New Moon in Pisces 2014

between March 2- March 30th 

It is interesting to see how can the seeds of a possible war grow when most of the planets are in water... But we know that life started in water, no? Will the seeds of killing also grow there? 
Which planet can stop it? Mercury, the planet of communication is now in Aquarius, there it is good, but soon it will move to Pisces.- where it is bad.- try to talk under water, you will see why. Venus? the small benefactor is in Capricorn, during the next 28 days it will move to Aquarius, where it is cruel. No more a benefactor! Mars? is bad, as I explained in my former article- Mars is the lord of wars. Jupiter, the major benefactor is in Cancer- exalted,- it could help, but needs good angles. Instead, it is connected to Uranus- the planet of revolutions, and we saw what kind of "new order" it brought to the Arab world,... another "spring" like that and we are doomed... the angle between Jupiter-Uranus will last till the beginning of May. Saturn? is in Scorpio-it will turn retrograde this week- and stay in Scorpio till January 2015.- Saturn represents -in mundane charts- governments. In Scorpio- a lot of things happen behind the curtains, which will evolve after it will leave this sign. (Dec 24,2014) Uranus is in Aries. It returns here every 84 years, and brings a new world. Neptune.. a... here we have some hope. Neptune has returned to Pisces- home. here it can bring a higher understanding and bondage between people. Also escapism. and last but not at all least, Pluto in Capricorn- "rearranges" the world... first by destroying, later, much later rebuilding.

If you want to read former articles on the new moon in Pisces, here are the links: 2013; 2012; 2011

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Market starts, will be back later. 
I am watching the visitors of my blog, and I saw someone from Belgium. Looking at the flag, I wondered, why is there black color in a flag?? searching for an answer, I found that black stands for determination !!??? I have never , but never connected black with determination. Would you ?? Let's see Ukraina's flag? and this is what I found: 
Nobody can tell for sure the exact meaning because yellow and blue were connected with land of modern Ukraine from old times. The roots of these colors come from pre-Christian times when yellow and blue prevailed in traditional slavic ceremonies, reflecting fire and water. Yellow is considered to mark the sun that was the main god for that slavic tribes.
Also yellow and blue were the colors of the flag of Halych-Volhynia principality (West of Ukraine) in the 13-14th century. Some military flags of Ukrainian Cossacks were yellow blue. These colors were common for Galicia (West Ukraine) coats of arms.
The Oran Mother of God frescos in the Saint Sophia's Cathedral in Kyiv (built in the 11th century) is depicted in yellow-blue. The Oran Mother of God was an important figure in Kievan Rus.
Ukrainian communities in the Austrian-Hungarian Empire established blue and yellow as their symbols in the middle of 19th century.
All the short-lived Ukrainian independent states in the 20th century had official flags consisting of yellow and blue. Regarding all of this, in 1992 the yellow blue flag was claimed by Ukrainian authorities as a national flag.
Reading the history page on what happened on this day, I stumbled on this: 
In the Hebrew calendar it is Lamed Adar- on this day Napoleon conquered Jaffa. Adar is the 6th month of the Heb. calendar. read more on the month of Adar, the only month, one can rejoice, and be happy... :) - under the laws of the Bible.. Correct me if I am wrong. 
read here what happened in history hundreds of years ago: 
  • The 9th of Adar is the day, approximately 2,000 years ago, on which the initially peaceful and constructive conflict (machloket l’shem shamayim) between Beit Hillel and Beit Shammai, erupted into a violent and destructive conflict over a vote on 18 legal matters leading to the death of 3,000 students. The day was later declared a fast day, by the shulchan aruch, however, it was never observed as such.
Now read the news of today: why the protest? Because they would not go and serve in the army, as everybody else... A law is being passed on these days, saying all men above 18 years old must serve in the army- for 3 years, girls for two.  I was a soldier for two years... I learned a lot... Why can't they ?  Dark ages are back... 

March 3,2014, Monday

the day is ruled by the Moon and Uranus. Again, this is fantastic! Look where is the Moon ?! 

Besides the powerful position of the moon, we have the ongoing square between Jupiter-Uranus, and the sextile between Sun-Pluto. 
the East is already signaling a negative opening for Europe... Only the Oil rallied to 104.62
The Moon is still in a positive position today, and in Aries, so I am expecting a positive day, in spite of how the East markets traded... It will be a very volatile day..

If you are under stress here is what you should do: give yourself a hand massage! read about it

Russia- although invaded and occupied theCrim peninsula, but their market is falling by 10 %! 

back in 2007 it crashed by 78%- !!!! 
Russia, actually is the provider of oil for most of the European countries... see these pictures.... the West and the US talks about economic sanctions to Russia... what are they talking about?? I think it is Russia that can close those lines, no?? 
It just popped into my mind... Putinka invaded Ukraine, to protect the Russian civilians ... What if Turkey would attack Germany to "protect " the millions of Turks who live there?? It is absurd, no?? 
OK, I try to see how will Ukraine's position be based on the natal chart- Aug 24.1991 at 17:31 +gmt+3 - this year: here are the highs and lows for this year: Let's follow up... 

March 4, 2014 Tuesday 

The day is ruled by Mars and Mercury. It will. be a crazy, volatile day. Putinka withdraws all forces.April 19th, 2014 will be an important day for him. His Sun will be "attacked" not only by Uranus, but also by Pluto. I don't know what will happen, but it will be a day , or a week, he will not forget. Also, at the hour, the Moon will conjunct his Mars- which is right on the GC. 

Markets rally. The Moon will be void today between 19:31-21:22/ gmt+2. I think the markets will make new highs today..
By the way, I was very much surprised yesterday to see the graphs of the oil pipelines I presented here in the morning, to see the same on Bloomberg TV in the afternoon.... Is someone reading my blog ?? LOL ... 

Moon aspects:
4.03.2014  9:24:15 23°19'02"Ari Quincunx Saturn
 4.03.2014 16:43:42 27°28'46"Ari Opposition Mars
 4.03.2014 19:30:55 29°03'07"Ari Square Venus
 4.03.2014 19:31:47 29°03'36"Ari Semi-square Sun
On January 27th I posted a chart of the Russian Rubel, saying that something is going on there... Here it is today! 

March 5,2014 Wednesday

If you thought you knew what date were you born, let me include here a huge question mark. After I read this morning an article about the probable true birth date of Putinka, as published in "Astroamerica", I went to search the difference between the Gregorian to the Julian calendarAs you can see, countries slowly dropped using the Julian calendar, simply by dropping 10-13 days, and started to use the Gregorian... An astrology chart shows us everything on a person. Is he working alone, and everybody else can drop dead? Is he cooperative? is he double faced? How does one look physically? How does one speak??/ or keeps silent?? Is he vulgar, or a sadist? etc.etc... 
For instance: Mercury in the chart shows us how does a person speak. Or does he speak at all ? In the birth chart of 7 Oct. 9:30 am Mercury is in Libra at 23 degrees. Since Mercury rules Gemini, an air sign, in Libra too it feels good. However, Libra is the ONLY sign in the wheel that is not a living being, it is an object. Multiple planets in Libra would give its bearer be detached of feelings, and rather cruel. But, it would give a sharp mind. In the other chart, for Oct.20th Mercury is at 14 Sco.conjunct the Moon. read the article to see what it means.. So what do you think? which date suits him more?? 

But, market starts, so let me see where are my positions. and what should I do... We are ruled by Mercury today, and Venus. Mercury is at 19 degrees, a very vulnerable degree. You can search this blog- I wrote about 19 degrees in the past. Venus is at the last degree of Capricorn, a very strong position. The Moon! ingressed Taurus during the a new push to the upside. 
See where are the futures.Have you downloaded my application ?? Here are the links
Something interesting about the date of today: 5.3.2014 adds up to 15. In Hebrew it would read י + ה = but, because in Gematria this gives the name of God, we use ( ט+ו. (= 9+6
It is written in the Bible: 7"You shall not take the name of the LORD your God in vain, for the LORD will not leave him unpunished who takes His name in vain." 
So the ancients found a clever way to translate the number 15. 
Since I check everything with gematria, I thought it will be interesting for you to know. 

Latest news: Israel caught a ship sent from Iran for Gaza- with missiles or rackets, that can reach Tel Aviv. 

Crude Oil: trades between 105-102. 50. There is a strong support at 101. The following days it should try to go up again- towards 105.35- but only gapping up will make higher highs. Today we have the oil inventory- so look out for sudden moves! 

March 6,2014, Thursday 

Today we are ruled by Jupiter and Neptune. It is extremely rare that Neptune would pop up! What is happening in the sky? The Sun at 15.37 Pisces in exact 45^ to Venus. Venus just ingressed Aquarius- another reason for a CIT. The Moon at 19^ !!! -I wrote so many time about this degree- look it up- is in square to Mercury. Mars turned retro during the night. It will be retrograde till May 20th and will return to 9 Libra from 27^- now. Mark that day for a CIT too. 

March 9, 2014 Sunday 

March 8 will be remembered not only as the "women day" but also by the Maleysian Plane disappearance, 237 people -probably died - on that plane... 4 people were on it with fake passports. How horrible!  Why thing happen as they do? we will never know what have these people in common, that had to go together. Awful, awful, awful... 
I don't even want to look at the chart, not to absorb this negative energy... 

With heavy heart I am looking into today's sky. The Sun is at almost 19 degrees- again, the 19! The Moon is in Gemini and VOC- till 15:33- I should close the computer for today... Check out the angles of today: We have this T-Square in the sky, which will bring more dark days in the future. The daily positive position is the Moons trine to the nodes. 

TA25: price levels for today : 1360-61- it is very important to open above this level, for the positiveness to stay. 
Moon's position for today: 

9.04.2014 12:33:07 12°14'22"Leo Semi-sextile Jupiter
9.04.2014 13:50:22 12°52'42"Leo Trine Uranus
9.04.2014 15:14:18 13°34'22"Leo Quincunx Pluto

March 10, 2014 Monday 

We managed to stay above 1361, actually that was the lowest level we hit yesterday... So far so good... Will we correct today yesterday's fall? Let's see. 
During the night the Moon passed to Cancer, a sign that it rules.= so it is strong. The first aspect to make will be to Jupiter- a big move at the opening... Then a square to Uranus- gap?? Later it will trine the Sun- final good position for a while. 
The East is red. 
For today TA25 perspective: 

Now let's see where is the
S&P heading ? 
It is now at 1875. Strong support is at 1873, target: 1883- 87. Once is above that, it will fly again. All my calculations are planetary positions, how to do that?? I teach it in my course. 
Sign up now... to be ahead of the others.. Read what my students wrote about the course- at the left panel of the blog. 
Expecting a huge move at 2:50-2:55 gmt +2, later again at 3:50 and 4:50... any announcements >? 
10.03.2014 14:04:34 11°11'17"Cnc Square Uranus
10.03.2014 18:16:04 13°15'44"Cnc Opposition Pluto

March 11,2014 Tuesday

The S&P made a small top at 1877- As long as it is above 1870 it is positive. 
Where are the planets today ?? The trade opens in 30 min. With a positive position between the Sun and Moon. 

March 12.2014 Wednesday. 

Well, that positive position did it.... and other calculations as well. subscribers got their message on Friday. 

Today ? the Moon already is in Leo. see the angles it will make to the planets: gmt+2
12.03.2014  4:08:35  0°00'00"Leo <<<
12.03.2014 15:36:47  5°40'39"Leo Quincunx Neptune
12.03.2014 15:56:44  5°50'32"Leo Opposition Venus
12.03.2014 18:18:01  7°00'35"Leo Sesqui-quadrate Sun
all of them are very powerful... 

The S&P bottomed so far at 1860- We are now short, with a stop at 1865. 

Watch for a change in trend- besides the Moon's angles,  today at : 12:53; 1.52 pm, 2:5`; 3:51,4:50; 5:49 6:50; 7:40' 8:51 etc...
The Malaysian airline disappearance is discussed on the TV. Looking at the chart, I thought maybe it will be found when the Moon will be 180 to the Sun ??? That is March 16th. What do you think ? 
There is something interesting in the chart of Malaysia,"born" on 31.8.1957- on a Saturday. the date adds up to 7, ruled by Neptune. the same is the lord of the 10th house of government. Neptune on that day was in 0 Scorpio, ruled by Pluto or Mars.
On the day the plane disappeared, Neptune was 180 degrees to the Sun, ( mysterious evaporation in the water )  and transit Mars with the Node conjunct Neptune. (Probably explosion.) .


TA25: my views on the index : 

Subscribers received from me , in the weekly report of Feb 28th , the following graph- pointing to an end of the rally: 

5:00 pm 20 rackets fired from Gaza to the southern towns.. 
Moon in Leo- and Mars conjunct the Node- brings also a blast in Manhattan... 
6:00 pm : 35 rockets. 

March 13,2014 Thursday 

The count of rackets that fall during the night is 65. 

Today we are ruled by Jupiter and Mercury. Again, for me it is not a surprise to find these two in a 135^ angle, which is very negative for the day. We might open positive this morning because of the positive arbitrage in the US, but later today we will see a turn down. 

The main actor on the stage is the retro Mars. See its path for the year: 

Mars is in detriment in Libra,( weak) in a cardinal sign, it will have its bad affect during all this time. Each and everyone of us will feel it, depending which natal planets are triggered. 

March 14,2014 Friday 

We don't have trade today, neither on Sunday, because of Purim. I am busy with some calculations for the Dow, which I watch to share with you. Looking at the big picture: the fall between 2000- 2003 took 685 bars. the fall between 2007-2009 : 350- which is 0.51 of the previous number. If and only if- I am speculating now! not a trading advice! I would take 0.5 of 350 I get 175 days that the Dow should fall to be in harmony with the two previous falls. That would bring us to 18 July 2014.- and to a price level of 13400-ish roughly. 
I am preparing my forecasts... see you . 


March 17,2014 Monday 

Today the Moon and Mars rule. Let's see where are they ? the Moon is in Libra. Mars at 25 Libra... So you see that the Moon will catch up with Mars later (3.19). We are after the full moon too.For day traders the movement of the Moon is important. If you are swingers, less. 
Our market opened flat- 1373 is a resistance. 
What is new in the world?? The Malaysian plane is still "between worlds" ... No news there. Crimeans voted to be swallowed up by Russia. Check out What I wrote on Feb.20,27..  The West is speechless. The war in Syria is still on and probably other wars too that no one wrote about. If you Google "ongoing wars" you will be amazed. 
What will the future bring? April 15 we will have a Lunar eclipse. I shall write about it in due time. Till then more surprises are on the way. 

The Moon's angles for the coming days: 

17.03.2014  2:45:43  0°00'00"Lib <<<
17.03.2014 13:56:39  5°51'25"Lib Quincunx Neptune
17.03.2014 18:15:44  8°07'47"Lib Semi-square Saturn
17.03.2014 23:02:45 10°39'16"Lib Square Jupiter
17.03.2014 23:16:54 10°46'44"Lib Trine Venus
18.03.2014  0:49:47 11°35'52"Lib Opposition Uranus
18.03.2014  4:11:42 13°22'50"Lib Square Pluto
18.03.2014  7:55:37 15°21'44"Lib Sesqui-quadrate Mercury
18.03.2014 18:18:30 20°53'57"Lib Sesqui-quadrate Neptune
18.03.2014 22:24:50 23°05'57"Lib Semi-sextile Saturn
19.03.2014  3:06:57 25°37'34"Lib Conjunction Mars
19.03.2014  8:35:22 28°34'38"Lib Quincunx Sun
19.03.2014 11:13:16  0°00'00"Sco <<<
19.03.2014 14:41:11  1°52'38"Sco Trine Mercury
19.03.2014 22:09:38  5°56'26"Sco Trine Neptune

Our index broke the strong resistance at 1373- with no volume... so to say.. Next? there are no resistances till 1376. Then next targets 1379, 1385,1386,1388,1390,92.1373 is now a support. 

March 18,2014 Tuesday 

We had a full Moon. I ran Timing solution, to see how does the S*P behave during full Moons, well, I got, that 57.5% of the last 200 times it went up till 4 days after the full Moon occurred, then it fell for 2 days, and up it went again. 
Of course there are other planets to check besides the Moon! ..

Today it is Mars and the Sun we should look at. They are 150^ apart.- this is a bad position. Besides them, we have a minor positive position between Venus-Uranus.

Checking TS, it shows a fall when Venus sextiles Uranus! 

Which one will be correct ?? I don't think we should rely on these statistics, but follow the trend, and remember that these angles are up there. 
There are other things to watch too, and I don't want to confuse you. I teach all these in my course. 
I have to peep over to the East... what are they up to ? Well... all cool is over there, all green. Then, I have to check, are there any announcements today ??? Hoppaaaa!! there is all red. I mean the red flags- showing importance of the different announcements 
It is 9 o'clock. Germany opens. How will they do ?? How did Putin wake up today ?? After all these I can drink a glass of water, and start trading. 
Have a good day!! 


Welcome to my visitor from Belize! LOL!! enjoy.
AEX: On Feb 28 I gave stop for long at 398- Actually on the same day the index fell below it. Then made a new top at 400.93 and since March 7th it is falling. Very similar to the DAX. Here too we have a double bottom. I don't think I would enter in a trade, since the resistance is very close: 387.55  
I planted some dill and parsley. Plants will seldom let you down... Did you think about that ?? 

Now, tell me is Putin is not backed by an astrologer ??!! the perfect timing to do what he is doing. And I am NOT saying if it is good or bad. I never judge. Just showing you the planetary positions- and his natal. The Grand trine in the sky at 13 degrees- is exactly in opposition his Natal Sun. Also, transit Mars on natal Saturn and the Moon in Libra... 

Now, checking Obama's chart, I found a very interesting thing! While Putin's Sun is at 12 Libra, Obama's is at 12.33 Leo! actually in a sextile- which should be good. So the same Grand trine that triggers Putin, works for Obama too... HMMM... this is very weird.. Now , I just saw the most incredible thing !!!! Both Moons are at 3 Gemini! 
these two are twins from former lives! hahahahahahah... unbelievable. 

I searched " unrecovered plane crashes, and I am shocked ! read here.... 
Just now Mercury enters Pisces!!!! Very bullish for the S&P- for the next 5 days. Statistics show 66.7%,when this happened,  it rose . 
March 19,2014 Wednesday

The US markets rallied yesterday with Putin annexing Crimea... Isn't that weird?? As so many times this last year, we got again a V pattern... from 1829.92 to 1873.25! Now the support is at 1865, the resistance at 1883. 

Today we are ruled by Mercury and the Moon. The two planets that bring huge volatility. The Mon is in Libra now, and it will be void between 8:35- 11:13 am. Then is will enter Scorpio. In this sign it is weak. Mercury, as I wrote yesterday, is in Pisces. Here it is weak too. Mercury will be conjunct Neptune

TA25: is rallying... now at 1383.74- next resistance is only at 1386. then 1390.71, 1391.68

March 20, 2014 Thursday 

Our index topped at 1386.15 - so it reached my first target. here the oscillators started to weaken, and it traded sideways till the closing. In the US we saw a deeper correction, from 1873 to 1850 ... 
I took the trade, but now I am out, since it starts to correct. 

What is ahead? today it is the day of Jupiter. It is in Cancer, at 10 degrees. Nothing new here... The other planet to look at is the Moon... where is it? in mid Scorpio. By the way, we got the fall under 150^ Moon-Uranus. 
20.03.2014 11:24:10 13°11'26"Sco Square Venus
20.03.2014 11:48:20 13°24'43"Sco Sextile Pluto

20.03.2014 14:20:35 14°48'33"Sco Sesqui-quadrate Sun

other interesting spot is the Sun on the fixed star called Scheat. It's meaning: Scheat (53 Beta Pegasi  m 2.42)
Keywords: Imprisonment, murder, suicide, drowning, extreme misfortune
Effect: Unfortunate
Character: Mars/ Mercury
On the other hand, Mars and Neptune are on positive stars.. so the picture is quite balanced. 
The S&P- and I am looking at the June contract, this is what I get from Saxobank, it is now at 1846. the support is at 1843- so only falling below it will be again a short. 
the dollar fell to 1.38135. Now it is at 1.38390.- I would go short below 1.38300. 

March 23,2014 Sunday 

Since the bells of the Big Ben I have in the blog, disturbed some, I disabled it. So the clock is still there, but it makes no noise now... 

March 24,2014 Monday 

Today we are ruled by the Moon and Neptune! A rare combination- look out for a change in trend. 
During the night the Moon entered Capricorn. see the map- it will make a lot of angles in the coming 2 days, all point to a very volatile day. the positive powers against the negative. Who will win? 

24.03.2014 11:34:28  7°55'34"Cap Semi-square Saturn
24.03.2014 11:55:52  8°08'10"Cap Sextile Mercury
24.03.2014 16:44:22 10°58'20"Cap Opposition Jupiter
24.03.2014 18:26:19 11°58'36"Cap Square Uranus
24.03.2014 20:57:09 13°27'52"Cap Conjunction Pluto

March 25, 2014 Tuesday 

Today Mars and Saturn rule. In the sky they are 30 degrees apart. We got yesterday a reversal in the S&p. The low was 1841-now at 1850- still trying to figure out which way to turn.. 
Looking at the sky there are a lot of resistances at 1852-53, so I guess the pink situation will be if it consolidates, the bad scenario: further fall. 
Today we have a major important planetary position: Heliocentric Mars is in Opposition to Uranus. 

See how the S&P reacted in the past - above. 

March 26, 2014 Wednesday

Today we are 13 trading days from the top- in S&P chart- so expect a bigger move than yesterday, or the previous days. 13 is a Fibonacci number, also a prime number. What is new in the sky, that wasn't there yesterday ? The Moon got closer to the Sun, now it is in the last quarter before New Moon - 30.3- usually point to higher highs, if no obstacles from other planets. 

We are ruled today by Mercury, which is weak, being in Pisces and by Mars, also weak, being in Libra and retro. The important and very positive angle for the day is Mercury in trine Jupiter; and let us not forget the lingering Jupiter-90- Uranus position, which will be there for weeks... 

March 27,2014 Thursday 

Options expiry today over here... So besides being the last day of the week, and ruled by Jupiter, which brings extremes too, it will be again a volatile day. The Moon will be close to Earth- this too will add to an aggressive move today. Tighten your stops! 

March 31, 2014 Monday 

Hi. Yesterday's New Moon signaled for me that I should start a new article. Some thoughts about this month. The S&P re arrived to the price it was at the beginning of March. The Euro/$ too. So we were full gas in neutral during the whole month. There are still no signs for a short, or crash, or other disasters, as so many wait for. 
Will all this arrive under the Aries New Moon?? Well... we shall see. What is for sure, that April brings some ugly and disturbing positions in the sky... 
What happened in the world? remember Mursi? of Egypt? and the Muslim brotherhood? 500 of their people were condemned to death. Not sure if Mursi is among them. General Sisi will run for presidency. It just struck me, that Isis, and Sisi sound the same... LOL... Syria? war is still on, the media is avoiding it. We caught the weapon sent from Iran to Syria, the media is avoiding it. Putinka swallowed Ukraina, the west is watching... Neptune and Mercury in Pisces. Believe nothing you read or hear... Hidden issues behind the curtains. Saturn in Scorpio adds to that. The Malaysian plane? vanished... Hollywood probably will make a conspiracy film on it. 
But, under all these happenings the markets are still rallying. They have a different life, who cares? 
So let's go on to the next article: " New Moon in Aries". 


  1. Hi Gabby,

    You are now calling for an end to this 5year bull rally based on the 1827 calendar days? Or is this a temporary top. If not temporary are you calling for a new bear market now?

    Tom in Michigan

  2. Hello Tom,
    I only saw your question now, but I think my post of March 14th answered to your question.
    What do you think ??

  3. One more thing, Tom, Look at the Nasdaq! Perfect harmony there too! years 2002-2007 and 2009 till today we got 263-265 weeks, also pointing to a turn.

  4. mmm...what about the rally from 1990-2000? Nasdaq rallied for about 500 weeks from like 344 - 4500?

  5. Sorry forgot to sign that last comment - its me again ! Tom in Michigan !

  6. OK, I checked the Nasdaq... The low was at 323 on 12 Oct 1990. 323 x 16 = 5168 The top was 5132 on 12 March 2000.
    I shall upload a picture for you to see..

  7. HI Gabby,

    Don't understand your Nasdaq chart there. What is the point you are making on that one? "Should" be my last question for you! I hope !!

    Thanks again, Tom

  8. Tom, feel free to ask as many questions as you wish... At least one person reads this blog...:) . The Nasdaq chart just shows the 10 year cycle. I took the value of the low and just multiplied it, and got the next low , after 10 years.- The price value gave the time. Understand ? Since Gann said price equals time- this is one example.

  9. Interesting some - not I - think Obama IS Putin - an hard core Socialist...which I guess he is. Lets just hope not to the degree Putin is! Tom


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