New Moon in Aquarius 2014

Between Feb 2,2014 - March 1.2014 

During the next 28 days the main move in the sky is that of Mercury's retrograde- as we see it from the Earth. As you can watch closely the chart, you can see that besides the Sun & the Moon, the other planets don't move too much. Venus stays in Capricorn, but moves away from Pluto, which is good; Mars in Libra- in a Cardinal sign, is strong and slow- because on March 1 it turns retrograde! not a good idea...Libras are getting this passage quite hard...and not only them, the other cardinal signs: Aries, Cancer, Cap. too... Jupiter still will be in retro in Cancer- does back to 10Can29 degrees, Saturn moves one degree- even less than that, and the outers even less... 

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Today we are ruled by the Sun and the Moon. They are 30 degrees- minor positive angle - apart. We will have a correction on the fall... Later, we shall see. .. Sign up for the weekly fore casts! What r u waiting for ? You can also download my application! - link at the bottom of the blog.- or at the left panel... 

See you. 
With Mercury in Pisces, joining Neptune, we should not believe anything we read or hear in the media. It is all camouflage.... lies and more lies. To this we can add a VOC Moon, in Pisces too.. The pic. shows that the S&P fell while Mercury was between 5-16 Pisc. Oh course other planets should be considered too!! 

TA25 trades at 1296- it is trapped between 1294-1299.50 

February 3, 2014 Monday 

Sad news from Hollywood: Actor Hoffman was found dead of Heroin overdose... at the age of almost 47. I looked at his map... of course, I post only 1% of them that I check every day... but this one is classic. I always tell you, that in order for someone to die there should be at least 7-8 angles in the chart- giving to its bearer a "check-mate". Well, how many can you count here?? 
" CNN, citing a law enforcement official, reported that Hoffman was last seen alive at 8 p.m. Saturday. He had been expected to pick up his children on Sunday but failed to show up, prompting playwright David Katz and another person to go to his apartment, where they found him dead, CNN said."- I don't have the exact time of death... so the Moon might be in a different place... But all the other planets tick.
Looking at his name: 

Philip Seymour Hoffman : the vowels add up to 7, so are the consonants, a number ruled by Neptune for good or bad... Neptune is the planet that rules actors, artists, the star that inspires us all... Too much of it can push one to self-desolation- to a void, to the darkest place in our soul, make one an addict. 
"Hoffman spoke in the past of struggling with drugs, including a 2006 interview in which he told CBS he had at times abused "anything I could get my hands on. I liked it all."
A talent wasted... may he R.I.P. 

Our market did not fall below 1294- but after some side-way trading it ran up to 1303.61, closed at 1300.25... 
Today we will have a small revolution with the Moon entering Aries. The support for us is at 1299.50- steps up: 1302-1303.66- 1304.3- 1313.76 
The East is red... will they pull the markets underwater?? 
The Moon's position for today : 
3.02.2014 10:41:43  2°13'45"Ari Semi-sextile Mercury
 3.02.2014 14:12:45  4°17'18"Ari Semi-sextile Neptune
 3.02.2014 20:04:55  7°42'03"Ari Sesqui-quadrate Saturn
 3.02.2014 23:17:23  9°33'11"Ari Conjunction Uranus

February 4, 2014 Tuesday

A "small revolution" ??? We had a earthquake yesterday!!! No better way to show it than this picture: 
Which sectors pulled the trigger? 
the banks, of course... 
The planet that pulled the trigger was Moon in Aries. In Aries we start a new cycle... for good or bad. 

Why an Earthquake?? because, if till now only the Dow broke former major low, now the S&P too. December low was at 1767- now we are at 1741... How low can it fall?? Well, don't forget it's been going up since Nov.2012! That is 292 trading days or 426 calendar days.Now we are officially SHORT.  This does not mean that corrections to the upside cannot come... 
What is new in the sky today? We have a positive position between the Sun-Moon; this will fade away till US opens. Mercury -Neptune conjunction tightens. In the Helio chart there is a mess! the planets " are fighting" who will win ? Mercury squares Mars at 20^ - among many other angles... This means 1730 for the S&P. 
TA25: closed yesterday, after two days of low volume and side trading- at 1295.48 - this helio angle for our index forms a resistance at 1310 and a support at 1280. will this support hold? that is another question... 
The low till now was 1278-this is almost Helio Jupiter's level- from here, it is correcting: targets up 1280-1289.60- than again some negativity can blow in, till 2:40pm... le't see// how it goes. 
We are now at the critical point : 1289.30... it's 2:16 pm. --- is there more power to push it up? 
S&P: is now at 1738.75 - next resistance is at 1739-1740-1744.90--- this is important... let's see what happens? Support is only at 1734-32-30
The Moon for today : all energetic positions: 

   4.02.2014 16:29:03 19°19'41"Ari Semi-square Neptune

 4.02.2014 22:36:36 22°44'59"Ari Quincunx Saturn

Someone asked me what kind of software I use. I use ZET for my astrology forecasts, and Timing Solution for statistics... 

February 5,2014 Wednesday

A dead cat jump... that's what we had yesterday in the US markets. A quick game to wipe out those who are thinking the fall is over... 
Today we are ruled by Mercury. It is at 3^ Pisces.- still getting closer to Neptune. It is also at the midpoint of Mars-Jupiter.- getting and transforming their energies. The Moon is at the end of Aries, getting close the the South Node- nothing good can evaluate from here.. The main issue of the day even of the week is Jupiter 180^ Pluto, and in the same time Venus is conjunct Pluto! Since Venus represents banks and Pluto destruction, I would not be surprised if something BIG will be on the news in these days- some bank related news...With Jupiter in opposition , exalted and retro in Cancer- it will be bigger and uglier. 
TA25: PREMARKET: 1302 - after a bottoming at 1278.86- targets up 1301.50-1307. or steps down: support only at 1291-1280.
A lot of announcements today- not in vain it is a Mercurian day... LOL... 

Nikkei is at a critical point now: see the weekly graph: So far it is supported by the declining trend line from 1998 top- falling below it would mean a sharp correction down to 12900-12500. Days to watch : Feb 14! and March 14.  
You can make a search in the blog- at the left panel to see what I have written about the Nikkei, or any other index in the past. 
The daily picture is not so bad... long with a stop at 14140- or short below it. 

February 6, 2014 Thursday 

The Nikkei- fell from the support, we are short now. 

What is new in the sky today ?? The Moon entered Taurus, a sign it is exalted in. This will make all the difference for today..  the last few days were " on the fence" days... waste of time, no need to be in the market ALL THE TIME! 
The big event of the month is the Sochi winter Olympics- or as it is called - "Putinka games".

 In a doko film I saw the other night, I learned incredible things about how things are done in RUSSIA- under the iron hand of Putinka. An Olympic that costed 2-3 billion to build it in Canada, in Russia it costed over 50 billion $- and A LOT of people evacuated, transferred from their homes, now living in cars or small holes 10-13 people in one. read this article... speaks for himself. I think people arriving there are in major danger, not only because of the terror events expected- but also because of the unfinished tracks that can crash. 
Will this extravagant event blow up in Putinka's face? Putin is 61 years old... He doesn't look it.His chart shows a stellium in Libra, and transiting Mars is ON them! Also the North Node. Transiting Uranus- Jupiter are in square now in the sky- both affect his Libra stellium; mainly his Sun. Uranus will be inconjunct - malefic- angle to his Sun during April... We'll see what it will bring. On the other hand transiting Pluto also squares his being- the Sun... Also transit Neptune squares his Moon! and it will, for a long time.. 

February 7, 2014 Friday 

We had a green day yesterday, just as expected- remember the dead cat bounce? The S&P closed at 1773.43- which is the exact position of Mercury. the Moon in Taurus did it, this rebound, and it is still there. Further targets: 1774.35-1779.60- this one will be difficult level to cross, then 1781.55-1782.50- 1784- will square the top- and it is also next to 1655 low, so again, as you can see there are many obstacles to the upside... The support is 1762.95 only! Anything to make it fall? In the fundamental world there is an unemployment at 3:30- expected is 6.7%. IN the sky? Around this hour there are a lot of negative angles from the Moon, but sometimes negativity is extra power... so be ready- keep your stops close! 
February 9 will be 180 degrees from October 8,2013... so watch it for a CIT. 

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I am writing my weekly forecast now! Sign up now!!!!! 

February 9, 2014 Sunday... 

This is very very interesting!!! Listen ! 
A new week starts.. Where are the planets today ? Sun at 20 Aquarius, Moon at 18 Gemini. tow air signs, they are in harmony. A positive day for us here... You have no trade, so rest... With some calculations I got Feb. 15th as a change in trend... So look out. 
TA25: main resistance is at 1313- running above it- the sky is open. 

February 10,2014 Monday 

Here we goWhy am I not surprised ??

SO what is new under the Sun, for those who still see it?? the Sun is at 21 Aquarius, conjunct to "Damocles" asteroid. By the way, 3 days ago, it was conjunct Pandora.... If you don't know the mythological story of it, search my blog. I wrote about it in the past. The Sun is squaring Saturn at 21-22 degrees. This means a support at 1791-92 for the S&P... And ! No surprise! It is exactly there now.... The Moon is at the last degrees of Gemini, and VOC. till 8:33 gmt+2. then it will "arrive home " to Cancer. From Cancer it will be in harmony with its nodes.- So it can be a positive opening for the day. The first planet to form a positive position with will be Mercury- so look out for a gap even. 
The Moon's angles for the day gmt+2: 
10.02.2014  8:32:40  0°00'00"Cnc <<<
10.02.2014 12:59:20  2°12'00"Cnc Trine Mercury
10.02.2014 17:44:32  4°33'04"Cnc Trine Neptune
10.02.2014 22:46:21  7°02'14"Cnc Sesqui-quadrate Sun (135^) - bad. 

I hope you are watching and trading the pushes I am sending to the application !!!!! YOu can download it from the link at the bottom of the blog- or at the left panel. 
Enjoy and good luck! 

February 11,2014 Tuesday. 

Except our market, that is manipulated with a turnover of am:pm; the markets abroad went up yesterday. The S&P topped at 1800.Next level to conquer is 1804! Not easy... Then 1809-1812. 
I shall be away today, so be good- I sent a lot of notifications on the application. Trade well! 

February 12, 2014 Wednesday 

What a rally in one day!!! In my weekly forecast I wrote last week: "February 11 Tuesday: The Moon is still in Cancer,- and in opposition to Pluto-for intra day traders, this is a turning point. The main position of the day is a positive one of Mercury to the Nodes. During USA trading hours a lot of nervousness… check if any announcements!"
Under this sky it is no wonder the S&P made 23 points!
here is a part of the S&P: see the days when the bar range was max: I found, that on those days Moon-Mars were in some kind of interaction.

What now: TA25: closed yesterday at 1309.86- it is declining for 71 days! Counting from the top of Dec.2,2013 the following days should be watched for a change in trend: Feb.4-12-21- March 2. 
Planetary calculations: at 1309 - next resistance is at 1313, 1315.8. With a positive arbitrage it will probably go up. Today is a CIT, next- Feb 14... 

Those who downloaded my application have received notifications on 10-15 different shares. I always watch these, after the close! what happened then ?? Today I see that GOOG,IBM and SBUX fell!! so probably they will open with a gap down. That is why stops are very important! 

The link to my application is at the end of the blog, or at the left panel 

So what is ahead? A lot of Fed. announcements... down here, but what is up there? The Sun at 23 Aqua- the Moon at 24 Cancer- this is a bad angle... Also a square to Mars! So we have a triangle between Sun-Moon Mars... 
Mercury is retro- just about to re enter Aquarius- where it feels better than in Pisces, for sure! and the Sun is at exact square to Saturn. This square occurred before on July 28th 2013. What happened then ??? Major low!! 1145 in TA25! Now we are at 1328 - exact 120 degrees would be 1333! 

February 12- on this day several important people were born: Abraham Lincoln, in 1809,on the exact same day, but in the UK: Charles Darwin,  the Dalai Lama XIII in 1876, and our Ehud Barak in 1942... 

February 13,2014 Thursday 

Today we are ruled by Jupiter and Uranus. As always, this is no coincidence... We have a Jupiter-Uranus square in the sky. Jupiter is in retro in Cancer, and Uranus at 9Aries56- Because of Jupiter's retrograde motion, this angle will last till the beginning of May! Jupiter rules Sagittarius, and is the "major benefactor" the planet that usually brings joy and will not settle for less than maximum freedom; while Uranus is the ruler of Aquarius, the sign of  the 11th house in the astrology wheel, of friendship, and of unexpected moves and revolutions... So when these two combine expect the unexpected- big time... These two were in square in the past : 

The graph shows how the Dow behaved when this angle occurred in the past- also, watch the years: it happened in 1924 and 1930-31; 
People who have this angle in their natal chart: JFK, Michael Douglas, Mursi, Rupert Murdoch, Sean Connery, Marlon Brando, Benny Hill, Mata Hari, Lee Yacocca, James Dean, Dean Martin, Robin Williams, Nicholas the II, etc... 
Some shares that have it, maybe it will be worth while following them : NVS, SQM,PXD, SZ,BF,CRR,CLP,CYH,CJR,HCN,KG,RSH,UBS,UCO,BWC,CTG, wowww a lot! and more... 

Sectors that moved the market this week: 

February 14,2014 Friday 

We got now highs yesterday and the S&P- in its correction move - closed at 1829.83. 
I hope you have my application, and gained with all the notifications I am sending! 
Today we are ruled by Venus and Mercury. Mercury is too close to the SUn - it is called "combust" so its energies are wasted. The Moon is in Leo. Often it causes a top or bottom in the S&P. 
There are two important angles today in the sky: Sun-120-Mars and Sun 135 Jupiter- in the Geo, and Venus -60- Saturn in the Helio chart.  This means 1823-1826 is a support. Falling below, it will end the correction we had since Feb 5th. 

As you can see a lot of announcements, and also important earnings releases during the next days: like TESLA, AIG, KO, etc. 

The Vix index: 

February 16,2014 Sunday 

With the Moon in Virgo, after the full Moon, Mercury conjunct the Sun also in a positive position to Mars our market will open. A positive opening is expected, but it is Sunday, which usually ends with a very low volume... TA25 closed at 1309- support at 1307 - 1308. Resistance 1311-12- it should gap above this level to continue up-side. 

Some local shares to follow: Ofko: resistance at 3060! Now it opened with a gap-up with 7%!.. I would wait for it to close..  On the fence - for the meantime. 

Itamar: buy only above 199! 

TA25: now reached 1319.58 - now the support is at 1317.55- targets: 1320-1324.6-1330! 

February 17, 2014 Monday 

This day is a CIT day (Change In trend). Why?? Because it is after the Full Moon. Besides that, there is the Jupiter-Uranus square in the sky- which will stay with us till May 2, because of Jupiters' retrograde motion. 
No trade today in the US- due to Presidents' day. 
the DAX : will lead today : look at the 14 days- or the Moon's effect: It should go above last top to rally. Till then it is just a correction. 

TA25: now at 1316. This mean that it is supported by Mars- next target is too close: 1318.55- only above it - next to go is 1324.70... Is there power to do that? Maybe around 11-12:00 hrs today... we'll see. 
This is what is happening: topped as expected- and exactly at 11 o clock- fell! the power was negative... Next to go is 1310-ish. 

Our market, with its ridiculous low volume trades sideways. No money in the air. "They "put the automatic drivers on and took off for a long week end, till US returns.. 
But there are some shares that wake up from their winter sleep- like Babylon: 
It is a VERY HIGH RISK SHARE!! So unless you are a robot you can trade it! 

Another: Partner: this is a daily chart- trades sideways since Jan.31st. Partner: stop 3035. 

Ta25 with the Moon VOC: 

February 18,2014 Tuesday

the weather is beautiful outside... I am really sorry to see what is going on in the UK, Ireland, in the US... bad weather, no rain, in the other side will make the prices jump. Where is corn, soya, wheat now? 

Wheat: the top was at 1338 in 2006- now it trades at 600. it will have to break above 814 in order to rally. 

Corn: top was at 842 in 2012- now it trades at 445. crossing 493 it will run further up. 

Soya: topped at 1787- now at 1350- weekly chart... 
Follow these... they might soar in the future. 

We are after Presidents' day... US markets will wake up slowly. To what?? the Sun is at the last degree of Aquarius- 29.29 degrees, the Moon in Libra. ha! this is new... during the night it flipped over. Libra is a cardinal sign, therefore strong. the angles the moon will make are: 
18.02.2014 12:11:15  8°11'22"Lib Semi-square Saturn
18.02.2014 13:52:22  9°04'00"Lib Sesqui-quadrate Mercury
18.02.2014 16:00:23 10°10'42"Lib Opposition Uranus
18.02.2014 17:18:08 10°51'15"Lib Square Jupiter
18.02.2014 21:04:23 12°49'27"Lib Square Pluto

these will bring a LOT! of nervousness today. 
But the major turn will be because of the Sun entering Pisces.
Sun -fire - in water?? What do you think?? Is it good or bad? 

In the fundamental world - UK announcements... 

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February 19,2014 Wednesday

Do you have problems opening my blog?? some friends complained that they are frown out to the void when searching for this blog... I don't know what to do. I know that explorer is bad for it, but google Chrome is OK!!! 

So, yesterday we had a day up- very remarkable... It was exactly what I wrote to my subscribers.. But, what was yesterday already faded away in history,who remembers?? LOL... We are looking always forward. The proverb says what happened in the past will happen again, so are we REALLY looking forward??? or backward? or in the mirror? 
Today at 22:00 my time- Mercury changes speed... so it might bring a CIT. - WATCH IT.  Also a lot of Fed. announcements today... 

February 20,2014 Thursday

One of the rules to follow in financial astrology is the speed of the planets. When they reach a certain speed- the trend changes. It was Mercury's move yesterday, and I wrote in my Facebook page, that at 10 pm my time- or 1 hour before the close in the US markets, this happens. And it did.... The S&P opened low, but succeeded to recover in the first 90 minutes of the trade, and topped at 1847.50 - at this level it met Mercury and Saturn's level- and fell.. Then there was a second try, but at 21:30- it turned and closed lower that the opening. 

I wrote in my forecast: " February 19 Wednesday: Many moves on this day! The moon in bad position to Venus and Neptune, Mercury squares Saturn, Venus 45^ to Neptune- all will shake the market".

About the Gold I wrote on Feb.15: " Closed at 1318- This is a very strong support line- Supports below : 1316-1315- 1303-—targets up : 1324-1327-1330—1332-1338. Time tunnel: Feb 2-4, 7, 9, 13 , 17,21 ,28"
On Feb 17 and 18 it formed a double top at 1329.46- - -- almost my target(1330), and fell to 1309; 

For the Russel my target was 1166... it topped- so far at 1162. 

About the DAX : I wrote: Planetary calculations: The close was 9662 – On Monday opening there is a support at 9650- and a resistance at 9700 . It topped at 9690!
Bottom line: we are long with a stop at 9650. Change in trend: from the low of 23 Sept 2011: Feb 17"

On the Oil  I wrote: " Planetary calculation: It based itself above Uranus line- stop 100. We are long. Target: 102.65 " Exact position at this point.. 
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Be good :) 

I LOVE to look back, and see what happened on this date. My mom rises an eyebrow, asking, why is that interesting what happened 80-100-1000 years ago?? I try to explain to her, that I am interested in the past, because the past returns, and we act as we did back then. So looking back 82-84 years, the Uranus cycle,  I found, that : 
Since we are deeply under the Uranus return cycle, it would save the USA - would they decide of a new construction of a new, modern city... What do you think ??
You probably heard about the uprising in Ukraine. The way they deal with Homo-lesbians is outrageous. Under the OK of the government... You can see films on YouTube... 

On the day Mars will turn retrograde in Libra- a very bad period- Uranus will be passing through east Europe: 

February 21,2014 Friday

You need two to tango... goes the sayin... Not only we have 3 pairs dancing up there, but also a triangle between Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto.  This triangle is very strong. They form a support or resistance for the markets, depending where your share is. How to calculate that, I teach in my Financial astrology course. 
Are those "pairs" happy? let's see Mars with the North Node, Both strong and in cardinal sign, can be even cruel. They are stepping on each others' toes, for sure. But till it lasts, the market is strong. Moon-Saturn is a few-hours stand, not more, and better for the Moon to hurry on and leave this severe old man behind... The last is the Sun-Neptune in Pisces... Oh...dear... a lot of mingling, hopes and dreams in this corner... Which is stronger? Neptune, the king of all the waters or the Sun almighty? I guess the Sun, even if weakened and "cooled down" by the water. With no Sun, no life... but until this lasts, they too support the rally. 
It's Friday today, the 21st, so Venus and Jupiter, the two benefactors rule. I'll leave you counting your gains... Over here markets are closed. We will benefit Sunday... 
Be well. 

February 22,2014 Saturday 

I had to show you the outcome of my last week's fore cast: 

I gave S&P target 1848- and it almost hit it: 1847.56!

For the Dow I gave 16235- topped 16226.

DAX I gave 9700 went till 9690

Russel 1168 top I gave 1168

Gold topped 1329 I gave 1330.

Oil I gave 102.65 – topped 103.25

Euro : It topped 1.3773 I gave 1.3782

Have a nice week end. 

Julia Tymoshenko released!!! After 3 years in prison. Yanikovits resignes?/ flees??/' leaves Kiev//  what a change in destinies... ! Her date of birth adds up to 9 which is ruled by Mars. mars today is on the North Node-destiny! Mercury- movement- is on Jupiter... and she is free! 

You ask me why is it important to write about Julia Tymoshenko? Well, she was the first lady of a country, with a population more than 44 million people, the third biggest army in Europe, a country where 18 different languages are spoken, Kiev, a town built in 882...But read here...and at the end all it comes back to Mr Putinka... I wrote about him before. 

February 23, 2014 Sunday 

A minor positive opening... will this be another insignificant day ? We have a positive arbitrage, the Moon is Sag.- should reflect a positive day... 
TA25 trades now at 1326.96- strong support at 1325.- staying above this level, it can go to 1330- there we shall see.... 

February 24, 2014 Monday.

Sochy Olympics closed, bravo to Russia after all.... won most medals. Here is a very good and visual site from Bloomberg.
I must admit that I was wrong regarding the outcome of the games... And again chapeau for the hosts. 
What is new in the sky today? the Sun is at 5 degrees Pisces. The Moon in Sag. One in water, the other in fire. The day is ruled by the Moon and Venus. Venus is at 22 Capricorn forming a sextile to Saturn.- which is a positive position. They for a resistance for the S&P - for example- at 1853 or a support at 1823. 
I ran TS to see what happened in the past with the Dow- since 1885- when the Sun was in Pisces. It gave me a statistics, that between 8-17 degrees it rallied. that means - Feb 27 till March 8/- But, remember, the Sun is not the only one that affects the markets! there are 10-20 planets/ moves, positions to check as well- at least!!!!! 

I also searched to see what happened on the 24th- usually and I got 50,5% up- in the last 50 years. This cannot help me for today.Asking what happened usually in February 150 years back I get this: 
For the 25th I get this: 150 years back : 61.2% up. 

I am very happy to show you from where are people visiting my blog! 134 countries: 

Italy's new PM- is the youngest in the countries' history. Matteo Renzi of Florence : was elected on Feb 22nd 2014- see his chart with the transits- the planets were very favorable for him! 

See the triangle between those major planets in the sky?? His date added up gives us a number that is ruled by Neptune. the 3 planets are some way or another sending angles to his Natal Neptune. Any transit or directed chart I check for this young man, he has a chance to being elected.

good luck to him and Italy! 

!!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ !!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ !!~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Breaking news from Egypt- the government is resigning... 

February 25,2014 Tuesday 

Yesterday,under the last degrees of Moon in Sag. our market ran up.- followed by US markets. Actually S&P reached my target of 1855
Now the Moon is already in Capricorn.... In two days we have options expiry. Let's see if we will close at 1356- it will be a perfect closure from the 1145 low in August 2013.
Today we are under the spell of mars and Neptune. The date adds up to 16. The energy is still here to move higher. 
East is up- 
Ukraine is now on the news. Russia closed the Olympics, they can start with their politics now- and they do... They froze money due to Ukraine... But, we are here to trade not for politics. 
I shall send now the notifications on the shares I follow- if you have my application, you will get it 

Oh.. and I expect March 1st or 2nd be a turning date in the markets...  Yesterday US markets rallied on Bio and Banks: 

Tomorrow Mr Erdugan, the PM of turkey will turn 60. It is enough to have a Solar return to feel bad, but he has more than that.... Unfortunately I don't have his hour of birth, so I can use only the Solar chart, putting the Sun on the Asc.- even so I can see from his transit and progressed charts, that clouds of trouble are gathering above his head. 
Progressed Uranus is 180 degrees to his Mercury and Venus- and Uranus always brings some unforeseen slap on the face.. 

February 26,2014 Wednesday 

Today most of the day the Moon is VOC- The positive Venus-Saturn position is diminishing. The Sun is at 7.30 Pisces. - Check out what I wrote about the Sun! 
Our market rallies- it broke above Saturn line,= 1343, now next small targets: 1344-46-47-49--1355! That would be phenomenal... I guess with the strong tidal force it will make it. 1353 is also 180 degrees from 1145= Last major low. 
For the S&P - it is now at 1845- so There is a strong support at 1843-1840 and a target at 1848-1854-57-59-

At the bottom of each article there is a window with multiple possibilities. Pls. click one of them ... 

February 27, 2014 Thursday 

Good morning. This is the last day of the month, and also of this Lunar month. The New Moon will occur in gmt +2 in the 9th house, conjunct Neptune. For the US the New Moon will happen in the 2nd house- each have a meaning, but I am not going into it now. The New Moon brings new starts, new possibilities, depending in which house they fall, and to what planet are conjunct. Also, which is on the Ascendant. 

As you can see in the case of the USA, Pluto is on the Asc. Pluto is a very strong planet, brings destruction and then rebuilds. March is also the month when day light saving system is used & different states use different hours- see link.Today we have options expiry. I think it will be high. we are ruled by Jupiter and Mars today, Mars is stationary, in a sextile to the Galactic Center. Jupiter is at 10 degrees in a square to Uranus. This position will stay till the beginning of May. 
To the following link that you can read here I got to in a fantastic way.. I was searching why is this day important, - that has to do with the market? So I counted the time that passed since the June 2013 low and I got the number 248. Since I don't do this daily, I thought there must be something important about this number, and I searched for this number in the Bible. the Bible has all the answers, if you have your eyes wide open, and see what it wants you to see... Also a person should be at a certain level, or old enough to pay attention... I would have never searched for this 10 years ago... So this is what I found. 
Read the article... Also, if you check the low of Oct 4,2011 and add 248 days, you will get the next low: 8 June 2012. 
March 6,2012+248 = Nov 9,12
The dates - for TA25 - to watch will be March 7,29 and May 3.
Coming up: Germany's unemployment... Also at 3:30- the USA announcement 
Dax important price level at 9639!
Oמ Feb.20th I wrote about Uranus crossing east Europe. Now I read about Sevastopol- the capital of the Crim peninsula, belonging to Ukraine, that the Russian flag is on the government building. Dangerous times ahead! 
If Putinka will decide to take over this area- it will be a major threat to east Europe- as I wrote before:

March 2,2014 Sunday 

Before I start a new article, as I do with the New Moon, let's see what happened under the new Moon in Aquarius. Politically the status-quo broke, Russia is again threatening the west, and the stage is now Ukraine. In Syria the war goes on, nobody write about it any more. the markets rallied, some made new highs. Crazy weather all over the world. 
Yesterday we had the New Moon in Pisces. Now we have 5 planets in water. Mars today is stationary- and strongest.- before turning retro. Mars in Libra is bad, or astrologically speaking, in detriment; because it is in the sign opposite the sign it rules. (Aries). On the other hand, Jupiter is exalted and retro in Cancer. They are in square by sign. thus a war-like affect can develop. 
I shall continue in the next article: " the New Moon in Pisces." - follow me there... 


  1. very impressive the number 248

    Thank you

    1. Dear Pieter, I am happy you liked it. You can search the meaning of your name as well. google English gematria and maybe you will discover a new world.

  2. What is important of no 7 in aney market

  3. When no. 7 appears, one should sit on his hands, and do not trade. 7 is the sabbatical year, when one should rest.
    I teach all that, and much more in my course..


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