sent push notification about PSTI! It topped here today at an important Gann angle. I think the price in the US is 14.13- so watch it! After 5 days of rally it should correct, there are open gaps too!. Use tight stops. 

January 8,2014 Wednesday...

I got lazy and neglecting my yoga... It is so cold outside it does not feel right to go out. This is how it seems from inside, anyway... Then I have remorse that I am not doing the minimum for myself... Oh well,... I will continue for sure, I signed up for 2 years, paid in advance, just to prevent myself exactly from what I am doing- from not going.. Once you pay something, you will do it, use it, right?? SO what's new in the world?? Arik Sharon is still lingering between worlds... It's incredible.. Angela Merkel, the German PM, had a sky accident during X-Mas, but only yesterday it was on the news! She could hide it, the media was silent.. How could they keep the media silent?? And why? not a severe incident... The cold in the US is all over CNN,FOX, everywhere, poor you! how "the warming planet" is freezing you over there... Where is Al Gore?? I think he should return his Nobel price, don't you ?? 

Looking at the astrocartographic map- we can understand, that Saturn and Pluto-Jupiter ON the US- are causing the cold weather. But I am not an expert in meteorological astrology... 

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A scandal, a drama is coming today, I think, under the square from the Moon in Aries!! 

January 9,2014 Thursday

Again!!! It's week end again... I feel days are flying away too quickly.. In the mornings- I get up at about 6:30 I am busy reading the news, catching up... there is always something going on.. Then I check what happened in the markets. What do I see? S&P is still blocked at 1833- as I wrote to my subscribers. For how long?? why is it blocked?? Subscribe to the WMA newsletter..
Today it's Jupiter and Saturn are on stage... Wow!! That is a very powerful combination! Gann used the Jup-Sat. cycles, I think I already covered that in the past. Jupiter squares Mars today, that is too a powerful position. La Luna just entered Taurus, and soon it will be on the South Node, a negative position. 
TA25: trades sideways, no news here... at 1323.58 now it is supported at 1323.45... Falling from there, it would mean a huge down step. Targets up: 1324.75-1328.80- what "they" do, they are killing the theta in the options.. 
Today announcements: UK  at 2pm The Bank of England will hold interest rates at record lows once more today, amid speculation it will have to change the threshold for considering a hike in the cost of borrowing within months. Economists predict that the strength of the economic recovery will see Bank governor Mark Carney lower the unemployment target under his forward guidance policy as soon as February to ensure rates remain at rock bottom.

Also watch Mr.Dhragi

A share to watch : Alcoa : AA

Broke out and above 2012 top! Stop 10.40- targets ... well much higher . Long and hold 

January 10,2014 Friday

While cooking I burnt my finger. Do you know what is the best thing to do?? cut a slice of raw potato and put on it. Pain and bubbles will go away... While cooking I am listening to the radio. And I heard the following story: the speaker, by the way, he is a well- known singer in his 70's, was in a restaurant having breakfast. Nothing fancy, just a salad and hard boiled eggs. A lady sitting next to his table asked him: Do you live well with what you eat?? He was stunned, what is so interesting in what he eats? he asked... She said: That egg is an undeveloped chicken. That chicken was not given the possibility to live! "... And he continues: Nowadays people need to have a religion, something to believe in. No matter if that is a God, being a vegatarian, or a naturalist (those who don't even eat eggs)... a religion is essential, something to believe in something to fight for or even die for. On the other day such a naturalist "guru" made a scandal for a leather coat someone wore... Where is the world heading to ?? With Neptune in Pisces it is just natural for new religions to be born... Neptune returns to Pisces each 164 years. It is now there, and will be till 2027. 

AA: dropped terribly! I do hope you kept the stop at 10.40! 
FB is still blocked, as I wrote a few days ago.. - If you have the application, you received a notification.. 
GM: as I wrote on Jan 4th, it is still blocked at 24.12 

I found this page--- it speaks for itself: 

January 11,2014 Saturday, 

Ariel Sharon died today, after 8 years in coma....I posted in my face book page last week that time is ripe for his going. I was wrong by 5 days. I am trying to obtain the exact date of his birth, was it the 26th or the 27th of February in 1928??? This is very important, since the Moon moves to Gemini on the 27th, and I think he is more a Taurus Moon.. One of my colleagues has the date.. so I'll see.  

With a little help from my friends.... I got not only the date, but the hour! So finally: born on Feb. 27th 1928 at 7:30 am. 

To see death there must be at least 7-8 angles... Looking at the transit chart only, there are enough- May he rest in peace!!! Poor soul! 8 years in coma... 
The market opened here, and we are slowly climbing. TA25 trades now at 1329.71- let's see if it goes above 1331?? !! 

January 13,2014 Monday 

As per William Gann the first week or 10 days of January show the outcome of the year... Well, this tale was broken in the past. 
In 1974 January was a fall, and the whole year the S&P declined. In 1984 January fall, the index declined till August, then it went up. IN 1994 January up, the index down and consolidating till 28 June 94; January 2004 up, but the index fell till 16.8., then rallied. 

It is just natural that when the shares and indices are at a top, to look at the shorts. So here are a few I have in my follow up list: SDS, QID, FAZ,TZA, UVXY, VXX.
If you have not downloaded my application yet, it's time now... There is a link at the bottom of the blog and also at the left panel... 
The burial of Arik Sharon will take place today, with a lot of guests, politicians and VIP's from all over the world. The first scud was fired now... I want to see Joe Biden run for his life if others will be fired during the ceremony... LOL.... how terrible. What a surrealistic place we live in, here... 
So where are the planets on this day?? the 13th... is a number that follows me in my life always. Important things happened for me. 13 in the west is a "cursed" number, but is it?? Read the link, very interesting!! 
Today we are ruled by the Moon, which is in Gemini at 21 degrees, the Sun at 22 Capricorn, so they are 150 degrees apart, a negative position. Also to Saturn... Although there are many more issues to look at, the Moon's position for the intra day trading is important. 

13.01.2014  9:04:45 21°23'09"Gem Quincunx Saturn
13.01.2014 12:38:56 23°09'44"Gem Quincunx Sun
The East is red... 

The speeches are over. It was extremely moving... Joe Biden gave a fantastic speech, warm and "Arik-like. I got moved to tears. This seldom, very seldom happens to me... But, we all knew Arik Sharon, he was an exceptional man. I call them " from the age of the dinosaurs".. there are no more people like him... 

Market starts in the US in a quite hesitative way... Subscribers got the report- know what to expect.. 
For those who downloaded my application: when I write: "fence" means- stay out, wait... 

January 14,2014 Tuesday. 

Will the day of Arik Sharon's burial,, that was followed by a minor earthquake around the Sea of Galilee, or how we call it, the Kinereth, be remembered by the last top in the S&P?? Yesterday at 17:35 my time, the fall started. If you got my weekly report, you must have been prepared. This is the 5 minutes graph: we got the " 3 fathers pattern"- and a fall of 1.42%.

Yesterday someone told me " it will not go below 1816"... now how about that?? why this level?? Well, a quick look at the chart shows, that the last top on Nov. was here.. Technically it might be correct..

I wrote about the DOW: 16424 is our stop for long- short below it! The Dow fell and closed at 16199.
In my WMA report I cover : S&P,DOW,RUSSEL,DAX,OIL,GOLD,EURO$.- for only $300 for 3 months... 
But do the planets agree?? 
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Today we are ruled by volatile Mercury. It is in Aquarius. Announcements in the fundamental world from UK at 11:30, later 3:30pm from the US.- will market wait for those and consolidate all day long?? La Luna is in Cancer, at home, no fuss from it's part:

14.01.2014  2:24:48  0°00'00"Cnc <<<
14.01.2014  9:41:01  3°36'19"Cnc Trine Neptune
14.01.2014 10:44:01  4°07'33"Cnc Quincunx Mercury
14.01.2014 15:29:13  6°28'52"Cnc Sesqui-quadrate Saturn
14.01.2014 20:25:20  8°55'32"Cnc Square Uranus
TA25: opened with a gap- now it trades at the support line, at 1331.- ! 

Our market closed higher, at 1337.92- there is a resistance at 1339.55- 1341.5. 

The S&P is recovering from yesterday's fall, but only above 1850 it will be ready for a new rally... Meanwhile we have the Full Moon!. Look up.. It will show you the way.:) 

January 15, 2014 Wednesday 
This day is one of the most important days of the month! First, it's the half of it, second, the planetary positions are crucial today. The date adds up to 14/5 so it is a double Mercurial day!

Mercury is at 5^ Aquarius, conjunct to Pandora... Remember the story of Pandora from the mythology?? google it! The Moon is in a very promising position, in a conjunction to the "great benefactor" Jupiter... But later today it will move on... So we might have a positive opening, but the US will cool down. See what happened yesterday: a fabulous recovery! I can say, s "long squeeze" . All those who went short in the last days,  were knocked out. I am waiting for 1856. 
S&P closed yesterday at 1838.88.- there are a lot of resistances in the way! 1841-1846-1851-1856.... So we'll see.. 
TA25: closed at 1337.92. With the positive arbitrage it will jump above obstacles, and go to : 1343-1348.80-1351.75..1353.50- 1358.9. etc.. 

Yesterday I gave notification for a share I have, CAMT. Not all the shares I send pushez for, I owe, but this one I have.. Looking at the weekly graph: we got a long term break out! and all the oscillators are positive. 

One of the US stocks to follow is TSLA: here too was a break out, and it is climbing after market, but careful! the oscillators are not so strong! 

IMPORTANT!!! Fed announcements today to affect the whole month if not the whole  year! 

With the S&P at a critical point, DAX double topping, TA25 at a critical point too- watch out!!! 

In the afternoon BAC- report release! 

Moon for today >

15.01.2014 14:02:39 17°38'49"Cnc Square Mars
15.01.2014 16:03:39 18°38'41"Cnc Sesqui-quadrate Neptune
15.01.2014 16:15:38 18°44'37"Cnc Opposition Venus
15.01.2014 21:58:57 21°34'29"Cnc Trine Saturn

Look how everything clicks!! 

WILL the S&P go above 1838?? 1839 ??? that is the question! 

As an old man, that has no power any more, it made one more effort and ran  to 1845... 
A little step further and it is at my target..

January 16,2014 Thursday.

Good morning....5 rockets were fired on Ashkelon, one of our southern towns.. No casualties. 
Today the market here will open under a Venus-Mars square. The day is ruled by Jupiter and Venus, the two benefactors... hmmm Venus is retro in Cap. at 18 degrees, Jupiter is on Sirius. Zet has on this important star: Sirius (9 Alpha Canis Majoris  m -1.46)
the Dog Star, the Sun of the Sun, the central Sun of our Galaxy
Keywords: Ambition, pride, emotionality, fame, leadership, wealth, fires, drought, danger through impetuosity
Effect: Fortunate
Character: Jupiter/ Mars
Jupiter was on Sirius between Sept 1-6,2013. the S&P rallied back then by 6%. Will it be a "deja vu"?????? 

Some curiosity about the no.16... Many I did not know... What I can add to this list is 
 that in Tarot no.16 is the card of the Tower! I very negative card, symbolizing a fall from a top, a disaster, a crash, a person falling from high rank ! See the crown falling?? 

OK. market starts soon, I have to check my positions... see you later. 

Yesterday was a terrible trade here, nothing to do... a dead man's monitor- I call it.. 
TA25 topped at 1352.38 - closed 1348.95

January 17, 2014 Friday 

If yesterday was the 16th, if you add up the date today, we get again 16.... What can I add to this?? Maybe and probably you did not hear, but here we have some scandals, high rank people are falling-.. all kind of accusations, trials, suspensions... Fits the rhythm of the days. 
The rulers of the day is Neptune and Venus. 
Download my application now! The link is at the bottom of the page, or at the left panel... 

January 19, 2014 Sunday

Good morning.... Market is about to start... the Moon moved to Virgo and the Sun is at the end, 29th degree in Capricorn. Always when a planet is at the last degree, it is strongest, for good or worse. 
The arbitrage is negative, so we might open a little lower, but the trend is positive... 
So, we'll see.... 

January 20, 2014 Monday 

Martin Luther King day today, no trade in the US. ... Yesterday here was a rather boring day, again, as usual on Sundays. No drama.
I want to show you the outcome of my last report:

I wrote on Jan.10:: S&P: Now: support is at 1841.60- targets up: 1844-1846.90-1849.96-1856 .

R e a c h e d 

DOW: in the daily, the MA28 is at 16424- this is our stop for intraday trade. Long above, short below. Reached 16562- all the last days it closed with a Doji- 

Dax: The close was 9473 – support at 9443 -9416 target: 9514-9555-9610 

Reached 9747! 

Russel: Target up : 1167-1170, 1174/8,1178.95, 1191.6. Top so far: 1171.91.

Gold: Target:: 1250-1255- 1261. topped 1255

Oil: Short with a stop at 93. Low so far: 91.41

Euro: I was waiting for 1.3775- It reached only : 1.3698

This is what you get if you sign up to me weekly reports..

so what's going on today ?
Major change!!!! The Sun just entered Aquarius... Here is a link to famous Aquarians... One of them was Ronald Reagan. Quote: "Politics is not a bad profession. If you succeed, there are many rewards; if you disgrace yourself, you can always write a book." 
You may count me too among the Aquarians... if you were curious.
Important happenings in history on this day: I am always curious to read what happened... Some might not care... but I do.

TA25: closed 1340- it is supported at 1339- and there is a very close resistance at 1341.88- jumping over it it will fly... Everybody is waiting for a crash... will it come ?

January 21,2014 Tuesday 

This is what happened yesterday: I wrote in the morning, that if it goes above 1341- it will fly... Well, it did go above, but was stopped at 1344.56- and fell from there to 1325- I caught the fall, so it went well .. 

I added what I think will happen today : after such a big fall there is always a correction. the upmove is blocked first at 1331-1333.45 - by different planets, then 1339.75-1341... 
Today it's a double Moon day, and this is void!!! till 14:43 my time... Anything happening till then ,is reversible. today there is also a good aspect between Jup-Saturn, so this might help pushing it up again. 
Wow!! what happened to the S&P during the night?? Look at thaaat!! It traded sideways all day yesterday, and a breakout!! today with the East' opening... 

Looking at this chart, it is another reason, why my calls will produce some income today... :) 

If you go back and read my December article, I mentioned there the transit of Mars on different charts.. I wrote about the Royal family... and now here are the news: 


Before the close: We made it till 1334 so far... - now it is a lot of pressure... will "they" take it to the next step ? 
The S&P has a head and shoulders pattern.. oh boy! The Dax just made a new high...

January 22,2014 Tuesday 

Opening ZET this is the message that it brings... the Sun is at 2 Aquarius, the Moon at 8 Libra- so the Moon is after a trine to the Sun... It will make the following angles to: gmt+2
22.01.2014  8:22:20  9°07'29"Lib Opposition Uranus
22.01.2014 13:53:04 12°00'03"Lib Square Pluto
22.01.2014 16:19:39 13°16'49"Lib Square Jupiter
22.01.2014 20:05:57 15°15'39"Lib Square Venus

All these angles are very powerful, so watch these hours for a change in trend. In the meanwhile the Nasdaq made a new historical high, pointing higher.

TA25: closed yesterday at 1332.87- now there is a positive arbitrage, I think it will be a gap-up at the opening. to rally it should go above 1333.30. Then there is a small resistance at 1335.45-1337.2- and then at 1342...- these are the resistances, above those the air is clear!!! 

Some Indices: 

AEX: while the others rallied this one fell.Support at 372- . 

FTSE: Now this one is really interesting... it made a quadriple top at around 6929-6730-6875- 6867. All these levels vary around the galactic center... 

What pushed the US markets up yesterday ? 

TA25: topped till now (11:12 am ) at 1137.19 - e x a c t l y  at the level I gave in the morning! 

Tomorrow the Moon is void- THE WHOLE DAY....!!! So anything that happens is reversible on Friday. 

January 23,2014 Thursday 

The most difficult times to trade are when the markets are consolidating... trade sideways. In these times one should sit on his hand, and do nothing. Wait. Wait as the stars are waiting for the right position to move. Today morning the Moon was conjunct Mars, and at that timing the East dropped. "Strangely" there was a Chinese fed. announcement too at that time... 
HSI : I wrote in the past that above 23650 we are long- since then it made a nice down move... and above 22560 we can double the short. See the timing? 144 days- Fibonacci days from the low- it is a sign for a CIT. 



I don't know if there are many world leaders born in Aquarius, except King of Jordan, Abdalla. And He is having a very difficult time! See all the planets/eggs in one basket? Now transiting Saturn in the secondary progressed chart is on them! I already wrote in the past, that Saturn "crowns kings" but also ends the kingdom. Who can help? The big "benefactor" Jupiter! But not so when it is ion retro, and in 150^- malefic- pos. to natal Sun. Transit Saturn on Natal Moon also brings difficulties, heart burns, fears... Transit Sun- which can be very malicious, will cross all his natal planets in Aqua,, thus adding to the "unconfortable " period in his life. 

Today: we are under the influence of Jupiter and Uranus! Two powerful planets... Jupiter is in opposition to add to the drama. 

January 24,2014 Friday.

Justin Bieber is again in the news.. I could not help it, but to look up his data and why.. Now everything is clear: Born on March 1, 1994 with Scorpio Ascendant... welcome to the club, boy, Moon 150 to the Sun with Pluto on the ascendant with the North Node... A very complex personality, fame came to him too soon too large. Now transit Neptune ( drugs and illusions) is on Saturn, and he is in his Saturn -Moon Firdaria.. On his birthday he will enter Jupiter -Jupiter period, so a big change is ahead... 
for his full name: Justin Drew Bieber, my cabalistic calculator gives: Lack of resolution, ambition, glory....The name adds up to 4, which is ruled by Uranus, the planet that pushed him forward at a very early age-12-13 if the hour of birth is correct.  The Vowels of the name are ruled by mars, and this is conjunct by declination to Jupiter in the chart- both give him the extremes, which is easy for him, not only because of the Scorpio ascendant, but also the Pisces Sun... 

As for the market: the S&P made a quadruple top in the 15 min. chart- and all the time when it touched 1842 -43, it fell back. yesterday, thinking "if I cannot go up, I can certainly can go down"/// it fell to 1812,which is exactly 30 degrees. Since Jupiter is at 13 Cancer, and Pluto at 12 Capricorn in the opposition, the price is just dances around these two. During the night the Moon entered Scorpio. A sign it is in its fall; or weak... Mercury will square Saturn at 22- so 1822 might come...And it is ON it right now! ... Basing itself here- it will go higher. Let me see if any announcements today? Only Canada CPI at 3:30 my time... so I would go long here as I wrote above.. .. 

January 25, 2014 Saturday 

It is my birthday. On the birth day transit Sun arrives back to the position of the natal Sun. Since the Sun in astrology is a malefic, because it burns, this day is very very heavy... With my natal planets' position it is even more... I don't want to bore you with details. But yesterday when one of my closest friends called, she said, that since she knows me, and that's about 30 years, I was always very depressed on this day. How come?? Well, that's true. It's a time of self soul digging. Where am I today, what did I do or didn't do till now? Since I am very severe on myself, I am never satisfied. With myself.. I know the affect of the Sun, so I try to keep me above waters. But still this day is not a happy one for me. Yesterday my kids "scared away" my dark mood. It was a good day after all. 

January 26, 2014 Sunday 

Yesterday I completed the weekly forecast. You are welcome to subscribe for the WMA report, for $300 for 3 months. In this report you will be alerted what to do, when to do.. 
During the night the Moon passed to Sagittarius, a very optimistic sign... Aha.. yesterday it was on my ascendant, which added to my mood. Now I see.. I seldom look at my own chart. LOL. 
Our market will open deep purple. 
I already posted this page, but now it has new values... Check it out! 

About the notifications I send for those who have downloaded my application! When I give a stop and the share falls below, I would immediately go short! and use the same as a stop for short. 2 days ago I gave a list of triggers, almost all broke the stop- so it was a great time to short those shares. Also, on January 13th I gave a list of shares that we should watch. Jan 23rd was a good day to go long on them. 

January 27, 2014 Monday

The day is ruled by the Moon and Saturn... It is a bad composition. The Moon is at 16 Sag. Today it will : 
27.01.2014 17:52:15 21°52'21"Sgr Sextile Mars

27.01.2014 18:38:23 22°20'33"Sgr Semi-sextile Saturn
27.01.2014 19:11:59 22°41'06"Sgr Semi-square Sun

Saturn is at 22Sco.19... Mars is approaching with a minor positive position, being at 21Lib46. 
If you went short the appearance of Saturn might block the falls, so be careful, and use tight stops. 
TA25: closed yesterday at 1302-... after lingering the whole day between 1299-1302..There is a major resistance at 1304... Next support is only at 1292... 
S&P: Bottomed till now at 1774 - found support on Neptune! If this will be the last low, and there is a harmony in the universe- the space is free to 1926...well, not now... but during the year. Breaking 1770- delete what I said. 
Something is cooking with the Russian Rubel: 

Important announcement today at 11:00 my time gmt +2. 
Local share CANF again : watch for a change in trend between Feb 3-9. 
TA25 found support on Neptune... now we are going up ... Next 1307.4-1309.28-1312.7-1313.9-1322.33- 1332.71
One of the "dino"s still around is Castro. Fidel... Since he was born in mid Leo- and transit sun will oppose natal Sun,- on Feb. 8th, it will be a time to watch... the clock is ticking tick tack... Also, transit Saturn is back... the timekeeper, I call it. 

Prince Philippe is not immune also... Born on 10th June 1921- he is much older than Castro... How do they do it?? 
Wishing both good health and powers. 
TA25: So far 1312.22 !! :) 

January 28,2014 Tuesday 

Sometime I go back to see what I have written in the past... this is what I have just found from Dec. 27th I think : 
"On Dec 7 1974 the low of the Dow was 570.multiply it by 30 I get to 17100.... or at least to 16530...this is a level I would check my cards, sorry, the planets again "

Meanwhile the Dow hit 16588!! so my study on the Eclipses came true... I am soooo happy. 
Between the two dates there are 39 years and 25 days. Neptune made 90 degrees... 

Yesterday I went to see Leonardo Di Caprio film " the Wolf of the Wall Street"... wowwwww what a movie!!!! Excellent acting! Run see it! 
Born on 11.11.1974 - I just realized how many planets he has with a 9 !!! One day I will have to make a research what does this mean... Maybe fame, doing something big, for the mankind... Being born in the double 11 points to that too!!!

Look how similar is Leonardo's map with Martin Scorsese's : both have a stellium in Scorpio!

What a life fulfilled!!! 

So where are we now ? The day ruled by Mars, which is at 22 LIbra just 30 degrees ahead of Saturn. A minor positive angle I would say... But the important issue of the day is Venus turning direct. The Moon just entered Capricorn and it is in the last phase before New Moon... In the background there is still the opposition between Jupiter-Pluto- at 12 degrees- they are so to say balancing ... All the demons will be loose when this angle ends.. 
So let's see. 
28.01.2014 13:37:01  4°04'25"Cap Sextile Neptune
28.01.2014 18:55:47  7°23'55"Cap Semi-square Saturn
28.01.2014 21:08:08  8°47'01"Cap Semi-sextile Sun
28.01.2014 22:00:38  9°20'02"Cap Square Uranus

Here is the link to my application if you have not downloaded it yet: 

BA earnings on Wednesday... will it go higher?? Closed at 137.36 - after a huge rally of 103% in a year!!! Now at 137 it is supported at 133-132- and the resistance lies at 1342.45- Gapping up the sky is clear to fly higher... Falling below 130 - it would be a big OUCHHHHH. 
To check which companies have earnings report, I found this site.
So for Boening we see this.: 
Astrologically the earnings of a company is ruled by the 11th house (second of the 10th) and this in BA case opens in Cap.... Transit Saturn is on the Moon! So I don's see a fantastic report- maybe stable, but not more. If the hour of the first trade is correct!... I am not 100% sure. 

Correction: Venus turns Direct only on Jan 31st!!!! today is slowing down, stationary almost, before turning... 
Once in a while I get an anonymous call, with a question = what he/she should do... I give them an answer, this is my 1 good deed for the day. 
Just now someone called... I was cooking. I cannot open the computer and sit down for a deep counseling, so only from his birth date I told him what I told him. He was born in Leo... Now the Sun is in Aquarius. The Sun is malefic. It affects Aquarians, Leos (that is why I looked at Castro's chart), Taurus and Scorpios. Also, since we are before the New Moon, his request will be fulfilled after the New Moon.... Early February. He hung up more "light" than he was before... Sometimes a few words can make a lot of difference. 

Bad US announcements make the markets fall... another one is at 5:00 an hour.. consumer confidence... let's see/////  Came out positive... :) 

January 29,2014 Wednesday 

I was right about BA! wasn't I ?? 
The markets rallied as expected for this position of the Moon. 
Our arbitrage is positive. - We will go up  in two phases today, then a correction will come at 1.40 ish - and an aggressive move at the closing. Tomorrow Options' expiry. I am long. 
Another "DINO" passed away on Jan 27th, Peter Seeger, at the age of 94.74... Born in the beginning of the century, 3 May 1919 on a Saturday, ruled by the Sun and Saturn. 
His life too was fully lived too! Chapeau MR!!!!. 
May you rest in peace... 
TA25 targets for today : after a huge gap up : 1324-1329-1331
halleluya praise the Lord !!  
It was nice for a while, but then market turned, and when the US tumbled, so did the Dax, and we... another 30 min. to the closing... I doubt it will recuperate. It was a bad day bottom line. 
All because of Erdugan, Turkey's PM, raised interest rate by 12%, shock to the market. Now Bernanke will talk at 9 pm- people are not giving it a chance.... early sell of is on. I shall not be here in the evening, so be very careful. 
I am looking at what I sent to subscribers last Friday .... Incredible !!
" Technically: this is what I think will happen: support at 1786-1779—1767- will hold, .... " - So far it just stopped at 1767!!!

January 30,2014 Thursday 

What a turn in a man's life!!! Edward Snowden... 
was nominated for Nobel peace prize
yesterday! His Ascendant is at 12 degrees Gemini. 12 adds up to 3- a number that is ruled by Jupiter, the planet that rules House 9- of Sagittarius, of foreign countries, of the law and of what we believe in...Our ideals... His Natal Jupiter is conjunct Uranus- what a revolutionary!! this at age 37 will bring major change in his life. the added up date also gives a 3, so does his year... So Jupiter is very strong in his chart. Furthermore the transits put for yesterday, Jupiter is in exact trine to his natal Moon- . Isn't this fantastic??? How astrology works??!! 


The Moon just moved to Aquarius... squaring the Nodes. Always when a planet or one of the luminaries move to a new sign, they bring a new energy. It also depends next to which planet they are?? Today we can add this this the New Moon-- which will be due today at 23:37 gmt+2. 

So what happened yesterday ??? We got a major sell off in the US markets, waiting for Bernanke... but we already NEW last month what will happen! Didn't he say that they will stop buying back bonds by 10 billion ?? the S&P rallied by 11.7% since October's low- now releasing steam is good. 
What moved the market? 

Astrologically the markets are falling since the Full Moon, Jan.15th. 

There are a lot of earnings releases today, it will be a hectic day... 

Watch these stocks for a jump at the opening- since they rallied after markets closed: 

My weekly report or forecast is ready... You can order it from this link- or on Paypal - at the left panel .

OK... New Moon has come time to move on... thanks for being here, even if silent... Follow me please to "The New Moon in Aquarius


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